»The Real Holocaust Deal

OK, here’s the deal in a nutshell via this quicky graphic of what I and a lot of other people say about the so-called holocaust (see videos below):

Graphic from Gemar Rudolf’s site. Threatened with jail in his native Germany (just for saying the above — think about that); Rudolf fled to America for political asylum, married an American citizen and had a kid, but the Zionist-manipulated US government had him illegally arrested and deported back to Germany where the Zionist power structure had him thrown into the slammer. For real. And he isn’t the only one who had this happen to him, either. Considering what some people have gone through over this one long ago historical period, I would think you could at least spend a lousy few minutes reading a little on the subject, or maybe watching a short video or two.

WHAT THE ABOVE graphic basically says is that the whole bit about “industrial gassing” and the 6 million number is a crock of bull defecation. Below are a multitude of reasons why anyone in their right mind should have serious doubts on the whole thing.

First reason:

 The Jews were bandying around the 6 million number since World War ONE and even before, actually. Get that WW ONE there. That’s from 1914 to 1918, for all those who failed World History.

Why? Because some of their Talmudic religious people said that 6 million Jews would have to be a “burnt sacrifice” before the “nation of Israel” can come back into existence. That’s right. This is why the crematoria and body burning stuff figures so prominently in the holocaust legend. It is readily apparent that insanely rich Global Zionist forces have subscribed to this belief system, and have used it to justify their actions in stealing Palestine from the people who lived there, even though they had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any so-called “holocaust.”

Here, look at THIS LINK. It has a bunch of newspaper ads and articles going back way before WWII showing the Jews had a major hard for the 6 million figure long before Adolf Hitler.

Just go to this ONE EXAMPLE, from a Jew named Dr. Paul Nathan who writes in a New York Times article dated 1906, that the Russians were trying to “systematically exterminate” the 6 million Jews living there. This is just after International Jewry purposefully helped Japan defeat the Czar in the 1905 Russo-Japanese war by financing Japan and backroom deals to deny loaning any American or Western banker’s money to Christian Russia (pretty sorry since Czar Nicholas’ grandfather stood behind Abe Lincoln during the American Civil War).

In the 19th century and early 20th, Commie and Anarchist Jews were the original “domestic terrorists” of Russia, dedicated to overthrowing the Christian monarchy, destroying Gentile business owners (the evil “Capitalists”) and tearing the country apart so Jewry could take over. They finally succeeded after many years with the Bolshevik Red revolution of 1917, which was actually financed by extremely rich Wall Street banking Jews like Jacob Schiff and the Warburgs (Kuhn and Loeb). This is a matter of historical fact, even though almost all Jews will totally lie to your face about it to this day.

Most Commies were indeed Jews, even those in the US itself (often “crypto-Jews,” or Jews with changed names hidden from the public). Why do you think the supposed “Evil McCarthyism” of the 1950′s is such a favorite topic for Hollywood movies and PC talk? Because it was the lousy Jews getting exposed, that’s why.

Second reason:

Back during WWII, the Jewish propaganda organs for America and Britain had been busy jacking up our countries left and right on how evil Hitler was (as you can see, the Jew propaganda over this guy is still going strong to this day). They had to continue the justification for the war, especially after all the dead American GI’s (about 418,000, virtually all White Gentile men), the horrific killing of between 600,000 and one million German civilians by aerial bombing and why we just happened to be allies of the murderous Communists (who would now assume the role of boogieman so the military/industrial complex and banker Jews could further milk our tax dollars until something new came along).

When the German concentration camps were opened by American troops in spring of 1945, inmates at a some of the camps (many non-Jews, as well) were dead and dying from typhus, cholera and starvation brought on by all the insane allied bombing of Germany during the last few months (just look at what they did to Dresden).

All the emaciated bodies — dead or alive – made perfect propaganda imagery for the Zionists really behind the war, so they made full use of it, along with totally fabricated evidence in skin lampshades, soap and shrunken heads (taken from museums) — all supposedly made from the sad sack Jew inmates, so the Germans would look evil.

The intelligence/propaganda arm of America even had on hand Billy Wilder, a big-time Jewish Hollywood director (funny, how he was there at the right moment, huh?) to direct films and newsreels of the concentration camps being liberated (please watch the video “Why America believes in the Holocaust” below).

