Not Just The Young and Beautiful, Oh No…

Any of these women could have been your mother or grandmother today in America –“The Land of the Free,” the world’s first “Universal Country” — the land of “Die-versity!”

Ask yourself this one very simple question. It’s not hard. It doesn’t require any convoluted reasoning or explanations or whatever. It’s this: How many times do you ever hear of some white guy killing an elderly Negro woman?

I mean, really think about that, for a minute.

It just doesn’t happen. Or if it does, then only rarely. I personally can’t think of a single case. But I have some news for you, it happens quite often to our white mothers and grandmothers. No lie. It’ll make you furious to understand just how often. Someone recently made a comment about a post here on all the young white girls killed by blacks and said that I only cared about the matter because they were attractive, as he put it. Right. Like I only care about good-looking, white women! Hell, if such was the deal, I’d be writing for True Detective magazine, or maybe Hustler — making serious change instead of this dam blog!

Do you imagine that maybe, just maybe, blacks might get a little worked-up, if crazed white men killed helpless little old black women on a regular basis, like we see going on today to elderly white women? Just think: What if some white guy gets arrested every week or so, because they’ve killed some old Black women; after stealing her ATM and credit cards or even raping them — then you’d see the American black community go completely haywire about another “Granny Moses” being viciously slain by the evil whiteys.

But there’s some other things that these kinds of crimes tells us and things that cannot be denied or glossed over by all the liberal Multicults out there. Yet I doubt if any of them will take the time reading this post all the way. But if they do, they just may reach a terrible conclusion about it all (below). If you’re such a liberal, who believes so much in “diversity,” then I ask you to at least read this through — only because you, undoubtedly, have a mother too.

When I read this latest story, I once again asked myself all these questions.

Here’s a 75 year-old white woman, one Jane Britt of Seattle, WA who, when leaving the nursing home where her invalided husband is living, gets beaten and strangled to death by some black Nurse’s assistent from the same home. He then stuffs her dead body into the trunk of her own car and then makes off with her husband’s valuable Costco card, of all things. In addition to her life, chances are he took more than that (I would guess). His DNA was found under the dead women’s fingernails, proving the SOB did it and she tried to fight back in some fashion. Read more here

At first, the local news reports wouldn’t show Joseph Nijonge’s courtroom shot — since he’s black, of course. But eventually they did flash courtroom shots for a few seconds once the public figured out his race. Meanwhile, in the Seattle area at the time, some white guy was arrested for taunting the police on the 911 phoneline, over towing his car. The local TV news showed his WHITE face non-stop and turned this minor crime into the headline news of the day. Can you believe how crime reporting has been so turned completely around with what the media makes of things, anymore? Un-frigging-believable!

And this is not some isolated instance, at all. Here’s a few more:

The Neighbors loved her, but they sure didn’t…

2/16/08: 70 year-old Pirkko Gaultney was described as “bubbly, happy, full of life” by a neighbor. “I’m going to miss her a lot — this neighborhood’s going to miss her a lot.” She had lived in that neighborhood in Minneapolis for 20 years, but had some unexpected young visitors to her home one night this past February. Two black teenagers, 15 and 16 year-old Reggie Jones (pictured) broke in a side window and then let themselves in. After finding her, they stabbed her multiple times, killing her dead; then the Negroes stole her credit cards, personal items and her car. And I’m certain that some people will say “they were so young they just didn’t know what they did” or “they had such a bright future and now it’s all gone” but not a word about the WHITE victim. Always some excuse, anything other than what’s staring them right in the face. Read more here

Robbery was the motive, of course...

10/19/07: Meals on wheels volunteers Debbie Kornegay (58) and assistant director Eve Beasely were preparing hot food for the elderly and home-bound people in her area. It was shortly after 9 in the morning and the two were in the church kitchen, when a random, feral black man, Tommy Lee Holiday, burst in. After stabbing and slashing the two white women with a nearby kitchen knife, he rummages through their purses and then flees the scene in Debbie’s car. She dies from her horrible knife wounds but Eve manages to survive with critical injuries. Read more here

Takes young white girlfriend shopping…

8/16/07: Building maintenance worker John Middleton was entrusted with the apartment complexe’s keys. So when he decided to take his young white girlfriend shopping at the Walmart and needing some money, he paid a little visit to 80 year-old (can you believe that?) Virginia Harrit’s apartment. After he conveniently let himself in with his keys, he ties her up with a telephone cord and duct-tapes her mouth. Evidently, he forced her to tell him the PIN number to her ATM card before killing her. It seems that blacks just don’t know ATM’s are equipped with cameras nowadays. And so are Walmarts, too. Read more here

After beating her to death, he enjoys a nice evening...

