»White Victims

Murdered by sadistic, White-hating BLACKS

Unless otherwise noted, most of these White people were murdered recently (because of the media hiding things, crimes and details often become known to me only later). Older black-on-White crimes as you scroll down below. Please go to NEW NATION NEWS for more recent stories and updates about how bad things are getting in America today.

You probably don’t have a clue all this is going on, but blacks viciously murder White people ALL THE TIME. White people no different than yourself.

Please remember while scrolling down, that these are only a few of the White people killed by blacks in recent years (since the year 2000, go to the end for link to a few before). It’s estimated to be 1500 to 2400 per year, or over 103,000 White Americans to have been murdered by blacks since 1972. Think about this when they scream “black lives matter!”

Each of these White people had lives, friends, family and loved ones — just like you. They died painful, often incredibly brutal deaths at the hands of violent blacks and now rot in the ground with barely a whisper in the media — a scurrilous, left-wing media that has long worked hard to keep us White people in the dark to the real-life mortal dangers of this criminal, totally uncaring race.*

NOTE: ALMOST ALL OF THE WOMEN BELOW ARE NOT MURDERED MUDSHARKS! A photo sampling of those foolish victims would require much more bandwidth than I have for one page. Please go HERE for MUDSHARKS (plus even more White friends and family murdered by the idiot mudshark’s black boyfriends and husbands). Having relations with a black is not only dangerous to a woman, but also anyone nearby. Seriously.



White victims of blacks before the year 2000 GO HERE. Yep, violent blacks murdering Whites has been going on for a very long time now.

Many of the crime stories behind each photo above are unbelievably horrible (sometimes even children and entire families have been tortured to death by black sadists). Many of these White victims were also targeted and killed specifically because they were born White (what the race-baiting hypocrites continually accuse our race). But the traitorous, Jew-controlled liberal media won’t report on all that, nor go into much detail of such “hush” crimes, if at all possible. Media people even go away to special corporate training conferences and seminars on how to confuse matters from White audiences — using editorial tactics and tricks designed to hide from the general public how blacks are really like. They’ve been up to this for decades, actually.

The NWO Jew-controlled media doesn’t want us White people to get a clue — at least not before it’s too late.

Don’t you get it now? You may well one day. Let’s just hope its not you or a loved one’s picture I add here before you finally do.

It’s really the entire White Race who they want to kill.

* Frankly, most White people coming here only have an instinctual idea of the dangers of this sadistic, animalistic race — should they get the “drop” on you. Crimes where victims are White, the race is purposefully kept from media publication and photos are often difficult, even impossible to find (many seen here are copied from obituary sites or screen captured off brief local TV reports by Whites trying to get the word out).

This is all part of a lefty, traitorous media, long working to keep the general White population ignorant and asleep — as they gradually turn our lands inside out to set the stage for the eventual Jewish-controlled Marxist NWO. Surely, you’ve had suspicions something was behind all this “PC” BS by now?

I will add as many new White victim montages as I can to the top of this page and “more white victims” page later (where older montages move to after new ones are embedded at this link). Come back on a regular basis and also try to spread link to other White people.

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  1. Dragon says:

    I removed my Gravatar image hours ago actually. Well I tried to be reasonable Incog but I realise opposing views here aren’t worth it. Thanks anyway

    • INCOG MAN says:

      What? Your comments are going up. What more do you want — me kissing your ass?

      Your gravatar image showed up in your first comment. That’s one reason I let it fly. Say whatever the hell you want, but I’d appreciate it if you used your gravatar addie. Got nothing to do with anything, just like people having them.

  2. t bone says:

    No Dragon, you’re argument is not reasonable. You read a jew-owned publication showing a jew-approved statistic and felt that was enough to convince you.

    We, on the other hand, research everything top to bottom. Its your mentality which concerns me – not personally toward you, but because it is a microcosm of how too many Westerners think. Its cut-and-dry. You read something because its supposed to be ‘reputable’ and suddenly you’re a know-it-all with no room for compromise.

    Your research has absolutely no depth to it. You read some jew math one morning and you bought it.

    And who is going to take you seriously if you don’t even have the balls to stand up for what you initiated?

    I told you I would debate you. Simply state your case and I’ll state mine. I’m sure I can debunk you with little effort – as well as other commenters who might chime in.

    You want us to listen to you?

    OK – then the trade off is you listening to us. Its called a debate and its obvious that you have one-sided intentions.

    But I’m game if you want to try to prove yourself. I’ll keep it civil and would expect you to keep your cool should it turn out that your case is proven to fail.

    If you’re listening, post a video/link of recent White crime. Then, it will be my turn.

    See how simple this can be?

    BTW – If you’re a White guy, I’d like to help you awaken – if you’re not too far gone already. Maybe a good debate will be enough for you to eventually start seeing things the way they really are.

  3. t bone says:

    Dragon – I want you to watch this 15 min. video. I can back up every single crime they’re talking about. Hell, I even remember most of the names!

    These crimes ALL happened within the last few years – a good handful in the last year alone. I think one or two might be from as many as 4-5 years ago.

    And this is just the beginning of my contribution to this debate.


  4. Cleansweep says:

    Gman puts forth THE QUESTION that WHITE Americans have yet to answer:

    “Thanks for that montage of White Victims, Incog. They deserve far more but at least there is some small remembrance of them. Innocent victims of nigger violence. The jews have used this evil dark race against us very heavily in the last few decades. I often wonder what it will take to wake up our race or even if we will ever wake up??? The jews grow more powerful all the time and we grow weaker. Not a good situation. Still, if we do awaken, the jews will pay a great price and the negroes will pay as well. ”

    What is the answer? Do you know?
    What MUST change in America, if WHITES are to survive?

    I have the EXACT answer.

