»White Victims

Murdered by sadistic, White-hating BLACKS

Unless otherwise noted, most of these White people were murdered recently (because of the media hiding things, crimes and details often become known to me only later). Older black-on-White crimes as you scroll down below. Please go to NEW NATION NEWS for more recent stories and updates about how bad things are getting in America today.

You probably don’t have a clue all this is going on, but blacks viciously murder White people ALL THE TIME. White people no different than yourself.

Please remember while scrolling down, that these are only a few of the White people killed by blacks in recent years (since the year 2000, go to the end for link to a few before). It’s estimated to be 1500 to 2400 per year, or over 103,000 White Americans to have been murdered by blacks since 1972. Think about this when they scream “black lives matter!”

Each of these White people had lives, friends, family and loved ones — just like you. They died painful, often incredibly brutal deaths at the hands of violent blacks and now rot in the ground with barely a whisper in the media — a scurrilous, left-wing media that has long worked hard to keep us White people in the dark to the real-life mortal dangers of this criminal, totally uncaring race.*

NOTE: ALMOST ALL OF THE WOMEN BELOW ARE NOT MURDERED MUDSHARKS! A photo sampling of those foolish victims would require much more bandwidth than I have for one page. Please go HERE for MUDSHARKS (plus even more White friends and family murdered by the idiot mudshark’s black boyfriends and husbands). Having relations with a black is not only dangerous to a woman, but also anyone nearby. Seriously.



White victims of blacks before the year 2000 GO HERE. Yep, violent blacks murdering Whites has been going on for a very long time now.

Many of the crime stories behind each photo above are unbelievably horrible (sometimes even children and entire families have been tortured to death by black sadists). Many of these White victims were also targeted and killed specifically because they were born White (what the race-baiting hypocrites continually accuse our race). But the traitorous, Jew-controlled liberal media won’t report on all that, nor go into much detail of such “hush” crimes, if at all possible. Media people even go away to special corporate training conferences and seminars on how to confuse matters from White audiences — using editorial tactics and tricks designed to hide from the general public how blacks are really like. They’ve been up to this for decades, actually.

The NWO Jew-controlled media doesn’t want us White people to get a clue — at least not before it’s too late.

Don’t you get it now? You may well one day. Let’s just hope its not you or a loved one’s picture I add here before you finally do.

It’s really the entire White Race who they want to kill.

* Frankly, most White people coming here only have an instinctual idea of the dangers of this sadistic, animalistic race — should they get the “drop” on you. Crimes where victims are White, the race is purposefully kept from media publication and photos are often difficult, even impossible to find (many seen here are copied from obituary sites or screen captured off brief local TV reports by Whites trying to get the word out).

This is all part of a lefty, traitorous media, long working to keep the general White population ignorant and asleep — as they gradually turn our lands inside out to set the stage for the eventual Jewish-controlled Marxist NWO. Surely, you’ve had suspicions something was behind all this “PC” BS by now?

I will add as many new White victim montages as I can to the top of this page and “more white victims” page later (where older montages move to after new ones are embedded at this link). Come back on a regular basis and also try to spread link to other White people.

click here for: MUDSHARK MADNESS

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133 Responses to »White Victims

  1. clayton mosby says:

    It’s time for WHITE America to get armed and carry so these SOBs will be dead soon!!

  2. Robert Frothingham says:

    Buy guns and know how to use them.

  3. Gman says:

    Thanks for that montage of White Victims, Incog. They deserve far more but at least there is some small remembrance of them. Innocent victims of nigger violence. The jews have used this evil dark race against us very heavily in the last few decades. I often wonder what it will take to wake up our race or even if we will ever wake up??? The jews grow more powerful all the time and we grow weaker. Not a good situation. Still, if we do awaken, the jews will pay a great price and the negroes will pay as well. Keep up the fine work!

  4. Stoneycool says:

    This is so sad, I found the victims here really sobering, I’m glad I was sitting down when I saw this. Regardless of what the government says regarding the law, I’ll defend myself and my family members even if it means I have to be the martyr. There is no doubt about it, that our Governments are complicit in our genocide.

  5. Sundown says:

    My sentiments exactly Stoneycool and thanks for your bravery, Mr. Incogman!

  6. Commander Goyim & His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:

    v. powerful stuff incogman…and goes to show; this means war.

