The FISA Bill and Where This Country is Headed

Will this be in our future soon? Can you not try to see past all this racism business for what’s truly going on and the real reasons these people want to keep us White people so divided and distracted?

As I sit here today, with the weather outside stormy and bleak, I cannot believe the direction this country is headed and how little people are taking notice. Do our Constitutional Liberties mean nothing to people, anymore? Will all these little steps one day turn into something that’s so big — that they can’t do it all at once, without us finally coming to our senses and noticing? And even more importantly, what does all this really portend for the future of America itself?

I used to think that we needed to “give up some ‘Freedoms’ for the greater good” but as the real details of 9/11 emerged, that whole mind-set naturally changed. I now think that the biggest motive to 9/11 was the purposeful, planned excuse to rob us Americans of Constitutional Freedoms in advance of the North American Union and the geopolitical gambits of the Global Elites for oil and Zionism. Without a doubt, the hubris of these people will affect each and everyone of us — probably profoundly.

All of these assaults on the Constitution cannot be understood unless you put it in context with 9/11, the North American Union and our involvement in the Mideast. Simply put, it’s not just Iraq and terrorism that’s the issue, anymore — if it ever was. The so-called Iranian threat has so beclouded the decision making of some people in Washington and behind the curtain elsewhere, over what they fear Iran may soon be able to do. But not to the US through terrorism (would you push your luck if you were Iran?) and it’s not what you might have thought.

All of what could soon happen over this, may well get Americans very angry and they fear what we might end up doing. That’s why they are stealthily putting into place the ways and means to shut us down before that. Read on about some other things you may not have known about (thanks, media).

The day before yesterday, the Senate passed the FISA bill (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act) which allows the government to spy on all American’s email and telephone conversations, wherever they may be and whatever they may discuss. Which they’ve already been doing — this bill was really about freeing the Telcom Industry from any retroactive or future legal action. A court case involving a whistle-blower prodded all this forward, along with all the stories coming out about government people installing devices at the trunk level of this nation’s communications wiring. This equipment has been in place and used for some time now.

They could hold hearings and subpoena people and give them immunity. Right now there are people who could come forward and say what they know, but they need immunity. That’s the bottleneck. I don’t see a resolution coming from this Congress. It’s a conspiracy against the American people. Wired report on AT&T Whistleblower

Yesterday morning, the President made a hurried speech to get the House to pass the bill on to him to sign. I always wonder when they rush things like this — just what is really being rushed and why can’t they take the time to read it? Yeah, I know that everything ends Friday, but they can easily grant a temporary extension for 3 lousy weeks.

So far, the Democrat’s caucus to extend for 21 days has failed with the Republican’s big Bush rush. It expires on Saturday night and is still up in the air. But is it all for show? We’ll end up talking about what it all means later. But maybe we won’t be able to, one day. All of this will include things that we’ll never know about and, supposedly, only the Intelligence committees will know the full extent of the activities. And maybe not even them since it’s really run by the Executive, meaning Bush and whomever it is who wins the election (if it goes that far) will get these increased spying powers.

Oh, they don’t care about your private little trysts and what you say about your neighbor on the phone. Using powerful “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) applications running on supercomputers that scan the voice and data stream for what they consider code words and addresses, zeroing in on what they want to look at more closely. And they’ll tell us it’s all to prevent “terrorism,” as usual. But will knowing all that make it OK? Does your personal business, or lack thereof, make you miss the bigger picture here?

This is not simply a case of the slippery slope dragging us to changes down the road – I think all of this has been planned in advance. They don’t want you to draw the line connecting it all together, so they’re doing it one small step at a time, with the bigger things further on, making it increasingly difficult to put a stop to it. They’ll talk about the evil terrorists, even child pornographers and crack dealers and everything else under the sun to ratchet up the paranoia and to justify each incremental step. Maybe even another “False-Flag” operation is in the works. Make note of the Zionist and 9/11 Insider, Michael Chertoff’s recent comments about Europe being possible base for new terrorist attacks. Coincidence coming before this bill? I don’t think so.

