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A letter that I wrote to my two brothers in May of 2007. I post it here for all the rest of my white brothers and sisters to read and understand just what made me start to speak up and out. Make note that I do not have all the answers and may have altered some of my thinking slightly since then (such as over Iran), but I put this letter up without changing anything.

Also, please download and read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” HERE. It’s well worth your time to understand this subject. Go to the preface and see what it’s about.

An Open Letter to my Brothers:

Look, just give me just a few minutes here of your time. If I can’t convince you two of the importance of what I’m saying, than I’ll won’t bother you about it. Bear with me for a bit and don’t jump to conclusions right away and simply disregard what I’m about to say.

You’ve known, deep down inside, all the questions about what’s going on in this country today. You see it all the time, and lately it has quickened in it’s pace and intensity. You’ve surely noticed. There are many reasons for this which I will shortly get to.

I did not suddenly wake up one morning and decide to become a “Nazi” (I’m actually not). I have been interested in WWII a long time as you well know. As a child, when we lived in ______, Dad had read a book titled “The Painted Bird” by Jerzey Kozinski. It is a fictional account of a child in eastern Europe during the Holocaust. I read it and, I guess, Dad found my interest cute. He gave me another book called “Babi Yar” by Anatoli Kosnetsov. Both Dad and I had an intense interest in the Holocaust. We rarely discussed it, however. Just traded books back and forth over the years.

No, I’m not going to tell you the Holocaust was fake. But it’s been greatly expanded, with embellishments and constant revisions, many of which I have discovered on my own. Believe it or not, such talk could get me imprisoned in Canada and Europe–seriously.

The big question I always had was why? Why would an entire Nation suddenly hate the Jew to this extreme? Surely, there is something else to the story or is, altogether too simply, described as a complete delusion by an entire Nation. I studied, from about the middle of the ‘90’s, anti-Semitism and Jewish History. Mostly in a casual fashion. I found some interesting bits of history that I couldn’t understand why they did not make it into the mainstream history books. I’ve also looked into these matters in Jewish history books too, at least to see what they had to say about it.

One of the things that struck me about the Jews is that they are not the Jews of the Bible. Only one strain of the Biblical Jews exists– they are called the Sepharadi –- or Spanish Jews. The Jews of the Ashkenaz –- or western Germany — are really of a tribe of people called the Khazers who converted, in mass, in the 8th century AD. The names are confusing because the Khazars are from the east, around the Black Sea, while the Sephardi are from the west in Spain.

They had migrated out of the east into Europe over the centuries and, to this day, many Jews agree about this origin [The 13th Tribe, by Arthur Koestler and The Sacred Chain, History of the Jews, by Norman Cantor] but the radical Zionists (Ashkenazim and very much in power now) dispute it all since it logically calls into question their supposed “ownership” of the Holy Land or Palestine.

Some members of the Sepharadic Jews hate the Ashkenazim because they feel that they give all Jews a bad name and are at the root of anti-Semitism. Ever hear anything about Gypsies (Roma) and how they go about making money? Well, the Ashkenazim Jew makes the Gypsies look like Donnie and Marie Osmond. These Ashkenazim had the power of Banking (with long division), engaged in white slavery with the Muslim world and generally did whatever they could to sucker the Goyim (they consider us as “cattle,” but try to say it really means “nation”). That’s why, often times, the whites went haywire on ‘em with pogroms.

To this day, the history books always blame the Crucifixion and the Blood Libel for this anti-Semitism and never, I repeat, never touch on these other reasons. Uncle Adolf just lumped ‘em all together — didn’t matter since most of the Jews in Germany were Ashkenazim, anyways.

It’s not just another religion, either. The Talmud, written in the Middle ages (except for the Babylonian parts picked up from Sephardic Jewry), has many devious, anti-Goyim statements. And it has enjoyed a resurgence with the Jew starting in the 1970’s. Although some things seem to have been changed such as the replacement of word Goyim with the Hebrew word (cuthanite) for Canaanite (which is curious because I do not know of too many Canaanite’s in the Middle Ages or in Babylon).

