Eve Carson Murdered by Affirmative Action?

Take a good look at the probation officer responsible for keeping track of Lawrence Lovette, probable trigger Negro who shot Eve Carson to death in the street. “Chalita” herself had a criminal record!

If it’s not one thing, it’s another, anymore. Now we find out that the probation officer who was put in charge of the little monster Lawrence Lovette, not only never did her dam job but herself was a criminal! How on earth did she get hired? This is where your tax dollars go to, people.

Just look at the picture above and note the all-too-typical angry Negro expression. This kind of Negro will spew hatred against the whitey at the drop of a hat, yet will freely suck down the State of North Carolina’s tax dollars as she sits at some desk doing squat!

DURHAM (WTVD) — Department of Correction is investigating postdated embellishments in Laurence Lovette’s probation records.

In just over a year as an adult, Laurence Lovette racked up quite a criminal record. And the supervision of Laurence Lovette’s probation was less than stellar. State officials have already admitted that, but Eyewitness News has learned that even Lovette’s probation officer, Chalita Thomas, is no stranger to the law.

According to probation records, the probation officer in charge of Laurence Lovette never met with the teenager.

Thomas’ record shows eleven criminal charges filed against her in four counties over five years. The charges include carrying a concealed weapon and two DWI’s Local News report on this

Eleven criminal charges in the last five years! Can you believe that BS? Here she is getting a government office job and has this type of background. She was more than likely given the job by other pro-blacks in city government. They always look after themselves and only make a stink about it if whites do. And now Eve Carson is a cold, lifeless body in the ground.

Her dereliction of duty directly contributed to the death of another white person in this country!

And this country is now totally topsey-turvey and on edge — all thanks to “hate whitey” race politics of the liberal left. While white women are being raped well over 100 times a day by black men (37,460 in 2005, with somewhere less than 10 black women raped by whites during this period); yet we’re also attacked in the press as rapists such as the case of the Duke/Lacrosse hoax that went on for an entire dam year. And no matter what we do or ever say, they continually commit these crimes against us, all right along with a media who does everything possible to ignore any black crime against whites.

Since we’re on the subject of the traitorous media, make clear note on how Eve Carson’s foul murder is no longer covered. Even this last detail about the criminal probation officer failed to broach more than local coverage. Now imagine if the races were reversed, even if this parole officer was white — they would surely make a big deal about it. Now that the priviledged blacks are known to be the perps, the media quietly lets the matter drop. Hell, I turned the TV on today and there was something on the white BTK killer for the umpteenth time! It’s a big joke on white America, anymore.

And it’s not just a few Parole Officers, either. Thousands of incompetent black Judges, blacks in law enforcement agencies — promoted above whites who scored higher on tests — and even blacks off the streets serving on Juries — all looking for any way to free the black criminal so he can go back to his thing.

And with millions of black criminals on the streets turning this country into a third-world cesspool — we’re faced with the harsh reality of a race nightmare far beyond the occasional murder. Maybe next time it’ll be your white butt or someone you know or love who gets “a cap” put into their head!

And nothing will ever make these kinds of blacks, like “Chalita” Thomas above, happy. Figure it out. They love to run their big mouths non-stop about racism 24/7. That’s the thing: Whatever we do they’ll still call us racist. No matter what. We can’t win with these people. They just like being militant mouths or they can’t stand the idea they were born black to begin with. So they take it out on white people, no matter who they are.

…Far too many black people don’t feel good about themselves, and are constantly looking for answers from somebody else. That quest for the impossible has been turned into an accusation against the invisible but all-powerful white racist establishment.  Michelle and Barack Obama were indoctrinated with those toxic beliefs at Princeton and Harvard, so that they are now making more than a million bucks a year, living in a mansion in Chicago while still feeling sorry for themselves. Give me a break. (Michelle Obama’s salary increased by almost 200,000 dollars in one year at the University of Chicago. How many people get that kind of raise?)…

…it all goes back to the usual race politics of the post-Civil Rights era, which always needs to pick at that old scab of racism, remind blacks of their old injustices, and convince them that white racism is still keeping them down…  White’s Can’t Make Blacks Happy

Our country has tons of these types right now. Everywhere nowadays. Hell, you probably dealt with one recently if you’ve ever visited any local government office like the Department of Motor Vehicles or places you even go to pay your taxes (which is really infuriating). You’ll see them off in the background, if not up in your face, slapping their happy shanks and generally taking it quite easy on the public dole.