8/1/07: Elderly Wichita, KS, community activist, 79 year-old Evelyn Middlestadt helped minorities get started in work with her Self Help Network. It seems that one of those minorities asked for a $200 check and she refused for some reason. So he brutally beat her, punching her in the face until she fell and then he kicked the living life out of the prostate old woman on the floor. He then takes the check, cashes it, buys himself a nice dinner, visits a prostitute and then relaxes the rest of the evening with his buds, smoking some crack. A perfect Negro evening out! In court, minority Benjamin Fish (47) pleads no contest to the crime and is now fed by the taxpayer for life. Read more here

Just had to go to the Big Game…

3/31/07: Ellie Halfacre was a retired school teacher living Newbury county, SC. Described as a devoted mother, loving wife, active in her community and church. Of course she wasn’t expecting a visit out of the blue from someone named Demetrius Pepper. Seems the mad dog, fat-faced Demetrius was on a crime spree through the countryside, robbing and killing. After his last stolen car broke down nearby, he searched around for new wheels so he could go see his brother play in a football game. “There were two cars in the yard that had keys in them. All he had to do was take the car. He didn’t have to go in and kill her over a car. It’s just senseless,” Sheriff Lee Foster said. He had broken into her house, where he shot the poor woman in the head, killing her. Read more here


Now think about something here a minute. Like I said, you rarely (if ever) read about a white guy doing this kind of thing. Nor do you read about black men doing this to black elderly women (OK, sometimes). So what does that tell you? These black men have purposefully targeted elderly white women for crime and violence. Let’s say they needed money for crack or something. Why don’t they do this to black little old ladies?

No, they don’t and as such proves conclusively that these are what they term “hate” crimes (which is BS and meant only to be used against whites) since it’s one race attacking the weaker members of another race. To simply ascribe it as doing it for money ignores the fact that elderly black women can have money too. Whites are fair game to them, because of all the so-called “oppression” we supposedly are always guilty of, especially the evil old ladies like these. So, somehow, it must justify this kind of crime in their eyes. It’s just another old white bitch, right?

This is getting worse and worse in America, as our society becomes more like the Third-World. If you are young or middle-aged, the above kind of thing is what your future may hold for you with the illegal aliens flooding our lands, increasing crime enormously. Illegals Mestizos and Mexicans criminally murder 12 white Americans per day — more than the dead in the Iraq war — and that doesn’t include all those killed by drunk illegals just driving down the road!

And of these particular cases, I wrote about here, no rapes were involved. When you read about black-on-white crimes, you’ll see that elderly whites are quite often raped by young black males, sometimes getting killed afterwards, sometimes not. Why would they rape such older women? Power and revenge for imagined whitey wrongs, maybe. Disgustingly vile, blind lust too, more often than not.

And make note of a few other things, here. All of these crimes took place within the last year. These are not the work of some rare sicko who comes along every five years or so. If some white man committed a crime like the above, you would see the story endlessly replayed on the crime documentaries on TV (and you do, too). Instead, blacks commit crimes like this on White women all the time, so they have the gall to describe it as not “newsworthy” (they are to you and me) but what they really don’t want, is us whites to start thinking and getting pissed (which I am, seriously).

Also, every one of these crimes, except one, were committed without a gun. The Negroes choked, beat, kicked or stabbed the white victims to death. Gun control is not the answer. Hell, if these women were packing heat, they might have had the chance to turn the tables on these animals. The police are not going to arrive in the nick of time, almost certainly. Might as well forget that.

And whites do stop vicious blacks with guns all the time. That’s another thing the media fails to report to you because it’s not “Politically Correct.” Crimes in the US are prevented by alert whites with guns on a daily basis. In fact, it’s probably the only protection really left to us, anymore. Not having guns would take away all the risk to these types and we would then be completely defenseless, even to blacks who have no guns themselves, as these cases amply illustrate.

Now, I know that many elderly whites are very scared of this happening to them, for good dam reason, obviously. And some of them may still hope for racial harmony and all that jazz, nevertheless. But I have bad news for them and any other whites out there who believe that crap: These violent and Affirmative Action-spoiled blacks don’t give a flying flock about any of your social politics! All they want is your money, your car, or whatever, and get away clean — even if it means killing your white butt. And, maybe especially, if it means killing your white butt.

Figure it out. It’s not rocket science.

–Phillip Marlowe

Please, just take just a few minutes to look over this site and the enormity of this issue and not just what I write here! Black-on-White Crime

Or my series on the black-on-white crime numbers that the media fails to tell you JACK about:

What You Don’t Know Could Get You Killed
What You Don’t Know Could Get You Raped
What You Don’t Know Could Make You a Number
What You Don’t Know WILL Make You Retch
What You Don’t Know or Will Not Talk About!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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42 Responses to Not Just The Young and Beautiful, Oh No…

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  2. KimbaFan100 says:

    A 60+ year old woman was abducted out of a grocery store parking lot very close to my home a while back. It’s a 24 hour grocery store, and she was wheeling her groceries out to her car.