The Talmud states that Jesus was a False Prophet and who learned magic in Egypt and that Christians are Idol worshipers. According to them, Jesus is now boiling in a vat of excrement in Hell (Baleem). Jews cannot deny these things but they sure can accuse other religious writings to be anti-Judaic, such as in attacks against Catholic writings.

And these Ashkenazim Jews vigorously protect themselves from inter-marriage with outsiders, something they surely don’t care about in the Goyim, with all the promotion of interracial sex in the media. This, over the centuries, has made the Jew a separate, distinct and arrogant Race. They even admit as much.

Enough History. I could go on and on about it. It’s just amazing the degree of self-censorship and even out-right censorship that has occurred. This stuff can be found, however. Another thing–I have had a few Sepharadic Jews also tell me of some of this. These people are really the lone voices in the wilderness.

Anyways, my interest suddenly intensified in the first 6 months after 9/11. I had heard on the News that some Middle Eastern types were seen celebrating and “high-fiving” each other while video- taping the twin towers attack. Then this story somehow just disappeared down the rabbit hole. Turns out that these men were Israeli people sent expressly to record the event. This is true. It struck me, and should strike you too, that why would such a thing occur if the Israelis really are our friends at all. They were sent back to Israel and the whole story was classified by the Government. The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) then went into high-gear hushing this up. There are many other disturbing things about this story. I’ll spare you.

Then I concentrated my studies on how the Jews (Ashkenazim) actually think and operate. Did you know that the Jew does not have to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and other civic acts of loyalty? There is an actual US law that free’s them from it. Did you know that Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Czar has dual-citizenship with Israel? The Jew is first and foremost loyal only to other Jews and, of course the state of Israel. They have actually bragged about this in a book about how they have agents called “Sayanim” in the western countries that they can count on for help. Help that often times goes against the country they live in. I also know more about this too.

Also, they act in concert with each other, in ways that would shock us regular people. Dr. Kevin Macdonald, in a landmark social study, has shown us this incredible “group-think” mentality followed by the Ashkenazim Jew. He is now under fierce attack by the Jewish SPLC, seeking to discredit his legitimate scientific work, by calling him a anti-Semite– the usual course of action of the Jew when it’s time to squelch those that dare to question.

But let’s try, just for a minute, to imagine if all those named Smith in the world did things only to advance the Smith’s cause–no matter what–and all Smiths knew it was best to keep mum when it came to anyone else. These Smiths owned much of the news and had organizations ready to step in and silence any talk about the Smiths. And these Smiths even have a country, armed with nuclear weapons. You would really think twice now about Mr. Smith.

Have you ever even heard of AIPAC, the enormous American Israeli Public Affairs Committee? There is a spy case, involving them, that dwarfs that Scooter Libby trial plastered all over the News a few months ago. I bet you haven’t read or heard one thing about it. The News Media, ironically, is trying to squash the evidence behind the scenes!

And there is ample evidence of the Jew’s criminal efforts coming out of Israel. Ever hear of the Ecstasy drug rings run from Israel? Did you know the Russian economy was raped by the Jewish Mob shortly after Yeltsin? How about the underworld weapons traders who live nicely, by the sea, in Israel?

These are stories you will never hear about on the regular news.

These Jews are also behind this Illegal Immigration problem we are having– both in Business and in Liberal efforts. They are allowing this “Brown Horde” to advance the voting power of the Democratic ticket. They are allowing it to keep wages down. Many of the Corporate Insiders and Raiders in our country are Jewish and, unfortunately, many white Gentiles follow the lead of these Jews in destroying the economy of this country simply to make a buck. It’s a private joke to the global, Jewish Monied Elite.

And this Illegal “Brown Horde” will dilute the white person’s numbers in this country. Take a look at the state of Britain currently. Immigration has turned British whites into a seething but mostly silenced people. Do you ever hear anything about what is truly going on over there besides what the Queen did on holiday?

