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They Want You to Think of Us in This Way…

Is this how you imagine me to look? Or anyone that speaks up for the interests of White, European people in America today? Just why is that? Take a look at the above photo. This photo was taken of what some people call a “skinhead” at … Continue reading

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The International Men of Mystery

Do Jews fancy themselves as some kind of James Bond, secret spies for the International Jew Agenda? Trouble for all of us is that a lot of them might really think like this. The Jews love the spy thing: James Bond is very big with … Continue reading

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The Secret Evils Behind "Political Correctness"

White Russian (pro-Czarist) poster depicting the Red Bolshevik, Leon Trotsky (Jewish name Leon, or sometimes Lev, Davidovich Bronstein). Trotsky is most often credited, with good reason, with coining the term “Racist” as a derogatory term for his political enemies, the White … Continue reading

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Sickos Celebrate Homo Marriage in Commiefornia!

Sodomites going totally gay over the California State Supreme Court decision — dancing around and gyrating their vile crotches wildly on San Francisco’s disease-ridden Castro Street — the scene to so much Sicko history down the last few decades. Who knows what kind of filthy … Continue reading

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America: Wake-Up And Smell The Coffee!

We’ve been lied to — no question, about it. For close to 20 years now or maybe longer, America* has been fed one pack of lies after another, all to enrich the pocketbooks of a few, to advance the causes of the “Chosen” few and to eventually turn … Continue reading

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We’re in a Race War — You Don’t Even Know It!

Is this what’s around the corner for America? And what is the common denominator in all of this? What group has been at the forefront of all these issues facing America? Muslims? Catholics? Maybe “Big Oil Cabalists” or more evil Nazis? What … Continue reading

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The Controversy of Zion

David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel, with Teddy Kollek (right). Kollek was the Hungarian-born son of a Rothschild Austrian Banker and was a representative and gun-runner for the Zionist Terrorist group Haganah. He based himself in a office above the syndicate-owned Copacabana Club in New York … Continue reading

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The United States of Israel — Like It or Not

This is how the rest of the world sees us, as we turn a blind eye to the Zionist’s on-going genocide of the Palestinian and pay-off or fight his other enemies in the Mideast. Not only that, but the Jews are now doing whatever they can … Continue reading

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What Was Once Your Home

Don’t let these young, smarmy Jewish faces fool you for a minute: Should you say one thing against illegal immigration or even about the evils of the State of Israel; these faces would quickly twist into real hatred — cursing you for being a “xenophobe,” “nativist” and, … Continue reading

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