Has America Been Transformed Into The Golem?

US MASTER BLASTER FOR ISRAEL XPRT 2Is this how the rest of the world views America, anymore? Sadly yes, and for dam good reasons. You would feel the exact same way, if you were on the other end of the stick — I’m telling you.

The Ashkhanazim Jews of eastern Europe have an old Talmudic fairy tale about their Rabbis creating giants out of dust, called the Golem, who go out to destroy the Jew’s enemies wherever and whomever they are. Sometimes, in these Jew tall tales, they are simply big, dumb servants to the Rabbis who created them. Having a Golem was considered the ultimate sign of wisdom and holiness in the legend of that Rabbi. A kind of mythical status symbol.

Of course, such fantastical creatures¹ don’t really exist. Or do they? For it seems that they have truly created a Golem out of the brainwashed and seemingly malleable American people. The Zionists have literally taken the best country on earth, callously using our own sentiments of fairness and equality, and have twisted them all around for their own ends. It can’t be denied any longer. These Zionist Jews must get a spiteful laugh over what they’ve done to us Goyim (another Yiddish term for us meaning “cattle”).

There’s a saying that one man’s Terrorist, is another man’s Freedom Fighter. And it’s so true. As a child and most of my adult life, I naïvely believed America was for truth and justice, all the stuff that Superman said. How foolish was I. When I saw Palestinians, like Black September, committing various acts of Terrorism, I thought that those people were evil and misguided. It turns out that it was I who was sadly misguided about the real facts!

Make no mistake: I’m no fan of Islam, whatsoever. I have no special place in my heart for Muslims. That being said, I completely reject the propaganda that has been foisted on this country about them turning the entire World into a Muslim Caliphate and all that jazz. It’s non-sense and transparent propaganda to get us to hate the enemies of someone else’s medieval religion.


The Zionists have always treated even innocent Palestinians worse than dirt (clockwise): Orthodox Jew enjoys a day of shelling from the safe side; Jewish school girls writing messages of hate on the shells; Gaza child on the recieving end; an old Palestinian woman harassed on the streets by Zionists.

And yes, it’s true that the Palestinian Arabs committed acts of violence against the Jews and British in Palestine. But you have to understand that the British pretty much sold them out with the Balfour declaration and the consequent flooding of their lands by European Jewry. Also, representatives of the Rothschilds — laden with huge amounts of Western cash — had been taking advantage of individual greed and buying up as much land as possible for the planned, upcoming waves of foreign Jews — even before Zionism was supposedly created by Theodor Herzl!

These same Zionists later (after 1948) massacred and evicted over a million Palestinians when they stole the country of Palestine — long before Black September. And, it turns out, it was the Zionist who was the first to introduce “strategic” Terrorism into the Mideast, targeting the British troops who were doing whatever they could to keep the peace between the Jews and Arabs. The Zionist Terror gangs, such as the Irgun, bombed, assassinated and tortured those soldiers — doing whatever they could to get the Brits out, to free them to take over the entire country. A country, if truth be told, that they can’t even historically claim to begin with.

They did these kind of things well before WWII or the so-called Holocaust™, even. In 1937 they assassinated the British Commissioner of the Galilee, Lewis Andrew, and then proceeded to instigate attacks on the local population, that included bombings against those innocent Arab Palestinians.

“Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the few in order to save the many,” — Moshe Sharett, a former Israeli Prime Minister said at memorial service in 1958 alluding to the Jews killed by Zionists for propaganda purposes.

Another Zionist terror act was the purposeful 1940 sinking of a ship, the Patria, crowded with Jewish settlers which the Brits had refused to disembark, since they were finally trying to limit the number of Jews in Palestine to placate Arab ire. In order to shame those Brits with inhumane propaganda and continue the influx of Jewry, the Zionist Terrorist gangs exploded a bomb next to the hull — dooming their very own people to a watery grave!

You think people capable of such acts — even to their own people — would have ANY PROBLEM in attacking a US naval vessel (USS Liberty) to sucker us, a supposed ally, into a Mideast war? Or how about running planes into skyscrapers for the same dam reason? Like hell, NO!

One Terrorist member of the Irgun, Menachim Begin, authorized the bombing of a Jerusalem hotel, the King David, that killed 91 innocent people (including some Jews) in 1946. This evil man (this was not the only thing he did) was made Prime Minister of Israel (Ariel Sharon was another Terrorist PM) and was later awarded a Nobel Peace prize for signing his name to a piece of paper that gives 3 Billion dollars yearly of OUR tax money to Egypt as a bribe to ignore the Palestinian’s plight.