Unlike US General Eisenhower’s POW camps, where around a million captured German soldiers were purposefully allowed to die through starvation and exposure in muddy fields after the war was over (bet you didn’t know that), the Germans did everything they could to minimize the deaths of Jews in the camps (they even had inmate hospitals for crying out loud). Well, at least until the whole system broke down due to the massive bombing campaign against Germany. Tens of thousands of concentration inmates died from typhus in the last months of the war. Sure, some were executed and worked to death during the war, but the numbers were far less than what they want you to think.


Over the years, many photos have since been exposed as fake, like this famous one here.

Hell, the Brits had the exact same typhus problem killing South Africa’s Boer women and children (German Dutch colonizers), locked up in the world’s very first concentration camps (no, it wasn’t the “evil” Germans who invented these); back when the Imperialistic Brits stole the place for diamonds and gold during the Boer war of the late 19th century.

The Germans fully understood such diseases were spread by biting fleas and lice, so they fumigated everything with something called Zyklon B to kill insect carriers. All the camps had small rooms built to “delouse” the inmate’s clothing and suitcases before storage. Zyklon B was pretty much just like “Raid” bug spray and only used as a fumigate (it wasn’t very efficient for killing larger creatures like people quickly). Nor did the Germans have any sort of protective venting built into the supposed “gas chambers” (which were really just body storage cold rooms for the cremation of the daily dead from a huge inmate population, with plans for expansion).

This disease-fighting effort came back to bite the Germans in the ass big time.

Also, the Jews say the Nazis used exhaust from the diesel engine of a captured Soviet tank and later even tried to say it was from a captured Soviet submarine engine (which the Germans supposedly sailed up a freshwater river to the camp!). This C02 exhaust business was a totally ridiculous way to kill masses of people quickly, especially considering how much the Germans needed fuel for the war effort. More tellingly, the Germans could have easily built wood burning stoves to generate far greater amounts of carbon monoxide than diesel engines (they knew all about the technology). The Germans also had plenty of deadly nerve gas they could have used, yet never once touched their stocks.

Zionist Global Jewry does not have the close control necessary to keep the holocaust story line straight (any open effort would be too easily noticed by the Goyim). In the years after WWII, this led to imaginative (but ignorant) little city Jews coming up with absolutely crazy stuff like electrified floors, suffocation using air vacuum pumps, even Jews riding along on conveyor belts and having steel bolts driven into their heads (the insane idea was stolen from non-Kosher slaughter houses).

Totally impossible accounts from attention-seeking Jews are all over the place, yet Jews everywhere still expect you to believe every last word (or keep your mouth shut); if you don’t, then you’re an evil “Nazi!” Jews have long used this tiresome slander tactic to get other non-Jews to think that of you before they might listen to anything you say.

Global Jewry often rewrites history to suit their racial agenda (including black history for “White guilt” PC programming). They’ve been caught red-handed on numerous occasions. On-going Jew efforts are greatly helped by PC and control of mainstream media and unfortunately most people still blindly accept whatever they see on TV. It’s actually been a long-running racial brainwashing effort, or “psyops” program on all us befuddled “Goyim” (what the arrogant Jews call non-Jews) in Western countries.

All these so-called “death camps” were behind Soviet lines and impossible to visit for decades (to this day, Jews go overboard to prevent the least research at them). Many little Jews have long tried to say the camps in Germany were used for purposeful killing, but even Israel’s “Yad Vashem” museum has been forced to admit that was never true (along with all the skin lampshades, shrunken heads and soap crap).

The Soviets had used blatant genocide propaganda (including faked evidence and photos) against Nazi Germany all through-out WWII and the Global Zionists simply continued the Soviet lies ever since. After the fighting ended in Europe, vengeful Polish and Soviet commie Jews, or American and British Zionists, violently tortured German POWS of all ranks to make insane “confessions” that are still in use today.

Yep, they sure as hell did do all that.

The Holocaustianity — Zionism’s Big Lie

From Zion Crime Factory. His Google blogs were constantly getting censored by Jews, but he now has it on his own domain and hosting. Go to his link!


Above video does not have thumbnail, but works.

Why America Believes in the Holocaust. Episode #9 from Denierbud’s Buchenwald series. Go here for all his Holocaust videos: One Third of the Holocaust Above video deleted by ADL Youtube Thought Police: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOFhuU9-Xrw


Please watch Treblinka video below for more information.

Third reason:

Global Jewry wants the White people of the West to feel guilt and sympathize with the Jews, so we support Zionist Israel (long a project of the “Money Trust”). Jews play this victimhood violin every chance they get, so we don’t get ticked on how they behave in America and how much of our taxpayer’s money we give to Israel (somewhere between 10 and 30 billion a year, making it well over 100 billion that we know about, but could be tons more). They also don’t want us to say anything on how they treat the Palestinians (it’s really quite evil), as the Zionist Jews openly steal the land from them, blasphemously calling it’s God’s will.

