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Anti-White Media Lies ALL THE TIME

To understand the over-all situation, one only has to realize how the least pro-White talk is immediately branded “racist” while any black or Jew-specific business is never mentioned. You can actually see this in real time while watching the news media talk about certain topics. All the talking heads on TV know the exactly the deal on what they can and can’t talk about. Continue reading

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Shoplifting Sheboon Goes Ape at the Piggly Wiggly

Thank God the massive “Lonneshia” (they so love those ridiculous names), didn’t sit on any real human and squash them dead, or else the taxpayer would end up feeding Bigfoot woman for a few years in prison. Oh wait, I forgot about law enforcement expenses, the criminal justice system, Affirmative Action jobs and promotions, food stamps, EBT cards (debit cards), welfare, cell phones, and whatever other government freebies the swollen parasites already cost this country on a daily basis. They are truly one spoiled and violent race. Continue reading

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