»The Real Immigration Deal


JEW NWO AGENDA: It’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY!
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How The Jews Undermine America.

A brief history of the Jewish infiltration of American government, media, and finance, and how they are eroding the nation from within. Continually deleted by Jewry — last deletion: http://www.youtube.com/embed/bSCM5kSm11A



“Thus, all their strength the Jews – basically, ALL the vocal Jews in the world – encourage non-white immigration into every country in which they are located, not only because the multicultural society is their fundamental political aim, but also because the disintegration of national identity in each nation and the massive presence of anti-white immigrants is designed to prevent the original white population from succeeding in any nationalistic outbursts against the Jewish sway over finance, politics and the media. All Jewish intellectuals, without any exception, are focused on this question of building the ‘pluralistic society’ and for this they practice constant ‘vigilance against racism.'”

– Hervé Ryssen


“And the Walls Came Tumbling Down”

WATCH THE VIDEO THE JEWS DON’T WANT YOU TO! Constantly deleted by Jewish efforts across the net. PLEASE GO HERE IF VIDEO DOES NOT WORK: WNTUBE LINK.  Link closed down by Jews!

The video really sums up in a nutshell the Jewish involvement in immigration and is a fast way to get the big picture of what’s being done to America and us White people.

The Jews censor this at Youtube and anyplace they can all the time. It’s that powerful. Here’s the last deleted link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAWVUxRYjfo from Jewtube. SO WATCH IT NOW!


Read what one lousy Jew says to other Jews:

“For perhaps another generation, an optimistic forecast, the Jewish community will be in a position where it will be in a position to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions to support our agendas.”

— Stephen Steinlight, “The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography.” Center for Immigration Studies, October, 2001

The subversive Jews dedicate themselves to controlling America’s head:

“There are approximately 300 national jewish organizations in the United States with a combined budget estimated in the range of $6 billion — a sum greater than the gross national product of half the members of the UN.”

– Kevin MacDonald (The Culture of Critique, Chapter 7)

What don’t you get, White people?

Please read the following document on the situation. History backs all this up totally and, if you go to the following link, you’ll see exactly what the real deal has always been. This link does indeed verify (with official legislative references and verbatim quotes from the Jews themselves) the information contained in the following email (below):

Prof. Kevin MacDonald: Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review Go here for on-screen text and a downloadable PDF.

I highly suggest downloading the above PDF and even printing it out. It will simply astound you with the real historical facts behind all the efforts at changing our immigration laws in this country and elsewhere. You’ll see.

The questions that are being asked today, where once asked yesterday — decades ago as a matter of FACT. All of this has been purposefully ignored by our mainstream media and will force you to the conclusion that yes, the writer of this email (below) is quite correct about the real deal facing America, today. 

From an anonymous, emailed letter…

Several of your leaders, such as Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul, are speaking out loudly and forcefully against the illegal immigration which is destroying the country. But there is a problem. Despite the forceful language being employed, the real issue is being ducked.

The issue is not illegal immigration. The issue is race. Yes, let us use the horrid word. The issue is whether or not these United States shall remain a white country.

Were every illegal immigrant given a green card tomorrow, the fundamental issue would remain: White America or La Raza America? There is an uncanny similarity between the language of the preservation of slavery one hundred fifty years ago and the language of immigration restriction today.

The South tried to hide the preservation of slavery behind universal language of “states rights”. Whites today try to hide the preservation of white civilization behind universal language of illegal immigration. It is time to stop hiding.

The men who wrote the Constitution were unabashed white supremacists. They enslaved blacks, they conquered Mexicans and they exterminated Indians. They were proud of it. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and John C. Calhoun wrote unequivocally of the superiority of whites to all the aforementioned groups. Not one American of the 18th, 19th or early 20th centuries envisioned America as anything other than a free white land. The claim that America should be a “melting pot” of diverse races was, and is, a LIE. Just who is responsible for that lie we shall examine later.

Americans need have no fear of the charge of racism. Racism imply means: White America preserved for whites. That is as it should be. The Mexicans and other Third World races pouring into America are complete racists. They openly proclaim themselves the true “native Americans” and arrogantly announce that they shall drive American whites back to Europe. They openly boast of their agenda and proclaim it to the skies. The media ignore this Third World racism and denounce white racism instead.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Who decided that your land (White America) should be converted into a Third World cesspool?

Some of you may blame it on the “liberal media”. Others may blame it on corporations seeking cheap labor. Still others may blame it on corrupt politicians seeking votes. All of these explanations have partial value. But all of them fail the ultimate test.

None of them, either taken together or individually, can explain the intense, unremitting sledge hammer drive to destroy these United States as a white nation. The people who push this movement do not give a damn what the white population thinks.

They did not give a damn what the white population thought when they crammed forced bussing and racial integration down the throat of the country in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Nor is this movement limited to these United States. It exists internationally. South Africa and Rhodesia were destroyed as white countries-with consequences now known to everyone.

What is this international power which seeks to over run these United States and to make its borders and national sovereignty meaningless? This power is easily identifiable.

It is the same power which created communism in Russia in 1917. It is the same power which created a great League of Nations in Paris in 1919. It is the same power which drove 700,000 Arabs out of Palestine in 1948-and which sends over one hundred fifty thousand American soldiers to occupy Iraq today. It is the power of the Jews.

Where is the proof of this assertion? The proof is in the history of the immigration laws of these United States. The drive for immigration restriction in America began with the arrival in America of hundreds of thousands of Marxist Jews from Czarist Russia in the 1880’s.

These aliens were “NOT American” and the immigration law of 1924 was designed to keep them OUT. That law deliberately favored the Northern Europeans who had made the country great. The American Jewish Committee and Mr. Louis Marshall screamed-and have screamed ever since.

When the 1924 law came up for renewal in 1951, the American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress once again screamed that Nordic racists were trying to discriminate against an oppressed world in general, and Jewish communist refugees in particular.

