Warning: Reading This Will Turn You… Into Me!

Warning! Should you click on the “Read the rest…” button below and go on to the list that follows, you’ll be taking the Red Pill and will wake up from the Matrix World and never be able to go back. A few things may even get you waterboarded or even wacked – should you dig too deeply into them.

100 top stories (below) that the major American news corporations must avoid covering – if at all possible. But if they do, it must only be in limited, very careful ways (no talk about Jews ever allowed). Thinking about these things will give you a major head rush. Keep in mind, when reading them, that you’d agree each and every one would be a giant story in any really free country. The conclusions are inescapable, anymore: This country is living the BIG LIE — big time.

I only touched a few of the more interesting tidbits to 9/11. There’s enough lies, omissions and distortions for an entire separate post, all to itself. I will add to this particular post as time goes on. Feel free to give me any news that deserves to be listed here – that’s not covered by the national news.

Knowing these things will give you a whole other perspective to the daily garbage that the media feeds you. All the useless stories about Britney Spear’s kids and the missing white wife of the week — all of that simply pales in comparison. It’s plain that such brain-dead TV fodder is to lull the American populace into a complacent, sleepy-like state, while dumbing us down.

The more you think about these things, the angrier you’ll be. Not only that, but the whole concept will make one dizzy over the ramifications of such a thing taking place in this country. Yeah, everybody thought we were in the land of the free and all– but the media ignoring these kinds of things makes it the Matrix world — for real!

All of these can be researched and are mostly provable with just a modicum of effort (and plenty of disagreements, I’m sure). But if you do seriously look at any of them –you may just come up with a few yourself, along the way. Warning: messing with this kind of stuff means “taking the Red Pill” and is not at all, reversible!

Here’s the list of the top 100 stories that “our brave media” has done everything possible to ignore (including the so-called History Channel). Remember, when you read each, think about why you’ve hardly seen much or anything about any of this in the media and why. None of this is in any exact order, just read it:

1) The NAFTA I-69 Super Corridor (mega highway and rail) is being built from Mexico, through the Midwest and into Canada. Everybody in Texas and Oklahoma knows all about it. The rest of the country doesn’t. Read more here

2) Rudy Giuliani’s law firm is handling the paper work for this NAFTA highway and foreign (Spanish) construction companies are building it. Rudy and his pals are all part of the game.

3) The North American Union and all the stealth initiatives in bringing this about (target date 2010). Oh, it’s quite real, alright. They want people to ridicule it as mere “Conspiracy Theory” –just like 9/11– because it obfuscates reality. But any research will easily prove otherwise.

4) The Amero — the new replacement to the US dollar. Coming soon enough by the looks of things going on with the economy and the dollar. Think about that.

5) The Constitution will be completely rewritten when the US merges with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union (scheduled for 2010-2020 time frame). Certain laws are even now being rewritten and Constitutional Conventions (CON CONS) are in the works. After 2025, being an American will mean really nothing.

6) The real reason the Southern Border was never fenced or guarded worth a damn, contrary to all of Bush’s promises, is that it’s because its always been a giant MOOT point. ICE raids and Chertoff tough talk, as of late, are nothing but PR efforts for media consumption. The current crop of presidential candidates know all this, too. Hillary even has a Bush liason person on her campaign staff to keep the Globalist lies straight. DHS Lies about the Fence

7) The racist, anti-White La RAZA is being funded with corporate and US tax dollars. This group loudly trumpets it’s goal of taking over the entire Southwest and calling it AZTLAN. LA RAZA GIVEN MILLIONS IN TAX DOLLARS PEPSICO FUNDS LA RAZA

8] The Bin Laden family’s business involvement with the Bush family down through the years, including the Carlyle group and Bush’s Texas Gubernatorial campaign. Read more here Or anything on the connections of the Bushes, the CIA, Pakistan’s Intelligence services (ISI) and the 9/11 hijackers. One ISI General, Mahmoud Ahmad, was proven to have wired Muhammed Atta (pilot of the first plane to hit) at least $100,000.

9) The so-called “spokesman” for Al Qaeda is Adam Gadahn (or Azzam the American), but he’s really a Jew named Adam Pearlman and grandson of a prominent Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) board member, Carl Pearlman. You think they’d let some punk Jew speak for them or even live? Many believe he’s actually a CIA or Mossad operative, as part of a giant “PSYOPS” gig on the American public to bolster paranoia.

10) All the 9/11 hijacker’s real identities. Some of the named individuals are still alive. Muhammad Atta actually had an American girlfriend and liked to party hardy. He even went to Vegas twice. His father insists he received a phone call from him on 9/12.

11) The 5 Dancing Israelis: They were first seen celebrating within 15 minutes of the first tower being hit when no one else knew if it was an accident or not. Evidence such as maps and documents seized, when arrested, showed them as having advance knowledge of 9/11, the targets that day and all this has since been classified by the Federal government. At least 2 have been shown to be Mossad. Read my 9/11 blog post on this. Or read this here

12) They were over 80 security films from the Pentagon 9/11 crash, that were classified by the Department of Justice after 9/11 with no explanations given other than possible evidence for the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui (now over), or completely spurious reasons like “copyright issues” like in the Kennedy/Zapruder film. Read more here

13) “Put Options” trading on Airline, Morgan Stanley and Insurance stocks actually did occur in numbers beyond mere happenstance in the week before 9/11. Israelis were involved and the major purchases were made in Toronto, Canada and Hamburg, Germany through a financial firm said to be owned by former CIA Executive Director “Buzzy” Krongard. Those behind all this have been excused and sheltered by the SEC, FBI and the 9/11 Commission as “not capable of knowing in advance.” All of the information has been rendered impenetrable.  Read more here

14) Technically, it’s virtually impossible for any cell phone calls to have been made by the passengers aboard the doomed 9/11 flights at more than 8,000 feet. Only seat-back or Airphones could have been used, yet Flight 77’s aircraft was proven not to have any seat-back phones when Barbara Olson supposedly called her husband Ted Olson, to tell him that Arabs had gained control of the plane using box-cutters. Read more here

15) The last three minutes of the cockpit voice recording from Flight 93 had only the sounds of fierce wind blowing and no human voices. Feds refuse to release it to the public and only allowed surviving family members to hear it once, without letting them to write anything down. The one possible cell phone call that the government refuses to talk about, came from passenger named Ed Felts in a toilet as Flight 93 was close to the ground, a minute or two before impact and his death. He said there was an explosion and the sounds of rushing wind could be heard in the background.

