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43 Anti-White Commercials




The Holocaust BS debunked.

Economic Vampirism – How Boomers ROBBED Gen X (& Millennials)

Filthy Muslim brags about him and 6 others raping a virgin German girl.



ADL YOUTUBE CENSORWhite mob kills black man for no reason. Watch to end and see what the real truth is!

ACCOUNT FOR VIDEO “TERMINATED” >>>> https://www.youtube.com/embed/a8UynL3426M








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  1. I just found this section! Awesome!
    Thank you Incogman for putting so much into this site.
    I love to visit Incogland. It’s like a really cool pub along the information super highway that everyone’s starting to get hip to.

  2. incogman says:

    Thanks! Check out all the other pages up here under my banner.

  3. Fleur de lis says:

    LOL, is that Sen. Mike Gravel a jew? He sure has the persona and look to be one. He was also in Army intelligence and was a special agent in intelligence. This says all I need to know about this goon.

    From his Senatorial webpage.

    Mike Gravel Biography:

    Mike Gravel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, to French Canadian immigrants.

    He attended French-speaking Catholic schools and as a teenager, when he wasn’t working with his father and brothers in the house painting and construction business, volunteered in local Springfield politics, developing an avid interest in government

    Senator Gravel enlisted in the U.S. Army (1951-54) and served as special adjutant in the Communication Intelligence Services and as a Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence Corps.

    He received a B.S. in Economics from Columbia University, New York City, and holds four honorary degrees in law and public affairs.

    Mike Gravel served in the Alaska House of Representatives from 1963-66, and as Speaker from 1965-66. He then represented Alaska in the U.S. Senate from 1969-81. He served on the Finance, Interior, and Environmental and Public Works committees, chairing the Energy, Water Resources, Buildings and Grounds, and Environmental Pollution subcommittees.

    • incogman says:

      Why would he attend Catholic schools if he was a Jew? He looks like a crabby old man to me. I like the guy. Ever see the campaign commercial where he throws the bolder into the lake?

  4. Fleur de lis says:

    Probably because he is part jew and catholic. Now he is a Unitarian.

    ….”Gravel himself struggled with Catholicism.[1]”

    Those Unitarians are mostly white sappy liberals and disaffected jews in my opinion. I recently attended an art show at one and witnessed this firsthand. Jews galore, some were even familiar acquaintances. These people are duped yet well-meaning multi-culturalists.

    Here’s a gem from Wiki:

    “Journalist I. F. Stone and philosopher Bertrand Russell strongly influenced Gravel in their willingness to challenge assumptions and oppose social convention and political authority.[13]”

    I.F. Stone is Isidor Feinstein. click on his name in wiki.

    Gravel reminds me of Brother Nathanael Kapner with his silly antics in this public video.

    Nothing 100% conclusive, but It adds up for me. Never seen that bolder commercial.

    • incogman says:

      Yep, that Stone guy is a big Jew of the worse type: Stone was born Isidor Feinstein in Philadelphia. His parents were Russian Jewish immigrants…

      But of all the democraps running last year, I thought Gravel was the most cantankerous. I don’t really know that much about him, but I loved the bolder commercial.

      Enough Whites wake-up, they’ll be politicians doing 180’s.

      • incogman says:

        IZZY STONE: “…On the advice of an editor that his political writings would be better received if he were not perceived as Jewish, he changed his name to I. F. Stone in 1937.”

        And he was a commie spy too. Just like a Jew!

  5. Julian says:

    Incogman rules. Very good selection of videos. I am going to send some to my kids, who are still partly under the Jewish mind-control program.

  6. Akira says:

    And I thought Izzy Feinshtein was an Irish name.

  7. Akira says:

    The guy at 1:205 should do stand-up:

  8. OnOurOwn says:

    White Nationalism and Women

    Saving Our Women

  9. OnOurOwn says:

    Please watch both of the videos I posted!

    • incogman says:

      Good vid, OnOurOwn (I’ll watch the other later). I’ve always hated that Sex in the City crap. The Jew has done all this to our countries. Everyone should watch it!

