What Some May Call the “Jewish Conspiracy”


My Thoughts on What Some May Call the “Jewish Conspiracy”

By David Duke 

I have said this a million times. Jews are not a completely monolithic block, they don’t have a hands-on conspiracy where they can control all people, all media, all the time. What are they, simply the most united and organized people on earth, (not without some elements of dissent) relentlessly striving for their own agenda. What is the agenda, it is what I coined, Jewish supremacism. Whether religious or not, it is the belief that Jews are the chosen, chosen by God or simply chosen by themselves to be the earth’s elite. Even though groups like Habad Lubavitch* are but a small element of Jewish organization, their vicious anti-Gentilism still is an underlying theme of all Jewish organizations.

Don’t mainstream Jews continuously complain that all Gentiles are in essence anti-Semites, that all Gentiles, even including Americans as well are Whites anywhere in the world are “responsible for the Holocaust? Every history book of the Jews is a long recantation of the crimes of Gentiles against them and the need for Jews to keep their own solidarity.

That’s why, whether we talk about Freud’s subversion of the European institution of marriage and family, or what Dr. Abrams refers to as the atavistic hatred of Gentiles that in no small part motivates Jewish pornographers in their defilement of our people, or the Hollywood promotion of Negroes as desired mating partners for our young men and women, it all comes from the same source, a deep-seated hatred of us.

Habad Lubavitch says that we Gentiles have “inferior and satanic souls,” that Jews have an innate right to rule us or kill us if we refuse their slavery, their own spiritual leaders say things such as affirming the right of Jews to kill any Gentile and take his or her liver or heart if a Jew needs one — and these Lubavitch people are having parties in the White House; giving the prayers at cabinet meetings.

Yet, there is not a voice raised in protest by any Jewish groups anywhere or any of the Jews in media who have to know bush-chabad-lubavitch-22.jpgthe vicious beliefs of Habad.

There is no intricate conspiracy, there is organization by the leading Jewish groups such as the Council of Presidents (of Jewish Organizations) that promotes every single anti-White policy and program I can think of. There is AIPAC and dozens of other groups to bribe and blackmail White and Black politicians and keep fellow Jews in line. There is a deep-seated anti-Gentile, anti-White hatred that bubbles up even from Jews with no formal association with any Jewish group per se, Jews who corrupt and defile us a naturally as earthworms burrow in soil.

Even among the Jews who have a sense of moral right and justice, such as Norman Finklestein, who are appalled by Jewish con jobs in the Holocaust Industry and who feel great sympathy for the Palestinian victims of Jewish supremacism, don’t dare to point out the Jewish communities’ complicity in these crimes, and recently, even Finklestein attacked Walt and Mearsheimer, saying there really isn’t any Jewish Lobby; that the Iraq War had nothing to do with the fact that the power of the Jewish activist organizations that were behind it along the enormous influence of what they call “warm Jews” in ownership and management of media and in the political establishment.

Only a few have even dared to expose Lubavitch and other Jewish extremist organizations, as well as point out that the primary source of Jewish Law of mainstream Jewry is the Talmud, a book of hatred and violence that makes the excesses of the Old Testament and the Koran seem mild.

Only an intense and sick Jewish hatred could conjure up the Talmudic images of boiling their enemies, such as Jesus Christ and others, in cauldrons of semen or fecal matter. As one humorous critic related to me, how exactly do these sick Jewish priests plan to produce this semen?

Only, a self-delusional people could revere a holy book that says it is meritorious to cheat, steal, lie, and kill Gentiles. At least the Old Testament and the Koran says openly to conquer, while the Talmud says if you can’t conquer then cheat, poison, steal, defile, and eternally hate your traditionally enemy. That doesn’t sound like the foundation of a great “moral religion” to me.

Still, where are any well-known Jews who dare to even tell this truth? Today, Gilad Atzmon is the only one I know who dares. I must also say how much I admired the late Israel Shahak in this regard.

So, there doesn’t have to be any intricate conspiracy, there is simply intense Jewish organization, and unifying Jewish tradition of a mafia like unity and loyalty, and a hatred of our people and all our traditions imbued with their mother’s milk.