    I’m not sure the race of the perpetrator because that was not included in the reporting. I’m assuming he was either black or Mexican though.

    This woman was taken away and raped by the man, then he forced her to withdraw money from an ATM. Thankfully, she survived, but I don’t think they ever caught the guy who did it.

    After that, at night there is now a security guard outside that store. Unfortunately, the security they hire is usually a black man or a black woman, which means that there’s no guarantee they would take a white victim’s side if something like that happened again. I hope it won’t. That was just too close to my home for comfort (it’s within walking distance).

  3. Rob Chapman says:

    The in-human brutality of so many in the Negro community continues shock and confound.

    I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around it.

    What sort of beast could hurt an old woman like these exampled above?

    The Jewish-dominated media is fully complacent in these murders, IMO. Their willing and deliberate covering up of crimes, hiding the race of perpetrators and other disregarding of facts, DIRECTLY contributes to the commission of further crimes and more victims like these ladies above.

    BTW-What a tragic story, Kimba. A 60-year old woman. Good God. I hope the freak who did that burns in Hell.

  4. Lyn says:

    My sympathy goes to all the White victims and their families.

    This was a great post because it points out a really unpopular and still unknown truth about blacks in America: black-on-White crime is an epidemic. Why? As the post points out it is a side effect of White America’s trying to “make up” for what today’s blacks say they suffered from slavery which ended 140+ years ago.

    Whites have been foolish and have been weak. But it’s not Whites’ fault that blacks do this. It is blacks’ fault. I don’t care how little you think of the Negro & his ability to reason the Negro knows right from wrong.

    If you live or work near blacks and you are White then you know something about what the above victims found out the hard way – blacks have utter contempt for Whites. You can see it really well in those “shocking video” genre of TV crime shows. When blacks attack Whites they just go wild. You can tell blacks don’t see Whites as humans. And blacks attack with no hesitation or fear because blacks know most Whites don’t expect it and will be too surprised to fight back. Really blacks attack Whites with more freedom than they do anything else.

    It does not have to be this way, White people. I hope more of you will smarten up about how blacks really are.

  5. incogman says:

    That’s what I’m saying. Whites who attack me as racist are doing that automatically and are really the problem — not me! Thanks for a great comment. Sure hope others read it and think hard about it. You said it better than I could.

  6. cordieb says:

    That’s really sad. There is a problem among my community brothers, and I am not afraid to admit it. I live in the hood, and I know how hard it is to raise a young black man in the hood; but I’m blessed that my son is not a thug and I believe in teaching him respect for all men. These same young men would hurt an older black woman too, so don’t believe the hype–the black men you featured simply have no respect for anyone, white or black.

    I simply wish that you would realize that this is not the majority. Most young black youth do not act this way and would never think of such violence. But, I must say, there is a problem with violence in our communities, I’m thinking mainly because fathers are not sticking around to raise their sons and life is just hard here in the hood. I don’t have all the answers, but I know that hatred is not the answer.

    Crimes of this nature are committed by whites too. It is all very sad. However, I refuse to put all white people into one class, or all of any people into one class. I know for myself what I am like, and I am not capable of such torchery or disregard for human life, and I am Black.

    The answer is not hatred – We all need to reach out to these troubled youth while they are young. There is an infestation of crime in our neighborhoods and it’s not getting better. I’ve had many friends and relatives whose sons have been murdered or caught up in the drug game. All these children know is oppression, because there is seemingly no way out. A lot of the fathers are in incarcerated or not coming around because of the shame of not being able to find a job. Believe it or not, it’s hard for a brother to get a job now days. Especially one paying enough money to raise a family. It will take community togetherness to turn this thing around. It will take strong men and woman who do not want to see whole communities fail and are willing to risk their lives to reach the youth. Also, we must not be fearful; when we see a young man headed in the wrong direction, we must do all we can do to correct it before it gets out of hand! So many of my neighbors are afraid to talk to the youth, yet alone help the police.

    I am fearless and have very much love to show any young person, regardless of their race; I refuse to turn my back and simply say the situation is useless or blame it on their color, because that’s just ignorant, as I am black, my brothers and cousins are black, my son is black, and we work every day, and we have never hurt anyone in our lives. We wouldn’t even contemplate such.

    But on that same note, I have spoken to some young youth who seemingly have absolutely no value for human life; because the drug war in the streets teaches kill or be killed, and sadly, it is true for many of these youth. They are afraid to win a fist fight without following through. To do so is like having a death warrant on one’s self. This cycle can not be stopped by hatred–it will take compassion and strong guidance of the young.

    To give you a little insight on how we feel about this growing probleml, you might want to visit, .

