A Shocking Glimpse of America’s Future

Take a look at some video that just surfaced recently from the 1992 LA Riots over the verdict in the Rodney King case. This video just become available on youtube and will give you a close-up look at how our country is rapidly becoming due to uncontrolled immigration. In the words of Dr. David Duke:

In this horrific news clip you will see the America of the future resulting from the Racial Transformation of Uncontrolled Immigration –

As you watch this video, you will think it was filmed in some Third World country. Looting, shooting in the streets, and anarchy. A crying, elderly White woman on her way to buy groceries watches the mayhem and asks how this can be happening. It is not the White America she grew up in, for parts of it have now been transformed to the point where she walks as a frightened stranger in what was once peaceful and productive White neighborhoods.

And it is not just Koreatown or Watts or Harlem anymore, today the cancer is invading every city, even small towns like Siler City, North Carolina.

This video should be a shocking wake up call to all European Americans. How can anyone White person viewing this not realized that the time to stand up is now. If we don’t stand up now, all will be lost in our country and every one of our children will walk as this frightened grandmother, as a stranger in our own land, the land our forefathers built.

David Duke


I also want all of you to notice some additional things in this video.

I certainly understand the anger of the Korean merchants, but if you look at the video there are a number of White people, including women who are bystanders, who the Koreans put at serious risk. the Koreans began blasting away with 45’s with great risk to innocent people in the crowded shopping center area. A bullet goes a long way, and these guys went just about as crazy as the Black and illegal alien looters. Two races fighting it out on the streets of an American city, like it was as normal as rush hour traffic. It will be lucky if some innocent White people were not injured.

Again, this is like a Third World Scenario, on both sides, or perhaps even more appropriately it could be described as something you would see with fighting factions in Baghdad rather than America.

It will be interesting to see if the Koreans are charged with reckless endangerment, or even manslaughter if some innocent bystanders were killed. If they are arrested they will be worse trouble than the looters, as they seriously endangered innocent life, not just the looters. If it were Whites who did the shootings, they would probably be facing federal prison time and decades of sentencing.

This entire incident has the surreal about it.

I was also amazed by the European American woman reporter, who in the face of this mayhem and danger was determined to do her job. Reminds me of the White soldiers in the movie, Zulu, when under attack by 10,000 Zulus they just calmly and deliberately did their duty. — David Duke

Take a look at this “Gangsta” video and see what these people are turning the streets of America into…

Black Mobs kill a Mexican at the “Juneteenth” celebration in Milwaukee, Illinois in 2007. This is where they supposedly celebrate the end of slavery, but such celebrations usually turn into a mob scene where Whites and Mexicans run the real risk of being being beaten to death on the streets of America. This happens every year in various cities of the US and is now only covered locally due to the behavior of these unpredictable Negroes.

Black mobs go haywire and have fun tearing-up downtown Cincinnati, Ohio during a protest over the shooting of a black criminal; they injured over 100 innocent whites and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.


Our country is rapidly turning into a Third World hell-hole of warring races, violent gangs and raging race mobs. Our government does nothing, only pays lip service to the southern border and expects you to believe they are doing something about it. The fact of the matter is they could care less since they consider YOU the same as all THEM. Always have, too.

And you’ll never really know just how bad things are getting, since it’s obvious that the media has turned a blind eye to any crimes committed against white people, or even bad behavior of blacks — all because of the Politically Correct fantasy that the liberals in the media uphold. We are being lied to and spit in the face on a daily basis by this Jew-owned media, run by blatant liberals living hidden away in condos in the nicer parts of town. Simply put, you’ll soon be a victim and no one will hear about it outside of your own immediate friends and family.

These kinds of race gangs, Blacks and Mexicans, will care absolutely ZILCH about who you last voted for, Barack or Hillary, and will laugh hysterically at your pleas of peace and brotherhood as they gang-rape you, forcing you to do sickening things as their cohorts stomp the living-life out of your little brother and parents in the next room.

All those whites whom you once called racist and gun-nuts will be the only hope you have left and they may well spit in your gibbering liberal face as they concentrate their resources for their own families and political allies. Then you’ll be at the mercy of roving bands of Blacks and Mexicans; where the best you could hope for, would be a quick bullet in the head instead of sex slavery till you collapse and are finally finished off.

Us whites had better come together soon and present a united front or all this kind of thing will start happening to a neighborhood near you and by then it’ll be too late to do JACK. And when that happens, do you think you and your family will be safe? It’ll be every man for himself and all the police and SWAT teams will be busy protecting the richest people — those same ones who’ve never had to experience any of this and have promoted “Diversity” on this country for years.