  5. Tyron Parsons says:

    White folks have GOT to awaken to the genocidal plans of the “Jews” against us. recently, Obama has introduced open “affirmative action” punishments so as to “equal” out the administration of justice. This of course ignores who is to blame and who is the victim. All it recognizes is the egalitarian nonsense that everything and everyone is “equal” hence if blacks commit more crimes, then whites must be punished just as much as blacks (to make the stats equal) otherwise its “racist” and “proof” of “white privilege”.

    Until white/European Americans awaken, stand up to defend their true ethnic identity and interests (and I would including that being the TRUE physical Israelites/Judaites) we will be doomed to more of the same genocidal policies that are literally wiping our race off the face of the earth.

  6. Holly says:

    Makes me want to pick up my gun, and go on a shoot every nigger I see today. Hit some jew gogs too.

  7. RED PILL says:

    hate stripped away is love, INCOGMAN site is a hate site that hates the lies, disinformation and the oppression of our precious white race.

    incog’s love of the white race is what fuels this site and the faithful bloggers that contribute to the inmost concerns of our community.

    hate is love of this age, and love is a stiff dick in your ass. i for one will not bend over.
    personalty i am “racial ” meaning i love my race.

    as for the rest of them they can do their own thing that pleases them
    so long is i don’t have to look at them or pay for it, as in Africa or in hell it’s self.

  8. Israhell on Earth says:

    I just found this link posted on a niggerbasher website



    What does it take for liberals to wake the eff up!? This is just a small sample of White victims, these GD nigger savages murder an estimated 2000 Whites every year, 30,ooo – 40,000 White women get raped. Not to mention all the armed robberies and vicious (mob)beatings/knockout-game assaults.

    This IS a race war, and the kikes are to blame. But the great reckoning is near, i know it.

  9. Don in Taiwan says:

    Once a company vehicle was stolen. I told my liberal co -worker, “it must have been a nigger”. He was shocked that I could say such a thing and I should be ashamed. 2weeks later the vehicle was recovered in a black neighborhood where no white man dare go. The liberal co -worker ate his words.

  10. David Duck says:

    This is an older story but one i feel must be brought back up cause i live in the area and it still pisses me off to this day.

    ALBANY, N.Y. – New York Gov. David Paterson commuted the sentence Thursday of a black man imprisoned for the racially charged shooting death of a white teenager on Long Island, a decision in the final days of his administration that infuriated the lawyer who prosecuted the case.

    Paterson said the five months John Harris White has served was enough time for the emotion-fueled 2006 shooting death of Daniel Cicciaro, 17. Paterson said everybody connected with the case had suffered enough, and White was released Thursday.

    White teenagers were feuding with John White’s 19-year-old son when they went by the carload to their home in August 2006. White was convicted of manslaughter for shooting one of the teenagers at the foot of White’s driveway, in what he referred to as a lynch mob.

    A judge sentenced White to two to four years in prison, a fraction of the maximum, exactly four years ago Thursday. He finally went to prison in July this year after his appeals were rejected.

    Cicciaro’s father, Daniel Sr., screamed at the verdict after the four-week trial: “Let’s see what happens when Aaron White gets shot.”

    White arrived at his home early Thursday afternoon.

    “Merry Christmas,” said a smiling White, according to the New York Daily News. “I’m definitely glad to be home with my family for Christmas, and I hope everyone has a pleasant and happy holiday.”

    “He is happy to be spending this very special Christmas with his family,” said White’s lawyer, Paul Gianelli. He wouldn’t say whether White had sought a pardon.

    “The only thing that matters right now is his personal liberty and his ability to rejoin his family,” Gianelli said. “The case is finished. It’s over and done with.”

    Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas J. Spota blasted Paterson for the way he handled his decision.

    “I strongly believe the governor should have had the decency and the compassion to at least contact the victim’s family to allow them to be heard before commuting the defendant’s sentence,” Spota said.

    Spota said a court, upheld by an appellate court, agreed that a reasonable person wouldn’t have believed deadly force was needed that hot summer night.

    In a courtroom secured by 18 police officers because of the racial tensions, White testified that he was trying to protect his family when the white teenagers turned up at his house. He claimed his pistol fired accidentally when Cicciaro lunged for it.

    The victim had a blood-alcohol reading above the legal limit for driving and was just 3 inches from the pistol when he was shot.

    White had said his son, Aaron, woke him around 11 p.m. to say teens he had argued with at a party were headed to the Whites’ house in Miller Place, a predominantly white community on eastern Long Island.

    The younger White had complied earlier with a request to leave the beer bash after he was suspected of posting online threats against a teenage girl at the party. The story of the threats turned out to be bogus, but when Cicciaro and others heard about what happened, they headed for Miller Place, making cell phone calls to Aaron White.

    John White testified that he grew up in Brooklyn hearing stories about how the Ku Klux Klan had torched his grandfather’s business in Alabama in the 1920s. He said he feared a similar attack was about to happen.

    White was sentenced to more time in prison for owning an illegal weapon than for the killing. He got two years for possession of the gun, and 1 1/3 to four years for manslaughter, to be served at the same time.

    In prison since July 9, records show one misbehavior report, for smoking inside, which didn’t affect White’s sentence.

    “Our society strives to be just, but the pursuit of justice is a difficult and arduous endeavor,” Paterson, who is black, said in the commutation, one of his last acts in office.

    “While the incident and Mr. White’s trial engendered much controversy and comment, and varying assessments of justice were perceived, its most common feature was heartbreak,” Paterson said. “My decision today may be an affront to some and a joy to others, but my objective is only to seek to ameliorate the profound suffering that occurred as a result of this tragic event.”

    “Our hearts go out to the Cicciaro family for the loss of their loved one,” said NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous. “This act of commutation shows the value of local people getting involved, raising their voice for justice and keeping the faith.” The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People sought a full pardon.

