Sicko Sodomite Lovers Seek To Gay-Up Your Kids

Some fat “Transgender,” later identified as male, spotted marching along with the kids in a High School “Gay Rights” parade in Boston. Other photos from a totally disgusting High School event, held at Boston’s City Hall (can you believe that?) may be seen here: Transgender Prom 

In Massachusetts, the Estabrook Elementary school superintendent, Paul Ash (or is it Ass?) tells worried parent David Parker to “butt out” when it comes to teaching his kids about Gay topics in social studies, reading or anything else that him and other school educators deem fit to indoctrinate our youth with.

This same school superintendent has sparked a federal lawsuit about teaching children as young as Kindergardeners about “accepting” homo parents as something “natural.” Traditional values activists at Mass Resistance have publicised that this same Lexington, Massachusetts School Superintendent, now says he will not cooperate with parents when they want to know if their kids will be subjected to this early homo brainwashing.

“We are not required to inform parents in advance of teaching units that include same gender parents or required to release students when such topics are discussed,” the fag enabler, Paul Ash, told the parent in an e-mail posted by Mass Resistence.

He calls it all part of “diversity” training, but it really means brainwashing at the earliest opportunity. They know full-well that the earlier they corrupt children with Gay stuff, the better. Hell, the Commie Jews in the Soviet Union pioneered the whole youth indoctrination concept back in the 1920’s and ’30’s. Here’s some brainwashing plans:

“A group of administrators, teachers, and community members formed the ‘Windows and Mirrors’ subcommittee to develop a comprehensive, inclusive K-5 Diversity curriculum … [which] promotes acceptance and understanding of the diversity of our town, country, and world, and includes both historical lessons on civil rights and contemporary lessons of families,” Ash had announced.

Those “contemporary lessons of families,” Ash continued, will include a focus on “gay and lesbian parents.” Read more here.

They want the kids to start thinking pink. That’s right. They consider it perfectly fine to tell your kids that being a pillow-biter is just swell, hence doing gay, sicko acts is A-OK when they get old enough to give it a “whirl.”

Basically, they want to paint Homo Sex as an acceptable “lifestyle of choice” to children as young asKindergarten. They’ll pretend homos are just like anyone else — you know, wearing plaid shirts, levis, hushpuppies and looking just like regular folk. They want you to imagine them sitting, right now, next to a fireplace with a friendly-looking Golden Retriever by their side. Perhaps even smoking a pipe. No biggie, right?

Little do these poor kids or most upstanding Americans, for that matter, realize that a lot of these homos live a life of utter debauchery; drug-addled motel and nightclub bathroom scenes engaging in microbe-infested liaisons with other filthy fags in the most disgusting of circumstances.

And if that’s not the usual petrie-dish environment for the precious few of them who masquerade as normal people, then you can be quite sure the exact same kinds of acts occur behind closed doors in your upscale houses — perhaps in a house next door to you now.

Many of these so-called “nicer ones” are also big-time sex addicts, who will take their act back to the club scene when their supposedly monogamist relationship gives them an opportunity. Maybe even the two of them will go together. Before you stammer that straights will do this too, so what? That still doesn’t make any of it right (and few straights go to real-life orgies!).

Scenes from Boston’s junior Fags-in-Training: 1) A nerdy young Penis Lover smiles for the camera. 2) Two High Schooler lezbos share a kiss while parading with the Gay colors. 3) Drag Queen “Raquel Blake” (that’s a guy on the right!) hired with taxpayer dollars to perform as “Master of Ceremonies” for the kids at the hardcore homosexual “Youth Pride Day.” 4) Brainwashed, marching kids showing “diversity spirit.” 5) A fat, something or other, acting as security at the Transgender prom.

These Gays are notorious for having multiple sex partners at the drop of a hat, and often engaging in risky sexual behavior that they call “bareback,” which means anal sex without condoms. Being nasty is what they all want in “the end.”

