Global Zionist Hypocrites To Eject “Infiltrators”

These big-mouthed American Zionists are NOT demonstrating against Israel: Oh no, they’re screaming bloody murder about Americans fighting illegal immigration. But they’ll support the Zionist State of Israel no matter what they do — even when they eject Black African refugees from Israel. These same big-mouths call for the flooding of the US with illegal Mestizo immigrants and have the gall to slander you as a “Hater” for being against it. Somehow, they expect no one to notice just how two-faced they really are!

Once again, the Zionist Jews have shown their true colors to the world. Black Africans, from the Sudan and Eritrea, have been crossing the border from Egypt into Israel to escape both poverty and war in the Dafur region. Last year they deported some 250 of them. Now, the numbers of “infiltrators” (what we call illegal immigrants) has reached upwards of 7,400 and the Israelis have had enough! Read more here

Before you go off on me because I’ve written on blacks before, understand well that this is all about how Jewish Zionists act in this country (USA) over the very same thing and, as you will see, proves them to be the most hypocritical SOB’s, like ever. For Zionist Jews, what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander! Read on and you will see.

Here’s what the Zionists say about it, in an article published on their website: 

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni [pictured] also addressed the infiltration issue, claiming the Israel must make sure to enforce the procedures in order to stop the phenomenon.

“The infiltrators must be dealt with highhandedly and be expelled in a swift procedure,” she said.

At the end of the discussion, the prime minister instructed the Interior Ministry, Internal Security Ministry and the Immigration Administration to work to send away illegal infiltrators who entered Israel from Egypt by the coming weekend. Read more here

They have the absolute cojoñes to call them “infiltrators!”

And it’s a lousy 7,400! We’ve been “infiltrated” to the tune of 20 million-plus (the 12 million figure is a media lie) and they can’t even handle a few thousand blacks — because it’s not really the numbers, it’s the race. That’s right, the Jewish Supremacists secretly hate Negroes far worse than any white ever and have snowed the entire United States about how “altruistic” they are. The world’s biggest phonies without a doubt!

Meanwhile, in this country, any American who calls for the deportation of illegal immigrants, is branded by the Zionist Jews, such as the ADL, to be “Xenophobes,” “Nativists” or one of their many favorite slanders like “Haters” or even “Nazi.” Does anyone see the blatant hypocrisy of these people? The Jews have a term for it: “Chutzpah” and they’ve surely raised that to an art form, time and again!

The ADL now has a major propaganda campaign going on about immigration. Go to their site and watch the video they have about the whole thing called “Codewords of Hate” as Stacy Burdett preaches about all us American “haters” in all our various guises. Here’s what they have to say in their articles (below). Notice how they hated the fact that the “Shamnesty” bill was squashed by real American outrage but are now busy laying the propaganda groundwork for when the next AIPAC-corrupted “President” comes in to reintroduce it.

“Under the guise of warning about the impact of illegal immigration in the rush to thwart the immigration bill from becoming law, some anti-immigrant groups reached for the playbook of hate groups,”said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  “They have taken hateful and racist rhetoric and brought it into the mainstream.”

Here’s some of the groups Mr. Foxman asks you to call “hate groups:”

The groups highlighted in the ADL report include Mothers Against Illegal Aliens (Phoenix, AZ), the Federation for American Immigration Reform (Washington, DC), Choose Black America, You Don’t Speak for Me, Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (Raleigh, NC), Grass Fire (Maxwell, IA) and The Dustin Inman Society (Marietta, GA). Go to the ADL Site and read it

Basically, if you’re against illegal immigration in any way, these Zionist Jews will find something — anything they can — to brand you as a “hater.” Which really means that if you disagree with what they’ve decided what’s good for you and the US — in their infinite wisdom and being closer to God than you’ll ever be — than you had better go along with it or else.

And it’s not just this one particular case about the black African illegals that proves the point that Jews are the world’s biggest hypocrites. No way. Israel is THE most racist state in the entire world, bar none. In 1975 the UN labeled them as such. And many white American liberals turn a blind eye to the facts that well prove this:

• You cannot immigrate there unless you are born of a Jewish mother. If you are a Jew, you get financial incentives to move there.

• You cannot marry a Jew, if you are not Jewish.

• You cannot own property unless you are Jewish.

• You cannot serve in the Armed Forces (IDF).

• You cannot give away or sell the New Testament.

• You cannot seek to convert Jews to Christianity (they can jail you).

• You cannot return to the homeland of your birth, should you be Palestinian.

• You cannot drive on certain roads and your vehicle has to have a special, non-Jew license plate.

• You cannot hold a government job.

• You cannot go into bomb shelters dedicated to Jews. Bomb shelters and air-raid sirens are few and far between for non-Jew communities.