They’ve been behind the Black movement since the ‘60s. Did you know that Rosa Parks was a ACLU plant? They’re at the forefront, still, of this race-baiting and strife. They call it “tolerance” efforts and say the Jew is simply an altruistic person. I call it “Nation Wrecking.” That’s really what these people truly are: “Nation Wreckers.”

Take a close look at the leadership of the organizations that spear head the “secular-progressive” movement in this country like the ACLU, SPLC, ADL, Gay and Lesbian Alliance, etc. etc. Here’s a listing of those that helped to organize, for whatever reasons, the Latino Marches this last May Day:

Teaching Tolerance – Division of SPLC [Jew-run anti-White organization]

University of Denver Center for Judaic Studies

GLSEN-Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado

Gay and Lesbian Alliance

Jewish Mosiac: Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

These organizations are rapidly transforming us, indoctrinating the children in schools and colleges. You know this. You know of these outrageous “politically-correct” things that people such as Bill O’Reilly and Russ Limbaugh talk about time and again. But these “right-wing” talk show hosts will never touch the Jew because to do so would be career suicide to any of them. Still, these people will eventually be cast away like Imus.

Ever wonder about the how TV and the Movie industry constantly pushes the Liberal Agenda? You know, gay acceptance, interracial sex and that the religious white person is a “backwoods yahoo.” How about the increased levels of sex to begin with? Who dominates the Pornography industry? Notice, too, the none-too-subtle messages about the white man and how the minorities are the good guys. This is Liberal thinking promulgated by the Jew. And remember, historically, before the Wiemar Republic died in Germany, that homosexuality was openly celebrated in some of the Berlin nightclubs.

No, the Jew does not have full control of this country, but does control most of the mainstream media. He is not omniscient. Often times, the left hand does not know what the right is doing, such as in these blatant social engineering projects you see going on today. Many Jews have no concept of the big picture either. They just stick together, never criticize another Jew and go with the flow. Like you are doing right now.

But the Jew is very prone to bragging and things do come out. Sometimes you’ll read or see something and then later it’s “unavailable.” Also, the Illegal Immigration flood and homosexual rights movements have stirred people into thinking about these things.

Now, I’ll tell you what’s going on that has increased the tempo to the program. I did not want to give you this envelope. I debated for about a year to say anything at all to you. I thought that things would be pretty much be obvious after the next election and I would not have to spend much time on proving it to you. Think how difficult it is to convince you to wake up and then think how difficult it is to convince strangers. You’ll be called a NAZI. That’s the self-censorship implanted in all of us that has been so beneficial to their efforts.

However, since the Iranians have stepped up efforts to get a Nuke and are more advanced than what you have read, and because of all this 9/11 conspiracy stuff, the program has now become a matter of urgency in those quarters. The assaults on the First Amendment are far along. The “Hate” Crime Bill is clearly the slippery slope intended to one day silence the so-called “Hate” sites and even any Church that dares to protest homosexuality. It is only a matter of time before they shut down all avenues of Internet dissent. Already, they own the mainstream media. Besides this “Hate” crime bill, there’s a secret law (FISA) in the works to eavesdrop on your phone and email and within this country. This is far, far beyond any Patriot Bill. Your Constitution will be toast, my brothers.

Also, some of our Churches have bought into this support of Israel, and corrupted–possibly with money and support–to push the “Dispensationalist” or Armageddon theory. It truly insults me because of what I know on how the Jew really thinks of Christians in general. That and what they really think of Blacks brings new meaning to the word “Hypocrisy.” Wake up Christians!

Mel Gibson was right. Connect the dots. When I arrived at this conclusion I was in a daze, could not sleep or eat. I felt that I had woken up from the Matrix and wished to go back. But there was no going back. I had to face up to the awesome reality that the dam Neo-Nazi were right after all! That was the worse part. Figuring out what to say or do about it wasn’t real fun either.

There’s going to be another war within a couple of years, or so. In many ways we do not have much choice in the matter. The Israelis have the Bomb and the Iranian insists, too, on having it. I’m not much on them having one. I’m actually in agreement with the Israeli about that. So, why do I write these things about our so-called allies?

