David Duke: The Most Important Civil Right


The racial murder and rape of White women in America by David Duke

How the so-called “Civil Rights” Movement in America has led to loss of the most important civil right of all: life.

The almost simultaneous murders of White co-eds at two different, prominent universities, Auburn and University of North Carolina, should bring attention to an epidemic of brutal African-American crimes against White women in the United States.

190carsoneve.jpgThe murder of Eve Carson, Student Body President of UNC has shocked her campus and its surrounding community to its core. Ms. Carson was found murdered in the middle of an intersection just outside downtown Chapel Hill on Wednesday, March 5th. Her body had two gunshot wounds, including one to the head, laid just a mile away from her SUV, which was left abandoned. Bank ATM video revealed that the murderer-carjacker, an African American, apparently attempted to get cash from Carson’s stolen ATM card shortly after the crime.

In a similar recent incident, police arrested another African American attacker, Courtney L. Lockhart, 23, for the grisly murder and attempted rape of Auburn University freshman co-ed, Lauren Burk, on March 4. Courtney was arrested on March 7 after having brutally pistol-whipped the face of another White victim, 72-year-old Marjorie Llewellyn of Newnan, Alabama and briefly kidnapping her at gunpoint during an armed robbery and attempted carjacking earlier in the day.

The recent murders of two White coeds at major universities by Black predators underscore a racial reality that the mass media in America hides from the public: the tens of millions of White victims of Black criminality in America. Over the past four decades since the “civil rights” movement, crime figures show that millions of crimes have been committed by Blacks and other non-White predators against White people. The crimes include robbery, assault, rape and murder.

The racial component of crime in America has been largely ignored. It took a major newspaper outside of America to address the shocking epidemic Black crime in America. (See The Race War of Black Against White by Paul Sheehan from the Sydney Morning Herald)


Black crime rates against White people are many times greater than White crimes against Blacks. You wouldn’t know it by reading or listening to America’s mass media. Saturation national and international news coverage is given to the very few White cross-race crimes against Blacks such as the James Byrd dragging case in Texas, as well as the media-hyped Tawana Brawley case in New Jersey and the alleged rape of a Black stripper by White lacrosse team members at Duke University. Both of those latter cases, after months of front-page, sensationalized coverage decrying “White racism,” turned out to be complete hoaxes.

There is an incredible disproportionate rate of Black crimes against Whites in contrast to White crimes against Blacks. Per capita Black cross racial crimes of 50 or even 100 percent greater than Whites would be bad enough, but the Black crime rates against Whites are actually many times greater than White on Black crimes. Blacks are an estimated 57 (that is 5,700 percent!) times more likely to commit violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times (13,600 percent!) more likely to commit robbery. (see the color of crime report published by the New Century Foundation – an analysis of crime figures taken from official Justice Department crime reports) http://www.nc-f.org/

Perhaps the most shocking of all the crime data dealing with cross-race crime is the incredible rate of crime by Black males against White women. According to U.S. Justice Department figures over 34,460 White women are sexually assaulted or raped by Black men each year, and most authorities believe that the actual rape figures are at least twice the reported number. In perhaps the most shocking crime figure of all is the number of White rapes against Black women. Statistically, it is 0! Because they have fewer than 10 cases nationally.

According to murder figures released by the Justice Department in 2002, , Black predators are at least 22 times (2,200 percent) more likely to murder White women than the reverse. In regard to gang attacks including the horrible specter of gang rape, the figures are literally off the charts, with at least a 200 times (that’s 20,000 percent!) greater chance of Blacks committing gang assaults and that includes both White men and women victims!

The staggering personal tragedies connected with these huge crime numbers should be a national scandal. Yet, the facts go largely unreported. How many times have the public seen media portrayals of historical or contemporary racial discrimination against Black people. But, the question is, “In the terms of the most important of human rights, how does the discrimination of racially segregated water fountains or neighborhoods or schools compare with the racially born crimes of black slaughter and physical attacks levied against thousands of White people each year?

America has been treated to thousands of media articles for instance about the frontier-style vigilante justice of lynchings, events which have occurred at least since the time of the American Revolution when they began on the Virginia frontier. Lynching got its name from Colonel Charles Lynch of Bedford County. He defended his community against outlaws and against Tories who were treacherously aiding the British. The Lynch organizations not only captured suspicious characters but gave them trials. With the frontier moving west and often with not a single law enforcement officer for hundreds of miles, vigilante committees often hunted down criminals and meted out punishment which was called “lynching.”

Lynching also became prominent again in the face of terrible outrages against innocent women and children during the Black Reconstruction period in the South and was mostly employed there against suspected Black rapists and murderers, but lynching was often practiced against Whites in the South, and quite often against criminal Whites in the North and West.

Of course, everyone today naturally condemns the practice of lynching, as well they should. Mob violence cannot be defended. But, if one wants to characterize lynching as a racial crime because lynchings were more commonly employed against Blacks in the South than against Whites, a few facts must be taken into account. If one considers disproportionate rates of Black lynching in the South, one must also consider the Black disproportionate crime rate.

1) Many scholars who have studied the history of lynching in the United States make it clear that lynching wasn’t simply a racial crime, but one primarily exacted on criminals whether they were Black or White. Consider the fact that even today, Blacks commit more murders than Whites in the United States, and Blacks are many times more likely to commit interracial race crimes such as rape and murder. As pointed out by federal crimes studies, a Black man is 57 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites than vice-versa, thousands of times more likely to rape a White women than Whites are likely to rape Black women, and 22 times more likely to murder a White woman than vice versa. There is no reason not to suspect that similar extremely high rates of Black criminality have existed historically. Most of the lynchings up until the War Between the States were against Whites and Significant numbers of Whites in the late 19th and early 20th Century were also lynched. So, considering the rates of crime, historical lynching has always been proportionate to Black crime rates and not one simply based on racist motives.

2) One must also understand that historical lynching was most often applied to those guilty of rape, robbery or murder. Of course, there were cases where innocent men were lynched, but in contrast, the thousands of White women and other White victims of Black crime today are guilty of no crime. Lynching cannot be excused in any way, but most of those men lynched were undoubtedly guilty of vicious and horrible crimes against the innocent, especially against women and children. Those were the kinds of heinous crimes that really drove the extra-legal executions.

The U.S. Senate recently issued an apology for not historically taking a stand against lynching, something that has been condemned because for part of its history Blacks disproportionately suffered from it.