And, even the Jews who don’t put out interracial porn, or promote the bedding down of White girls with Negroes, or who promote open borders or White sterilization and abortion — most Jews support directly or indirectly the organizations that promote practically every poison afflicting us, and they support the organizations that give support and protection to the Jewish murderers and criminals such as the great criminal, Jewish robber barons of Russia who have sought refuge in Israel, England, Spain, and the U.S. Even if some Jews don’t like the harm that the great body of Jews do to our people, to our heritage and our freedom, they don’t raise their voice or their smallest finger to expose and stop this evil, with painfully few exceptions.

When America goes out and invades, bombs, and tortures people around the world, I feel a moral compulsion to try to move our people to a moral position both for the cause of justice and for the fact that I think these policies are terribly harmful to us. I realize that Jews are the agents of these policies and that they essentially control our people, but still we have responsibility in at least to fight this control us and oppose this evil.

I cannot wait for Jews to take this position for their own people in the same way I take this responsibility for my own people. But, an honest Jew who has a shred of the human ideals of justice found in most civilized peoples, should condemn the Jewish leaders and the Jewish establishment that commits these crimes, both for his moral honor and for the fact that he must understand that his own people could well end up paying a terrible price for doing such evils.

Every Jew of any decent intellect must see the incredible hypocrisy of Jews supporting the racial supremacist, religious supremacist state of Israel, while they work to destroy our people’s heritage and freedom.

They don’t have to get any orders from any caftan-wearing, ear locked candlelit Jew, they are raised in anti-Gentilism and personally practice the morals of the Mossad whose motto is “By deception thou shalt wage war.”

They control the thrust of media, the thrust of politics, and sometimes things don’t go exactly as they plan. When it doesn’t they have a powerful correction system that will crucify the character of anyone who dares to act against them, or even simply speak the truth on these subjects.

I know these things very personally.

After 30 years out of the Klan, with political successes, achievement of a full doctorate, and my books read by millions around the world, I am still almost always introduced as former Klansman David Duke. That is a privilege not accorded onetime KKK Kleagle, Sen. Robert Byrd, nor is it the custom accorded former communists, or even drug addicts who have gone on to other associations or accomplishments. George Bush is not introduced as “former Coke Head” George Bush, or Ted Kennedy as the “hero of Chappaquiddick,” or Bill Clinton, as the “I did not have sex with that woman” perjurer.

Could it be that my special introduction is indicative of the fact that I dare to criticize those who have the power to introduce anyone, no matter who he is, the way they want to.

It is same power that leads us all to catastrophe in Iraq and catastrophe at home, and toward to looming genocide of our people.

No matter what they call me, I won’t heed that power or the scars it places on my body.davidduke.jpg

I will resist,

And God willing, I will help our people awaken, and help them to one day prevail.

best to all,

david duke

Rep. David Duke, P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, Louisiana
Call to order books: (985) 626-7714
DavidDuke.com European American Unity & Rights Organization (EURO)


A question to David Duke and his response:

I have become slowly more sympathetic to anti-Zionist criticisms over the last several years. Much of this began with my reading of your book, My Awakening, which I found to be surprisingly well-documented.

I am all in favor of the calling attention to of facts which illustrate how Jews either have or do intend to engage in acts which are harmful (either to whites explicitly or to society in general). I will never argue with facts. However, I am not yet fully convinced that Jews (be they all Jews or merely only Zionist Jews) represent the greatest threat and utmost priority for White survival. Many Jews, as you indeed point out, either do not support Zionism or in fact are quite openly anti-Zionist.

But probably the biggest reason for my seeing it this way is this: For all their faults (and I’m not saying that they aren’t there) Jews as a whole have made contributions to humanity in nearly ever field of human academia and endeavor that far surpass their actual composition in numbers. Spinoza, Einstein, Richard Feynmann, Willem Einthoven, George Gerswhin, and Isaac Asimov are just a bare few. Granted, along with those you could also throw in Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and various other well-accomplished although less than savory characters throughout history.