    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours,

    P.S. I know you don’t really believe that all black men are this way; do you? Show your love sometime, don’t be so hard. It won’t hurt anything, it may even help. I know it will help your health and well being–hey it may even help your sex life. Smile for a change. I see that grin – try it more often. You’ve got to be a hero to use my man Jack’s pic for your amitron!

    I’m out!

  7. incogman says:

    Right Negro.

    Here’s some details that just came out on the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom torture killings committed by you feral blacks in Knoxville, TN:

    A 21-year-old University of Tennessee student was gang-raped, choked and bound in January 2007 before being stuffed inside a trash can while still alive, a federal prosecutor told jurors in opening court statements today.

    “The evidence will be when she went into that trash can, she was alive,” Assistant U.S. Attorney David Jennings said this afternoon in U.S. District Court. “Probably, mercifully, Channon Christian died (later that evening).”

    “These people tie him up, gag him, wrap him in cloth material … shot him in the back, shot him in the neck, and they shot a kill shot to his head. Then, his body was doused with gasoline and set on fire.”

    And as far as that blog site? If that’s Raw Dog Buffalo Boy, I’ve been there. He’s a arrogant and sick Negro, who embedded a porno link into his site with foul images because he could not handle any comments from your’s truly. He’s a wus who acts like he’s so tough. Posing with a SKS assault rifle for his latest Negro pride book. What a laugh.

    Crimes committed by whites you say? When less than 6% of the population commits such deeds that matches or exceeds the whites, then I say you Negroes got some serious issues.

    Besides that, I’m sick and tired of you people harming my people. Got that, Negro?

  8. cordieb says:

    Go love yourself, everybody needs somebody to.

  9. Taylor says:

    Incogman, don’t speak to a woman that way. Black people are just like you and I. Sure some are thugs, but some whites are thugs too.

    I think its totally inappropriate to speak to a young woman in that manner. I think whoever or whatever raised you would be totally ashamed if they heard the way you were speaking to her.

    Sick, criminals, do not have a race, they have a fucked up brain.

  10. Taylor says:

    You want to blame someone for black youth, blame the record execs who glorify violence by signing million dollar deals with rappers, who do nothing but glorify rape and violence on their albums.

  11. incogman says:

    Look, I can say whatever the hell I want to. You go read that article on the torture of 2 white kids. She oughta be lucky I’m not riding up in her yard in a dam bedsheet armed to the teeth.

    Black people are just like you or I, what a sorry joke. Go read the comment by someone named Lyn, here. Just a few comments above. She’s got the right attitude and sees the prob.

    And I’ll be smiling lots when we air-drop you Negroes back into the Congo.

    And those record execs are all Jews!

  12. Taylor says:

    Cordieb, didnt do anything to you.

  13. Taylor says:

    What would promp you to “ride up with bed sheets” ?

    So your qualm with blacks is that they are “all violent”, so your “logical” solution is to strike back with more violence?

  14. incogman says:

    She’s black, right? Look, I didn’t attack her personally. She can’t take being called a Negro, right? Or you think that’s too tough a name?

    Well, every five minutes they call themselves something different. I’m sick and tired of what the new PC term they have for being African and criminal.

    So, I’m going back to plain old Negro. Tough.

  15. incogman says:

    Didn’t I say, she ougtta be lucky I don’t, brainiac?

    Go back to some post I have here on Gays, since you hate Gays so much and revel there for awhile.

  16. Taylor says:

    I dont care if you call her negro of not. You don’t threaten a freaken woman man. Come one.

  17. Taylor says:

    I dont hate all gays, maybe you should go back and read what I wrote. I said those people are sick, as in the ones pictured. They look like “bug chasers” if you know what that means.

  18. incogman says:

    I did read what you wrote:

    Let me guess that picture is taken in the scum capital of the USA, San Fran Queero..

    This is YOUR comment on my post “Radical Jews Head Freaky Homo Groups” so don’t tell me, Sonny Boy, that you’re such a gay sympatico.

    Going back to what I said to Negress Woman, I told YOU, not her, she ought to be glad I don’t ride up armed to the teeth. Dam, are you dense. And I guess you failed to read Lyn’s comment above.

    Some people get it. You don’t.

  19. Taylor says:

    I am not a “gay sympatico” you’re right.

    What has she done to warrant you even considering such a thing?

  20. incogman says:

    You are getting so tiresome. Again, did I say I would? I’d like to ride up in your yard, just to shut your pie-hole — for good.

    Go read my latest post on Sicko Sodomites and comment there.

  21. Taylor says:

    I’m a young whipper snapper who would love you to “ride up in my yard”.

  22. incogman says:

    Great, Hombre. Good to hear you have enough backbone to protect your own turf. That’s a start. Now, extrapolate out for your own race before it gets as far as your yard.

  23. KimbaFan100 says:

    These negroes are really misguided if they think we’re just like them or vice versa.