Senator Pat McCarran of Nevada, whose name appeared on the 1952 bill which eventually passed, would have none of it. America would remain a white, Anglo-Saxon land until 1965, when Senator Jacob Javits and Representative Emmanuel Celler managed to have the Immigration Act changed over from 180,000 mostly White, Europeans, to over 800,000 mostly non-White immigrants per year. Senator Charles Schumer and Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman have continued such legislative efforts.

The Immigration Act of 1965 overthrew the white, Nordic structure of American society and told the Third World: “Come On In.” Some of you, ladies and gentlemen, may ask: Why would Jews wish to overthrow the United States as a white nation? What have they to gain?

To answer this question one must know something of Jewish history. Jews have been expelled from one European nation after another throughout the centuries.

In Germany, the population under Adolf Hitler turned against them with deadly force in retaliation for the Jewish communist revolutions post World War One. Jews in America wield tremendous political and economic power. They most definitely have not been using that power to benefit the whites.

The Jews know that if American whites ever catch on to what Jews have been doing, then a white nationalist reaction against Jewish power, as in Hitler’s Germany, could occur. It is precisely to prevent that eventuality that Jews have worked unceasingly to shatter the white racial back bone of America. If whites become fragmented and isolated in Third World America, Jewish power can rule unopposed.

It should be obvious to you, ladies and gentlemen, that as America has declined as a white nation, Jewish power has grown ever greater. That correlation is not mere happenstance. It is cause and effect. Some of you, ladies and gentlemen, may be offended by the hard truth. You may regard it as an unwarranted attack on personal friends of the Jewish faith.

So be it. Political realities cannot be altered by personal relationships. The hard fact is that America is being destroyed as a white land because the interests of one particular group require that it be so. That group is the Jews. Both logic and the hard facts support the conclusion. Some of you shall be scared off by the Jewish angle. But unless YOU, ladies and gentlemen, understand why you are being flooded with the Third World, you will not be able to evict them from your land. You will be stymied at every attempt.

And then, you will flail about aimlessly, attacking all the scapegoats for all the wrong reasons. American whites are in a war for racial survival. The Third World immigrants are the army of the enemy, but the Jews are the generals and the suppliers of that army.

To destroy the enemy at the gates is essential, but to destroy the enemy within the gates is also essential. For unless that enemy is eliminated, permanently and for all time, the enemy without shall return, again and again.

To be continued…

Anyone knows the person I can credit (to the degree that he or she wishes) — let me know. I’m certain it’s OK to copy and pass around, so please do. Also, download and save that PDF. At least read some of it, like the conclusion at the end. We need to wake the hell up to all of this and now!

You can also read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” HERE. It’s well worth your time to understand this subject. Just go to the preface to see what it’s about!


The Immigration Gumball Video: It’s the real-life stats (yet easy to understand) behind illegal immigration and how the numbers alone will necessarily turn our country into the living hell of the Third World. If you have not seen this video, you need to stop and watch it now — it’s that important. (9:30)

Immigration by the numbers (Part 1)

Mexican Invasion of the US.

Totally slimey Jew lawyer, making big bucks by going around the country showing companies dishonest methods to get away with NOT hiring Americans for jobs. This allows them to bring in foreign workers (like H1B visas from India), increasing corporate profits. The American unemployed get the runaround and shafted when they can least afford it. Little wonder seeing a Jew do this kind of thing.

America: Is this what you want? La Raza people brag about taking over.

This is NOT just happening to America, but ALL White nations, like Britain, Canada and even Ireland, Sweden and Norway. It cannot be denied any longer by any Whites still left with a brain. This is all to destroy White demographics so that the Jews can feel less threatened by Whites coming together. Our countries are purposefully being turned into disgusting Third World nations and the subversive Jews could care less what you think. They’ve been behind doing all this for DECADES, now. Read this and think hard:

“The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-White or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.

We have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about a half century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible and makes constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever.”

– Earl Raab, executive director emeritus of the Perlmutter Institute of Jewish Advocacy (ADL offshoot), Jewish Bulletin, Feb. 19, 1993


“Global elites view the West as the main obstacle to a future world government. Multiculturalism is a tool used by such elites to dismantle White Western civilization.”

— Pat Buchanan, in a speech in Falls Church, Va. 2004


Black and Hispanic population densities as of the year 2000 census. This chart does NOT show illegal immigrants, or other Third World races promoted over White immigrants since 1965. Our country is indeed being turned into a Third World nation right before our eyes and it is the Jews and greedy globalists corrupted by them who are behind it.



85 Responses to »The Real Immigration Deal

  1. Brian says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know who wrote this Incogman. What I do know is that this piece is one of most well written short pieces on this subject I’ve yet.seen

    This is a precise but concise thematic summary that adds or spares no unnecessary words in its blunt but accurate forcefulness.
    I look forward to a continuation, as promised, and suggest this writing be put in more visible locations both here and elsewhere.
    14 Words!!

  2. incogman says:

    Yes, I agree. That’s why I have given it as prominent a position on my blog as possible. Maybe I’ll also run it as main article shortly but that’s about the best I can do here.

    I think the “to be continued…” is rhetorical but if someone knows of anything let me know!

  3. Balder says:

    I have started compiling the information I have spread out in different posts on my website, about Jewish influence in ‘hate speech’ legislation, promotion of immigration and multiculturalisme.

    So far I have covered the US, Canada, Britain and Holland, but more countries will be covered soon. These posts will be updated as more information becomes available.

    Here the link to Britain; at the bottom of the page you will find links to other countries mentioned. Contributions are welcome.

    Another article I consider important is this one:

    The racist writings of the philosemitic half Japanese Count Coudenhove Kalergi, the ideological father of the European Union.

    The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union. Excerpts from ‘Practical Idealism’.

    I do encourage copying articles from my website in their entirety, so they’ll be available even if I or my website should disappear unexpectedly.