I see this kind of thing often on a daily basis. You might get 1 out of every 10 blacks worth a good G-ddam, while the rest get by on as little as possible. If you come up to some counter at a local governmental office, looking to take care of your business in the most expeditious way possible, these slugs will look at you with contempt for interrupting their conversation with a co-worker on last night’s black contestant on American Idol. And you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Many people think, with dam good reason, that NASA’s problems, over the last few decades, has much to do with the preponderance of these worthless types working there. Some have speculated that we would have reached the planet Mars by now, should we not have been so hampered with this kind of Affirmative Action, loud-mouthed dead weight.

And God help you, if you even dare say one word about the performance of their duties or should I say lack of performance? Or if you fail to promote them or give them a raise and then you’ll have all hell break out about being a racist. Hell, I’ve seen them yell racism at some poor store clerk who made some simple mistake that had jack to do with skin color.

Basically, what we have now, is a bunch of spoiled black brats getting special treatment all the time, combined with their criminal boyfriends, husbands and brothers running around robbing, raping, murdering and then laughing about being Gangsta’s.

And the treatment they get is special, too. Last year, in a city near me, they ran a newspaper ad asking for any blacks who failed the written test to be police officer to come and pick-up a $7,000 check (after offering proof); since they had decided that the test “unfairly” discriminated (it was too hard for the poor blacks). They wanted to head off any suits by giving them a chunk of dough up front. In the meantime, they had to dumb down the math part of the test so more blacks could get in (yet still gave the whites a different, harder test). Of course, the office was flooded with blacks who had never even set foot in the place to begin with and were simply trying to put one over on whitey for the seven grand.

And then there’s the white cop, whom I once met, who had just recently taken early retirement. He told me that he was passed over for promotion twice even though he had more time in and scored higher on the tests for Captain. And he seemed a perfectly capable and competent police officer on the face of it. But he was now totally bitter about the politics of race that punished him for the color of his skin!

Ever wonder what the real reason for our big cities* rampant crime rates and low conviction rates? Not only are the blacks all running amok outside the doors but the police forces have become filled with Affirmative Action numb-nuts!

This kind of thing happens way, way too often now, folks. We’re letting these black prima-donnas walk all over us. I, for one, have had quite enough of the BS. They want to see racism up close, well, they won’t have long for that, my friends. Yeah, they’ll call me a racist, all right. And you know something? I don’t give a dam what they say, anymore. I suggest that all white people do the same thing. Whenever they start screaming racism about some non-sense, just shake your head and laugh in their fat black faces about it.

And you liberal whites out there, reading this, you can go and suck one as far as I care. You could care less about your fellow whites and for that, you’re the real problem. Yes, indeed, you are exacerbating the problem with your stupid, blind adherence to “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” that’s punishing your very own kind. You SUCK more than they do by going along with it all.

That’s why I make dam sure that any half-witted white liberals know exactly where I stand when they start up with the brainwashed sloganeering with this old boy. I’d strongly suggest everyone out there do the same. Once these fools understand that we’re mad as hell and are not taking it anymore, then they’ll re-evaluate their traitorous position. Being the cowards they are, they’ll soon shut their foul traps in the presence of other white people and then, maybe we can start doing something about things. Otherwise, it’s more of us getting screwed over or “getting capped,” ending our lives or being spit-on by the lousy liberal media day-in, day-out.

I’m sick of all this BS and am NOT putting up with it any longer!

— Phillip Marlowe


Go to the first part of my series on black crime: What You Don’t Know Could Get You Killed

* In the early 1970s, Washington, DC’s police department was considered one of the best in the country. It solved over 90% of the homicides committed in its jurisdiction. Between 1970 and 1976, the crime rate in most of the US rose, but in DC it fell by nearly half.

All that changed in 1980 when DC decided that “diversity” was more important than competence. To increase the proportion of black cops, the admissions test was lowered to a level at which many of those who passed it (all of whom had a high school diploma) were functionally illiterate. Some were even borderline retarded. Instructors in the police academy had to started devoting their time to teaching remedial reading and writing. They started giving the students answers to tests before they took them; or they were allowed to take them over and over until they passed. Eventually, the final examination abandoned in 1988.

