Jews, like these Progressive Jewish Alliance “PJ-Niks,” as they cutely call themselves, think it’s just wonderful to be out on a nice day protesting for the Illegal immigrants –it’s such a frolic! Say one thing against the destruction of America and they’ll furiously curse you as “Xenophobe,” “Nativist,” or their favorite, tiresome slander: “Nazi.”

White Americans, who once went to war against Hitler, have to listen to this BS and see our country turned to crap? Lousy, big-mouthed Jews have been pushing for non-white Immigration into this country since the 1920’s; openly out to destroy the White backbone of America and will end up ruining this country for everyone!

A real-life speech made by the former Governor Richard Lamm of Colorado to a stunned audience:

“I HAVE A SECRET PLAN TO DESTROY AMERICA.” If you believe, as many do, that America is too smug, too white bread, too self-satisfied, too rich, let’s destroy America. It is not THAT hard to do. History shows that nations are more fragile than their citizens think. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and then fall, and that “an autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.” Here is my plan:

I. We must first make America a Bilingual-Bicultural Country. History shows, in my opinion, that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two competing languages and cultures. it is a blessing for an individual to be Bilingual; it is a curse for a Society to be Bilingual. One scholar, Seymour Martin Lipset, put it this way:

“The Histories of Bilingual and Bicultural Societies that do not assimilate are Histories of turmoil, tension and tragedy. Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, Lebanon-all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not Independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with it’s Basques, Bretons, and Corsicans.”

II. I would then invent “Multiculturalism” and encourage immigrants to maintain their own culture. I would make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal: that there are no cultural differances that are important. I would declare it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic dropout rate is only due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Ever other explanation is out-of-bounds.

III. We can make the UNITED STATES a “Hispanic Quebec” without much effort. The key is to celebrate “Diversity” rather than unity. As Benjamin Schwarz¹ said in The Atlantic Monthly recently:

…The apparant success of our own Multiethnic and Multicultural experiment might have been achieved not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentrically, and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.

I would encourage all immigrants to keep their own language and culture. I would replace the melting pot metaphor with a salad bowl metaphor. It is important to insure that we have various cultural sub-groups living in America reinforcing their differences rather than Americans, emphasing their similarities.

IV. Having done all this, I would make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated — I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 50% drop out rate from school.

V. I would then get the big foundations² and big business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the Cult of Victimology.³ I would get all minorities to think their lack of success was all the fault of the majority — I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority population.

VI. I would establish Dual Citizenship and promote divided loyalties. I would “Celebrate Diversity.” “Diversity” is a wonderfully seductive word. It stresses differances rather than commonalities. Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other-that is, when they are not killing each other. A DIVERSE,” peaceful, or stable Society is against most historical precedents. People undervalue the unity it takes to keep a nation together, and we can take advantage of this myopia. Look at the ancient Greeks. Dorf’s World History tells us:

The Greeks believed that they belonged to the same race; they possessed a common language and literature; and they worshipped the same Gods. All Greece took part in the Olympic Games in honor of Zeus and all Greeks venerated the shrine of Apollo at Delphi. A common enemy Persia threatened their liberty. Yet, all of these bonds together were not strong enough to overcome two factors… (local patriotism an geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions…)

If we can put the emphasis on the “Pluribus,” instead of the “Unum,” We can balkanize America as surely as Kosovo.

VII. Then I would place all these subjects OFF LIMITS – make it taboo to talk about. I would find a word similar to “Heretic” in the 16th century – that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like “Racist,” “Xenophobe” that halts argument and conversation.

Having made America a Bilingual-Bicultural Country, having established Multiculturism, having the large foundations fund the doctrine of “Victimology,” I would next make it impossible to enforce our Immigration laws. I would develop a mantra –“That because Immigration HAS BEEN good for America, it must ALWAYS be good.” I would make every individual immigrant sympatric and ignore the cumulative impact.

VIII. Lastly, I would CENSOR Victor Davis Hanson’s book MEXIFORNIA This book is DANGEROUS it exposes my plan to destroy America. so please, please —if you feel that America deserves to be DESTROYED — please, please — don’t buy this book! This guy is on to my plan.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate withing that spectrum.” — Noam Chomskey, American Linguist and US media and Foreign Policy Critic.


Read it here

¹ A big-mouthed liberal Jew, naturally. And tell me: Doesn’t this whole speech say Jew supremacist† all over the place? The thing is almost like another “Protocols of Zion.”

² Foundations? Haven’t I been saying that’s one vehicle for the Jew supremacists, behind the curtain, in slowly changing this country over the years? This has been going on since the 50’s.

