What They Did to Nazi Germany was Simply Horrible

In a painting by a German artist of the time, innocent civilians and war refugees get turned to toast in Dresden by the allied firestorm bombing in February, 1945 when the war was pretty much over. About 130,000 people died horribly for absolutely no reason. Up to a million German civilians might have died by bombing during WWII yet the Globalist rats behind the war still wanted to drop the nuke on the Germans — just the scientists couldn’t finish it in time. The Nips certainly got it.

By Phillip Marlowe

I remember seeing a photo in a history book showing the dead corpses of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbel’s children outside Hitler’s Berlin bunkers. The poor little kids were dressed nicely and their skin was white as snow. The parent’s twisted, partially burned corpses lay next to them, carefully arranged for the photogs. Supposedly, they were poisoned by the Goebbels as the dirty raping commies closed in.

The photo was terrible. I thought deeply about the whole matter for quite some time. Since history books never used to show such things, I wondered why this was so important for the book editors to run. Then it struck me: The dirty bastards were gloating. This was something people somewhere were happy to show readers, including HS students. As a warning, no doubt. Lately, they’ve been running on TV (seems like every other day) WWII documentaries where they show black and white photos and film of German civilians who committed suicide in the closing days of the war. Even computer colorizing the blood like in a Speilberg movie. For real.

James Baker, Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and Secretary of State under H. W. Bush, once said something very revealing:

“We painted Hitler as a monster, a devil. And that’s why we couldn’t move away from that portrayal after the war. We had mobilized the masses against the devil incarnate. And so we were forced to continue in this satanic scenario after the war. We could not possibly made our people clear (to them) that the war was actually only a preventive economic measure.”

— German magazine Der Spiegal interview, 1992

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Black US Support Units Raped Like Crazy in WWII

Regardless of all the modern day diversity brainwashing like the phony Tuskegee “Red Tails” black fighter pilot tall tales,* few blacks actually took part in any real WWII combat. Mostly they loaded deuce and a half trucks in the “Red Ball express.” A few did man artillery battalions closely commanded by White officers because it was too dangerous to let them do any targeting. (INCOG)

“Liberation” brought a horde of negro rapists to France


Freedom isn’t free. For France, the price of liberation was paid by its women as a horde of raping negroes was unleashed upon the land, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Here is what we know for certain. Between 14 June 1944 and 19 June 1945, the American army judged 68 case of ordinary rape involving 75 victims, 3 (4 %) of whom were refugees…. In total, 139 soldiers were present on the scenes of the crimes – 117 (84 %) of them were black and 22 (16 %) were white. The army judged 116 of these soldiers, 94 (81 %) black and 22 (19 %) white. The prosecution used some of the soldiers who were not sentenced as witnesses against the accused. One of the most important revelations concerned the military identity of the rapists.

…To our surprise, the archives of the American military justice system reveal that the great majority of soldiers sentenced for rape in France were not front-line combatants but members of logistical support units, i.e. soldiers responsible for providing the front-line soldiers with ammunition, food, fuel and spare parts.

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Crazy Zio Goy John Bolton Planning Big War for Israel

John Bolton is determined to drag America into a war with Iran because he is more concerned about the interests of Israel than the interests of America. He is a very bad person.

Deranged Zionist John Bolton Reportedly Participates in Unusual Meeting with the CIA on Iran


John Bolton is like a real life character from the 1960s Stanley Kubrick movie Dr. Strangelove. Everything about this guy is bad news. We’re dealing with someone whose only goal in life is to do endless war for Jews. He alone could literally be responsible for pushing the United States into a simultaneous three-front war against Venezuela, Iran and North Korea. That’s not hyperbole either.

There are now reports coming out that Bolton participated in what is being described as an unusual meeting with the CIA on Iran.

The Hill:

White House national security adviser John Bolton last week participated in a meeting at CIA headquarters to discuss Iran with the Trump administration’s top intelligence, diplomatic and military officials, NBC News reported Thursday.

The meeting was rare in that national security meetings are usually held in the White House Situation Room, and senior White House officials and Cabinet members don’t typically attend meetings at the CIA.

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Could Globalist Jewry Really Control The FBI?

I wrote this back in 2017. But I still think it has some things people need to know, regardless of whether or not you like Trump. Hell, if anyone has any real dirt on Trump, it’s the Jews, not Putin. He certainly knows well not to flock with the Jews. And I’m not talking about the usual lefty types, either. This would explain a whole hellava lot.

