What You Don’t Know Could Get You Raped

Rape is not only about your body, but also of your mind. Read how liberal white women and emasculated liberal men are having their minds raped everyday by “Diversity” politics, guarded by US government obfuscations and the back-stabbing media — and yet don’t even know it!

Part II of a five part series. Continued from: “What You Don’t Know Could Get You Killed”

Rape is an act of violence and power, not of sex. The victim’s true perspective may elude me as a man, but as a “Politically Incorrect” realist, understanding how people can truly be in this world — instead of what some would like — I might have a little sense on how this particularly vile, degrading act can have lasting, traumatic effects on a woman’s psyche, her physical health, ruining sex and even relationships for the rest of her life.

Try to imagine it all for a moment (if you can): The most intimate act that two people can share, suddenly and unexpectedly becomes a fierce, bestial struggle; one that the victim not only has to endure but worry about her very survival afterwards. It is both an attack on the women’s body and her mind. A mind that must see and feel everything; the animalistic coarseness and stench of the rapist; his angry and ape-like behavior; maybe even forcing her against her will to do incredibly vile acts and all seared into her memory for the rest of her natural life — should she survive.

If the physical part of the rape was not enough, the woman has to mortally fear the possibility of the man killing her — so as to leave no witness behind. “Will this man use that gun or knife when he’s through,” she might fearfully ask herself. She may then consign herself to the man’s disgusting deeds — every bit of it — just to live another day. Even then, the chance of a painful, cruel death is as close as it ever will be in life.

Now, imagine if a group of men did such a thing purposefully — conspiring in advance to do something like this? Are you not mortified even at the thought? Then ask yourself this one common sense question: What do you think could happen to you if there was no police around at all, quite suddenly? Think about that one for a minute or two and honestly ask: Who would you really feel safe and comfortable with, when all is said and done?

What you don’t know is that some real truths and facts about rape are being purposefully hidden from you and for political reasons that have absolutely zero to do with a woman’s personal rights and fair justice. Reasons that are — when you get right down to brass tacks — totally racist and evil because they are over politics that target your very own kind, those that you feel most safe with, through outright lies, omissions and manipulations of the real facts that form your belief structure and your politics.

So, in effect, even if you’ve never been sexually assaulted in real life — your mind is figuratively being raped on a daily basis and you don’t even have a clue. And, by going along with all of the political and media lies, may very well lead to a day in the future where your body in raped literally — no matter how young or even old you are!

The very same month that the wacko stripper, Crystal Gail Mangum, accused some white boys of raping her, the national news media (TV and print) was all over it — splashing photos of the evil white boys for all the world to see. But how much of the same kind of attention is given to REAL cases like Dominic Jones (right) and his three University of Minnesota teammates who just last April, raped a 18 year-old white girl — after purposefully getting her drunk to the point of passing-out — and then video-taping the entire act on their cell phones? Where was Newsweek then?

Everyone remembers the total farce about the three college kids in the Duke/Lacrosse case down in North Carolina. But did you notice how the attention was later shifted to Mike Nifong, the prosecutor of the case? Seems like suddenly everything else was forgotten by the media and Nifong became the “Politically Correct” target. Now, I’m not saying that Nifong was innocent or anything, but since he’s a white guy, he can safely be attacked by a media that wants to pretend it’s getting to the bottom of things!

That’s just how they do it. Take your attention away from the fact of their crass liberal behavior, before any real evidence of the case came out. Everyone just assumed that these white boys were guilty since they were rich, spoiled, crude jocks and, most importantly, because they were WHITE.

No wonder there was such absolute belief in the guilt of the Duke students among the leading sectors of liberal America. A drug-addled, half-deranged, promiscuous black stripper accused three young white men of raping her. There are virtually zero rapes of black women by white men in the United States, and half of all rape charges against specific individuals turn out to be false. But in the gnostic, inverted world of liberal demonology, the white students had to be guilty. – Lawrence Auster

Then, you had people like the fat Reverend Al Sharpton making absolutely outlandish statements about black women being raped all across the land by the Evil Whitey Man. And yeah, I know that Sharpton is nothing but some buffoon who should be ignored by the media but obviously he isn’t and what’s more, he’s literally handed the podium by our traitorous media to this day. And don’t forget how the media forgot Sharpton’s Tawana Brawley Hoax.