If that is deemed appropriate, why does the U.S. Senate stand mute against the brutal rape of over 34,000 White women per year by Blacks. In just one year the number of White women raped by Black males is 6 times the total number of all lynchings during the entire history of the United States. (Estimated to be about 5,000 including both Whites and Blacks)

If racial disparity is an issue, then the Black rate of murder and rape against White men and women has a far greater racial disparity than that of White and Black lynchings. Remember, according to the U.S. Justice Department official figures, 34,000 White women were sexually assaulted compared to less than ten Black women assaulted by White men.

One should also consider that the victims of lynching were men; only a small number were women (estimates are between 75 and 100 women lynched in the history of the United States), and most of those were lynched for crimes committed along with their male criminal partners. Compare the small number of women who suffered lynching compared to the 34,000 women who suffer from Black rape every year. In addition, 700 innocent White women are murdered each and every year by Blacks. Where is outrage about this racial crime?

If one wants to talk about moral outrages, the historical lynching of men who were overwhelmingly criminal and guilty of horrendous crimes, is quite minor compared to the mass murder and rape of the innocent going on literally as you read these lines. While you are reading this article another White woman will suffer rape at the hands of a Black man. (One White woman every 9 minutes if you accept the conventional wisdom that less than half of rapes are reported).

Next time someone comes up and tells you about the horrors of Jim Crow and segregation, how it was so terribly awful that African Americans, as well as White Americans lived in their own neighborhoods, went to their own schools, and even drank from their own water fountains, think about that supposed horror compared to horrendous violations of the most important civil right of all, the right to live and not suffer grievous personal assault or even death.

The fact of the matter is that Blacks as well as the Whites of America were a lot safer in the days of “evil segregation” than we are now. When America was a nation living by the values of White heritage, culture, standards and civilization, most Black kids were born legitimate in two parent families, they were not being shot down by each other on the steps of their homes, millions were not enslaved by drugs, half of them were not in prison or in some part of the criminal justice system. In a real sense, for countless millions of African Americans, the most important civil and human rights of all have been lost by the so-called victories of the civil rights movement.

For Whites the change has been just as dramatic. Millions of our people are now victims of Black robbery, rape, and murder. Millions of White boys and girls whose parents can’t afford private or parochial education, suffer in mostly Black public schools filled with sexual and physical intimidation, filthy language and dismal standards, drugs and theviolence of the “gangsta rap” culture, a culture that violates the sanctity of womanhood and all of the most basic of human rights.

Millions more of our elderly are practically home prisoners in their own neighborhoods. Let the media and government tell them about the supposed civil rights and blessings of forced integration. Millions more of hardworking, better-qualified White, middle-class people suffer from the racial discrimination of so-called affirmative action. Constant government and media concern about “civil rights” is the greatest con job in history, because so-called civil rights has taken away practically every conceivable civil right of the American people, including the most important one of all, the right to live and the right not to be physically abused, or raped, or robbed or hurt.

Let the government and media drone on about Black “civil rights” to the grieving parents of Eve Carson and Lauren Burk, two bright and beautiful White women who were so full of love and life but who now have lost the most precious civil right of all, the right to life itself.

They were murdered not just by the predators on our streets, but by a media and government establishment who stripped away their right to live a safe and full life. They were murdered by media who have lied to the American people about the joys of multiracialism and multiculturalism. It is a media that constantly tell us the wonderful and loving future we have in America as it is subversively morphed into a mostly non-White nation. It is the same media who have instilled collective White guilt for real or imagined crimes of White history, but have hidden the terrible crimes going on against us, our heritage, freedom and survival, right before our eyes.

Lauren and Eva were murdered by the politicians who sold us out for the bloc votes and for the approval of media that celebrates the coming extinction of our people, faith, heritage and nation. They have also sold their souls and ours to the Jewish money men of American politics who make them pledge their subservience to Israel as a quote, “Jewish State for the Jewish people,” while they would not even dare to invoke the term “White people” except in denigration and apology.

Eva and Lauren no longer have breath in their bodies. To the last moments of their lives they probably never for an instant understood why they lost their lives. They probably never knew that our people were in a desperate struggle for their existence, and they probably never dreamed they could be a casualty in that war.davidduke.jpg

Eva and Lauren are gone now. They cannot speak to us except by what they left behind. But, they cannot be forgotten. We who are aware of the crisis facing our people will remember them. We will remember them as they were, beautiful expressions of humanity made unique and special by their own efforts and by the imprint of our people’s DNA spiral.

All of us at davidduke.com are dedicated to the preservation of what they were, and what they are, in us.
For, in the end, the most important civil right of all, is life.

David Duke


Rep. David Duke, P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, Louisiana
Call to order books: (985) 626-7714
DavidDuke.com European American Unity & Rights Organization (EURO)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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50 Responses to David Duke: The Most Important Civil Right

  1. Jena says:

    Where is the outrage for these hate crimes of Blacks on Whites? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know they picked them because they were white and looked affluent.

    Have American White men become so weak and fearful that they allow the rapes and murder of White women to increase?

    Watch television and the commercials and notice the Black guy is the smart problem solver, and the White Euro guy is always portrayed as stupid, or a wimp, or a greedy corporate type.

    What action are you taking?

    I refuse to buy or financially support any of these products, and I send a letter to the company and the show they sponsor, letting them know why I am boycotting their products and shows. I will not go to the movies or watch shows that present WASPS as a group to be scorned. Again, I write the producers and let them know. I also speak up and let them know it is racist against WASPs.

    If African Americans comprise less than 15% of our total population, what is the percentage we see on television shows, commercials, ads, and films? Are any portrayed unfavorably?

    How are sorority girls, blondes, (I am both) fraternity men, corporate types, “jocks and cheerleaders” portrayed in the media? Favorably?

    The dumb blonde jokes are racist and yet accepted in our society. I speak up, and call them on the racism when I hear any of those jokes. I say substitute a minority instead of blonde and see if you would tell that joke.

    These girls were murdered and it is a hate crime. I hear “rich white girl” all the time, but I stand up to them, and express myself (sometimes it’s unladylike) and they back down.

    So guys, as White Americans WAKE UP and SPEAK UP.
    Who is our champion?

    European Americans, if you don’t care about us (young white women), being raped and murdered, then think of your granddaughters, daughters, sisters, wife, or mother. It is really a sad state of affairs in our country. I guess I’ll fend for myself, and I know, if I am going to one of the next victims, I wouldn’t have gone down without a fight, knowing I did the best I could. We don’t deserve to be slaughtered this way.