By Phillip Marlowe

This question needs to be seriously asked since “Deep Staters” in DC are apparently getting away with conspiring against Trump before and after the election, while Hillary still lives richly and untroubled after all that has been uncovered about her in the last couple of years. AG Jeff Sessions has done virtually nothing, as the American public is continuously subjected to anti-Trump/Russian collusion BS night after night. Everyone is sick of it. Even the so-called FBI failures over Nikolas Cruz and the resulting shootings at that Parkland Florida high school should make one suspicious.

My father himself once met J. Edger Hoover. Can’t exactly go into details, but he did. I remember asking him as a teenager if he believed the rumors about the Mob having photos of Hoover dressed in drag. Of course, the whole business of faggotry and tranny type stuff grossed both of us the hell out, but he couldn’t dismiss the possibility since a lot of people back then knew Hoover had a right hand man, Clyde Tolson, who never left his side and the two even vacationed together. Also, Hoover never married nor had any liaisons with broads that we know about to this day.

Dad and I both used to read quite a bit about Mob history. I remember driving around Manhattan and surrounding NYC boroughs, spotting various locales famous in the world of crime, like Sparks Steakhouse where crime boss Paul Castellano and his driver Tommy Billati got rubbed out by “Teflon Don” Gotti’s boys in 1985. One lazy Sunday, a long-ago NY girlfriend even drove me by where Castellano lived on Staten island. And sure, my dad and I both knew that Jews were heavily involved in criminal Mob rackets, like Meyer Lansky — who died peacefully in his own bed after hiding out in Israel while setting the stage for an engineered acquittal in a Mob trial back in the states.

But the idea of Jews controlling the Feds is truly the stuff of nightmares.

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Donald Trump is an Agent of a Foreign Government

Donald Trump Should be Prosecuted for Failing to Register as an Agent of a Foreign Government


US President Donald Trump has proved himself not to be an agent of the American people, but an agent of Israel.

With his administration’s decision to send an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf, the latest of his escalations in the Middle East, it is only appropriate that he be required to register as an agent of a foreign government.

It is the law that in order to work in the US on behalf of a foreign government, you need to register as such. Recently, there were two high-profile cases where people have been sent to prison for failure to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, namely, those of Paul Manafort and Maria Butina.

As we are all too well aware, Donald Trump has done nothing for America.

  • Trump has not built a wall.
  • We have more immigrants coming in than at any time in American history.
  • We experienced a record number of opioid deaths in 2018 and the drugs still flow freely.
  • Trump is attempting to force the US into multiple wars that are of no benefit to us.
  • Trump banned bump stocks.
  • Trump is allowing all of his supporters (many of them now former supporters) to be banned from the internet.
  • Trump is allowing his supporters to be arrested and imprisoned for supporting him.
  • Trump is escalating tensions with Russia for no reason.
  • Trump has not pulled out of NATO.
  • Trump’s replacement of NAFTA is the same thing as NAFTA.

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Why Do We Still Have to Deal With Ancient Jew BS?

By Phillip Marlowe

My mother once told me a story about the priest at the church we used go to. He said I asked in Catechism class (bible studies for Catholics) “why do Christians have to like Old Testament Hebrews even though they went around slaying everyone in sight?” Father Brown apparently was amused with my precocious little kid question and said something to my mother about it. I remember him as this kindly old priest who always patted me and my brother’s heads during Sunday services (the two of us were so cute).

I found out later this church went “pre-Vatican II” meaning they rejected the BS enacted when the Jews infiltrated the church in 1965. Around this very time, the Jews also starting turning everything else in the White Western world to crap (Satan maybe?). I read in a long ago book (Bella Dodd, “School of Darkness”) that the US Communist party plotted to organize homos to go into the Catholic church to become priests and subvert it from within. Hell, we all know homos are big time pedos who have a penchant for innocent little boys. And we now let them in the Boy Scouts as troop leaders? How crazy is that?

Have you ever read anything orthodox Jews talk about when it comes to Moses and other holidays in their religion? It’s always celebratory stuff about them killing boatloads of non-Jews. Like when they were in Nebuchanigger land a million years ago and some whorish, secretly Jewish queen named Esther sweet-talked the big King to round up and massacre 75,000 of their Babylonian non-Jew neighbors. All this because of some court sycophant named Haman who supposedly was planning to kill all the paranoid Jews. That crypto-Jew queen chick must have been pretty damn good in bed!

Crazy Jews still have this big yearly celebration (Purim) where they eat this meat-filled pastry thing called “Haman’s Ears” because they co-opted Haman’s plans and got him croaked instead. In some places like Jew York and Israel, they excitedly hang crude effigies of a dead Hitler-Haman up in the streets while doing that idiot herky-jerky Yid dance thing where it looks like they have a big bug crawling up their asses.