Like when the DNA results were due-in the next week, Reverend Sharpton, probably searching for something to shift public attention that Friday (just look at the dates for some in-your-face truth), goes and finds some stupid, minor comment from the white talk show host Don Imus, that “nappy-headed ho’s” thing. The media then obligingly followed suit in another race farce against a white person — just like they were part and parcel of it all to begin with. And, in a way, they really were and are.

Plus, they turned a blind eye to a real case of a white coed Duke girl raped by a black that same month in a fraternity bathroom, nearby. Admittedly, the rapist was not some rich student, but he was black and that’s the real reason for them to have ignored it. Or, if you dismiss this because of it being a “common, garden-variety” rape (which the media will call it but certainly not the victim!) then how about the story about the four black football players raping some passed-out white woman at the University of Minnesota in April of 2007? They actually had the dam nerve to video-record it on their cell phones!

And there’s plenty of other similar, disgusting stories about blacks raping white women with impunity across the country with nary a bleep in the national news apparatus. Any one of which, had the races been reversed, would be covered non-stop by these people. Whites are getting it from both ends!

How about the Mission Beach, California rape story where 4 Blacks broke into an apartment and held 2 white men at gunpoint while they took turns gang-raping the 2 white college girls there. One, happened to be a virgin and the rapists admitted having “difficulties” because of it. Can you imagine that? How about having to testify on being forced to perform “oral copulation,” at gunpoint, with a courtroom of strangers watching on? And think of the total, non-stop uproar out of the Black community and in the national news, if 4 white men had done something like this to them!

This kind of thing happens more often than you’ll even know. You might never hear about it unless you live in the locality where it happens. And even then, you have to make a guess about the perps from the sound of their names. Just this alone, will tell you what’s truly going on and how the media gives them a free pass, anymore. And I have some bad news for you: These vile crimes against women are an increasingly common occurance all across this country!

Sure, there’s a lot of white women being raped by white men. There are perverts and violent sickos in all populations. No getting around that sorry fact of life. But the statement that black women are being targeted for rape by white men is a bald-faced lie by race hucksters like the Reverend. And it’s not just the fat Reverend, mind you, but the media and even our educational system that promote such anti-White lies, like in textbooks that many colleges now make freshmen read such as the “Angela Y. Davis Reader”  where on page 143, states: “proportionately more white men rape black women than black men rape white women.” Right.

In fact, the real truth of the matter is totally opposite of what they say! White women are targets for black sexual predators and have been for quite some time. This discrepancy can be gleaned from a 2005 Department of Justice report (below). Just make sure that you remember that the white figures also includes Hispanics, Arabs, etc. etc. as discussed in the first part of this series. This artificially skews the figures for white perpetrators upwards, yet leaves the numbers for the white victims alone. This governmental statistical gambit makes the reality of black rape less glaringly obvious.

In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.

In Table 42, entitled “Personal crimes of violence, 2005, percent distribution of single-offender victimisation’s, based on race of victims, by type of crime and perceived race of offender,” we learn that there were 111,590 white victims and 36,620 black victims of rape or sexual assault in 2005. (The number of rapes is not distinguished from those of sexual assaults; it is maddening that sexual assault, an ill-defined category that covers various types of criminal acts ranging from penetration to inappropriate touching, is conflated with the more specific crime of rape.) In the 111,590 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white. The table explains that 0.0 percent means that there were under 10 incidents nationally. — Read Lawrence Auster’s FrontPage Magazine.com article

And make clear note of this: In the year 2005, less than 10 (possibly even zero) white men committed sexual assaults on black women. That means over a hundred traumatized white women are putting their feet up in stirrups and having rape tests performed every single lousy day!

Here’s the proof:

Table 42: Shows you the real numbers (White perp category still includes Hispanics): Everyday over a hundred white women (non-hispanic victims) are being sexually assaulted by blacks but less than 10 black women, possibly even zero (statistically) are being sexually assaulted by white men — for the entire year! In the year 1995,* 42% of all rapes were committed by black men, (that was a fairly big year, but not as big as 2005).

