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Worthless Negro Busted for Killing Jew-Asian Student

Not that it really matters what race or mixed up mutt the victim was when it comes to these black animals. Blacks will kill you or anyone else out there for a GD ham sandwich, no lie. Continue reading

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Here’s Your Typical Jew Creep on Display

Let’s ask Emily Bazelon what kind of diversity she brings. She went to Israel straight out of college, married a Jewish man (so much for her melting pot), gave her kids Jewish names, clerked for a Jewish judge after law school, took an AIPAC-financed junket to Israel to get “background information” on the Palestinian issue, works for a Jewish on-line magazine, and says Palestinians don’t engage in non-violence because its not in their nature. That’s the kind of diversity that Ivy League schools really seem to like their students to bring to their college communities!
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