But my point is that with whatever Jews set themselves out to do, they usually do it very well. And they’ve been doing it for 4000 years. So as long as we’re going to take an honest look at race and genetics, I’m not ready to say that Jews (at least not as a whole) are in any sense a form of “undesirables.”

Actually, it seems to me that the smartest and best-accomplished Jews are the Ashkenazim, who, for those who don’t know, are of European descent. They also, as I understand it, tend to make up a significant proportion of Reform Jews and moderate to non-observant Jews, at least in the US. Whether that’s a compliment to Jews or to Whites I suppose is debatable.

But again – and by the same token – I’m also not saying that all Jews are innocent or harmless, either. Your biography has done much to help me see the facts of this. But is it possible that Whites and Jews (at least the Ashkenazi) may actually may have more in common, biologically and culturally, than they have in differences? At the very least, I’d rather live in a Jewish neighborhood than a black neighborhood. At least the former is more likely to have some signs of civilization to it.

Either way, I do respect and admire your work, Dr. Duke.

David Duke’s response:

Thanks for the respect, I do appreciate that, but I feel as though I have not adequately done my job with my books if you are still not convinced that the Jewish extremists pose the utmost threat for our race. You went on to say that not all Jews are Zionists. You are right, not all Jews are Zionists, just as lot of Jewish communists and egalitarians were not Zionists at least openly, but what an enormous threat they are to our people. I hope you can finally get it that Jews have been the very core of every threat you are concerned about. They were at the core and have been the driving force of Freudianism, communism, feminism, egalitarianism, non-White immigration, White self-hate propaganda, and the media’s vicious promotion of every evil besetting us. How can you just not get that?

None of the evils I mentioned would even be on the blip of the radar screen except for the Jewish infiltration and subversion of our societies, our media, our academia and their corruption of our politics.

Whites are not just naturally committing suicide. Our race is being systematically murdered by an ancient enemy which never forgets and never forgives. Even what they call us “Gentiles” is from the Gens of the Romans, they still hate the Romans, they still hate us, and they won’t rest till all of us are wiped off the face of the earth.

You talk about the contributions of a number of Jews. Yes, sure there have been some contributions. But, Western Civilization would be here in all of its glory if you subtracted those contributions, but when will you measure the other side of the question. If the Jewish contributors had never been in Europe, neither would the Jewish Bolshevik commissars of the Soviet, and tens of millions of Europeans would not have been slaughtered. More than likely there would have never been the Second World War and the price we seem to be paying for that war, the extinction of our kind now going on.

As for the Ashkenazi being “European,” you really believe that? There have been hundreds of studies that show Ashkenazi Jews in Russia are six times closer genetically to Shephardim Jews in Spain than they are to their Russian neighbors. Jews in Toronto Canada are six times genetically closer to Jews in Italy than they are to White Canadians.

They constantly say in their own literature that they are NOT Europeans, but Jews, people not from Europe! They advance every kind of anti-European policy imaginable.

Whatever they are they are a distinct genotype today, a genotype devoted to its own advancement that will resort to any destructive means to destroy our genotype.

Of course, not all of them act evilly, but as I have painstakingly pointed out, almost every Jewish organization is opposed to almost every policy advocated by those on this forum, and they oppose practically every traditional American position.

To say that because some Jews are not supportive of the Jewish Threat, that we should not oppose them, would be the same as same as saying the 13 colonies shouldn’t have fought the British because not all British opposed American Independence. Pretty silly, huh?

On top of all that, almost every destructive and degenerative Movement in the West has been led by “individual Jews.” Do I need to recount them here?

Like Paul Ehrlich of Zero Population Growth, Gloria Steinem the leading feminist in America for decades, Sturman, the Walt Disney of Porn, Steven Spielberg and his anti-European tomes of “Schindler’s List” and the White hating “Amistad” (which by the way conveniently demonized White Christian slavers, while hiding the Jewish domination of the slave trade).

Those who are not Zionists — let’s see we have Noel Ignatiev of Harvard who is anti-Zionist but publishes the “Race Traitor” magazine calling for the abolition of the White race, or the anti-war Jews of Move-on who tell us the war in Iraq was for oil and that the Jewish Lobby doesn’t even exist.