By the 1990s only 34% of DC’s murders were solved. Over twice as high a proportion of murder indictments were dismissed than in other large cities, many because prosecutors could not read or understand the arrest reports. In 1991 there were 482 murders in the District of Corruption, giving a murder rate per 100,000 of 80.6. Just by way of comparison, Iceland has a murder rate of about 1.3.

(What else happened in DC in the mid-1970s? The local government enacted victim-disarmament laws, banning possession of handguns and operable long guns by private citizens.)

Of the murder suspects who were acquitted in DC, 32% were later arrested for other crimes, including 125 murders. While the crime rate declined in the rest of the country, in DC, which has more police per capita than any other American city, between 1985 and 1996, robberies increased 50%, murders increased 169%, and auto thefts increased a whopping 490%.

At the same time, police killed more people per capita than any other American police force. Worse still, in 1992, when a convicted felon was discovered to have a gun that was supposed to be in police storage, an investigation revealed that nearly 3000 guns supposedly in police storage were missing. One police station chains its typewriters to desks to prevent police officers from stealing them.

Between 1992 and 1994 more than 200 DC cops were arrested for crimes. Since most crimes committed in DC are unsolved due to police incompetence, the number of DC police-criminals must be much higher.

Affirmative action means lowering standards in order to hire and promote incompetent and corrupt blacks over qualified whites.

Source: The Affirmative Action Hoax: Diversity, the Importance of Character, and Other Lies by Steve Farron. (Seven locks Press: 2005)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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15 Responses to Eve Carson Murdered by Affirmative Action?

  1. Chalita got every damn right to have pissed-off expression – her people have been persecuted. Ever Carson was dispatched for the crimes of her ancestors against the Asiatic Black man who was beaten, enslaved, and robbed of his cultural and religious heritage. I do not advocate violence, or retribution of this nature, but we must understand the psychology of what prompted it. I pray for every victim and perpetrator that originated from the sins of the White “master” race. When the devils have been expunged, we will know true peace.

  2. WPW says:

    Ok Peepers, so when do the African slave traders get their comeuppance? Should we go over there now and rape and murder their children for what their ancestors did? Do you know Eve Carson personally? Was she a direct descendant of any slave owners?

    Johnnypeepers, you are one sick individual, I hope you are raped, tortured and murdered in the most horrible way imaginable, you aren’t worth pig shit and don’t deserve to live.

  3. Is it called Karmic retribution WPW. Forces were put into motion hundreds of years ago that are still unfolding. I did not start them, neither did you, but the continue to manifest everyday. Evil forces have been with us since the early Sumerians and Babylonians. They have metastasized and corrupted every fabric of society. Until we mature and embrace the concept of universal consciousness, we will not transcend the Satanic manacles that we have been enslaved with.

    I know I am a sick individual, but that is immaterial to the discussion. I know I will leave this world in a violent manner, and I accept my fate. Maybe you have the testicular nuggets to usher me into the next realm. Somehow I doubt it though.

  4. WPW says:

    If you believe in karma, there’s no such thing as race karma, you nut.

  5. Rob Chapman says:

    Although Negro Laurence Lovette is ultimately responsible for his own actions in the murder of young Eve Carson, there are many others with blood on their hands.

    The foolish Liberals, with their child-like world view, are also to blame. If one is being honest, one cannot deny that so-called Affirmative Action is partially to blame in this case. In a sane society and under any sort of normal situation, Negro Thomas would have NEVER been hired as a probation officer.

    For Christ’s sake- She’s has a lengthy criminal record herself! Are you kidding me?!

    She got that job because of her being a Negro and because of Affirmative Action. Without, she would have NEVER been given this responsibility.

    Were she not responsible for murderer Lovette, it’s very highly possible that a more competent individual would have been on top of him, and poor Eve may still be alive today.

    So here were are, full-circle. Were it not for the asinine, childish Liberals in political positions, the horrific murder of Eve Carson, a beautiful young White girl with a bright productive future ahead of her, would not have been committed by the very lowest of our society that should have been in jail.