Those RICH, LIBERAL, WHITE TRAITORS, who now live in nicely in gated communities and who preach down to us like they know everything and are such the sensitive and caring souls. These people are putting you and your children’s future at grave risk, whether you believe it or not.  You regular white people had better start speaking up about all this and NOW!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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16 Responses to A Shocking Glimpse of America’s Future

  1. Too bad we whites don’t show the same degree of solidarity that the Koreans showed in this video. This video shows the bitter fruits of multiculturalism, but the white elite who impose this upon us have bought their way out of diversity by moving into gated communities. They don’t experience this nonsense.

    It’s too bad WordPress is trying to censor you. Blogger has tagged my White Reference blog as in “violation of Terms of Service”, which means it’s intermittently not visible to the public. I’m thinking of moving it to WordPress, anyway.

    Censorship is out of control, and whenever they censor one of our blogs, we’ve got to open up a new account under a new name and get back in the fight again. Good luck with your efforts.

  2. incogman says:

    WordPress does the same thing. My new posts do not show up to the rest of the blogging community.

    I’ve seen far worse on the blogs open to the public. All kinds of filthy stuff and attacks on white ANYTHING. This is PC as they get. I suppose I should be happy that they do not close me down due to “terms of service” either.

    The whites in this country are bending over and taking it up the you know what. I won’t be a part of that scene. I cannot believe just how wussified some of are, anymore.

    Oh, by the way, that link failed!

  3. Sweet clips. I plan to burn a DVD full of the LA riot footage and send it to Reginald Denny for his birthday.

    I am going to arm the mooncrickets in my community so they can have the firepower to slay Chertoff’s DHS thugs. I will be safely hidden away in my underground bomb shelter. If they math works out right, I will be the only left to rule the country.

  4. KimbaFan100 says:

    I’m scared that if Obama gets elected, the blacks will get more and more aggressive.

  5. Louis from Montreal says:

    The way I see it, if Obama gets elected he will have all the power to run America with the likes of his ‘pastor’ and the Jackson/Sharpton crowd. Maybe his NBPP buddies can do whitehouse security?

    If he doesn’t get elected, well, get ready for more of the above. Either way, my sympathies go out to my American friends.

    All three of your candidates are bending over backwards to appease the Jews. Ann Lewis, Hillary’s representative was reported as saying to the Israeli lobby, “The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.” Wash. Post- 03/18/08

  6. rocketman 66 says:

    that “juneteenth” video is is pretty damn scary,nearly 4 minutes of video before we see the police ,and all 6 of them show up on horses.
    with an event like “juneteenth” you’d think a fleet of local and state police would be sitting around in squad cars and SWAT would be parked right beside them.
    the milwalkee police should have been charged with cruelty to animals for riding these horses into an angry tribe of northern negroes.
    WTF?imagine if this was boca raton and it was a large group of white working class americans.
    ohh,the jews in boca would be pissing themselves and the cops would be clubbing our white heads into unconciousness.
    we all remember how these nigs carried on after those LA cops where aquitted of the RODNEY KING beating.
    that fat nigger only got what he asked for,what did REGINALD DENNY ask for the day of the aquital?the right to do his job as a truck driver,nothing more.
    but the negros felt he didn’t deserve that,no they ripped him from his truck and stomped the shit out of him in the street.
    as he lay motionless in the road one negro decides to smash his skull with a brick.
    all negroes aquitted,reginald probably still cant work,i hope the good state of california atleast threw him a few grand for the inconvenience.
    all these years later and the jew media and i dont think i’ve ever seen anything about this except when the negroes where aquitted.
    what if a gang of white boys ruffed up some nigs like in howard beach?
    ohh,those evil white guys,poor innocent blacks.
    JESSE JACKSON and AL SHARPTON down there hootin’ana hollerin’,the jew media stuck them like afro-sheen.
    i’m certain the black boys provolked these kids but our talking heads would never mention it.
    remember a few years ago some white chicks thought it would be cool to go to the puerto rican fest in NY?
    they learned the hard way being groped and assaulted wasn’t much fun.
    surprisingly though,the media covered it well,but reported no arrests.
    this is what my country is becoming and now the jews are showing just how good they are,look at BERNIE MADOFF and all the dirt coming out about mini madoff swindlers all around the country.
    our fake brown sock puppet shelling out billions to jew banks and minorities and what do we get?unemployment as we host H1B VISA slugs and illegal immigrants sucking our system dry.
    billions to keep fannie and freddie mortgage holders in homes they didn’t deserve in the first place.
    illegal immigrants and minimum wage negroes get bailed out,if your white and layed off your beat!
    we’ve been sold out and most people dont even know it,living in debt to the jew banker,most people think life is good never really paying attention to the debt to income ratio,(mini mansion,suv,plasma tv and every other kind of “keeping up with the jone’s”garbage they can think of.
    sad to say but most all of our countries problems where brought on by our own people,the ones who allowed themselves to be conditioned without even knowing it,maybe they just needed smaller tv’s.
    since when does our economy depend on credit and it’s availabilty?
    ohh,since NAFTA and WORLD TRADE ORGINIZATION,thats right.
    pay attention people!ljb

  7. American says:

    That’s right Rocketman 66. I stay WAY far out of the path of Negroes, and am ALWAYS ready to take care of the issue should it arise. Whites are lulled into thinking that somehow cops will take care of them, but the fact is that cops are just as afraid to appear racist as everybody else (more so because their job depends on it). Arm yourselves, and get to the range frequently!