    Now the right action Mr. Cicciaro should have took and the one i would of took, would of been to kill the niggers son. Its an eye for an eye. Whats fair is fair. After that find the mayor and kill him to. In doing these actions you would be doing nothing wrong you would just be correcting a problem is all. I will tell you this, if it was my son these actions would of already taken place.

  11. Handschar says:

    I was nearly a face on this website.I was set up by 2 mexican women screaming for help,as I stop a black dude pulled up and asked for my phone, I said I didn’t have one on me, as I was riding away he sucker punched me and began punching me over from behind(obviously, so I could not fight back).He beat me so bad I pissed myself.One of the girls said” he’s kinda cute, maybe we should have not done this” they started to make fun of her then the Nig made me hug her after pulling out a gun.”I thought white boys had all the money” was his reason for robbing me, all he got was a 10 year old Ipod. I used to be and Anti-Racist Activist. I actively found against institutional racism and against white privilege.It threw me for a loop.My Black friend I lived with said that don’t tell any black people you just meet you have black friends.He said they will ruin your view of black people,on purpose.Even black people fear and distrust their race.I don’t even know why I’m writing this. but..Black on White/Latino/Asian/Indian violence is Real.

  12. Rod says:

    There is only ONE way out of this horror for white America. We need to do what people do in other countries and that’s to contact each other through social media. This is what happened in the Middle East during the “Arab Spring” and also in other countries such as Thailand and Hong Kong.
    If we all banded together, we can form a “million whites march” and paralyze Washington, New York and other major cities! The world will be watching us and the politicians and media will have to finally listen to what we want to say and do! LET’S DO THIS PEOPLE!!!

  13. Axel says:

    On this date in 1987, Utah executed Dale Selby Pierre for one of the most notorious crimes in that state’s history — the Hi-Fi Murders.
    Pierre, along with two fellow airmen from the Hill Air Force Base, William Andrews and Keith Roberts, began an armed robbery of a hi-fi shop in nearby Ogden near closing time on the evening of April 22, 1974.
    The night that unfolded would be a visit to an antechamber of hell not only for the two young clerks on duty at the time, but three other people who wandered into the store while the crooks were still in it — each of whom was added to the growing pen of hostages Pierre et al kept in the basement.
    After plundering the shop of $25,000 worth of electronics, Pierre and Andrews went to get rid of their prisoners by making them drink liquid Drano.
    This method of homicide, theoretically an elegantly quiet one which would facilitate a clean getaway, had been cribbed from a murder scene in the 1973 Dirty Harry movie Magnum Force.

    The struggles of Cortney Naisbitt, one of the surviving victims, forms the subject of Victim: The Other Side of Murder — a classic of the true-crime genre and of the victim’s rights movement.
    But human flesh is hardier than celluloid.
    Unlike the poor prostitute in Magnum Force, Pierre and Andrews’s victims groaned and gurgled, their blistering mouths suppurating so much fluid that duct tape to quiet them down wouldn’t stick. And the Drano didn’t kill them, or at least it was sure taking its time.
    “I remember the noise they were making, the sounds of pain they were making,” Pierre told his clemency hearing. “It was something greater than sad.”
    Since they hadn’t got rid of their victims quite so cleanly, Pierre simply set about shooting them — and in the case of Michelle Ansley, a 19-year-old in her first (and last) week on the job at the Hi-Fi shop, raping her first. These execution-style murders had only mixed results, and one of the hostages — 43-year-old Orren Walker — being noticeably not dead, had a ball-point pen kicked into his ear in an attempt to finish him off.
    Somehow, Walker still survived, as did 16-year-old Cortney Naisbitt, who suffered severe brain damage. (Both have since died.) Stanley Walker, Carol Naisbitt, and Ansley were not so “lucky.” But neither were the perps: since Andrews had openly talked at the Air Force base about boosting that very hi-fi shop and even killing anyone who “gets in the way,” suspicious fellow airmen soon turned them in.
    The 21st century’s more polished and calculating strategic communications consultant probably would have advised keeping well clear of such an incendiary crime, but death penalty opponents actually pushed clemency hard in the Hi-Fi case.* For the NAACP, the sentences underscored racial disparity in the death penalty.
    Rubbish, one might say, given the killers’ epically villainous conduct. But one member of the all-white jury was apparently passed a note by parties unknown reading “Hang the niggers.” And the NAACP noted that Utah gave death sentences to these guys, but not to a white supremacist who murdered two black men for jogging with white women.
    None of this cut any ice with Utah. Years later, the killers themselves had a hard time fitting that monstrous night into any kind of comprehensible rationale. Pierre:
    The crime took a course of its own. It wasn’t planned that way. People kept coming in and I just panicked. The only way to prevent what happened was to have been moved away from the Air Force entirely … Of course the alcohol and the pills I was consuming didn’t help — valiums, reds, black beauties and yellow jackets … I tell myself, “You have to accept responsibility for it — you did it, you were there. You can’t rationalize it.”

    Dale Pierre pleads his case to the Utah clemency board.
    Dale Pierre was the very first person put to death in Utah after its famously groundbreaking execution of Gary Gilmore in 1977. But in fact, the Hi-Fi killers had preceded the eager volunteer Gilmore on Utah’s death row, and Gilmore as he walked his last mile reportedly wisecracked to Pierre and Andrews, “I’ll be seeing you directly.”
    Pierre’s accomplice William Andrews was also finally executed in 1992, after a then-unimaginable (and anything but “direct”) 18 years on death row — nearly half his life. Their fellow accomplice Keith Roberts didn’t personally take part in the cellar hecatomb and therefore avoided the death sentence: he was paroled in 1987.
    * The clemency push was much stronger for William Andrews than for Dale Pierre, since Andrews was also making the argument that he hadn’t directly killed anyone and hadn’t intended to. As a matter of fact, the manipulative Andrews was and is widely doubted on that point — but any such claim was wholly unavailable to the acknowledged triggerman Pierre.