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UN Zio Jew Demands Criticising Jews Made Illegal

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Demands Anti-Semitism be Made Illegal in America

By Lee Rogers

In an earlier article I wrote about the State Department’s appointment of a czar to fight anti-Semitism, I stated that Jews would make criticism of their race illegal if they could. You no longer have to take my word for it. Take the word of Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon.

Jerusalem Post:

The only way to stop antisemitism is to criminalize it, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told reporters in New York on Monday.

“The time for talking and having a conversation is over,” Danon said. “What Israel and the Jewish community around the world demand is action – and now.”

Danon, speaking on the sidelines of the United Nations Security Council meeting, said that those who engage in antisemitism “must be punished. Whether it is here at the UN [or by] political leaders, editors, policy pundits or college professors, it does not matter.

“Antisemitism should have no place in our society,” he continued. “Until it becomes criminal, this bigotry will persist; it will fester. It is only a matter of time until it erupts again in violence and bloodshed.”

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Happy Commie Day You Commie Creeps!

America is sick and tired of your NATION-WRECKING stupidity, like with Bernie Sanders and that moronic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We can’t wait to shut your foul traps and put you into hard labor camps, picking our crops after we deport all the stinking illegal aliens.


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Chabad Shooter John Earnest’s Unedited Letter


My name is John Earnest and I am a man of European ancestry. The blood that runs in my veins is the same that ran through the English, Nordic, and Irish men of old. I am a descendant of one of the original colonists of Roanoke—John Earnest. What happened to him I do not know, and nor does anyone. But I do know that he left his wife and son, James Earnest, back in England. This son shortly after made the same daring journey across the Atlantic to the New World. From my mother’s side I inherited the blood of very wealthy Yankees—intelligent, resourceful, uncompromising. From my father’s side I inherited the blood of poor Southern farmers—intelligent, musically gifted, self-sufficient. A part of my ancestors lives within me in this very moment. They are the reason that I am who I am. Their acts of bravery, ingenuity, and righteousness live on through me. Truly, I am blessed by God for such a magnificent bloodline.

To my family and friends. I can already hear your voices. “How could you throw your life away? You had everything! You had a loving family. You had great friends. You had a church. You were doing well in nursing school. You could have gone so far in your field of study. You could have made so much money and started a happy family of your own.” I understand why you would ask this. But I pose a question to you now. What value does my life have compared to the entirety of the European race? Is it worth it for me to live a comfortable life at the cost of international Jewry sealing the doom of my race? No. I will not sell my soul by sitting idly by as evil grows. I’d rather die in glory or spend the rest of my life in prison than waste away knowing that I did nothing to stop this evil. It is not in my blood to be a coward. I do not care about the debt-based currency that Jews like to pretend is money. I do not care for the bread and circus that Jewry has used to attempt to pacify my people. I willingly sacrifice my future—the future of having a fulfilling job, a loving wife, and amazing kids. I sacrifice this for the sake of my people. OUR people. I would die a thousand times over to prevent the doomed fate that the Jews have planned for my race.

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Charlottesville: What FAKE NEWS Will Not Tell You

By Gregory Conte @RUSSIA INSIDER

The left’s narrative must be comprehensively refuted. Those who attended the August 12, 2017 Charlottesville protest must launch a legal counter-offensive to stop the unfounded and harassing attacks, liberate the falsely imprisoned and send a message to all who would attack us in the future: We will fight back.

The Campaign of Lies

The media have been spinning their narrative since the beginning. Sometimes they lie outright, but their primary means has been twisting the truth. They omit and obfuscate. One of the staples of the narrative is that “violence broke out” or that “both sides engaged in violence,” phrases that are meant to confuse the reader about who exactly was responsible for the violence. This allows the media to pin the blame on those who wished to attend Unite the Right rally, and to gloss over the crimes of the truly responsible: the leftist “counter-demonstrators” (“Antifa”), the police, and the civil authorities.

Let’s start with Antifa. Evidence of their guilt is overwhelming. Despite having been granted permits to protest at two separate parks in downtown Charlottesville, Antifa rallied on the street right outside Lee Park, where Unite the Right was permitted to demonstrate. They positioned themselves to block anyone else from entering and leaving the park, knowing that police would not remove or disperse them, and daring anyone to pass through their ranks. When attendees tried to pass, Antifa locked arms, screamed, attacked with fists, poles and other weapons. No brawls would have happened if they had stayed in their designated protest-zones, or if they had simply made way and limited themselves to shouting abuse from the sidelines. That would have been an appropriate way to exercise free speech.

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Eritrean Enricher Walks After Attacking Swedish Girls

By Charles Martel

Well, yeah.

Gotta keep those prison cells free for the Swedes who complain about this sort of thing online.