  7. jesserey7 says:

    These images are HEARTBREAKING!!! MONSTERS! Peace be with all white people and their families. It’s time we stand and fight for our people! And may God protect us from these wicked sub human monsters! 14 88

  8. Dvbjr says:

    This has to be the most hateful website/blog that I have ever come across while searching the web. Why even jump to such accusations without any proof? There are more whites killing white Americans as there are blacks killing black Americans…it works both ways. I do not believe that “your” God will jump to assist you in being anymore hateful than the rest of your kind, but instead, you will fall like them if you decide to take force into your own hands. What humans in general do not understand, the black race was the original race on this planet. How is that they can stand in the sun and remain there without any cancer issues or why are they so much more superior in strength and athleticism compared to your own kind. In my opinion, you should be worshiping the Africans back on the motherland for your existence. You are nothing more than another flesh bag walking around making assumptions as every other race does about the other, complaining and arguing and coming up with random thoughts as to why things are happening to them. It is simple! It is human nature to want to dominate; there will never be peace because one race feels that another race is less than them and they are better. Everyone bleeds the same color of blood, though genes tend to make them different. You bleed the same and you will eventually die the same, so it is your choice to sit here and be hateful and waste your life away by wanting to blame an entire race for the ignorance of one human being. NO MATTER THE RACE! There is always going to be a killer among them. That is just a fact that we all must live with. Live your life for you and your family…let go of the hatred you tend to have towards someone else of the race who do not want any part of your hate. If you do decide to continue on with your corruption, then that will be your downfall and your face will end up on a page such as this because you decided to take matters into your own hands and fight a war that will never be won. There are a lot of interracial couples out there and slowly but surely since the whites hate each other, the black men are taking your women and having more black babies…so do yourself a favor. If you want to survive, focus on your family and keeping your legacy going and stop trying to fight a war that will never end. By the way, the word “nigger” tends to become its user, you are just as ignorant to drag a word of over a hundred years of use into this modern time. In other words, you are exactly what you claim every black person you see to be, a nigger. Good luck in life niggers; continue with the hate and your race will die off very soon.

  9. INCOG MAN says:

    Without proof, you say?

    God, there’s about 200 people up above, who died incredibly violent deaths at the hands of these animals and are now moldering in their graves. Imagine the grief of their family and friends. And this is just a relatively small sample over the last decade or so (don’t forget to look at my separate “MUDSHARK” page for even more).

    I can’t tell you all the stories I’ve read, that would be front page news if the perps were White. Hell, a lot of White murder victims don’t even rate getting a picture published.

    How much GD evidence do you need, brainiac?

  10. t bone says:


    How about you post your ‘proof’ on:

    1. Whites killing more Whites than negroes killing negroes.

    REALLY! I want to see your proof.

    (this is so utterly absurd that I literally had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t somehow dreaming what I read)

    2. That negroes were the original race.

    (no jew written theories please)

    3. So negroes dont get cancer? I didn’t know that, numbnuts.

    (this commenter must have a a doctorate in Zoology)

    4. Finally, prove to me that this is a ‘hate’ site as opposed to simple, flat-out truth.

    EVERYTHING here has been very well researched and cannot be debunked. If you think your ‘opinion’ of us has any credibility, think again. Lets see your links, etc… and maybe use that as a start to present your case – not this baseless drivel that proves nothing – except that you probably just got your period and have difficulty channeling your emotions.

    Some people are born to be followers – puppets, if you will. They have absolutely zero critical thinking skills and everything they’re about is based on what they saw on TV.

    You are one of these people.

    Or maybe you’re a jew or a shitskin.


    If this whiner wants to challenge our evidence, please, let it post its heart out. I’m game – and I will keep the debate logical and objective. This poster will only make a complete fool of itself.

    BTW -We all bleed red?

    (or whatever the hell you were trying to say)

    What does that prove?

    Gorillas bleed red.

    Rats bleed red.

    Jackasses bleed red.

    I could go on…

  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    “Good luck in life niggers; continue with the hate and your race will die off very soon.” He made it clear that he isn’t white. JEW! I wonder if he is one of those characters that hangs out over at Zander’s site?

  12. Greg says:



    You’re the dying breed.

    Just too stupid to realize it.