  10. gtrman says:

    On our own – thanks i watched them.

    Im left with what seems a very obvious thought. If all races were equal, or even whitey is inferior, why would it be such a big deal to have a “black” potusa?

    I cant quite articulate this very well. What an upside-down world.

    No “Aussie” pun intended

  11. gtrman says:

    Lets not forget. Sex and the city is not a program about women.

    It is a homosexual trojan horse, using female actors as proxy queers. Even in todays depraved world, it could not have succeeded as a blatantly homo show about gay men.

    Getting women to act like homo sluts. Thanx j*ws!

  12. Bella says:

    Does this Kara person not realize some people have smaller frontal lobes?

  13. Bella says:

    And if there was a ever a dangerous idiot it was Sir Bertrand Russell…a true elitist communist . Google Alan Watt on that subject , the ongoing plan is to equalize us so that 95% of us are in the dirt.

  14. Fleur de lis says:

    Incogman readers I know I am going all Amazon reviewer here but:

    I would highly recommend reading a book titled Anastasia by Russian author Vladimir Megre and its subsequent series of books called the Ringing Cedars of Russia. These books are concerned with humanity, spirituality, man’s relationship to nature and a purer vision of life apart from our ‘technocratic’ occulted and corrupt, material driven society. You may read about them here:


    The books point to a logical, spiritual and practical plan of action to defeat/subvert the so-called ‘dark forces’ that are now threatening our world. I am on book 6 of the series, and Anastasia the Siberian recluse is discussing with the author Vladimir about the ancient and magnificent Vedic culture of Russia, Asia and Europe that has been occulted by these dark forces of our time.
    She says we now are immersed in a time (an ‘occult age’ these past 1000 years) controlled by these malevolent forces [i.e. Freemasonry, Babylonian occultism, luciferianism, judaism] [secret societies that intentionally hide from the masses of people a pure and godly way of living].

    In the beginning, these books had sold themselves through word of mouth in Russia with no help from a major publishing company. They are apparently free from any jewish control. They were first translated into English over 5 years ago and are now becoming popular in the USA and Europe (over 10 mill. sold). These are definitely books the ‘controllers of our societies’ would not have you read.

    Admittedly, many events witnessed by the author in relation to Anastasia would be hard for many to believe, at first. Many times I have lightly thought there was an ulterior motive for creating these books by the author (making money) and that he made this up. However I kept reading and kept discovering more gems of wisdom and stories/ideas which ring as truth and jive with many things I have read, and the world I see. This series of books are a positive transformation of mind.

    On a coincidental note, a youtube site that is concerned with ancient history, esoteric subjects, spiritualism with many videos about ancient Vedic Russian archaeology, Vedic subjects, and India was suddenly deleted of his Youtube site recently. He says this:

    “On January 14th 2010 “igorfrankenstein channel” used to have 2,800 subscribers, 496 uploaded videos with 82,000 channel views and total of 1,436,000 video views…Without any warning, account was suspended at 8:00 PM. Currently we don’t know if it possible to win a “fight” with YT administration – for… at least to understand why channel was suspended… but life is going on and we will try to restore content…

    Certain “forces” are at play on Youtube…We never could imagine that YT would suspend educational channel that existed since January 2007, but it did happen without any “logical” reason… (reason?), – preliminary warning, email, notification, etc…We will try to rebuild channel’s content…but meanwhile…our sincere apologies to all former 2,800+ subscribers”

    Interesting for sure.

    Ancient massive underwater cities discovered in India:

    Thanks for reading my 5 star review. Lol!

  15. Biker says:

    for the new vid of the week, YES.. she gets it! not bad considering she had no teleprompter.