In fact, acting as sleazy “ASS” possible, gets them totally off. They don’t tell younger school kids that until later, though, once they get them into the “swing of things.” They also try not to advertise too much to us straight folk about it, wanting us to imagine them sitting by that fireplace with the Golden Retriever by their side. Truth of the matter? It’s usually a trained German Shepard and the dog does a lot more than just sit there, if you know what I mean.

All that faked “Gays are just like you and me” BS is just for political propaganda. Always has been. It’s part and parcel to the whole victimhood culture created in this country by the Jewish Intellectuals, right along with all the racism crap. If possible, the Gays would love to flaunt their perversions right in your face because that turns them on so much. And if they can pervert your children along with it, so much the better. Young meat for later.

As far as victimhood goes, all of us straights are ending up the real innocent victims of all of this Jew-Homo BS. Here’s why: This kind of behavior leads to outbreaks of truly horrific new diseases, like the flesh-eating USA300, shown here, first discovered in free clinics on San Francisco’s Castro street, the infamous Homo hotspot known the world over. This disease has since migrated out of there and has now become a potential plague to straights in hospitals, school gyms or any other spot where people can transfer germs.

This new variant of the flesh-eating bacteria, resistant to six major kinds of antibiotics, is now spreading among gay men in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Los Angeles. Studies have linked it closely to homosexuals, just like how HIV was introduced to the world:

The study’s authors note that the strong link between unhealthy behavior, particularly among homosexuals, is the driving force behind the disease. “Spread of the USA300 clone among men who have sex with men is associated with high-risk behaviors, including use of methamphetamine and other illicit drugs, sex with multiple partners, participation in a group sex party, use of the internet for sexual contacts, skin-abrading sex, and history of sexually transmitted infections,” the authors write. Read more here

That’s some nasty crap, as you can well see (some shots are much worse). Mother Nature’s little minions take advantage of such unnatural behavior, quickly evolving into disgusting new forms (not just viruses) that often end up attacking all us normal people down the road and in places where all of us go, no matter how straight or young.

What’s more is that the Health Insurance Industry has to figure all this into their tabulations and are forced to jack-up the price for monthly health insurance to cover anticipated sickness down the road. It can cost literally thousands per month in drugs alone. They just don’t tell you all that, since the big-mouthed PC mavens will raise holy-hell if they breath one word about it.

All of this may in fact, be the driving force to Hillary Clinton’s commie health insurance scheming. The spiralling monthly cost to health insurance is surely due to this kind of behavior and concerns the homo activists, but they’ll keep quite silent about these un-PC reasons so they can get the rest of us to pay through the nose to cover their vile behavior. The mainstream media will play along, too, and not cover subjects that’ll embarrass the PC status quo.

This PC mess is bringing down our entire country, once a clean and safe place to live. Now, perversion is to be celebrated, taught in schools even. Guys like me, or even parents, who say anything about it are treated like dirt because we don’t keep our mouths shut-up about it. We’re the ones called “haters” when it’s them who are the real haters, attacking people with their sick diseases, just because they want to engage in vile and unsafe sexual acts — since they think they have “the right” to satisfy their deviant lusts openly.

Our country is literally turning into a Sodom and Gomorrah before our very eyes. Call me an old crank or “hater” or what you will, but I promise you will not be happy about it, after it prevades the media and is in every town of this country. Anyone who says it would be OK for their own children to do this kind of thing, or be exposed to it at an early age, is definitely one braindead, twisted SOB in my book.

— Phillip Marlowe


News of the event comes just a day after Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Ill., where school officials ordered their 14-year-old freshman class into a “gay” indoctrination seminar, after having them sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to tell their parents.

“This is very, very scary stuff,” Camenker said. “The pamphlet also lists places kids can go to meet homosexuals. How would something like this affect a kid who might be going through a confused and vulnerable time in his life? Well … the school isn’t interested in what YOU think.”

“It’s not enough that students at Deerfield High are being exposed to improper and offensive material relative to unhealthy and high-risk homosexual behavior, but they’ve essentially been told by teachers to lie to their parents about it,” he said. Read the rest here!