  13. Dvbjr says:

    Hahaha!!! The amount of attention that the tiny post I put up received is astounding! I never thought a bunch of “niggas” who tend to refer to “links” as far as the “internet” where “anything” and I mean “ANYTHING!” can be made up and published and posted on a site just to stir up drama. You can continue to be angry due to the ongoing extinction of the white race around the world. It is a proven fact that many of your women are turning to black men just to keep their children away from joining the dying trend of a simple race with simple power developed by simple fathers who thought they knew how to run a country. There are definitely more whites who kill other white people because they are the majority in this country right now, shit…in the world even. The end of that race is coming to an end soon because of hate that is pushed by causes like this site. Surprisingly, I do remember how I came across this site. It was about the Aaron Alexis Navy yard rampage where my black uncle who’s a Major in the Army was living on base near. After reading through over half of that post I realized this was a site based around hating “black” people. I kind of snickered when I saw that someone would waste his or her time to build a hate site around the minorities of the country as if they are really that important to “superior” (Laughing out loud) white race. They are more whites killing whites obviously due to the numbers in statistics. It is just the plain truth…there are more whites killing whites because they are the majority race in this country. How can you blame a couple of “what you white people like to call black people” [niggers] for killing your kind? Wake up white america, you’re blinded by your own damn people and looking at mine to blame for your suffering. In the end, the argument that you all are trying to create here is invalid. Live your life, feed your family, and work your ass off because in the end these people were and I’m sure are not anything of importance or relation to you otherwise you would be there to comfort there families. Stop crying on a blog site based on hating the “black original race” who the majority of can give a damn about you and what you do everyday because they are trying to make there way up the ladder in life. Every race has a couple bad apples who are going to cause sadness and complete misery to families, that’s just how life goes on. Why sit here and pick what you want to see from your links and continue to focus your hate on one race. If this is the best you people have to offer towards the solution to all of your people’s misery, then you are just one complete sad, and pitiful bunch of folks who need a reality check. There is a reason you are here and talking to me…don’t mess up your chances of living by hating someone who doesn’t even recognize you exist. I’m done here.

  14. t bone says:

    I cant even read your spew, negro boy.

    You write like a nigger.

    And links?

    Made up?

    How about all the videos that show negroes doing all their chimp destruction?

    Negroes are savages – they (you) cant escape it.

    (It must suck to have blue gums surrounded by boot lips attached to a brainless gorilla head)

    Your days are numbered.

    Get lost, negro.

    You got nothin’.

  15. t bone says:

    Q: Why do gorillas always looked pissed off?

    A: Because they know that – in a million years – they’ll be niggers.

    Or is it the other way around?

  16. t bone says:

    Just like a negro to hit and run – like the punks they truly are.

    For a savage species that comes from hot climates, they sure cant take the heat.

    The above negro had to run off to beat up and rob some 90-year-old woman.

    They sho’ is predictable!

    They aren’t exactly known for their ‘quick wit’, though.

  17. t bone says:


    No response?

    Still busy terrorizing Whites?

    Why dont you have your uncle Tom from the army come by and drop us a comment or two?

    I (We) will debate you.

    You will lose.

  18. Dvbjr says:

    Wait…why do you keep copying and pasting these phrases from that site lmao
    You are obvious the main nigger in this blog right now. You made up the word because it defines who you are, fucking white nigger shitface uncle Tom loving ass coon.. 🙂

  19. t bone says:

    Is that the best you can come up with, blue gums?

    Seems to me that you’re in awe of us and it pains you because you will never fit in.

    Still, I would seriously like to debate you on all this disinfo you’re trying to get across.

    And yes, it means you’ll have to put your negro brain to work.

    Perhaps, thats what scares you most.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    I don’t even know what thread this is on but I’m still waiting for Jessie Jackson or al sharpcoon to tell me a white man what good has it ever done for me to have niggers around. Come on jessie and sharpcoon . What good has niggers done for me? It seems they only cost me money and cause me problems. And when white people face that simple truth the truth shall set you free. but jews are worse.

  21. t bone says:

    I cant think of a single thing that negroes or jews have done to better our society, PRT.

    And for all you negroes who want to claim that you invented peanut butter, let me stop you right there.

    First of all, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we didn’t have peanut butter.

    Secondly, peanuts are easily accessable by simply pealing the shell.

    If some negro had the bright idea of trying to get it open with a sledgehammer (hence peanut butter), I would hardly call that an invention.

    It would be a serendipitous event that manifested from the initial – in this case – lack of wherewithal.

    We know its an urban myth, though.

    The only thing negroes have to do with peanut butter is when they hoarde it via EBT.