  4. M says:

    Virtually any American or European with a grade-school edjucation can tell you what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany during it’s reign.When asked WHY it happened,though,they’ll say something along the lines of “Hitler was loony” or “He was the worst,most rabid anti-semite who ever lived”.As if a politition(yes,it’s true;Hitler was an ELECTED leader,the dictatorship came into place after) could just pop up and say”Hey,let’s off a race of people,no reason,what do you say?”. I am not saying that genocide was,or is,the answer,but there were REASONS behind what was done,and these reasons have been filtered out of the history. You know what they say;those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. I think that’s what this writer means by “to be continued…”

  5. gncarlo says:

    “In 1998, a Zairian woman by the name of Jeanette Kayulu brought her mother and her six children — ages 6 to 16 — to New York. They all moved in with Miss Kayulu’s sister, who was married to a Canadian diplomat stationed in New York City. Perhaps he got a little tired of his in-laws, but after a year and a half, the diplomat vanished. A month after that, his wife went home to Canada, leaving Miss Kayulu and her crew high and dry.

    Before long, Miss Kayulu followed her sister to Canada, but the Canadians deported her to Zaire. That left the Kayulu children and their grandmother even higher and drier. Grandma was no help at all, since the only language she speaks is Lingala. In a month or two, all seven were evicted and were walking the streets. Nevertheless, as state law requires, they soon got free lodging at the expense of Westchester County. The county offered them all one-way tickets to Zaire, but, according to newspaper reports, they declined “politely.”

    County welfare agents spent the next few months tracking down all the relevant relatives, but none agreed to take responsibility. The mother, contacted back in Zaire, sweetly asked the Americans to keep her children and give them a good education. It then dawned on county officials that these seven Africans were illegal aliens, and they stopped writing public assistance checks. A legal services lawyer then flew to their assistance and won restoration of benefits, but not before the Kayulus had been evicted again.

    This time, the Kayulu family was put into two rooms at a Hilton Hotel that cost $9,000 a month. Westchester officials explained that according to state guidelines, homeless children must be housed as close to school as possible.

    According to news reports, the children are now busily immersing themselves in American culture. They enjoy watching the Cosby Show, swimming in the Hilton swimming pool, and love pizza and vanilla ice cream. ”

    AmRen article from 1991

  6. gncarlo says:

    M: “Virtually any American or European with a grade-school edjucation can tell you what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany during it’s reign.”

    Oh really? What did happen to the Jews in Nazi Germany during it’s reign?

    Secondly, what does it have to do with immigration, the topic of this thread.

    Why don’t you go to one of the threads on this blog dealing with “holocaust” stuff and explain to us “What did happen to the Jews in Nazi Germany during it’s reign.”

    I don’t recall the name of the thread here but there’s one with lots of ‘holocaust survivor’ stories including the one about the guy who was gassed six times but survived by sticking his nose in the keyhole.

    Best Regards

  7. gncarlo says:

    Hmmm… let me guess: which ethnic group would be trying to sew more discord and anger between other groups?


  8. themadjewess says:

    Matthew 7:21-23 not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father, which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

  9. themadjewess says:

    Jesus Christ told His apostles to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in His name. Most people who are familiar with the Bible realize those apostles zealously embarked on that mission. Their converts were first called Christians in the city of Antioch (Acts 11:26). Since then, so many people have been born or converted into the hundreds of denominations known collectively as “Christianity” that it is one of the world’s most popular and dominant religions.


  10. Frieda says:

    This article just bolstered my belief that jews are actively undermining the potential success of South and Central American countries, all the while they stomp on the Arab races and encourage communism in Eastern Europe.

    It benefits them to have poverty-stricken immigrants pouring into the U.S.A. it goes to their plans for globalization, for a North American Union, it helps them to deflect the anti-jewish sentiments that people might otherwise rightly express, it takes that rightful anger and it turns it into a fight for survival and while we’re distracted fighting over immigration they are happily robbing this country blind. Wake up!

  11. Maggie says:

    @ Balder. My God man, you should give a health warning about your links – I need to get tablets for high blood pressure after reading them. Negroes on Irish streets shouting abuse at Irish people? WHAT?

  12. Marshall says:


    Most people who know the Bible know that all the apostles got pursued from town to town and killed by Jews.

  13. JamesTheJust says:

    “To destroy the enemy at the gates is essential, but to destroy the enemy within the gates is also essential. For unless that enemy is eliminated, permanently and for all time, the enemy without shall return, again and again.

    And this is EXACTLY why I keep saying that every damned Jew MUST be put to —-. We could put them in ghettos again. What good will that do? What good did it do? We can expel them from our nations. What good will that do? What good did that do?

    To delay the inevitable is to proclaim cowardice and laziness; hiding it behind FALSE compassion and reason. It is CONDEMNING our children we FALSELY say we love to their eventual ruin – giving aid a comfort to the enemy and essentially telling our children to get fucked.

    Unless the SOLUTION is undertaken, we will DOOM our progeny to endless; ceaseless wars; slavery under usury and constant attempts by the DEMON SEED to destroy our great white Western civilizations.

    Our children will RIGHTFULLY curse us just as I curse succeeding generations of my forefathers for not decisively eliminating this problem once and for all!

    So go ahead and say I’m being “hateful” or “radical”. I don’t care. It is quite obvious after thousands of years, that the Jews, THE VERY SEED OF SATAN, cannot be dealt with through reason or compassion. These concepts are totally alien to them. They view it as weakness.

  14. themadjewess says:

    I dont care what you are, James, you just blame the JEW- the smallest MINORITY in the planet and refuse to take RESPONSIBILITY for the so called “Christians” in power. I do, I dis the BOLSHEVIKS at EVERY turn, but you ‘Christians’ NEVER refute those lying MAGGOTS like Dodd, Hillary, Kennedy, Clinton, Durbin, Byrd (KKK) Biden, Rockerfeller, GORE, Pelosi…..ETC…
    JUST THE JEWS, and not even the GOVERNING powers, just little “Zionist” Jews that are in Israel, or believe that Jews should return to Israel. Thats why I hate this blogs GUTS=BIASED.