Ever since the beginnings of Israel, the Zionists have used the Jews living in the US to advance the cause of Zion. American Jews have traitorously gone along with it and have transformed the US into the Golem of the Israeli’s dreams. Whatever that the Israelis ask of American Jews they usually get. Massive money, spying with impunity, whoring, propaganda writing in the media, censorship of stories that reflect poorly on Israel and even outright deceit is never a problem for these American Zionist Traitors to do for Israel. Anything, anytime, anywhere — always for Israel!

It’s Jews and Israel first, America second. In fact, more American Jews have volunteered for the Israeli armed forces (IDF) to fight rock-throwing Palestinian kids than have joined our very own US military (and should be imprisoned for doing so). That’s right. Jews will go gladly over to Israel (they often have dual-citizenship papers) to spend some quality time in the genocide operations against the Palestinians. But less than 1% of all American serviceman are Jewish and a measly 17 American Jews have died in Afghanistan AND Iraq — when proportionally it should be over 200.

Over 4,000 American Goyim have died in Iraq, 74% of them white Gentiles. Some 30,000 have been wounded, many horribly and for life. Some 3,000 Americans and other foreign nationals died on September 11th, yet a scant 3 Israelis. Even more Columbians died on that day than Israelis.

Simply put, Israel’s fate is much more important to American Jews than whatever it costs the rest of us Americans. They each personally feel that America must go along with it all — if not, than you’re the one who’s a traitor, as well as the anti-Semite hater. And they could care less about how the rest of the world views how they manipulate us:

 “The Jewish sense of superiority is typified by hypocrisy and zeal… The Jews are incapable of actualizing their influence and control for a simple reason, and that is that they are a demographic minority in every society in the world. For this reason, the Jews are trying by means of their trickery to weaken the national identity [of the non-Jews] and thus take over affairs and direct them to serve their interests…

…When we realize that the American media is controlled by the Jews, we are no longer surprised. Presenting this obvious fact does not suit Jewish interests, and damages the Jews’ relations and interests with the American people. For this reason, it is concealed, as are the daily Jewish crimes against the Palestinians.” — The Saudi daily Al-Watan Read more here

And the real reasons we are in Iraq, in the first dam place, is because of Israeli paranoia about Saddam Hussein (remember him?) and the behind the scene quest to turn Iraq into a oil-field for the global Zionists. They’ve successfully divided the country into 3 warring ethnic states, installed a puppet regime and have built 14 permanent bases there. In addition, this allows the Zionist’s “Goyim Golem” a jumping off point for when we attack the next target of the Zionist’s: Iran.

And although we may not physically have Goyim soldiers (but some American Jews) taking part in the on-going genocide against the Palestinian people, we’re surely intimately involved, providing massive amounts of money, arms and ammunition — the absolute best in tanks, rockets and jets– along with providing them with unconditional political support in the UN vetoing any other country’s efforts at real peace and justice. Also, they virtually own Capital Hill and our media. These people routinely have military arms deals with other countries sunk to make them happy.

But it’s not as simple as supporting a honest and forthright friend in need. These people do whatever they think they can get away with in the world to benefit their race:

“Our strategy was always to provoke the Arabs and get an appropriate response so we could attack and smash them.” –Israeli General Moshe Dayan

In the summer of 2006, the Israelis purposefully instigated the “Summer Rain” campaign in Lebanon, by sending IDF troops into Lebanese territory and sacrificing some poor Jew schmuck to be captured. These Zionist cowards secretly pick fights to get what they lust after, or for payback, and used this event as justification to attack Hezbollah in an effort to destroy it, militarily and politically — but which ultimately failed. The Israelis bombed and shelled one end of the country to the other, killing some 1100 civilians, wounding thousands more; most were usually far from any Hezbollah military or rocket sites, like in the north and in the suburbs of Beirut.

The Lebanese Hezbollah countered as best as they could with a crude WWII era, the Katyushi rockets; which had actually originated with the Israelis, ironically enough. They had received them from the Soviets decades ago (you would not believe the real relationship the Zionists had with them) and then secretly sold them to Iran as part of Reagan and Bush, Sr’s Iran/Contra scandal. That scandal has since been forgotten by most of America, but could be resurrected by the media — anytime —  should the Bush family’s “Yes Man,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates, show any measure of independence from the Israel-Firsters. It’s funny how the media has selective memory — just look at what they did to Rep. John Muthra (more in a minute).

This kind of weapon has a limited range, is totally unguided and with a relatively small warhead. The Hezbollah rockets killed 44 Israelis, 19 of which happened to be Arab or Christian Israelis who did not have access to the few and far between bomb shelters built for them and were not allowed into Jew-only bomb shelters! Of course, that fact or of them being non-Jewish was conveniently ignored by Zionist propagandists in the US when justifying the war by the number of their casualties.