    Note: There were more perpetrators in this crime but they didn’t pursue them, they did the same thing with the Zebra killers.

  14. Whitepride says:

    Yecch when I saw these white victims with niggers! Poor white victims were physically attractive and yet when I think of niggers, they are ugly apes! I never ever would have a black boyfriend!!! Yech I hate all niggers and their stank! Whites we need to have a million man march in DC!!!

  15. Mondo says:

    Incog, you should add Bob and Nancy Strait to this list. Both died in 2012. Bob was 90 yrs old, Nancy was 83. THey’d been married 65 yrs. THey were home invaded the week after the Trayvon circus. Unlike Trayvon/Zimmerman, it was only reported by 1 local station. Bob Strait was a decorated WW2 vet with the 101st Airborne.
    After both being beaten, Bob was made to watch while his wife, Nancy, was repeatedly raped until dead. It was originally reported there were 4 perps, but they only apprehended 1, Tyrone Woodfork, who’d stolen the Strait’s car. ( I remember thinking at the time, Obama had just said “Trayvon could’ve been my son’. Trayvon or Tyrone?) It happened in Tulsa.
    The story died, & 1 month later after being released from the hospital, Bob Strait died.

  16. INCOG MAN says:

    I AGREE, Mondo.

    Will fit them in soon.

  17. David Duck says:

    Recently MSNBC called on black people to “go to white safe havens” and “make white people feel uncomfortable.”

    Today, a mob of black power militants stormed into multiple Manhattan Island cafes screaming anti-white racial abuse and manhandling white people. Then they proudly gloated about the attack on social media.

    The mob targeted at least five restaurants in Manhattan Island.

    Penelope, “Comfort Food”

    Pershing Square Cafe, “American Bistro”

    Lallise, “Mediterranean Wine Bar”

    Resto, “Hip Belgium Gastropub”

    Maialino, “Roman Style”

    All five restaurants are in close proximity to each other. The area is about 70% white.

    One female thug posted a picture of a crying white female on the internet to brag using the hashtag #whitetears. Many of the ringleaders proudly posted close ups with captions like “disturbing the peace.” It is clear that they have no fear of arrest.

    The mob posted pictures on twitter using the #blackbrunchnyc and #blackbrunch. Immediately after, people started posting parody pictures on the same hashtags.

    Ironically, many of the attackers specifically claimed they were targeting “white liberals.”

    New York City has been a hot bed for racially motivated mob attacks on white people for the past several years.

    Unreal i first thought then i had to remember the animals we are talking about here. This just goes to show you. White people were just trying to enjoy a meal, when these niggers came in and started shit about some other dumb ape that got shot dead for doing something dumb in the first place. The apes that were doing this don’t know or care about the niggers that were shot dead in the first place, they just use that as an excuse to act like the animals they are. Last i heard this was happening in a lot of other cites now. All mass media Jew owned news networks wont touch it after MSNBC started it. Last i heard this has lead to violence..lol…no shit you think so. Bottom line what needs to happen is the restaurant owners need to put a stop to this quick and the whites need to pull their heads out their asses and not stand for this type of shit. Love to see a group of monkeys try this shit when im out having a meal with my girl…lol…try that and watch how it will end for you niggers.

  18. SimplyFred says:

    People with blue eyes are barely 10% of the population in the United States. (Used to be 50% in the year 1900) Seems to me roughly 75% of the victims in this photo collection have blue eyes. Can we sue blacks for racial profiling?

  19. Jesse says:

    Black thug culture is the worst thing to happen to America, (besides allowing the Jews in- but that’s another story)everywhere they congregate in numbers they become deadset on being badder than his homie beside him. Weak minds influences by shitty hip hop. They are for the majority savage animals who are pround of their violent tendencies and sadistic mentality. The unevolved brain will always lean towards aggression, anger, jealousy, violence, lack of impulse control and low IQ of course. They glamorize robbery, guns, drive bys, flash mobs,pimping, knockout games , illiteracy , pretty much everything wrong in the cities. Hip hop glamorizes most this stupid shit. The reality is that its just easier to steal than to earn, to kill than to raise life, to destroy than to create and it’s easier to hate than to care. They always take the easy route. ( Obama phones, section 8 etc..) Btw I just see an afroman punch a white woman on stage. Typical black behaviour!!! Plz plz go back to Africa!!!

  20. Jesse says:

    Btw. Thanks incog for quote of the week. I’m honoured

  21. Dvbjr says:

    Thanks Jesse for speaking for the majority of the Black people I don’t ever be around. Understand one thing…not all Blacks came from fucking Africa. Even though some were taken from Africa in chains and brought to this fucking country which was built by Black/African hands where your four fathers created this shitty constitution and rules/regulations based on your mother country, Great Britain. I agree with you on one thing that the shitty Hip Hop of today is destroying the Black community, because Africans don’t reside within “Black communities” with shitty Government Regulations. (Section 8, Welfare…etc) Thanks for speaking on the behalf of what some decent Black people want to say. I’m sick of you Caucasians with your hate sites. Blacks are not your problem when it comes to crime, but other Whites are your major problem to succeeding in life. You need to worry about when the Black people work it out and fix things amongst themselves. When that day comes, you will wish you would not have put so much energy into hate sites like this and learn to live in peace and serenity. The TEA PARTY is dying out and more and more Black people are becoming the richer each year. More and more Caucasian women and men are mating with Black men(any other race other than White) and women,(gay or straight) and the Caucasian race is dying out. You should fix the problems among yourselves before you decide to start hating another race you dumb-fucks.