  2. incogman says:

    Jena, your words are true, but the Jewish supremacists have this country in a fierce headlock with the media. You can see it in Hollywood to NY. All of us white gentiles are castigated by the Jew, subtley but noticiable. Being Homo and Interracial sex is promoted for us. Any talking back by whites is targeted for attack. Everyone can see all that. All of us must work hard at the grass roots, talk to everyone you know and prepare. The day is coming.

  3. Lyn says:

    Outstanding article. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one out here who sees this mess. Black on white crime is a hate crime. It’s as simple as that. Very few white people see what’s really happening. When you live in a state with a large population of blacks though – like Alabama – you don’t just see this crap you experience it, too. I don’t know why blacks think they have a right to commit these crimes. But they’re wrong.

    Knowing there is a problem is the first step – more Whites need to be reading and writing articles like this. Somebody has got to wake up White America, and since “somebody” has been too busy to do it before now then let’s you and me do it.

  4. Jillian says:

    I objectively feel I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. That being said, I do have an insatiable desire for Truth. The extinguished lives of two beautiful, precious, and intelligent white girls allegedly at the hands of black men has inspired an earnest quest for truth in these times of denial and political correctness run amok. I have found your writing to be more factual, distinguished by statistics, and too formidable for most to embrace. These truths are frightening to the core.
    David, this is my first time reading your viewpoint. Am I correct in believing you to be non prejudiced? Since I am ignorant of your stand because of unfamiliarity, would it be fair to assume that an ideal you strive for is exposure and remedy? Am I being naive, or is that achievable? I do know that if a cultural deficiency exists covertly and not identified, the chance of resolution is slim to none. Thank you for a very provocative article.
    I am incensed and saddened by the loss of these precious girls. For what?

  5. incogman says:


    I cannot speak for David Duke, however, I have read his writings fairly extensively. And I think I can safely say that Duke’s perspective is his concern with the welfare and future of white people of European descent, first and foremost.
    Often he strives to make the point that he’s not trying to oppress or blindly attack any other race, simply trying to educate his own kind to the one-sided, false attacks on us.
    In fact, he’s illuminated the writings of other races that support his contentions, people who are attacked by their own kind for daring to expose the hypocrisy of themselves. People like Norman Finkelstein, for example. And they are plenty of “real” Israelites who know of the evil Zionists who are doing all these things to this country and the world.
    I, myself, try to as well. Unfortunately, I get a little too upset and torqued, at times, and am not as eloquent as Duke. Plus, I’m a bit of crusty bastard.
    I suggest signing up at Stormfront (link on the left), where you can pose your questions to him in open threads. And read all you can about the subject. It’s critical for all whites to now wake up.


  6. Whitey says:

    FYI, Lauren Burke was Jewish. That just must blow your bigoted little minds… but she was white…but Jews are bad…does not compute…BOOM!

  7. incogman says:

    FYI Jew, Burk was half-Jewish. To Jews, this is “collateral damage.” And if you read the post below this, you’ll see plenty of other white girls that this has happened to.

    And it’s funny how Jews are always trying to pawn themselves off as white, but when it’s strategic to sound like another “oppressed” minority, like you are trying to do here, then you do a fast change-up.

    What a joke. And note, the Jew uses the name “whitey” to further attack us. And I know it’s a Jew, ’cause I’m used to their cutesy verbiage with computers and Sci-Fi, and his obvious Jew-centric line of reasoning. This guy is some pimply little Jew teen in Brooklyn, someplace.

    I suppose you didn’t bother to read Duke’s article, either, Jew:

    In addition, 700 innocent White women are murdered each and every year by Blacks. Where is outrage about this racial crime?

    What do you think it would be like if the races were reversed, Snodgrass? How many 99 year black women are raped and murdered by whites?

    The Jew does not want you to reevaluate your position on Diversity, since that’ll naturally lead back to him and all his race gambits over the last 40 years. Each of them understands that danger, well. They can’t stand the idea of white Europeans having any solidarity. That’s why you see whites portrayed as bumbling oafs or criminals or racists in Hollywood movies all the time now. Think about it!

  8. mtbrooks says:

    I’m white. I’m not Jewish. I’m educated. I’ve lived in the North and South. And this blog makes me fear a wave of race-triggered violence…started by you.
    Where is your outrage over white on white violence? I certainly don’t expect you to care about black on black, or any other race on the planet, but what about your pale skinned brethren? Are they not worth talking about? Perhaps you should direct your enmity at violence altogether, rather than mongering hate and trying to spread the bullshit idea that every black man is waiting to rob you with a gun and the jews are robbing you with the media. You sure like the idea of being the victim…

  9. incogman says:

    OK, Pinhead, let me explain it to you in simple terms: All races have a criminal element, no doubt. Blacks just happen to commit crimes far out of porportion to their numbers. Often blacks targets whites, since they look for easy marks and money. Plus, they hate whitey for the failures of society in not making them rich for nothing. Look at Asian behavior in this country, for crying out loud.

    On top of that, Peewee Herman, the media purposefully tries to protect the black and often attacks whites, sometimes to compensate for black crime, and sometimes because of inner Jew & self-hating white liberals (like you, probably) hatred for whites. Look at the movies that come out of Hollywood (above comment).

    And pay close attention to the falling off in coverage on these crimes. Ask yourself one thing: How do you think the media would act if they knew it was a whitey who did it? Then you’ll understand what I’m saying.

    Question, I have for all of you, why is this so hard to see?

  10. mtbrooks says:

    Pinhead? I didn’t call you names. That’s fine, I see your painful sense of inadequacy.
    You are seeing what you want to see, and making up the rest to cover the difference.
    I’m hardly self-hating. You seem to think that not hating other races leaves me with extra hate that has to go somewhere.
    The media hardly protects the blacks. That’s laughable. If anything, the media tends to sensationalize any and all inter-racial violence. The suspect is always black. The grainy footage is always a young black male.
    If you were going to rob someone, would you go for the person who looks like they have money? Of course you would. In this country, the majority of wealth is held by the non-hispanic, non-black population. What you see as black on white violence, I see as poor on middle/upper class violence. It’s violence either way, but it’s driven by economics, not racial hatred. Further, if a criminal does consider race in their actions, I would think it far smarter to not attack a white person, as it will certainly get far more attention from the authorities.
    As for blacks committing more than their share of crimes, do you think that is a racial trait or perhaps the result of their mostly impoverished conditions? And, yes, I certainly think the present day black population is living with the long economic aftermath that came with slavery. Getting an education, setting up a business, getting promoted….those are hard to come by when you’re seen as 3/5 of a person.
    Finally, as for hating “whitey for the failures of society in not making them rich for nothing”, I’d be pretty f–king pissed off I was born at a societal disadvantage because people are scared of my skin color. If anything, your comments make me think you are the one who is resentful for a lack of something…and it’s all someone else’s fault.