Infowars Europe:

An Eritrean migrant convicted of three separate crimes in Sweden, including robbery and attempted rape, will face no prison time or deportation, according to local media.

In the span of three weeks during March, 2018, the man carried out a robbery, an attempted rape, and an assault on Swedish victims ranging from 13 to 17-years-old.

“The African was officially 18-years-old when he committed the three serious crimes in the same month,” Fria Tider reports. “He also lacks Swedish citizenship and has his family in Eritrea.”

“All persons who have fallen victim to the man’s deeds are Swedes.”

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Black Bastards Busted by White Man’s DNA Voodoo

By Phillip Marlowe

All too often these days I stumble across a story where police working a cold case finally bust some old black geezer for the murder of some innocent White person(s) decades ago, once they get a hit on DNA. Should you get a chance to read the brutal details of the particular crime you will understand exactly why our ancestors strung up these filthy animals from the nearest tree. Shocked by my White “racism?” So be it.

The other night I was watching something on PBS called “Reconstruction.” One of the ever-so-smart blacks on screen was Harvard’s POC prof Henry Louis Gates — once declared a victim of White racism when cops evilly asked him for ID as he appeared to be breaking into a home (how could cops know it was his?) while drunk, disheveled and acting irate. Everything bad that happens to these spoiled brats is always because “dey be black” even when “dey be rich.” This was the guy who Obama invited to the White house for a beer with one of the White cops — that stupid “beer summit” the media made a big deal about so they could push more black victimhood/White guilt crap.

In the PBS race brainwashing piece, Gates visits a new anti-White memorial in Montgomery, Alabama, actually dedicated to “victims of White supremacy.” Guess what? Not a word was breathed about the possibility any of these so-called victims of “White supremacy” did anything horrible to Whites. Every single one of them must be thought of as victims of evil Whitey doing racism for no reason. That’s what these tricky PC brainwashers always do: Let the viewer merely assume.

In the summer of 1973, two 19 year-old White girls from Pittsburgh, PA, Lynn Seethaler and Janice Pietropola, were spending the last night of their summer vacation in a quaint Virginia Beach oceanfront cottage. They probably laughed and joked about flirting with cute White lifeguards and surfer boys while enjoying one last bottle of red before going to bed. They had no idea of the sheer horrors that soon awaited them in the middle of the night. The two would never go home again.

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Did Stinking Muzzies Burn Down Notre Dame?

By Phillip Marlowe

It’s now clear the traitorous FAKE NEWS media is protecting the Muzzies over the possibility of them burning down the Notre Dame. The famous cathedral stood for 850 years until the Globalist Jews and brainwashed leftists promoted the invasion of our White lands with non-White Turd Worlders, most of whom are Christian-hating Muzzies who have no business living in our lands. The filthy backstabbers can’t have Whites getting pissed before they fully turn our countries into stinking crapholes.

Note that 12 Catholic churches have already been set on fire in France in the last month and a half before Notre Dame burning. Almost 900 acts of vandalism of Christian places have also occurred. Not a word of any of that was breathed in the US press during the coverage of the so-called “accident” Monday afternoon. Just think about that for a minute! If it was black churches, then they would be screaming bloody murder — like that recent case in the south where some druggie White punk Satanist set fire to three.

That FOX News faggot (yes he is) Shephard Smith, cut off a French politician who started talking on air about other Church fires in France. Fox faggot obviously had orders to keep silent on possible Muzzie involvement. In the next hour, Fox late afternoon host Neil Cavuto cut off any talk about Muzzies, too. Tucker Carlson also said nothing when he was talking about it with Mark Steyn later that night. Not a word was mentioned about any potential Muzzie terrorist involvement. They clearly had orders from on high to stay mum. Pro-conservative and pro-Christian channel my ass.

Did you notice how they were calling it an accident before the fire was even put out? Tell you anything? Hellooo!

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FAKE NEWS Turns Jew Girl into Big Science Hero

The Jew-run media has been making people believe that a 29-year-old Jewess named Katie Bouman was primarily responsible for generating the first alleged “photo” of a black hole. Everything about this is a lie.

Jew Media Fraudulently Gives Most Credit to a Jewess for Allegedly Generating a Photo of a Glazed Donut Said to be a Black Hole

By Lee Rogers

Much of this sorry saga was already written about in the recent weekly Stormer write-up. However, everything about this story is such a fraud that it is worthy of further analysis.

A 29-year-old Jewess named Katie Bouman was given most of the credit by her racial brethren in the media for generating the first alleged image of a black hole. Despite the fact that around 200 people were involved in the project, her face has been plastered everywhere as being the one primarily responsible for this alleged scientific accomplishment.