  22. Jesse says:

    I’m sick of you blacks raping our white women (approx 130 white women are tapes everyday by blacks -DOJ). Gangs , robberies, drive bys , and knockout games – which is typical , inner city , negro behaviour. Just start raising your damn kids right (if at all) , and follow the damn law!!!

  23. Jesse says:

    I agree with ya DVBjr, not all blacks are bad. I used to think Cuba gooding jr, will smith and bill Cosby were the only decent ones left. But of course tnb -typical negro behaviour took bill Cosby outta that group. Raping white women!!!

  24. Jesse says:

    Btw. Statistics for white men raping black women are so low they register at 0. It’s so rare it’s practically non existent

  25. Dvbjr says:

    Hahaha!!!! I love how you say “white men raping back women are so low they register at 0″…let’s be real here. Back in slavery time where was that even fucking registered you dumbass. Do you know how stupid you have made yourself just for making that comment. How does one man enslave another man and not reap any karma that he brought among himself. Whites brought this terror, in which is happening in his/her little world which is surely dying out, on themselves. Like I said before, worry about Blacks working things out with eachother before you continue to hate on them, because when the roles are switched and they are on top, you will wish you had some decency towards them. By the way, what is up with the white woman who paid the white boy to shoot her white friend…here comes the link. More and more of you are killing eachother making it a lot easier for every other races to make you the minority, which is inevitable at this point.

  26. Dvbjr says:

    Enjoy. 🙂

  27. Jesse says:

    I’m a “dumbass”? I wasn’t gonna say anything before but it’s “forefathers” dumbass.
    Look, because of blacks they have to put up public signs in New Orleans to warn the public to walk in groups, or warnings by the police not to go out at night!same goes for Detroit , Chicago anyplace blacks assemble. It’s no longer safe to go enjoy our malls, fairs, concerts, bars, stores, KFC etc… Especially if your white. It’s you guys who are the real racists. Look up black on white crime ffs. Just obey the law! Simple but not gangsta. Gotta be gangsta right. What a joke

  28. Jesse says:

    DOJ- dept of justice – statistic on their website says on average 130 white women are raped everyday by feral blacks In the states. In slavery times if you tried taking a white woman you were lynched and every race was enclaves by another at some point In history. Blacks love to play the victim lol. Predators that play victims all the damn time. If it wasn’t for slavery you would still be living in a dung and straw hut, dancing like the birds of paradise, and resorting to cannabism no doubt. Thank your lucky stars bud

  29. Jesse says:

    Jew media doesn’t report the daily hate crimes of blacks on whites. Everybody knows this and is a main reason why we vent on sites like this. People get overwhelmed and frustrated.

  30. Jesse says:

    Anyways, take care DVBjr. I’m pretty sure your a decent black man. Like I said, they r not all bad

  31. Jesse says:

    However. Since there isn’t a way to distinguish the few good ones from the majority stay out of arms reach. Likely to get sucker punched from a pathetic coward so they can laugh about it with their equally pathetic crack head wannabe gangsta homies. Worthless Predators who love to be seen as victims. White privilege is nothing compared to black privilege.Everything is handed to you (promotions just for being black, section 8, Obama phones ect) society praises you for the smallest accomplishment ( raising ur kids, graduating high school, not killing each other for a week etc..) blacks r a cancer eating away at white countries! Plz go back to ur shit hole countries if you can’t function in a civilized society due to ur unevolved barbaric nature. Fuck off plz! Stop ur raping , murdering, robbing, mugging, inherent savage ways. It’s not cause ur black I detest you , it ur actions. Just happens to be blacks all the time pissing me off with their behaviour. Which they glorify. Whatta joke!

  32. mike says:

    I have a question for you INCOG MAN.
    If white people, men in particular, are that hated by the PTB (powers that be) to the
    point that they’re murders are being ignored and in many ways provoked, why do we
    have to wear seat belts, not do drugs or not drive drunk in white neighborhoods?
    If they hate white people so bad why do they want so bad to save them from themselves?
    Im very interested in your answer.

    • INCOG MAN says:


      Because they don’t want Whites to be “racially cohesive.” They fear Whites talking openly to each other and exposing exactly what they are doing to us. Our race is the one that could stop their long-range goals of eventual global control (NWO). This whole thing has been a multi-generational plan and we’re getting to the point most dangerous to them.

      As far as safety stuff — that’s just your general do-gooder things. The real “they” could care less.

  33. Athena says:

    Incog Man,
    FYI… the black fool; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpX1bsihugY
    AND… something to be very concerned with.
    More people moving in who hate Whites.
    Invited by our Ape paid for by out tax dollars ….
    Also: Have you seen this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9FYm6fKlgA
    Make no mistake about this… it CAN happen here. And the lie will be sold.
    Thank you for your work.

  34. Philip Savopoulos, 10, is tortured and murdered. He is found by police in his bed, “covered in lacerations and burned beyond recognition.”


  35. Honky Masta Flex says:


  36. Dvbjr says:

    Lmao…this thread is still active. You gotta be kidding me. Honky masta flex, you ain’t shit. Where’s that idiot Jesse at?

  37. Jesse says:

    You ain’t worth my time dvwhatever.

  38. Arch Stanton says:

    “Understand one thing…not all Blacks came from fucking Africa.”

    It would helpful to hear your elaboration on this comment, like some facts and figures of blacks that arrived from other countries, and whether as slaves or free men willingly emigrating to Europe and America to help build western civilization.

    In the meantime you might want familiarize yourself with some “black history,” in this case who exactly was behind importing slaves into America http://www.truthinstitute.org/TEI_book_analysis_JO.htm.

    Yet, while blacks should hold Jews responsible for their enslavement . . .