Who’s behind all this trash in the first place? Go Here: Radical Jews Head Freaky Homo Groups

Need a good purge? Go here: Medical Consequences of Homosexuality


Paul B. Ash, “champion of diversity” Since when do the courts and schools dictate what our children should be taught? Shouldn’t parents have a say in the matter? Apparently not. The tyranny of political correctness must be aggressively confronted.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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38 Responses to Sicko Sodomite Lovers Seek To Gay-Up Your Kids

  1. Rob Chapman says:

    INCOG- An excellent observation about the economic costs’ that ALL of us pay for this degeneracy.

    HIV medications can cost upwards of thousands of dollars, per month, per patient.

    Doctors, care-givers and hospitals pass the costs’ of medication on to insurance companies, who in turn pass it along to the the people paying the insurance ppremiums-you and me. It all gets passed down the along line to us in the middle-class who bear the lions share of the burden.

    But isn’t that they way it always is?

  2. A couple of points Incog

    1. Your all too knowledgeable familiarity with homosexual practices (and the lifestyle in general) indicates that you are probably a closet case. Individuals who jump on the soapbox to rail against the fruits are usually suffering from cognitive dissonance relating to their homosexuality. You are attempting to comfort your own mind by directing hate at those who share your sexual cravings. By lambasting those you consider inferior, you are attempting to suppress that part of you that identifies with them.

    2. The pillow-biters suffer from diseases that the U.S. government gave them. Research the ’78 NY blood bank Hepatitis-B inoculations studies. They were intentionally infected with KS. The blood was mixed with monkey DNA extracted from the CIA bio-weapons program ran in Africa in the 70’s. I would not be surprised if the USA300 virus has the same origins. They target the fruits because they are usually isolated from society, have little family support, and are considered expendable. They are victims.

  3. incogman says:

    Oh BS, Peeper breath.

    I know well that Homo lovers try to use the “latent gay” business to shut-up any straight who dares to say anything. I will not “bend over” for that line of attack since I know full-well where I am sexually.

    Truth of the matter: I used to have a girl friend (awhile back) who was a major fag-hag. Plus, I’ve seen some sick things back in college and in city life. So I’ve been exposed to that “lifestyle” and know well how vile it really is (from general observations only!).

    The CIA stuff is, again, nonsense. Viruses and Microbes evolve at a much faster rate than anything out there, and fully take advantage of deviant behavior. Blaming it on spooks, instead of the real deal, just shows how far sympathetic nimrods will go.

  4. KimbaFan100 says:

    This stuff is so absolutely evil. It’s funny how when they want to push this stuff onto society they’ll parade some “monogamous 30 year couple” in front of the cameras.

    They always behave as if this is the ‘norm’ for gay “couples”. Then they have one of the weepy-eyed limp wrists of the “couple” wail about how mean everyone is being to them, and how he couldn’t visit his butt buddy in the hospital, etc.

  5. LW37 says:

    Don’t forget that these scum go hang out in public bathrooms, whether it be nasty one in a park or a clean one in an airport. They have bathouses. Jeffery Dahmer spent a lot of time in them and got some victims along the way.

    There are certain diseases that the Gov have introduced to the public. HPV vaccine is an actual live cancer virus and targets young women. Some have already died from getting cancer from it and others are sick. They still keep pushing it though. Kind of like the mercury in kid’s vaccines and all the flouride in the water to dumb you down 20 Q points. There are a lot of things that the gov does to play their eugenics game, but this flesh-eating disease would seem to be a mutation that their dirty lifestyle and weakened immune system has evolved into. You do an abomination in God’s eyes and you are not going to get by with it.

    Next they will have demands to teach our kids it’s okay to have sex with animals. There will be parades with men and their dogs or goats, while anyone who dare hold up a sign against them go to jail.

    The problem is many men who do this are on the “down low” and still sleep with women and innocent people get it. It has ended up in high-school locker-rooms, attacking football players who share equiptment, and it can last days alive on any surface such as a table. I watched a show where specialists talked about it. A beautiful blonde teen girl had it and has no idea how. They have to cut away all the flesh until it gets ahead of the fast growing infection and often leads to amputation or death.