Even with the crudity of those vintage rockets, the Hezbollah managed to hit mostly Israeli IDF military targets, killing 4 Israeli soldiers for every one Israeli civilian, while the much vaunted Israeli precision bombing was completely the opposite, killing 10 civilians for every single Lebanese fighter. Israel also struck many non-combatant targets like hospitals, a canned milk factory, a pharmaceutical plant and the like. Not a single American Zionist opinion article, op-ed or commentary dared mention these facts to the American people.

And the proportions were completely ridiculous. Israel attacked everywhere, destroying 15,000 homes and pretty much laying waste to southern Lebanon with some 177,000 Bombs, Missiles and Artillery shells. They even used 5-ton bunker-busting bombs and anti-personnel cluster bombs. 50 people were later killed or maimed up to 4 months after the end of the campaign from unexploded cluster munitions. Against this massive attack, the Lebanese Resistance launched 4,000 rockets, a ratio of 1 to 44, compared to this naked Israeli aggression.

And while all this was going on and America’s attention was diverted (they are doing the same thing, right now, during the US elections), they killed 200 Palestinians in the Gaza, deeming them all “Terrorists.” Just two IDF soldiers were killed in these attacks, one of those probably by friendly fire.

“Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories.” — Benjamin Netanyahu: Speech at Bar-Ilan University, 1989

Whenever the UN and other countries, like Italy, France, Spain and even Saudi Arabia offer to help with peace initiatives and to safeguard the borders, the Israelis always spit in their faces. This has been going on now for decades, literally, and the Zionist will always give you double-talk for being against the latest efforts. Truth of the matter: Most Jews have never wanted any real peace to work.

Even the Palestinian Hamas once went overboard in refraining from responding to any Israeli military attacks between January 2005 and June 2006, despite numerous assassinations, house demolitions, wholesale arrests of Palestinian activists and the shooting of children in the streets. It was only when the Israelis shelled a beach full of picnicking Palestinian families, eviscerating 18 innocent parents and children with flying shrapnel (made in the USA), did they respond back.

And we’ve done similar things in Iraq, I’m deeply troubled and sorry to say. Since we’ve been in Iraq, we’ve killed literally hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Some peg the number past 1.2 million, now. Our soldiers use horrific modern war technology, spotting targets with infared scopes and wasting them with giant 30mm shells. They may or may not always be “combatants” and often the wounded and incapacitated are finished off with another dose of shellfire. We’ve bombed similar civilian targets as the Israelis do in Lebanon and the Gaza, destroying entire houses in the effort to kill one man. Our soldiers sometimes lose their minds and slaughter helpless people in violent fits of revenge after a “Improvised Explosive Devise” (IED) attack on them. But the Iraqi “terrorists” have little else to strike back with, such as IED’s and sniper fire, against our sheer war technological edge.

Not only do we have all this sorry blood on our hands, but we are paying for this with our tax money. Just the Iraq war alone is estimated to end up costing EACH American family at least $46,400 dollars (see below for link). The Iraq war will now be more expensive than Vietnam come September! This war and further Zionist gambits (like Iran and Syria) will definitely sink this country financially. Think about it all now, people.

And all of this Iraq expense does not even including the exorbitant cost of gasoline to each of us, due to Zionist strife in the region. Oh, no, the Zionist-controlled media is always telling us that it’s because of China or that we have too few oil distillation plants. Have you noticed that? Every-time they do a report they make sure to tell us these reasons. Rarely, will they even mention the Mideast! But that’s surely the biggest dam reason and you can actually see it occur, almost in real time, when some new hint of threat comes out of that area (like what’s happening now over Syria and Iran).

We’ve been systematically destroying Iraq, going on 20 years now. After the first gulf war led by Bush, Sr., we established “no-fly” zones, embargoed the country and prevented even medicine from reaching them. The reporter, Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes asked Clinton’s Secretary of State, the Jew Madeline Albright (who tried to hide her Jewish roots) if it was worth it to consign an estimated 500,000 Iraqi children to early death with this embargo and she blithely intoned that she considered it “acceptable.” Imagine that!

You think the liberal Jews are always so against Wars? What a laugh. Many Zionist liberals complained openly that they did not go far enough in Lebanon and kill more of Hezbollah! They accused PM Olmert of ending it all too soon. Even the million-strong US modern Orthodox Jewish Woman’s organization, Eminah, called for maximizing Lebanese civilian deaths in order to save risk to “their boys” in Israel.