  11. incogman says:

    You called me racist in your blog. Besides look at your ridiculous Avatar.

    Hey people! His wife is a trust-fund baby because her evil dad showed her his penis in a rowboat:

    She has a sizable trust fund established by her father after he showed her his penis in a rowboat.

    Like a lot of self-hating white girls, she undoubtedly has a father problem, obviously. But she did manage to find herself a spineless race traitor for a husband, it seems! Did Mommy show you her penis, too? lol

    Impoverished poor blacks. We always have to listen to that line of complete bull day-in, day-out. What, for 40 years now? 3/5ths of a person, please. That’s from the days of slavery, which is like on some 145 year long continous loop with you braindead. Get over it.

  12. mtbrooks says:

    You’re mocking an avatar? Are you 12? Shouldn’t you be getting your ass beaten up on a school bus somewhere?

    And, to state the obvious, you are racist. I honestly didn’t think you would object to that.

    As for the “penis in a rowboat” quote…I probably wouldn’t go naming my blog after something like that. It just might be a quote from a movie.

    How do you expect slavery to ever have ended with people like you around? Isn’t that how you’d like things to be? Legally, yes it’s been over for 140 years. Although…sharecropping took over for the next half century, and rather than legal ownership, those requiring slave labor employed financial ownership through an ever escalating system of debt. I’m not making this up. Go to the library and check it out (FYI, don’t burn any books while you’re there or they’ll charge you).

    Fast forward another fifty years of segregation and drastically unequal economic opportunities – and now you’re able to vote. Big deal. At 10-12 percent of the population (at the time), what can really be changed? Have things gotten better in the last 40 years? Absolutely. Even playing ground? Not nearly. Does it make economic sense for those in power to keep exploiting the poor blacks, poor whites, poor hispanics? Unfortunately…it does.

  13. incogman says:

    Yeah, you look like Peewee Herman. Got a problem with it, go talk to your barber.

    And you obviously don’t know the diff between RACIALISTs versus RACISTS.

    Yeah, and why don’t dig a little deeper into real history, Sherlock. You find that Jews were the major players in the slave trade and shylocking those poor oppressed Negroes. Actually, it was so bad that General Grant kicked out all Jews from areas that he controlled. No lie. So don’t be lecturing me on your mainstream “accepted” history lessons. And also, make note of the efforts of the JEW ADL in getting public and school libraries to take out certain inconvenient books and preventing real history in this world. Like with the Holocaust, for one.

  14. incogman says:

    As for the “penis in a rowboat” quote…I probably wouldn’t go naming my blog after something like that. It just might be a quote from a movie.

    What a little liar you are. I had you pegged from the git-go, alright: penisinarowboat.wordpress.com

    You need to slink-off someplace, sonny boy.

  15. mtbrooks says:

    Racialists believe there is a significant difference between races, while racists believe the same, but also that their race is superior to others. Are you saying that you are equal to blacks and jews, but different?

    I’m not saying, in any way, that all the world’s crimes are committed by whites. Look at Sudan. Look at Pakistan, China, Russia, etc.

    I think zionism is bullshit. I really wish we didn’t support the Palestinians or Israelis. If they’re all so desperate to own a couple olive trees in the desert because their ancient ancestors might have walked there, fine – let them blow each other up. Stop wasting my money there. But it’s obviously an oil-supply chess match and whole other blog to discuss it.

    What books? Educate me, please. And, I’ll just go ahead and open my big fat mouth on this, did the holocaust not happen?

    Actually, why am I even talking about zionism or the holocaust? I was discussing blacks in america and poverty – you seem to weave the Jewish plot into the mix.

  16. incogman says:

    OK, fine. I’ll cut you some slack since you have some serious questions about the Zionists. I am a SOB.

    Read my blog here on the Holocaust. Start with the first one of three. “There’s no Business Like Shoah Business…” Shoah is Yiddish for the Holocaust. (it was grossly inflated. The actual numbers were about 2.5 mil. The gassing part may have been a complete fabrication, white gentiles were killed in far greater numbers by Jewish Bolsheviks)
    Read here: http://incogman.wordpress.com/2008/01/16/theres-no-business-like-shoah-business/#more-317

    Also, see my post “I’m Sick of the Hitler Schtick” in the quicky contents.

    No, I don’t hate blacks, per se. I hate seeing whites get victimized by them. I leave the rest of it for you to figure out.

    Yes, IT IS the KHAZARI ZIONISTS (commonly believed as “Jews”). Always has been. That’s one of the great secrets of the world.

  17. mtbrooks says:

    “What a little liar you are. I had you pegged from the git-go, alright: penisinarowboat.wordpress.com

    You need to slink-off someplace, sonny boy.”

    I said I wouldn’t name my blog after that, that meaning the horrible act you said happened to my wife (it didn’t. neither did the trust fund, regrettably). I don’t think she’d like if I used her personal horror to that effect. Thankfully, she has no personal horrors so I had to look elsewhere for inspiration.

    I would, however, name my blog after a humorous quote from a movie.

  18. incogman says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it is an oil-supply chess match but it’s for ZIONISTS to get. The oil pipelines are meant to go from Kirkuk to Haifa, Israel. Plus, the Zionist Neocons are the real DC Nazis. Wait till Iran and everyone will finally get the message.

    Trouble is, we’ll all be screwed by then. Blacks and whites. Hell, we already are.

  19. incogman says:

    OK, ok. I’ll cut you slack. Just read up on the subject a little and come to your own conclusions. Hell, I was pretty much the same way, once upon a time.

  20. incogman says:

    Gawd, the Liberals are worthless. I know they come here and read this but they are too spineless to comment. They’ll say things elsewhere like “well, the poor blacks just do this to whites for the money, you know, rob where the money is…it’s not rocket science.”

    That’s the most spineless thing I’ve ever heard. Let’s see, we can’t expect safety and civilized behavior because we have something that someone else wants? If that was the case then we would have poor whites doing this at the same rate! Instead we have black crime against whites like it was nothing and these people just want to roll over and take it.