    Look, it’s not about hatred, it’s about survival. Do you negroes think that whites have a right to hear the statistics about hate crimes against us? Do you negroes think we should just pretend whoever keeps raping white women, both young and old white ladies, are skittles colored?

    Look, it’s great if you raise your family to be good people, and you should do that. However don’t expect whites to bury our heads in the sand and pretend all the other negroes (the vast majority, in my opinion) aren’t like that.

  24. KimbaFan100 says:

    The vast majority meaning of course, violent-minded criminals who can’t speak English with an average IQ of 85 (that means half are below that).

  25. incogman says:

    That’s right, Kimba. I read an article today, about this crime in NYC where 2 Negro teens attacked some Chinese visitor, prompting him to run out in traffic and get hit by a car and killed.

    People were commenting on the article and most were pretty well pissed at the Negroes, anymore. A slim few liberals chimed in. One liberal or black commented that “we should not judge a people on the basis of one crime, else we’d consider whites evil because of the Charles Manson family.”

    Jeesh, that was like 40 years ago and besides the numbers killed paled in comparison to the Negro Zebra Killings in the same time period.

    Face it America, Negroes are a violent race and very real danger to each and every white person. To parrot liberal slogans will only make it worse and worse. Think of how they act now. Weak whites only embolden them. Think about it!

  26. LW37 says:

    I think all of these women were beautiful and I see my own mortality in their faces, knowing I will get old and defenseless someday and the numbers of violent criminals in this country keeps rising. Our lives are not worth anything to them. They see it as a payback for all the crap the jew put in their heads about their ancestors. There were a lot of white slaves all through history but no one harps on that all day long. In one year blacks kill more whites than were ever killed in the entire history of slavery, so they are more than even to us for percieved wrongs.

    Look over in Africa and know that if you hadn’t of had your people brought here you would be living in a hut (or not- maybe a box) with a dirt floor with flies all around and diseases rampant. Blacks should be thankful they are here and quit blaming us for everything they fail to do for themselves as they have the opportunities their African ancestors don’t no matter how much money ‘American Idol’ raises or all the billions of dollars raised and given them through the years. Why hasn’t all that money made their civilization like ours? One would think that more than just a few schools would be done over there after all these years. They just can’t hold up and don’t want to because doing something takes effort.

    Our ancestors came here with nothing, didn’t have billions given to them and built up this country with great technology, inventions, buildings, and music and literature that were works of pure genious. We built spacecrafts, cars, developed the art of medicine and we get no credit.

    All we get is our people murdered and the media won’t even discuss it. What happened to Christopher and Channon is even worse than the passage up above. They cut her breasts off while she was alive and cut his penis off while he was alive. They were both sodomized and raped. Can you imagine being so young, trusting, happy, in love, going on a date, maybe saying a quick goodbye to your mother on the way out, heading out, cuddling in the car and never in a million years thinking their lives were about to end and then have the worst nightmare happen to you and someone you love before death? Knowing because they were white and hated that that would be the last day of life on this earth for one and several torturous days for another, knowing when they tired of her she would meet the same fate as her boyfriend? Knowing she’ll never see her family again, and there was nothing she could do as she was gang raped over and over and not knowing which moment would be her last, praying to God the whole time?

    Then NO ONE wants to cover such a crime because it was a black on white crime? They get all the help the want, affirmitave action which is so racist. It makes everyone know they only got the job because of their color, not their skill or worth and everyone knows it, so if I was black I wouldn’t want affirmative action and be the “token negroe” on the job. If the negroe can do the job wthout AA, then give him the job, but even wth all of that they still become worse than an animal and prey upon the whites, whether they are young or old, male or female.

    Can you wrap your mind around what must go through someone’s head as they are helplessly attacked and have never done wrong to people themselves and thought everyone was good deep inside because that’s what the media wants you to believe? That’s what the churches tell these old ladies because they are judeo-christian churches and have been decieved into thinking they have to help people who are dangerous because they think their kindness and attention might change them. Can you imagine getting up, planning your day, expecting to be back in your bed that night with your cat or dog curled up beside you and finish that book you were reading and then have your life snuffed out in brutal, agonizing minutes, hours, or days and never make it home to your bed or your family? Then the family has to deal with the details and each day their soul empties more and more as the reality sets in that their loved one’s death has happened and is real and that going to sleep and waking up will not make the clock turn back where it didn’t happen, and each morning they may think for a moment it was all a bad dream but then know it isn’t and that their loved one will never walk through the door again.

    When I see the picture of Christopher, Channon and all the others, it makes me ill. With Christopher and Channon they had a look of pure innocense and their eyes shone bright for the futures and adventures they thought they would have.

    It is disgusting that stories of Britney Spears and her divorce or whatever is on every major news show, but the people on this page were not good enough for their stories to be told because it might shed a bad light on negroes and the media wants us all to think they are all doctors, lawyers, musical talent and anything but what the majority of them are which are criminals who seethe with hatred for the wrong people.

