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Imagine Our America, Today, Without The Jew…

Not that long ago (not as far back as you see above!), things were much easier, less hectic and we seemed to have fewer hypocrites in the news and government (and no, it wasn’t perfect, either). But the kinds of things, immorality, homosexuality and violence, that you now … Continue reading

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Too Bad They Didn’t Have PhotoShop Back Then!

Another hard day at the office for the Evil Nazi Man! Do people really believe all the photos pawned-off as proof? People just don’t hang with their legs like this (finally admitted in 1996 to be a East German communist fraud created in 1958). Some photos … Continue reading

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The Jews Who Are Not The Ancient Israelites

In this medieval painting, Jesus is handed over to the Romans by the Sanhedrin and Pharisees. Talmudism is a quasi-reincarnation of these Pharisee’s control system, followed by a racial group NOT descended from these people.  Judaism is Pharisaism, which Christ preached against. A modern … Continue reading

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Dr. William Pierce: How It Fits Together

By Dr. William Pierce We’ve talked about many subjects on these American Dissident Voices programs, but one theme which has appeared in nearly every program has been the role of the Jews, either in our history or in our lives … Continue reading

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Die, The Beloved Country

This world is not some kind of fantasy land of “multicultural bliss” regardless of what any of you liberals and New Agers want to think. It’s nature, as in “red in tooth and claw,” with race being more important than you will ever admit, but … Continue reading

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It Is Not Only About Palestine…

Please take just a few minutes to read this article that I found on David Duke’s website. If you are confused or unsure about where this country is going and why, read this. I consider it a very important look … Continue reading

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Let’s Blame Whitey, Kill Whitey, Blame Whitey…

One of the things that the White, self-hating liberals often will say when some terrible new crime has been committed by blacks on Whites (happening with more and more frequency), is that it’s some kind of “poetic justice” for all the evil that “us … Continue reading

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Sicko Sodomite Lovers Seek To Gay-Up Your Kids

Some fat “Transgender,” later identified as male, spotted marching along with the kids in a High School “Gay Rights” parade in Boston. Other photos from a totally disgusting High School event, held at Boston’s City Hall (can you believe that?) may be seen here: Transgender Prom  … Continue reading

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Not Just The Young and Beautiful, Oh No…

Any of these women could have been your mother or grandmother today in America –“The Land of the Free,” the world’s first “Universal Country” — the land of “Die-versity!” Ask yourself this one very simple question. It’s not hard. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Vogue: Jew Expression of Anti-White Hatred

Did Annie Leibowitz rip-off a famous WWI propaganda poster for her interracial propaganda cover shot? The WWI recruitment poster is believed to have been the inspiration for the movie King Kong. Blacks might be all torqued-up over the simian similarities but read up on what David Duke has to … Continue reading

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John McCain’s Rothschild Connection

Yarmulke-wearing U.S. presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain wipes a tear away as Sen. Joe Lieberman looks on after visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, Israel. McCain was also the recipient of a recent posh fundraising dinner affair in … Continue reading

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