³ Race politics and the Holocaust Mythos. Note the part about “Racist” or “Xenophobe” as new words for Heretics. All Jew social engineering and media manipulations. Go to any Jew pro-illegal immigration site and you’ll see the SOB’s throwing those words all over place (see below).


This speech should well illustrate what Jewish supremacists in this country truly are: Nation wreckers! The Jew groups and Jew-funded groups like the B’nai B’rith, SPLC, ADL, ACLU, New York Coalition of Immigrant Rights, the Manhattan Institute, etc. etc. (all over the country– literally*) are all working to do exactly what Governor Lamm says in this speech. Do you see any other groups, besides a few liberals and some do-gooder churches, engaged in this kind of thing?

These people will brand you a “hater” if you have one dam thing to say about it! Even groups like FAIR, who support legal immigration, are now attacked by the Jew SPLC as “haters” because it they work to restrict illegal activity. Read more here. The Jews are THE common denominator to this mess and have always been so. They’re not only turning this country into a real Third-World cesspool but they’re also busy at work turning this country into a real-life police state to go right along with it!

For example, the AIPAC-corrupted Jew Congresswoman, Jane Harman, sponsored the legislation HR-1955 (now S-1959) which calls for Federal organizations and laws designed to shut up people who may be classified BY THEM as “Idealogical Terrorists.” Jews will yell and scream at us whites for “being racist” but they sure as hell can’t allow anyone do that about their activities in this country, anymore. No Sirree, Bob.

And check out this illuminating PDF from the social scientist Dr. Kevin MacDonald on all the efforts that Jews having been doing in the field of Immigration for almost a hundred years: Download it here! This guy is now being attacked by the SPLC (natch) for his social science work because the Jews can’t have this kind of talk going on! Save it (may not be accessable one day), print it out, read it and you’ll see who’s been behind it all from the very beginning.

Or the assessment of Vanderbilt University historian Hugh Davis Graham in his book: “Collision Course: The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America:”

“Most important for the content of immigration reform, the driving force at the core of the movement, reaching back to the 1920s, were Jewish organizations long active in opposing racial and ethnic quotas…

…Jewish leaders had been especially active in Washington in furthering immigration reform. To the public, the most visible evidence of the immigration reform drive was played by Jewish legislative leaders, such as Representative Celler and Senator Jacob Javits of New York. Less visible, but equally important, were the efforts of key advisers on presidential and agency staffs. These included senior policy advisers such as Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration, Maxwell Rabb in the Eisenhower White House, and presidential aide Myer Feldman, assistant secretary of state Abba Schwartz, and deputy attorney general Norbert Schlei in the Kennedy-Johnson administration…” (pp. 56–57)

And what’s more, these nervy Jews openly brag about all of this. Oh, sure, they use high-minded words like “humans are not illegals” and “how we all have to be color-blind and help those that reach our shores” etc. etc. But do you see them doing this same kind of thing in Israel? Like hell no! They won’t even allow any refugee Palestinians to return back to Israel nor black illegal Dafur refugees to stay! How’s that for some serious BS?

Here’s some Jew and brainwashed white lackey pro-illegal websites (below). When checking them out, note how they attack American Patriots like the Minute Men with their slanders about being “Racist” or “Nativist” all the time. It’s been a part of the whole Jew gig from day-one. These sites will be more than enough to totally piss you off about their openly traitorous behavior!

The Jewish supremacists have been doing whatever they can now for decades, to support illegal immigration of non-whites into America for the simple fact that they can’t stand the majority of us to be white Goyims! They’ve been an avaricious enemy to the very concept of America being a white Nation now for decades. Hence, they’re really the true “Haters,” despising us white Americans since many of them are working assidiously to turn all of us into a minority in our own lands. And that’s a fact!

–Phillip Marlowe

*Go to page 4 on this PDF: Jewish Vision for America to see a listing of local Jew groups working tirelessly in trashing this country through immigration. Although most of these people say they have good intentions, they are subconsciously attacking the White demographics out of internalized Jewish hatred of the Goyim and the usual Jew arrogance that they think they know better (Tikkun Olam).

Regardless of the Jew’s motives, this country will be destroyed. See the video “Immigration Gumballs” in my video section for a in-your-face look at what the future holds.

Jew Community Action for Immigration

Jew Group Immigrant Solidarity

Jew “Private Access” Tools For Pushing Immigrant Rights on this country!