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m still waiting Jessie and sharpcoon. Tell me one good thing that niggers do to help this country or any other place on the planet. In case you haven’t noticed anywhere and everywhere that niggers rule the place the place is a shithole. And so goes detroilet and chimpcago and Memphis and every other niggertown . I’m still waiting what good do I get from niggers being here and I charge of my government? Our declaration of independence says that when your government is composed of jews and stupid niggers it is not just your right but your DUTY to shed off those fucking parasites not just for yourself but for your children and grandchildren and for future prosperity of our nation. Something like that. Niggers are stupid. We know that. But jews fuck up shit on purpose.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m still waiting Jessie and sharpcoon. We will give every nigger a one way ticket back to homeland apefrica. That’s when the reality really hits home. Where will I live? Who’s going to pay my bealls? How do I buy food do they accept the us taxpayer ebt cards? Who going to pay my rent money? My electric and heat bealls? Who going to pay my bealls? I aint moving back to no apefrica no way everything is free here in white America dey owe’s me. Please nigger go back to apefrica and take your keeads and fambly wid you. I won’t miss you but I’ll send you a kwanza card with a 1 dollar stamp the postal service is doing well by hiring more niggers. What this country needs is more niggers! said the jews.

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    Jessie and sharpcoon still haven’t come up with something I should thank niggers for. Help them out people but I wont hold my breath.

  25. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m not worried about it too much T-Bone. They will be here some day or some night. The jews and niggers cannot survive without taking other peoples property. Same with irs. They will be here some day or night. parasites cannot survive without a host. They will be here and they already know my isp. Its only a matter of jews negotioating with a nigger 5 thousand or 3 thousand to kill me. Not a real big deal a nigger will do it for 50 bucks. Mossad wants it done but mossad would rather pay a nigger.

  26. Dvbjr is definitely a jew who is mouthing a racket that’s passed through jwo mind control committees.

    Blacks are violent and impossible and are more of a burden to have around than any animal. Blacks equal filth, violence, irresponsibility, ignorance and degradation. There is a world of proof.

    jews are vile parasites that can variously be compared to snakes, rats, viruses and vultures. They are completely inauthentic, from their fake Hebrew roots to their fake authentic interest and engagement in society.

    Those are the facts. It’s realty. And yes I hate it.

  27. jewish deputy minister of education rapes children, films it, then distributes the film. jewish deputy works under minister of education, also jewish. jews tried to push perverted curriculum on young children so they will be unable to recognize sexual boundaries and morals, especially between children and adult perverts.

    “Ontario Deputy Minister of Education, Benjamin Levin, left. Released July 9 on $100,000 bail, Levin was charged with making and distributing child pornography. As Deputy Minister of Education, he devised a “sex ed” program to sexualize Ontario children….

    “FROM 2004 to 2009, Ben Levin served as Deputy Minister of Education of Ontario under the lesbian Minister of Education, Kathleen Wynne, who is currently the Liberal Premier of the Province.

    “During Levin’s time as Deputy Minister, a new sex education curriculum, called the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (EIES), was developed. According to this curriculum, 6-year-olds were to be taught “gender identity” in grade 1, sex orientation and different genders in grade 3, masturbation in grade 6, and oral and anal sex by grade 7.

    “In a letter, dated April 6, 2009, Mr. Levin stated, ‘Today, the ministry released its new equity and inclusive education strategy paper, realizing the Promise of Diversity… This province-wide strategy has been a priority for our Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and me.’


    From comment 1:

    “They are all the same and dealing with any of them is like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end.”

  28. Greg says:

    Yeah, this Dvbjr may very well be a jew.

    That’s what came to my mind after its first comment.

    It tried to get us worked up with its mudshark comments but it didn’t do it in typical negro fashion. And Whites killing Whites…..LMAO, now that would be a hit in the jewish media. It doesn’t happen that often, otherwise football would take a back seat in the distraction department.

    I wonder how it feels about isn’t rael?

    Oh well, either way it’s the enemy.

  29. t bone says:

    Its quite possible that Dvbjr is jew. I’m noticing jew projection in its commentary. It tries to call us ‘niggers’. A White person could never be a nigger.

    Wigger? Yes. Traitor? Yes. But ‘nigger’ suggests a shitskin, their genetic shortcomings and their TNB.

    When someone says ‘nigger’, the first thing I see in my mind is a gorilla-looking entity.

    Did you ever notice how other shitskins dont like negroes either? Chinks, Hindus, etc… even some wetbacks, will not go into a negro neighborhood if they dont have to.

    They have got to be one of the least likeable entities of any earthly life forms.

    I’m not downplaying other shitskins, either. Its just an observation that I’ve made.