  15. anonymous says:

    We don’t care what you are either, nasty kikess semitic khazar witch.
    You do not represent authority to us, we are above you as you are below us. Your will’s wants & desires are pointless drivel that does not concern us, nor should it.

    You are judged & found guilty in the white court & justice shall be served in the form of us punishing you. You and your brethren shall be punished for your crimes. We dictate unto you what is crime, you do not dictate unto us. The punishment for when a jew strikes a white is death.

    Your gods bow in reverence to us. We whites are your superiors, you will follow our instruction. We are your teachers, you are unruly students who shall feel our cane upon your backside. For we are the masters of the universe as free sentient minds & you are the student who shall be made to obey.

    Look into the mirror, you weak minded fool. See yourself for what you are. A representative of a less evolved savage barbaric heathen race of mentally ill neurotic schizophrenics with a fecal fetish who happen to be pathological liars & mental midgets.

    Fact: jews are carriers of a contagious virus that causes several gene mutations which result in the lessening one’s ability to distinguish from right and wrong. Do some research into this to discover the truth of the matter, contact with khazar & semitic bodily fluids is to be avoided. Also study the transmission of brain parasites that affect human culture, namely research felines & their relationship with humanity. There are many organisms doing this to us. Its time humanity takes measures to protect itself from this madness. Blood laws must be enacted to defend our populations. Research the psychedelic evolutionary catalyst known as ayahuasca. It is a cure/treatment for mental & physical illness that works, no need to poison yourself with garbage that only destroys your organs masking illness given to you from the judeo/christain lapdog pharmacist thieves. It has been used for thousands of years by healers/shaman/wisemen in south America. It is made of a combination of the b.caapi vine and a DMT source plant, traditionally chaliponga or chacruna. It will when consumed serve as a psychic exorcism. It will heal you, this I promise. Bringing you mental clarity & health.

    I strongly urge all white nationalists to consume mass quantities of psychedelics like lsd, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and ayahuasca, because these substances are evolutionary catalysts, they enhance evolution. They reprogram our genetics making us stronger. They enhance mental development. Our populations are currently being denied chemical bliss by our racial enemies (jews) in an attempt to retard our minds. Nutrition is the key to intelligence, we are being denied the chemicals needed for development in our environments while having our children’s minds castrated with poisons from big pharma as they are taken away and institutionalized by the corrupt communist powers that be just as the congregations of our white folk have their minds also castrated by the scriptures of lunatics like the above who screech their nonsense scriptures. Resist the powers that be at all costs for it is a grave issue. That most are sadly unaware of. White civilization has a long and healthy relationship since prehistoric times with the use of entheogens. Our people naturally use such materials for sacred religious rights, the judeo christain monsters murdered/ assassinated a good deal of our peoples shamans, our “psykers”, Those of us who thought outside the boxes/cages, which the enemy refers to as gentile pagans, those of us more adept at seeing other worlds were burned alive at the whim of “their” churches. The very best of us whites, those with the most powerful imaginations capable of envisioning a greater amount of reality inside our minds and manipulating that data toward our own ends as our collective energy naturally should be ours, not theirs…remember they want your psychic energy, they feed off of it like the parasites they are which is why the are so entrenched in our western media establishment, because we were unaware of their true nature at the time, however take heart our populations are awakening and they fear us for it, they truly do which accounts for their irrational hatred for us whites. Which is why they mimic our populations in an attempt to blend in and further parasitize us. They want to dictate the direction of our evolution, this we must never allow. They are not the leaders of our packs/tribes.

    Fact: Caucasian mummies have been found in China, just another lost suppressed history of the many white migrations of the civilization builders who did span the entire globe of earth, alongside a shaman of these white people has been discovered several pounds of the medicinal herb which cures cancer known as “cannabis”, this is evidence supporting my claim. It is the truth.

    We should revolt, and demand justice in mass. They cant shoot us all at once or stuff us all in fema camps. Lets bum rush these nasty inhuman creatures. Take back our sovereign nations. Let us give rise to the rebirth of the only truly global civilization the Earth has ever known, the civilization which makes up the white commonwealth, made up of independent European descendant nations. Lets hold court over the corrupt families who have greedily sold out our populations so they can line their dirty pockets in blood money. We whites are going to strip your filthy children of all the wealth you have stolen from us. All your vile evil work is for not, haha. The future is ours.

    JEW!~ we have you fingered.

    Your despicable primitive backwards culture is a thing of absolute disgust. Rotten & without merit you will continue to wander in the desert of our choice. Go to the reservation we have given you. We are the god of which you foolishly speak. You will take the pie we decide to give you, nothing more. All your kind has stolen from us whites, we shall take from you a thousand fold. Those hands that do not render what is ours shall also be taken at our white will.

    Take with you your ugly culture, you disgraceful savages still practice deranged genital mutilation of your children for nothing but superstitious
    dogma. You claim this barbaric practice is for sanitary purposes and through your incestuous network of associates you distort the general public opinion away from the truth of the matter convincing through known trickery the western medical establishment into actually butchering its children so you can sickly spread your diseased culture through the unnecessary practice of genital mutilation, how horrible you are . You should be ashamed of yourself, of your ancestors, and of your people. You are a lowly thing in our white eyes. You are beneath us and we know the truth. You are less than worthy of us. Remember that when you raise your finger to a white it shall be broken off. How dare you think you can recite your garbage scriptures to us. We are men of science, of magic, men of logic & reasoning. Your holy books are unworthy of being used as toilet paper for the likes of us whites. You do not decide what is law. What is natural is law and we are of nature. Our gods are alive inside of us, coursing through our red blooded veins, your gods were long ago decapitated by our axes as they knelt before us. We command you to stop poisoning our psychic well spring. All harm you cause shall be delivered back to you.