    Do the math, white people! Blacks, just like I say, are spoiled and violent children living in the US. They’ll kill your white ass for your tennis shoes and think nothing of it. Maybe share a laugh about it with the bros down the road.

  21. mr says:

    The American majority (whites) are losing their country slowly but surely if no immediate action is taken. The “anti-hate” camp along with all their day dreams of harmonious multi-ethnic societies are not Americans (in practice) but just trolling tools in the hands of Zionist who are using America’s potentials for their own interests. Zionist can’t operate in a homogeneous nationalistic states; they need chaos and confusion to use as distraction and gambits in their seemingly endless drive to regional domination in the ME.

    They control the media, they can’t let loose the real situational picture because they have no illusions about the capability of white America if it was to bring to bear in order to change the facts on the ground, here in the US, and abroad. So, now it might seem nice and sweet for those gullible melting-pot idiots but just wait 10-30 years from now.

    To those dim-heads; compare the crime rate of blacks back in the 1950s (where the non-official segregation existed) with today’s figure of melting pot society-food for thoughts, isn’t it?

    The fundamental problem of crime rates is in its association with the 13. something minority. Sadly it is so obvious, even to the most egalitarians out there, Africans are not compatible with ‘law and order’ societies, the so-called ‘social engineering’ was, and still, a giant leap in time/resources wasting; over 35 years of civil rights and loads of opportunities at all levels (or non for that matter) the Asians, Indians, even Hispanics and others did well for themselves, however, Afro-Americans, seemingly yet to be tamed.

  22. mtbrooks says:

    “Let’s see, we can’t expect safety and civilized behavior because we have something that someone else wants?”

    Violence has quickly followed wherever natural or physical resources are present. And this is worldwide, since man came down from the trees. Was gold discovered in the ground beneath you? Here come the Spanish to wipe out your civilization. Diamonds in your hills? Here come the Dutch to enslave you. Oil in your prairie? Here comes Rockefeller to destroy the land and (legally) take the money.

    History is nothing but conflict over what someone else wants.

    As for spineless…I’m the only person here who *isn’t* anonymous.

    How do you plan to punish the “spoiled children”?

  23. incogman says:

    OK so, in other words, since history is replete with conflict from one group over another, you want us to assume the bent-over position just so we can fulfill eglaritarian hopes and dreams? Other races don’t hold such fine thoughts, my friend.

    As Jack London once said: “White people spend too much time being good than being smart.”

    As far as anonymous goes: Think about it now. Since we are on history, what one historical event can land you in jail for only questioning it? How many white groups are out there like the ADL, SPLC and JDL who make it their business, not only to track you down, but possibly slander and attack you physically in the streets for speaking out against their political and social engineering? You may not be aware of exactly the tactics, nor the enormous size and resources they have, and what these people will employ these days and the designs they are now making for the future as we speak.

    You know well what side of the fence I am on and of the PC forces, including the dam media and FBI, out there. Hell, just what WordPress has done to me, should give you some clue as to the real deal, anymore.

    Did you read my post that I asked you to? I thought not. And don’t try telling me you did, too.

  24. El Leon Blanco says:


    FYI, Lauren Burke was Jewish. That just must blow your bigoted little minds… but she was white…but Jews are bad…does not compute…BOOM!

    She was part jewish, part white. The black savage who tried to rape her and then brutally murdered her saw her as just another white girl… so what’s your point? Clearly it’s just more ignorance and hyperbole..

  25. Marin says:

    Hey Mtbrook, got a question for you. Did you have to grow-up white in a mostly minority neighborhood? Why don’t you go and try “diviersity” for your self first hand in a nice little ghetto. I am tired of people like you who think that all “white” people are spoiled like you. Were not! It’s not all our fault. I am a white women, I didn’t grow-up privelidged as far as American standards anyway. I grew-up privelidged compared to a lot of other countries, but, hey I can’t help my grandparents decided to come here. Sorry, bro. Sorry the whole freakin world isn’t rich like us.

    You and your likes are always raining on my parade. Why did I have to grow-up feeling “guilty” about what happened to blacks, etc.? I am second generation Italian -American. How come other races, such as asians for example, who are second generation American didn’t have to feel guilty for living in America. I Loooove this country, bro. And I am tired of feeling guilty. Sure, I wish things were different in the past, I am not that heartless, but, I want to be happy and guilt free too.

    By the way I have a college education too.

  26. mtbrooks says:

    Hey Marin, congrats on your college education. Not sure why you’re telling me that…perhaps you think your opinions place you into a demographic pool you’d rather avoid. I declared my background up front, not in any display of superiority, but to avoid any speculation as to who I am or where I come from.

    I grew up in a nice, average suburb. I don’t feel guilty about it. And I certainly don’t feel spoiled. I’ve worked since I was 13. I paid for college with scholarships and loans, most of which I’m still paying off. I worked my ass off to get the job I want. And my life is pretty damn good.

    And, as for being white in a mostly minority neighborhood, I’ve lived in Houston’s fifth ward, Downtown Buffalo, a Cuban/S. American/black area of Miami, an all black neighborhood in Northern New Jersey, did two years of elementary school in a very poor black and hispanic school, and I currently live in a city with more black and hispanic residents than white.

    Are all white people spoiled? Hell-fucking-no. Are they born with an advantage because of their skin color? Yes. An impoverished person can always rise above their situation, get an education, and ascend the social ladder. I have family members to prove it. I do think, however, that all things being equal, a white person will have an easier time doing so than a black person would. The world is rife with stereotypes and prejudices, as this blog post proves. I don’t think any of you could argue that blacks and whites have equal opportunities in one breath, then say how inferior they are in the next.

    Me and my likes aren’t raining on your parade. What am I ruining for you? I’m asking you to THINK that maybe, just maybe, the history of how people have been treated might have something to do with their current situation. Why is that so difficult? You shouldn’t feel guilty unless you’ve personally done something offensive. Have you? Maybe you just don’t like black people and feel guilty because the current environment of “embracing diversity” and “we are the world” says you should. It’s your lack of confidence. If you’re a racist, or racialist, or just a hater – that’s fine. You’re entitled to believe anything you want – for you, the sky can be green, the Dallas Cowboys are perfect, or a being in the sky made this whole mess in a little less than seven days. Point is, believe what you want. Just be prepared to defend that belief…particularly when you question someone else for what they believe (which I did about 10 comments ago).