They’ve also blackmailed the Germans for over 65 billion (plus 5 sea-going, nuclear weapon capable submarines) and still want even more!

“The alleged Hitlerite gas chamber and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which opened the way to a gigantic political, financial fraud, whose principal beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose principal victims are the people of Germany – but not their rulers – and the entire Palestinian people.”

— Robert Faurisson

Sometime in the mid-to-late 1970′s, Global Jewry made a decision to turn up the holocaust propaganda dial on America (see below). Surely you’ve noticed how prevalent the holocaust brainwashing has become and how it keeps getting more intense. America now has something like 16 holocaust museums (often a substantial part of the budget paid for by your state and federal tax dollars). They have plans for even more. In Europe, they are even making holocaust indoctrination classes mandatory for small school children! That’s already occuring in America, to some extent.

Also, make note of all the constant “Evil Nazis” and holocaust stuff on TV channels like the “History” Channel and NatGeo they are playing these days. They are trying their best to amp up the brainwashing because Americans are now so sick and tired of “PC.”

After WWII, people knew that Jewry suffered under the Nazis. That much is a given. And sure, there were massacres on the Eastern Front (Russia), but most of those were retribution at the hands of the local populations (like the Ukrainians and Latvians) who suffered greatly under Communist Jewry — sometimes for decades. In fact, tens of millions of Russian Gentiles were starved to death, killed with a bullet in the back of the head or machine gunned by the predominately Jewish CHEKA and NKVD secret police.

In 1957, the government of the Soviet Union even publicly admitted 20 to 40 million had been killed since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. A statician friend of Alexander Solzinitsyn working in the Kremlin pegged it at 66 million killed over the decades.

And the majority of Stalin’s henchmen were unquestionably Jewish communists and the Jews know this to be a fact (that’s why you rarely see JACK in the US media on this period of history).

So it’s actually White people who have suffered far more purposeful genocide than Jewry or any other race – most definitely more than the Jews and quite possibly as much or more as the Chinese under Mao! Jews are absolutely no better than the Nazis and many Jews know this.

Right now, the Jews are doing to the Palestinians pretty much what they endlessly say happened to them 65 years or so ago from the Nazis. Ironic, isn’t it? Unless, of course, you’re a Palestinian and then it’s tragic.

Jewry themselves may well be the most genocidal race on the planet. The Talmud considers all non-Jews (like us White people) to be cattle and dealt with as they see fit. Jewry also believes God has promised them the entire planet. In fact, some of the orthodox Jews even believe once the “Mosiach” (Jew Messiah) comes, he’ll put to the sword everyone but Jews!

This whole business of “industrial gassing” has clearly been a giant Jewish created “psyops” gig on the West. They played up the Jew victimhood schtick (actually changing the methods of mass death several times) to get the West to recognize the formation of Israel in 1948, but didn’t have the political and media power to openly push more lies down our throats until later.

“I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war. Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ’six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

— Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster, December 5, 2005

Little Jewry has been so affected mentally by the holocaust propaganda, they go bonkers whenever anyone has the least little doubt about the holocaust. This bunch has basically turned psychotic, screaming “never again” every five minutes. In Europe, the Jews have even passed laws passed to throw you in jail should you publicly utter a word. That’s right. Lawyers for “denier” defendants can even be jailed just for bringing up evidence that supports their client’s case! Can you believe that crap?

They want the same kind of censorship here in the US, too. In fact, the Jews have extremely well-funded, organized operations like the Anti-defamation League (about 45 million a year budget), dedicated to covering up and obfuscating of any inconvenient facts about the holocaust and Jewry in general. Hell, the mainstream media itself works totally in conjunction with Jewry to keep Americans stupid.

Youtube videos are often targeted by the Jewish Anti-defamation League (ADL) for deletion on anything they don’t like, especially the more powerful, persuasive and polished. Youtube actually works in conjunction with Jew special interests to get things taken down by using bogus “terms of service” violations. All of Denierbud’s “One Third of the Holocaust” videos were removed – obviously because he’s way too persuasive — even though the man went overboard with the caveat “I don’t hate Jews…” But that’s never enough for Jewry, especially when it goes against whatever BS they want you to believe. Watch Denierbud’s videos below, go to his site (if it’s even still up) and read what the man says – you’ll see.

It’s a constant battle to get the real truth out. Will you add your voice to the effort?