• You cannot own any media, which has been pretty much our undoing.

• Here’s a Chief Rabbi saying Jew Law forbids renting or employing Arabs: HERE

• Good thing for the Jews in Israel: You cannot be extradited to another country if you are Jewish and committed a crime in that Gentile country. How can a racist state allow Jews to face justice by the Goyim? They will not even have extraditions treaties because of that! Many Jewish criminals have escaped justice to Israel and live there pleasantly to this very day.

But basically, if you are NOT a Jew, while living in Israel, then you’re s**t out of luck! Everything that the Jew makes such a big deal of in White, Christian countries, is definitely not an issue when it comes to them in Israel. The Zionist Jew seeks to do whatever he wants but the minute you do, then it’s you that’s the “Hater.”

Think about the uproar from Jews if any white person even talks about doing these kinds of things in Western countries! But it’s even more sickening when you dig deeper into Israeli society: Like if you are a Gentile white women from the Ukraine having been duped into coming to Israel for work, but now have to service the slimy Zionist Jews sexually, well, that’s just too dam bad, now. You have no rights, either, human or otherwise in racist, sexist Israel. Read more here

Also, the so-called Jewish blacks from Ethiopia that have been there for awhile, all complain about being treated like, well, Negroes. And racist? Hell, half of the Israeli Jews think that to marry an Arab is a treasonous act and 75% do not want to live in the same apartment building with them. Even the true Israelites, the Sephardic Jews, are looked down on and treated like second-class Jews by the arrogant Ashkhenazim or Khazari Jews!

Jews are indeed the most two-faced racists to walk the planet! Always have been, always will be.

Yet many of the American Jews want immigration of non-whites into the US and Western countries, like in Europe, for their own peculiar racial reasons and dam you if you even care one bit about it! Although Israel is a one race and one religion country, at the same time, they want any white nation turned into a Third-world hell-hole to make them happy! We need to see these games, not just for the utter hypocrisy, but also what this tells us about them in the end.

Allow me to quote the writer Andrew Hitchcock, in “Synagogue of Satan,” on the Zionist Jew’s reasons for promoting illegal and legal immigration into the white countries of the Western world:

“The introduction of people foreign to a country as citizens removes the threat of the native peoples acting as a single cohesive unit. This is because the different cultures and customs of both peoples, are hard for either groups of people to accept. Whilst these two groups of people are pre-occupied sorting this out, the Jews have the benefit of invisibility to carry on as they please without question”

“They only ever seem to declare their race when they speak of the great benefits in diversity, and anyone who doesn’t agree must be a ‘racist’ or a ‘hater.’ Yet the plan they are promoting will result in the ethnic cleansing of specific racial types that have been on the planet for thousands of years, which they do not regard as racist or hateful.”

Because of the proximity to Muslim nations to white Europe and for the same reasons, this is being done there, as well. Hitchcock goes on to explain why the Jew has been behind immigration of Muslims into Western countries like Germany, France and Great Britain:

The Jews worked hard to get Muslims to migrate into many Western nations, the plan being that they would forget their religious beliefs and become nothing but consumers of Jewish owned products, services and governments, like the majority of the white Christian world.

However, the majority of Muslims maintained their religious faith and formed their own communities within these Western nations, failing to fall into the Jew’s trap, like the Christians. The Jews decide this means the Muslims have to be destroyed, and they decide they’ll get the Christians to do the Job for them.

They’ll hope that the Muslims immigrants will end up corrupted and befuddled like they did to the white and black Christians through things like MTV and other cultural subterfuges, while still preserving the Jew’s political power and racial solidarity (which they greatly fear losing).

For right now, us Americans are dealing with the rest of the Muslim world for the Jew. His racist, terrorist paranoia and propaganda is directed at YOU, and has caused most of the world to now hate America. In 2003, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed in a speech said this:

“Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”

In the meantime, the Zionist Jew will insist on screwing up the white countries all they can regardless of what you have to say about it. He’ll use the media’s power to brainwash the gullible American liberals and every sneaky, “special-interests” backroom tactic, up his sleeve, in Washington, DC to achieve his ends. Doesn’t matter how. The Zionist Jew loves the phrase: “The Ends Justify The Means.” That’s his motto on his march to a One-World government with him holding the reins! Always has been.

And all Jews, no matter where they live, are really Israelis or what they freely acknowledge as “International Jews” to begin with. They could care less about the country they hail from, if the issue goes against their Globalist Agenda or that totally evil State of Israel in any way, shape or form!

Basically the Zionist Jew, wherever he lives, follows this kind of thing through a instinctual secret racism against everyone not Jewish. I’ve had Jews say things about blacks to me privately that would make a KKK Grand Wizard blush (in the distant past). They secretly hate the “schvartzes” ten times worse than any white person I’ve ever met in my entire life. And that’s no lie.