    I never asked you to feel guilty. But I will question the belief that another race is just plain inferior. And if my arguments bring out some inner guilt….maybe your beliefs aren’t quite as solid as you think. Like you said, you just want “to be happy and guilt free”. Don’t feel guilty; it’s worthless. Feel like making this a better place for your kids and their kids. Or, at the very least, don’t make it any worse.

    I don’t feel guilty. I do feel that I can make something better though, and that’s a hell-of-a-lot more useful.

    If you love this country as much as you say…make it better.

  27. A8L says:


    All we seek is truth, no matter how unpopular it is.

    You can send an email to Dr. Duke himself, or a PM on stormfront. What i dont like is cowards who speak bad about people behind their back but dont adress the person in question themselves and give them a chance to explain and answer. Im not directing this to you of course. But it is way to usual.

  28. El Leon Blanco says:

    Mtbrooks.. I too worked my way up since age 13 and paid for my own (computer science) degree.. all your last post indicates to me is HUGE excuses for personal behavior. There is NO excuse for murder, rape, beatings, robberies. None, zip, nada !!

    It’s irrelevant if their great, great great great grandparents were slaves. Guess what? Many white people were slaves, too.. for thousands of years.. and blacks to this very day in Africa practice slavery. Our crime rate is tiny by comparison to blacks. It’s just a red herring and huge excuse for their savage behavior that you’re espousing. I will not tolerate their behavior myself and FYI many white people are waking up and arming themselves and starting to take self defense seriously. If Miss Carson was more aware of the nature of a large number of black males (violent, criminal minded, drug users) and properly armed she might be with us, today

    But neither was true.. she died choking in the deep cesspool of egalitarian lies she was taught since birth

    If your theory was valid the poor white Appalachian people would also get a pass for crimes.. but they neither ask for nor receive it. Personal responsibility and accountability is part of living in a free country

  29. J.Opi says:

    I can’t help but laugh at those “brave” and self important liberals who point out that those of us with ideas comparable to “incogman” prefer to remain in anonymity on the internet. Why do I find this amusing? Because for all of the arrogant garbage you spew, you fail to realize that you enjoy a luxury that we do not. That luxury is that you condone a message perpetuated by the Government — that is, a message of “harmony,” and mindless catch phrases that are intended to lull us into an egalitarian coma. Think about it — It’s much easier to Govern people when they don’t question such a crucial aspect of society, and that is the relative roles and inequities of the various racial groups. I’m sure it’s quite easy to lock arms w/ the popular sentiment and then herald your “bravery” for doing so.

    Okay, so that’s out of the way. One thing I notice about the typical brainwashed troglodyte is they always pose this argument when the subject of black on white crime comes up: Well, what would you do if you were relegated to the bowels of slavery for over 400 years?

    It’s a good question, on its face. It falls short however, because it doesn’t go one step further. Allow me to be Socratic and answer that question w/ a question: Why were they slaves to begin with?

    No doubt the answer provided by said troglodyte will begin with various boilerplate inflammations, and then launch into a summary of some historical article they read on Wikipedia. The analysis, naturally, will fall short and the arguments posed will be circular. In my experience, this is the typical answer of the brainwashed liberal.

    All hope is not lost, however. History is rife with examples where the general populace embraced ideals solely because they were told to by whatever governing body was in power. A few hundred years ago, it was the church, and the popular sentiment was that the earth was flat. To state otherwise would land you in jail. Eventually, the truth permeated and just look at the marvels that ensued. In time, I trust the same will happen with this, but that day is not here yet. I read some of the posts before mine, and note some people taking in the ideas of “incogman” with an objective and inquisitive mind. Unfortunately, the common lurker still manages to get in his boilerplate argument and again, I’m reminded of the inroads that need to be made.

  30. mtbrooks says:

    @the white leon-

    I’m not making excuses. There is no “pass” for committing a crime, just consequences.

    I do, however, see the reasons for our current situation from the other side. You think blacks act badly, and deserve to be treated as inferior. I think they’ve been treated as inferior, called spoiled children, savages, etc., for long enough to lose hope of anything better, and end up acting badly. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Call someone a criminal long enough…they’ll start to believe it.

    Being “legally equal” for 45 years is not a long time. Especially when so many still hold the opinion that blacks are simply inferior. This belief has been passed generation to generation. It will keep going, too.

    As to the crime rate, I see this as a poverty issue, not a race issue. Crimes are committed by everyone, at all levels, but the lion’s share comes from the poor. And blacks are disproportionately poor compared to other races. So, yes, blacks do commit more crimes per capita…but not because they are black! If you honestly think the economic effects of slavery/sharecropping/segregation are all gone…well, that’s where you and I differ. It’s a cycle, and it goes on.

    The poor white mountain people have their own problems. And they don’t really have anyone to steal from up there.


    I see your point about the anonymity; your thoughts are labeled as borderline “hate speech” and the current climate doesn’t tolerate it. Point made.

    Troglodyte? You think I’m deliberately ignorant on this issue? I’m looking for a better situation through thought/dialog/communication. I don’t see how drawing a line in the sand will lead to anything but more violence. Is that what you want? I wonder if you’re secretly excited about the idea of a race war so you can pop off a few rounds into the first kid you see in a hooded sweatshirt.

    I see where you’re leading with your Socratic question. They were slaves because they were inferior. Am I close?

    Winters in Europe are cold. The early inhabitants got organized and figured out masonry so they could survive. This lead to metallurgy which lead to weapons. Europeans had better weapons than the Africans. Mass farming in the new world became very lucrative, but a labor shortage threatened profits. Not enough indentured servants wanted to trade a decade of labor for a boat ride. The Dutch and Portuguese had already traipsed up and down the western coast of Africa in search of spices. They found the natives were quite impressed, and conquered by their guns. Being the resourceful white people, they made a business decision to sell these people to those people. Had the Spanish not annihilated the millions of South Americans through smallpox and gold slavery, they could have used them just as easily, and probably cheaper. The africans weren’t as advanced as the Europeans…and they’ve paid the price for it.

    That doesn’t make them born criminals!

    Was that circular? Or elliptical? And it hardly comes from wikipedia, but those many history classes did help.

    I’m not a fan of the government, the church can stuff its head up its ass, and “diversity” isn’t some program I’m drinking the kool-aid for. In fact, most of my views are decidedly anti-government. I disagree with the beliefs of David Duke and Incog, but I’ve read them, and I’ll discuss them (at length, as you can see) – to say that I’m not objective because I don’t agree is, well, fascist.

