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Jew Judge Orders Abortion Pill Sold Over The Counter

These Jews are truly messed in the head and bound and determined to skank us White people down, while at the same time limit us from reproducing as much as possible. That’s why abortion is so important to these subversive people and why “our” countries now genocide millions of White babies. Continue reading

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You Won’t See Any of This on Jew News!

One might think a story like this would be interesting for the US media to report with all the international connections, music angle (if you can call it music), the freaky bit about the wheel chairs and the photogenic victim, now wouldn’t you?

You know how they reported nationally on the rape story in Steubenville, Ohio, where two high school football players were convicted raping a seriously drunk girl? Well, the only reason you heard one GD thing nationally was because one of the perps was a White kid (“dual” Israeli citizen owned ABC did a big report).
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