    EVERY generation of my family has had their own war since the first world war, the first war fought by America for PURELY JEWISH interests. they had their hands in all of them, but the first world war was the first specifically FOR THEM, unfortunately it wasnt by any means the last. who here DOESNT have a parent, grandparent, or other close family member that wasnt in a war???! think about this, its staggering, the Romans had more peace than the west has had in the last century!! the GERMANS have had more peace in the last 60 years than we Americans have!!!

    both of my grandfathers, my father, several uncles, cousins, and myself..have been to war.. they will draft my children over my dead body. it WILL NOT happen while im still breathing.

    the gaddam zio-jew bastards can fight their own wars. dont let them steal one more drop of gentile blood! hopefully more people ‘get it’ and SOON.

  16. Marshall says:

    You know, that’s true Biker!!! The legacy of war seems to follow the Jew around like white on rice. Or rabbis with lice. A definite historical pattern.

    What can you expect from a people whose major holidays all celebrate military victories? Didn’t they say after all, “Wars are our harvests?” Well sure, if you finance both sides, you rake in the shekels no matter who wins, right?

    Kosher Boy Skoutzers learn the “Kol Nidre” oath early on along with their Maccabeean Revolt history. Sure, they’ll help that old lady across the street…unless she’s wearing a burka, in which case she gets shot instead!!! “Vee vill be prepared!!!”


  17. Biker says:

    no shite Marsh.. from your link, read nos. 8 and 9…

    8. a HERO for lending the army money and getting thrown in jail ?!?!?! WOW is that reaching or what? LOL!

    9.? self explanitory


  18. Marshall says:

    “The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder’” applies only “to a Jew who kills a Jew,” write Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. Non-Jews are “uncompassionate by nature” and attacks on them “curb their evil inclination,” while babies and children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since “it is clear that they will grow to harm us.”

    What a VILE excuse for a religion Judaism is!!! Synagogue of Satan.

  19. Biker says:

    the self chosen, they are truly disgusting.

  20. Fleur de lis says:

    Incogman, David Duke has that new Anti-defamation movie at his site. Seems to be pretty hot.


  21. Fleur de lis says:

    Dang, there are some priceless moments on that new ADL video. I see Hagrid from Harry Potter and Joel ‘Mr. Burns’ Levi looking very very suspicious. He looks like someone is gonna eat his heart for dinner..lol! I am barely through it!

    • incogman says:

      I like the part where the old grandmother says Jews are crooks and love money. That’s why, she says, they don’t go to Israel because they would have to work. So true.

  22. Fleur de lis says:

    Yeah, Priceless info from the horses mouth!

  23. Biker says:


    good vid, even though Canadian biased, it fits as the same is happening here.

    one movie i WILL pay to go see is the new Mel Gibson flick!! everyone should, just to support his return. “ya got a dog in this fight?” LOL! and then in the last seconds of the vid “i think that what you DIDNT say, said enough” .. GREAT attempt at a save jewboi, Mel definately SMOKED your kike ass! you cant argue with the truth, and Mel Gibson spoke the truth in 2006.

  24. Geronimo says:

    I don’t know where to post this so I’m putting it up here in this thread. Hopefully Incogman will take the ball and run with it….

    “In a five-day visit to Israel to meet with political, industry and academic leaders, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden pledged to boost Israeli participation in the U.S. space program, citing Earth science, robotics and instrumentation as potential areas for future cooperation.

    The NASA chief and U.S. Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, were visiting here as part of an annual space conference ”


    Picture of Bolden in Isreal;


    Another article’

    “Bolden said U.S. President Barack Obama’s vision for NASA will elevate the importance of international cooperation. “Space exploration is an expensive, risky business that demands a tremendous diversity of skills and capabilities. The president wants me to work more with the partners we have and to bring in more nontraditional partners like Israel.”

    Currently, about half of NASA’s 453 active international agreements are concentrated among 10 partner nations, half of which are in Europe. Israel, in contrast, has three ongoing agreements. “You’ll see us vigorously engaged with Israel and other nontraditional partners as we move forward with the new vision,” he said.


    Now absorb all that and then watch the following video;


    Note where the jobs are that are getting cut.

    Now realize his Budget Director, Peter Ortzag (Jew), who undoubtedly played a substantial role in gutting Constellation to save a mere fraction of a percent in the budget, is engaged to a news media ho’ belonging to very powerful Russian Jew mob family.