American Friends Service Committee

NOTE! All the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists spoken about here are mostly from the Khazari tribe from southern Russia, who converted in the mid-8th century, AD. Not the true Israelites of the Bible. They’ve donned the cloak of Judaism yet retained ancient criminal and parasitic functions among the Gentiles. Over the centuries, their behavior has caused their host populations to rise up and throw them bodily out. This has happened about 79 times. Now, elements of them have control of important and powerful parts of America and other white Nations, as well as having their own stolen country in the Mideast that we’re now completely beholden to — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. We are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. interpreted says:

    I’m going to bed now, so no full rebuttal for you, but I just want to point out one thing – David Lamm is anti-immigration. He wants it reduced.

    He’s chairman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, for goodness’ sake. Their goals?

    1. Cut the Numbers
    2. No Amnesty or Mass Guest-Worker Program
    3. Protect Wages and Standards of Living
    4. Major Upgrade in Interior Enforcement, Led by Strong Employers Penalties
    5. Stop Special Interest Asylum Abuse
    6. Immigration Time Out
    7. Equal Under the Law

    They’re funded by the Pioneer Fund as well; reassuring to see that they have the eugenicists and racists on their side: the Telegraph (who are fairly right-wing and anti-immigration themselves) call them ‘neo-Nazi organization closely integrated with the far right in American politics’.

    Yeah, Lamm’s made an argument, but he comes from YOUR SIDE:


    It’s like me writing an article saying: ‘hurh let’s massacre every1 from ethnic group X coz they’re inferior lolz’, and then pointing to it as an example of how much of a threat you White Nationalists pose to the human rights of everyone alive.

    In other words, your characterisation of the speech as another iteration of the [sic] ‘Jew Supremacists’ is less convincing than the forging of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    Come up with something a little more believable next time.

  2. LW37 says:

    This is true, but it goes so much deeper down the rabbit hole than this. You have to look at our government and WHY they keep letting in the illegals. Ever wonder WHY when 90% of us want the borders closed? It is because the agenda is to make the North American Union with Canada, Mexico, and America all as one. Our constitution will be gone and we will lose all rights as we are put into a 3rd world status. Who is doing this? A group called the Bilderburgers which are made up of the bankers (Federal Reserve which are a private company who has been printing money for us since 1913 and loans it to out government at an interest rate and who controls EVERYTHING.) We have Rockefellers, political figures, Clinton’s Bush’s, The Queen of the Netherlands, Jews all over the place, oil tycoons, Prince Philip, Big business tycoons, the leader of IBM and many, many more who want to decide how we little peons are to be controlled.

    These people brought about the European Union and with the Asian Union, the African Union and the North American Union that they are pushing forward, they will have their 4 quadrants. They get those and take control, making the 4 into one. A one-world government with a single military and banking system. No democracy. A total world of a group of controlling “Elites” and the rest of us little slaves. The ones who are left to live that is.

    The reason the leaders keep doing these terrorist attacks is to scare us into accepting more governmental control. This has been done by leaders since the beginning of time to control the people without it looking like they are taking control. They do it saying it is for “your own good.” Look at the world now. It has become a huge police nation, with our police being miliatarized. They are told to go out and cause ‘Post Tramatic Stress Disorder’ instead of getting it themselves. Our CIA trained al Quaeda and the guys who were pegged as the highjackers of the 9-11 planes. Most attacks can be traced back to our own government, and it is the people who make the money or who are in the “Elite” group who are controlling the government. They are in this for control, since they have had all the money they have ever wanted. It is a game to them, and what they want to do is worse than I will go into here.

    Look up the Bilderburger group, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Freemasons, the Bush family, the 13 bloodlines, and if you can study this you will understand what is really going on. It is worth it to be informed, because it is all true, documented, and worse than you imagine. You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to be informed and educate others, because that is how they are slowed down-by opposition and an uprising. It will not be worth it to live in a total tyranntical nation, though we are getting there fast.

  3. VivaSocialismo says:


    Is it too much effort to write out the extra five letters, esp. as you insert two more in their place?

    Would someone please do me the courtesy of expounding upon why, exactly, communism is so bad? I don’t want to hear about the evils perpetrated by pseudo-communist governments, I want to be informed of why you believe that the economic theory is so poor.

  4. incogman says:

    Communism was born out of the Jew created Bolshevik revolution in Russia.
    Jews are natural Marxists and Commies. As such, you commies are suspect, to say the very least. More people were killed by you evil commies than by Nazis, by far. Would you accept these extra 3 letters: SOB?

  5. interpreted says:

    So, Incogman, are Jews in charge of all finance, or are they communists, or are they terrorists, or what?

    It seems like you’re just using a scapegoat for whatever issue you wish to rant about du jour. Hardly surprising.