    Hex hex hex be upon you semetic khazar genital mutilating witch, I curse you! You are powerless before me. May your words be shattered with truth!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Interesting post. I have always found pscilocybin to be a cure for ‘what ails ya’.
    Topical post too, the season is upon us..found three little fellas by chance on a stroll yesterday…after sending an e-mail expressing a desire for the ‘olde medicine’.
    Anyone here interested in ayahuasca should watch this film

    Other Worlds: Ayahuasca Documentary

    these also are useful
    Ayahuasca, The Snake and I

    Ibogaine: The Addiction Stopper

  17. MEMEME says:

    Yes, it is the season my friend. 😉

    Tomorrow night I shall go a hunting, I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with two previous experiences with psilocybin mushrooms. They were religious experiences. I spent the early hours of the morning beneath a star covered sky watching meteorites pass as coyotes spoke to one another in the distance. A truly magical time was hand, I hope I am lucky tomorrow.

    I find it interesting about the snake, from the video links you shared. See, while working with ayahuasca I have had two very memorable visions. One was of a large green serpent, a huge constrictor which dwarfed me, coiled around me & ate me. Sounds strange I know but I am filled with the belief that it was a good thing, pretty damn alarming at the time. It felt right though.

    So, you enjoy the writings of Incogman also? I noticed him over on stormfront & followed over, I dig em. I think individuals like this drive them nutts, i love it. I normally get my media fix from podblanc, but the “unchosen” keep harassing the guy, they cant stand free speech. I dont think it factors into their logic properly, what really bothers the hell out of me is when they claim falsely to support freedom of speech then turn right around and do just the very opposite, it makes me sick. They like to hit, but don’t like being hit back, its the nature of bully cowards. I think the future of the internet is a wireless anonymous mesh of wifi completely free of their control, yep in my opinion a neutral internet is the friend of the white man, there for good. Freenet, is an interesting p2p program that allows for anonymous web publishing, might be worth checking out.

  18. anonymouse says:

    Incogman needs to comment, regarding the piece of jewish propaganda recently published by newsweek (jewspeak), how deranged jews are.

    The article demands white children be, brainwashed as babies….that white pride in white children is horrifying. How absolutely disgusting these simple jewish creatures are.

    Such beasts.

  19. Orion14 says:

    Thermo, we know that so-called christians are as much a problem as any jew. They are importing turd world gene hijackers as fast as they can. The problem is most people do not understand the role the jews (okay, bolsheviks) have played in the destruction of our society, thus the reason for focusing on them.

    If there are jews that are against mud immigration into white societies, against the filth of pornography and against using our military for anything other than defense, then I’m on their side. Otherwise, they are going up against the wall with all the white and christian traitors too. And believe me, there will be 100 whites for every jew that gets the lead treatment.

    What say ye, Thermo?

  20. themadjewess says:

    ‘If there are jews that are against mud immigration into white societies, against the filth of pornography and against using our military for anything other than defense, then I’m on their side.’
    There are a LOT of them, I know many that are armed to the teeth for this upcoming massacre, Orion.
    We are with AMERICA.
    *Every* traitor needs to GO. That is M.O., Dear Hussein and your minions.
    I know what the Bolsheviks have done, and I pray that they go to HELL. I pray that another like Madoff comes again and takes all of their $$$$.

    I was talking to my other half (my sweetie pie hubby) and one of these liberal pig JINOs said “We die together”….. NO. I will NOT die in DISHONOR. THEIR day is coming, and I dont friggin care. Every day I look, there is ANOTHER Bolshevik slime, and another, and another. In actuality, when Hussein turns on them like Stalin did, I personally wont give a rats ass.

    I am moving, so, Incog, you will get a rest 🙂
    WARNING! Jew Spew detectors are registering high on the above line of bull. Please consider carefully before swallowing.

  21. fanning says:

    madjewess, you’re a traitor and you need to go.

    Melting Pot = Another Jew Lie.

  22. anonymous says:

    Jews are subhuman parasites.

    Today while visiting a local park, I ran into this “jewish professor”, another one of those arrogant overly aggressive types who falsely believe themselves better than you, when in truth they are less evolved ape men. Well this is the second time I have had problems with this guy. He likes to bring his students out to the local arboretum run by the university of alabama and fuck them in the woods. Well one day I came upon him and this girl and being a typically good white person I offered to smoke some herb with them. The girl, whom he was trying to get into her pants was eager to smoke a little herb with me, naturally the arrogant jew got jealous of me and began copping an attitude with me. I just laughed him off.

    Well today I walk upon him again, he was trying to pick up these two young white girls, they were like 13 looking and shit, while I dont really have a problem with people hooking up if they like each other, I have a big problem with a jew trying to intimidate me and run me off from a park ive gone to for over two decades. I said good day to them, and he looks over at me and sneers then turns away, he thought I was gonna walk away after that, so I walked over and sat nearby lighted up a cigar, he didnt say shit, he knows Ill kick his teeth in if he does.

    Whenever a jew attempts to intimidate you, put them in their place, show them that they are not the boss and never will be.

  23. JamesTheJust says:

    Most Jews are faggots so I am surprised that this Jews was trying to pick up females. Jews should barred from mating with Aryans and polluting the blood of our people. The penalty should be death to any Jew who even tries to mate with our kind.

  24. anonymous says:

    I will take your comment into consideration when this situation in the park reaches its boiling point. In all honesty I plan on kicking this repugnant jewish pseudo intellectual mental midget’s ass. I get the distinct impression that at some point in the future this jew is going to try and assault me. When he does I am going to teach the professor some manners.

