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Somali Scumbag Kills Beautiful Canadian Mother

They let a Somali drug dealer immigrant into the country and later hid doing all this from the public after they finally arrested him for abducting, raping, torturing and killing the young woman. The SOB dumped her half-clothed dead body into a ditch where it lay for over a month. The story is unbelievably tragic and infuriating.

Canadians and everyone: Please visit my site to go to a link and sign an online petition created by Marissa Cartwright, the girl’s twin sister, over all this. Continue reading

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Commie Jews Resorting to Police State Tactics

It cannot be stressed enough that the Jews have proved themselves to be the most dangerous, subversive threat that mankind has ever faced. They covertly work behind the scenes to undermine our nations, erode our freedoms, and enslave our people to tyrannical Jewish rule. This insidiously evil cabal of pathological criminal maniacs known as International Jewry must be stopped! The future of our planet depends upon it.

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