    It is better to have had to sit at the back of the bus than to still be over in Africa sleeping on a dirt floor or besides a building somewhere crawling with bugs and huffing Jenkum all day. It was the jew who brought you here anyway after your own people sold you to them. They sold the worst of the worst to get them out of their tribes and the jew made the money. Most were treated well here anyway, though made to work and the few rapes of black women by white slave owners can never amount to the 100 white women a day raped in America by black men.

    When will white liberals start giving a crap about their own kind? When will the right kind of justice be served? Paying for these beasts to have a bed and 3 meals a day while they can still chitter-chatter with THEIR families with our tax dollars for 30 years is not my idea of justice.

  27. cordieb says:

    Its so ironic. Black slaves worked and cropped this land to help build the empires you speak of. Jews contributed vastly to the American empire of today. Those you hate so much have contributed so much to your comfort zones. You are so bent on hatred and having a need to feel superior it’s sad. The people who were here before you were killed, raped, and put into reservations. But, no we don’t talk about that, do we? Why, because most of us are intelligent enough to realize that people have an inherent ability to change for the good. Some of us realize that a life filled with hatred and selfishness only turns to dispair. When we die, all of our bodies will desinigrate into dust, regardless of color. We all origininate from the same source. We all share the same blood. I have many friends of european decent who have grown beyond your ignorant, narrow views of humanity. God and the universe will not allow the oppressed to remain oppressed. The tables always turn. But I’m hoping this time the cycle will at last be broken. Two wrongs don’t make it right. You hate mongules are becoming a blurred vision of the past; The future holds hope. Thank God.

    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours . . .

  28. KimbaFan100 says:

    Negroes need to get down on their knees and thank the white man for all that was done for them by bringing them to America.

    sub-Saharan Africa is a place of famine, corruption, cannibalism, scarification, continued slavery to this day, violent treatment of women and children being the norm, a high murder rate, a high rate of rape, STDs like Aids running wild, open sewage mixing with drinking water, no modern medicine for most of the rural population, crazy animistic belief systems that lead to all kinds of bizarre and violent rituals etc. The only places that are civilized in Africa at all have been where whites or other non-Negroes have come to run things.

    Negroes could not even find it within them to create something as simple as a wheel. I guess they thought big lip plates were more important. You can’t even really give them credit for fire or simple tools because even Homo erectus had those, so those simple technologies are not even a distinguishing trait of modern humans.

    They’ve done very little to build upon that primitive technology.

    These are the same “people” that we have here in America, albeit with more white admixture. Even at that, they still don’t know how to behave in a civilized manner most of the time.

    By bringing slaves out of Africa to America, the ones who made it here got:

    Adequate food
    Better treatment than they would from their African masters (they didn’t get eaten)

    Their descendants got to grow up in a society that gives everything to them. They have jobs and promotions stolen from more deserving people. They have so much food (Sweet Potato Pie, KFC, Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Chitlins, Watermelon, etc.) that they grow to incredible sizes while many of their counterparts in Africa wither away from starvation. Nonwhites, including blacks, receive the majority of welfare and public assistance while most of that money comes from whites.

    You can’t even say so much as “Thank you” for all this. No, you have to call us haters and “wrong” because we get a little upset that you people (and I use the term people loosely) are murdering and raping our people?

    Go back to Africa with your love and peace BS.

  29. cordieb says:

    It’s just a matter of time and we’ll all be brown anyway. Then no one will have to argue about this dumb ass shit any more. It’s so inconsequential and so ignorant to judge a man by the color of his skin. But, to ensure that this foolishness comes to an end, the universe and God has played a nice little joke on the so-called purest races. We are headed straight to brownsville people! That’s right, your grandchildren and great grands are going to be brown just like me! I got tinted or lightened somewhere down the line; and so will everyone elses off-spring eventually on God’s green earth. White men love some black sistas, and white woman can’t get enough of the brothas. Lawdy lawdy lawdy . . .ya’ll gonna have brown grand children all over this chere earth. I hope I live to see the brown universe! ha ha ha!

  30. incogman says:

    I don’t think so, Negro Lady. Sure, the Jews want that to happen. Hell, it’s so obvious in the media today as to be sickening.

    However, both the Negroes and the Jews have gone too far and it’s getting much worse day by day. Jews with their bountiful arrogance and Negroes with their bountiful violence and spoiled behavior.

    As such, it’s just a matter of time before white’s patience runs completely out. You are seeing it all over now. Many comment boards to articles on Negro crime are full of whites quite sick of YOU PEOPLE.

    Soon, it will reach critical mass and then spread like wildfire. You’ll wail and moan the blues when you realize just what your bros have done to flock up your good thing in the US.