One frighteningly new item of governmental legislation, ignored by the mainstream media, is S-1959, which will give them the power to decide whether or not you belong to a group that may be prone to “ideological violence” as they see it. And all under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, headed by Michael Chertoff, of course. Thought Crime Bill: A Declaration of War.

This will all end up, right along with the “Islamofascist” propaganda, in telling us that it’s illegal for any racist and homophobic talk. This, of course, will include the Jews. They’ll be part and parcel to it all. Why does such free speech issues always seem to involve the Jews? Because it’s really them that they want to protect in the first place — just like they did in Canada or Europe. Or more accurately, it’s the behavior of the Zionist Neocons, even arrogant Jewish supremacists and the possibility of “blowback” on the rest of Jewry that they want to protect against in the end.

The connections are clear, say anything about Zionist-related matters like Israel, their treatment of Palestinians or even the Israel Lobby in the US and you’ll be slandered as an anti-Semite to shut you up (which is what they’ve been doing, already) or, if they finally get their way, put you in serious legal trouble (like they’re doing in Canada and Europe to any “racist” or “homophopic” talk and the Holocaust™ researchers). They’ve always wanted Americans to think that anyone who talks about Zionists to be considered anti-Semitic racists. That’s the “Politically Correct” game, my friends, in a nutshell!

And why does your altruistic hopes for the world make you reject people like me in the first place? I actually dislike the old white guy John McCain (maybe fear him more than Bush) but nor do I like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton (OK, maybe I can’t stand her the most). Now, what does that say about me being so “racist” and all? What about the fact that 88% of Blacks vote for Obama? How is it that no one says one word about that kind of racism but readily label people like me as a racist? Think about that one, people.

It’s these candidates that meet the criteria for supporting the Zionist State of Israel and are why we have them in the first place. They’ve stacked the deck through media manipulation months before the election. Witness the marginalization tactics and the Huckabee candidacy –played up by the media– to hurt Ron Paul, the one candidate who was obviously the man they didn’t want to see going anywhere with the public.

When censorship programs get put into place, you may not even know what they’re doing. It’s being done, to a degree, as we speak. Already, websites are being attacked by the organized minions of these people. Eventually, you’ll come here and I’ll have just disappeared. Oh, I know I’m small potatoes. Probably WordPress will see the writing on the wall and just delete me to save any bother. They’ve already classified me as “mature” and my recent posts do not show up on the screen for other bloggers to see. The Jewish prima donnas went and raised hell after seeing me at the party.

And I know I’m not “mature.” I see many posts on WordPress that are much more so. And I see blogs openly about “White Supremacy” and all us evil whitey racists. It’s funny how it works out where one can freely attack “white racism” but not about any other racial solidarity or even outright racism against whites. My WordPress topic classification “Jewish Supremacy” is not something they want to show up on on the recent blog post screens. Plus, they rigged it so search engine traffic misses me and fails to get past the WordPress screen: “We have no blogs on Jewish Supremacy at WordPress.” What a laugh.

That’s exactly what all this is about. The real target is any American who sees beyond the government’s lies and are using the racism angle of anti-Semitism to do so. This has been the case for many decades, now. Only in the last few years has it become glaringly apparent, unless of course, you just don’t want to see it and will think anything to somehow keep your head in the sand.

Already the evidence of the Zionist’s involvement in 9/11 is clear. They cannot allow this kind of thinking to become prevalent in American’s minds, especially with what’s on the horizon. Already steps are underway for the merger of the US, Canada and Mexico. This is real, folks. They cannot allow people to form an opposition movement to these plans. Illegal immigration is clearly something that they could care less about since the whole thing will soon be a moot point in a couple of years.

Get the picture yet?