Maybe you would feel a lot safer walking as you say down a Jewish street rather than a Black street. Well, if you take a look at why Black streets and all streets have become a lot more unsafe, you had better look at the Jews who set up the NAACP and those like Jake Greenburg, the head of the NAACP legal defense Fund, who were the primary litigants for integration and “civil rights” in the United States, all at the same time that Jewish organizations were supporting the transformation of America to a non-White nation, they were busy setting up a Jewish supremacist state in Israel.

When your neighbor spouts the idea that there is no such thing as race, that it is a social construct, they are simply spouting lies originated by Jews like Jared Diamond, the same Jewish egalitarian who tell us how wonderful DNA is in that now Israel can find out who are the “real Jews.” The Black and White races are just social constructs, but Jews, well they are real don’t you know, it’s in their DNA!

Please understand that all the garbage promoted by the media and the establishment about race, homosexuality, feminism, gun-control, immigration is nothing but a con!

There might be a few people with the strange notions that are now “conventional wisdom” but without the Jewish control of the debate none of these evils would be upon us. As I have said repeatedly up until the 1930’s Western man was moving ahead on all fronts, except in Jewish Bolshevik Russia. Most nations adopted strict immigrations laws, nations and states were adopting anti-miscegenation statutes as well as eugenic laws. Anthropology was called racial science. Presidents talked openly about the need to preserve our White race. All that changed with one thing, and one thing only, the invasion and takeover by these ancient enemies of the White race, the Jewish supremacists.

With their influence in media, their mafia teamwork in ruthlessly taking over academic departments, their corruption of the political process, their domination of Hollywood and much publishing, they transformed our society.

You have to hand it to them.

They are smart, but even more so they are ruthless, cunning and driven.

And, you although you have read my books, you still don’t get it. they are at war with us, a war they themselves talk about in their own mainstream Jewish literature. The speak of “avenues of invasion,” “divide and conquer” strategies, while we sit here not even aware that we have been invaded and for all practical purposes, conquered.

We are dying from their occupation. They are pushing policies that are killing us. Literally killing us.

They are ones behind our crisis of existence today.

If they could hide from most Americans that Israel has committed terrorism against us, what else have they hidden?

They have you a bit bamboozled!

The Jewish problem is the core of all our other problems.

We are responsible for it.

We are responsible for it because our people were not vigilant enough, too kind hearted, too unwilling to believe the worst about these strange folk that you call “Europeans.”

Black people did not do it to us. They did not change our opinions and write false science.

Mexicans did not cause our government to stop enforcing our borders.

Arabs did not cause the European people to hate themselves and change their immigration laws.

A people of the longest, oldest hatred the world has ever known got control of our communication media and told us to hate ourselves.

And at the same time they have told us that there is no problem with the Chosen people, no they are wonderful scientists and comedians, and musicians. Only thickheaded and bigoted people would think they could be a danger to our survival.

And what they said was law, for there was no argument to counter the media power of the national TV networks, big newspapers, and the greatest source of ideological propaganda the world has ever seen, Hollywood. Movies became bigger than life, forces that could create a reality that defied what you saw on the street with your own eyes. Only thing is when you personally saw the racial reality of a Black criminal, it was rare and only in real life size, but when you went to the movies you saw hundreds of opposite images of Blacks and those images stretched 14 feet high and 60 feet across!

Please, understand that:

1) There is no race problem except that there is a Jewish Supremacist Problem.

2) There is no immigration problem except that is a Jewish Supremacist Problem.

3) There is no threat to survival of our race except for the fact that there is a Jewish Supremacist Problem.

If the Jewish supremacists were exposed and deposed from power, a mass movement would erupt across the world against the obvious existential threat of mass non-European immigration.

On this and every other issue of importance, the truth on a fair playing field would battle to power.

I believe this, I live this, and I believe even with the Jewish supremacist power as it is, the truth is so strong, and our motivation for survival is so passionate, that the time will come when the enemy will be overthrown, our people will be free, secure our own homelands and we will move on to a bright and infinite destiny.


* Also called Chabad Lubavitchers.