These kinds of people have totally taken over the thinking and morals of “our government” in Washington, DC. The Israel Lobby (AIPAC) has over 100,000 members with so much power over us as to be truly sickening. They now brag openly of writing legislation for our government to rubber stamp! And they are not the only people to make up the Israel Lobby, oh no. There are a multitude of Jew groups from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, ADL, various Federations, local and global B’nai B’rith, etc. etc. all over the country and the world at large who are all expressly dedicated to Father Israel in all it’s meanest, hypocritical splendor — no matter the country.

When the midterm elections of 2006 were over with, the one that brought in a Democrat majority running on a anti-War platform which made Nancy Pelosi the new Speaker of the House, Prime Minister Olmert of Israel paid Bush a visit on November 13th to give a speech on how the US must stay in Iraq and how we must now isolate and stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions (much is total BS). The SOB then had the nerve to hand out marching orders for the new crew on the Hill. Nancy Pelosi, contrary to all her media bluster about confronting Bush over the war, then kept her big mouth shut — just like the Zionist tool she has always been.

Along with that, the Zionist media went into over-drive, cranking out op-ed pieces and propaganda about “staying the course” in Iraq, more about al-Qaeda terrorist paranoia and then went and drudged-up a 30 year-old story (ABSCAM) just to besmirch the anti-war Democrat, Pennsylvania Rep. John Muthra, into silence and to keep him from becoming the Majority leader that he deserved. They even purposefully undermined the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group’s findings on how we should open a dialogue with Iran and Syria. The bloody Zionists would have none of that! Even Seymour Hersh, the darling of the “Progressives” wrote a piece that criticized the Bush administration, but completely failed to mention a single fellow Jew, none of the Neocons nor any of the Israeli Lobby’s obvious efforts to continue the Iraq war.

Most of the US anti-War liberals, too, ignore all this. Many of their leadership positions are held by Jews and have completely snowed these people about the Bush administration with misdirection, obfuscation and downright lies. They have tried to paint the whole thing as some “Big Oil Cabal,” — even making out the Jew Neocons to be some kind of Nazi! Yet the facts are crystal-clear: The whole thing has always been Zionist orchestrated. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so tragic for our soldiers and all the innocent people abroad.

The Democratic Party is hopelessly beholden to all these people. It’s estimated that 65% of the party’s money is attributable to the Lobby’s Jewish donor base. Even the head of the Democratic Caucus and Democratic campaign finance director, Raham Emanuel (backed by a multi-million dollar Wall Street slush fund), was a former Israeli IDF member. Think about that one, for moment: One of the top dogs on the American political party scene once used to serve in Israel’s  armed forces! How can it ever be anything but pro-Israel with these people?

And even though the amount of the Lobby’s financial control over the Republican party is estimated to be less (35-40%), the Republicans have many “Christian Zionists” and “Israeli-Firster Neocons” swaying the party into going along with all the evils of Israel. It’s not a situation of “conservatives” or “liberals” at all, anymore — if it ever was to begin with.

If any of these spineless politicians says one dam word about the real deal, then expect non-stop press “revelations” about the most stupid or long-ago mistake they ever made and massive campaign funds going to their opponent during the next election. Possibly even made-up stuff — how would you know with our media?

Right now, as I write these words, the Israelis are again attacking the Palestinians in the Gaza and which our media does not tell you all the real facts. What the Israelis are really trying to do, is to eliminate Hamas — duly elected by the Palestinian people — but since they are not a puppet of Israel, they must be destroyed! It has to be finally clear to all of you now, that the Israelis are committing outright genocide against these people. It’s been the only possible answer to their behavior all these years. They don’t want peace, never have — they just want the Palestinians either gone or dead!

Folks, let’s face the facts: These Zionist Jews, both in the US and in Israel, will do whatever they can to keep their stranglehold on America’s head and lead us by the nose in their on-going Mideast Imperialist² travesties. Contrary to anything we say or the rest of the world thinks about any of it. The fact that other countries laugh or scream bloody murder about us, makes not a whit of difference to these people.

It’s now plain to see that the Israeli Zionists are a small, dishonorable and forever embittered people. They can be manipulative, arrogant and have zero sense of justice and fair play when it comes to anyone but themselves. They will completely ignore any other people’s perspective of a matter; they will strike back and way out of proportion to whatever crimes, real or imagined, that have been done to them; they will do whatever they wish to in this world. On top of all that, they will dam you and slander you as a Nazi for saying one lousy thing about it.

And it’s a sorry fact of life, people, that the Zionist has turned the US into a kind of personal “Goyim Golem” for him in the Mideast. And, like the way they’ve treated other allies in the past, they will use us till we’re through and then throw us away like a used condom. They are definitely NOT honorable nor have they EVER been respectful friends and allies of us.