    I will NOT even think of turning over my weapons in this Jew-rigged game of “pick off Whitey”. We can thank the Jew for being the instigator of every single breakdown in our society. Btw, Madoff in court today, and he’s not gonna give up any details about family involvement even though his accountants were ALL family (including his wife). They also showed clips of him being marched into court, but NEVER show his handcuffs. He’s clearly “under arrest” with two big guys escorting him, but they Jews-media doesn’t want to paint this “exemplary Jew” any worse than they have to.

    I’m surprised somebody hasn’t started taking out his family. Seems like that would be a logical place to start, while he sits in jail.

  8. rocketman 66 says:

    i was kind of hoping that scumbag would have killed himself last night.
    i wonder how much investigating was done by the feds and the sec on his families involvement.
    it’s federal country club time for madoff,he should be thrown in genpop at rikers,he’d last 4 minutes there.
    his family swims in cash stocked away in israel,it wouldn’t surprise me if he is sentenced to life in his penthouse.

  9. American says:

    Yep, and check this out. Ruth Madoff told people that “her” money was inheirited (at least $10 million was).

    But like a true Jew-bag, she lied entirely. Her parents were poor, and records show she inheirited ONLY $36k….Are we surprised she’s a rat-bitch like the rest of the clan. The pig was in his office every day for years, and he never invested in stock! Nothing but a den of criminals, just raising money to steal.
    And Jews are proud of this guy!

    They laugh out loud at our legal system!

  10. PC_11 says:

    The fact that Madoff was on “home arrest” all this time shows just who is in charge. Of course this piece of garbage is going to have to “take one for the team” – then we won’t hear any more about it. The scores of other yids working with him to pull this off will get away scot-free. They’ll probably release a news report telling us Madoff has died of a heart attack in prison. But in truth he’ll either be spirited away to Israhell to have a laugh. Or they’ll just poison him just to make sure Bernie isn’t having second thoughts that might make him start to talk. You know, bump him off a la Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein).

  11. rocketman 66 says:

    damn pc_11 i just said pretty much the same thing on the ron paul imagine pc.
    i hope you dont think i’m like DR.MLK a commy,plagerist ,white ho’ fuckin and beatin’ preacher.
    ohh well,atleast we’re on the same page.

  12. Saul says:

    I have a real rage problem with this diversity thing lately, I find I go miles out of my way lately to by even buy gas, when I used to shop in my own fast becoming ‘hood’. The City Hall Talmudic Ghetto filth in my area seem to be systematically targeting the most decent average middle-class and lower middle-class neighborhoods for section 8 and thug attraction housing complexes for years now.

    They’re rude on the roads cut in front of you in stores, if you let them (I don’t!) and play their tribal warfare and mating ritual thud filth up and down the streets. I smelled finer fragrances at my local zoo. The jewlegal immigrants and pussy M13 wannabes have gotten quite bold now, and like to try and terrorize Whitey with their Macho ‘I’m a crazy mex stair’. I find myself giving them the ‘I’m a ‘tired ol’ (they love to call us that) crazy white man who don’t give a ____, so come on stair. Their occasional shocked look is sometimes funny as it changes back to ‘I poor Jose just trying to find work, I’ll look at the floor now. Some times it almost gets nasty (don’t let them win or play their game). How dare whitey not submit.

    I find it easier to go elsewhere. They may want that, but thats not winning. I just don’t want to spend the next hour in rage because I had to deal with this filth, tired on the way home from work. And I don’t intend to let ANY cop arrest me because of the filthy jew traitors hate crime treason. Anyone who tries enforce Talmud traitor Hate Crime treason on me will be charged in my citizens defense court with crime and treason against the Republic. I’m not tough, just tired of it and will’n. I’ll go to NO jew jail for Talmud Law based crime.

    I have had multiple white girlfriends who have been punched and raped by this kind of scum and I was unfortunutely a child or not around at the time. Far less than one out of ten reported or solved as many are road abductions or simular sucker\lure jobs, because the filthy jew-schools taught them ‘we’re all the same – it’s OK to trust them’. God Damn them.

    I saw a film where this primal ape beat this white guy while his foul whore spit her gutter filth, and coward white trash brainwashed kosher-hole men looked on, they should have beat him and his whore into oblivion. Did he call them a name? Did this pig bitch cut in line as they have tried to do to me on many occassions? Either way, no good.