The Washington Post put out a video on their YouTube channel featuring Bouman rambling incoherently about black holes. The clip is designed to make the viewer think that she was the genius behind the alleged discovery.

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Wacked Jig Throws Little White Kid Off Balcony


Of course, the Jew media won’t tell you the child is white, but he is. You can find his GoFundMe page here.

And listen to that faggot cop: “No idea about a possible motive.”

He sure as hell wouldn’t be saying that if the perpetrator was white and the victim was a precious little niglet.

ABC 7 News:

A man has been charged after police allege he critically injured a child at the Mall of America on Friday.

Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, 24, has been charged with attempted homicide in relation to the incident, according to police in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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Brutal Black Gang Goes Medieval on White Guy

His Name Is Christopher Dean: White Police Informant Tortured/Sodomized/Murdered by Five Black Gangbangers in Atlanta


The city too busy to hate.

Welcome to Atlanta.

His Name is Christopher Dean. [5 gang members convicted in Atlanta’s ‘most brutal murder’, New York Post, April 4, 2019]:

Five Atlanta gangbangers were convicted this week of torturing and killing a former police informant in “the most brutal murder” in the city’s recent history, according to prosecutors and a new report.

The men — members of the Gangster Disciples street gang — murdered Christopher Dean, 33, in October 2016 after learning he was once a police witness in California, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Christopher Lockett, 30, had invited Dean to the home of brothers Xavier Gibson, 23, and Orlando Gibson, 30 — where Dean expected that he and Lockett would complete a drug transaction, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

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Amnesty Claims Confusion Over High Rates of Rape

Amnesty International: “Disturbingly High Levels of Rape” in Nordic Countries Despite “Gender Equality”


I had to double check the URL to make sure this wasn’t satire.

Amnesty International is claiming that that rape is out of control in Scandinavia – and that this is the fault of the court system and “the white man’s culture” that we just got lectured by Joe Biden about.

Amnesty International:

Despite being among the top-ranking countries in the world in terms of gender equality, four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) have disturbingly high levels of rape and survivors of sexual violence are being failed by their justice systems, Amnesty International said in a report published today.

Time for change: Justice for rape survivors in the Nordic countries reveals that flawed legislation and widespread harmful myths and gender stereotypes have resulted in endemic impunity for rapists across the region.

It is a paradox that Nordic countries, which have strong records of upholding gender equality, suffer shockingly high levels of rape,” said Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International’s Secretary General.

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Brainwashing White America For Over 100 Years

By Phillip Marlowe

There’s a scene in the 1994 movie “Legends of the Fall” where the sons of an old grizzeled Montana rancher back in WWI are all worked up into a big tizzy about the evil German Huns committing war atrocities in Europe — like bayoneting babies in cribs (a favorite way of falsely portraying Germans by the propagandists of both World Wars). You see how long they’ve preyed upon White people’s sense of decency?

One of the sons in the movie is actor Brad Pitt, who women dig big time — still do I think. I let my subscription to “People” run out awhile back, so I can’t tell you about that kind of thing anymore. But do let me tell you: The evil bastards have been brainwashing us Americans for over a hundred years. No doubt about it.

Two of the rancher’s sons wanted to enlist in the Canadian army since America was not in the war (yet). Pitt’s wild boy Tristan character doesn’t want to — he would rather stay at home to hunt and fish and tag hottie Injun gals, while drinking cheap bootleg gin down in town. Hell, I sympathize totally. Of course, the victimized Injun angle is played up in the film as part of the PC brainwashing of the White race.

One of the things they brainwashed us about was the sinking of the passenger liner Lusitania (see video embedded below). I definitely remember the lying over whether or not the ship carried arms and munitions aboard. I recall exactly the coal dust explanation for why the ship went down so fast. They kept up the lies to the public even when the truth was already known by various researchers. There’s literally nothing these people can’t get away with since they own the media. Even our race’s replacement in our own lands by non-White Third Worlder immigration is welcomed by idiots on both sides of the fence.

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Jews are HUGE Backstabbers!

Just think of all the White Christian men who died fighting Hitler in WWII. How about all the millions of White Christians working in factories to supply the troops — including the damn Soviet troops?

Just think of all the BILLIONS American taxpayers give to Israel every year? How about how we constantly guarantee that our boys will fight and die for these backstabbing creeps?


And now the stinking lousy Jews literally want to treat us like Nazis!

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Democrat Boycott of AIPAC was a Big Hoax

AIPAC Boycott Hoax: Democrats All Met with AIPAC Jew Masters Privately


The entire American Jewish media was claiming that the “progressive” 2020 Democrat presidential candidates skipped the meeting of the Zionist Occupation Government overlords at AIPAC.