    “some were taken from Africa in chains and brought to this fucking country which was built by Black/African hands where your four fathers created this shitty constitution and rules/regulations based on your mother country, Great Britain.”

    How true, how true, The black man virtually built western civilization singlehandedly. So why not take these immense, black skills back to Africa and apply it to the rebuilding of African civilization as you did with European and American civilization. The time is ripe now that the evil white devil has been totally removed from power on that continent.

    There is no accounting as to why African Negros have yet to turn their continent into the most advanced technological civilization on the planet, but whatever the reason, it’s must be obvious that America’s African brothers desperately need their black brother’s American “know how” and “can do spirit” to revive their continent brought to utter ruination by the evil, white devil.

    The African brothers await your timely arrival so the rebuilding of Africa can begin. Show them that American blacks can contribute far higher skills than mere talk.

  39. DDDDDuane says:

    The “Lauren Mann” murder in Vienna was borderline HILARIOUS….
    The STUPID BITCH takes a nigger african off the Vienna street into her tiny studio apartment to live (to help the filth…) and the nigger filth does what niggers do….
    Rapes and kills her….
    The nigger filth did us a favor weeding out this braindead fucken moron from our gene pool…..

  40. Am I a racist? I am not sure. I say different races have different capabilities. The African negroid race do not have capability to build civilizations or to contribute to any civilization. There is no single country populated an run by the negroid race which is not filled with natural resources, poverty and corruption. The negroid has contributed nothing, absolutely nothing, to science, art, industry or any other pillars of the human society. People are not equal in weight, height, physical strength, and mental capabilities. Negroids lack the mental capability necessary for civilized life. Their admittance into any society brings crime, poverty, corruption and all the evils of their homeland Africa. Show me a successful black man and I will prove that he is not genetically pure black. Mr. Obama is only half negroid. Why people can not understand the basic scientific principles of gentetics?

  41. Bailey says:

    Nope , you just see the obvious but to the jews and their niggers knowing and telling the truth IS racist.
    If anyone calls you a racist , smile and say thank you !

  42. DDDDDuane says:

    Bahram Pirouz Wrote:
    “Show me a successful black man and I will prove that he is not genetically pure black”

    Definition of “successful black man”:
    “successful black man” (NIGGER for brevity…) = affirmative action puppet of the jew…

  43. Ftagn says:

    Dvjbr, were you personally enslaved? I highly doubt it, along with all the others that play the enslavement card. I have never owned a slave, nor have I ever met anyone who has. That argument is complete bullshit, not to mention niggers would be a complete waste of time and resources nowadays for labor. A single white man operating a machine who takes pride in his work is worth much more than a slew of lazy niggers or spics.
    A friend of mine had a pickle farm, he housed and hired Mexicans to pick his pickles. Until one night a woman and man were shot in his shed when one of the male spics caught his wife with one of the other workers. Not being a fan of those type of shenanigans in his literal backyard my friend fired them all and bought a pickle harvester. Worked out great until he died. In my experience all minorities I have worked with have had a complete lack of pride in their work, not to mention lazy and filthy. Dunno about Asians, no experience with them.
    My point is that not only have I never enslaved anyone, but I have no interest in doing so. Both for moral and practical reasons. Moral grounds aside, your people are prone to cutting every corner possible, do not seem to understand why anyone would willingly try to do a good job, cannot be trusted to keep your word, and for some reason stink all the time. I will admit, some white people fit these criteria as well, but for the most part are much better workers.
    I was never racist until these last few years, I actually looked down on those that were including my family. After meeting and working with you useless, lying, filthy, violent pieces of human refuse I have come to understand my families distain for the spics and niggers. Not to mention, I almost got stabbed by a fat spicnigger at a party all because I tossed a jello shot to his wife when she said she wanted one. Somehow that was seen as worthy of assault, ugliest bitch I have ever seen, only reason I tossed her one was someone handed me 8 of them and I cannot stand the nasty little things.

  44. Stolzer Milchtrinker says:

    Dear incogman,

    I am an german youtuber and I want to make a video about antiwhite racism. Could I use your great work for a video, please? Of course, I would link to your website.

  45. Israhell on Earth says:

    “Man” arrested in fatal stabbing of two nuns in Mississippi

    (CNN) A man has been arrested in the stabbing deaths of two nuns whose bodies were found in their home in rural Mississippi, authorities said.
    Margaret Held and Paula Merrill, both nurse practitioners, failed to show up for work Thursday at a clinic in Lexington, where they served one of the state’s poorest counties.

    Clinic workers called police when the pair didn’t arrive at the clinic, said Maureen Smith, a spokeswoman for the Catholic Diocese of Jackson.
    When authorities arrived at their home in Durant, 13 miles away from the clinic, they saw evidence of a break-in and found their bodies, she said.
    As investigators searched for answers, a blue Toyota Corolla used by the victims was found Thursday on an abandoned road less than a mile from their home.
    Rodney Earl Sanders, 46, has been charged with two counts of capital murder in connection with the killings, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety said early Saturday.
    “Sanders was developed as a person of interest early on in the investigation,” said Lt. Col. Jimmy Jordan, director of MBI.
    After an investigation that included the sheriff’s department and the attorney general’s office, “this heinous crime has been resolved,” he said.
    He did not provide additional information on the arrest.
    Shortly after their bodies were found, authorities said the motive for the killings remained unclear, adding that calling it a “robbery would be premature.”

    read more: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/27/us/man-arrested-in-killing-of-mississippi-nuns/

  46. The opinion you trust says:

    Jews do not care about America, or any other country they reside. Their only goal, their only attachment and devotion is with Israeli, and prosperity of Israeli. It is a long known fact that they are extremely cohesive group acting purely in jews’ own interests. Because jews’ loyalty undoubtedly is with Israeli, I would recommend to keep one counterintelligence officer next to every and each forehead of a jew.