    It seems to me that between the blacks and homos, they spread most diseses out there including Hepatitus C which comes from human fecal matter somehow as a start.

    These schools DO think they OWN your child once they are there. They get bolder by the day. I would feel no pity if someone was to put on a mask, heavy gloves and cover their heads, wait for that Ashehole and beat the living crap out of him. I normally don’t advocate violence, but what’s it going to take to protect these children from filth?

    No K-6 should even hear about detailed alternative sex acts, let alone be taught by schools! It is the parent’s responsibility, and this is just more government intrusion in our lives to warp the next generations. Maybe it is another part of their population control and eugenics program. These kids will not be aware, but confused as they won’t know what is right, wrong, and how they feel about what. Their brains are impressionable and develping. This affects the psychology and hard-wiring of the brain.

    If homos want to teach their children and are the parents, they are lost anyway. For all others with good, stable homes with heterosexual couples at the head, they should rise up and fight this sick perversion disguised in “Diversity” by some jerk who is a jew and on a power trip to destroy all the little white “goyim” he can. They are doing this in CA (not sure if it has been implemented yet) and once it is accepted anywhere the Board of Education will stick it in every school. They are a demented group as it is. Dumbing down our children as well.

    Any parent who doesn’t protect their children’s mental health and what could be their physical health later is no parent at all.

    Be sure you carry sanitized wipes in public places and scrub your shopping basket, the table you sit at when you eat, read, and especially wipe down the public toilet seats, the door handles and fawcet handles. Who cares if someone thinks you have OCD? You may just save your life or half your leg or arm being cut off.

    That was a nasty picture Incog. I hadn’t really seen what they looked like. The guests weren’t showing their half-eaten foots, or lesions on their bodies, or pictures of before and after shots where they amputated.

    Homos need to stay in the closet and shut the hell up. They arrested man in England for saying the word “Homosexual” not too long ago as the homos felt it was hate speech. That’s where we are heading in this country as they parade around with their asses showing in a g-string and leather chaps thinking they are so rightous.

    This world has just become the bowels of Hell. Face it, we good are the few and out-numbered in this country anymore. Even Bush partakes of male prostitutes. Look up links to Bush kissing male prostitute. (Now the guy has suddenly become a “reporter” with a fast security clearance into the White House day or night.) Most of the people in the staff are queer. It’s no wonder this school guy and judge who sided with him are trying to indoctriate the kids. Both those SOBs wouldn’t have me shedding a tear for them if they disappeared, even if it is 5 years down the road and no one is protecting them anymore. People are getting sick of this crap and someone will be made an example out of someday by someone as we try and take our country back. If everyone can get away from the Tv long enough to do it, that is.

  6. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Wow Johnny, you just proved your are a “koolaid drinking liberal”. First you give the hair brained “Conspiracy Theory” about AIDs for which you can offer no shed of proof or evidence to back it up, and then you give us all the mantra of the Leftist ideology… “but, but, but… They are victims.” The only thing they are victims of is living a deviant lifestyle, and your Conspiracy Theory, like your implication that Incogman is a closeted Gay… sounds like drug induced fantasy. Give me a break dude! If you want to go on the attack, how about backing it with some factual evidence and quoted sources? Oh… I forgot, libtards never do that!!!


  7. thirstypf says:

    All the things you’ve said about homos targeting children for recruitment is absolutely true. I’ve been a homo all my adult life, and worked for years in the “gay community”… which is better described as the “sexual perversion in AIDS” community. Although there is no community at all. It’s just a ghetto where homos spread the diseases and indulge their perversions with each other.

    Over the years, I’ve so often heard homos bragging about how they layed an underage boy, or discussing how ‘hot’ a boy is. Such things are the norm amongst homos.
    It sure is a dangerous disorder, and the facts need to be made more public and more widely known. This blog entry is excellent.

    btw… I’m under very good therapy which keeps me celibate and not needing any of the homo indulgences. In my opinion, that should be mandatory for all homos.