16) Pennsylvania locals insist there was a second crash site to Flight 93 about 6 miles away that was quickly closed off to the public by FBI and still denied to this day. A returning F-15 pilot reports that he was told by his superiors that a plane was shot down that day. Seismic data also recorded that the crash of Flight 93, was three minutes later than what the official US government timeline maintains for the impact.

17) The Director of Homeland Security, Zionist Michael Chertoff, once represented a Jew, Magdy Elimir, implicated in a insurance scam involving al-Qaeda finances and stopped the investigation and prosecution of him. He also allowed a Mossad operation called the Art Students, as well as the Dancing Israelis to go free and return to Israel. Chertoff appears to be intimately involved in the real power matrix and the 9/11 plot.

18] Michael Chertoff’s last name means “of the Devil” in Russian. He’s a dual-citizen of Israel and his airline stewardess mother was an early agent for the Mossad. Read more here Last year, he gave 19.6 million dollars (out of the 24 million earmarked for US civilian Homeland security efforts), to private US Jewish organizations.

19) The Pentagon comptroller and super-Zionist, Rabbi Dov Zakheim’s missing 2.3 trillion dollars was reported by Rumsfeld on 9/10/01. That’s right, on a Monday, the day before 9/11. This is way more than “Black Projects.” It appears partly a massive turn-over of military equipment to Israel, totally illegal and unbeknown to any public accounting (GAO). Read more here

20) There are indeed such high-tech devices as remote-control airplane guided equipment, already installed on many passenger jets, totally capable of take-offs, landings and everything in between. Rabbi Dov Zakheim once headed part of the company that made this equipment. Read more here

21) Distinct proof of Nano-Thermite explosive residue has been found in the dust of World Trade Center by the USGS. Recently (4/09), a team of 9 scientists proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt, using modern spectroscopy and issued a peer-reviewed scientific paper. Read more here

22) The Federal Reserve System is really a collection of NY banks controlled by private unknown stockholders, but said to be at least 70% foreign JEW banks. It’s been ruled a privately-owned business by a federal judge in a liability case. The Fed has basically owned this ENTIREcountry, lock, stock and barrel since December of 1913. That same year the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Rockefeller Foundation and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) are formed, coincedentally or suspiciously enough. Read more here

23) Personal Income Taxes have zero basis in the Constitution, nor has there been any laws passed by the Congress. Court cases have been based solely on a few Judge’s decisions over the years. Your personal taxes go exclusively to the interest on the National Debt (i.e. the privately-owned Federal Reserve banks). So, about 3 months a year of your life is technically wage slavery to publicly unknown people who own stocks in the banks controlling the FED. The few government people appointed by the President to supposedly oversee it all, are not beholden to the Congress (or you) whatsoever.

24) Just who are real majority stock holders of the Federal Reserve banks? Why has the History Channel completely ignored the 1913 creation and the secret Jekyll Isle meeting? How about that statement from Wilson (shortly before his death) about signing away this country’s democracy to unnamed people? Many of these people are a secret group of rich and powerful, Globalist Zionists — English and American Jews — whose association dates back to the 19th century and even before: The Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Harrimans, Feres, Lehmans, Kuhns and Loebs. These people, combined with crypto-Jew Rockefellar and Kissinger, are the major US component and engine for the elitist, Transnational Globalists — your real rulers. Read more here

25) John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order #11110 only 5 months before his assassination, to create silver-based government currency issues, which would have seriously compromised the authority of the Federal Reserve — and the real powers behind that and Israel.

26) Bordergate: Drug shipments, up from Mexico, were discovered in organized rail shipping and cleverly hidden in empty tanker cars. A Customs Inspector, Darlene Fitzgerald, was pressured to discontinue her investigations into all this by her supervisors. Read more here

27) Bordergate: Real “Mexican Stand-offs,” with rogue (or not) Mexican military units and our weakly-armed Border Patrol agents, while they help drug operations cross over our southern border. There’s been several out-and-out gun-battles ignored by the mainstream press so Americans don’t become concerned.

28] Massive cocaine shipments were once landed into an airport in Mena, Arkansas by the CIA, when Clinton was governor. The money from this operation supplied the Contras and other CIA gambits and may still be going on, elsewhere (see #26). There’s also said to be audio tapes of George H. W. Bush, Sr. discussing Iran-Contra and drug running, recorded by an Israeli named Amaran Nir, Terrorism Consultant to former Israeli PM Shimon Peres. Here’s a recent CIA/Jew Mafia Drug Run

29) A former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, says she uncovered evidence of a multi-billion dollar criminal drug operation, with connections to 9/11, and it all goes back to a nucleus of the same people. She also says that the State Department is totally corrupted. She’s been completely muzzled by an unprecedented court order to prevent her from testifying in front of the American Congress itself. Read her website here

30) Former President George H. W. Bush’s dad (Dubya’s Grandad) business connections to the Nazis and concentration camp slavery during WWII. Although officially he had only one share of stock in the Union Bank, he sat on the board of directors for unknown reasons.

31) The Peter Paul videotape of Hillary Clinton discussing an illegal campaign contribution scheme over the phone. They have so much on the Clinton’s that any deviation from their plans can quickly be silenced by “press revelations.” Read more here

32) President Clinton warned Monica Lewinsky to shut up their sexy phone talk because it might get recorded by a “foreign government” (thought to be Israel). This received one lousy paragraph buried in the Starr Report. Lewinsky was undoubtedly a Mossad “Honey Trap,” that was blown by Linda Tripp. Read more here

33) President Clinton during all this, orders the FBI to cease investigations for a Israeli mole or spy, code-named “Mega,” which was the point to begin with. But this was way before Linda Tripp spilled the beans about the whole Lewinsky sex affair in such a way that couldn’t be ignored by the media.

34) Many Intelligence insiders think that Scooter Libby was the famed Mossad mole “Mega” while working at the State Department. His real identity remains unknown to the public to this day.

35) The Starr investigation of Clinton and Monica cost the US taxpayer’s 60 million dollars, but the 9/11 Commission report and investigation only cost a paltry 15 million.

36) Scooter Libby’s State Department good buddy, Paul Wolfowitz, was once arrested in 1979 for providing a classified document to Israel through AIPAC (in 1978). The case was later squashed by Reagan’s White House people. He was also discovered promoting the export of the classified AIM-9 missle to Israel.

37) There’s a highly secretive, murderous organization — said to be splintered off from the CIA — called COREA, based in Hamburg, Germany, involved in international drug and arms smuggling such as the Iran-Contra affair. They are now used by the regular CIA for “special things” and are closely involved with the Red Mafiya (Jew Gangsters).

