They Want You to Think of Us in This Way…

Is this how you imagine me to look? Or anyone that speaks up for the interests of White, European people in America today? Just why is that?

Take a look at the above photo. This photo was taken of what some people call a “skinhead” at a rally against the Holocaust™ industry, but was later used for some local, Northeast newspaper’s report about some concerned citizens meeting over the illegal immigration issue. Funny, huh? The shot was not taken at that particular event by the paper’s news photographer but was simply selected from a “clip” photo site or CD. It could’ve been used to illustrate anything about White solidarity these days. That’s right.

Now, I know the layout artist never received any top secret instruction to do this. He or she was just taking the easy way out to add some graphic impact to the article. Perhaps a photo editor or even the story’s author made the decision. Either way, it just goes to show the social/political mindset of many people in the news business today. It’s become a self-reinforcing loop, spiraling us Whites ever more into being the “baddies.”

Some of those who stumble on this blog, or reads my comments elsewhere, have this kind of guy in the above photo in mind when they imagine me; I assure you, I look nothing of the sort. Well, maybe when I’m stuck in traffic on a hot summer day and I’m sitting in that car behind you!

No, I’m just some regular looking white guy. No Mohawk hairdo or shaved skull. Absolutely not a single tattoo. Not even of “MOM” on my bicep or a swastika emblazoned on my back! I’m just some guy with medium length salt and pepper hair who lets his beard grow out to stubble now and again. My neighbors just think I’m a regular Joe who keeps his yard looking good. Sometimes they even come to me with landscape and yard-type questions — little do they know, brahahahaha!

Even that little bit of information is enough for many people to form judgements of me: Typical white suburbanite who’s this or that — “White Privileged,” etc. etc. Someone like me just has to be ignorant, knows little about intellectual subjects, the creative arts or anything about “other cultures.” I’m no “Jet-Setter,” that’s true, but hell I’ve traveled a lot, been around a few blocks (both good and bad) and probably know a few things more about art history than a lot of people reading this. Not to brag or anything. OK, maybe a little.

And I know that there are some liberals and radical feminists who would just plain hate me since I am White AND heterosexual. But I’d be OK if I was “Gay.” Isn’t all that “racist” and “sexist” and negative stereotyping of the sort that they themselves excoriate all over the place? I could be your brother, son, father or even husband. For if I am so thought of — so too can they be.

They all want you to think of me as a “Hater,” a Klansmen or a potential “death camp” prison guard. That is, of course, if it wasn’t for all their efforts in combating White racism 24/7!

Tell me that all this is not the case more and more these days? Us Whites are now being turned into the boogiemen of history. This kind of thing is now being done all over the place and will surely turn this country, not into some kind of wonderland of different races “living in harmony” but a warring, internally balkanized society and one that’s full of real in-your-face hate towards us Whites. It’s inevitable.

Arts and Entertainment had a movie this past Memorial day, called the “Andromeda Strain” based on the book by Michael Crichton. Besides the usual, competant Black General (Andre Braugher, once again), the science heroes in this remake were an Hispanic “person of color” male (Benjamin Bratt); a White female (his love interest, of course); a smart Black female with a loving Black husband at home tending the children; some sharpie Asian guy and lastly, the stereotype angry White male (Ricky Schoder) who at first, takes things out on the Asian guy over his race and background.

At one point, the single, angry White male (Schoder) finds himself alone with the Black female and she casually asks him if he has a girlfriend back home. When he replies in the negative, she insults him with “can’t get a date?” (another sign of the angry White male). Then the White guy obliquely says “don’t ask, don’t tell,” letting the audience in on his true sexual orientation (gay); who then proceeds to make a political comment on how wrong that military regulation is — all of which has zero to do with the storyline. Henceforth in the movie, the charactor now becomes a sympathetic and gay good guy. He even sacrifices his life to save the world.

Everybody sees this kind of thing in our media, nowadays. It’s the multicultural “zeitgeist” being foisted on us, whether we want it or not. Some will say that it’s a good thing and about time White men get lowered on the totem pole (along with all the old, dead white men of history). And that totem pole may now look something like this: Blacks, Jews, Gays and Lesbians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, White women and, lastly, White men. Yes, White women are given a step up since they’ve been so “oppressed” by us White men all these years. Separating them out from the White men was one of the first things to do and has had grave consequences for us Whites in bringing us to this current situation.