    Even negroes dont like other negroes. Shitskins gravitate towards Whites because Whites bring good things to the table. Negroes bring nothing to the table. In fact, they destroy the table. Everyone knows this and anyone with a brain knows that it is a very dumb move to want to be around them.

    The jew – for me – is the worst. But only the jew wise know this. Unfortunately, too many people are fooled by the ostensible ‘good’ jew. And a good amount are stilled fooled by the ‘good’ negro theory.

    So negro or jew – like Greg said – ‘Either way, its the enemy’.

  30. Greg says:

    t bone,

    The only difference between a jew/negro and a demon is the jew and negro are both born into physical bodies.

    They can even come across as nice sometimes. But, demons can do the same to seduce and tempt people to be taken advantage of.

  31. t bone says:

    Yeah Greg

    ‘By way of deception’ is the jew motto.

    When the masses realize this, the ball will really start rolling.

    The jew didn’t get where it is today by infiltrating with its horns showing. They seduce people in power to think they are good jews until they get their footing. Then, the jew goes to work – wrecking nations, one nation at a time.

  32. DICARLO says:

    Just a jew or black infiltrator lying his ass off in an attempt to make a point. No points made by the jew or black parasite, because there’s no truth in them. Only the usual namecalling and attacks, because this is all these inferiors have. The facts and the truth is on our side. Sensible Whites who may visit here know what we say is true, though they may not themselves have the courage to speak out. Truth is not hate. There is a reason the jews have made ‘racism’ off limits and illegal for White people. Racism equals our Survival. All Whites need to come to terms with the truth. The jews mean to exterminate us, and black on White violence is only one of their methods.

  33. t bone says:

    This 1940 flic explains jew shenanigans quite well. I showed it to a woman I know about 2 years ago. It helped to wake her up.

    Jud Süss 1940

  34. t bone says:

    Exactly DICARLO.

    These rats keep using the word ‘hate’. It is only truth.

    I usually mention this but sometimes I just get tired of spinning my wheels over something that takes the focus off of the main issue.

  35. EZ says:

    The jews “Come in peace”….”To serve man”.

  36. Greg says:

    People who call truth ‘hate’….. hate the ‘truth.’

    I remember a White woman I used to talk to about what is going on. One day she would agree with me and the next she would call me racist or hateful.

    After this, she told me that she was walking to her car in a store parking lot as the sun was going down and parked next to her car was a car load of negroes who started shouting sexual obscenities at her.

    She said she had never been so scared in her whole life. The truth that she rejected paid her a visit, and luckily for her, gave her an opportunity to wise up without getting physically harmed.

  37. t bone says:

    That happened last night, Greg.

    I was in a large, jam-packed parking lot. Cars were pulling in and out. Two negroes backed out of their space and stopped right in the middle – blocking all the traffic.

    They decided to ask 2 White girls (average looking, early 20’s and a little chunky) for directions.

    After a minute, cars were getting impatient and started beeping like crazy. The negroes just ignored them and continued on with the White girls. Finally, they started to leave but drove really effin’ slow – like molasses up a stick.

    They started saying shit like “I like the way those jeans fit, ma” and “dats a nice booty”, etc… The girls were giggling as if they liked these negroes and were OK with what they were saying. And it was loud. Everyone within a hundred feet could hear it. God knows what else they said or what happened afterwards. It really got under my skin.

    Sixty years ago, they’d be lynched for this kind of TNB. I dont even hear White guys speak like that to women. If it happens, its rare. However, I hear negroes spew this BS all the time.

  38. Greg says:

    t bone,

    White guilt + desperation for attention + low self-esteem = mudsharks.

    A White woman who doesn’t have these problems would tell those negroes to ‘get lost’ or just ignore them.

    I see that crap a lot from White people. They smile and giggle at negro stupidity because they don’t want to come across as all rasis n sheet.

    If White men did shout obscentities at White women like negroes do they would get trashed for it by the, feminist/anti-White male, White woman of today. But negroes get a free pass because feminism and DIEversity are cousins in the jew fambuly of PC BULLSHIT!

  39. Israhell on Earth says:

    @ Incog Man

    I don’t want to be a jerk here, or feed the troll Dvbjr, who asked for proof.

    But i actually found a murder victim in your impressive collage, that was raped and killed by a white serial killer, John Albert Gardner III.
    17 yo Chelsea King( photo is in the fourth block, if you search from the bottom to the top ) and 14 yo Amber Debois were his victims.
    Before the murders 2009 and 2010 he molested a 13 yo girl, and served 5 years in jail.