    The government, and the media, have long used fear to keep people in line. I honestly don’t think the government or corporate america is interested in racial harmony…fear is a lot more profitable. I just want a world for my kid that doesn’t involve high walls around the white neighborhoods and roving security patrols. And further separating the races sounds like the recipe for a violent police state.

  31. incogman says:

    The government, and the media, have long used fear to keep people in line. I honestly don’t think the government or corporate america is interested in racial harmony…fear is a lot more profitable. I just want a world for my kid that doesn’t involve high walls around the white neighborhoods and roving security patrols. And further separating the races sounds like the recipe for a violent police state.

    The government and media have long used white’s eglaritarian sentiments and Diversity to divide and distract the white majority in this country to keep them in line.

    Look at the history of the past 40 years, instead of centuries, for crying out loud. These same people are now using “fear” with manufactured Islamofascism so we attack the enemies of the Globalist Zionist.

    You claim to want a future for your child? These same people are now instituting police state measures that will shut up the few whites who have figured out the real deal going on. Your child is destined to live in a third-world shithole, ruled by Globalist elites and Zionists, because you sucked down all the liberal tripe and propaganda directed at white people and could not, would not consider the fact that you could be wrong.

    That much is readily apparent with your blanket rejection of David Duke’s words. Look at how the media portrays Duke. His name is now synonomous with evil and being the baddie. If you read his words, and those people never do, you’ll realize that’s a crock of horse shit.

    The real revolutionaries think for themselves. It looks like you have questions but can’t summon the cajones to reevaluate things. You bring up old history like a warm comforter for your political belief system. Your child will spit on your memory for giving away the US to the cult of victimhood and the parasites that created it.

  32. J.Opi says:


    I’ll give you credit for a decent response — your arguments were salient.

    You implied that there is a notion that the causation of black violence is the apt historical summary you provided. I see no causal relationship between the history and the disproportionate crime of black America were discussing right now. So, you’re essentially correct — “That doesn’t make them born criminals.”

    You also stated they weren’t as advanced as Europeans. Here is where the problem lies. I do not dispute that there exists a portion of the black community that is able to perform in modern society ably and competently, nor do I think there should be State created barriers in place to prevent their advancement. The evidence shows, however, a vastly disproportionate portion of that same demographic is falling behind the rest of society in every conceivable quantifiable aspect (crime rate, education, etc.). I think it is plausible that, at least in part, this can be attributed to the same lack of advancement you admitted in your previous post.

    Of course, there are many variables to balance, but the problem as I’ve seen it is that the popular sentiment only credits those that arise from the common nucleus of slavery. I do not dispute that prior inequities play a part in the current state of affairs, however, I think it is disingenuous to deny that there are certain inherent genetic variables that play a part. It certainly is not as palatable; I think the natural inclination is to deny something so callous. In addition, there is a rationale concern that for the good of public policy such sentiments should be quashed and denied. Philosophically, however, I cannot contemplate how a society can function while remaining blissfully ignorant to a bitter truth.

    Speaking of public policy, this is where the slippery slope comes into play. If we acknowledge inherent inequities in racial groups, how are we to manage them without descending into utter chaos? The answer is not easy, however, I also do not think that ignoring the problem altogether is the solution. I think we’re all aware that history has shown where this can lead, but I am confident there are more rationale options than all out genocide.

    Hopefully you won’t have to live on the suburban compound you described, but because of judicial intervention in zoning regulations, this is often a necessary reaction. Basically, a city may zone its land in a way to keep out high crime demographics, however, if its deemed discriminatory or if it disparately impacts certain segments of the population, then the courts will probably order the city to change the zoning. It depends on where you live, of course.

  33. mtbrooks says:

    I’ll admit, causal relationships are hard to come by when boiling down a couple hundred years of modern history.

    Yes, it’s not permissible to publicly consider a genetic difference which leads to crime/poverty/education. Partially because those are certainly attributable, if only partially, to the economic conditions surrounding them. You can show that evolutionary needs lead to better muscle mass and superior hip/leg orientation; social qualities are far more obscure.

    “If we acknowledge inherent inequities in racial groups, how are we to manage them without descending into utter chaos?” We don’t. History has always had one group blaming another for its woes; acknowledging supposed inequities would further stratify our social system and I fear the aftermath. Rationale options aren’t exactly abundant around here.

  34. What is to be done incong?

    I see the stats, I know the reality of the situation. What can be done to combat this intentional targeting of our weakest fair-skinned citizens? Should we lobby for the legislation of race specific laws to interdict these animal savages? We need solutions and I look to you as a beacon of reason and a provider of solutions. I hope you have the answer.

  35. incogman says:

    So I see you are trying to show your big fat head around here, now? Note how I don’t moderate but you feel the need to at your non-sensical blog.

    Yeah, I have the answer for you Peeper Boy. Take a .357 revolver and stick it in your mouth, just like you normally do with all your boyfriends, and squeeze the trigger. That’ll take care of a extremely small part of the problem right there. It’ll be a start. Whites will soon handle those of you who are too scared to do the job themselves.

    Weakest citizens, my white rear end that you lust for. We’ve been using fire-power for centuries now. Soon we’ll unleash it once again on all you braindead and interlopers in the US and clean up the mess from the last 4 decades.

    Funny how you go and find the most sick white mug shot you can. My guess is that you’re a bulbous-headed, hook-nosed Jew, who loves to cause as much BS as possible just for Jew spiteful fun. Hell, this comment will undoubtedly give you a hard. Better head for the bathroom now, Puke boy, before you mess your diapers with your foul emmissions.

  36. blueearth says:

    Well, there are sure a lot of nasty little anti’s over here. Typical braindead lemmings, leading the parade for DIE versity! I doubt if these morons will ever wake up and smell the coffee. They will keep on race mixing just like their homo social construction teacher taught them at liberal high. Most of these insects don’t even know the true story behind Kwanza and it’s creator Ron Karenga! What a pity, no individual thought, no delving into the real story behind the scenes. They simply accept the drivel that has been spooned out to them during the course of their pathetic existence on this earth. Just the way ZOG likes them, dumb and sheeplike. report for chip implants.

  37. Manco says:

    Incog: cut the bulls–t, dude. Whos’ going to unleash the firepower? You and your inflatable sex doll? How many people do you actually know in real life, not in your delusional fantasies, who share your views? Very few, I’d imagine. You’re a f–king disgrace as a human being and I can only hope a fissure will open in the Earth and swallow your worthless a–. Dumb motherf–ker.