Please take a moment and go here to find out more behind all of this: America’s New Government Church


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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18 Responses to What Some May Call the “Jewish Conspiracy”

  1. A. Nogg says:

    True story from Stormfront private messaging system:

    Incogaman has requested ANS film producers to create a CGI edition of deep throat featuring Hitler xxxx Farrakhan, while Arafat xxxx him hard in the xxx, while David Duke, Heraldo Rivera and Al Sharpton xxxxx to each other over their heads.

  2. incogman says:

    No filth on my blog, A. Nogg.

    That all you can do? Make up some nasty comment? You can’t even address anything in the above post or anywhere, so you resort to a rehash of your fondest fantasies. We’re not here to hear about your wet-dreams from last night.

    If you don’t address anything pertinent, but only attack me with your own homoerotic wishes, then I’ll delete what you say. Got that, Homeboy?

  3. KimbaFan100 says:

    Nogg sounds like the typical Nig Nog, it’s all about “mah dik” to him.

  4. incogman says:

    Yeah, sure does. And did you note Roguejew has cowardly filtered out any comments from me? He can’t take the heat!

  5. KimbaFan100 says:

    Yeah I saw that and how he edited your posts to make you look foolish (I think it made him lool foolish to resort to that kind of thing though).

  6. incogman says:

    And the blog site “Jews against Obama” (see link under braindead) have been censoring me too. Plus, somebody is posting comments under my name, which the blogger is allowing to stay up, even though I posted a comment about it (which if he’s got me moderated, he’ll be able to see before deletion).

    How about you people going to these sites and giving them a piece of your mind?

    COMMENT HERE: http://jewagainstobama.wordpress.com/2008/03/17/past-wrights-israel-hating-sermon/#comments

  7. Rob Chapman says:


    I just posted the following at the Jews against Obama site in your honor:

    “I just happened upon this sight, and must say, I am appalled at the vulgar, childish and embarrassing dialog from the Jewish ranks.

    I’ve known INCOG for quite some time, and although that was him posting at the beginning of the tread, someone else is posting using his name. That’s NOT him at the end with the gay foolishness.

    But at least many of you Jews have “outed” yourselves as the hypocrites and charlatan’s that you really are.

    Your arguments are so weak that you have to resort to ad hominem name calling and using underhanded gutter tricks such as posing as one you are not in an effort to defame.

    You Jews may have fooled a great number of my people in the past, but there is a growing number of us who are well aware of EXACTLY who you are and what you are up to.

    Don’t try any of your hocus-pocus Jedi mind-trick lies with me: I’ve read a great number of texts WRITTEN BY JEWS, ABOUT JEWS. I won’t buy it.

    Why don’t you Jews act like men and have a civil discussion on the merits of INCOG’s points rather than using your characteristic chicanery to deflect attention away from some very unconformable truths regarding your peoples history.

    If the owner of this blog isn’t a coward, he/she will publish my post and I will be happy to continue a civilized discussion about INCOG, Obama, and you and of course, you Jews.

    You’ve embarrassed yourselves quite badly. I feel bad for you.

  8. Rob Chapman says:


    A. Nogg,

    Your an excellent representative for your Race: Low-down, vulgar, childish and cowardly.

    Thank you for proving the point of so many that think the Jews are vermin.

  9. incogman says:

    Thanks, Rob. It’s nice to see such class displayed by fellow whites. I try to, but sometimes I slide back being the SOB I am. But I’d never resort to lying and censorship, though.

    I guess I really should not be surprised, however. I mean look at what they do to entire countries!

  10. KimbaFan100 says:

    I hate the CFR (that has both Jewish and Gentile members), the global elitists that are both Gentile and Jew, and other evil organizations.

    Yes, Jews are heavily involved in most of these, but they’re heavily involved in almost everything big because they’re smart.

    You’ll never see a complex mission, either good or evil, carried out by anyone other than Whites, Jews, or East Asians for the most part. Blacks and other races are just generally too stupid to run things. Does that make Jews or the other smart races as a whole evil?

    I think we should pick our battles wisely, and I’m not interested in harassing anyone who would try to help stop Obama.

