We’re in a Race War — You Don’t Even Know It!

Is this what’s around the corner for America? And what is the common denominator in all of this? What group has been at the forefront of all these issues facing America? Muslims? Catholics? Maybe “Big Oil Cabalists” or more evil Nazis? What a laugh. That’s what they want you to think!

Whether you know it or not, White America is in a bona fide Race War. But it’s not blacks we’re up against (although we’re often distracted into thinking that way). We’re in a Race War with the Jews, have been for quite some time, now. It can’t be denied any longer. All the efforts of the Jew in this country, over several decades or even longer, point to this sobering conclusion.

And it’s also race against time to awaken the Whites about it all. The Globalist, Zionist component to the US Government realizes that’s it’s only a short while before we ALL finally get the big picture and become seriously pissed. That’s why you see so much stuff about the Patriot Act, the Internet, “Hate Speech” and other constitutional issues. It’s never been the crazy “Islamo-Fascists” that they’ve been so worried about, but us figuring out the real deal!

Now, I’m going to talk about some why’s and wherefore’s. Now, I know you are shouting out “OK, here comes the ‘Jew Conspiracy’ thing, again!” You’re thinking about the impossibility of some wide-ranging conspiracy to work. And you’re absolutely right — it’s quite impossible for a conspiracy of such sort to exist as one may imagine it. But that’s not how it’s being done!

So bear with me for just a minute while I explain how this really works.

You first have to divorce your mind from who you are and of your assumptions. I realize how difficult that can be. Perhaps pretending you’re another race, a disinterested observer of some sort might help. I know that sounds wacko but there you have it. If you are black or white, you’ll have some preoccupations that color your thinking, so you really do have to force yourself in some creative way to think about all of this and to separate yourself from personal experiences that obscure your perceptions. Personal experiences have nothing to do with the big picture, logically.

Chabadist Jews with the Director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, dual citizen of Israel and the man responsible for releasing the 9/11 Dancing Israelis. He’s at the forefront to the removal of your Constitutional rights under the pretense of combating “terrorist threats.” And these Washington-powerful Chabadists, welcomed into the White House on numerous occasions, literally believe that if one day a Jew needs an organ, then it’ll be acceptable to nab some Goyim off the street and take theirs — once they get final power!

First, the media of the Western world, led by the US, has been slowly going down a road that increasingly has more and more graphic sex and violence. This should be obvious if you’ve been around for a while. No, it’s not planned as a gradual plot. It’s more like a natural (or unnatural, if you prefer) progression. Each new media thing often uses shock value to garner higher ratings and money. To get our increasingly jaded attention, things must go just a bit further than before, without getting into too much hot water over it. This effect takes us lower and lower and demoralizes us into not caring about JACK.

And yes, Jewish supremacists have been a major force in all this for a long time. They’ve been well-entrenched in the media since the very beginnings and their internal, atavistic hatred of White America often shows it’s face in the media. Mostly, they’re doing it for money first, but secondly over that inner fear and loathing of Goyims. Of course, there’s no secret communications with some Jew Head Office or anything; yet this on-going and below-the-surface hatred of Gentile, European White culture and institutions has fueled much of the  real-life degradation of our society over the last several decades.

This also manifests itself in the continuous anti-White propaganda about relations with the other races, such as all the movies about the Civil Rights era, slavery or the Holocaust constantly coming out of Hollywood or in TV documentaries. Just how much more guilt do they need to heap, anymore? Whites are sick and tired of this non-stop bull.

Second, there really is a International Zionist Agenda, although quite separate from all this, yet works in conjunction with the media Jew’s on-going corruption of us. This is where the Globalist Zionist has been quietly seeding the US with social changes, principally with funding and media exposure for all kinds of social activism, promoting various “victimhood” causes and in the large educational foundations. This has been going on since the early 50’s and saw the first big payback with the baby boomer generation of the late 60’s, right along with the “Politically Correct” victimhood movement of the Frankfort School Jewish intellectuals and Marxists. We’ve been on this track ever since.

