America: Wake-Up And Smell The Coffee!

We’ve been lied to — no question, about it. For close to 20 years now or maybe longer, America* has been fed one pack of lies after another, all to enrich the pocketbooks of a few, to advance the causes of the “Chosen” few and to eventually turn America into a nation of real-life slaves  — no more fooling around with anyone who dares speak out against the hypocrisy of our New World Order!

Some Americans act like they understand the harsh realities of the world and profess to be pragmatic, maybe even cynical about the “real world.” They read things in Time or watch FOX News, but will not go much beyond that. And they just don’t even have a clue who the “Globalists” really are to begin with — only imagining them as nothing but selfishly rich, jet-setting, corporate honchos and that’s about it. Maybe just enough to talk like they know something or bitch about at the next cocktail party.

Yet they can’t bring themselves to believe anyone as being so callous as to pull off something like 9/11. It’s just goes beyond the pale and then some. But America needs to wake the hell up and smell the coffee — We’ve had the wool pulled over our eyes with the biggest “false flag” attack ever!

But it’s really only a extremely small subset to the generally selfish Globalist bastards who have the means and motives to do this kind of evil deed. It’s nothing for these particular SOBS, other than making sure it all goes according to plan, that the “fix” is in and they have the right kind of control in the media to cover their scrawny asses and put out the “spin.” It’s all been part and parcel to whatever the hell these evil bozos want to do in the world — not what the public wants and — most definitely — has ZILCH to do with any real Patriotism or “America’s Freedoms.”

Collateral damage is how they usually describe what they do. In the public media, they pay lip service to minimizing it, but in the end, it means nothing to them, other than some bad press on occasion. But even that can be controlled and defused relatively easily, since most Americans have short-term memory problems worse than invertebrates. Hell, some Americans of the “Silent Majority” can’t remember something two weeks ago, let alone two decades.

The Global Zionists and Gentile lackeys, or Shabboz Goys, who stabbed America in the back on 9/11 and after.

It was back in the early 90’s when Dubya’s big daddy, George Herbert Walker Bush, was running for president, one of the major issues was NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement. Bush, Sr. was all for it, right along with Billy-Bob Clinton, who later signed it into law. But the third party candidate, H. Ross Perot, was totally against it, saying if we allowed this to happen then we’d hear a giant “sucking sound” as businesses left the US for overseas.

Recently, this has become an issue in the democratic primaries with Hillary acting like she’s so concerned about the blue collar voter, the “embittered white” and how NAFTA harmed them. She’s playing the game full-tilt. How conveniently she forgets (or expects you to) about all her efforts alongside Billy-Bob in getting NAFTA passed, by espousing it to business groups at the time. What a big fat liar she is.

And Obama too, has been acting all concerned about the little guy. Right. Obama knows the real deal about it all — he’s just spouting typical politician talk. But his BS just smells nicer to the braindead white liberals, since being half-black somehow makes him more sincere in their minds. Well, if you think skin-color makes no difference in your racial lollipop world, than why do you think that makes him such a saint? You think it’s only whites who can be corrupted? Oh, that’s right, it’s only whites who can be criminal-minded these days!

Blacks don’t care a lick about a politician’s stance on the issues, or even his morality for that matter, if he just happens to be a “person of color.” They’ll vote for Obama in ridiculous percentages, 92% or more sometimes, which shows just how blatantly they’re for blacks no matter what — making them all black racists, pure and simple (just look at all the blacks they elect for Mayor). All the braindead white liberals just go along with the whole farce, knowing full-well that if the shoe was on the other foot, the media would be going non-stop about whites still being racist after all these years.

Obama’s staff is crowded with Lefties and Marxist whites. One was even found to have a flag with Che’s image behind her desk. And he’s been kissing serious Jew ass lately, calling Israel our “stalwart ally.” What a brown, brown-noser. He’s also sponsored a bill in the Senate promising .7% of our GNP, amounting to 850 billion (or more later) of your tax money for the United Nations to dole out to the rest of the world — Africa most likely getting it.

Not only all that, but this bill has a provision to ban “small arms” that could possibly be interpreted so that the UN has the legal right to disarm Americans of their right to own and bear firearms! Just what is the “Magic Negro” up to?

John Edwards, just yesterday, came out all smiles and backslapping Obama up on the podium, as he finally announced his support (note what a chicken-shit to have waited till this point) with the liberal media all a-twitter — calling him “such a friend of the blue collar worker.” But that’s all patent BS, as it’s well-known back in NC where he lives, that he’s one the biggest two-faced lying elitists walking the planet. 

