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Of Course The Ugly Groid Killed The Girl

Now comes word the ugly predatory Negroid, one Jesse Lee Matthews, is finally getting charged with Morgan Harrington’s murder. This is the same dreadlocked monster who raped and killed the cute young British American girl, Hannah Graham, last year about this time. Continue reading

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Murderous Black Serial Killers Everywhere

The only reason you’re seeing the least coverage of this crime in the media is because of the circumstances of her going missing (after police released surveillance video, they first thought it was a White guy) and how popular she was around campus. The national media was forced into continuing some coverage, or else the degree of censorship of black-on-White crime would be too noticeable to the sheep. Just don’t expect gavel-to-gavel court room TV attention. Continue reading

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Is a Black Monster Stalking White Women in Virginia?

So, if you happen to know of any creepy-acting blacks with a chimplike face (I know, I know, they all look alike to me, too) living in this particular area of Virginia, don’t hesitate to call police and give them his name. Keep a wary eye and a loaded, large caliber firearm handy.

In the meantime, warn any White women about violent, murderous blacks in general. Hell, even if you live anywhere else on the planet. Continue reading

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