38] Who are the secretive Bilderbergers and what is the full story on their little yearly shindigs? Can you say “One-World Government Think Tank for the Globalists?” Read more here

39) What’s the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and why do so many government and media people (even Barbara Wawa) belong to it? They’re the ones behind all the North American Union efforts. The Council of Foreign Relations was formed by Paul Warburg and Col. Edward House, the crypto-Jew, close adviser to President Woodrow Wilson who pushed Wilson to sign the Federal Reserve Act on 12/23/13.

40) The Mossad’s evil motto is: By Deception, Thou Shalt Make War.

41) Congress, in 1991, votes in the Declaration (US Congress, HR 104 Public Law 102-14) that states America wasfoundedon the 7 Noahide Laws of Judaism (Orthodox Jew stuff that makes you a second class citizen to the Jews). Efforts are underway to introduce Talmudic law or to even rewrite all of our laws to reflect the Noahide way. Will this be done when the North American Union is finally created (see #3)? Read more here

42) Bush’s Presidential directives now completely bypasses the US Constitution and give him or any future President, Dictatorial powers, if so desired. This includes declaring Martial Law on his own and throwing out Habeas Corpus, considered a fundamental right in America!

43) Both George Bush Sr. and Jr. attend yearly get-togethers at the Northern California backwoods retreat called The Bohemian Club, along with several hundred of the world’s movers and shakers such as Henry Kissinger and other Council of Foreign Relations members. There they attend a strange little ritual, give speeches to one another and engage in other unknown activities.

44) In 1979, the US mainstream news talked incessantly about a Illionois Nazi named “Frank Collins” and his fight to march in the predominately Jew town of Skokie, Illionois. A Jew ACLU lawyer “bravely” defended his free speech rights. After all the brouhaha, he was caught in a act of pedophelia and sentenced to prison. Then it was discovered that he really was a Jew to begin with! He now publishes new ager books under the name Joseph Cohen. The Skokie business kick-started the contempory Holocaust schmeil.

45) The Department of Justice (FBI) ordering local police jurisdictions and State police to classify all Latinos and Arab criminals as white. All Latinos and Arab VICTIM stats are to remain. This narrows the gap between whites and blacks on the criminal stats to make blacks look better. This is a willful skewing by the government for social engineering reasons.

46) The country of Zimbabwe has now confiscated almost all land belonging to Whites and the country is bankrupt and on the verge of mass starvation due to no one farming the land. The last White farmers are now leaving. Read more here

47) Whites in South Africa are now increasingly targeted for murder, robbery and rape by blacks because they often get away with it. Over 3,000 White farmers have been murdered in the last 10 years (over 50,000 nationally). Nelson Mandela actually chants a song about murdering white people at public events, right in front of Whites. This is totally ignored by the American press, which supported the attacks on apartheid, and ignores the same kinds of things about Israel. Read more here

48] Black-on-White “Hush Crimes” like the Knoxville torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and so many others. Look up the Wichita Massacre and see my post on such crimes for 2007. Read more here

49) 90% of ALL interracial crimes committed, are of Blacks against Whites. Blacks are over 17 times more likely to kill a white than the other way around. Read more here

50) In the year 2005, DOJ reports that over 100 white women were raped or sexually assaulted, everyday, by black men versus somewhere between 0 and 10 white men sexually assaulting black women over the course of the entire year. Read more here

51) The government has secretly promised telecommunications companies not to prosecute or get sued for allowing them to spy on any and all American citizens freely. This is being done, right now. Read more here

52) The Israeli funded and based telecommunications company COMVERSE INFO systems and the back-door, Artificial Intelligence (AI) spying that the Israelis do with this installed equipment on our entire nation — US government included. Read more here

53) How about the real secret fear of the Israelis over the Iranian nuclear plants? No, not so much making a real nuclear bomb, but being able to manufacture “depleted uranium” (DU) tank shells which can kill an opposing tank from twice the distance. This will render moot Israel’s tactical superiority over the Syrians. Also, making low-tech “dirty bombs” (lethal, radioactive dust). US Forces greatest ground asset was the DU shells, which may be extremely dangerous to the environment and soldiers in the field. The media has been ordered to stay away from the topic.

54) Man-portable, backpack-sized mini-nuclear bombs do exist and our Navy Seals have practised with inert, mock-ups of them. A mock-up was once temporarily lost in Norfolk, VA by drunk Seal team members and caused a secret, short-lived hullabaloo.

55) Passports now contain a radio-frequency identification chip in the spine. Some people are seriously suggesting Humans to have RFID implants –- just like pets -– for various security reasons and children safety issues. Are you “Me,” yet?

56) A bio-metric (fingerprints probably), US Identity card will be mandatory for all States to institute by May of next year. You will not be able to fly (and much more) without having one. This is just one step away from #55 above.

57) Black box voting machines can easily be rigged to change your votes. There also a suit going in Ohio about Bush’s 2004 election results being tampered with (but on the paper trail). Read more here

58] A grandmother, Bev Harris, stumbled across an unsecured FTP site on the Internet that contained the original source code for Diebold electronic voting boxes. She downloaded everything and then had computer experts look at it, where they discovered hidden back-doors that could easily be accessed to change the votes. Diebold was a big contributer to Bush’s campaigns.

59) What private, big New York money finances the Jewish Institute of National Security and other Jew Neocon groups pulling Washington and the Pentagon’s strings? What’s their motives in all of this (Israel)? Do you know that Jew Wall Streeters finance a slush fund for AIPAC (American Israeli Political Affairs Committee) approved candidates?