    Your posts, of course, should not be edited to make you sound silly, like rogue Jew did. That shows immaturity on his part.

    I certainly see no merit in supporting that Muslim mongrel Obama either. The blacks are already getting very “uppity” because of his running.

    You keep saying you want all the Jews to move to their own country, which is the same thing as JTF says. You say you want to stop America from being overrun with illegal immigrants, which is what they’re saying. You keep saying that black crime is out of control, and that’s what they’re saying. Chaim ben Pesach has even called the Hollywood Jews and the Mass media Jews self-hating kikes. Why do you hate him? He probably says 90% the same things that you say, just from a Jewish nationalist perspective rather than a white nationalist perspective. Stormfronters are always talking about how they want every race and every people to have their own nation and even to work alongside nationalists of other races to achieve common goals, but somehow they see it differently when it comes to Jews.

    When I told you about Jews against Obama, it was because I thought I had found, and could show you an example of Jews that didn’t completely fit into the common white nationalist image of the enemy Jew.

  11. incogman says:

    No. The Jew always works for his advantage. Always. You have Jews that seem to express similar sentiments, sure. But when you analyze the big picture, the Jew is only in it for himself. He could care less about the Goyim in the long run. Ask yourself this: If the Jew were so much against this or that, then why does he spend his time attacking white concerns and not those of own his race who do such things? Look at the ADL and it’s support of illegal immigration.

    It’s because he’s deathly afraid of being called a self-hating Jew. Basically, if the Goyim is divided — it’s good for the Jew and they’ll go with it. Some Jews do see it and are castigated as ‘self-haters.” Whites don’t have that kind of solidarity.

    I can’t stand Obama. But McCaine is Jew-corrupted thru and thru. I’m not voting for either and that’s that. If Obama gets screwed by Hillary, I’d like to see blacks to get the real message about the Jews, that’s all. Blacks getting uppity because of Obama? Oh yeah, they are. Just think about how they would act if he won?

    It’s always been the Jew. Always.

  12. Rob Chapman says:


    I know you were talking to INCOG, but if you don’t mind me chiming in as well-

    You’ve made some valid and important points.

    IMO, however, Jews are different than WN’s in that support for Jewish Nationalism and interests’ is many times at the EXPENSE of others. Strict WN-ism (what I subscribe to) wants separation and freedom, NOT supremacy or degradation of other races.

    THIS is were WN-ism and Jewish Nationalism differ. And it is an enormous distinction.

    Jews, in the main, are VERY ethnocentric. In fact, that is their main source of success. An nobody who is honest can deny that the are highly intelligent and successful. And you know what- It’s OK with me.

    What I would like is for America and White Europe to be just that: White. Jews can go to Israel and do what they want. The same for Negroes and Mexicans and Muslims.

    I’m a WN, but probably considered a “Moderate” by most. I love White people because they’re MY people, my Race, my heritage. It natural to think so.

    I don’t HATE anybody really, be they Jews or Negro’s, or anybody for that matter, with one exception: Political race-traitor Whites who whore themselves for money and power. I can truthfully say I hate each and every one of those.

    But I’m a firm believer of calling a spade a spade.

    Jews are not immune from criticism.

    But they tend to be the biggest hypocrites when it comes to truth-telling when it comes to themselves vs. others.

  13. KimbaFan100 says:

    The ADL hates him. I guess you could say they only pretend to, but he says he doesn’t like them, and they definitely don’t like him as far as I can tell.

    He’s been condemned by both the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center because he DOESN’T go along with their little agenda.

    I’ve watched a ton of the guy’s videos and half the time he sounds like he’s from Stormfront (of course he hates Stormfront because of all the neo-Nazis there, can you blame him?)

    He’s half Sephardic and half Ashkenazi so with the Sephardic blood you can’t really call him a fake Jew like you do with the Ashkenazis.

    I guess we’re going to have to disagree on this one. I do respect the work you put into this blog exposing a lot of issues that threaten white survival, and some of the more informative posts you’ve made on Stormfront. I just can’t agree on everything with you and I just don’t have it in me to be blanketly anti-Jewish.