  8. Jack says:

    you closeted piece of shi t!
    burn in hell

  9. Jack says:

    thirstypf you are another closeted piece of shi t! burn in hell u worthless c*nt!

  10. incogman says:

    I think it’s you who is going to BURN IN HELL.

    Sputter away, Sodomite, I’ve got you pegged and that’s why you’re all torqued up!

  11. KimbaFan100 says:

    Thirstypf it was really brave of you to come forward here and discuss the truth as you’ve experienced it about that so-called “community” with us. Good luck on your future.

  12. a. mcewen says:

    This site is highly amusing. Thank you for the laughs. LOL

  13. Someone says:

    What’s up with all the sh*tty faggots f**kers doing this parades? What the sh*t? What the f**k do they think they’re doing? The f**k?

  14. African Man says:

    Incogman. Your really smart. Way smarter than me when it comes to the forces destroying America. The way you described faggotry behavior would turn off any sane person.

    As for the fags? I have never seen them until i came to America. I have also never seen Jews in Africa. You can count me as a “hater” too. I caught it from Jews/fags. (after coming in contact with them in America)

  15. Mar says:

    African Man, gay people and transgendered people ARE EVERYWHERE. They have been here since the dawn of time. It’s not just an American thing. And I believe gay marriage is legal in South Africa, am I correct? Or legal somewhere in Africa. Not to mention some African tribes do not/did not look down on homosexuality. Nice try.

    First, most gay people are not after kids. Some gay people have kids and they treat them like kids are supposed to be treated. Nor can homosexuality be “spread.” Most gay people would just like to be treated like human beings. THAT IS IT.

    And here’s something that’ll close your goddamn mouth: Most people who molest children? ARE HETEROSEXUAL MALES. Seriously. I am not making this shit up. Look it up if you don’t believe me. This is PSYCH 101 shit.

    But you know what? I’m not going to go around hating and fearing all straight men because most straight men don’t molest children. Most gay people do not molest children or want to. MOST PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO FUCK KIDS UP BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD.

    Educate yourself PLEASE. You are irrational and paranoid. Check out for information on homosexuality. These people are unbiased and they actually rely on research rather than gut feelings.

    And if you don’t like what someone does in their own bedroom, that’s your problem. Get over it. Different strokes for different strokes. Heterosexual people have anal sex too. (Sometimes, the WOMAN has a strap-on and she does her husband anally)

    Most gay people do NOT tell children what they do in their bedroom. Because they have common fucking sense. Common fucking sense has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation. There is no gay agenda.

  16. incogman says:

    And here’s something that’ll close your goddamn mouth: Most people who molest children? ARE HETEROSEXUAL MALES. Seriously. I am not making this shit up. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    Oh bullshit Fagboy. Since Homo numbers are less, it only appears this way. Proportionally, Fags molest far more than straights EVER!

    ———SNIP ————

    Study after nationwide study has yielded estimates of male homosexuality that range between 1% and 3%. The proportion of lesbians in these studies is almost always lower, usually about half that of gays. So, overall, perhaps 2% of adults regularly indulge in homosexuality. Yet they account for between 20% to 40% of all molestations of children.

    If 2% of the population is responsible for 20% to 40% of something as socially and personally troubling as child molestation, something must be desperately wrong with that 2%. Not every homosexual is a child molester. But enough gays do molest children so that the risk of a homosexual molesting a child is 10 to 20 times greater than that of a heterosexual.

    In 1970 the Kinsey Institute interviewed 565 white gays in San Francisco: 25% of them admitted to having had sex with boys aged 16 or younger while they themselves were at least 21.

    In The Gay Report, 23% of the gays and 6% of the lesbians admitted to sexual interaction with youth less than 16 years of age.

    The gay movement is forthright about seeking to legitimize child-adult homosexual sex. In 1987, The Journal of Homosexuality – the scholarly organ of the gay rights movement – published “Pedophilia and the Gay Movement.”