I know this sounds “sexist” but that’s what people have now been programmed to think about any White man who dares to broach this subject. A schism has been created in our gender relationships and milked for all it’s worth. Some White women (but not all) are die-hard liberals and are at the forefront of all the egalitarian viewpoints about race, gender and sexual orientation. Sometimes, their vehemence on the subject is shocking and, if you stand back and look, appears fanatical. My sister-in-law hates me with a passion. Oh, well.

But it’s not just White women, either. White men can be equally militant on PC topics. Most Americans may not be this crazed about it but they do want to do what is right and good. White Americans have always taken up for the little guy, the downtrodden, no matter the race. It’s part of our makeup since this country was founded on immigrants escaping the old world and oppressive monarchies. You see, White people in general, are not the “Haters” as so often said. Far from it.

But that’s the big problem for us to begin with. We’re too busy trying to be nice for our own dam good! Our very own sentiments for equality are being mined and mercilessly used against our very own selves in the furtherence of the racial advancement of others. If us Whites were really so bad — as some make us out to be — then this country would be a whole hellava lot different. Everybody knows this deep down. We wouldn’t even be talking right now.

White people do think about race issues but just don’t like talking about it. You’ll find the most so-called liberal White person cursing some black who just cut them off on the freeway as a “nigger.” Just as long as no other liberal might hear them. But hell, so will the blacks say the same thing about each other. And White people will tell you things like “that sure was a nice, helpful Hispanic girl in the store today.” The race of a person is always used in describing people — even if it’s just in your head. It’s a natural thing for everyone! Anyone who says differently is a bald-faced liar.

Another thing is that Whites will whisper to you what they really think. They’ll lower their voices down when they say anything race related of any sort. Even if you’re fishing with them in some boat, miles away from anybody else. It’s kind of funny when you think about it.

But this is not so with the other races. Blacks are always going off about Whitey this or that quite openly, even in the media: Whites are weak and foolish, if not some evil KKK kind of person. And we surely can’t dance since we supposedly lack “natural rhythm,” we can’t jump while playing basketball and we act like blithering buffoons being “polite” to one another or trying to be “non-racist” around them. You really can’t win, one way or another, with “these people.”

And Blacks can spot a White liberal a mile away, in case you don’t know, finding them pathetically ridiculous. White liberals stumble all over themselves trying not to say something “racist” while in the company of blacks. Those mine fields are thick for the liberals. You can’t even say something like “you people” without blacks getting “militant.” If a black knows you’re not some kind of lovey-dovey liberal, then they might suspect you’re a “stealth” racist (if that black is militant), but they also may respect you more and not try to pull-off some Negro race BS on you.

Hispanics, too, can be very racist about White “Anglos.” Some of their organized groups are openly racist and talk about evicting us from the Southwest. Some of the older yiddish Jews might call us “goyish kopf” or stupid head or blacks as “swartzes.” Asians can be some of the most racist people, sometimes. They often think blacks are lazy and worthless; of course, Whites can be “barbaric” and uncouth to them too.

But you’ll notice this kind of thing is rarely discussed by the media or in educational forums. It’s mostly us White people who are the real potential trouble and must be carefully monitored for any racist tendencies. Should we group together specifically in any “pro-White” organization than we are immediately branded as “Haters” or “White Supremacists.” Absolutely any group or organization that seeks to protect White interests in this country is now branded in this fashion. The Council of Conservative Citizens and even the anti-illegal immigration group FAIR are labeled as such by lefty liberal — often Jewish — and, it now needs to be said, anti-White “Hate” groups.

They think that since we’re White and are talking among each other, then we have to be hating them and plotting all kinds of nefarious things to spring on them. Like wearing sheets over our heads or brown shirts and goose-stepping around, throwing bricks through synagogue windows, spray painting swastikas all around town. Or maybe “brainwashing” other Whites. That’s what they secretly fear — us Whites suddenly becoming “militant” about ourselves. Think about it!