60) The increase in US blackmail to Israel is now upwards of 10 billion–up from 3 to 5 billion. Some say, with good reason, it’s 15 billion yearly. Some of it might be a bribe for them not to use the bomb in the Mideast or maybe even on us (the Samson Option). Read more here

61) US Aid to Israel (blackmail) figures from 1949 to 1996 show that for every dollar a black African received in yearly US Aid, we gave Israel the equilvelant of $250 per Israeli. That’s now to be doubled! In fact, the US could have bought each Israeli family a car for all the money we’ve given to the country up to now. Israel refuses to tell us how they spend the money we give them. Some of it probably comes back here as bribes without us even having the slightest idea. Read more here

62) American Orthodox Jews have a special tax on foods in your grocery store called the “Kosher Tax” and runs in the hundreds of millions of dollars for their religious people to sit around and study the hate speech-filled Talmud. You are easily paying well over $200 a year or maybe even more, to bearded old men, who are literally praying for the day you can be enslaved by them. Read more here

63) Israel actually has laws on it’s books that say Israeli police can come after you in the US if you commit a crime on a American Jew or on his property. As for now, the Jews respect our laws. Read more here

64) The Jews have a Talmudic Law Institute in the US, that’s expressly dedicated to finding ways of quietly incorporating Talmudic (not the Torah) law into US law. Now imagine if the Catholics or Protestants did something like this? A dinner was hosted in the Supreme Court building by Antonin Scalia for 200 Jews to celebrate the opening of this institute. Read more here

65) Palestinians are sometimes purposefully run over by Israelis bulldozers, when demolishing their homes and a young female American protester was also killed this way (Rachel Corrie). Read more here

66) Any of the racist, apartheid policies of Israel towards Muslim and Christian Palestinian Arabs living within Israel. The World Bank (1 million a mile of your tax dollars) is financing a huge wall being built to turn their towns into ghettoes, just like the Nazi once did to them. Israelis also have separate roads that Arabs cannot use. Compare all this to the wall Bush promised on our southern border. Read more here

67) The Jewish settlement projects are built on the best land of what was once set-aside for the Palestinians on the West Bank. American Jews are helping with money. The West Bank will never be under true Palestinian control. The Israelis are now building a 395-unit condo complex for American Jews in east Jerusalem, on land once dedicated to Palestinians. Read more here

68] The Israelis are illegally (UN law) constructing an entirely new 25,000 people city on the occupied Golan Heights named Qatzrin (or Katzrin) and located at the site of a supposedly ancient Talmudic center. Once again, “American” Jews are helping with the financing. Read more here

69) The Israelis are forcibly deporting thousands of illegal Black African immigrants, many fleeing the civil war in Dafur. They call them “infiltrators.” How’s that square with the Jewish ADL’s stance on illegal immigration into the US? Talk about utter hypocrites! Read more here

70) Ukrainian women are sometimes tricked into prostitution rackets (modern-day White slavery) and sent to Tel Aviv, Israel, by Jewish Russian Gangsters. There they are held against their will behind locked doors. 4 died when a competing Jew Pimp set one of the whore houses on fire. Read more here

71) Jewish Russian Mobsters were once busted making pornography and real SNUFF (as in murder) films using children illegally adopted from Catholic Orphanages in Italy. It was heavily reported on in Italy, but the whole story was purposefully ignored in the US.

72) Some Rabbi Mohels (Jews who perform ritual circumcision) clean the bloody, circumcised penis of newborns with their mouths. One was discovered to have passed sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) doing this. How freaky is that? Read more here

73) An eminent Italian-Israelis Historian, Ariel Toaf, spent 6 years researching, through Jewish and Latin sources, actual incidents of ritual Blood Libel that occurred in Italy during the Middle Ages. His controversial book “Bloody Passover” was pulled from shelves and burned. The author had documented Jewish sources, but modern-day Jews say it was only forced confessions through torture (when it wasn’t). Read more here

74) The March 26 birthday of the Rebbe Schneerson of the world-wide Chabad-Lubivitch Jews, is dedicated by the US government as “Education Day.” The Zionistic Chabadists are extremely powerful in Washington, DC and now have 70 world-wide centers — precisely the number of Goyim nations that their writings say is required to bring about the “Noahide” takeovers of White countries. Read more here

75) The Police in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California once raided the massive west coast offices of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and discovered intelligence dossiers for thousands of private individuals – whom the ADL was spying on – across the state. The next day, the Feds launched an assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, completely obscuring the story.

76) The British and Americans used phony documents to implicate Iraq in nuclear ambitions, called the Nigerian Yellow Cake letters. These were probably Mossad created “Teud,”or what they call forgeries and traced back to Rome, Italy from Washington Neocons. The British Downing Street Memo was also leaked and showed Anglo-British total BS reasons to go to war in Iraq.

77) Although much of the rest of the world knows this, the American public has been kept totally in the dark about all the oil pipelines now being constructed from Kirkuk, Iraq to the Israeli port city of Haifa. The US sent them a telegram offering to do this in return for unspecified help in the Iraq war. Jew 2003 News Article about it or overview: Read more here.

78] An Israeli Orthodox Jew immigrant to America, Asher Karni, once sold 200 medical devices, or “Spark-gap Ignitors,” to Muslim Pakistan which could easily be used as nuclear bomb detonators. Arguably, the most dangerous sale in American history, but the US media failed to mention who this guy really was (ABC mentioned the indictment, but did not say the perp’s name). Read more here

79) The story about the Israelis stealing (the Jew plant owner looked the other way) about 100 pounds of plutonium from a NUMEC plant in Pennsylvania and sending it back to Israel in small lead containers within diplomatic pouches, all under the eyes of FBI agents, who were ordered to do nothing.

80) The Israelis had a major laboratory contamination of Polonium 210, back in the late 50’s. This is the same highly radioactive material that agents for Russia’s Vladimir Putin are accused by the media of using to assassinate a man in London just recently, but neglect to mention Israel’s capability of making it nor the Israelis on-going efforts to smear Putin in the West.

81) How about just the simple fact of the Israelis having a nuclear bomb in the first place? Or the story of Mordaici Vananu exposing to the world this fact and how he was kidnapped on foreign soil (Italy) and bundled off to Israel for torture and solitary confinement for decades? Also, radioactive signatures were discovered emananting from the Israeli Consulate in NY, shortly after 9/11 by the USGS doing a survery. This, too, was buried by the media.

82) Elite Israeli Mossad agents often work hand-in-hand with US special forces in Iraq and Afghanistan but this is never mentioned in the US press. Several of the Abu Ghraib soldiers reported being under the control of Israeli “experts,” when they were implicated in the torture of Iraqis, but the media made sure to edit that out. How about the story of 6 female marines killed in Iraq in an 2005 ambush? Seems like the media would have been all over that one if it was truly free.

83) Two British Special Forces soldiers dressed in Arabic civilian clothing in Basra, Iraq, were captured by the Iraqi Civilian Police, with plastique explosives and sophisticated radio equipment. What they were up to remains unclear but the Iraqi refused to turn them loose. The Brits had to use tanks to free them from the Iraqi police.