    Author Theo Sandfort detailed homosexual efforts to end “oppression towards pedophilia.” In 1980 the largest Dutch gay organization (the COC) “adopted the position that the liberation of pedophilia must be viewed as a gay issue… [and that] ages of consent should therefore be abolished… by acknowledging the affinity between homosexuality and pedophilia, the COC has quite possibly made it easier for homosexual adults to become more sensitive to erotic desires of younger members of their sex, thereby broadening gay identity.”

    ———–SNIP —————–

    Also, I read one of the line items for the Homo list of political “wants” back in the 70’s and it stated that they wanted to get rid of laws against pedophelia.

    You Homos are sick SOB’s and you well know it.

    If that was not bad enough, Fags are ALWAYS the top serial murderers in any country.

    So take your Homo/Jew lies and shove them where you stick that gerbil!

    And it’s not the “Gay Agenda” that’s the problem. It’s the Jew Agenda to destroy the morals of White people by promoting Faggery. That’s why you have APA doing what you said (unbiased my ass). Look up the Jew Frank Kameny.

    Got that straight, Homo?

  17. Blue says:

    Apart from Mar you people are among the most ingnorant folks it has ever been my displeasure to read about. I cant belive that in 2008 such ignorance still exsists! its this what you tell your children? and you wonder why the world is fucked up! EDUCATE YOUR SELVES AND STOP SPEAKING FROM THE RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES WHO HAVE BRAIN WASHED YOU ALL SO WELL TO THE POINT WHERE YOU ALL CANT SEE THE CONSPIRACES INFRONT OF YOU!

    You are who you are! no one can make somebody straight or gay! you are who you are from birth! look it up! 40% of the world is bisexual. 10% is gay 45% of the world is heterosexual and 5% A-sexual!

    Any one who molests or rapes children or any one for that matter is a RAPIST or PEDIFILE GAY OR STRAIGHT! THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTION IS IRRELAVANT!!!!

    If your brains are working well, then you all should be able to gather educated guesses from the statistics menssioned above. Gay people have enough people to sleep with. and As I sit here typing this information which is purely a waste of time because you all are just so damn ignorant, gay people are being born. Straight, bisexual, and A-sexual people are also being born.

    Who people love or sleep with is no body’s buiesness!!! who I sleep with or love is no body’s buiesness! should you care!

    Statistics say that Straight African American women have the leading new cases of HIV in the USA! And they all recived HIV from “STRAIGHT” Men! IF YOU DONT WANT AIDS! OR ANY STD FOR THAT MATTER! BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SLEEP WITH AND PRACTICE SAFE SEX! DONT BLAME GAY PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE SO DUMB!

    incogman! YOU’RE AN ASS! you have your degree in being an ass! i’m not even going to respond to your comment. you’re an ass!





  18. incogman says:

    Straight African “American” Women (ie Negroes) sleep with a multitude of African men (ie Negroes) — who themselves have no problems with sleeping with the multitudes and going on the “down low” when necessary or even with a pig or dog.

    That’s why they are all so disease ridden. It’s a population of disease reservoirs walking around freely.

    And that’s just one stupid thing you said above. I love how you say you’re not going to respond to me but then go off in ALL CAPS at me.

    You’re some sicko homo (possibly Negroid) someplace, covered in lesions from a lifetime of buggery for crack cocaine or liquor, and now confined to some hole because you’re barely able to walk from all the homo diseases afflicting you. You know it. We know it. NOW SHUT THE HELL UP!

  19. Don Robison says:

    you are very smart. You should look into the whole university/pedo/homo stuff. I’m in a university now, and man its disgusting. The university is the fountain head of political correctness. They get it all from post modernism which is from nietzsche, who died of STDs. Brainwashing is everywhere here. I keep getting publicly ridiculed/threatened from my teachers, cause I question the crap they teach. also if anyone disbelieves the connection between homos/pedos/brainwashing read the gay manifesto. I will revisit your site. I am glad someone can still think for themselves. California is full of retards.

  20. Vin DiCator says:

    We shall not forget little Jesse Dirkhising – tortured & raped (for many hours) by two fags, to his death.