–Phillip Marlowe



1) A small, ugly creature named the “Golum” was a character in the Tolkian movie, The Lord of the Rings. Since I did not read the original book, I don’t know if Tolken borrowed it as well. The character “Master Blaster” in the main art above, is from the movie “Beyond the Thunderdome” with Mel Gibson.

2) It’s a fact that the Zionists seek to extend the borders of Israel or what they call “Eretz Ysrael,” which coincidentally includes half of Iraq. Read more here And it’s quite obvious that the real reason they fear the Iranians having the bomb, is the possibility that they might lose their strategic superiority in the Arab world from having the bomb themselves (wink-wink).

Much of the facts about the Zionist’s “Summer Rain” campaign in Lebanon, is from the book “Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire” by James Petras (Clarity Press, 2007). I highly suggest buying this book.



The Agenda Behind The Hoax

Read here on what I have to say about some little-discussed Mideast military matters you may not have known about with the US and Israel; which probably will soon force us into war with Iran: The FISA Bill and Where This Country is Headed

Read up on how these people suck the money out of all of us to pay for all their crimes. Also contains the link for the report on the $46,400 cost to EVERY American family: America: Enslaved to Zionist Bloodsuckers

Israel: Founded on Terror

Israeli Official Calls for Holocaust on the Palestinians

Israel Planning Extermination in the Gaza?

Learn more about the Palestinian side to all of this: If Americans Knew The Zionist’s side is already everywhere you dam look, anymore.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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36 Responses to Has America Been Transformed Into The Golem?

  1. incogman says:

    I guess the Zionist trolls won’t dare open their big traps about this post. My question is to the rest of you:

    When will the evidence ever be enough?

    Not only are the Zionists committing great evils in the world, but are totally screwing this country up!

  2. Mister E 1234 says:

    Mr Incogman, you hardly post any links to your sources. The links you post lead back to your own blogs.

  3. incogman says:

    Welcome to my blog. Did you bother to read any of it?

    There’s plenty of links here at the bottom, right above you, the link to my post on “Zionist Bloodsuckers” is chock full of external links and is only one from my own blog. Plus, I have a link to a pro-Palestinian source to see what they say. Most of this particular post is from books I have read over literally decades.

    One book you can read about is James Petra’s book on the Power of the Israel Lobby and his latest book: Rulers and Ruled, of which I have added a credit above.

    It seems that the Jew seeks to cast doubt in whatever fashion. Folks, read my words and you be the judge.

  4. Marin says:

    You are a very brilliant man, Incog man.

    God bless you.

  5. theradicalmormon says:

    I am sorry you are being censored, but what do you expect for telling the truth? Your speech is harsh in condemnation of Zionism, but why should one pussyfoot with such blatant evil?

    I was also censored from a site that gave me a lot of traffic when I posted on the Israeli/Palestinian situation. You talk about that, and you will be effectively shut up and called a Jew-hater etc.

    Keep on talking man. Let the world know what is happening in reality.

  6. incogman says:

    Thank you Radical Mormon.

    The hypocrisy in this country is neck high anymore. They can freely talk about Mormon’s religious beliefs and how “it may be a concern for voters” or splash photos of evil white polygamists on the screen.

    But do they talk about Chabadist Jews in Washington working in the White House or freely gamboling the halls of Congress? Or Rabbis like Comptroller of the Pentagon, Dov Zaikheim, who gave away 2.3 trillion in military equipment to Israel? Or the sorry fact that white women, suckered from the Ukraine, are enslaved by Jews in Tel Aviv and have to sexually service Orthodox Jews on Thursday nights (boy’s night out for Jews)?

    Not in this country, oh no. The Jews have this country in stranglehold and if anyone says a dam thing, out come the anti-Semite slurs. Hell, you can’t even be against illegal immigration before they slander you.

    Even the History channel has a weekly day now, where they broadcast Hitler documentaries and Anti -White Aryan NeoNazi propaganda.
    All attacking whitey. I’m sick of it.

  7. admut239 says:

    Man you HATE Jewish people! Do you also hate all the fantastic medical advances that keep you and Reverend Wright alive? Because Jews have more 1000x nobel prizes than any one from the ass backwards Islamic community.

  8. incogman says:

    Uh, wake up and smell the coffee, there admut. It’s the radical Zionists I talk about. I know that many Jews are smart, funny people.

    And don’t forget that during the dam Dark Ages the Islamic community was THE Civilization. Much of your math and medical history comes from them. I’m not Islamic but you hating them may well be instigated by Zionist propaganda that you sucked down well, my little friend.

