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Liberal Rat Judges Slap America in the Face

Who THE HELL do these sorry SOBs think they are? What Trump enacted was totally legal as per a 1952 law AND constitutional. Like I said, WHO DA FLOCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Continue reading

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Traitorous SCOTUS Hands Homos Big Win

Immediately, and to great media fanfare, lesbos and sodomites rushed off to get married in five states. With six more states in the same federal district, that now makes 30 states filthy gays have between their nasty, germ-ridden legs. The pink team and Globalist Jewry are hell-bent on dragging America straight down into the gutter! Continue reading

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Jew Menorahs A-OK — Christian Crosses NOT!

A Christian cross as part of American war memorial must be forbidden, but in thousands of localities across America at this moment, Jewish Menorahs stand with the protection of USA federal court protection.

The organization behind the federal court case to destroy the cross was none other than the Jewish War Veterans. In fact over the last five decades has had the lowest percentage of service men than any other ethnic group, unless of course you can count the Israel army where many have served. Continue reading

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The Jewish War on White People Heats Up

White people: This is Jew media in action and FOX news is just like all the rest. Bring on a conservative (because he’s black it’s cool) and a crypto Jew liberal on a “news” show hosted by a cutesy goy blond babe, just to tell Americans what’s up. One thing these lying hypocrites won’t get into: Blacks can freely say whatever they like anywhere and get clear away with it. The minute any of us real White people do, they get the shaft publicly and lose their livelihoods.

White people: You got to realize that Jewry has been in a “stealth” war against us Christian Whites ever since we let these thieving bastards into this country. From the 19th Century on, the Jew has been steadily enriching their race and quietly destroying White people’s sanity and sense of racial self determination. Continue reading

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Here’s Your Typical Jew Creep on Display

Let’s ask Emily Bazelon what kind of diversity she brings. She went to Israel straight out of college, married a Jewish man (so much for her melting pot), gave her kids Jewish names, clerked for a Jewish judge after law school, took an AIPAC-financed junket to Israel to get “background information” on the Palestinian issue, works for a Jewish on-line magazine, and says Palestinians don’t engage in non-violence because its not in their nature. That’s the kind of diversity that Ivy League schools really seem to like their students to bring to their college communities!
Continue reading

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Soetoro Picks Pro-Homo Jewess for SCOTUS

Another slap in the face to America. Continue reading

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The "Empathetic" White Haters

Sotomayor is just another big-mouthed White Hater, among many. Continue reading

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Sickos Celebrate Homo Marriage in Commiefornia!

Sodomites going totally gay over the California State Supreme Court decision — dancing around and gyrating their vile crotches wildly on San Francisco’s disease-ridden Castro Street — the scene to so much Sicko history down the last few decades. Who knows what kind of filthy … Continue reading

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