Because it’s more than just another war. It’s actually a war going on here, now. The fate of the US is being set for us and I will not go with the program. As for you, you can either ignore this, for now, and let whatever happens, happens or you can start talking about it openly. Maybe with enough people on to this we can do something.

I had thought the story of the Black torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom would make you angry –angry enough to see beyond the News Media’s lies of omission and then on to the underlying truths behind it. It seems, I was wrong that it would.

Now, if you have read up to this point, I do thank you. If you have not than I guess my words are not important enough for you to listen. What questions you may have I’ll try to point you in the right directions if I cannot answer them outright. Remember that this thing covers a lot of ground, both in history and in current events, and I only know some parts of it.

Shalom, My Brothers!
(INCOG MAN, May 2007)

Go to my series about why and how I think they are doing this: The “You Need To Seriously Consider…”

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105 Responses to »A Letter

  1. Louis from Montreal says:

    So, kerdasi amaq, according to you we are all, “automatic losers?” And this battle you write about on the spiritual dimension exists because you say so. You have proof of that? “What’s the point in not believing in God?” I would answer that, but I really do not wish to touch that nerve, but you can be sure I have my reasons.

  2. kerdasi amaq says:

    You want proof? you’ll have to find that for yourself, because you’ll never believe any “proof” that anyone gives you. War is not about bombs, bullets, tanks or guns; it’s about the determination(a spiritual quality) of the people behind the bombs, bullets, tanks or guns.

    Athieism is a jew invented wheeze to undermine societies based on beliefs in deities. When the Romans lost faith in their gods that’s when the collapse set in.

    Anyway don’t take it too seriously, I would take the athiest position to be, that the existence or non-existence of God is a total irrelevance to me and I would just get on with my life.

  3. Marshall says:

    In order to claim God doesn’t exist, you would have to be omnipotent yourself. 🙂

    I don’t think Revilo P. Oliver is that guy’s real name, because it’s a palindrome.

  4. Steven10 says:

    True! Sometimes I think Christianity makes most afraid to live and be truly Godlike. I know I can’t walk the walk. I just want to not be afraid of dying. Anyone know some one that has experienced death and been able to tell you the truth about it? Fighting against the injustice of Ziofarts is the most noble task you’ll ever undertake and that makes me feel Godlike.

    When the Ziofarts come to Nashville I’ll be there with a message. The Forgotten People…. the 66 million white christians that died in Russia.

  5. Steven10 says:

    Oh, and fuck Holder as well. That batsteer would look good on my wall too.

  6. Louis from Montreal says:

    The Jews must be laughing their asses off if their reading this. Here we are debating this issue which should be a personal thing. Do I think about my spirituality; Sure I do.
    Steven10; I had a near death experience where I was brought back. All I remember was this tunnel and a bright light at the end, and flying towards it at a really fast speed. Im not joking here folks! The first words out of my mouth when I came to were, “Why did you bring me back.” The doctors told my family that I must’ve been trying to kill myself, which isn’t true cause I have too much to live for and besides if I was going to do that I’d do something more purposeful, if you catch my drift.
    Anyway, I had more things to say, and I do intend on saying them, but I must take a leave right now cause something just came up which I must attend to.

  7. ultraR says:

    Gentlemen, hold your guns…
    Be we atheists or believers in Christ…, or pagans or whatever. Our main focus is awareness of them behind the actual state of things. What is the reason in forwarding dirt from one or more people that give a bad name to whatever faith some of us have?
    Does that in any way discredit faith? NO. Men are men, and organizations are made by men, and errors and infiltration occur, in the long run, those who work evil within any organization, are likely to be exposed and shunned. But whatever damage may have been done, the founding essence still holds true, and in that essence is where those who remain loyal to it, will find the light, the strength, the courage to keep on fighting against all odds.
    You may change the word “organization” for whatever you want, and the principle is the same.