    Of course, you’ll never say that. You’ll just blame whitey once again like a broken record. Just like you never read anything here on my blog and say anything pertinent about any of the real reasons. But you’ll think about it all one day. Sayonara Negroes!

    Oh, yes on interracial crap: Most whites, when they think about it, can’t stand the idea of sleeping with a Negro (even most of the liberal ones, but they’ll never admit it). It’ll be like grappling with a chimp or something. And the Negro men end up in jail or with another younger, brainwashed white and the Negro women usually ending up as some disgustingly fat, big-mouth who tries to tell you what to do 24/7. Not to mention the enormous risk of contracting a STD or two from blacks to begin with.

  31. incogman says:

    And besides, the Mestizos are going to come for your butts anyways. Do you Negroes ever think about anything except for old whitey man?

  32. KimbaFan100 says:

    She should be frightened of them too, because they’re not crippled with “white guilt” that paralyzes white people from really crushing blacks underfoot as a people.

    The Mexicans identify with Aztec culture, the cut your heart out while it’s still beating type of culture, which by the way accomplished more in terms of mathematics, architecture, and other things than any Negro ever has.

    Do you think they’ll take it lightly when you want to leech off of their work? After they exhaust the resource of white America they’ll have to work for their own upkeep and unlike Negroes, they’re capable of it.

    Also think of how the Chinese will treat you if they take over. They’re extremely fierce and very intelligent. They will have no compunction in simply murdering everyone they see as undesirable. One trait of East Asians that can make them very fierce is that they have very high intelligence comparable to that of whites, but a less developed sense of compassion than whites.

    And then, of course, are the Arabs. They’ll cut your little girls to pieces downstairs and force all you “Abd” into slavery.

    I really don’t think you’d be glad if the whites were to disappear.

  33. WPW says:

    Cordieb, very few whites actually benefited from slavery, many more have been hurt by it. Whites could’ve easily done without it, and we would’ve been far better off. Blacks are nothing but an unwanted, destructive element in any society, whether it’s black, white or yellow. They contribute absolutely nothing, unless you count violent rapes and murder.

    I’m sure the six white women pictured at the top here would love to know how blacks contributed to their comfort zones, if they were alive.

    And how exactly have jews contributed to white society? Slavery? Pornography? Homosexuality? Feminism? The ADL? The holoco$t museum? Destroying our holidays?

    A world without blacks and jews is like a world without cockroaches and rats.

  34. WPW says:

    Oh yeah, we don’t want your brillo pad haired, baboon faced, nasty, fat, vulgar women either negro, we respect our health too much.

  35. LW37 says:

    This isn’t ever going to be a “brown” world. Give me a break. The mexicans, whites, and asians all are disgusted with blacks. The mexicans are killing off all the blacks they see especially in CA as a start. True, after you they plan on getting rid of us, but it won’t happen as illegals are very hated in this country right now and more are waking up to their little Aztlan plan. When whites get tired enough they will fight here instead of being led to slaughter by our government for a fake war on “terrorism”.

    I think the dark horse coming up the inside are the Asians. They are buying up land and bussinesses over here like mad. They sent their own military police to San Francisco with the Olympic torch to control what was seen on film and they told OUR cops who to arrest or hassle if they had a “Free Tibet” sign, totally dismissing our right to Freedom of Speech. They attacked people in London who were holding such signs. Our country let in a foreign military group and did their bidding. What does that say? Do you think China would have let our military control their people over there? If China decided to take control, they have no mercy and the last people they would want around are the black and mexican race.

    Things will change though, when those in control get their one-world- government. Their bueprint is how China works. We will not have freedom to say or do as we wish. They want to implement a one-child policy everywhere like China has, and that woud be great if blacks and mexicans could only have one child. They imprison people there and kill them if their blood and tissue are a match for the money-making organ trade. I think a good start would be to only pay welfare for one child, even if the black or mexican has 10. That would help pay our trillions of dollars of debt back right there!

    Cordieb is very uneducated about the world and what the real agendas are through the powers of world-government. She needs to read about the eugenics plan and learn that those in power have created race-specific bioterrorism just to get their numbers down as they breed like rats. They know your kind are a problem and at the bottom of the eugenics ladder. She thinks they will take over if Obama gets president. Look what happened to South Africa under black control. Look at any major city full of blacks and ran by blacks and see the hellholes they are. Detroit for example. The blacks that get into control are corrupt to the hilt and take the money for themselves and still leave their own kind in a sewer-pit mess. This whole country would be Detroit if we whites weren’t here. Who would pay all the welfare? The mexicans wouldn’t. The asians wouldn’t.