The aim of this program is three-fold: One, to keep the white majority divided and distracted; two, to keep the State of Israel in place and well-funded by us, and three, to gradually dissolve our racial, demographic hold on this country. This can readily be seen in the efforts to promote interracial sex and divide our racial loyalties; destroy the family unit and, with immigration, to dilute our political and voting power. The evidence is now all over the place and to ignore it anymore is pure stupidity!

They say that the white majority will be a minority by 2050. However, I disagree and think that’s a BIG FAT LIE. I believe it will be in the 2020’s, but probably even sooner with immigration. The lies and omissions of the media prevent us from getting a clear picture. For example, the media reports that we have 12 million illegal immigrants. But most people studying this, such as the General Accounting Office of Congress, report it to be 20 million plus. Some even think it’s over 38 million with good evidence.

Not only does the media blatantly ignore such reports, it actually plays head games with you about it. ABC Nightly News recently did a report on the uptick in the birthrates of this country. But the real facts were that the Hispanic part was far outstripping everyone else and that the white birthrate had actually went down by .4%. What did the TV report show you? They completely ignored mentioning those real numbers and showed you a white mother in a hospital giving birth!

Currently we are at less than 67% (sometimes quoted at 69%, but that’s with the Jews), down from 89% in 1960. At this rate, I hardly think 2050 is when it’ll happen, especially with the games they’re now playing over immigration reform and the much higher birthrates of non-whites such as Hispanic illegals or otherwise (we’re actually paying for our own demise, tax-wise!).

If you have a child now, or planning one in the near future, that child’s life will be dramatically worse off from what your past was. Completely and utterly without a doubt, unless we do something — like now!

So, getting back to who’s to blame for all this: One only has to see how this country has been controlled more and more by the Zionist, Jew supremacist and it’s whatever he wants, not us. It’s blatently evident that the media completely ignores anything to do with them (it’s like they don’t exist or are just another minority) and is part and parcel to all of the rest. The Jews who work at corrupting the Goyim, black or white, are now given virtually a free hand to do so.

The past history of the Jews shows us that he fervently wishes for a One-World government. He’s been totally involved in the creation of the UN and the NWO and his religious writings in the Talmud back all of this up — completely.

One only has to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to see the pathway (below) we are on:

• The US Government is pretty much under total sway of Zionist Global interests thanks to the Israel Lobby, Neocon Jews in various powerful capacities all over. The State Department has been under Zionist control for a long time now, maybe even since the fifties. The CIA and the DOJ are partially Zionist controlled.

• The elected Congress and Senate and our democratic process is corrupted by Zionist, pro-Israeli big money through the Israel Lobby — not just AIPAC but dozens of other pro-Israel or Jewish groups.

• They mostly control our Federal Reserve, International Banking, both here and in Great Britain. Plus, various other countries in Europe and now in South America. Only a handful of countries are not tied in with their banking and credit systems. These are the exact same countries that are always considered the world’s enemies!

• They virtually own our mainstream media, TV, print and Hollywood, either by outright ownership, Jews within the editorial and corporate ladder, but mostly through “PC” dogma — since most of the real-time control is through PC/Liberal self-censorship. And some things are well-known to be off-limits to media people: Like anything negative about Jews, serious investagations of 9/11 and absolutely anything to do with the Israel Lobby. Embedded Corporate “Sayanim” or Jewish “fifth columnist” honchos keep a wary eye out for any potentially bad PR or reporting on the wrong subjects involving Jewry or Israel.

• They have manipulated our population through educational foundations, social engineering and media propaganda. This has been going on since the 50’s. This was first thought to be “communist” but the commies were all Jews to begin with!