    Look, if anyone threatens me or threatens my family or threatens whites in general, I will consider them an enemy whether they’re Jewish or Gentile.

    I see Obama as a real and imminent threat right now.

  14. KimbaFan100 says:

    Rob of course I don’t mind your chiming in. I’m glad for your input. I do believe in separate nations for all races, and I think that includes Jews as well. That’s all.

    I think they should all move to Israel (with a reasonable amount of land for all their people and to ensure their security). I think the Palestinians are a joke. They’re Egyptians, they’re Jordanians, and a few other Arabs mixed in. They’re not “Palestinians”. That’s a made up nationality.

    Muslims don’t need another country. Muslims have plenty of nations where their people can live under sharia, scream Allah Akbar, ban alcohol, have multiple wives and beat them bloody, and fantasize about an afterlife filled with wine and sex. Now they’re trying to destroy Europe, the place that our people, the white race, came from. Muslims are taking over lands where we whites are supposed to be the indigenous people.

    I want America and other white-built nations to be white too.

    Maybe one day we’ll have that again.

    Like you, I hate the traitor whites who go for all that left-wing crap and would sell out their own people if it meant making more money. I’ve been trying to put the spotlight more on them as of late.

  15. incogman says:

    I’m going to have to take issue with you on the Palestinians, Kimba. These are people too, no matter what the Zionists want you to believe. At times, they’ve actually claimed the land was empty when plenty of people lived there, peaceably together, Jews, Christians and Arabs.

    “There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed.” Golda Maier Israeli Prime Minister June 15, 1969

    We know that’s a joke. The people that lived there before the flood of Zionists had lived there for hundreds of generations and were purposefully targeted for eviction by the Zionists:

    “We must expel Arabs and take their places.” David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

    Now, whether or not you want to call them something other than Palestinians, they lived there and had their land stolen from them. Might makes right and all that. But do not fall for the Zionists lies and propagate them.

    The Jew will not all move there, either. He wants his cake and eat it too. Always has. If they leave the Western nations, they’ll never be able to exist by themselves in a foreign land. Israel would have collapsed decades ago for it not International Jewry and their continual blackmail of White people.

    That’s why the Holocaust is so important for them and why you are hearing about it more and more these days. It’s been the club and the raison d’être for Israel used by the Zionist against White people.

  16. KimbaFan100 says:

    I support everyone having their own nations and staying in them. If people feel the need to conquer more lands because of too much population in the future then we should learn to terraform rocky planets and moons to human habitability rather than conquer other people’s lands.

    In the mean time I think we need to get control of our media from the evil Jews and evil Gentiles running it and get control of our economy (no more Fed, etc).

    I think I understand why you and David Duke see the “Jew” as the problem. I just don’t want to see a pogrom that kills a bunch of innocent people along with the real instigators and misses a bunch of guilty Gentiles that were just as involved.

  17. gary says:

    INCOGMAN should know that MOST American Jews are opposed to the War on Iraq, and MOST (over 50%) are either opposed to Zionism or don’t care much about Israel.

    Lenni Brenner, anti-Zionist Jew, explained these statistics.

    Furthermore, the Neo-Conservatives aligned with Bush are rooted through Commentary magazine and other liberal-ish NY media, the ADL, and back through the American Jewish Congress (?) which actually BLOCKED emigration of Jewish refugees to America, on the basis that Israel needed a blood sacrifice to establish the State, and these other unlucky, poor, religious Jews would provide the blood sacrifice, and should not be permitted to escape.

    I see you guys don’t like Jews in America, but the point is that some Zionist Jewish leaders participated in the Holocaust (however big or small it was) that they now wave like a bloody shirt.

    Other Jewish anti-Zionist orgs have published such stories.
    Zionist Ben Hecht, who wrote Perfidy, described the same thing. His book is of course unavailable.

    As for Israel, note this:
    Jack Philby developed a personal hatred for Britain over how they treated him. He eventually became a Wahabbi Muslim.

    Allen Dulles and his brother also hated Jews, in an elite manner.

    Together, they armed Ibn Saud, made him King of Arabia, brought in SOCAL, and created Aramco. They also opposed the creation of Israel, and helped fund the Nazi War machine.