Meanwhile, the Israeli press is reporting that they all had secret meetings with this council of Jewish overlords.


Four Democratic Senators who are seeking their party’s presidential nomination in 2020, met this week with delegations of AIPAC activists from their home states. The meetings took place after eight presidential candidates announced they would not attend AIPAC’s conference, which took place this week in Washington.

Senators Corey Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, Kamala Harris, a Democrat from California, Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, and Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, met with delegations of AIPAC activists from their respective states, according to an AIPAC official. Booker met with the group at the convention center where the AIPAC conference took place. The other Senators hosted the delegations at their Senate offices.

The meetings proved that despite what Vice President Mike Pence said during his speech at the conference, the Democratic Party is not “boycotting” AIPAC. Pence gave an unusually partisan speech at the conference, in which he directly attacked the Democrats and claimed that candidates who chose not to attend the conference were boycotting the event.

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All Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

By Phillip Marlowe

Earlier this morning, Chicago prosecutors dropped all charges against Jessie Smollett; when it was obvious the punk faked the whole thing. Getting the charges dropped had to have been an inside job facilitated by insider Chicago blacks and Michelle Obama. All files have been sealed — meaning nobody can report what transpired — a clear sign of BS. In fact, all the database files pertaining to the case were deleted within minutes. No record of anything exists.

He forfeited his lousy $10,000 in his bond costs, which is never done if charges are dropped. A tiny drop in the bucket for what Chicago taxpayers shelled out over the investigation. And they claimed he already did (before any of this happened) community service with only 2 days of work critiquing propaganda videos in “Reverend” Jesse Jackson’s Chicago race-baiting White guilt money outfit, Rainbow BS something. Why would that factor in if all the charges were dropped and expunged from his record?

Smollett even had the nerve to say outside the court that what he said happened was still all true and he would continue fighting for “marginalized people.” What a crock.

Can you believe the total BS nowadays?

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FAKE NEWS and Liberals STILL Totally Wacked

By Phillip Marlowe

These people are quite insane in their never-ending effort to turn the US commie and Third World. No doubt about it. I told my brother once the media is now obviously the real enemy to America. I’m not sure he knows where I’m coming from but oh well.

Now the media is going crazy trying to deal with the Mueller report, exonerating Trump of “Russian collusion.” Two and half years of nightly Russian collusion BS and now it seems the traitorous media is going to make it a forever thing by coming up with even more ridiculous BS. Dirty little Jew bastards in the legislature like Jerrod Nadler, Adam Schiff and Chuckie Boy Schumer will also help, even though we have a border now being invaded by hordes of Turd Worlders, out to get some feeding on the US public dole before the country goes KAPUT.

I’ve watched some of CNN and MSNBC. But, alas, I’m pretty burned out over it, so I’ll watch just about anything else, even “Price is Right” (just kidding) or some science documentary about black holes (as in collapsed stars, not street hos), even though they now have black and Jew scientists everywhere on screen. If your skin is black and AA-hired at some dumb university and if you can read a script on the teleprompter in understandable English, than you get the gig.

And it’s not because I’m a big Trump fan. Not anymore. Hell, the SOB has done way more for Israel than the US. I don’t know when it’s going to get through his thick skull that most of Jewry are lefty subversives who hate his ass no matter what. But I guess there’s enough rich Sheldon Adelson Jews with Jew trophy wives like his creepy Miriam, to get his lips puckered for even more Jew ass kissing.

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France Deploys Military to Stop Massive White Uprising

Yellow Vests Apocalypse: Military Units Deployed, Police Head Wants to Use Live Rounds


So last weekend lots of stuff was happening and it was easy to gloss over the yellow vests protests because at this point it has almost become a routine. Week after week they turn multiple French cities to gridlock, destroy ZOG property, and generally cause all kinds of trouble.

But the important thing to understand is that last weekend they set a bank on fire, and provoked all kinds of hell from the ZOG machine as a consequence.

By “set a bank on fire” I’m not saying they threw a molotov at it and burned the doors. A group of protestors took hold of the blocks surrounding it, set it on fire, and prevented the advancement of fire services until the entire interior was turned to burning embers and ash, beyond any recoverability.

It’s not about money. It’s about sending a message. Everything burns.

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Jews Admit: Whites ARE On The Chopping Block

Every time you hear the media quoting “White Supremacist hate statistics,” it’s usually numbers provided by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center). The SPLC’s business model is based on donations from rich Jews and partnerships with big tech, while they keep over 200 million socked away in offshore accounts. You can’t even say anything against abortion or sacred Israel before these nervy creeps brand you a big hater.