    Some may think: “Oh jews are save”. This is mistake, the result of their financial predatorily behavior is demoralizing for millions of hardworking Americans, when they work hard, they do not want to see all good is keep concentrating in the hands of often conniving jews. Do not underestimate jew. Jew will be acting in the interest of his tribe and Israel, even if it goes against the strategic interest of the U.S., or every other country they are reside. Adding counterintelligence to oversee every jew activity is very expensive. Every honest normal person, including, our Church, must become aware and active to countermeasure, and be mobilized to address the growing problem.

    There is a need for more lawyers here, on this website to help to prevent defamation, to help to structure purely legal organization sort like a brown shirts started of desperation and inspiration, to communicate, to raise the funds, to self-govern and to self-police the members of the new organization to protect it from being compromised like it has happened to KKK. And it is not an easy task. There forces that will work to destroy, like for example, the jews in FBI, the jews in police, the jews in political correctness, the jews in judicial sector, the jews in legislature, the jews in the court. But white people are not stupid, and sooner or later they will take heavy and sharp working instruments with which to make an honest living for all of us.

    Now the jew removed themselves from the U.S. Census, under fraudulent statement that: “jews are not race”. Yes, they are, jews and arabs the same race. To reiterate, jews are arabs of different religious sect. Period. End of discussion. Jews are a race. One way or another they must be on the United States Census, every one of them. To mislead public, a jew paid for a website, and then started disseminating fraudulent information leading American publics into believe that there are only 13-15 million of jews in the U.S. Only, Kissinger along, brought millions of jews from Russia. Now take a look at NY. Only NY along, the largest bread-nest of jews, has 30 million of jews, many more in Chicago.

    This is written to not offend jews but to help them to start becoming better people before a hand! Jews should be looking at it as an opportunity for self-improvement when the climate is still laid back and lazier – fair, it may change even though an average American worker have not time to read this website working from a pay check to a paycheck nothing stashed. But jews they stashed a lot for themselves, their families, and their mafia-like tribe to monopolize the market and make it easier for them. When millions brake their necks in sweat shops everyday it is much better to be a business owner and be your own boss as they say on the radio.

  47. Bahram Pirouz (Mr.) says:

    I dedicate the following poems to the fallen (white) brave men who lost their lives in order to make a nation. I hope jew lovers and nigger lovers come to their senses one day and stop electing evil people and attacking the good ones.

    The Liberty Bell

    In 17 hundred 76, 4th of July
    Against their king they revolted with no ally
    Called together by the ringing of this big bell
    Were told no need to tolerate the redcoats’ yell

    The bell could see the odds they faced thus fell silent
    Escaped tolling for death of those who won’t relent
    It lost its voice at awful scenes of war on land
    Refused to ring for dead young men muskets in hand

    The burnt farmlands, the lost husbands, screaming kids
    Taken women, stolen horses, and looted seeds
    Proved too much for the bronze. It cracked once more
    As large guns of Royal Navy fired on shore

    After silence on land and end of war at seas
    After no one was sent no more to take tax fees
    Liberty bell’s still silent as under spell
    I’m most certain this voiceless bell has more to tell

    The Death March

    I have heard of a distant land known as Bataan

    Where ten thousand souls got their deadly sun tan

    They fought against superior enemy force

    Ardent troops of a fake god, a charlatan

    The boys lost war after 3 long months of siege

    Were made prisoners, for them collapsed bridge

    At the mercy of a hoard of brain washed beasts

    They wished they had their guns back and a cartridge

    The weak were beheaded or summarily shot

    Enemy rifles dealt with sickness on the spot

    Such was The Death March of Bataan as I have read

    60 miles with little water, sun was red hot

    Hopes of rescue melted away after each bend

    To sick comrades was hardly left a hand to lend

    In the hands of brutal guards fond of murder

    Thousands perished before the march came to an end

    To win liberty, fight they must

    “Bonhomme Richard” was a warship given as loan
    To America by the French King, a fact well known
    Under command of her captain a “John Paul Jones”
    She fought King George in his backyard, history has shown

    Her crew of 3 hundred 80 did what was right
    When British Baltic fleet came to their sight
    Engaged enemy flagship the Serapis
    Were raked badly, about to sink after long fight

    British commander asked surrender, game was over
    Bonhomme Richard was sinking fast, had no cover
    “Sir , I have not yet begun to fight” Jones had replied
    While he well knew foe had greater fire power

    Half his crew were dead and his ship was sinking
    By refusing surrender what he’s been thinking?
    Jones broadsided along the foe with much effort
    The Serapis suffered, her good luck shrinking

    With larger guns and powder plenty in their hold
    The British lowered flag, surrendered I’m told
    Captain Jones captured their ship as poor Richard
    Quickly sank even before her guns got cold

    This was how war was brought to the English coast
    How a brave man did not lose faith when all was lost
    Wrecks of Bonhomme Richard rests still in sea deep
    With men who knew to win liberty, fight they must

    The Mayflower
    Mayflower sails in a gloomy day, winds westerly are blowing
    The souls on board leaving fame and gold their hearts with Love are glowing
    Waves, storms shall sink them not, but guide them through the ocean wild
    Faith, love, are their only crimes, The Pilgrims of our Loving Lord

    Atlantic gales toss their tiny ship, rains merciless are flowing
    Good mothers holding children tight, as fearsome waves are growing

    Sail, sail, the fearless crew, Good Lord helps them in ice and snow
    Cold, sick are all on board, The Pilgrims of our Loving Lord

    The land at sight is the New World bright, Mayflower sails are lowing
    The morning sun’s showing all her light, as boats to shore are rowing