    “Again, this is like a Third World Scenario, on both sides, or perhaps even more appropriately it could be described as something you would see with fighting factions in Baghdad rather than America.” DAVID DUKE

    “Every single one of those cities were built by White men. And the jew destroyed them using biological weapons. Niggers are the jew’s biological weapons.

    The inner city ghettos of America are indistinguishable from the bombed-out cities that we’ve seen in photographs from the various wars of the 20th & 21st centuries.

    Those cities on that list were once the apex of White civilization. The zenith of White technology. They represented untold man-hours of coordinated labor and cooperation to construct.

    Many of them had large, safe and convenient residential housing sections that three, four or more generations of White families called their homes. Today, those grander houses in the once wealthier neighborhoods have all been carved-up into squalid rooming houses. Where once a proud and hard working White family resided, now is infested with brown troglodytes who tear down the finely hewn mahogany and priceless marble and then crudely replace it with cheap particle board garishly painted in the bright colors that appeal to the savage. Houses that were built to last 200 years or more, barely last one generation of nigger defilement before they’re abandoned and set afire by drug addicted nigger squatters.

    The jew then announces urban renewal to be funded at taxpayer expense and plows under the irreplaceable dwellings of our ancestors, and rebuilds again at taxpayer’s expense, cheaply built townhouses that are given to niggers simply because they are niggers and Whites are so gullible to believe the jewish lies that they somehow owe the niggers a new house.

    This pattern has been repeated in every single city listed. The jew has used the same tactics in each those cities to bring them down. The jew has a well-oiled machine of destruction consisting of millions of unwitting niggers.

    This is how the jew’s bulldozer worked:

    Whites tried to defend their cities from the nigger onslaught. The ineffectual protests by the Whites were always overcome because the Whites would invariably focus their ire against the niggers, this resulted in the White folk being called racists by the jew’s media and thus most were cowed into silence. No one dared stand up to the glaring lights and TV cameras of the jew media, and those who did, found that their protests were never shown on TV. The net effect was to leave Whites feeling powerless. So they ran away. It was called White flight. They were fleeing the deadly weapon used so cleverly against them by the jew.

    This list of the most dangerous cities slaps White people in the face and yet most remain oblivious to how much has been stolen from them due to the jewish induced anesthesia brought about by booze, drugs, being overworked, having a dumbed-downed education, going to co-opted churches, media omission, distortion and lies and finally cowardice to face the truth.

    Only when we recognize that it was the jew who has made our cities into the hell on earth that they are, then we’ll be able to put a stop to these jewish crimes. Because once we realize that it’s the jews hurting and killing us and that it’s the jews using weapons of mass destruction called niggers to beat us into oblivion, then we can focus our wrath where it belongs. Squarely on the enemy, the filthy jew.” — BRUTUS

  14. American says:

    Worth Repeating,

    Excellent, and I could not agree more. The Jew needs to pay hard for his scheming. It’s just a matter of the best way to take care of what MUST be done.
    Point Negroes to the best people to rob and beat-Jews!

    We’ve got to fight the right battle, and that is the little Jew-rigging scumbag playing all sides against each other while he steals everything. Some of the Jews that visit here will even chuckle be proud of this, but it IS going to end.


    Excellent, and I could not agree more. American

    Ditto! I should have added that Brutus’ response (he has a number of racially explicit commentaries that are graphic yet compelling, and I believe they were originally posted on Vanguard and his “best of” on Curt Maynard’s older blog which naturally was deleted) came from a report in the Jews’ news on “America’s Most Dangerous Cities” with data taken from the following link. Though this research doesn’t point it out, there were posters on American Renaissance who did the online homework and demonstrated the correlation between the higher the demographics of blacks in those cities, the higher the crime rates (surprise…surprise, right?)


  16. Saul says:

    Lets Not Forget the Talmudic Communist Commissary China*Mart jew filth for their treason and ‘hood seeding. I find it interesting that these primate housing ‘projects’ pop up right before or shortly after China*Mart communist seed the area with their china-filth stores and little NAZI brownshirt ‘Damage and loss’ Fagots Goy terrorizing brigade. Training Goyim that it’s not a choice, but a privilege for weak Goy to be able to buy life-sustaining items and child slave labor made jew crap in their ghetto-havens. More jew mind kontrol for goy under the guise of stopping an origional foul-jew concept, theft.

    I’ve not shopped their in years. The only reason for any Goy to shop their in their right minds is because they are so poor for vile jew job destruction treason they can’t shop else where, or their niggers of all-colors who just don’t care.

    China/Talmud*Mart: Live Better, put your children out of work, support child slave labor and rape, and save a dollar today to spend ten dollars tomorrow for the same thing. The only reason to go to Talmud*Mart is for a different kind of Clearance sale.

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