  38. incogman says:

    Shut your foul trap on my blog, Man-lover.

    Sounds to me that my comments on Peeper’s blog has gotten you worked up into quite a tither. I can see you now, spinning about the room in your pink tutu, all twittered up, when you read my comments back to you.

    This hasn’t happened to you since Britney got some bad press about her performances not long ago — causing you to video yourself under a blanket, boohooing away “just leave Britney alooooone.”

    Better get a handle on yourself before you seize-up and collapse like the bag of garbage you undoubtedly are.

  39. incogman says:

    Note: I cut out some letters from the remarks of our new visiting “Gay Rights” professor. No full words or whatever he tries to call as thoughts were deleted. Mustn’t ruin my “mature” ranking that WordPress uses as an excuse to censor me for the crybaby Jews.

  40. Looks like Incognitionman got a real problem with the spooks, kikes, and the dookie-chute mafia. Psychiatrists say that those who feel the need to lash out with vitriol at homosexuals tends to harbor a bit of the buggerer’s urge. Ever hear of Larry Craig, Ted Haggart, or Mark Foley? I hope you making the big boys wear their hats after your tweak sessions.

    You didn’t address my question though. Would you advocate race-specific laws aimed at the mooncrickets and other dark-skinneds? I know you are all ready to blow em away like the Terminator, but we all know that is a masculine front for your fairy affinity.

    Ever wonder how the chuckers got here? Ever wonder whose plantation they are on now? I am sure you would have elevated yourself to the top caste in Kenya if the tables were turned. Any small-minded fool can assign the blame to others in society based on their pigment, skull thickness, or the extra tendon in their heel. It takes a real man, like me, to make passionate love to overweight Black women and pet their little burr-headed chilrun on the head when I lose my seed on they momma’s belly.

  41. incogman says:

    Oh, Gawd no.

    Not Mr. “Enough Forehead for 4 heads,” again. I thought I gave you express orders to go off yourself? You’re still alive, using up oxygen best fit for the human race or rats, even?

    Yeah, you’d like to envision me in the Homo role, alright. Throwing out the latent homo paranoia biz is a common tactic among the Pillow-Biter set. These types often have big mouths, from biting down on massive amounts of mattress or pillows or anything that’s near-to-mouth when they submit themselves to their hugely fat, bald, ex-felon Negro sodomite pals.

    Consequently, with the mouth on you, we can readily see you belonging to this very group, and the marks on your forehead back this conclusion up — undoubtedly resulting from carpet burns, when your man-humper could not wait another second!

    You want me to prognosticate on the eventual fate for your pool of future Negro Sodomite buds? You needn’t worry yourself, unduly. My guess is that you’ll end up right along side, in some prison, work-farm or concentration camp, where you’ll be traded back and forth like some used wash cloth.

    So, your fondest dreams will come true, eventually.

  42. Gretch says:

    Is there a search box on here?

  43. incogman says:

    On the left under “Back Articles” about mid-way.

  44. Gretch says:

    Found the search box, sorry. I’m interested in reasons blacks will defend other black criminals no matter how ghastly & atrocious the crime. It also seems they are more interested in blaming the white judicial system, federal investigators, the white public in general if the black criminal happens to be a sports figure & rich.

    I get into some pretty intense debates on the internet & a couple of times at work. Most notably I deplore animal abuse & Michael Vick inflicted unexcusable torture & pain on defenseless animals for sadistic “sport” gambling & entertainment. But blacks have managed to turn the whole thing into racial accusations that Vick was unfairly targeted because of jealousy, whites just can’t stand to see a black man succeed.

    I say since he knowingly risked a multi million dollar career for seven years & lied about it, the only one to blame is Vick.

    But yet they still make excuses for him, OJ, whoever, then turn around & murder each other with drive by’s over drugs & money, women, looking at each other the wrong way. I was born in New Orleans, lived there many years. We moved into the suburbs then out the state because of crime. Per capita I think they call New Orleans the murder capital of the US.

    I don’t understand the violence toward each other or the way they defend one of their own if he’s rich & famous, no matter what kind of crime was commited. When OJ got off they showed the blacks on the news. When the not guilty verdict was announced they carried on so loudly, cheering & screaming, you’d have though they won a multi million dollar lottery!

  45. incogman says:

    Read my series on black crime: What You Don’t Know…

    Oh yeah, I remember the OJ thing. I was outside a small corporate auditorium at work, that was filled with blacks from the building. They yelled and screamed like they all won the big game.

    Funny huh? They really could care less about any white getting killed. When one of them committs a terrible crime, they all look for reasons to excuse them.

    Make note: When the Negro killed all those whites in Kirkwood, MO, not long ago, the NAACP was actually defending the guy’s reasons. Go to my blog post on Black Serial killers in the “What you don’t know” series.

  46. Gretch says:

    Thanks, I thought I got a little over my head asking questions here, that maybe you wouldn’t answer, but you did. I’ll go to the Black Serial Killers blog you suggested & will be reading more information here because it’s impossible to get the unvarnished truth in mainstream media. Knowledge is power & I’m not afraid of it just because it’s not PC, maybe too offensive or controversial for some people to handle.

  47. incogman says:

    No, you just ask away. Can’t guarantee I’ll know the answer but I’ll try to direct you if I don’t. Also, check out Stormfront. You can post in Opposing Views or General Questions (after moderation) or just join up and get it over with. I highly suggest it. They are getting a lot of new people, just like yourself.
    Check out this link: http://www.detroitiscrap.com/archives/705

  48. Yeah, go to Stormfront if you want to get on a federal database. Your IP will be immediately channeled into the subversive dossier. The feds have sweaty little beady-eyed bureaucrats just waiting to see a new IP log on to that hate-fest. How far are you away from the railroad tracks in your town? If you are lucky you will hear them coming before you are herded into the shackles.

  49. incogman says:

    Don’t listen to guy above. He’s just trying to scare you — playing his little game, being the Internet Word Iconoclast or Devil’s advocate.
    Stormfront has it’s own server, backbone and host, your IPs are quite safe. Plus the number of members is so massive as to be daunting for anyone to deal with. Sure, there is Jew trolls there.
    His little game also just proves to you what the real deal is, when you think about it. This guy should join himself, being the mouth he is. Course they’d eventually ban him.

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