    Also, obviously you missed it – David Lamm is one of you. He made that speech as a (fairly poor) satire and straw man of what his opponents say and want.

  6. incogman says:

    I would comment on interpreted’s comment above. But that would not be fair since I will delete anything more he says because of his behavior in other threads where he only looked for anything to goad me over.

    I never attacked his Romani heritage and allowed him his say. Yet he still looked for ways to get under my skin. He’s outta here. And if I have to turn off comments to stop him and his little friends, then I will. These kind of people look for anyway –that they can– to get to you without addressing the issues because, well, because they CAN’T!

    But let me take this moment to say one thing. The Jew wants you to think I’m nothing but what THEY term me –as in “hater,” etc. etc. They feel they get to decide all this in their infinite wisdom. They have a thing called Tikkun Olam which means “repairing the world” but actually means deconstructing it first. They hide behind the computer and trash any Patriotic American who holds contrary views to the way THAT THEY insist for us to believe. If not, then they instinctively label you, attack you and slander you with their anti-White descriptions like Bigot, Nazi, Nativist and Xenophobe, etc etc, ad naseum.

    I’ve never belonged to the KKK, Nazi groups or anything except the cub scouts about a million years ago. But the conclusions are inescable, anymore. Just look at all of the facts out there now:

    1) Supporting Immigration of non-whites into Western countries.
    2) Their historical efforts and desires for a one-world governance = NAFTA, North American Union and NWO.
    3) The race efforts that have created a climate that insulates and protects their on-going activities. Groups like the ADL and the SPLC make it their job now to attack white people and their beliefs anywhere, anytime. Even singing Christmas Carols or displaying the 10 commandments yet the Menorah is OK.
    4) Efforts of them to censor us, like they did to Canada.
    5) Their religion calls for this whole dam thing. It does indeed.
    6) Economic control thru the Fed and International Banking.
    7) The Israel Lobby’s manipulations of our politicians and political process in DC and across the country.
    8] Neocon power, Israel-Firsters and Pax Americana gambits against Israeli enemies.
    9) Media control and Hollywood brainwashing like in the on-going race-baiter anti-white movies, anti-Christianity and pushing interracial sex on whites.
    10) 9/11 involvement of the Mossad in conjunction with corrupted gentiles in the CIA and the Bush administration.

    Ten quick reasons for any thinking, concerned white to look into this subject, at the very least! Just do that. That’s all I can ever ask.

    I’m tired of these people trying to tell us what to do all the time and hiding behind race and that dam Holocaust to get their way with us. And then acting all high and mighty about it while they do it. They’re unraveling this country one strand at a time.

  7. jedberten says:


    After More than a Month of Hard Work, I Finally Have Good News Can Finally Be Shared With You Concerning our 160 Video Archive. This 25+ Hour Collection of Informative Videos in Our Zionist News Archive Has Been Rescued Intact and Complete Despite Zionist Attempts to Destroy Them and Our Freedom of Speech. Youtube Seems to Have Cooperated Totally with the Enemies of Freedom During This Rude and Anti-American Scene of Zionist Hatred and Bigotry.

    These People Who Censor Persons Not Like Themselves are Extremely Dangerous and Anti-American. They and Their Subversive Tribe Own the NY Times, Washington Post, thousands of other Newspapers, Radio, and TV Properties. They Selfishly Demand their Freedom of Speech be Protected by All of Us. However, Their Activities Reflect that They Are Terrorists Who Are Free to Conspire Inside Our Gates.

    These Terrorists of Zionist Evil Will Defend a Zionist AIPAC Supporter like Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Yet, When It Comes to Non-Jewish Reporters and Journalists Such as Frank Weltner and Jew Watch News, they Are Noticeably Silent.

    They are the Selfish and Quite Bigoted Goons of Zionist Racial Hatred Which Their Newspapers and TV News Studios Express Almost Daily Against the far Vaster Majority of Non-Jews in this World.

    Fortunately, They Have Lost This Round of Hatred.

    We Are Presently Restructuring and Uploading Our Entire Zionist News Collection… Evidently, Our Electronic and DVD Backups Proved More Than Adequate to Insure Our Success.

    We Promise We Will Never be Silenced by Their Zionist Hate Whether in Tel Aviv, Washington, or New York.

    We Are Presently Working on New Videos Which We Shall Display Right Here on a Regular Basis Starting This Week.


    “I Will NEVER Be Silenced by Zionists and Their Communist Relatives Who Started and Ran the USSR. Right Now, They Are Repeating Here What they Did in Russia.”

    Frank Weltner

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