    Your right, regarding race mixing with jews. Why would anyone with any sense at all do such a thing, the answer is of course ignorance of the matter. Just as these girls who this jew obviously preys upon wouldn’t give the creep the time of day if they knew any better regarding the nature of the beast. Unfortunately many white youth in America today are brainwashed and unaware of the situation. Should they make that mistake they will have the mark, dark hair, beady near sighted eyes, a crooked nose, and nature. Dont you just love how built by whites hollywood now controlled by sniveling conspiring jews depicts them in film as great romantics and hero figures when in reality they are just the opposite, abusive demented perverse villains who take something beautiful like sexuality and make it an ugly thing. As the reader can tell I am sick of these creatures, they are abusers by nature who have on more than one occasion caused my family grief. In the end they will suffer.

    that is all I have to say.

  25. Bella says:

    I wonder why we don’t hear anything about the human genome project anymore? Maybe they were finding out things that did not fit in with their Common Purpose elitist B.S. agenda. Facts are facts . History is indeed written by the winners. After the 2nd WW U.S. universities removed geography from the ciriculum because they decided it had rascist overtones. The real reason was to promote multiculturalism. This is how the elite hide. They want to throw us all together & play ‘lets you & him fight’. Meanwhile they laugh & scam all the goodies. They’ve been kicked out of just about every civilised country in the world & now the U.S. is waking up to the damage of the parasitical nature of these ancient elites. Also guess who is causing the trouble in Georgia? Its not the Muslims that are the problem. They know who their enemy is—the Zionist Jews.

  26. NoName says:

    Jews have been at the forefront in supporting movements aimed at altering the ethnic status quo in the United States in favor of immigration of non-European peoples.

    Hoff: What word in this one sentence diden’t you get?

    lt’s the jew – AND your stupidity!

    But McD has got one BASIC fact wrong. Communism IS judaism. Commnism is a jewish swindle.

    Communism is all about jews taking controlo of your state. Jews was in total control of the Sovjet dictatorship state. The ONLY thing tou need to control in a dictatordhip is the Secret Police. Do that and you are the state.

    A small group of jews was in TOTAL control of the Secret Police in Sovjet from 1917 to 1990.

    What the jews did in Russia 1917 was that the jews killed every single 1,5 million russian elite. A hundred years ago only the elite could afford a phone. A hundred year ago the jews took the phonebook and killed every single in the phonebook.

  27. Hoff says:

    Hoff above

  28. Jen says:

    “The mutual goal of making the majority population a minority population. We need to all be “The Stranger.””

    Immigration policy: Are Hispanics using Jews or Jews using Hispanics?

  29. Nimród says:

    Hungary is similar to our situation. Thousands of us can come to the African and East Asian immigrants, the Israelis have not said it. Broadly supports the government’s total immigration, but the 1920th Dictated peace in the territories ceded by the Treaty of Trianon Hungarian brothers refused to dual citizenship in the liberal-Bolshevik neocon (h) n government.

  30. American says:

    Israel is the world’s problem (and the 70% of JEWS that refuse to move there). In short, “They were addicted to violence. But as the wall they built to keep the outsiders out, started to look like keeping them in, they started to turn on one another,” writes ‘morris’.


  31. Flanders says:

    This article is wrong. We would be much better had the government abdicated. Instead, the traitors have invited Israel to rule the United States while they stay in place.

    “The United States of America has abdicated government, placing us outside its protection, and is making war against us.”

    US Government Abdicates

  32. ????? says:


    V-Dare is more Jewey than a foreskin sandwich.

    Steve Sailor at V-Dare:

    “The crucial question for Jews is: Is it good for the Jews to obsess over “Was it good for the Jews?” Or should they, when thinking about immigration and foreign policies, ask, “Will it be good for the Jews?””


    Eugene Girin at V-Dare:

    “The most famous and brilliant racially realist Jew in today’s America is undoubtedly Rabbi Mayer Schiller. … Rabbi Schiller argues in favor of racial separatism and the preservation of European and European-American culture and identity, which the Rabbi passionately loves. … Schiller has also met with Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, which has also recently been trying to shed its anti-Semitic reputation. ”

    “Two of Berman’s sisters were raped by Black men … he describes various chilling incidents like the “Day of the Knives” when the Black students attacked and intimidated the White students en masse in a carefully planned pogrom. … Berman believes that Jared Taylor did not sufficiently distance himself from David Duke, who was allowed to attend and ask a question at the last AR Conference, he and others are currently organizing a new breakaway group, to be called the Realist Foundation. … ”

    “The presence of large numbers of racially realist Jews from the former Soviet Union, responsible for standing up to Black and Hispanic hoodlums in south Brooklyn and central Queens, make some gatherings of Jewish students seem like AR conferences. Also, the threat of black violence looms over Jewish neighborhoods…”

    I used to read all that garbage at V-Dare, American Thinker, Taki’s Mag, Chronicles, etc. even the National Bloody Review, until I realized the Jew was always off-limits, and any slight criticism of Jews was always couched in terms of, “You know, if Jews did/thought/said this instead of that, then things would actually be better for them.”

    Yes. V-Dare is definitely Jew-Stream Media.

  33. ????? says:

    WARNING! Keep barf bag at hand while reading this!

    The Jewiest thing ever written at V-Dare (yes, McDonald wrote a rebuttle, but my view is that all this Jewey garbage is already all over the JSM, so why do I need to go to “alternative” media and read the same Jew-Spew I can read in the JYT!?):

    Eugene Girin:

    “Kevin MacDonald accused the Jews of being responsible for the worst aspects of Soviet communism: the Red Terror, Collectivization, and Stalin’s bloody Purges.

    “I was surprised to see this canard, which usually circulates among Russian anti-Semitic cranks…

    “…the Jews “to such a large extent ran the USSR.” This is utterly false. … only 9.1 percent of all Cheka operatives were Jews … Jews made up only 8.5 percent of the central apparatus of the Soviet secret police.

    “Two of my great-grandfathers were among the first communists in Poland and Romania. (One later spent eight years in Stalin’s Gulag and the other died of tuberculosis in exile in Central Asia. So much for the Red Dream.)