By Phillip Marlowe

There can be no doubt any longer: Jews have indeed been working to destroy our race. They’ve been at it now for decades on a wide variety fronts, especially immigration of non-White Third Worlders into our lands. Watch video below (until it’s censored by Youtube).

This is certainly no big news to those Whites now awakened. But make note how FAKE NEWS is trying to make it out like any of us Whites who get it, are evil Supremacist racists. They are working hard to find new ways of censorship without it looking too obvious to those conservative Whites who still, for some reason, support these rats and Israel.

I’ve been trying my best to spread the news with my little site.

Amalek-hating Jews in the media and on places like Twitter and Facebook are now admitting the Agenda is to destroy our race. They have ZERO problem saying so and openly trashing us racially. But their accounts are never taken down — that’s only for conservative and Christian Whites no matter how tame they are. It’s now easy to pick out the efforts of the left to keep the White race confused and at each other’s throats.

Right now, we’re seeing the awakening of Whites. This scares the rats — BIG TIME.

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Da White Peeps Now Be Going Crazy!

By Phillip Marlowe

So I’m leaving the post office today when I see this car with Bernie stickers on it and the one that says “COEXIST” with logo symbols making up the letters. You know, the Muslim moon symbol for the “C,” the lower case “E” is some kind of tranny fag thing and the “X” is the Star of David. Kind of ironic it’s right smack dab in the middle, huh?

Are these libtard Whites stupid or what?

Let’s just pretend civilization collapsed for whatever reason and you didn’t have any guns to protect yourself. Well, there’s a good possibility some gang would eventually break in to steal your beans and bacon. Or to find drugs. Or just for fun. They would be squealing like those crazy guys in the movie “A Clockwork Orange” before they beat the living crap out of you and raped your wife while you had to watch. Or daughter. Or son.

But unlike Clockwork Orange, such gangs would probably be black and Mestizo crime gangs like MS-13, preying on frightened White liberals holed up in McMansions — soon after neighborhood security corporation guards fled once the SHTF — regardless of what is depicted in today’s movies. Yep, the Jews in Hollywood have decided all baddies in dystopian end-of-the-world movies must now always be White.

You think for a sec that I’m a mean cynical bastard? OK, so maybe I am. Still, that doesn’t mean I’m not right. Sure, I wish we could all dance around the maypole in a green verdant meadow wearing white frilly lace and tye-dyed smocks, smiling like idiots as the peyote buttons kick in. The sun is out, puffy white clouds are drifting by in a bright blue sky — oh look, there’s a cute little baby Bigfoot coming out of the woods to join in all the fun!

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The Black BS Just Keeps Going On and On

Spoiled rotten blacks protesting in Ferguson, Missouri, after a White cop had to shoot a crazed gorilla boy wildly charging him head down. The overgrown black teen and his homie had just attacked the cop in his squad car and tried to steal his weapon after he simply tried to question the two for theft and threatening a store clerk. Insane blacks burned the place down and looted for days. Remember all this ridiculous BS?

By Phillip Marlowe

Folks, I have a serious case of Negro fatigue. And I know I’m not the only one. The business with these filthy criminal bastards just keeps going on and on and on forever. Every minute we have to listen about White racism, slavery, Jim Crow and even Donald J. Trump’s supposed racism until we’re all going to go insane. I’m plain sick of it!

Think about it a sec here: In the US, blacks kill somewhere between 100 and 200 Whites a month, if you include mudsharks, along with random Whites just going about their day, until some jig comes along to rob them and put a round in their gut. Yet, all we ever hear about is when a cop kills or even just questions one of them, who might have been a criminal to begin with (blacks shoot cops all the time). Notice how ABC runs cellphone video of any black so-called victim on the dinner time news hour that very day and then acts like it’s so terrible. They are clearly jacking up blacks and liberals on purpose.

This latest Jussie Smollet business is but another example out of this wacked-in-the-head race. All your leftys immediately believed the little punk, even though his story was patently idiotic. MAGA hats and nooses. Right. Funny, how all this transpired during black “history” month, huh? Fake hate crimes happen all the time. Some dumb black mayor woman recently in Lamar, South Carolina, found a “yellow sticky substance” on her car one morning and thought it was the doings of White racist bio terrorists. The cops came out and had to tell her it was only tree pollen. She wanted to get the state police involved.

As I’m certain you’ve long noticed, black people’s whole lives revolve around this supposed racism victimhood business. All your lefty politicians and media constantly feed this never-ending crap. Every single day now they make a big stink over the most stupid crap imaginable, like that blackface idiocy over Virginia governor Ralph Northam. Totally ridiculous. This is the beginning time of a new form of Red Chinese, Mao Zedong “Cultural Revolution” — this time with us decent White Americans as the targeted victims.