– Phillip Marlowe

More videos about the “holocaust”

Holocaust, Hate Speech & were the Germans so stupid?

If you’re new to the “holocaust question,” then you must watch this video from Anthony “Tony” Lawson, retired TV commercial director from Britain. Vimeo embed above since Youtube deleted it by using a totally bogus, lying excuse of copyright infringement. It’s too powerful for the Jews to let too many Goyim see it.

From Anthony Lawson:

Suppressing free and open discussion on any subject is as bad as telling lies, and knowingly suppressing the truth is the biggest lie of all, because it is based, not on a mistake or a genuine error, but on a deliberate intention to deceive.

Having been tortured, Rudolf Höss, who was the commander of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943, almost certainly lied to save the lives of his wife and children. Even if torture and duress cannot not be proven, the overwhelming reason for recognizing the utter falsity of the Höss confession is that the gassing method he described was not scientifically plausible. Yet Höss’s conviction has stood, by inference, as a testament to the cruelty of Germans in general, since he was tried at Nuremberg, in 1947, and subsequently hanged on April 16th, 1947, in Poland.

With great respect for those who have tried—though harassed, punished, fined, imprisoned and otherwise abused—to tell it like it really was: Arthur R. Butz, Robert Faurisson, Paul Grubach, Gerd Honsik, David Irving, Kevin Käther, Nicholas Kollerstrom, Fred Leuchter, Horst Mahler, Ingrid Rimland, Germar Rudolf, Bradley Smith, Sylvia Stolz, Fredrick Töbin, Ernst Zündel and many others.

What do holocaust deniers believe?


VIDEO DELETED FOR AMERICAN AUDIENCES due to some BS about copyrights!

Questions: Why do they not care about Moon Hoax conspiracy theories but threaten any who question the Holocaust? (6:00).


One Third of the Holocaust. Part 1 of 26. Watch full version if possible (4 hours but worth it). You can watch parts HERE. Two of his videos are on this page. Go to Denierbud’s site, or watch the ones here, and ask yourself why the ADL Jews wanted it removed. It’s because the Jews don’t want the casual person exposed to such thinking! One Third of the Holocaust


Above video does not have thumbnail, but works.

Denierbud’s episode #2 video on the water well problem at Treblinka. Powerful evidence of the impossibility of what Holocaust people say occurred. It’s not long (3:06). Deleted from Youtube by embedded ADL Jews: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE3zOa9wJlg

Denierbud investigated the inconsistencies and math behind a great deal of the Holocaust. His videos were so persuasive that the Jews went overboard in getting his videos removed from Youtube. To get his logical and very strong evidence out there, Denierbud has set-up a website, totally removed from all the Jewish efforts at censorship (for now) of this EXTREMELY important look at THE BIGGEST LIE of the 20th Century. You MUST spare just a few minutes and go to Denierbud’s separate website to watch episode #1, #11 and the conclusion video. Or watch the whole series. It’s that important. Go here: One Third of the Holocaust (gone!).


This link is for one of his two sole videos left on Youtube. It is on some scurrilous evidence presented at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and the second is on how they censor him over a lousy Reader’s Digest article from 1943, but not some sex videos. Here’s that other “allowed” Youtube video: Denierbud on him being censored on the Reader’s Digest video.


How many Jews were killed at Auschwitz? Watch this and ask yourself: Why do these Jews still insist on 6 million?

The Forensic Evidence Almost Every Jew is Afraid to Look At

A little man with a big message for mankind. Fred Leuchter, once the world’s number one expert on gas chambers and gassing executions (until the Zionists destroyed his career with lies); shatters the Holocaust Lie with the first ever published forensic tests results in history of the alleged “gas chambers” done at the Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek so-called “death camps.”

Leuchter’s definitive test results never have been, and never will be, overturned by the Zionist Holocaust hoaxers. Instead, they have simply used their control over the Western media to hide from the public the fact that these test results, along with test results also conducted by the Polish government and the Auschwitz museum itself (but kept secret), totally debunk the Nazi “gas chambers” allegation.

Holocaust historians claim Treblinka was a death camp where 870,000 Jews were put to death with carbon monoxide (engine exhaust), and then buried in mass graves.

In 1999, an Australian team led by Richard Krege, a qualified electronics engineer, carried out a high tech exam of the soil using Ground Penetrating Radar, which can detect minute earth disturbances up to 30 meters down. But after 3 weeks of work the team found the ground had never been disturbed and numerous core sample analysis revealed no ash or bone particles (there should have been millions of loose teeth alone).