    Plus, some Nobels were not deserved by them. Political fops like the thing above on Menachim Begin. But I guess you didn’t read the post, huh? Yet I see you put the comment under an article that illustrates the whole lying mess. What’s wrong? Too hard-hitting for your delusions so you just made some comment?

  9. admut239 says:

    Yeah, it was just too “hard hitting.” All religions are lame fiction. Read the Islamic texts…that is some pretty awful violent shit. Jews don’t blow themselves up in cafes, and kill people like you who criticize them. Muslims do. I support Israel, not because of al the god’s will bullshit, but because its a first world, pro-scientific oasis in a backwards, ignorant part of the world.

    Also, the Islamic developments of a thousand years ago were often the ideas of Western captives. What have they brought to the table in the last 1000 years except hatred towards others?

  10. incogman says:

    Oh BS. Guess you don’t know much about the hate speech in the Talmud now, do you? It’s every bit as evil as anything written by Muslims, my friend.

    And Israel being a First World country? Yeah, because they blackmail all the rest over the dam Holocaust Hoax for literally billions of dollars. They would have collapsed years ago if it wasn’t for the US and Germany. Plus, many Jew criminals flee there and who then cannot be extradited to Goyim nations.

    And all that hatred talk about Islam is more BS. You’d feel the exact same way if some other country came over here and did the same to your family and friends. Don’t tell me!

    Bombing cafes? Maybe that’s the only way they have to strike back at the racism expressed towards them, along with all the US-built weapons and bombs that kill thousands of their innocents.

    You are either totally brainwashed by Zionist propaganda or are a Jew, himself. Probably the latter.

  11. admut239 says:

    wow. OK. My conversations end at Holocaust denial. Have fun ranting.

  12. incogman says:

    That’s cause you know JACK about real history. Have fun being the fool.

    Much of the literature on Hitler’s Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud…Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics. –Dr. Norman Finkelstein, Jewish researcher and author of “The Holocaust Industry.”


  13. Ali says:

    Very good article. I just wanted to add that we should set a difference between Zionists Jews and ordinary Jewish people, although this is very difficult inside Israel!
    each time Israel has done a massacre, US has vetoed the UN resolutions that were against Israel.
    Israel, having US support, does not give a damn to the international condemnations.
    Israelis illegally have produced atomic bombs and have build atomic installations and have never allowed International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to visit their sites, again US government under pressure by Jewish lobby has supported this.
    It seems US government thinks that American people always need a foe!?? In the past, USSR (Soviet Union) was (made as) their enemy, and now Moslem people do the same task!!

  14. incogman says:

    Yes, you are very right. The true Israelites, the Torah Jews, are attacked by the AshkheNAZIM Zionists as traitors when it’s them who are the real usurpers.

    One of them named Clara has commented here about this very thing and backs up what I say. (see Videos II for a clip of some of them)

    The Military/Industrial complex of the US is all for this BS, for profits. I saw something yesterday on a Halliburton contract for fuel transport that should have been for no more than $10,000 but was awarded to them on a no-bid basis and they got 27.5 million!

    And the Israelis, since they have the bomb, think they can do whatever anymore in the mid-east. Make note on US media fails to even cover the subject. Doesn’t that tell you one dam thing? They will use whatever lies they can to keep the big stick for Israel. Be prepared America, because these very people lead us around by the nose.

  15. I am so glad I found your site. Thanks to a comment by Ali.

    I need to spend more time reading your blog as it seems we share the same sentiments.


  16. incogman says:

    I appreciate your comment. I may not be Mr. Nice Guy and all, to everybody (who says I have to?) but I will say it like I see it. I believe it’s gone far past obvious just how spiteful and manipulative the Zionists truly are and Americans are getting sick and tired of it all.

    You can go and read “A letter” above in my pages section, for a rundown on what course brought me here.

    Please feel free to comment and help me out. I’m not saying I know everything at all about all this. I’m just some guy somewhere. So please go to some of my links for other sources too.

  17. whitewraithe says:

    Hey, Incog – brilliant analogy of the Jewish Zionist leech on America’s back.

    Let me say one thing about differentiating between Jews and Zionism, though, anyone following this knows the difference in that Zionism is the brutal military political arm of Judaism, however, any Jew who is silent about Zionism is complicit and just as responsible for what their Zionist bretheren are committing. Zionism is more dangerous to Judaism even than anti-semitism, and it is time that all Jews woke up to this fact. If they fail, then they will be blamed for every brutal Zionist act committed in their name.