These 2005 figures also tell us that black men, at 6% or so of the population, committed well over 40% of all rapes or sexual assaults on ALL WOMEN in the US, for the year 2005! Rounding things off and deducting an estimated 20% for the Hispanic part included in with the white perps, and another 20% for all other races, leaves only about 20% to 25% of all rapes or sexual assaults to have been committed by the “Evil White Man,” — so maligned by the traitorous liberals and Jews.

Your father, your brothers and your white male friends are treated in this totally unjust, anti-White racist way — and all for political and social engineering purposes!

Here, you do the math: Download Dept. of Justice PDF yourself and look

But that’s not all. These are single offender victimization figures. White women are also at severe risk of multiple offenders, or what is called gang rape. Imagine that happening. Go back a few paragraphs and read that story about the Mission Beach gang-rape. That’s only one story, too. I’ve read many others with similar details. You think that it could not happen to you or someone you care about? This is really getting out of control, people:

According to murder figures released by the Justice Department in 2002, , Black predators are at least 22 times (2,200 percent) more likely to murder White women than the reverse. In regard to gang attacks including the horrible specter of gang rape, the figures are literally off the charts, with at least a 200 times (that’s 20,000 percent!) greater chance of Blacks committing gang assaults and that includes both White men and women victims! — David Duke

But let’s take a break from facts and figures, shall we? Go back to that first question I asked you earlier — what do you think could personally happen to you, should the social situation suddenly render you vulnerable as a women? Do you feel like you could walk through certain parts of your town unmolested, all by yourself? Would you not feel uncomfortable finding yourself in a place with no whites or police? Think about it all now and be honest with yourself — not how you hope you’d feel — but your visceral, gut reaction. That’s your very own natural protective voice that you need to listen to — instead of the programming by the media that has confused you and has often lied to you, by omission if nothing else, over the years.

Unknown White girl gang-raped and set on fire in South Africa.

You know, in your heart, that all of this is the real, brutal truth of the world and you could easily fall victim to black’s predilection to violent crime should the situation allow for it. And it’s easy to see this kind of thing happening openly, like in Africa where the women are often treated like hell by the men. Did you know that 70% of all the women in the African country of Niger report being beaten and raped as a “normal” part of life? How about the shocking fact that rape is not even illegal and is pretty much commonplace in the capital city, according to the United Nation’s OXFAM?

And the rest of Africa is not any better. In the Congo, it’s now at total epidemic levels and blacks rape young children in the attempt to cure the “slim” disease or HIV. Recently, Five young, White Dutch missionaries were gang-raped in a brutal overnight rapefest by over ten Negroes in Kenya, with some of the rapists being hired to watch over them by the Kenyan government. Of course, the story was ignored by the US media.

In South Africa,  now the crime capital of the world with 1 rape occurring every 17 seconds, white women and White families are often targeted for violent crime by roving black gangs. Newly arrived Nigerians have specialized in drug-enslaved prostitution of young White girls and all of this is totally ignored too by the Western press so as to not embarass the sacred symbol of the Diversity mavens of the Western world: Nelson Mandela, or even the whole business of “Diversity” being forced on America.

All of it is a BIG FAT LIE being fed to the White America!

They don’t want you to know that white girls and women are often the victims of violent crime and rape from black men. Also, they don’t even want you to know just how vile blacks can truly be.† This, along with other statistics about violent black crime, would make White America justifiably outraged and angrily reevaluate the whole “Multicultural” social engineering being forced down our throats as we speak.

They can’t have us know these things, for if we do — then we might just get together and it’s really this potential solidarity of the Whites that they most fear. This has actually been the main point to the entire Multicultural BS game to begin with: To keep White America from becoming a unified force and one that could put a stop to these evil people’s real designs.

Folks, these rape statistics are much, much more than just some minor inconvenient truth to be ignored because it doesn’t fit your altruistic political views. Taken into context with all the other statistics of black crime in the United States of America, it must be understood for what it is: That the myth of “Diversity” is being dearly paid for by the white people of this country. Not only in our tax monies, but also with serious pain and suffering, maybe even diseases — horribly affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of white people, just like yourself.

When will you EVER say enough is enough? When it happens to you or one of your loved ones? The chances for that increase daily. Wake up to it, people — our race and our minds are being raped on a daily basis!