    I KNOW that you did not do this on purpose, i remember your article”so incog man made a mistake”…

    Sorry that i don’t link sources, my extremely sophisticated and complicated new cell phone drives me crazy..

    Look for the you tube vid “Mom shames killer in court”, the trutube article covering the crime, and the Wikipedia piece of the killer.

  40. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, Israhell. I fixed it. I have tons of White victim shots. It’s truly sickening what’s going on.

    The media ALWAYS plays up White serial killers and ignores blacks killing us White people.

  41. INCOG MAN says:

    Oh yeah: It’s not always easy getting it straight.

    I’m just one guy and I’m not really that good at organizing computer files. I don’t have anyone to cross check except for my audience.

    So THANKS!

  42. RoyJr says:

    It’s been my experience that mudsharks usually have daddy issues. I refer to them as ”
    daddys little disappointment”… I find it vile and disgusting. Great site. I’ll spread the word about it.

  43. Bobby says:

    http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/914685_-Amish-Mafia–star-severely-beaten-in-Strasburg.html If you look at the comments, no one has pointed out the race issue that’s the pink elephant in the room.

  44. Gman says:

    Hi Incog,

    Love your memorial to the countless white victims of nigger violence. Somehow a jew has crept into your memorial (they have a way of creeping in by stealth do they not?). Jeffrey Locker, the “motivational speaker” was a jew! Please remove that deceased parasite forthwith so the white memorial will not be defiled. Please keep up your fine work! Here is a link that discusses him being a jew.

  45. Frank Fredenburg says:

    One Dead, One Crippled After Savage Racial Hate Crime Attack On Couple In Columbus, Ohio


    The attacks never let up. If anything they are increasing!

  46. protocolsrtrue says:

    They are. And jew media is stepping up the white supremacist stories to counteract the truth about MOST racist hate crimes. Black on white. What is a white supremacist? Any white person that believes they should be treated equally and fairly. Blacks never wanted equality. That doesn’t work for them anyway. They cannot compete on a fair and level playing field unless it IS athletics. They want and DEMAND SPECIAL Rights. Minority set-asides. Assfirmative actions. Diversity hiring quotas. Minority scholarships. And then of course you have the jews who openly and loudly declare themselves to be the CHOSEN ONES. Now if that’s not supremacism jew hypocracy I don’t know what is. But anyway nigger pack mob violence race hate crimes ARE increasing. If not for the internet, jewnews could keep the truth suppressed. So jewnews sources now have to keep amplifying any crimes committed by whites no matter how insignificant to mask where most of the problems really come from. Oh yeah the negress in the van with her 5 taxpayer funded niglets on an informational trip to new mexico(?????) that took off after originally being stopped? A couple dope pipes in the van. Informational all right. If anything it may have taught the niglets what not to do after being pulled over by cops for speeding.
    Z-man is back in the news again. It enables jewnews to keep bringing up poor innocent trayvon martin case again and again. The nigger bitch in detroilet we’ll see how much traction that one gets. Duke lacrosse team. Tawanna Brawley. Imagine how many crimes could have been prevented if berney Goetz had just killed the 5 niggers robbing him with sharpened screwdrivers on the subway? Dating myself?

    z-man should have known better than having that girlfriend so soon. My guess is she was in informant all along trying to get inside pillow talk and other conversations on tape and various other setups. z-man says that she told him she was pregnant but SCHIEB says she is not pregnant. whatever we’ll see.

  47. protocolsrtrue says:

    See here is another example of jew media subliminally trying to word things to paint the intended picture. The first two words of the story. A smiling….
    The jewmedia is attempting to paint the picture that z-man thinks he can beat the system. That z-man doesn’t take things seriously. Those first two words have no business in the story anyway and could of and should have been left out unless it is intended to immediately set the readers frame of mind a certain way. And nigger brains are easy to manipulate in the first place. just the facts maam. please?
    A smiling George Zimmerman was released from jail on Tuesday, hours after his first court appearance on domestic violence-related charges.

    Zimmerman, who allegedly pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend’s face Monday, was charged with aggravated assault, a third-degree felony, as well as battery and criminal mischief, both misdemeanors. He was released after posting $9,000 bond.

    Judge Fred Schott ordered Zimmerman to stay away from his girlfriend’s house and wear a monitoring device.

    Earlier in the day, Zimmerman, 30, was served with divorce papers from his estranged wife, Shellie Zimmerman, amid fresh claims from a prosecutor that he choked his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, in an unreported incident.