    “Jewish Bolsheviks were simply apostates who turned their back on their faith and people.

    “The famous Jewish sage Chofetz Chaim characterized communism as the “destruction of the soul” and in 1927, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the leader of the Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch movement, was arrested by the Soviet secret police and only pressure from abroad prevented the Soviet authorities from sending him to a labor camp.

    “Thousands of Jews were murdered, raped, assaulted, and robbed … murdered … shot the rabbi, looted the synagogue, and tore up the Torah scrolls … slaughtered … maimed many others. The anti-Semitic brutality of the Red Army is magnificently depicted in Isaac Babel’s haunting novel Red Cavalry … arrested, tortured, exiled, and executed … fled … Red Terror.

    “Dozens of Jews served in the White (anti-Bolshevik) armies…

    “Kevin MacDonald’s claims about the disproportional role of Jews in the worst excesses of Russian communism betray a dark obsession with the Jews, an obsession that harms and discredits real American conservatism and the immigration-reform movement.”


    More Jewey bollocks from V-Dare:

    “hundreds of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians used fraudulent documents to pose as Jews in order to get into the U.S and Israel Dozens if not hundreds of them have turned out to be street thugs, outlaws, and even neo-Nazis”


  34. Jen says:

    Akira, VDare is a decent site to send people to who are still on the path to becoming JewWise™. A few of my family members aren’t ready to handle incog’s site, so I can send them to Amren or VDare to let them start pondering some things. They may not “name the Jew”, but they talk about topics that the majority of Americans would consider politically incorrect.

    Also, I believe Sailor said he was part Jew.

    ADL on vDare:
    “Peter Brimelow, the Editor of VDare, a Web site that features the work of racists, anti-Semites, and anti-immigrant figures.”

  35. ????? says:

    Respectfully disagree.

    Sending people there will just give them the idea that Jews have “all sorts of opinions” but the Jews there are still all mega-Jewey, Jew-firsters and Zionists:

    The Jew Ilana Mercer& The Jew Gottfried and all the descendants of the Jew Rothbard and the Jewess Rosenbaum etc covers the ‘libertarian’ flank for the Jews)

    The Jew Sailer

    The Jew’s wife Malkin, who helps the Jews cover the anti-McCain pro-Bishop Romney flank.

    The Jew Girin, who covers the hardcore anti-Communist flank for the Jews.

    The Jew Marcus Epstein

    The Jew’s slave Derbyshire, who is “diisgusted” by “antisemites” (of course he is, otherwise he’d be fired in a heartbeat from National Jew Review.)

    The Jew’s slave Paul Belien, who’s listed as a hasbarat at the official Jew-State’s Hasbara site!

    The Jew Lincoln Kahn

    The Jew Edwin S. Rubenstein

    etc etc etc

    And the mega-zionist David Yeagley, who as the resident Comanche Jew-slave is bursting with admiration for the mighty Jew warriors of the IDF!

  36. ????? says:

    ADL on vDare:

    “Peter Brimelow, the Editor of VDare, a Web site that features the work of racists, anti-Semites, and anti-immigrant figures.”


    So what? They always promote people like the crowd at v-Dare who are no threat whatsoever (people go there and the whole site is Jewey anyway, and every anti-Jewist position is outnumbered by Jews, pro-Jews, or soft anti-Jews like Roberts or Buchanan), or they promote the CI crowd, who just evoke sympathy for the Jews and hatred against the enemies of the Jews or make people laugh with their Asher and Dan and Gad and Naphtali gobbledook.

    Jen: “A few of my family members aren’t ready to handle incog’s site, so I can send them to Amren or VDare to let them start pondering some things.”

    AmRen! AmRen’s like a Synagogue get-together on Shabbat.

    Send them to my site. I love Darkies, Gooks, Japs, Paddies, Poms, Injuns, Chinks, whoever … I love everyone … I even love Jews — they just have to admit that everything Jewey is from the devil — so, send them to my house of Love and Truth.

    Here’s a good place to start:


    Dare them to find a single error or lie.

    Tell they can get a 50% discount on membership because they’re related to you.

  37. Andrew says:

    Incogman wrtoe quote :
    “Most real White Americans could give a rat’s ass about having a (Mexican) Spanish wife. Hell, John Wayne had a thing for Hot Tameles himself.

    I do believe the whole business of race baiting is a one distinct sign of JEWRY.”

    So…………. you wrote this article because you are Jewish ?

  38. morris wise says:

    Politicians and their bosses understand that the best way to maintain law and order is to distribute the nations wealth evenly. It is true that many whites are being thrown under the bus to make peace possible. Violent protest is useless, it can put you in a cell with a sex offender. The best an angry and unemployed white man can do is fill out an application at a fast food franchise and hope to be hired.

  39. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “Violent protest is useless, it can put you in a cell with a sex offender.”

    It would be no inconvenience to share a jail cell with jew morrie.

    Twenty minutes would do it.

  40. American says:

    Inbred Morrie has every reason to be scared.

  41. American says:

    Actions speak louder than words, and Morrie spends more time here than any of us would do on a pro-terroristIsrael site. When he’s not here, Morrie makes videos. That’s him in the lower right corner, telling the truth (every now and then):

  42. Marshall says:

    Pay attention Incogland…Morrie Wise is a successful entrepreneur 😀

  43. jews give me PMS! says:

    I’m really sick and tired of the “Northern European” superiority crap. Then the United States, Canada, and Australia, have to throw out the Italians, French, Croatians, Slovenians, Serbians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Czechs, and what about Ukrainians, are they “Northern European”? These are the people who contributed to this continent with science, agriculture, mining, engineering, bridge building, tunnel building, masonry, construction, art, etc. So I guess it’s just the jolly ol’ English and Swedes, and Germans who are entitled to call themselves “white europeans” and stay in North America? They are the only ones who built it up??? Now that is phoney revisionism. I don’t give a shit at this point. We are on the brink of WW3,; I can speak five languages, and when Anglo North America turns to shit, I’ll be glad to volunteer for the Russians, the French, any Slavic country, or Italy because continental Europeans always have and always will hate the English; the English and the Jews are the most hated people and are outnumbered by the continental Europeans, whether they live in North America or in Europe. So au revoir anglo north america, das vidaniya, auf vidersehen, arrivaderci, dovidjeniya, oh and hasta la vista, you Americans will understand that better than good riddance I think.