And it’s not just Internet information that these people are working to stop. They have other contingency plans going on today that your brave media has failed to cover. Have you heard about the new FBI program INFRAGUARD? This is a program where they have critical infrastructure businesses and civic operations sign-up to coordinate themselves under the Feds — if martial law is called for and that, of course, means that the American people might one day blow their tops. Over 23,000 businesses and representatives have signed up. More than one whistle-blower has said that they even talk about allowing them to shoot people that threaten their operations and members in the program will not be prosecuted. I kid you not:

“Then they said when—not if—martial law is declared, it was our responsibility to protect our portion of the infrastructure, and if we had to use deadly force to protect it, we couldn’t be prosecuted,” he says. CEO’s Given License to Kill

This is all coming about not only over 9/11, the North American Union but also because of the Mideast. Like I said in my letter to my brothers (above in the page section), events half a world away are making them rush things. It’s Iran, people. Since you’ve read so far, I’ll pass on a few things that you will not see discussed openly but is true nonetheless. Oh, you bet that the “powers that be” are talking about them. A couple of months ago, a report was issued from the Intelligence community that Iran had given up on fashioning a nuke and caused people to breath a sigh of relief. But certain others were downright pissed because it robbed them of paranoia propaganda material.

And these people know full well that it’s not just in building a nuclear bomb that could be so mortally dangerous to Israel. These are things that they can do relatively soon and without much difficulty. Things they do not like to discuss openly, one of which is very scary and the other embarrassing in a way, since it exposes a little known secret for our success on the battlefield (but is out in the open — just not covered in the media).

Here’s how one works: If they can make enough enriched uranium fuel, they can supply and run their nuclear reactors (built by the Russians). This creates plutonium as a byproduct. Get enough of that, render it into powder and put a high-explosive in the middle and you have what they call a “dirty bomb.” Explode one at a point where the prevailing winds can spread it over as much of Tel Aviv as possible and you have quite an effective weapon of mass destruction, alright. Breath one tiny dust mote of this stuff and you’ll be dead in weeks. Call it the poor man’s nuke.

The Zionists will never take a chance on that happening, believe you me. Sure, the Israelis and even us can threaten retaliation if they do such a thing (and have already done so, I’m positive). But by then it’ll be too late for Israel. They won’t even let that remotely become a possibility.

But perhaps even more worrisome than dirty bombs is something called “depleted uranium” tank shells. You know what makes bullets such an effective death-dealing missile? It’s that they are made from lead — a heavy material that carries the energy down range effectively. Depleted uranium is like lead on steroids. Supposedly not radioactive (some of it has been) hence the “depleted” part. These make excellent tank shells and can kill an enemy tank at twice the distance as normal explosive or penetrator shells from an enemy who does not have them. If you can hit them first — you win. The use of these shells is the biggest unpublicised reasons we trounced Saddam so readily.

If Iran can manufacture these and give them to Syria, then the Israelis have a problem — a big tactical problem. They can’t have that in their neck of the woods since a showdown with Hezbollah will eventually happen and they want to be able to take out any Syrian tank counter-attacks in support. And, of course, having the Iranians with such a weapon makes them dangerous as well.

So we have many hidden things that are not talked about over there that makes the Zionist power structure in the US sweat bullets, if I may use the phrase.

Already, things are happening. Russia has claimed we’re now massing in eastern Iraq (and I guess we have to a degree). Five Internet undersea cables have recently been cut mysteriously over there (we have the capability with the submarine, USS Jimmy Carter — how ironic). Iran just launched sub-orbital capable rockets to prove they can put something into space or just as easily, reach Israel or even Europe.

And our forces in Iraq are stretched thin, with some troops on their fifth rotation in country. To accomplish an attack on Iran will quite probably require ground troops and even if Iran is not at first invaded, they will have to replenish those men. Hence, an immediate full-scale draft will be the only option left for these people. It’s inevitable. And we will not be leaving Iraq anytime soon, regardless of what any of the candidates say about it to get elected.

All this is not something to simply shrug off, either. These kinds of geopolitical games have a nasty habit of spiraling out of control. You thought that the end of the Cold War gave you back some safety? Think again. Us, the Russians and the Zionist Israeli have more than enough playthings to turn your little corner of America into a living hell-hole in less than 30 minutes. You won’t even have the foggiest idea what happened. And that’s a fact.