So they want everyone to imagine any groupings of White people as “Evil Haters” like the guy in the photo above. They want to prevent such a thing becoming popular and widespread among whites. Doubt and aspersions, subtle at first, must be cast about them and, hopefully, enough of a halo or taint can be made so other whites will not take the time or effort to listen to anything they have to say in the first place. Outright denunciations and vitriolic condemnation will follow, if that’s not enough.

You can pinpoint this exact tactic being used on someone like David Duke. Every time they mention him or introduce him on mainstream TV or in the liberal press, the first thing out of their mouths is “former KKK Klansmen” even though the man is decades removed from being a member and why should that make such a dam difference in the first place? Read what the man has to say yourself and form your own opinions.

Or take the writer and MSNBC commentator, Pat Buchanan — he, too, has been attacked for being racist. Yes, just because the man writes a book on this country going down the tubes from illegal immigration in “State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America,” the Jew Mark Potak of the Southern Poverty Law Center (his photo on the right, purposefully selected to show his “sensitive” concern to the public) alludes to Buchanan’s words as being a reincarnation of Nazi evil in his editorial “Blood and Soil” (SPLC Intelligence Report, Fall 2006).

If you ever get a chance, pick up a copy of the SPLC “Intelligence Report” (below right). It’s chock-full of anti-White propaganda of all sorts. You can pick one up at most any police station — the Race Narcs of the SPLC ship them out free to law enforcement!

This SPLC looks for the least thing that any whites say or do to any of the “oppressed” races. They’ll smear you left and right should you dare even say anything — including being against illegal immigration. God help you should you ever lay a hand on one. But their whole gig is to make money in the courts and from donations from wealthy Jews and liberals. The last time I checked, they were worth well over 213 million dollars in assets and in accounts.

That’s a lot of dineros for something that has “Poverty” as part of the name! I’d have to say Mark Potak, Morris Dees and Joe Levin, Jr. have done quite well for themselves. But do they ever protest any race crime committed against whites, poor or not? Like hell no! It’s all been a Jew (they are NOT White) financial scam, along with being an outright anti-White, “Hate” organization.

These kind of people have turned race into literally a business and have elected themselves as a political/propaganda KGB apparatchik right here in our very own county. The enforcement arm of the B’nai B’rith, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), acts in much the same way. Ostensibly, they are to protect the rights of Jewish people but you’ll see that they are at the forefront of attacking all kinds of Whites, such as CNN’s Lou Dobbs since he’s against illegal immigration; even though he’s been supportive of legal immigration and is married to an Hispanic woman. Like, what’s the deal there?

Are they a Jewish “rights” group or are they a group who are trying to force the inner Jewish wishes on the rest of us? Think about all that for a minute.

These are really monstrous lies that these people are doing to us. Trying to foist their own visions on this country and if anyone says one dam thing about it, call them “Hater” to shut them up or to at least get people to ignore what they say. It’s so un-American and anti-White as to be truly sickening. But that’s the game now, people. It’s an across the board effort to silence White people about it all, while they totally trash what this country meant– sure as I sit here.

These people (mostly Jews) literally wish to turn this country into something they call “the World’s First Universal Country.” Did they think to ask you about it? Like hell no! What all this really means is to completely flip-flop the racial demographics so whites are now in the minority. Oh, it’s so obvious now. And to think that some White liberals, the truly braindead among us, are all for it. They actually try to tell you that they believe it’s a good thing that such is our fate!

Or the new thing they are trying to pawn off now to explain away everything: That Whites, as a race, do not even exist! I can’t begin to tell you what I think of these traitorous dimwits.

Regular Whites have been taking notice, however. They see all the stuff on TV about making all the other races feel loved, how the White is now cast as the bad guy and accepting homos as normal. They want to understand all these “fairness” efforts but think things have now gone too far — and they just can’t fathom the lax border security issue and illegal immigration, increasingly obvious that it’s been purposeful all along.

But it’s easier for them to attack the messenger as a “Hater” than look at the bigger picture and just what it means to them and the lives of their children. That’s because most whites just don’t want to be bothered with it all. People nowadays are extremely self-centered and preoccupied with their own little world. They might see what’s going on but are afraid that it might anger them should they look too deeply into it.