— Phillip Marlowe

Next in this series: True Black Serial Killers and Mass Murderers. READ HERE

David Duke was recently interviewed by NPR about all this and the resulting sound links were the most listened to in NPR history! Comments from European White Americans in support of Duke was so intense that NPR closed down the comment section. Read more here

The first installment in this series: What You Don’t Know Could Get You Killed

For a really sad story about Negro rape on my blog go HERE

Jerry’s Racial Violence Statistics Page Look to the left for his section on criminal race statistics for some in-your-face numbers.

†Here’s an article that the fat Reverend Sharpton ignored (and you might want to, as well): An absolutely, unbelievably vile, gang-rape committed by blacks on a black mother and son: Read here. You think for one lousy minute, that stories like this one would be ignored by the media if it was whites doing it to blacks or even whites doing it to themselves? If you do, then you must be a total blithering idiot.

Read some truth the US Media will not tell you!

Interracial Rape Statistics

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 1995-1999
County-Level Breakdown in US Crime Rates
US Census Gateway

Correctional Populations in the United States, 1995

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. justawhitegirl says:

    I have to agree with Emily as well as this comment:

    “When will these savages BEHAVE and EVOLVE? You can go from city to city in the USA and it’s the same thing in all of them: wherever “BLACKS” are the majority of the population is also the “BAD” area of town. WHY?”

    I am a white girl and I grew up in the ghetto around mostly blacks. I went to high school in the 1990s and the Negroes would go around singing OUT LOUD IN THE HIGH SCHOOL HALLWAYS ABOUT RAPING AND FUCKING WHITE GIRLS! Further, their ambitions consisted mostly of collecting welfare (yes, they would tell you this) taking and selling drugs and making as many biracial children as they could and leaving the white woman to be a single “baby mama.”

    Today, I am a successful attorney who funded my education through loans, grants and scholarships and I occasionally go back to the predominately black, high crime area I grew up in to visit family who refuse to leave. The Negroes there are still on welfare, still selling drugs and still raping and fucking white girls. The children they made in the 1990s are now baby mamas themselves and they are STILL blaming being black for all their problems. NEWS FLASH!! As Emily said, you are responsible for your own life. LIVE IT, Respect yourself and GROW UP!!!!

  2. justawhitegirl says:

    And I don’t believe you one bit about the fried chicken. You probably eat at a KFC twice a week on your welfare assistance payment.

    lol….Ya know…

  3. American says:


    Congratulations for overcoming some serious odds. It’s disgusting what the Negroes would sing in the hallway….amazing.

    I’m glad to hear your input, as you prove our point in the best manner of all, real life!

    • Arctic Circle says:

      Congratulation On the English Language Reform.

      CIRCULAR A-333 (Revised by Incog 08/25/18)
      CIRCULAR NO. A-333

      Purpose: This Circular establishes the principles for implementing the Reform of English Language.

      Applicability: All private and public agencies shall apply the provisions of this circular in implementing the Reform.

      Policy guide: From now on everybody is to spell the words as you hear them, not how the fucking jews want you to spell them.

      Effective date: August, 25, 2018

  4. justawhitegirl says:


    Thank you!!! It is disgusting….I don’t understand why a race of people would want to act that way!!

  5. justawhitegirl says:

    Every time the little Negroes procreate in an area there are problems. When I was in high school, me and my father heard noises out front of our home and looked outside to see 3 Black men literally JUMPING on the roof of my parents’ car. I knew the one from school. The police refused to help, saying we had to catch them while they were DOING it to call and report it. Then, YEARS later, 2 black men loosened the tires on my brother in laws car when it was parked in our back yard. One time, he lost the wheel and we had no idea why. Then, he hard noises in the yard one day and caught two black men in the act. No motive…just being the beasts they are. He had an 8 month old and they all could have died. I have had black men point lasers at me saying “If this were a gun, you’d be dead, mothafuca!” simply for standing outside on my porch.

    So anyway, yeah, when Blacks populate a neighborhood it surely becomes a ‘Hood!! And they wonder why white people will threaten to move if Blacks infiltrate their neighborhoods.