  44. jews give me PMS! says:

    Oh, and you Nordic Americans, don’t forget to take yourselves off the electrical grid, stop using alternating current, send the remains of Mihajlo Pupin and any remaining Tesla papers (I know the CIA has them all) back to Belgrade, the “white city” that is NOT IN NORTHERN EUROPE, along with the Serbian King, who unfortunately, is buried on American soil.

  45. GDL says:

    What bigger crime has the Jew committed (and their crimes are countless) than the attempt at genociding the White race and creating a world of non-Jews or Gentiles to serve them.

    A world of Jews and non-Jews or Gentiles. The non-Jews/Gentiles having no racial identity, no culture, no heritage, no belonging, no purpose, no belief, no nations, nothing to live or fight for. Their only purpose is to serve the Jews as slaves. I believe that without the White race all of humanity is doomed along with the Jew. What the White race has contributed to the world is beyond measure and Jewish propaganda is constantly attempting to wipe away these truths. The Jew is really hurting himself by attempting to genocide the White race through non-White immigration, anti-White propaganda, and feminism/low birth rate. It is quite obvious to those with their eyes open that the Jew is living fat off of the White man.



  46. My Name says:

    A good list of companies to BOYCOTT

    Major corporations such as FedEx, Lowes, McDonalds, Wells
    Fargo, Verizon, the Wachovia Foundation and dozens of others
    have lined up to financially support a private organization
    dedicated to ensuring that Hispanics get to college ahead of
    white American kids. The “Hispanic Scholarship Fund” (HSF)

    Funding for the HSF comes from a large number of
    corporations. According to the organization’s website, these
    include in addition to the above mentioned: the Mazda
    Foundation, KLASS Time, GMAC Financial Services, the
    McNamara Family Foundation, Inc., Goldman Sachs, Procter&
    Gamble, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Target, the Morgan
    Stanley Foundation, Nissan North America, the Sallie Mae
    Fund, the Draper Family Foundation, the Shell Oil Company
    and the UPS Foundation, among many others. Here

  47. Roaring Angel says:

    My wife is a Mexican immigrant and the best woman I’ve ever known, very pretty, intelligent, sweet, virtuous. She loves children and always conducts herself like a lady in all social situations. As far as Hispanic immigration, I have mixed emotions. I know Mexicans to be hard working, honest and religious people. Sure, they have their set of problems. Who doesn’t? But their problems barely ever cause disturbances or miseries nearly as harmful as the blacks have perpetrated on this nation . I like hispanics, their food, and they breed some of the most gorgeous women. I will never complain about hispanic migration into the U.S. Mexicans have done a great serv ice to our agricultural industries as well as manual labor facets involving manufacturing and production. I think the white majority needs to embrace hispanics as their ally to WARD OF THE PERNICIOUS AND LICENTIOUS EVILS OF THE JEW AND THEIR NEGRO FLUNKIES.

  48. Greg says:

    Roaring Angel,

    Who let you outta the nuthouse?

  49. Mad JEW B*tch says:

    Kennedy (the originator of this MESS) was not a JEW.
    Ron Paul is pro-ILLEGAL WETBACKS.
    He is also PRO-FAG.
    Right up your alley, you left wing asshats.

  50. Mad JEW B*tch says:

    Oh, I forgot….Ron Paul is also PRO- Heroin. Making it LEGAL.. Thats brilliant.
    Now, thats not too bad of an idea if we can bind and gag you left wingers here and put you out of your misery once and for all.
    Damned Jihad enablers, anti-US Troop faggots.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I saw what Ron Paul said, and it wasn’t how you make it out to be, Jewess.

      Note, how I’m honorable enough not to go into your lousy comments and edit, like you did.

  51. JamesTheJust says:

    Roaring Angel says:
    April 25, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    My wife is a Mexican immigrant and the best woman I’ve ever known, very pretty, intelligent, sweet, virtuous.

    If you’re White, you’re nothing but a race-mixing BASTARD from HELL. So go back to hell. You spit in the face of our forefathers and DESTROY our race. You are no better than the damned jew.


  52. t bone says:

    roaring a-hole

    Mexicants arent hard-working…theyre moochers.
    Their food sucks.
    They are destroying this country.
    White plus mex=mud
    Their monkey language is annoying
    and your wife…give it some time. She’ll be a fat,nasty stinker with a moustache.

    You need a check-up from the neck up, buddy.

  53. blame yt 2012 says:

    Don’t forget about that dead Irish Catholic bastard Ted Kenndey!


  54. Kalki says:

    Prof. MacDonald is wrong in assuming that Jews flood White nations as part of some ‘evolutionary strategy’ – that it benefits their long-term survival. On the contrary, nothing could be further from the truth! It is exactly this kind of behavior that has allways caused their host societies to turn on them! Look at their history (of ‘persecution’)–> http://kalki666.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/lesser-known-highlights-of-jewish-international-relations-in-the-common-era/

    No, they don’t do it as ‘self-defence’, they do it as OFFENCE! They do it deliberately to destroy White nations and the White race, to hell with the consequences! Just like the HIV virus keeps killing its host, regardless of the fact that when the host dies, the virus will also die, so it is with the Jew.

  55. yancey ames says:

    Yancey Ames of the Nationalist Times wrote it after dinner at a restaraunt one night. Take out a subscription and you can read a lot more of my stuff. And yes, feel free to spread it around.

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