Jew PSYOPS on America’s Head!

FRANK COLLINS FAKE NAZIFrank “Collins” real last name turned out to be Cohen. This buggering Jew pedophile (just look at him) was obviously enlisted in a big Jew media psyops scheme to bring attention to holocaust crap. The whole ridiculous “Illinois Nazi” bit was later exploited by Jew Hollywood (directed by a Jew named John Landis) for cheap laughs in the first Blues Brother’s movie, starring John Belushi and Dan Akroyd.

Back in the late 1970’s, there was a huge 15 month controversy in the US mainstream news over the “Nazis” wanting to march in Skokie, Illinois — a predominately Jewish bedroom community just outside Chicago.

This whole thing was endlessly played-up by the media in 1979 (almost every other night there seemed to be a dinner hour news report of the “controversy”). They made a big deal (and still do to this day) about this one ACLU lawyer who “bravely came to the defense of the evil Nazi’s right to Free Speech,” even though the lawyer was Jewish himself. Clever. BS spun within BS.

Apparently, it was all part of a program to kick-start holocaust propaganda on America’s head over the coming decade (documentaries, books, movies like “Schindler’s List” etc., etc., ETC.). The lying Cohen pervert was undoubtedly enlisted (or possibly blackmailed) by the Global Zionists to act as a Nazi, infiltrate various pro-White groups in an “Agitprop/Psyops” role (agent provocateur) and garner attention. That’s how insidious and deceitful these people are.

Watch this!

The Origins of Holocaustianity started by Jewish extremists. Watch this to see the BS these Jews are doing to our heads. Should you be pissed? Damn right. They get away with brainwashing America how they please.

NOTE: The Global Zionist-owned History Channel is still showing this BLATANT Jewish propaganda even though they know well it’s all been a BIG FAT lie! See “Nazi America: A Secret History,” (still shown on the History Channel every other week or so — clip above). They don’t breathe a word on who the guy really was.

Der Fuerher, 2005

The real CON-JEW, Franz Joseph Cohen, recently in 2005.

When Fuerher boy was released from prison in 1983 on a pedophelia charge (3 years served on a 5 year sentence for molesting and buggering little White kids), Franz Cohen and his prison guard buddy, a guy by the name of Russell Burrows, supposedly stumbled on a discovery of “ancient artifacts and gold” in Wisconsin, of all places. Obviously, this was the conduit for a big payoff by Globalist Jewry for a job well-played.

The whole ridiculous, “ancient Mesoamerica civilization” scam was bankrolled into a profitable New Ager publishing business that still exists to this day; with all sorts of wacko Atlantis-type nonsense peddled to gullible goyim. The now fairly well-off and comfortable, Joseph “der fuerher” Cohen, is rumored to still be a big time pedo boy during his frequent trips overseas to Third World countries — posing as a famous “archeologist.” But you never hear one word about what happened to this guy in the media.

IntelCenter & S.I.T.E. Intelligence — Zionist Fronts


IntelCenter is the source for most of the videos released by “al-Qaeda.” Since 9/11 the company has conveniently produced frightening images of Osama bin Laden and other “terrorists,” just when public opinion is flagging.

Zionist Jew rats like this are trotted out on mainstream TV all the time — what’s that tell you about the real deal?

IntelCenter is owned and run by Ben Venzke, a Jew (on right). The company is an offshoot of of IDEFENSE, which was staffed by senior PSYOP officer Jim Melnick, another Jew, who had previously answered directly to Donald Rumsfeld.

IntelCenter was caught adding its logo and that of As-Sahab to the same layer of a purported al-Qaeda video in August of 2007. The company’s attempts to replicate Osama bin Laden’s likeness using computer morphing software and actors with different beard colors have been a running joke on the internet for years.

Most commentators had long believed Obama bin Laden was dead, yet IntelCenter released a new audiotape where he finally took full responsibility for 9/11. For anyone who questions why there is no video, the company assures us that “audio messages are the rule, not the exception, and thus speculation as to health or anything else merely because the message is in audio form and not video does not hold up to analytical scrutiny.”

The other key group which magically ‘obtains’ and releases all of these scary Al Qaeda videos, and works day and night to vilify Muslims as plotting, psychotic terrorists, is the shady organization calling itself SITE Intelligence, owned and operated by an Iraqi-born Zionist Jewess, Rita Katz, whose father was accused of spying for Israel during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. He was subsequently executed by Saddam Hussein. After the death of her father, Rita and her mother fled to Israel, where she served in the terrorist Israel Defense Force (IDF), and most likely murdered many innocent Palestinians for sport.

SITE’s Zionist operatives: Rita Katz and Josh (probably short for Joshua) Devon, both ISRAEL-FIRSTER traitor Jews.