  18. incogman says:

    Yes. You are quite right. The Jews or the Christians who support this Zionism are supporting true evil in the world — even against this very own country! And they talk about Neonazi Skinheads or “Islamo-Fascists” being the danger! What a sorry joke. The Zionists are costing each and every American thousands of dollars, the economic foundations of this country and because of what they make US DO FOR THEM, the entire world now hates us.

    Jews who support this are playing a dangerous game with their future in the US. Sooner or later, people are going to rise up angrily and put a stop to them. The only reason why it hasn’t yet happened is their stranglehold of the media. You can see when all this started happening in the 1960’s once they got the bomb. Their arrogance is now going off the charts!

  19. roguejew says:

    Hey douchebag, Love the thread at the Gay Website Storm Front! I think the reason you queer bunch of asshats wear sheets over your heads is because you don’t want to know the guy who is plugging your ass or smoking you pole….

    Thanks again you schmuck!

  20. incogman says:

    You just go on about it, Fat Jew Sodomite. I noticed that none of your homo friends bothered to click on your link to my blog, probably because they could readily see they had little chance of scoring any points against me and got scared. Jews are such the cowards. Either that, or they agreed with me about your fat butt!

    Also, it’s plain to see you hardly get much traffic to begin with (6,000 hits? What a laugh). I tried to help you out some, since your pathetic comments and posts only reinforce my message. But it appears that your blog is just way too boring for anyone — Jew or Gentile!

    Maybe it has something to do with your ridiculous attempts at humor with the Photoshop cartoons you did in honor of me. Talk about crude and high schoolish. You need to spend more time in that bath house on Castro Street, instead of trying to be witty on a computer!

  21. turnoffjewtube says:

    Incogman, that was a great read filled with facts, analysis and insight. Your style of writing is fun and informative. Like hell yeah!

  22. IndoAtheist says:

    this is one a heel of interisting blog (first time i visit this blog)… in the beginning i was simpathyzed with the ‘jews’ and all ‘holocoust’ shit… because i watched to many holywood movie which pictured all german are ‘nazi’ monster… but in the process i read and watched ‘alternative’ media, sooner i realized that these ‘god chosen’ people are bunch of pedhopile, homosexual and butcher …ooh shit i’ve been deceived.. so with all atrocities they’ve made in iraq,palestine,afghanistan and god knows where else they made hell on earth…these parisitic zionist mutha fucka still drain up USA blood till this moment and few of american people notice it (including you sir..).. the question is when USA wake up …?? your goverment is deeply infiltrated, your religious (evangelist actually) leaders preaching to destroy all ‘islamofascist’ in the world in the name of christ (a jew rebel revolutionist)… ijou desuuu…

  23. Convertman says:

    I am glad I found your site.We are on the same wavelenght,thanks keep
    up the good work.

  24. March says:

    Can you tell me what is the difference between the jews and the Israelis ?

    • incogman says:

      Yeah, all Israelis are Jewish Zionists. Sure, we have arabs and Christians there, but they are pretty much marginalized. The Israelis just outlawed the 2 Arab parties from holding elections. It’s an Jewish Apartheid state.

      Most Jews that live in Western countries, are sympathetic to Israel and Zionism. But not all. Go to my “About Me” page and read the little para there.

      There is 2 different kinds of Jews, basically. Ashkenazim and Sephardic. Ashkenazim try to lord it over the others since they are the majority. Zionism is socialistic and dedicated to Jew expansion. Jews have a sense of prideful arrogance and victimhood that has become very poisonous to Western white nations that they have now insinuated themselves into.

      Obama’s cabinet and underlings (the real power) are 40-50% Jewish (or hidden Jews) and the rest are black and hispanics with just few European whites. Most whites see a Jew and don’t have a clue that’s who they are looking at. Also, many Jews change their name purposefully like Scooter Libby or Obama’s chief financial advisor Larry Summers (Samuelson).

      He’s totally a Zionist puppet.

      Go to my links to read more.

  25. March says:

    What about the religious Jews that say Palestine belongs to the Palestinians on the news, do they actually believe that? or do they believe in their promised land in Palestine because of there religious beliefs?

    And by the way i am glad i found your blog because i am learning a lot…thx

    • incogman says:

      You mean the Neturei Karta? Here’s a comment from one here:

      Thanks, INCOGMAN for the kind words. It would be hard for me to work with the likes of Norman Finkelstein because as I understand it, he is a NON-zionist. That’s not the same as being an ANTI-zionist, which is what I am. All anti-zionists are non-zionists, but not all non-zionists are anti-zionists (am I making sense here?) ANTI-zionists actually want to see the dismantling of the zionist state; non-zionists usually are just not zionists, but don’t do anything to dismantle the state.