    What is sad, is the amount of energy wasted in trying to “expose”(smear was my first option of wording) someone by means of stating the errors of a third party with the aim of discrediting what is held in high regard by he or she.

    Louis well said that what congregates us here is of more importance, and that spirituality is of the realm of each one with himself/herself and that which we may consider our creator. And off course that I am what I believe in, as I am my name. Because That is the founding essence and he/she that stands his ground defending that cornerstone is depositary of my respect.

    I find that certain accusations, are not honorable, and I resent that.

  8. Octocock says:

    “My first name, an obvious palindrome, has been the burden of the eldest or only son for six generations.”


    I’ll let you in on a little secret, Marshall. Octocock is not my real name either.

    One of the pitfalls whites have over other races is our endless capacity to overlook the obvious, especially educated whites. E.g., the universe wasn’t made for man, it’s only our narcissism that makes us think so.

    No one has our back; no one’s going to weep for us when we’re gone. There is no metaphysical help forthcoming.


  9. Bella says:

    They should all just fuck the hell off.

  10. Bella says:

    Say, did anyone hear about Cokeacola involved in gunning down locals? In some countries the stuff is used as an insecticide as its found to be cheaper. Also the owner (unmentioned in article or UTube) wears a crown with weasel on it & has a famous daughter-in-law. I wish Incog could take over the CIAYE.

  11. Bella says:

    Say, this is one heck of a good page! Is the 33rd the one were they take off the guys testicles, gather the blood in a grail, pass it around & take a swig & then the inductee is rewarded with more cash & power?

  12. Shalom? says:

    You’re the only white nationalist I’ve ever seen end a written communication with the word Shalom. In medieval times you would have been accused of Kikery. This crime was punishable by foreskin restoration.
    Father Laughlin says: 3 Hail Marys, 4 Our Fathers and one David Duke article will absolve thee of thine transgression. ShamWow, my brothers and Long Live Incogman!

  13. jews give me PMS! says:

    Very well expressed letter Incog. But why “Shalom”? Also “Did you know that Michael Chertoff, the Homeland Security Czar has dual-citizenship with Israel? A Czar is a Slavic emperor; Bulgaria, Serbia and Russia had Czars who fought against Turks and Jews, and whose empires have been blood letted for centuries. Please, do not refer to a Jew as a “Czar”. That is insulting to Russians, Serbians and Bulgarians. It is Jewish Americans from Russia who use these terms to confuse Anglo Americans. They did a good job, as during the entire time period of that hoax they named “the Cold War”, white Anglo Americans and white Western Europeans believed that those “Ruskis” are all dangerous, commie crap, an evil empire that was a threat to Amerika, and should be nuked, when in fact, the Russian people were under the terror and Orwellian Jewish controlled dictatorship known as the Soviet Jewnion. Call Chertoff (son of the devil in Russian), a boss, a head or anything else but not a “CZAR.” His tribe murdered the Russian Czar and his family. I would not be surprised if Chertoff’s own relatives were directly involved in murdering the Romanovs. That would explain the origin of his name.

  14. k says:

    I am new to this site and I wonder why most of these sites request a person e-mail address.

    • INCOG MAN says:


      The email business is only part of the site script. It doesn’t even show up to others and I never bother looking at it, let alone publishing it for others to see. If you have a website and put the address in the spot below, other people can click on your screen name and go there. If you are not using java, it will also ask you to put in some letter combo. This keeps spammers away.

  15. k says:

    I wanted to give my opinion to what I think of the web site “White Watch”, but I would’nt whant them to find out who I am. Did anyone else give this anti white site a piece of their mind?

  16. Count Cherep says:


    You can try using a bogus e-mail address to post comments where you don’t want to run the risk of getting spam e-mails. I’ve done that before and it worked. However, they’ll still know who you are by your IP address, unless you use an anonymizing proxy server, although you still wouldn’t be anonymous to the proxy, and who knows who runs them.

    Bottom line is, you can’t be totally anonymous on the internet, but we can’t be silent because of that. We may be damned if we do speak up, but we sure will be damned if we don’t.