84) Anything to do with AIPAC (American Israelis Public Affairs Committee) –even it’s mere existence is pretty much off-limits to any open press discussion (the Jew thing). Most Americans have never even heard of it and back in the early ’60’s the FBI tried to get them classified as a Foreign Agent (they are), which they avoided ever since by corrupting politicians. Read more here

85) How about politicians getting 10 times as much campaign money if they meet AIPAC approval, or maybe your opponent receiving that kind of support, should you vote on anything construed as negative about Israel? How about the media editorials about you? When politicians talk about campaign finance reform they really mean AIPAC reform. This is basically why we’re in Iraq, now.

86) Why hasn’t the media openly discussed the AIPAC spy case (outside of a few meagre, careful Washington Post articles)? This whole case has now been put on indefinite hold and the perps walk free. Read more here

87) How about the massive amount of spying done in this country by the Mossad over the years? Israelis and American Jews (basically the same) are caught all the time spying and given light slaps on the wrist by American justice. Israel even had a dedicated division called LAKHAM just for stealing US secrets (and probably still does). This American company was once contacted by some out-of-the-loop Israeli for technical/service help on a stolen piece of equipment! With friends like this, who needs enemies? Read more here

88] Some Jewish Synagogues in the US have large weapon caches, including automatic AK-47’s, in case the rest of America go crazy on their butts. These are called “Frames” and the Israeli Mossad (a foreign government) actually helped setting them up for these “American” Jews.

89) World-wide Jewish organizations, like the World Jewish Congress, declared war on Adolf Hitler’s Germany in 1934 before Hitler ever did one thing to Jews. This lead to extreme financial difficulties for Germany and eventually helped to propel Adolf into war.

90) Ethnic Germans were indeed massacred by Poles (possibly Jewish instigated) before Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. In the Bromberg massacre, some 300 or so Germans were herded into an alleyway by Polish soldiers and gunned down. A few brave historians estimate up to 5,500 Ethnic Germans were killed before Hitler invaded to put a stop to it. Some 3 million ethnic Germans were “ethnically cleansed” in forced-marches, murder and rape by the Czechs at the end of the war in 1945.

91) Why hasn’t the History Channel ever done anything on the blatant lies dropped in the Holocaust business over the years, like the lamp shades made from human skin hoax or the soap hoax? How about the concrete evidence that the actual number of Jew victims is really much less than the 6 million and likely as low as 1.5 to 2.5 million?

92) A sign at Auschwitz, Poland showing the total victims was quietly revised (1979) down to 1.2 million from the original 4 million, yet the total Holocaust victim total still remains unchanged at 6 million. The gas chambers shown to tourists were built after the war. And it was technically impossible for the Nazi to have cremated thousands of Jews a day. Read my blog post here about it Any historian who says anything about this, or anyone else for that matter, risks serious prison time in Europe and in Canada. And that’s coming here –you watch.

93) Why did the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal hang Julius Streicher who had absolutely nothing to do with any war crimes? Maybe, it was only revenge for what he dared to print about the Jew?

94) Rudolf Hess was incarcerated for all of his entire life and, like Julius Streicher, had absolutely nothing to do with any war crimes. He was a doddering old man when he was supposedly strangled in the Spandau Prison by two British Special Forces (SAS) members and witnessed by a Black American sergeant, just a scant month before his prison home was scheduled to be demolished.How cold is that?

95) Why hasn’t the History Channel ever done anything on the Balfour Declaration, the Zionist’s efforts to get America into WWI or of the Palestinians raped and massacred and run-off their land by these Zionists after 1948?

96) The Mossad was caught bombing various targets in Egypt in 1954, including American and British targets, in an attempt to involve us in a war with Egypt. Called the Lavon Affair for the Israeli Defense Minister who eventually was made the fall guy. Israel only admitted it’s responsibility in 2005!

97) Conclusive proof surfaced recently, from US surveillance tapes, that proved the government of Israel purposefully attacked an American Intelligence ship, the USS Liberty, during the 1967 Six-Day war, to either get us involved or to cover-up the on-going executions of Egyptian Prisoners of War, at a nearby camp. They knew exactly who they were attacking and lied about it for decades. Read more here

98] It was a Mossad operative who threw the grenade into the La Belle Disco in Berlin that killed two US servicemen and a civilian in 1986. A radio transmitter was placed by a Mossad undercover team in Libya to prove to US eavesdroppers that it was Libya who did it. This resulted in our bombing of Kadaffi’s palace killing his adopted little girl. This came to light in 1999.

99) The Israeli Mossad knew in advance (from eavesdropping on telephone conversations) about the planned bombing of our Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, but purposefully decided keep quiet and not to warn us about it. This resulted in the death of 241 US Marines when an Hizbollah truck bomb was blown up at the entrance. Jews do this kind of thing all the time.

100) They are literally thousands of Zionist Jews all across the globe, who have been contacted by the Israeli Mossad or other Zionist Jews and who have pledged privately, to give any kind of help at all to the State of Israel, regardless of the country they live in and who they are supposedly citizens of. Other than helping the Mother State of Israel, there is no special conspiracy. No secret handshakes or coded messages are required!

This help may never be needed or it may be next week in a big way. It may only entail a phone call, to look the other way at a certain time or it may involve a major real-estate purchase that somehow requires double-indemnity terrorism insurance, just in case two terrorist attacks occur on the very same day!

These people are called “Sayan,” or the plural Sayanim. They’re an invisible, gigantic spy or fifth-columnist organization of secret power that most white goyim know nothing at all about. Do a search on one of the biggest American Sayan to date: Larry Silverstein.

ZOG, may in fact, be more real than what you’ve ever believed. Scary, huh?

And here’s 25 more stories that you will not hear about on the mainstream news: Project Censored

25 Top Censored Stories of 2009


— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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36 Responses to Warning: Reading This Will Turn You… Into Me!

  1. Sick of it says:

    All of this is shocking. I knew a few things from reading before, but what is proposed for our country by 2010 is something I can’t fathom. When will America wake up and stop this? Can it be stopped? I know life on this planet will not be worth anything if these things happen. I am prepared to take myself out after taking out any people who try to make me give up my land, if what happened in S. Africa happens here. How people can hail Mandela if he sings about the death of whites is truly sick. It almost sounds like this chip in our ID that comes by May is a start to the mark talked about in the Bible. I am truly sickened about the things I read. I know you are truthful.