Are we going sit here and allow these paranoid Zionists to suck this country into another World War with these kinds of weapons out there? Are we Americans or Israelis?

Now, I realize that most Americans are more concerned about putting food on the table; finding a way to afford the high cost of gas; paying off the mortgage (curious how critical that’s becoming these days, eh?) and who’s on American Idol tonight. The truth of the matter is that all of us can do something. But only if it’s ALL of us. If you think that you’ll just wait around and see what happens — well, that’s what they bank on most of us doing. The operative word is All. And you know that’s the truth.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m Mr. Lovey Dovey about Blacks and their violent, criminal attacks on White people (90% of interracial violence is Black-on-White!) — no, that would be a lie. I will stand up for my race and say it like I see it even if I’m called a racist. Slandering me as a blind racist is nothing but real or feigned ignorance, media brainwashing or even outright hypocrisy from those who do. The motivation in my heart is for my white, European people and I will not apologize nor equivocate about it!

Along with all that, I will tell you that the same forces behind shutting up people like me (directly and indirectly), are the exact same people playing all these games on the world. In the end, the race part doesn’t matter to them. We’re all cannon fodder or slave labor, together. To them, it’s nothing but a global game that we, ourselves will pay for, regardless of what you or I think about the races. We all need to come together on this and as soon as possible!

–Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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9 Responses to The FISA Bill and Where This Country is Headed

  1. Mythy says:

    Excellent post! Very interesting 🙂

  2. whitewraithe says:

    Great post, INCOG MAN. Great minds think alike.

    I would like to invite you to my blog, Pragmatic Witness. I too am aware that it is probably being censored.

    There is hope that Americans will wake up before it’s too late. The more they read blogs like yours and mine they will realize that we are not creating this stuff out of thin air. They are facts mired in reality.

    Time is running out, though. Within two years the Trans Texas Corridor will be completed ushering in the NAU. America as it once was will be lost forever to posterity. Our country dies on that day.

  3. Jason Peterson says:

    I find it disturbing that a few of the sites mentioned here and other places I have looked up are not functioning.I have a slow computer but I also caught a problem the other morning -I logged in as usual,went (I can’t remember where) and for some reason it might have been something trivial I don’t remember,but I could not log back on(?)I rebooted 2 or three times and finally just shut it down.after about 30 min I was able to log back on.Fluke?I guess there is a first time for everything.I see where this fisa thing was ran through at&t—I also noticed a key logger program from my ip that my virus scan picked up.My ip is NOT through at&t,but I think I might just try to follow the money a little and see where it goes.

    The more I dig the more I regret that I started digging in the first place.
    And I hate what I am finding.To see the greatest country on the planet about to be sold out.
    I pray that enough people will stand up and take action…Remember?
    Life? LIBERTY? FREEDOM?!?!
    Yes very well written INCOG MAN.

  4. Galvani says:

    Beware, Oh Ye Masters of Evil, the end of your terror reign approaches.
    ZOG,you control our lives because our people have been asleep for so long, but we have our own media now. With our blogging, our websites, our protesting, our phone calls and letters, with every ounce of determination, we proud, independent thinkers are spreading the message of freedom and hope to all of our people and someday we’ll rid you from all our lands.

  5. roadwarrior says:

    Peterson. I have the same problems sometimes. its what you think it is. Hacks I guesss. Incog man you are the MAN keep it up.

  6. Marin says:

    Didn’t Benjamin Franklin warn the Americans of his time to keep Jews out of their new country? Why didn’t anyone listen to him?

  7. incogman says:

    So true, Marin, so true:

    “There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew.”
    “I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jew forever, your children`s children will curse you in your grave.”

  8. Saul says:

    jew Pigs always watch and then starve and sanction the Goy they plan to kill. Notice any parallels with Germany, Iraq, or Iran and Palestine in general? Now America, Britain, France & etc.

  9. Saul says:

    Forgot Afghanistan and just about everybody else Goy. Opps.

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