  6. gncarlo says:

    “‘Democracy’ is the delusion that a bunch of fools can put their heads together and come up with wise decisions.” – H L Mencken

  7. gncarlo says:

    I don’t have a lot of time but, just one or two observations:

    1. The long-winded person who started off this thread was quite eloquent. I have observed probably a million congoids and mulattoes in my life. The latter who, although it may be un-PC to say it, average an IQ of about 85. People with that kind of IQ don’t speak like this. Obama, even with a teleprompter, would have trouble reading this stuff. It would have to be either a guilt-ridden, limp-wristed white college professor or, more likely, since white girls getting a little ‘juice of the jungle’ seems to be an obsession with Hebrew pornographers, just a Jew jerking your chain…

    2. In the first sentence, he displays his ignorance with the “melanin-deficient’ nonsense. I think that came out of the WD Fard/ Elijah Muhammed school of racist nonsense that was so inspirational to Farrakhan. The scientific reality is that everyone has about the same amount of melanin in their skin. In people who live in the tropics, nature has, over generations, selected those whose melanin is concentrated near the surface, as nature’s built-in sunblock. In colder climates, melanin offers no such biological advantage, and is more uniformly distributed.

    This is the same kind of ignorance as the story of the Jew escaping from Treblinka while drawing water from the camp well, located within fifty feet of burial pits containing hundreds of thousand of rotting bodies. As Denierbud put it, only a person who had lived his entire life in urban comfort would be totally unaware of the concept of contaminated ground water.

  8. gncarlo says:

    “Included by the FBI as “WHITES” are not only Hispanics, but also West Asians, Jews, Middle Easterners, North Africans, Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans, Palestinians, and refugees from the former Soviet Union. ”

    It gets worse: inhabitants of the American West Indies are classed as “Hispanics.” They are almost entirely black or mixed-bloods. A 100% 8-rock nigger, so black that he is blue, and who does not speak one word of Spanish, is “Hispanic”. And since Hispanics are lumped with white perps for purpose of crime statistics, he is officially a white criminal.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Goddamn niggers!

  10. Anonymous says:

    You got it, pathetic Black rapists! Women should know the truth!

  11. Penultimate Veritas says:

    You might see the story, but you won’t find descriptions of the suspects. Found this on local news:

    Sunday, 18 January 2009

    Maryland State Police are investigating the death of 27 year old Brookes Harmon of Salisbury, who died after a home invasion at a relative’s home Friday night. Police say Harmon was visiting when three masked men burst into the home, bound him with duct tape and ordered the others into another room. Harmon’s body has been taken to the Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy.

    Suspect 1 – Black man, about 6’ tall, weighing between 250 and 300 pounds and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.
    Suspect 2 – Black man, about 6’ tall, weighing between 200 to 250 pounds.
    Suspect 3 – Black man, no further description was available
    Anyone with information to call (410) 749-3101 or Crime Solvers of Wicomico County at (410) 548-1776.

  12. Scott Patrick Thornberry says:

    It is so perfectly obvious that every last one of you is a Mo$$ad agent.
    Scott Patrick Thornberry “Is” My “Real” Name

    • incogman says:

      Right you are Thornberry. INCOG MAN is a cover ops for the MOSSAD. Now that you spilled the beans, expect a visit from Tzipi Livni and her crew of poisoners. You sure your name ain’t “Dingleberry?”

  13. American says:

    Thornberry’s comment is just another example of jew-rigging Hasbara techiniques.

    When all else fails, accuse the website operator of being undercover JEW. I see this on every single site I visit. Smoke and mirrors, just like the holoHOAX.

  14. American says:

    Sometimes I just can’t believe that Americans somehow think Negroes are actually victims of violent crimes committed by whites. So much so, that “hate crimes” to punish Whites were necessary.

    A hate crime, by definition can ONLY be with a White aggressor and minority victim. Has a Negro never killed a White just because of their color? Any white involved in any crime with a minority will have the burden of proof to show it was not because of race. Hasn’t a White ever killed A Negro for any reason other than race? Not these days, I’m afraid.

    It’s time to put the Jews in that prison they created called Israel.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been raped three times over a course of 30 years. Each time by a white time. When you say minds are figuratively being raped on a daily basis, I feel an urgent need to correct your misunderstanding of what rape is. Unless your body has been raped and your mind, spirit and soul humiliated and degraded beyond your wildest imagination, you have no idea what rape is. You are way the hell out of line to use the metaphor. I haven’t slept through a night in 5 years.