  2. Austin Price says:

    I find all of this very disturbing considering that the very people, federal government employees, on the front lines of our national security (Border Patrol, Customs, TSA), have no real Whistleblower protection when they identify first hand some of what is being described above. We are hoping that the House Judiciary Committee will at least look at cases like BorderGate where the government is actually crossing way over the line, and abusing the criminal justice system to SILENCE WHISTLEBLOWERS! Wrongfully jailed Whistleblowers like John Carman, and others, have no prayer for justice with INJUSTICE like this. Where is the “main stream” media in all of this??? They use to be the ultimate check and balance for our Government. Now, sadly, they are not. Our only hope is for organizations like the Government Accountability Project (GAP), The Project on Government Oversite (POGO), the No Fear Coalition and The Patrick Henry Center – all Whistleblower protection / government watchdog organizations, to become as strong as the government entities that they are watching. Currently the Whistleblower Protection Act (also known as the Akaka Bill, after Senator Akaka) sits idle at the Senate. Further, the No Fear Act two (2), additional much needed Whistleblower legislation, is currently waging it’s war to get passed Congress. This is, now more reason than ever, exactly why this legislation MUST BE PASSED! If this was in place now, there would be no need to hide in the shadows in order to speak truth to power. What we all need to do is to help these brave organizations get these bills passed, and subsequent future legislation to stop this kind of obvious retaliation and attempts to silence the very folks we need to be SUPPORTING! Alone we accomplish nothing. We need to LOCK ARMS with these organizations and speak with one loud clear voice – in the words of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    Austin Price, Attorney for
    Darlene Fitzgerald
    National Security Whistleblower &
    Author: “BorderGate, the story the government doesn’t want you to read.”

  3. patientman says:

    very true, putting in internet links to those points would help the lazier readers learn. as would chopping up the points into geographical areas. i think when people learn that events at home and abroad are intertwined in does ENLIGHTEN them. some people just assume that they have no influence abroad but in fact it is their tax dollars and silence that lets the jew have a free run in the world.

    it is very much a smoke and mirrors game but where there is smoke there is fire and the majority of muslims are in no doubt about who is doing what. unfortunately our juedo-christian heritage and WW2 brainwashing prevents us for seeing the chosen people for what they are : BRUTAL SUPREMACISTS (with a talent for travel and languages).

    once again…great article buddy, take care in the States, in Europe we wouldn’t sign with our names that’s for sure

  4. Scott Thong says:

    I have to agree with you on some of the things on your list, scratch my head at others, and roll my eyes at the rest…

  5. incogman says:

    How about putting up an example, Brainiac, that I can address?

    I just love it when someone makes some overarching comment that has no real meaning since he’s too gutless to point to a specific point. Looks like someone’s thong is jammed too tight and is affecting his brain.

  6. incogman says:

    I was just thinking. That Scott Thong guy’s comment really irks me. I’ve looked into all of these things and have read both sides of them. If the SOB has the guts to come back and can bring up one dam thing, I’ll be surprised.


  7. Scott Thong says:

    What did I do, cuss at you? Flame your points? Belittle your opinions? Wa i even deragatory?

    All I said was that I agree with some things (e.g. Nelson Mandela being a racist), am unsure of others (e.g. whether cell phones could work on the planes), and am not convinced of the remainder (Jews rule the world through proxy, natch).

    Overreactionary is the word! Dude! I’d seriously be concerned for when a REAL troll comes along and badmouths your blog!

    Cross commented on my own blog.

  8. Scott Thong says:

    O V A R I A K S H U N A R E E.

  9. incogman says:

    (Jews rule the world through proxy, natch).

    Name that specific number in my article above where I said exactly about the Jew rule biz. Zionists ARE leading the dam US by the nose and have us by the frigging balls. Read some more of my dam blog, fool. Cell phones don’t work over 1000 feet (at least in 2001).

    Real Jew trolls have come here and left with their tails between their legs and their @sses on fire.

  10. incogman says:

    and roll my eyes at the rest…

    That’s what I don’t like. Get it, Homeboy?

    O V A R I A K S H U N A R E E.

    Wow, you are quite the little wordsmith.

  11. Scott Thong says:

    Name that specific number in my article above where I said exactly about the Jew rule biz.

    It’s inferred to anyone intelligent enough to read your fascinating and insightful words:

    9) Adam Gadahn (Azzam the American) but his real name is Adam Pearlman and he’s the grandson of a prominent Jewish ADL board member; who grew up to be the first-ever Jewish al-Qaeda spokesperson or Jewish al-Qaeda anything. Many believe he’s actually a CIA or Mossad operative, as part of a giant “PSYOPS” gig on the public.

    12) The 5 Dancing Israelis: They were first seen celebrating within 15 minutes of the first tower being hit when no one else knew if it was an accident or not. Evidence such as maps and documents seized, when arrested, showed them as having advance knowledge of 9/11, the targets that day and all this has since been classified by the Federal government. Read my 9/11 blog post on this.

    And on and on with number 14, 19, 20, 24, 32, 33, 36, 40, 41, 52, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 91 (oops I mean, 92), 93, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100.

    So that’s 51 out of 100 ‘facts’ declaring a worldwide Zionist conspiracy against the rest of humanity, a rate of more than half. I’m not saying any of them ain’t true (or that I’m a Zionist mole agent), but my comment on Zionist consipracy stands.

    And then it is confirmed:

    Zionists are leading the dam US by the nose and have us by the frigging balls.

    I declare that the uber-Zionists will fall before the true mightiest civilization in all human history.

    Not even the Muslims with their Sharia creep, worldwide one-nation of ummah, kill all the non-Jew… I mean, non-believers, and ‘multicultural immunity’ that they are actually doing right now…

    But TEH VIKTORIOUS CHINESE LIKE ME!!! Lol! We invented the firework, we will invent the World Domination Device soon! (Powered by rice and baby bamboo shoots)

    You post your thoughts for public viewing and open up your comments, you have to allow that some people will have differing opinions from you. I agree on some points, as I have said, but not on others. Or is that not allowed?

    Maybe I should just be rude, would that help? Which is considered sue-able: Rolling one’s eyes (even Spongebob does it on kids’ tv), or bellitling someone’s intelligence, calling him a coward and vomiting at him (as my blog received)?

    So while we’re at it… Here’s my theory as to why conspiracy theories are so in fashion these days:


    You are welcome to flame me on my blog. I’m used to it, and it generates fun discussions.

  12. incogman says:

    Oh, God help me. You actually believe Azzam the American is real? You probably suck down all the Government line of Bull, don’t you? Good thing for governments that the victims are so pathetically stupid and can’t think one iota, anymore.

    And you’re really questioning the Dancing Israeli story, eh? Wow. That’s like common knowledge, anymore. The Bergen NJ chief of police said that. Look it up in the 9/11 timeline site. You do know how to click on a link in my blog article on it?