    In this latest scuffle, both Zimmerman — acquitted earlier this year of criminal charges in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin — and Scheibe each called 911 and provided dueling descriptions to police dispatchers about the argument.

  48. INCOG MAN says:


    Good catch. Will drop the stinking Jew off this page ASAP.

  49. Gman says:

    Happy to be of assistance in ridding your fine memorial of murdered whites of a filthy satanic jew. Seeing that pic really set off my internal jewometer! Always amazes me that you can identify most jews just by looking at them. I believe it is the ancient mark of Cain that they were cursed with back in the book of Genesis. Hopefully our blessed race will wake the hell up to the jew one of these days.

  50. Dragon says:

    Umm Incog, you do know that most murders are intra-racial right? What about the thousands of whites that get murdered by other whites every year? No doubt these are very unfortunate murders that occurred, and the perps are complete scumbag thugs who deserve the worst punishment at most. However, I’ve noticed you fail to acknowledge that white-on-white murder is way more common than black-on-white murder. I’m probably going to get flamed for having a different view on this, but all I’m doing is making a point. I can get some FBI stats to back up this up if you care.


  51. INCOG MAN says:


    Numbers are clearly manipulated in this country. I can give you quite a few examples but for now I’ll mention that Department of Justice (DOJ) yearly reports on crime in the US has many parts skewed. The totals for White murder perps also includes Hispanic perps, but the numbers of victims separates out the Hispanics. They actually require the states to upload data in this fashion. This has the effect of narrowing the totals of black murder perps totals versus White murder perps. They do something similar in rape reporting, but the way they did it escapes me at the moment.

    Police departments always like to the race of suspects to help in apprehension. But often they’ll change Hispanics to “White Males” in public reports and blotters, if possible, because of political problems with how bad it might be in their state with illegal Mestizos (who are not truly Hispanics). I know Texas does this a lot. Ironically, sometimes criminal Jews are described as “White Hispanics” in the state of New York and by the FEDS.

    State police are responsible for uploading state crime figures. I suggest you talk to any insiders you can muster in your state police to see if they’ll tell you about this political BS on “the down low.” Many years ago I was privy to a database subroutine add-on program that did precisely all this because the FEDs insisted on it.

  52. t bone says:


    The jew media acknowledges White crime plenty – disproportionately.

    What Incog and the commenters are doing is exposing what the lying jews hide.

    If negroes weren’t around, there would be FAR less White victims.

    But make your case.

    I’ll be back later to post what I have and we can compare notes.

  53. INCOG MAN says:


    I also suggest you get a copy of this guy’s stuff:


    I’ve talked to him on the phone, he’s straight up.

    That Wall Street Journal link requires membership. And I do NOT trust WSJ, since I’ve read stuff from Jews on their editorial staff on how they censor out bad crap about Israel. I know it’s not the same, but that’s enough for me to be suspicious about even crime crap.

  54. INCOG MAN says:

    I remember the Revelation database app “add-on” the Feds insisted my state use for data export. Examining it “under the hood” (which I was capable of doing at the time) led me to inescapable conclusions — which was another peg in my “awakening.”

  55. INCOG MAN says:

    Another point I’d like to make: Sure, White crime can be bad. But it’s a number/percentage thing. If you don’t step back and look at the big picture over-all, you miss reality. “They” want you to get mired in “caveats” and minor BS so you (us White people) stay messed up in the head. You also got to get real numbers. Remember the phrase “garbage in, garbage out.”

    Ruminate on that for awhile.

    Get that guy’s book in PDF form (it’s 2005, but he does have a later edition you can order in book form).

  56. Dragon says:

    Well guys, I just gave you what the stats portrayed, sorry if you’re unable to access them but they do show that about 80% of white murder victims get killed by other whites. They were presented by WSJ, but the actual murder stats were from the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports. Hispanic offenders are even separated from whites and even then there’s still more white murderers of white victims. Thanks for the COC link, but I’ve already read that and plenty of crime reports by the FBI and DOJ to form my own views, like the majority of violent crime being intraracial. I didn’t really want to get into a huge debate about this since my views and opinions are entirely different, so I’ll leave it at that.

  57. INCOG MAN says:

    Here’s where he talks about what I just said:

    “One of the biggest obstacles to understanding the relationship between race and crime is the failure of most national crime statistics to distinguish between Hispanics and whites. The Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR), which is the basis of the FBI’s national tabulation of arrests, puts most Hispanics in the “white” category.”

  58. INCOG MAN says:

    In other words, you wish to remain stupid, huh?