      I am a religious (Orthodox) Jew who does not support the idea of a zionist state because our religion teaches that only the Messiah can set that up. Our writings warn us that if we try to do it ourselves, before the appointed time, we will be punished.

      Our religion teaches us that we are to pray for and do good for whatever country G-d sets us into in our exile. In my case, that is the USA. I place America before ANY other country, including (especially) the zionist entity. We base this on the teachings in the prophet Jeremiah, in which the prophet said for Israelites to seek the welfare of the nations to which G-d has sent us.

      Unfortunately, most of us have very big families and are very busy taking care of them, and do not have the time to speak out, the way the secular, atheist Jews do. I’m active in the right-to-life movement and working for Ron Paul, but right now I don’t have the time for much else!

      These Jews are few in number and are often attacked by other Jews as “self-hating.” And they get it from both sides since some Whites who are awakened to the Jewish “problem” lumps all Jews together. Even I sometimes get so irked I fall into this.

      Don’t confuse the Orthodox Neturei Karta from other Zionistic Hasidic Orthodox. They are 2 different things! One such group is the Chabad Lubavitchers and they are very rich and powerful Orthodox Jews. Very arrogant too.

      Basically, the NK believe that only G-D or the Messiah can create Zion. But other Orthodox Hasidic Jews think the entire race is the Messiah! Or that by doing much of His work in advance, he’ll finally show up. Plus, they think the timing is around NOW for all this. What they want to do is destroy the Temple of the Golden Dome and build the Jewish III temple.

      Most Jews are secular, on the surface at least, but consider themselves as the smarter race. This arrogance has been their undoing. Talmudic beliefs came into popularity in the 70’s with some of this rank and file, even though they proclaim themselves to be secular.

  26. anti zionist says:

    Money makes the world go round and the satanic banker jew plays god.

  27. bernie says:

    You wrote that Jews massacred and evicted over a million Palestinians. One cannot do both. Once someone is massacred it is harder to evict them, dead weight and all.

    Yes, over 750,000 Arabs fled on advice of Arab radio telling them to leave so that the Arab armies can bomb Israel into the dark ages, but certainly there were not enough Israelis to evict that many Arabs from their homes. The Arabs who ignored that message and who stayed in Israel became Israeli citizens. If those who fled had not listened to Arab propaganda, they would still be in Israel today, like those who never left.

    So eviction is not an accurate word to use at all.

    Strange, that you don’t know that.

    • incogman says:

      OK smart Jew, how about massacre of several thousand (like Menachim Begin and the Irgun at Deir Yassan as one example) to scare the others into fleeing. That be enough for your highness?

      Why the hell don’t you bastards just off yourselves and save the world the problem?

  28. American says:

    And what about the poor Semites that stayed, ‘bernie’? You act as though Israel treats them well.

    I can’t imagine worse living conditions, under threat of slaughter every day. Israel is a failed state, and soon to be a prison.

  29. American says:

    Finally, some JEW-rats are getting the message:


    If I were one of them, I would’ve already slinked back to my stolen “homeland”.

  30. incogman says:

    “Terrorism and ‘revenge’ were…to be glorified as the ‘moral… and even sacred’ values of Israeli society. . . . [T]he military symbol was now Unit 101, led by Arik [Ariel] Sharon. …The lives of Jewish victims…had to be sacrificed to create provocations justifying subsequent reprisals. … A hammering, daily propaganda, controlled by the censors, was directed to feed the Israeli population with images of the monstrosity of the Enemy.”

    — from the dairy of Moshe Sharett, Prime Minister of Israel, in Livia Rokach’s “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism,” p. 44 (1980). Rokach’s father was Sharett’s minister of the Interior and had access to inside information. She was later found dead in a hotel room in Rome under mysterious circumstances.

  31. Akira says:


    You’re an evil cunt.

    Re: “over 750,000 Arabs fled…. The Arabs who ignored that message and who stayed in Israel became Israeli citizens. If those who fled had not listened to Arab propaganda, they would still be in Israel today, like those who never left.”

    1. That’s typical Jew lies.

    2. So they fled. From their homes. For whatever reason.

    So it’s still their home, right, Bernie you disgusting bastard. Right? So why were/are they forbidden to return to their homes?

    Come on Bernie the Bastard. How come?

  32. Hoff says:

    l have just watched it from o:40 to o:55 and this is the most braindead Hate all German and love all innocent “persecuted” little jews propaganda-bullshit l ever seen. And l have seen a lot of jewish propaganda-bullshit. Some of the commentors claim they saw this jewish propaganda-BS in class?!

    “The Boy In The Stripped Pyjamas Part 1”

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