    Gone, gone, is the ban on Love, the verdict cruel’s torn apart
    Thank, pray, now free and proud, The Pilgrims of our Loving Lord

    The pilgrim who was not there

    On Plymouth soil far from sea not
    In a grave marked and seen not
    Rests a brave man who deceased
    Long way from home he sees not

    In God he trusted Jesus he loved
    Storms oceans waves he feared not
    The thanksgiving feasting he missed
    Roast wild turkey he tasted not

    Long as Stars and Stripes flies
    Long as free men fight and fall
    The Pilgrim’s life is wasted not

    Shall Shine No more

    In England home not by choice
    Wearing white veil in tender voice
    “I do” she said and she was wed
    Man at her side had thoughts in head

    Across ocean she came with him
    Same tender voice said “I’d swim”
    “I’ll be with you” she said with smile
    She was the wife of a pilgrim

    Death and disease landed on shore
    Her delicate health sickness tore
    Her tender voice he shall not hear
    Her lovely eyes shall shine no more

  48. Bahram Pirouz says:

    In a matter of months, US citizens shall install a new boss in the white house. Mrs. Hillary Clinton has the support of almost anybody who fixed Mr. Obama as the president of the most influential nation in the world. There is a good chance Mrs. Clinton wins.

    I would not vote for Mrs. Clinton If I were American. I would not vote for her if I were a Mexican American, an African American, a Muslim American, or a Democrat American. Well I’m not American at all so what is all this about and how is it my business to write this?

    It’s simple. USA is more than half of the world. The wrong person in the White House directly affects the lives of all people living anywhere in our world. Mrs. Clinton belongs to a group of politicians that are either too naive or too crooked to understand the world affairs and make right decisions. If she becomes president we shall have more homosexuals , more crimes, more chaos, more violence, more wars, more terrorist victims, more illegal immigrants and more economic problems everywhere in the world.

    For ethnic groups and minorities who are supporters of Mrs. Clinton I have some questions:

    What brought you or your parents to America? Is there a good reason you do not go live in Middle East, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, Mexico, our any place your ancestors are from? Would you like all the WASPs, racists, and Anglos whom you regard as your enemies kicked out of USA and replaced by people from your own homeland? from Middle east? from Eastern Europe? or from Far East? You see you would not be required to speak English, and there shall be no one to bother you then.
    If your answer is yes, and you are hoping Mrs. Clinton or some other Democrat president to do it to make America a more comfortable place for you, have you ever reflected that then your new America shall become as bad as your old homeland?

    I invite minorities to give me an honest answer. Maybe the honest answer is:
    I am living in USA because people from my homeland who speak my own language and have the same color of skin as myself are IOSG. Incapable Of Self Government. The majority of them lack the wisdom, education, culture and willingness to create a good society for members of their own race, religion and culture. I can have a better life in America because it is partly ,controlled and governed by the so called WASPs. If everybody here is from my homeland then my America too, shall become as unlivable as my homeland. If everybody here is Black then here shall be as bad as Nigeria. If everybody here is Mexican, here shall be as bad as Mexico. If everybody here is Muslim, here shall be worse than Saudi Arabia.

    I invite Niggers ( Since I used the word WASP so it is fair that I use the word Nigger too. It brings good luck since Obama took office.) , Muslims, Mexicans, Chinese, Russian and Korean Americans, not to vote for Mrs. Clinton. She plans to let more illegal immigration, more illegal drugs, and more public corruption by trying to make USA as bad as your homeland ladies and gentlemen. Remember whatever evil in your homelands you have escaped from shall be equally evil in USA too. Change of geographical location does not change something evil into something good.

    I have seen how a stooge like Mr. Jimmy Carter in the name of human rights approved and cooperated with commies, leftists and extremists to take over control where I live. I have seen how the 3rd stooge (the second one was Bill Clinton) approved chaos and violence in my part of the world in the name of peace. I hope this 3 Stooges Show is ended by determination of Americans for their own sake and for the sake of those outside USA. I hope there shall not be a 4th stooge in the white house.

    I agree with you. I do not like the looks of Mr. Trump either . But Hillary Clinton is the ultimate disaster the deepest hurricane shelters shall not save you from. Good luck.

    Kind Regards

    My motto is Evil Shall Not Be Allowed To Prevail.

  49. squarepegroundhole says:

    Chaz Gilley, 18, of Fort Worth

    Sanderson said her son was riding home on East Berry Street when he was struck by a black car — an occupant of which then shot the teen multiple times.

    Loughman declined to say whether the suspect got away with any of Gilley’s property before fleeing.

    A passerby picked up Gilley, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his torso and extremities, and drove him to an area fire station, where an ambulance was summoned. He was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital where he died from his injuries almost 24 hours after the shooting while in the operating room.

    Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/fort-worth/article109090427.html#storylink=cpy


  50. squarepegroundhole says:

    More black on white murder in Fort Worth — More people wondering why


  51. mike says:

    We need a television news station WHITE TV

  52. Miss Vegas says:

    Wow! Just found this site…..thank you!
    I am mixed races and mixed nationalities….and None of them are African Black! I am mostly White (European)!
    I am so sick of what’s going on in this World! I am angry about the White Genocide that is happening in our faces Daily….and White Liberals Say and Do Nothing to help!
    What can I and others do to Stop White Genocide and MAKE White people around the World have More White Babies/Children!

  53. Etnonat says:

    Thanks keeping us informed. Never trust niggers. I tried to link this blog to some Skandinavian ethnocentric forums, but always this address added whole message vanished. Linking to other pages worked OK. Have someone else encountered this problem?

  54. DDDDDuane says:

    I never have problems leaving links to this site….Usually on YT…..

  55. Where are the Black victims of White murders?

  56. INCOG MAN says:

    You tell me. How often do you hear of any?

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