Yet McInsane is no better — being White has nothing to do with any of it; he’s the Zionist’s best friend just like Georgie boy. He’s has the backing of the Rothschilds and other Globalist Jews along with infamously backing the Shamnesty Bill, last year, to legalize the illegals. Coming July, he’s scheduled to speak and take part at a La Raza conference. What a traitor! La Raza is a racist “Latino” (they’re not Latins) Jew-supported activist group that seeks to legalize the invasion of this country by Mexican Mestizos up from the south. He’s either the biggest traitor running or has everyone totally fooled.

None of ’em really give two cents about what happens to any of the working class — white or black. The campaign deal is: They can say just about anything about anything during the election season. Ever wonder why these people can say the kinds of things they do and then they go golfing together the next day? It’s all a form of entertainment, not quite Hollywood but not quite real, either.

Except none of these traitors can’t say SQUAT, of course, about the Jews. And they know it. We know it. That’s how and why the Jews manipulate and stack the deck for their own benefit and get away with absolutely everything, anymore. The politicians all know they can’t breathe a word about them, or else they’ll be accused of “anti-Semitism” and lose serious campaign financing, as well as being turned into some evil monster by the big media stick that the Jewish supremacist owns.

And then that biggest SOB of all American History, George W. Bush, has to weigh-in during Hillary and Obama’s love-fest with America’s Blue Collar workers and say it’s wrong to question the treaties of NAFTA, CAFTA or SHAFTA these days. Just like staying the course in Iraq: Let’s all just give it the good-old “college try” — he’ll say for the umpteenth time! Well, guess what? Bushie Junior is doing to America just what his elitist, ivy-league old man did with NAFTA — and then some.

It might not amount to a hill of beans, after-all, since Bush is running this country straight into the ground, anyways. Bankrupting it — sure as hell — with the costs of the war in Iraq. All that funny money printed to pay for it all is now jacking up the cost of food and oil. The more they print, the less it’s worth. The less it’s worth, the more the oil producing nations demand to pay for oil. Ladies and Gentlemen, all these people know this salient fact of life. It’s just not something they want to talk about too much, except for Ron Paul.

This is all part of the script, right along with 9/11: Devalue the dollar, bring America to it’s knees and roll-out the replacement Amero and the North American Union.

And let us stop and remember that H. Ross Perot was dead-on about NAFTA. But that giant sucking sound is the US going on oxygen as far too many profit-hungry businesses unbolted machinery from concrete floors and shipped it to China or just across the border into Mexico (over 20% of our manufacturing alone since Bush took office, not counting those in the Clinton era). And they usually have the gall to get American workers to go and train the foreigners on site on how to run the equipment.

When they can pay a worker over there for a week what they can pay an American for an hour, they could care less about any regular, hard-working American. Money talks and bullshit walks!

And remember all that bullshit from those days back in the early ’90’s? All that talk about turning blue collar Americans into “information workers” as they had to — for some loosely defined reasons — lose their jobs to “globalism?” What a lying joke that was on us all! Nowadays, they export those computer jobs to India and import Indian workers under H1B visas so they can replace more expensive white Americans for work here.

There was this one business, this major textile conglomerate, which the wife of a friend of mine once worked for. He said they’d never move operations to Mexico because they had so much going on in the US as well as the worker’s wages were not too bad for management to stomach. Yet the company was gone to Me-He-Co the very next year.

All the blue collar workers were rushed through some Federal “Job Retraining” program — it was just some pathetic computer classes — things like how to set-up spread sheets, word processing, database imput and the like and then they had to go out and find a new job — at least until the next pink slip showed up. Some people have had this happen multiple times as companies moved manufacturing overseas.

So what’s all this got to do with 9/11, you might ask? Everything. We were stupid to listen to them before, but sooner or later these continual lies may be too much for even the most braindead to believe, anymore. That’s one reason why they did what they did, so they could usher in greater control over us by robbing us of our Constitutional Rights. But note the “one reason” qualification. These kind of people look to maximize their return, for the least capital outlay as possible — so there are even more motives for “The Crime of the Century.”

And this is why you have so many different hypotheses for the behind-the-scenes reasons for 9/11. “Big Oil” wanting to get their grubby hands on a Mideast oil source; Cheney wanting to run oil pipelines from Kazakhstan to Pakistan through Afghanistan; stopping the Taliban from outlawing poppy agriculture; setting up Central Banking in Iraq, locked into the Rothschild Empire (one of the few countries left not so); eliminate Saddam Hussein, finally; get him back for supporting Hizbollah in Lebanon and Syria; run oil pipelines to Haifa, Israel for the Jews again; expand “Eretz Israel” (Greater Israel) for the real “Masters of the Universe,” the Global Zionist or Jewish supremacist.