The real bad thing is that the other races do not think so nicely about not being “racist” as we do. They have zero problem about showing blatant racism towards whites — after-all, it’s only whites who can be racist to begin with, right? So they can get away with most anything these days that whites cannot. You’ve noticed that, I’m certain.

As we increasingly go along this road to minority status in this country, we’ll see more and more effrontery’s against us and more blatantly. Along with that, more and more street-level violence specifically directed at us. Being spat upon will soon become the least concern for us. The other races have been so inculcated with anti-White propaganda over the years, they’ll consider whatever they do to us as “payback” and treat all whites the same way — even the liberals who have done so much in getting us here. We’re already seeing this effect in action now.

At some point, we’ll never be able to do anything about it without outright violence. But by then, we’ll know just what the real deal has always been, all along. It’s getting very late with all the new efforts we see being created for the “terrorist threat.” Yet, I don’t think we’ve quite gone past the point of no return where we can’t do something about it all peaceably, but we’re getting close. As I’ve often said, 2008 will be the last full year of some kind of normalcy in this country. You can mark my words on that.

And I know that some people will read this and say “yeah, I see some of this but it’s not all that bad.” That’s exactly why I am saying it now. Take a look at all this and the increasing efforts at legitimizing non-white immigration, the stealth attacks on our constitution and the hyped-up paranoia over “Islamo-Terrorism.” Draw some lines — connect some dots — on where all this is going, people. By making some kind of effort at White solidarity now, we can head off some real, serious problems down the road. Think of it as a “peace efforts” for the future.

Look, you don’t have to become some kind of Nazi or anything. Just don’t attack the skinheads or any White who’s putting in the effort into waking people up. Sure, some of those people may be too much for you. But who says you have to be like that? It’s the people who don’t want to see any White solidarity who try to tell you that! No one says you have to hate anyone or become a full time Stormtrooper!


You should also join a illegal immigration group of some kind and a pro-white group of some sort. Sign up at Stormfront (see my links). Read David Duke and Professor Kevin MacDonald. And speak up and right in the fat faces of any White who seek to call other Whites racist or who spew out another load of bull about “multiculture.” Oh, you’ll get plenty of real hate directed at you. But it will get better as more and more of these race traitors realize that we’re ready and willing to fight back. They’ll shut their big fat mouths soon enough. After-all, they are spineless little worms who just go with the current political landscape because they are too scared to do anything else. Such as think for themselves.

We all have to do something about this direction we are on. If you are a White liberal and have read this far, then please take the time to reevaluate matters and just what it all really means. If you are just some regular guy or gal, then it’s time to get off the fence and stand alongside your fellow Whites. Everyone, no matter who they are in life, can make a big difference. Just by joining together our voices can and will be heard. If I can reach just a few Whites who become motivated enough to reach another few more, then I’ll feel I’ve done something.

You too can do the same thing with those around you. Speak up! Let them know it’s OK to talk openly. That, by itself, is half the battle. You’ll be surprised at how many other Whites think the exact same way. The still-deluded Whites will come around or not. Don’t waste your breath on the truly braindead — just go on to the next White who can be liberated from the mind-shackles of PC!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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6 Responses to They Want You to Think of Us in This Way…

  1. natalia says:

    You hit the nail on the head. They are already spitting at us just not into our faces. When some minority who hates whites stops in front and spits in front of you so you can see them, its a way of showing you their loathing. Be aware of this.

  2. Em says:

    Oh, this was most excellent, exceptionally good. Thank you. So very true, and I didn’t think you were being sexist, just truthful. in case you’re interested.

  3. incogman says:

    Thank you natalia and Em. I’m glad you both appreciate my piece.

    I started reading some from that link. Interesting — thanks.

  4. Louis from Montreal says:

    Congrats once again, Incogman. This is nothing new, but still a great piece. It reminded me of when my good friend Wolfgang Droege was killed a few years ago. The Toronto Star had a picture of him on the front page with the headline, “Neo-Nazi Shot Dead.” Even in death they afford us no dignity. Rotten scum!

  5. Incogman,
    Some suggested reading…

    InThe Awakenin g of White America (THE WHITE WORLD),
    WOLF 14/88

  6. Mr. Doug says:

    I cannot agree more. White America needs to WAKE-UP!

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