  17. Stevil says:

    INCOG MAN, I’ve only recently discovered your site and after having read the letter to your brothers and watched a few of your videos and the comments sections I agree with you and share your concerns about the state of affairs we face today. Over the last few years I’ve tried in vain to wake my family and the few friends (I used to have) to whats going on but it seems they’d rather continue to be happy sheeple and watch Dancing With The Stars and the Negro Felons League. I’m gonna hang with you guys.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hi Stevil. I hope you become a regular here!

  19. Stevil says:

    Thanks for the welcome y’all 😉
    I usually don’t post a lot but I’ll be lurking like a stalking butler 😉

  20. GDL says:

    Keep spreading the truth Stevil no matter how many sleepy looks and schizophrenic fits you receive.


  21. Stevil says:

    Agreed GDL, dumb Israel and deport all the other parasites in America. I’m not optimistic about our future but maybe we have to hit rock bottom to fix this cluster fuck multicultural hell we’re living in.

  22. jennifer chen says:

    If people were smart-they would turn the walls they jews are building in Israel into a lunatic asylum for all jews. jews are criminally insane sociopaths-who are so past the point of no return-completely incurable. They need to be walled off so that they don’t destroy the entire world-The nukes they have are in the hands of lunatics-they need to be taken away from the jews-before the entire world is destroyed by nuclear radiation. The jews are the evil on this earth-evil and insanity are synonymous. If they are not dealt with as the evil insane danger to all life on earth that they are-all life on earth will be destroyed in a very short time. Israel should be converted from a nation of completely deranged homicidal/suicidal lunatics-to a mental hospital/insane asylum for all jews. If that does not happen-nuclear war will happen and then all hope for humanity will be lost-all life on earth will die.

  23. American says:

    “If people were smart-they would turn the walls they jews are building in Israel into a lunatic asylum for all jews. jews are criminally insane sociopaths-who are so past the point of no return-completely incurable. “-jennifer chen

    I agree, and have said this before, that Israel will be their prison.


  24. t bone says:

    Incog, I hope you read this.
    I read ‘a letter’ and most of it was very good. But 2 things that I found disturbing were:
    1.) you ended it with ‘shalom’…I cant understand why you would use a jew term like that.
    2.) It sounded to me like you support israel in having nukes. Why? Mine, yours and millions of other taxes are paying for their arrogant abuse of power and we will pay for these wars as well.
    I will never say ‘shalom’ and I will never support ANYTHING israeli. No offense but I would like to know the answers. Thanx.

  25. INCOG MAN says:

    Understood, t bone.

    I wrote the shalom crap to inject a little humor to my bros. The Iran and Israel nuke business is a brain hold-over from Jew propaganda about the Muzzies.

    I basically pasted in the whole thing as I wrote it back in the fall of 2006. I finished it and finally gave it to both on Mother’s Day, 2007 (I specifically chose the date). It’s here the way it was for my historical wishes.

    The only question I got is if they even read the damn thing.

  26. t bone says:

    Thanx Incog. I figured it must have been something along those lines. Other than those 2 items, I thought it was very good.
    BTW-this site is really great. I clicked on the ‘make it 80’ …on the left sidebar. It directed me to a movie on suberted nation called ‘jud sub’ from 1940 (German with subtitles-approx 90 mins.) which blew me away. People need to see this film. Its about one jew (oppenheimer) who corrupts a city. Amazing chain of events. I’m wondering if a lot of people know about it. If you havent seen it please check it out. Its that good.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      t bone: Yeah, I’ve seen it. I’m seriously thinking of running the video here as a post. I also did screen captures some time ago of the movie for use in the future. The Jews may call it “Nazi propaganda” but it really shows how Jewry corrupts from within.


  27. INCOG MAN says:

    Here’s the link to the movie if people want to watch it:


  28. t bone says:

    Incog, I hope that link will reach more people. Subverted nation is a good site but theres a topic called ‘the enemy within’ and to help express a point, he posted a rush video. Now geddy lee is a jew. The owner of the site seems to justify it by saying neil peart writes the lyrics. But I just cant watch a jew singing at me like that. I’m probably nit-picking but I feel strongly about it as well. I did comment about it but I dont think he read it yet.
    Anyway, I’m glad you posted that vid.