All of them could have, more or less, ample merit as “the secret cause” for 9/11. But like I said, they do things this big because it makes sense on a number of levels. All good for the bottom line. Even so, it was probably just a couple of real reasons, that put it over the top and were really close to their black little hearts enough to proceed. Mostly for the State of Israel and their personal bank accounts.

But the most important reason, planned for US consumption, was to pump-up our “Terrorism” fears, so that Americans will give up more and more of their precious freedoms; allowing them to get away with doing all this in the first place and even more down the road. All the patriotic fervor and all that jazz was a great way to do it, since they could also get your kids to join the military and fight for “America’s Freedoms.” What another sorry-ass joke on us all.

And then these dam Jews in the media will have the “chutzpah” to run big photo spreads in weekly news magazines like Time and Newsweek (both Jew owned) extolling the “burgeoning business” and new consumer lifestyles of China and India like we could give a rat’s ass about it. “Oh, look Martha, they just opened another Starbucks in Beijing, isn’t that just marvelous?”

And nobody seems to care one whit, or even deign to notice, if some unfortunate Americans lose their jobs and middle-class lifestyle to the Globalist World Gods that these politicians and Jew rags cram down our throats and propagandize us over, right alongside with all incessant terrorism paranoia. As long as it’s not them getting the pink-slip at the moment, then it’ll be OK for now. Back to watching “Dancing with the Stars” and forget all about it.

Also, people will ask quizzically, “if Americans can’t afford the stuff they sell, then why would they purposefully rob them of their livelihoods and lose us as customers?” But if a larger market for goods is created on a world-wide basis and they cut overhead next to nothing, the huge profits allows them to lose a few hundred thousand measly customers here in the US. And they also don’t factor in the possiblity of everyone else doing exactly what they’re doing. They just don’t give a dam about anything but the value of their own company stocks in the first place.

Sure, no corporate Big Wig is telling Bushie boy to blow-up some skyscrapers just for them, right? But what they’re saying is “We want to do whatever we can, totally for capitalist profit” and “and we don’t want anymore BS from peons in the US about it.” The intellectual Jew Neocon war-mongerers are saying “We need to take advantage of Russia losing the Cold War but before they get too big again with oil profits.” And other Big Wigs are saying we need to keep our military-industrial complex humming — give us some big fat war to profit from!

To seal the deal, more Zionist Jews come along and say they can set the whole thing up. “We’ll even provide you the skyscrapers and a special, untraceable Israeli crew to place the explosives. You just provide the money, the planes and the necessary few lives lost as ‘collateral damage.’ We’ll even get our boys in our… we mean… your media to keep the lid on the whole thing!”

These kind of people don’t give a dam about you even living, so why would they care about your little job someplace in Bumf–k, Indiana? They never have. The politicians might talk a big game out on the stump, but in the end it’s what they talk about behind your backs that makes the only real difference. Anybody that cares about real people or patriotism is considered a joke nowadays and is shunted off to run an office in Alaska.

Here’s how they work it: If you don’t play the game they way they want it played to begin with, then you’re not even invited to the field! It’s the kind of people who can keep their big mouths shut who are “allowed” into the positions of power in the first dam place. That’s why these people can easily orchestrate things like 9/11. Oh, maybe “easily” is not the best word. Let’s say willingly. They just want to make sure the job is as fool-proof as possible and their asses are not exposed in any way.

That’s why they use “cut-outs,” confederates or expendable dupes lower on the totem pole and small, compartmentalized “X” teams along with operatives from Israel doing most of the work, so now they’ll have the most insulation possible in case something goes wrong. Add a media that turns a blind eye to everything but “the official story” and now you have the answer to “how could something like this be even possible?”

This darkly-seminal event of the century (so far) should serve as THE WAKE-UP CALL to all Americans that something is rotten — totally rotten — in Denmark, as they say. Americans had better smell the coffee, get totally pissed and come together on all this. As the old saying goes: “Fooled us once, shame on you (NAFTA), fooled us twice, shame on us (9/11), but fool us a third time (Iraq), then we might actually be some real stupid schmucks!”

But not for long. Let’s hope America is now waking up to all the BS, like finally.

— Phillip Marlowe

*Oh yeah, Britain and the US are basically in the same boat since they are owned by the same people — the Rothschilds of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, along with all the crypto-Jews in the upper crust of Britain!

150 Smoking Guns from 9/11

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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2 Responses to America: Wake-Up And Smell The Coffee!

  1. Anonymous says:

    “………unbolted machinery from concrete floors and shipped it to China …….”.

    Doesn’t this at a minimum make the American ruling elite communist sympathizers? If so, then we live under a type of communist government.
    Just to make this point as concretely as possible.

  2. John Anon says:

    Damn fine article.

    But all I hear in the distance is the bleating of the sheeple.

    They just don’t care. They never will.

    Baaaaah, baaaaah.

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