The results obtained by these researchers show with 100% certainty that mass graves never existed in the areas called Treblinka and Belzec. The Zionist-manipulated creation of Israel was largely based on these alleged deaths, and several million more which supposedly occurred at Auschwitz.


The “Holocaust” business has been a giant lie. Probably the biggest in all history.

Some videos may get deleted by embedded ADL Jewish Censors at Youtube, or other Jews elsewhere. Youtube videos will say “removed for terms of service violations” meaning the lousy Jews don’t want you to see it and the particular video can be deleted without too much notice by the Sheeple. Links to little blogs, like Zion Crime Factory (this is at least the 3rd link I’ve pasted in for him), also get deleted because of organized Jew pressure. Zion Crime Factory deleted AGAIN. Try this link: http://sixmillionmyth.blogspot.com/

Jews simply can’t have the public knowing anything about them (other than thinking they are so smart and victimized for no reason), or having the least doubt about the holocaust.


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75 Responses to »The Real Holocaust Deal

  1. Laydee Liberty says:

    Now you can fill your days with Holocaust-related memories.
    Highlights From the FIRST Ernst Zundle Holocaust Trial
    Raul Hilberg UNDER Oath testimony!


    Maria Bohuslawsky of the Toronto Sun reports on a cross-examination that took place the day before, in which self-proclaimed Holocaust “expert” and author Raul Hilberg admitted under oath that after 36 years of studying the Holocaust,

    1) he knew of no documentary (printed) evidence that the Nazis murdered or planned to murder Jews in gas chambers,

    2) he had identified large parts of the key “confession” of Kurt Gerstein as to the “gassings” as “pure nonsense” and “totally false,”

    3) when presenting the Gerstein “confession” as proof of Nazi misdeeds he had edited out inconvenient sections in order to make his point,

    4) he knew of NO autopsies that showed death by gassing,

    5) he billed himself as a Holocaust expert for 18 years before even visiting Auschwitz (he then spent only one day there),

    6) he was not familiar with many books on the subject of which he was alleged to be the expert, and

    7) he knew of NO scientific proof that even one Jew had been gassed. (see also the article on the same date by Kirk Makin in the Globe and Mail, and the Sault Star of 1/18/85.)

    Understandably, when called upon to testify again in a later trial, Hilberg begged off.


  2. TS says:

    Nig Nog chimps out and kills white nurse and stabs 4 others…media generally silent.

  3. Krsnik says:

    I do deny that the treatment of the Jews was unjust. They were mostly villainous Bolshevik traitors, and as such, confining them to camps was fully just.

  4. Ranger Pat says:

    They have such a grip on the world that it is almost impossible to expose or stop. They have been pushed out of nations since Alexander the Great… Evil has no bounds, no compunction , no morals… Money is the jew god… Just watch your wallet and never do business with any of these true haters of the world.

  5. Samueljrorozco says:

    The Way I See Life Is.
    Jews Are Not Welcome.So Jews Create Hate And Throw Tantrum’s ,Whine And Complain How Humans Do Not Like Rat Faced Jews!
    Constantly B#!@Ing Until Humans Give In And Say Alright Already You Rat Faced Jews Can Be Accepted.And No Acceptance Is Not Enough For The Rat Faced Jew.The Jew Forces- ( Superiority-Lol More Like Insecurity, Inferriority) Forcing Laws Like -(Anti Jew Ism – AKa Antisemitism) Making It Illegal A Crime To Question The Jew.
    All Jokes Aside Censorship Only Benefits The Jew Tyrants.
    The White Germans Do Not Want To Hang Out With Ugly Low Life Corrupt No Moral,Low Quality Life Of Living Jews!
    So The Rat Faced Jews Bully’s Nations And Humans Who Have Good Moral Fibers, Good Moral Standards Of Living. A High Sense Of Dignity And Honor. The Jew Bullys All Races Who Dare To Have Good Quality standards Of Living.
    And It Is Clear The Rat Faced Jew Is Most Comfortable In Shit Sewers.And Dirty Shit Like Citys Like Citys With Low Standards And Low Life Qualities Of Living! The Sand Dirt Deserts Are Best For The Jew! A Desert Where The Jew Has No Access Or Cummunication With The Civilized Human Race.The Jews Is Not A Human According To Theire Torah The Jew Is Built From 5 Satanic Energies.So The Jew Should Be Banned From Earth.And Jews Should Be Sent To The Sun Where All Jews Even Half Jews Can Have Solar Zionism. HAHAH

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