    And you, Johnnypeppers are a frigging nut case.

    I will not deny that Negroes have been enslaved and treated poorly in the past. But guess what, genius? There has been slavery since the dawn of mankind. These has been race and class-conflict for just as long. You want to talk about racism and conflict? Try what the Japanese did to the Koreans and viscera in their past. Or the Armenian Genocide by the Turks. And don’t forget that Whites have been enslaved in their past as well. You don’t see ANY other group as low, pathetic and dangerous as Negroes.

    So, why is it that Negroes are the only group that can’t seem to get their act together?

    Answer: Fool White Liberals like you whose policies contribute to the very problems that Negroes must overcome ON THEIR OWN.

    YOU, sir, are guilty as well for the murder of Eve Carson!

  6. blueearth says:

    You look in Chalita’s eyes and you see murderous hatred. She has those dull doll eyes almost like a shark. She is a product of affirmative action which, has produced nothing but failure. You look around this once great nation and all you see is failure and at best mediocrity. Just read an article which shows Detroit, with the lowest high school graduation rate in the nation at 24.9%. So, Detroit is 90% negro and yet, they manage to blame the white man for these abysmal numbers. Then the next article, 3rd grade negro children plot death of Teacher in Georgia. If you ask me it is time for a total overhaul!

  7. bOMKOQQNAL says:


  8. don Robison says:

    “Is it called Karmic retribution WPW”

    Yeah, like you really have ever read Hindu, Jain, Sikh or Buddhist philosophies. Give me a break. I wonder whether people like johnny peeper are just white power guys stoking the flames of white hate. I can’t believe a person can be so empty headed!

    The american bureaucracy is full of uneducated blacks. Have you ever applied for a job in the government? The prerequisits don’t exist! Even for highly paid skilled labor jobs. Also there are notices everywhere which might as well read “whites need not apply”. I’m about to graduate, and have applied in hundreds of places. The American government hiring policies are inane.

  9. don Robison says:

    ok well I did my homework on johnny peepers, by his web page, is a 20 year old white male, who is an aspiring rapper. He gets his ideas from music lyrics, and is a propogator of the glorofied black gangsta image. He is most likely a wigger, since blacks dont use the internet and make blogs. He recieved a highschool diploma, but likely has a third grade reading level. He is not a white power guy being subversive. He is clearly not capable of anything this complicated. His teachers were multi-cultural communists who destroyed his brain when he was seven.

  10. Anonymous says:

    White folks have the nerve to talk about not being educated. Education is learning and that is not always in a class where black children are taught to conform to what white society deams to be acceptable. While we are on the subject of education let’s talk about history. White folk have committed more attrocities against mankind all over the globe than any other race of people and the only people that can’t see it is whites themselves. So the next time you go off about thugs, and rapist remember your own wicked grandmammies and grandpappies.

    • incogman says:

      STFU Negro. You don’t know JACK about my Grandmammy and Grandpappy. You’ve got some nerve bringing them up. If Whites had known what pains in the asses you worthless SOB’s would be, we would have shipped your black butts back to Africa long ago and picked our own damn cotton. As it is, you best be THANKING Whites profusely for being born here and not in some mud shack in Mombasi.

      Got that, Negro?

  11. Akira says:


    I can’t really grasp the meaning of your sentence beginning, “Education is learning …”

    Your syntax is quite tortured.

    And education is the opposite of learning.

    Education is a program of instruction designed to literally lead (educare) the subject to a foregone conclusion.

    It’s true that both education and learning take place outside of classrooms.

    The main venue for education in America today is the Jew-Box, Talmudvision, in which enthralled children are taught to conform to what Jew society deems acceptable. For example, negritude is constantly reinforced.

    Here’s an example of a dumb rape-nigger that the Jewish educators promote as a “prophet” and “deep thinker”:

  12. GDL/White Master says:

    Hey Incog,

    Look a negro made it out of bed just before 7:00 P.M. My gosh negroes may just be movin on up….LMAO, nah, the Jew is on the way out. Then negroes will know the score, and they ain’t winning!

  13. GDL/White Master says:

    Tupunk Niggur was nothing but a sorry NIGGER! His mouth was way bigger than his heart and brain…typical worthless NIGGER! Great thing about Tupunk, he’s dead!

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