Katz’ suspicious organization is the primary source for information (read: disinformation) about “Islamic terrorism” used by news outlets, the FBI, the CIA and the US government. If Al Qaeda is blamed for a bombing it is because the Zionist Katz said so. Her wild claims are not questioned, but reported as fact by the Zionist-owned media. Essentially her organization “finds” all of its info on the internet by “monitoring Jihadist forums.” Yeah, that sounds real credible. This Jewish-run organization is in all likelihood a front for the Mossad. (More info) SITE’s JoshUA Devon supporting Jihadis

Kohlman spouting Zionist crap on the liberal MSNBC.

Kohlman getting ready to spout Zionist bull on TV. What a scam gig they have going on!

Alan Kohlmann (left) is another devious little Jew rat who earlier helped Rita Katz and Joshua Devon set up SITE.

Kohlmann has his own big disinfo gig called “global terror” or Flashpoint Partners. Like Katz, Kohlmann is often put on mainstream TV touting the Zionist line of Islamophobia for the masses and stoking our terrorism fears. He was trotted out quite a bit during the Paris and San Bernadino terror events.

All these greedy Neocon Zionist Jew gambits are now costing America trillions of taxpayer dollars and the lives of our soldiers, not to mention getting the entire planet to hate our country. Think about it.

If Islamophobia wasn’t enough, Katz’s SITE is also now keeping tabs on any Pro-White groups or people in the US. They call it monitoring “White supremacist threats.” In other words, any of us White people who dare open our mouths on just about anything the sacred Jews want, the SOB’s will portray us as “supremacists” and even criminal “domestic terrorists.” That’s what Jews really would like the American public to think.

Adam Gadahn

You believe this crap, you’re a real dumbass.

Also known as Azzam the American, this so called Al Qaeda spokesperson has portrayed himself as a fiery Islamic radical. His videos threatening terrorist attacks on Americans even earned him a place on the FBI’s most wanted terrorists list. In reality he is a Jew named Adam Pearlman, and his grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League!

But the Jew-controlled media avoids any mention of this guy’s Jewish background (they’ve slipped up before). They imply he’s now dead due to a drone strike, but no real facts have come out. Chances are, he’s now kicking back and chilling on some sunny terrace in Israel, having sex with fooled Ukrainian girls, imported for the “hospitality industry” and enslaved by the Jew mob (White slavery is rampant in Israel).

Michael Chertoff made millions on security X-ray scanner equipment sales to the TSA right after the so-called “underwear bomber’s” shorts fizzled out aboard a US-bound passenger plane. He was allowed onboard in Holland without any passport and witnessed by credible people being ushered past security; even though his name was listed by the State department as a threat (actually admitted to in front of congress but the reasons why were hidden).

CHERTOFF SILOChertoff (right) is also the guy who released the “Dancing Israelis” back to Israel who were seen on 9/11 filming the first tower getting hit by a plane. When their van was pulled over later by New Jersey police, bomb-sniffing dogs reacted positive (though no bombs were found); arrogantly explaining to the police, “we’re not your problem, the Palestinians are your problem.”

Chertoff helped write the Patriot Act, then became the first Secretary of the newly created Department of Homeland Security. This despite the fact that he is a “dual citizen” of the US and Israel.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Michael Chertoff was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey to Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff, the former leader of the Congregation B’nai Israel in Elizabeth and Talmud Scholar, and Livia Chertoff (née Eisen), an El Al flight attendant. His paternal grandfather, Rabbi Paul Chertoff (who emigrated from Czarist Russia) was a noted Talmud scholar as well. Clearly Michael Chertoff’s satanic actions are derived from his Talmudic upbringing.

The Chertoff’s are one of the founding families of the state of Israel. Michael’s mother was one of the first female agents in the Mossad who was involved with Mossad’s “Operation Magic Carpet” where some 49,000 Yemenite Jews were smuggled into the new state of Israel. Chertoff’s wife, Meryl Chertoff, is a dedicated Zionist who served on the board of the New Jersey branch of the criminal Zionist spy agency, the Anti-Defamation League.

Not Just America

bristow_swasiA Canadian named Grant Bristow (right) admitted in 2004 that he was actually working for Canadian intelligence and the Canadian Jewish Congress (this part is always censored by embedded Jews at places like Wikipedia); when he infiltrated and helped finance various NeoNazi groups in Canada in the 1980’s and 90’s. All this “Nazi” crap was used by Jewry to pass “anti-Hate” laws in the attempt to silence pro-Whites north of the border.


Jews think keeping the Goyim stupid to be part of their racial/religious duty and sometimes just for spiteful fun. The term “Hasbara” refers to spies Joshua sent into Jericho in the Old Testament before they attacked and slayed all the non-Israelite inhabitants (except the hottest looking virgins, if possible) and even all the pets and animals were put to the sword.