    By the way, I would have been killed the last time but for a young black man’s intervention. I’m a white woman.

  16. orion14 says:

    LOL @ Anonymous!! You lying fuck!!!!

  17. gncarlo says:

    I was going to say that earlier, Orion, but I like to present myself as “Mr Sensitivity.” 🙂

    If ‘she’ hasn’t slept through a night in five years, I doubt she would be in the mood to do much typing.

    Anyone can be anything they want to be on the internet. I myself am often mistaken for Brad Pitt. I used to be Jerry Garcia, but I’m upgrading.

  18. Big Duke 6 says:

    Shlomo Pinchas Thornberg 😀

  19. orion14 says:

    Hey gn, I was going to be sensitive too, until she inserted that “saved by a nigger” bull. The walking dick would have jumped right in along with the supposed white guy!

    Anonymous is probably one fugly clip haired, white-hating assistant professor who identifies with the mulatto in the duke rape case. Notice the reference to “three white guys”.

  20. American says:

    “Anonymous'” statement is the reason I stay away from Negroes. They are permitted by Jews to make up any story that is useful against Whites.
    The most twisted part of the “confession” is that it’s probably not even a lying Negro, but instead a weird little Jew-gypsy imposter.

  21. American says:

    I was just wondering how many minorities have figured out that when a”white guy” is abusing them, either in business of verbally, that it is usually a Jew, and NOT a real white.

    That’s one of the times they like to blend in/get confused with Whites. Jews abuse ALL Goyim, all one has to do is read their actual quotes. They “beat down” minorities and let them believe it was “Whites”, instead of Jew-rats.

    Jews are dangerous, and all we can do is keep sharing the truth.

  22. Kaitlyn says:

    Haha wow! You know Anonymous, if you were really raped and didn’t sleep through a night then you wouldnt be wasting your time here on the internet, you would be seeking professional help! Stupid lying Negro! Oh I’m sorry am I must be a friggin a racist because I called you a liar! MY BAD! lol!!!! 8)

  23. deathtozog says:

    Never forget Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Negroes raped BOTH of them. He was set on fire, shot and died on RR tracks. She lasted a few days. Finally killed. Where was the media on this one? The black criminals/White victims doesn’t fit the mold that the media is selling you.

  24. Lastriteofpassage says:

    LOL. You neo-nazi white hatemongers go on and on about how you want all non-white people dead, so why should anyone give a damn about you?

    You want violence and death, and that is what you will always recieve.

    You are not out promoting peace, love, and humility in this world.
    You are out spreading hatred against anyone and everyone that
    does not look like you, and then you turn around and ask for sympathy and support.
    I will never forget creeps like Ted Bundy, Dahmer, and the countless
    other “white” people whose crimes are hidden and buttered up.

    You fools speak as though you know every black person on this planet
    when you claim you do not mingle with them in the first place.

  25. anti-zionist says:

    last right of passage ,keep going and pass by.
    Its about survival ,so you can go fuck yourself.

  26. Lastriteofpassage says:

    Survival? LOL
    You are not immortal ,you will die just like every human being will die.
    You will not be here in 500 years monitoring how white people live.

    People come and they go, you can “survive” all you want
    you are going to die one day so it would make no difference.

  27. anti-zionist says:

    Why are you on here?

  28. American says:

    Easy, anti-zionist, he’s just a curve-ball tossing Jew-rat, like the rest of them. It shouldn’t be too much longer before they get smashed by humanity, like happens every couple generations. Way overdue!

  29. Truthsayer says:

    Mass strikes across the country
    by white men Demanding Hate
    Crime Legislation to include
    All races against all others…

    This is the only method to
    initiate the reclamation of
    justice, true authority
    will Never be achieved without

  30. Freida says:

    I am pleased to see that you’re trying to sow how much the jews have destroyed this country as well as the lies upon which the state of Israel was built. However, as a university undergrad I find that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get people who are as of now unaware of the inherent falsity of the holocau$t to become interested on intrigued by the information showcased in sites such as yours because of the irrelevant injection of Christianity and anti-black, anti-immigration stances displayed therein.