Now, do you see why I call them “Global Zionist Hypocrites?” I should call them a**holes and be done with it. These big-mouthed Jews need to shut the flock up and like now. I’m sick of them.

— Phillip Marlowe

NOTE! All the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists spoken about here are mostly from the Khazari tribe from southern Russia, who converted in the mid-8th century, AD. Not the true Israelites of the Bible. They’ve donned the cloak of Judaism yet retained ancient criminal and parasitic functions among the Gentiles. Over the centuries, their behavior has caused their host populations to rise up and throw them bodily out. This has happened about 79 times. Now, elements of them have control of important and powerful parts of America and other white Nations, as well as having their own stolen country in the Mideast that we’re now completely beholden to — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. We are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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3 Responses to Global Zionist Hypocrites To Eject “Infiltrators”

  1. Rob Chapman says:


    Another home run article.

    Thanks for once again illustrating the spectacular hypocrisies and double-standards that the Jew’s commit with complete impunity.

    They ram down the throats of the Goy one set of standards here in the US and UK, and live by a completly different set of rules governing themselves in Israel.

    Thanks for pointing out the chicanery and machinations of this, our enemy.


  2. Macaca says:

    Just wonderful work, INCOGman. I can learn more here in a day than I can in a month at other sites. Kudos!

    One thing I used to trust in, and feel quite safe about was that the Jews, Zionists, Liberals, Socialistas and other sordid traitors would EVENTUALLY GO TOO FAR.

    It wouldn’t matter if it were legislatively, in outrageous media statements—hypocrisy, denials of Israel’s perfidious deeds, or just plain Jewish Termite activity on our own national culture, structure and traditions.

    The Great Unwashed would finally reach some point where even these sofa-tard White masses would WAKE UP, REACT, and finally REJECT THE JEWS AND THEIR PUPPETS——and do so MASSIVELY. I still have faith and hope that this site will forward this wonderful day.

    But, will it? Are not the Gentile masses SO dumbed down, that they are indeed like the penned cattle? Are their finances so controlled and/or manipulated, if not outright confiscated, that they no longer see hope? Is the political process so corrupted and undermined by AIPAC and similar treasonous lobbies that there is no recourse in what used to be the great pride of this nation—free elections?

    I marvel that somewhere between 2 and 3% of a population can so dominate, even conquer, a host so overpoweringly numerous. But they have done it. They have simultaneously educated themselves to the extent that their expertise in medicine, law, politics and information industries intimidates the Gentiles. It’s nearly a shut-out.

    You would think we would become “Jew-Fatigued”. Every time I offer to take my two 9th and 10th-grade sons to the movies, they always vote for some wretched, techno-Gothic tsunami of false images, faked and improbable “action”, “special effects”, etc. At least they cannot take their girlfriends to these, because of a strange ruling in my state. They are all under 17, as are their gals—therefore I have to get them into the more “mature” movies. I have now given up taking them. Every movie’s “roll-up” of credits reads like the Haifa phone book.

    I tried an experiment with the foursome: I bought “Braveheart” (my family is of Pictish ancestry) and “Mountains of the Moon”. I told each kid that these movies were REAL movies, about REAL events, REAL people and would satisfy their need for action, excitement and gore beyond their wildest dreams. I also told them they would make absolutely perfect bases for school essays.

    In “Mountains of the Moon”, as many of you already know, there is a graphic portrayal of what happened to Capt. Richard Burton’s face in Somalia, c. 1852. Ten times the emotional impact and reaction you’d get from watching yet another parade of half-robotic “aliens”.

    Time to set up an all-Gentile movie company (betcha Mel Gibson would help!) and start making movies about our Euro-White origins. Kenneth Roberts’ books would be a good start. Maybe a movie about the REAL story behind Benedict Arnold’s treason. Etc.

    Anyway, this site is the best. I have (carefully) recommended it to my like-minded friends. This may sound odd, but despite some of the rather wild anger, epithets, etc., it’s striking a cord.

    Keep up the good (and necessary) work. The more you can post of Bozo the Yid whining about not getting to do his Zionist rant in Scandinavia, the better.


  3. Emery says:

    Nice work. The Zionists are working every angle to destroy the US. The only thing I would disagree is that the 20 million number is probably closer to 30 now. We know that they get @1.5 million new illegals across every year so the 12 million number is laughable. Maybe that was accurate in 1998.
    My blog was shut down by wordpress too. It was an expose on Russian bride dating scam called Anastasia. Pressure was applied threatening legal action. They make a lot of money from these scams. I think the Russian mafia was involved. They were probably Bolshevik Jews too.

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