Modern day KHAZAR Jews (who are NOT Israelites of the Old Testament) love to think of themselves as little secret agents working for God and Jewry (being the “Chosen Ones”). That’s why you have so many Jews working the Internet for Israel, constantly pushing the holocaust business and PC crap, or hiding the Jew’s truly murderous role in communism, where far more White gentiles were murdered than Jews in any so-called holocaust.

It’s really quite simple: The Jews fear if everyone wakes up to their on-going BS, we’ll all turn into evil Nazis and make things uncomfortable — or worse.

Mainstream TV


Everybody sees it. Sometimes, it’s called the “culture wars” by those who dare not say anything bad about the Jew.

Mass media is the biggest PSYOP ever created.

Turn on your TV and in just minutes you’ll see an example of Jewry’s efforts to manipulate our race. Not only in turning us into liberals and breeding ourselves away, but also to destroy Christianity. Once you understand all this, you can spot the hand of the Jew everywhere in the media — even on the so-called conservative FOX channel.

From insidious “multiculturism,” to pro-immigration of the Third World, to global warming, to Islamophobia — it’s all designed to make White people support the New World Order, Israel and even the on-going destruction of our race and belief in Jesus Christ (whom the satanic Jews have long targeted). Look at all the crap out of Hollywood for crying out loud. It’s not some vast conspiracy with secret instructions — just selfish individual Jews acting for their own race’s benefit.

Think for yourself, use critical thinking. You can connect the dots on your own.


Folks: It’s a huge Jewish racial effort to keep all us Whites messed up in the head!

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7 Responses to Jew PSYOPS on America’s Head!

  1. Joe Rizoli says:

    Belive me the Jews have a plan. They conspired to do something about our cable shows. Proof, watch this.

    For more information on this hypocrisy, travesty of justice, and censorship, please check out

    The most corrupt cable station in America

    Check out jjrizo on youtube, Rizolitv on youtube. And search for Jim Rizoli

  2. Lisa says:

    Hey INCOG man! Love your site, share with other’s ALL the time! But, you are a Catholic. Go to ChristmasIsalie! ALL organized religion is fake. Of course we believe in God and Christ, Amen! I am telling you brought up without the bullshit of the Catholics, they are fake and totally called out by our LORD and SAVIOR! God warns us about the son of perdition. Who is Cerinthus, who became POPE SIXTUS! Jesus was a middle eastern Semitic. He did NOT have long hair like a woman for it was a sin. We are all saved by our faith in Christ only! He warned of all the fake crap! You are spot on about all the fake crap we deal with but are totally wrong about the Catholi8c religion. I grew up in a hotspot of a town, small, but imperative! Thomas Paine, Joseph Bonaparte, Clara Barton and so forth. Look up Bordentown, NJ! I am protestant, not in the organized masonic way. I promise you, do your research, PLEASE! Catholics worship Apollo! There is no such thing as a physical descendant of Christ today because the Vatican or Roman empire hunted them down, they refused to bow to a false God. The Pope proclaims he is God and infallible from the chair, this is blaspheme! I went to this disgusting mass one time and did not understand a damn thing. All these statues staring at me, the ass kissing of a man. The Old Testament is written in Hebrew, the New Testament in Greek. Why do you think the Romans wanted all books burned and Latin only. The dirty war of South America. Where Protesting Christians were thrown into shark infested waters! Why do you think they all speak Spanish and are Catholic! Whew! to much to get into here, but we are to be united and understand what Christ was trying to tell us! Stop taking the mark as your forehead and some places the hand as your allegiance to Rome! Masons and Catholics are sun worshippers! Nothing new under the sun, son!

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Great News Everybody! NASA displays a picture of Plutos smallest moon. Kind of fuzzy but hey it only cost you a few billion bucks. Yep. That’s all you get folks is this lousy picture say ohh ahh wow then you can return to your normal work related tax-paying activities and wait for those social security checks that will never be there when you reach retirement age of 89.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Has anybody seen my 200 million dollar blimp? I could have sworn I tied it up to my fencepost last night.

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  7. carnac123 says:

    It is extremely unhealthy for a society as large as ours to have 90% of its News Media in the hands of one nationality. That nationality is the Jews. It is true. The Jews have kept their identity and religion pretty well tight over the centuries and they mostly engage in group-think that would made the ‘Borg’ envious. IMO, Jews are mainly leftists ands socialists and have had this love-affair with communism and such for a long time now. Most are large backers of the world order in theory. America will never look the same if they completely take over and they are near that point now. Our main info and news should not be skewed by one tribe. It should not be propaganda for one party (the democrat party). Jews should be considered as a corporation and their power should be lessened greatly. Whites cannot live under their oppression anymore.

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