    A key benefactor of US investment in Isreali aerospace will be Fischer Aerospace.

    Does this bother anyone?

  25. Geronimo says:

    Peter Orszag’s honey:


    Peter Orszag: “She’s a Russian Jew who gets up earlier than I do,”

    Stays up pretty late too for that matter

  26. Marshall says:

    What about his previous “shiksa” honey that he dumped cold while she was pregnant Geronimo? Bet you won’t see much about THAT in the celeb pages, hmm? “Jew family values” in action…

  27. Geronimo says:

    Here’s some more Jew family values; politician crying a river due to surfaced allegations of holding up a knife to a prostitute girlfriend and steroid use


  28. Bella says:

    What a preserved baby!

  29. hamonwry says:


    Do you have a link to that “Slaytanic” video that was embedded on this page not long ago?

  30. Geronimo says:

    You gotta ask yourself this; If Peter Orszag is capable of such treachery within his personal life, what is he capable of given the pursestrings and direction of the nation? Sell-out is his middle name.

  31. Fleur de lis says:

    Great investigating Geronimo!!

  32. Bella says:

    Does anyone actually know where D. Duke did his jail time???

  33. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Bella. Guilty plea and incarceration
    David Duke pleaded guilty to tax evasion and mail fraud in December 2002. Four months later, Duke was sentenced to 15 months in prison, and he served the time in Big Spring, Texas. He was also fined US $10,000, ordered to cooperate with the IRS, and to pay money still owed for his 1998 taxes. Following his release in May 2004, he stated that his decision to take the plea bargain was motivated by the bias that he perceived in the United States federal court system and not his guilt. He said he felt the charges were contrived to derail his political career and discredit him to his followers, and that he took the safe route by pleading guilty and receiving a mitigated sentence, rather than pleading not guilty and potentially receiving the full sentence.

    Duke was charged for what was described by prosecutors as a six-year scheme to dupe thousands of his followers by asking for donations. Through postal mail, Duke later appealed to his supporters that he was about to lose his house and his life savings. Prosecutors claimed that Duke raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in this campaign. Prosecutors also claimed he sold his home at a hefty profit, had multiple investment accounts, and spent much of his money gambling at casinos.

    The entire file of court documents related to this case can be found at The Smoking Gun website, including details on the December 12, 2002 guilty plea to federal charges that he filed a false tax return and committed mail fraud.

  34. Marshall says:

    If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s people who were born on third base and thought they hit a triple.


  35. Bella says:

    Thank you Cannibal Rabbi for clearing up my question concerning David Duke.

  36. hamonwry says:

    Whoa Black Bettie, Amber-Lamps;


  37. gtrman says:

    Hamonwry – THANKYOU! That was the best laugh ive had in ages.

    One of my favourite songs , too.

  38. hamonwry says:

    Me too Gtrman

    I almost died when I saw that.

    I’ve been waiting for Jane Goodall to publish a paper explaining why certain words are impossible for these people to pronounce correctly…. “Ambulance” and “Ask” are two examples; and both are uniquely fitting. The dude’s got a little blood on his big lip and is already “Axing fer da Amber Lamps”. wtf?

    They tried here in America a few years back to get this form of gibberish officially recognized has a language. They called it “Ebonics” and I wondered if it initially had a different name that these people couldn’t pronounce correctly, and it just morphed into “Ebonics”.

    Thankfully, the cause never gained traction and support eventually withered. But it was interesting, to say the least, to watch these people advocate their cause… One tactic they attempted to employ for raising awareness and rallying support was to try and stage a “Miss Ebonics” contest for each of the Fifty States.. It didn’t work out though because they couldn’t find a contestant for “Idaho”. lol

  39. American born says:

    That nigger in above video is an absolute IDIOT. I realize all niggers are mentally stunted, but that shine takes the cake. His blind arrogance is so clear as he questions a man who has actually done something with his life. Will Guam tip over and capsize, are you fucking kidding me?? This ignorant nigger collects a salary paid by OUR TAXES. This ia affirmitive action in play. The least qualified nigger takes a job that he is not qualified for. The media wants us to have represenatives like this dult. I made my son watch this video. This nigger is not even qualified to be a homeless crack head…

  40. Bella says:

    I don’t blame the black student. The teacher was the fool in this piece. And those security types should just be cleaning toilets for a living.