  29. I was recently a visitor at the SubvertedNation Blog and I read his letter how he stated he was the only blog out there that was entirely dedicated against the Jew(khazar)ZOG, etc, I let him know about this site immidiately and Ive not heard anything back from him. I just wanted to let him know he wasn’t the only one dedicated to eradicating world jewry and jewspys.


    Only one strain of the Biblical Jews exists– they are called the Sepharadi –- or Spanish Jews.

    I AM 1/4 Portuguese SEPHARDIC.
    Dont put this SHIT up here if you dont agree with it.
    And another things ASSHOLE:
    WTF do you think? Huh?
    I have my post up because I HATE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop persecuting MY bloggers with your BULLSHIT!

    ‘British Jews (often referred to collectively as Anglo-Jewry) are Jews who live in, or are citizens of, the United Kingdom. In the 2001 Census, 266,740 people listed their religion as Jewish.’

    You cant blame the fucking JEW in UK for this shit-it is ANGLO “Progressive” assholes.

    All of your rants against Beck and you watched NADA on what he said, just b/c he does not share your fucked up views in FAKEstine, the LYING, crying for NOTHING little fuckers.
    GROW UP!

  31. American says:

    I agree, madjewbag. FUCK ISRAEL!

  32. Alababa Bumba says:

    Mel Gibson sees it all and knows all about the shit that goes on in this world. He wants to expose as much as he can but the stinking censors shut him down. Mel sees the big picture. But “they” control so much. Shame.


    just take a look at the late, assassinated by mossad, Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe” and then find “The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of ZION” and read that.

    zioturds decry the PROTOCOLS as fraud, but to the lass asshole hasbarat, all of the khazar fake jews I know personally ENDORSE THESE PROTOCOLS TO THE LETTER!

    anyone with a working brain knows that these ashkenazi scum are responsible, thru their ROTHSCHILDS clan, including WARBURGS and ROCKEFELLERS and others,

    these lizard bastards love human suffering for profit. a reptile brain just loves gore and blood and senseless violence, especially if it renders PROFITS THRU DEBT USURY unto the rest of us GOYIM.

  34. shaunantijihad says:

    It’s a bit off topic, but I just discovered, thanks to the brave Jim Traficant, that Jews steal $30,000 per US citizen, per year, to send to Israel. It just gets added to your national debt, which you have to then repay, plus interest, to… the Jews who own the federal Reserve. Fuck me. What bloodsucking scum. I am also pretty sure they killed Kennedy for trying to rid the US of the Fed Reserve and re-introduce a debt free dollar, another topic for you to look into. You probably know all this anyway. I mean, this is like the bank borrowing money in YOUR name, keeping the cash, obliging you to pay it off, plus interest, or else go to prison, back to… the bank that fraudulently took out the loan… from itself! The incredible audacity of it boggles the mind!!

  35. Kate says:

    Incog, have you experienced gangstalking in any of your time reporting on this stuff?

    a lot of the info is bogus out here, but it does go on.

    we need a united charge against this stuff, harder to say were nuts or paranoid if we have proof.
    incidentally, something is no longer consider a disillusion if enough people believe it.

    funny how these whiney victims use FBIs cointelpro tactics, after all it was soooooo bad!


  36. toboldlygo says:

    every single person on Planet earth need to take responsibility for themselves for every single evil little kikeroach jew that draws breath.
    then and only then will we be rid of this vermin forever.
    I hope my 2 cents is not to extreme for this site.

    As my grandfather use to say

  37. Cris Cros says:

    https://youtu.be/PNJD0nnEtPkNext time we fight it’s side by side

  38. stu says:

    Dude you forgot to mention in the 4 dead in Wassua, Wisconsin article. It is the same town 6 deer hunters were gunned down by an Asian 12 years ago.

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