    However, by 1947, the OSS, which had been involved in both dismantling the Nazi govt and rescuing wealthy Nazis, was transformed into the CIA, by friends of Allen Dulles including William Donovan. Dulles did not become CIA Director until 53.

    Yet somehow James Jesus Angleton of the CIA was sent to Israel, where he helped create the Mossad in 1951.

    Through the institution called America, the CIA has supported death squads, but also many liberal anti-communist groups. The CIA apparently even created the World Federalist League. At least it’s founder, Cord Meyer, left and immediately joined the CIA. If David Duke does not know that Gloria Steinem was a CIA asset in Europe — a CIA report with her name on it surfaced a few decades ago — then he’s missing part of this picture.

    It seems to me that the formula has to do with wealth, power, connections, and intelligence organizations (espionage, covert ops, social control) —- not race, per se, unless race happens to be a formula that serves in a particular situation.

    But then I’m a self-hating Jewish Liberal against Zionism, so I guess I’m triple self-hating! Fuck me.

    One more thing, many ethnics assume that all ethnics stick together. A Lebanese Christian man told me of course I would care more about Jews than others. The problem is, other than my immediate family and my (mixed) niece and nephew, I don’t really know any other Jews. Certainly I have run into people in various venues, and it turns out some are also Jewish, but I don’t meet them as Jews. This solidarity must be a telepathic Master Plan, or somehow they cut me out of it.

    Lenni Brenner points out that the biggest problem cited in all the Jewish publications is Jews abandoning Judaism as a religion, and also choosing to become absorbed in non-Jewish culture.

    This was another criticism — some said Jews stuck together too much and were strangers, others said Jews assimilated too much, “rootless cosmopolitans” with no unique racial/cultural identity of their own.

    Seriously, a non-Jewish friend laughingly told me from his perspective of having observed Jewish relatives, they argued too much and were too disorganized and chaotic to have any kind of Protocols-thing going on.

  18. incogman says:

    No, I do know that all Jews are not “in on it.” Did you miss Duke’s para on them not being a monolithic block? Or did you skip through it?

    One: Jews during the Vietnam war were mostly against it vociferously. But they all dropped all the anti-war and peace-loving BS during the Six-day war and wanted us to help them against Egypt by fighting and killing. Even the NY Times came out for us to enter the war for Israel. The USS Liberty perfidy may have been a 9/11 event that failed. See my blog post on this.

    Two: You seem to ignore the ADL on illegal immigration into this country, today. What on earth is the Anti-Defamation league doing supporting this? Aren’t they supposed to be concerned with Jews only? What a joke. The ADL stance is utter proof of Jew perfidy to the concept of America.

    But you are right on about the sit during WW II when they could have cared less about the poorer Jews left behind in Nazi controlled Europe. At first, they wanted the scaremongering over the Nazi to drive Jews to Palestine. Now, they use the Holocaust to justify their actions.

    Three: The CIA and the Mossad are two peas in a pod. Steinham a CIA asset? What’s the diff anymore? The CIA part may be just some other BS, with nothing to do with later. But she’s a Jew supremacist, thru and thru with her attacks on institutions like marriage in the US. Much like many so-called intellectuals in Jewdom — leftys or not. You think the CIA wanted her to be a feminist? What a laugh.

    Four: Yes, many of the Eastern WASP elite formed such groups, anti-Semitic as well. Where are they now? That’s like ancient history.

    I hardly think Bush has shown one iota of separation from the goals of Zion. It’s so painfully obvious that one literally has to consider the possiblity of him being a “crypto-Jew” to begin with.

    Bush is this country’s and the White race’s biggest traitor. Ever.

    Five: OK, so now your “non-Jewish” friend’s personal experiences should serve as proof to the world of the total incompetance of Jewry. Just like you being a anti-Zionist should convince me of Jewry’s innocence.

    Truth of the matter? Duke is quite right. They are many Jews that have different views of the matter but that does not preclude the fact that they are indeed inner Jewish supremacists and rabid Zionists who are screwing up this country. And I suspect you know exactly what he speaks of but hate to go the distance and say as much.

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