  41. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Nah. The only reason the security types are at the school is because the darkies can’t be trusted to not bring guns and knives to school.
    I’d want them there if i was unfortunate enough to have to attend such an institution as a white student.

  42. Bella says:

    Yeah, I see what you mean. Maybe they should have their own schools—in Africa. But still, these security types are a problem. They should be cleaning toilets.

  43. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Bella. I don’t like security types any more than you do, but in such an environment i would choose the lesser of two evils.

  44. Bella says:

    Yeah but can’t you see that the teacher is daily spewing b.s. & refuses to use her pea brain to control one student & calls in the bullies who should also be in Africa cleaning toilets. Teachers are a group of mindless overpaid leeches wasting fresh air indoctrinating a new crop of idiots.

  45. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Bella. Did you see the size ‘o that fatarse? Christ she’s only a teacher, not an all in wrestler!

  46. Bella says:

    Yeah , she’s too fat for me. But I cannot abide those who attempt to lead beyond their authourity & are at the public trough & on the graveytrain.

  47. GTRman says:

    For what it’s worth, and haven’t I seen the vid since it was posted,but as I recall, that student did nothing to warrant that treatment.

    That said, we don’t know the whole story, maybe she’s got previous, or maybe the school has a”zero backchat” policy. I dunno.

  48. Sen10L says:

    It seems the alarms are getting louder and more shrill. I appears somethings got to give before long.


  49. jews give me PMS! says:

    The video about Germany and white slavery has been pulled. Incog, I applaud you for speaking up about eastern european women getting kidnapped, gang raped and repeatedly raped each day by these ugly demonic jewish shits from Hell. They have also turned Kosovo, under ZOG (KFOR) into Europe’s capital of sex slavery, drugs and organ harvesting. May every Jewish man’s penis rot and fall off, and may all jews rot in a vat of semen and shit in Hell. Sorry to gross you out, but that is right from their own goddamned talmud, as you are aware. Damn the jews and anybody who marries or screws one. There is a good movie featuring Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland, “Human Trafficking”, they do as good a job as they can to expose this, but reality is much grimmer, but of course they don’t expose Jews. Also, Victor Malarek, a Canadian journalist, is an activist; he filmed a documentary called “The Natashas”.

  50. Julian Lee says:

    New video by my brotherhood, just finished and uploaded to the net last night:

    “White People Are Cool”

  51. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    While off-line, i read some books again. Cider With Rosie by Laurie Lee, is good, if you can be bothered.

    Good vid.


  52. Julian Lee says:

    Hi Incog. Sorry about a little switcheroo. The “White People Are Cool” now has a new url:

    It got a little upgrade. The new version is better.

  53. GDL says:

    Nice video Julian.

    God Bless and Long Live the White Race!

  54. Julian Lee says:

    Thanks GDL. We are going to make a series, with a goal of 33. Each one will be different, and deal with different virtues of the White Europeans.

  55. Southern Daughter says:

    This evening I was thinking about Randy Quaid and what he said a couple weeks ago. Kinda made me wonder about Michael Jackson. Then I just wondered if Elvis had a run in with den of vipers. So I done a search. I came across this youtube video. Very little information about this song except that it had been banned for years. I don’t think it is Elvis. So, I am posting the link here. What do yall think? Has anyone heard of this before now?


  56. Octo says:

    I think it’s a cool song but I don’t think it’s Elvis. That’s a parody of a Conway Twitty song, “It’s Only Make Believe.”



  57. Julian Lee says:

    White People Are Cool” has been updated/upgraded. I think the pictures are better. It is longer, with a more serious afterlog, and Tim Wise is even included.


    Not to be a pain, but just letting on. 🙂 This version should stay put for a while.

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