    Let me put it to you this way: I’m assuming that you agree that the news media, the entertainment media, politics and Wall Street are at least 98% dominated by jews and their interests. If the answer is yes, then imagine if you will how much the jews also dominate and otherwise own politics, economies and media in Mexico and the rest of South and Central America? Let’s take Mexico as an example, it is an established fact that Leon Trotsky and other communist agitators took refuge in the capital city and they established the Mexican Communist Party. Mexico is an extremely wealthy country, which its native Spanish and Indigenous populace cannot seem to be able to get under control. The sad fact is that the owners of Mexican banks, TV, newspapers, are jews! They have subjugated the US, Canada and Mexico completely, they have an interest in creating a North American union, THEY have a history of creating race wars, because it deflects interest away from their evil intentions of complete economic and political control. Think about it! Every time you or I begin to point the finger at blacks or Hispanics, it is ONE LESS hand pointing at the jew puppet masters.

    This is why I advocate that Holocaust Revisionist sites should show that just as the jews have gained control of the U.S., so have they gained and kept control of the Spanish speaking peoples of the Americas. I am sure that if Hispanics KNEW of the real reason they are poor, the real reason why they feel that they have to come to the U.S. is due to Zionist occupation of their lands, they would try to do something about it. Remember that it is the best interest of the jew to keep YOU occupied with illegal immigration and black crime than with the real and enormous crimes that the jews are commiting against all of the non-jew world. It is in their best interest for you and I to be angry at the immigrants and they’ve been doing this since the heyday of Irish immigration to America. As long as you and I are angry of at someone else, we won’t be angry at them. We need to help Hispanics regain their own countries by throwing the jews out, because I believe entirely that these people would rather stay in their countries than come here.

    Anyone interested in scratching the surface of this insidious infiltration of jews in Mexico please look at these sites:



    They are the real enemy let’s please not lose sight of that!

  31. Woman21 says:

    This is the most revolting site I have ever had the misfortune of laying eyes on. I honestly didn’t realize that so many small minded still existed today. The color of our skin is not a precursor to our crimes and those that believe that it is are destined to live a very small, sad life!

  32. Here to set the record straight says:

    Let me tell you something, Missy. You REFUTE with intelligence and arguments instead of superficial, meaningless ad hominem attacks (as our largely lower IQ stupid women are prone to do) a single argument on this website, and then you might warrant a smidgeon of credibility. Until then, you’re just another brainwashed moron not worthy of even MY response.

    • incogman says:

      Tell “Woman21” she’s living in a Jew-created dream world. A stupid “Multicultural” Coke commercial.

      Black men rape over 30,000 White women per year and less than 10 White men (or even none) rape black women (who would want to?). Go here and read the dam Dept. of Justice PDF for yourself, Woman21: http://ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cvus0502.pdf

      Hell, just thinking about it is enough to see reality.

  33. Kaitlyn says:

    “women 21” WOW!! Okay Im going to give u the same frickin speach I gave whoa in the first part of this series but I don’t really feel like typing it agen…go read what I posted on teh first part of this series answering “whoa”. These frickin people need their own opinions for once in their god damn lives!!! SHEESH I AM TIRED OF REPEATING MYSELF HERE!!!

  34. Kaitlyn says:

    And i like “here to set the record straight”‘s comment too…unlike YOU who is only refuting with a totally UNORIGINAL opinion that the media shove down your throat,incogman actually presents you with FACTS and actual PROOF and STATISTICS!!! Refute with a tiny bit of proof or fact (if you can find any) that your opinion is just….maybe we might take you a tad seriously.

  35. American says:

    Jewish subversion at it’s most fucked:

    Last week the FBI and Washington D.C. police announced arrest of homosexual Duke University administrator Frank Lombard for trying to persuade an undercover police officer to have sex with Lombard’s six-year-old adopted black son. The affidavit said Lombard sexually molested the child, describing himself as a “perv dad for fun.” The boy was reared by Lombard and his homosexual partner. (See, Gay Duke U. Official Attempts to Sell Black 5-Year-Old Son for Sex: MSM Out to Lunch. NewsBusters.org 06/29/2009)

    Let’s see, JEW media doesn’t cover this. The JEWish ADL pushes for laws to protect this scumbag. And worst of all, I bet he’s a JEW, but they’re making it harder to find out “WHO’S A JEW?” these days. It’s a sure sign the rats are scared, so turn up the heat!

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