    Sounds like you’ve bought into the the whole line of Muslim Caliphate of the World, Zionist propaganda-paranoia-pap. Hook, line and sinker. Man, they should have you writing scripts for FAUX NEWS!

    And you Chinamen are all going to croak from H5N1, sooner or later, just from sleeping so close to your living food sources.

    And have I deleted anything you’ve said? You can say what the hell you want but you better not BS around and not leave something specific that I can address or rebut.

    Got that yet, Bubba-San?

    And another thing, there are a lot of Jewish Chinamen, in case the readers don’t know that. Oh, yeah. Plenty of them in Shanghai. You’re probably one of them.

  13. incogman says:

    Let’s just take #93 from your little typing exercise, there Thong Boy:

    Julius Streicher. The infamous Jew Baiter and “pornographer” (you’ll see him described that same way in all the mainstream History books).

    And that’s just so rich coming from the Jew –noted pornographers, themselves. Streicher was never in the military, never signed any government orders. All he did was write about the Jew’s perfidies. Much like what I’m doing right now.

    You see, his stuff hit way too close to the bone for the Jew to handle. He had the Jews pegged and the Zionist Jews cannot allow that kind of thing to go on. So they hung the guy out of pure revenge. And for total Jew reasons. Not a single war crime nor part of any genocide.

    Hell, Auschwitz itself is one giant lie by the Zionist Jew. Get over it.

  14. pwnage says:

    I read this, and I failed to turn into you. Ah well.

  15. incogman says:

    I read this, and I failed to turn into you. Ah well.

    It only works with other humans, not spawnage of an alien race from the Planet “PI.” And yes, you know what I mean.

  16. pwnage says:

    Well, among other things, I failed to feel waves of racism washing over me. Perhaps I’m just resistant. Or perhaps you’re just credulous.

  17. pwnage says:

    By the way, do you think that anyone, y’know, reads this blog?

  18. incogman says:

    You know something? You’re a little punk, right? Punks have a hard time reading anything with words past grade school level.

  19. KimbaFan100 says:

    I read this blog.

  20. pwnage says:

    Your debating skills are some of the most abjectly atrocious I have encountered. I have four words for you, in two phrases: ad hominem and non sequitur.

  21. incogman says:

    You don’t even touch on any subjects, except your own arrogant views of yourself. You had better start specifically addressing a point in the article above instead being a pain in the ass for Jew spite, or I’ll delete your comments — including all those big words you just learned (which apply more to you than me and you would know this if you knew what those words meant).

  22. Jason Peterson says:

    So,I read some of the articles here and see some similarities between your site and others I frequent.Alot of people think 9/11 was an inside job and after watching videos by several different people I started to realize that alot of people were singing the same tune.I like to not rely on one source of information and have always liked to refer to myself as a free thinker only to realize I was not.Then I became angry.So angry it was hard to focus.Now that I can focus I see it dangerously disturbing and this is only ONE SMALL ISSUE!I am not yelling at you I am yelling With you.When I read the things about the free speech,and homegrown terrorist my spinchter slammed shut!I have not been awake that long so please forgive me for being naive.I found you on writechick.I just wanted to say I took the red pill.only I took it sometime back.No.thats not right.I was fed the red pill sometime back.only recently did it start taking affect.I would love to say the american people stand a chance of fixing this but alas I fear it is already too late.Amero? Mexico and Canada joining with the united states?
    I heard the phrase “knock and talks” on 2/11/2008 for the first time and had never known of it before.I live in a small town and I am starting to look at things differently.and that’s when my writers block kicks in.thanks for lettin me post.feel free to email me. or look me up on myspace.

  23. roadwarrior says:

    Off the topic im sitting in Columbia NJ right now, and I cant log on to stormfront. Maybe the Jews out here are cracking down on FREE SPEECH. Everyother website is accessing. I just wanna say thanks to Incog man for being a A-1 whistle blower that needs more recognition with common folk. I can understand the Media calling him a COOK. Thats what they get paid for, but if your a common man that thinks this is too far fetched then keep your head in the sand.

    At least a few of us aren’t walking through life with blindfolds on. incog man you are a real patriot!!!!

  24. incogman says:

    I cant log on to stormfront. Maybe the Jews out here are cracking down on FREE SPEECH.

    Me too. You people coming here better think about all this. If Stormfront can be a target, then you could be too in the future.

    Think about it for a second. You know well who the “Politically Incorrect” are to white liberals and to the government. You think it’s all because they are so altruistic and have your best interests in mind? What a laugh. And the Israeli government literally gives advice and free software to thousands of Jew kids, across the globe, so they can coordinate their efforts at Internet polls and even DDos attacks on websites like Stormfront who dare to tell the truth.

    If what we said was so wacked-out, then why would they bother? Why would they bother to make it illegal to question the Holocaust? Why are they passing laws like S-1959? You think that the media doesn’t cover stories like the North American Union because it’s all BS and they think there is no story there? What a joke. Only it’s not a joke and it’s on us.


  25. Jason Peterson says:

    sent you an email.

  26. roadwarrior says:

    Did stormfront get hacked? I still cant get on

  27. focusedpurpose says:

    it is impossible for me to become you. i am not blinded by hatred and skin hue. i am a seeker of truth and wisdom.

    i must remind you that this country was built on a lie. this country has fought feverishly to protect the lie. this was the cause of the civil war. anti-greed vs. greed. not the emancipation of the africans/african americans. lincoln simply wanted white folks to stop killing each other. the constitution was a hoax at the time it was written considering that quite a few of the white male authors were enslavers of human beings. this country has never been about freedom, nor democracy, either. ever.

    cointelpro has been re-packaged and re-named the patriot act. and so now white americans whine because they will now be affected. they will join blacks and other people of color in the expectation that they work for less, harder and be quiet and stop making trouble. or go into the privatized penal/detention system where they can work for free. as long as it was someone else, there was time to “wait” and accusations of hyper-sensitivity. unlike blacks and other people of color in this country and around the world, most whites have little to no experience living under pressure in a brutal police, military state.

    america is now a corporate plantation. america has been consistent with her love of free or almost free labor-hence slavery yesteryear and jobs leaving the states today.

    because america is a white supremacist beast, and its majority white citizens have been taught that the colored majority world population are sub or lesser humans; you have not paid attention. you have been trained to ignore the voices of americans of african descent and others. we have said all along that the white government does not care for humanity, the planet or its citizens. we have said that america needs to change. whites have said wait. america has waited too long it seems.