    We shall also not forget the little 4 year old boy in South Africa who refused to call his lesbian mother’s ‘partner’ DADDY. These devilish dykes MURDERED him for his refusal to submit to evil – their dastardly dykish filth role-reversal.

    This little boy KNEW who his Dad was and refused to bend for these Satanic dykes who ordered him to call a woman ‘Dad’. He is a true martyr this little boy and I thank God for the spirit He gave him to endure unto the end – even unto death.

    The sad thing is that these pigs from Hell – for sure the ones in South Africa (led by the Communists now) – will not suffer the DEATH PENALTY as they should.

    Bring back the DEATH PENALTY FOR FAGS & WITCHES!!!

  21. Clyde says:

    First I want to burn the faggots, then the fucking wetback mexicans and then the muslim terrorists that live here. I’m sick of the nigger president and the homos trying to break our family. They don’t go to church or believe in God. They’re full of money and no better then the homo fag jews that live in hollywood. This country disgusts me.

  22. anti-zionist says:

    Easy on the muslims clyde, the jews are the reason the muslims had to use terror tactics. 911 was a jew job buddy. 911missing links.

  23. gncarlo says:

    AIDS the Great White Hope….

  24. Grey Eyed Lady says:

    Hello everyone,
    I read this story and respect your right to think the way you do. I am a 24 year old female, and a Catholic. I am dating a 25 year old man, also a Catholic. We are white. We do not live in sin and we do not engage in conduct that should be reserved for a Husband and Wife.

    But doesn’t the Bible tell us to ‘Love Thy Neighbor’? You might not have to agree with the choices they make but to show compassion and kindness.

    Sodom and Gomorrah’s sin wasn’t Sodomy as many people claim it was the disrespect and lack of hospitality shown to Samuel and Uriel that led God to punish this wicked town. Lot and his family were spared for showing them kindness.

    I thank you for your time.
    With Respect

    • incogman says:

      Grey Eyed Lady:

      Take the time to read more. If you are a catholic (and I was raised catholic), it behooves you to study this all with great interest. The Jew has purposefully targeted the catholic church for a long time. The Jesuits are rooted in Jew subversion, for example. Vatican II was due to the Jew. And what about all the pedophile priests blown up by the Jew media? Wake the hell up!

  25. kerdasi amaq says:

    just like me.

    You don’t “love your neighbour” by condoning sin.

  26. White Master says:

    Grey Eyed Lady,

    Compassion and kindness will get you destroyed with Jews! Jesus always took issue with Jews. We Whites desire peace, but if we lay down the Jew evil will prevail. It is not wrong to rebuke evil, and defend and protect our people and nations!

  27. Mark says:


  28. Felix says:

    Thank you, I truly have never laughed so hard in my life. Just for the record, I’m fairly sure that brainwashing requires the use of hypnotism, the term that you’re looking for is resocialization.

  29. Just a High school Student says:

    wow i laughed so hard at this website, such narrow minded views, i feel sorry for you people, so immature.

  30. Just a High school Student says:

    oh and im straight >:P

  31. haha says:

    dummies there is no such thing as god……watch zegised

  32. me says:


    YOU ARE MY MY IDOL, 100% correct, GOOD TEACH THESE RED NECKS A THING OR TWO, instead of there one and only answer>GOD,

  33. gtrman says:

    Who let the kids in? Hey, is that beer in your bag? Hand it over…ALL of it.
    Now run along before I call your folks.

    Felix and friends: Two questions:

    How many “on the scene” homosexual close friends do you have?

    How many “ghetto” black friends do you have?

  34. Marshall says:

    Hey Felix!!! Stay in class…and stay away from that freaky-looking Jewish guy hanging around by the fence, particularly if he has candy or is reciting poetry…

  35. i says:

    lol! If likeing trannies is gay I must be the biggest fag ever! XD

  36. Stupid Homos... says:

    I wish the world was pure, and free of perverts.
    Maybe after death I will be free.

    The wold is going down the gutter.

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