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Evil Blacks Now Stabbing UK Whites for Grins

Knife and acid attacks are going on all over the United Kingdom. The country has now become totally flocked up for Whites — seems “diversity” turned out to be a HUGE mistake for our race. Imagine what Winston Churchill might think? A lot of good it did us Whites fighting Hitler in WWII! [INCOG]

By Charles Martel

This is no ordinary criminal we’re dealing with here; this is a black bastard.

Do we know anyone from the British Isles who’s experienced at hunting down black bastards, preferably with a cosh?

If so, the Met police need to reach out to that man ASAP.

Justice must be served.


The Metropolitan Police have issued a description of the killer who stabbed a 17-year-old girl to death in Romford, London.

Victim Jodie Chesney, reported to have been a Ranger Guide in the Explorer Scouts, was listening to music at a park near St Neot’s Road in Harold Hill with other teenagers on Friday evening.

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Is Trump ZOG or Just a Big Jew Ass Kisser?

By Phillip Marlowe

I remember a long time ago laying on my couch watching some idiot TV show on right after dinner time national news. It was one of those things that combines Hollywood culture nonsense, politics and various what-not current events. Full of primitive computer graphics and blaring electronic gizmo music.

The blond bimbo show anchor (who I think ruined a guy’s political career back in the 80’s) breathlessly narrated a police dashboard video of cops getting into this big shootout with evil Nazi skinhead brothers driving a white van. She giggled about the two saying America was under control of “ZOG” like that was so funny. Her sarcastic delivery was so so obvious. She, of course, didn’t explain what “ZOG” was, but by then I already knew it meant “Zionist Occupied Government.” Some might call it “Zionist OWNED Government.”

Laying on my couch, I ruminated on the matter. Then it struck me: It was just like a Sci-Fi movie where a scene has TV news on in the background, providing contextual information for the plotline. The hero (or heroine in today’s female empowerment brainwashing) is on the run from Police State forces, while the media is a mouthpiece of the evil empire — putting out the company line like in Orwell’s “1984.” Any second a futuristic SWAT team carrying high-tech bullpup assault rifles could grapple down from the skylights to nab the big action hero — who shoots his way out with a little pistol and bottomless magazine, while doing backflips around the joint.

I felt a huge wave a déjá vu. No, I didn’t think I was a big hero or anything but thought: “maybe those guys in the white van are the ones right to begin with, and not us regular folk out here in pissant land?” It wasn’t déjá vu — but an epiphany. If you looked at things this way, all the puzzle pieces of leftwing PC BS suddenly fell together and fit perfectly. That was what struck me. I was, as they say in jolly old England, “gobsmacked.”

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The Jewish War on the Guns of Americans


If you ever wondered why US Democrat politicians, who are in lockstep with Jewish interests, are virulently opposed to people having guns but surround themselves with armed guards, here’s why:

Under orders of Bolshevik party Jew chairmen, Yakov Sverdlov, the above Jew Yakov Yurovsky led a team of secret police in brutally massacring the Romanov family (above art).

The puppet masters who control most of our elected representatives understand that it is very, very difficult to carry out a genocide against an armed population.

In Russia when the Tsars declared war against subversion of their country by a particularly malevolent subset of Jews, these people killed the Tsar’s wife and family and massacred millions of Russians because those Russians were unarmed.

Similarly, in the US, certain elements of the Jewish elites want only the military and the police to have arms because when it comes time to kill people who do not support their form of predatory government, the military and police are good at following orders and exterminating their own people just to survive themselves.

A heavily armed population like the Americans are very, very difficult to manipulate into being genocided as we can see in the example of Switzerland which has never been invaded because historically, every citizen was armed and the logistics of invading a country where all the citizens are armed and live in the mountains, and thus have a standing army of the entire population, are very difficult.

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Commenting on “Captain Marvel” Film Closed Down

Rotten Tomatoes Shuts Down Review Function Over Captain Marvel Bad Ratings

By Roy Batty

The curators of public opinion are mad that the masses don’t like the trash that they try to shove down their throats.

The unwashed movie-going masses have been found wanting and they must be punished.


Rotten Tomatoes is finally fighting back against trolls who “review bomb” a movie ahead of its release.

As of Feb. 25, the reviews-aggregation site is no longer displaying the “Want to See” percentage score for a movie during its pre-release period. In addition, Rotten Tomatoes has disabled the ability for users to post comments prior to a movie’s release date.

The changes are intended to “more accurately and authentically represent the voice of fans, while protecting our data and public forums from bad actors,” Rotten Tomatoes said in a blog post Tuesday.

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