    when dr. king said that injustice anywhere was a threat to justice everywhere, he was spot on. when you don’t rise to stamp it out, you play a game of “next!”. i am not even talking about policing the world. fixing america would keep americans busy.

    you are sharing a lot of truth on your blog. which is why i tune in. however, you are doing it with a white supremacist slant. you are making the mistake of focusing on race, religion, and other differences. you are failing to see the commonalities. the division has allowed us all to be conquered. uniting the poor of this country was what caused the speedy assasination of dr. king. his warnings of the dangers of unbridled racism, capitalism, and classism were not heard. where were you on the issue? did you support him then? or were you fixated on a black man trying to make whites uncomfortable? dr. king has been co-opted now and it seems to be too late.

    i do not agree that mandela is racist. i don’t believe that if someone invades your home, brutalizes you, rapes your wife, daughters and steals your resources that you are obligated to try to share it with them. you would be perfectly justified to do all that you can to cast them out or take them out.

    it is white supremacy that keeps you and yours from acknowledging the truth of my statements. whites would not even attempt to try to share. there is nothing in your ultra violent history that supports that stance.

    the refusal to respect the humanity, land, culture, and rights of others is how the whites in america have become “super powers” and how jews have been able to reak such havoc in palestine with america’s assistance. america makes no humanitarian efforts where there is no financial gain. america aided in the palestine injustice and many others around the world for financial gain.

    the reality for americans has been the reality around the world for some time. complete with murdering and imprisoning dissenting militants. the media likes to refer to them as “insurgents” when they are invaded by the white west. which side of the iraq war were you on? will you believe when the next “terrorist” act take place that it is the islamic “terrorists” or will you understand that there must be collateral damage to progress the agenda? there WILL be another to panic the masses so that martial law may be declared. the movies have been giving everyone an idea of what’s to come while “entertaining” them. how did you describe your jewish brothers and sisters—clever?

    try this on—there are people of all colors that have participated with the progressing of the agenda. if one had to assign majority participation, my guess would be white. i know that american government terrorists have been white until most recently. as much as you don’t want to accept any responsibility. affirmative action increased the visibility of non-whites. we all know these people have no real power and are usually functionaries. btw, affirmative action is a piss poor attempt at reparations for centuries of free labor, human rights violations and other atrocities. in retrospect, honoring the forty acres and a mule promise would have been better. for all.

    but then, who really cares what color your oppressor is? shouldn’t resistance and freedom be the objective?

    any suggestions with all that white foresight and ability to think in the abstract of possible solutions?

    you should really challenge the thinking that everyone should automaticly agree with you or seek to mirror your thoughts, ways and beliefs. that has been the problem with america. maybe you should work on respecting other human beings? the absence of respect and the inability to listen to others is how americans have gotten in so much trouble to begin with.

    p.s. there has never been freedom of speech in this country either. you are the king of this sight and as such are entitled to fan the flames of hatred. it seems that it would be more productive to discuss possible solutions as well as share information with people that not paying attention, mind controlled, and misinformed. rest assured the government has more guns than any civilian. they have consistently refused to take care of the needs of american citizens to insure that weaponry was sufficient to conquer the world. america will be a breeze…especially if solution is white supremacy based. i don’t believe that whites are the majority in this country. i don’t believe anything that liars say/report.

    pardon the length of my post. it is not as long as yours thankfully. otherwise i would feel bad.


  28. roadwarrior says:

    First off most of us are against the war more than any group of Americans. We know its all BS and we want out.

    As far as affirmative action being “reparations” why are a large number of blacks getting jobs because theyre ancestors 200 hundred years ago were slaves? Not even 2% of the southern whites owned slaves. OH and BTW im white but my family didnt come here until 1890 am I still responsible for slavery NO!!!! F–k that BS EVERY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP CAN PROSPER IN THis COUNTRY IN LESS THAN 2 GENERATIONS.

    F–king niggers will never do sh-t, they never have and never will. NO one is keeping them down but themselves. How long can this country feel sorry for a group as pathetic and lazy as blacks.

    Maybe if they would stop blowing theyre money on clothes and rims they might get ahead. Probobly not blacks are obssessed with worthless material possesions. Nice try

  29. Emily says:

    *Really* well written articles. Thank you!

    Yeah, you definately need a wider readership, and yes, it’s becoming obvious that the media is protecting the black wackos.

  30. the best of the best says:

    why you act like we are not family, incogman your my whit uncle I’m your black nephew i love you family. like i said the apple don’t fall far from the tree. therefore wesa just a follo in ours famieeely . dip shit….. we was once owned by you pale face white apes and like you said in a statement you wrote.. WAKE UP OR DIE!… i don’t want you to do it because it still seems like your sleeping uncle don’t kill yourself. you have family come talk to, us buddy come eat some duck and corn bread .we know how you like roasted duck butt

  31. American says:

    best of the best,

    If you want to play around, please make your joking intelligible, otherwise you’re just making yourself look like a babbling chimp. If I recall correctly, the proper term is “Niggerbabble”, know what I’m sayin’?

  32. incogman says:

    “best of the best”

    Gawd, what grade are you in? Oh, wait, are you part of Obama’s transition team, checking things out?

    That explains it.

  33. Watcher says:

    18) Also, Michael Chertoff’s wife was a regional director for the ADL. Chertoff’s father and uncle were Talmudic rabbis.


  34. Fleur de lis says:

    hey best of the beasts:

    “pale face white apes” ?

    I guess you think that sticks to the wall huh?

    Come up with something better than “cave dweller” too.

    • incogman says:

      best of beasts is a little Jew who has been trying to sneak here using office computers of co-workers to post comments. Here’s one comment (of many) he made while raving in my JEW cartoon land (SPAM):

      To my cousin, uncles, aunts, nieces and nephews you people are so sad so sad you assholes need to get a life!!!!!!! fucking dummies…… while you are here saying nothing , you should try fixing the problems instead of creating them.we as people, not apes, (jews) Jewish , white apes, or japs…….. you act like you did all this by yourselves when the slaves worked their asses off while you sat on your fat flat couch asses. why cant we sit back and slave you now, why cant we relax? don’t hate, with your pita bread faces and watch out for the Hispanic they are taking over. they are multiplying like gremlins. just add water. heheheheh what are you going to do when the you are no longer the dominate race. so fucking being babies, i been waiting to be let back in after you bastards blocked me.but i have more computers than you think……….ps my cousins i love you

      He alternates between trying to sound Negro and being a typical, sneaky Jew boy. Truly psychotic little kike.

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