I, Viola Plummer… OK… a activist… a educated an EXTREMELY intelligent Black woman would not be so preposterously stupid

Some drunken Negro, Jiggiboo Jones, wearing an Israeli paratrooper T-shirt, eating fried chicken and drinking malt liquor; brags about how Blacks, Jews and Mexicans are now taking over America as scared, liberal Whites do JACK.

Typically angry and spoiled Negro waxes philosophic for his brothers. Says Whites are genetically inferior, yet obviously hates being born Negro. He also hates working and nervously suggests that Negroes should “just go out and take it.”

Two homo Negroes go at it in a Chicago Welfare office, while Negro onlookers love it. (deleted from Youtube).

White guy wanders into black neighborhood, gets beaten and stripped nearly naked. Recorded on cellphone video by the animals, laughing away. Make note the black women taking part. Why does the media hide this kind of thing? Because they don’t want Whites to get a clue!

Big titted fat Negress goes bonkers in store.

Hugely fat Negress goes haywire at car dealership

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