    Most violent crime anywhere is from people WHO KNOW EACH OTHER. Now, usually that’s INTRARACIAL, as you so love to point out.

    Let me just state this for the record: If you want to live in a system that specifically works to keep us stupid, then fine. I easily see blacks are now committing far, far more horrible murders on White people. It’s getting worse. Actually, these animals have always targeted defenseless members of our race.

    Read up on GD South Africa, fool.

  59. INCOG MAN says:

    Oh yeah, how about YOU trying to find me one place that has this many BLACK victims of criminal Whites in the last 10 years of so?

  60. Dragon says:

    Calling me stupid and a fool just because I have a different view from you? Yeah, I knew trying to debate here was a mistake. Look, I know about what goes on in SA, I know scumbag thugs target innocent people for crimes, I just pointed out the occurrence of white-on-white murder that I thought you were seemingly unaware of.

    If you will, just remove this entire conversation. I just had some opposing views that’s all. I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone else’s. Thanks.

  61. INCOG MAN says:

    I’m trying to knock some sense into you, that’s all.

  62. Dragon says:

    Okay, well I have my own opinions on this type of subject, and I’ll let you have yours. Just delete everything I said, thanks.

  63. Dragon says:

    Come on Incog, you seriously going to leave these up so your readers can flame me just for having a opposing argument? I don’t even know why I commented here in the first place considering I live in the UK. Consider me “brainwashed”, but there will be people in this world who will disagree you no matter what it is you believe in. I’m open to alot of views and I think I was being quite reasonable when I stated my argument. Just remove all association I had with this site and leave it at that, cheers.

  64. Bailey says:

    Who the eff’ relies on the WSJ for accurate crime stats?

    Only a few states report Hispanics criminals as being Hispanic, the majority categorize them as white.

    That WSJ link looks like BS to me.

    It says that 58,989 whites where killed but if you scroll down to weapons/methods used the grand total killed equals 59,128.

    Oops, check your jew math.

    White(non Hispanic)murderers make up nearly two thirds of the pie chart and supposedly 32,327 murders were with a firearm?

    I would trust a Chinaman with my cat before I trusted any Wall St. Journal crime statistics.

  65. Dragon says:

    The stats are actually from the FBI as stated at the bottom, WSJ just provided them. It’s not murderers in total, but murderers who killed white victims.

    I asked nicely several times for Incog to take my name off, but I guess my requests will just be ignored. Fuck this shit.

  66. Van says:

    Dragon, based on their data it’s not 80%, it’s around 71%, unless YOU count the UKNOWN as White? Even then what counts as White may be skewed.

    The point is the DISPROPORTION of murders black on White compared to vice versa.

    Out of 58,989 White murders, 10,613 of the killers were black (18%)
    Out of 78,521 black murders, 5,048 of the killers were White (6.4%)

    In other words blacks are almost 3x more likely to kill Whites, then Whites killing blacks.

    blacks are only 13.6% of US population yet committed nearly 20,000 more murders then Whites who make up 63.7%.

    Considering blacks commit much more crime then Whites the stats actually highlights how restrained Whites are, yet jew MSM always portrays Whites as aggressors.

    MSM will only report black on White murder at a local level usually hiding the races whilst White on black murder ends up headline national news.

    Violent Crimes: Black On White & White On Black

    Total Homicides attributable to black males between 1965 to 2011 =451,295

    TABLE #230: Year 1969
    Rape:: 50% Black
    Robbery:: 66% Black
    Murder:: 65% Black
    Table #312: Year 1978
    Rape:: 49% Black
    Robbery:: 59% Black
    Murder:: 59% Black

    Blacks in 1978 were approximately 11% of America’s population

    In 2005, there were more than 645,000 victims of inter-racial violent crimes in the U.S. In 90 percent of those crimes, black offenders attacked white people i.e. more than 580,000 white victims.

  67. INCOG MAN says:

    The fool got owned, now he wants his comments deleted. I don’t think so, pal.

  68. Dragon says:

    Whatever stats you have, I’ve already seen them. Even if they’re factual, I can accept that. Like I said though, I can’t be arsed with this debate. My purpose was to show the intra-racial argument on crime but I realise it won’t be taken seriously here.

  69. INCOG MAN says:

    I see how you went and removed your gravatar image, like you got something to be afraid of here.

    I put your comment in, what more do you GD want?

  70. Dragon says:

    I removed my Gravatar image hours ago actually. Well I tried to be reasonable Incog but I realise opposing views here aren’t worth it. Thanks anyway

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