    Black men will take an ugly fat white woman over a black women. White men are very few and delussional who date black women and it doesn’t usually last as the black woman only wants bling and the white man figures out he is just being used for actually having a decent job, and black men can’t give them that unless they are dope dealers and then they choose white women anyway. The mexicans sure don’t mess with blacks either way very often, but they will go with whites all the time. Black women will do everything they can to make their hair look like a white womans, spending money left and right on wigs and weaves. They are jealous and rude to us for no other reason than we are white. I may not like blacks, but I am never rude to one I have to deal with at stores and I am certainly never jealous of anything they have.

    It is the jew whose plan was to help the blacks become esteemed in entertainment and sports as that was the only way they would get the white woman to be with them at first. Then they pushed it to death on the media and on every show so the young white women would think it was the “in” thing to do.

    The tides are changing though, and as the younger generations have to put up with all the crap they see the typical negroe do, they realize the extreme differences and the need to stay away. The baby boomers were the liberal ones, but the baby boomers’s children, like me, see the problems that the generation before us thought would work, and we pass our knowledge down to the next generation. Any youngster in my family would know they would have no family if they stray from our race. The little ones can see the difference between us even in a good school, as the few blacks in a good school are the only ones stealing and causing trouble. They see how they act in stores. All it takes is pointing it out a couple of times and they become aware if they hadn’t of already had a bad experience at school with them.

    It is better if we all just had our own cities and weren’t forced to deal with other races, as we just don’t mesh. If all we whites went to Mars to live, the blacks would still follow as they couldn’t develop anything new, fix anything that broke, or have any welfare coming in. Since we can’t go to Mars to get away from blacks, our race is forced to decide when it is time to take our country back and clean up this mess our gov and jews have forced upon us. Stop all the welfare, affirmative action, scholarships based on color, and every other red-carpet entitlement they get and then see how far they can go on their own. Get rid of the NAACP who uses the race card to sue the bussinesses who fire the black drunk who doesn’t do his job. Employers everywhere have to suffer because of this stuff. They drink 44 ounces on their breaks on the sidewalk in front of Kroger here and can’t get fired. The hard jobs like in the meat department can only be managed and handled by whites. The drunk blacks get the easy jobs and try to get fired so they can sue using race.

    Face it, there is more to our differences than just skin color. Even in prison they have the sense to stick to their own races. It should be that way here on the outside too.

  36. KimbaFan100 says:

    WPW, Jews have been heavily involved in the scientific and medical fields. Unlike Negroes they actually have been innovators. For example, Salk came up with the polio vaccine that helped a lot of white kids.

    I understand what you mean about the other topics but I’d like to have them in Israel so they can keep doing science at least.

  37. Mythy says:

    A eye-opening article Incog….another great one!

  38. WPW says:

    KimbaFan100, you’re right, I will admit that some jews have made positive impacts on the white world. I just think they’re too outweighed by all of the negative impacts for me to change my opinion about the jews. For every tear they’ve dried they’ve cause a thousand more.

  39. KimbaFan100 says:

    I think we need to recognize realities but not repeat the mistakes of history. If some pogrom starts I may be the one hiding them in my attic because I want them to go to Israel, not be murdered.

    I want white nations to be white-only, but I don’t want that to be accomplished through violence.

  40. HoosierArmyMom says:

    And to think I have taken a hiatus from blogging because I had a “marxist troll” call me a racist for pointing out the hate behind Obama and his hate spewing minister (if you can call him that!) Jerimiah Wright. I absolutely am a believer that you cannot judge the group as a whole, but must judge one person at a time. But being a common sense kinda gal, I do pack heat, as I have no intention of becoming a statistic because I refuse to acknowledge the ugliness in our world. As per our comments Incogman, I am looking at your blog and I will be “looking deeper into the subjects you blog on”, but I will admit some of these comments go waaay beyond cruel, so that does make me wonder. But I will be back. For some reason, in following a link here, I appear to be logged in as an Admin… so I will sign off as who I am…

    Respectfully, HoosierArmyMom

  41. incogman says:


    but I will admit some of these comments go waaay beyond cruel, so that does make me wonder. But I will be back.

    Well, you are right. I do get a mite carried away, at times, being the grouchy SOB that I am. However, when you read about these kinds of crimes against my own race, you can perhaps forgive me?

    The main thing that I wanted you to look into, is not so much black on white crime (which still pisses me off) but the Zionist stranglehold on this country in it’s various guises and how these Zionists get us into wars for them and not this country.

    Please ignore my occasional outbursts of vitriol (especially towards braindead white liberals who find any guts to say something) and also make note that I know the differences in the good and bad in races.

    For example, the Torah Jews versus the Talmudic, Zionists Jews like here:



  42. Louis from Montreal says:

    This is the first post for me, but i certainly plan on returning. Incogman; you say like it is, and am I so very glad you do. Please do not tone anything down, cause Whites need to hear it. Thanks from the once beautiful city of Montreal, the one time pride of the French Canadian. Now we are closely beginning to resemble Port au Prince, Haiti.

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