Old Videos of the Week III

In Memory of Rachel Corrie, a poem by Lasha Darkmoon

What the murderous Israeli Jews did to this brave girl is a crying shame. Didn’t hear about the story on the US news? Now why is that, pray tell?

Black woman tells it like it is during Wall Street protests, gets fired. Do you think they would have fired her if she said catholics?

Notice how much the news anchor goes out of his way to treat the black woman like she was an evil “hater”? At the end, some co-anchor off to the side tries to outdo him by acting angry for allowing the woman to talk. Both of these media whores are noticiably trying a bit too hard to protect their cushy jobs. Zio prostitutes in the media know the score, especially in LA. This is how Zionists get away with pure murder — say the wrong word and you’re fired.

The Banking Scam — watch this for an easy to understand explanation of how they rip your ass off. Tell a friend!

Rick Perry dancing with the rabbis. What a Zio Suck-up! 

Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War.

You feed, they breed, White man!

The History of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness

Go HERE to read more on the Marxist Frankfurt school and see just how Jewish it really was!


TeutonicWarriorChick nails it! 

Auschwitz: The Comedy

Superb new video from Denierbud — sure to get the Jews all kind of worked up. Probably will NOT last long on Youtube, so watch now, kiddies!

The Enemy Within


Dr. William Pierce discusses Haiti



Europe will not survive.

For the fifth year in a row, police report in Oslo, Norway 100% of rapes in that country are due to “non-Westerners” (read: FILTHY GD AFRICANS AND MUSLIMS). Scandinavian countries rarely had rapes until the lousy Jews pushed for immigration of non-Whites for “diversity.”

The death of Bin Laden and other lies

AIPAC 101: What Every American Should Know

The AIPAC circus is coming to town, Washington, May 22nd to May 24th, 2011.

Take Action:
facebook.com/?group.php?gid=2204666705 Students against AIPAC

Samouni Family Responds to Goldstone Backtrack on Israeli War Crimes – April 4, 2011 – Ken O’Keefe



Edgar Steele’s wife, Cyndi, emotionally tells a local reporter what the Zionist-owned government did to her husband. This is so sad. Ask yourself this: Why hasn’t this been reported nationally? Because they don’t want you to figure out the real deal! MUST WATCH VIDEO!

Mob of Jigs Rob Store. This is called a “mob and rob” where the Negroes get together and overwhelm a targeted store. They’ve been doing this kind of thing for years actually, but it’s now spreading everywhere. These “people” are basically thieving, violent animals and the sooner you get it, the better.

One Response to Old Videos of the Week III

  1. sog says:

    even 1 muslim is too many ..the jew snikkering and bringing these shitstain islam qwakks to white countries ..who benefits ..lmfao ..who benefits from extreme race mixing in this case religious mixing …the jews benefit by weakening the overall fabric of already established cultures with proven violent extremist religius fanatical weirdos ..who say rape is legal and murder of whityes is fine ..its all marxist party line …
    the only thing that can save these countries infected with shit staim muslims is to kill them all like viruses ,bacteria ,infections …every country these pices of shit are imported to are strangled by muslim crime now ..good job kikes ..and they keep bringing them in knowing the bottomline ..but what is amazing is that the particular govt.s of these jew infested countries allows the importation and support of shit stain muslim niggers and pakkis scum…
    the jewish problem presents a monumental collage of interconnected and secret societies to industrial elite circles and religious suprecy and intolerance of christianity ..
    to end the imperialism of jewish theocratic and kleptocratic stae we would have to sufficiently end the power structure of jews ..kennedy jfk made a speech declaring his intent to end the cia’s drug importation schemes and wanted to smash the cia into a million or so pieces and end the secret societies which have no place in a republic …ok well that didnt go over so well with the same jew crowd who oversaw russian genocide
    and was secretly running the american secret societies and intelligence arms ..
    how much worse to have open communism hooked up to islam and forced acceptance of these asshole muslims ..i say this for the sake of nihilism and agnoistic and gnostic ism ..if there was no god at all ok say above us only sky ,no god and no heaven right ..it is really the same as there being a god …islam is a menace and madmen run it like talmud maniacs ,and would a god approve of such a rape and murdering lot of shitheels ..what im trying to accomplish in words is difficult ..holding islam or judasism up to the lite of god shows severe heresy and worse as jews claim a god they dont belive in as they dont really use the old testament or the torah 5 books pentachew..
    really ? every on has a different god as the jews have led one denomination against another for millenium ..cathos against prots against christians and every other denom agianst someone based of theological doctrinal differences …
    anyway my focus is not good so it is true anyway that islam persecutes christianity in many parts of the world and in the usa as well ..this is a “religion” that accepts anyone for any reason ..mohammed was a very immoral and unethical criminal running around beheading people and raping and stealing ..this is exactly what communism does ..
    the inherant problem of allowing such a religiously extreme cult into any country is that it seeks only one thing and that is to install sharia law which is death to whites and non muslims …

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