• Any kind of White solidarity is immediately targeted by Jewish-led liberal groups, the media and even our very own government. They can’t have us forming an open, organized front and comparing notes, so to speak. That’s why race issues are such an important weapon to brand whites as mortal enemies to the state (everyone really sees this); all because of the entire Jewish race is based on victimhood status — since any white group will always be a potential “Brown-Shirter” or Nazi revolution in the making.

• They have made fairly successful efforts to propagandize and confuse Evangelical Christians into supporting the State of Israel, while at the very same time working towards an eventual Universal Noahide* religion that will one day, ironically, render Jesus Christ as public blasphemy!

• They’ve been behind the immigration of non-whites into white countries since they’ve been in this country. This is to dilute the white demographics and political hold on this country. Check out the efforts of groups like the ADL in this area lately. Why would a group dedicated to Jewry have so much at stake over this issue?

• They outlaw any displays of our religions on public property but not their own such as the Menorah. Any kind of public Christian symbology is quickly targeted by liberal Jew groups like the ACLU and ADL. Most of this has been accomplished in our courts to secularize this country — with the citizens having little say. Efforts to eliminate Christian themes in stores for the Christmas season is now occurring, too.

• They promote Homosexuality and Transgender as alternative “lifestyles” and work to introduce these things in public schools to children as young as possible. Although their religious people may not be for Homosexuality, per se, they use the whole thing to protect themselves through “Hate” crime legislation and to further corrupt the Goyim’s families and his hold on countries.

• They are often involved in pornography and other corrupting, family-destroying vices. Many real-life X-rated pornographers are Jews. Much of Hollywood proper is run by Jews with movies and TV programming under their sway. This is even admitted by them — sometimes even bragged about. Just turn on the TV.

• They are always apart of race issues, keeping us in a state of perpetual social frictions. Why do you think the media keeps the blacks so militant? You might think that after 40 years of Affirmative Action and other “civil rights” programs, we might have a break? Yet we don’t, as whites are all still being called evil for secretly practicing “stealth racism” and “white privilege,” these are nothing but new political attacks on whites formulated by Jewish social intellectuals all over.

• They promote race mixing, or miscegenation, for all the races but their own. They especially want whites to mate with blacks. These efforts are often seen in liberal, Jewish-owned media. Turn on the TV!

• They promote censorship and the loss of our Constitutional liberties. “Hate Crimes” legislation is constantly being put forward, ostensibly to protect groups like homosexuals and other races, but in reality as a weapon against white solidarity. Look into what they have done in Canada with the Human Rights Commission. Check out the new Senate bill S-1959 (Congress HR-1955) Domestic Terrorism legislation and the background behind the Jewess Rep. Jane Harman and her sponsorship of all this. You just wait.

• They’ve used giant historical lies like the Holocaust to have their way and blackmail us. The “gassing” part of the Holocaust was the biggest lie of the 20th Century. Even now they put-out scurrilous evidence like the well-disproven “Soap Hoax,” to propagandize Christian audiences to support the Zionist cause.

• 9/11 was the biggest lie of the 21st Century (to date). This “false-flag” attack on America was orchestrated to inflame America’s hatred of Israel’s enemies, like Saddam Hussein, to expand Israel’s hegemony in the mideast and to get them access to Iraq’s oil. Along with all this, they’ve used the paranoia about “Islamofascists” to steal more and more of our constitutional rights under the radar!

• They are in the process of creating the North American Union as we speak. Ask yourself why no mainstream news media investigates the giant “NAFTA” highway corridor nor the actions of the SPP? Lou Dobbs has, but guess who’s attacking him and trying to get him fired? The Jews of the ADL!

Add it all up and it can only mean one thing: There is a secret and powerful element to the Zionist Jews, one that has the people of this country in a long-running program of their own design, and one that obviously does not have our best interests in mind!

All the races, besides the Jew of course, are targeted to become an amalgam, a dumbed-down general purpose mud race and one that’s completely under the yoke of the Jew. A race with no real purpose other than eventual slavery to them.

So, whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian; all of us are in the same boat on this thing. Even the normal, next door neighbor Jew. Although, the religious Jews believe that once the Goyim are totally under their control, and the Messiah comes, the normal, non-religious Jew will get back into the swing of things and join back up with them.

Once they have total control of the Police State apparatus, they’ll make further changes to the “status quo” that they can’t do openly now. Such as outlaw intermarriage and abortion for their own people to further expand their race as quickly as possible. They’ll probably make various Authority forces under different races to prevent any coming together to defeat them. But, by then, they’ll have a highly efficient, technological Stalinistic Police Force that specifically targets the smartest of us for destruction.

Plus, the Jew will more or less disappear from the majority of the public consciousness. His presence will become a increasing secret to the masses. He knows his numbers are too few to fully control us, so he must maintain our populations in the dark. Sure, corrupted minions and slave Gentiles, in close proximity, will know of him in their protected enclaves.

But they’ll never be able to communicate that to other whites, except fleetingly and by word of mouth. Even that will be very dangerous by that time. Stalinistic police apparatus will be at work and will hunt down and execute any who dare speak about any of it.

These various Race Authority forces, that the Jews will create, will act as the street police to keep the whites in line. You may see the blacks acting in this capacity with the Hispanics in control of the military as a check-safe to them. Of course, Weapons of Mass Destruction will remain under the control of Jewry as a big check to all the rest. Since WMD’s do not require massive man-power, this will be perfect for Jewry. The Stalinistic police, a Jewish Gestapo, will search out any subversion in the ranks and will make use of informers and emplaced agents of all races.

Also, the Jews will separate out the courts — law and justice for them and a separate system for us. With this, eventually, they’ll move the World Court from the Hague to Jerusalem after, of course, it’s been totally cleansed of any Palestinian Arab and any Christian signs or history. In addition to this, you’ll see the following:

• Total censorship in the US and the creation of a Police state. The Internet will be legislated for “hate crimes” and any non-approved views of the races will be outlawed. You can see the efforts for this NOW. Whites will be besmirched openly in media and on the streets. You liberals will get to experience that minority status at long last! Don’t expect the other races to be so nice as you’ve been.

• The establishment of the North American Union and the nullification of much of our constitution in 2010. A re-written constitution will then be created incorporating Noahide* law. This will be followed in 2018 with the joining together of the European Union. A engineered economic catastrophe may be used to bring us to the point of accepting all this and what we may, in fact, be in the beginning stages of.

• The destruction of the Mosque of the Golden Dome and the rebuilding of the Third Temple. This will be take place fairly soon after the final exterminations of the Palestinian Arabs and the institution of the Police states in the West (within the next few years). The Jews salivate over the prospect in removing that Muslim symbol in their midst. Jeruselum is already being cleansed of ALL Arabs — Muslim or Christian.

• A overall re-writing of history will occur. The historical existence of the Palestinians will disappear. This part has already started. The early history of the Egyptian civilization will be made primarily black to further racial pride for them. US History will be the story of European, White genocide of native peoples only. The Holocaust will become a mandatory educational focus — all this too, is being done now.

• The creation of a Worldwide, Universal Noahide* Church to serve the Goyim and to educate them in the basic 7 Laws and also in additional laws (66 at least) that will completely enslave us to them. This will be done as a “peaceful restructuring” to religion and then enforced legally. All “paranormal” research or interest will be outlawed. Any aspects to Christianity will be then gradually weeded out until the point where Jesus Christ is considered blasphemy and any icons or crucifixes found on the Goyim will be punished severely. Perhaps even with death.

• Once total physical control of the White population is accomplished, you’ll see Abortion and Homosexuality outlawed completely for any Jews, but even more heavily promoted for the Whites. Only later, when it’s obvious that Whites are but a shadow of their former selves, the Noahide Churches will be giving the green light to condemn homosexuality and any other form of immorality, in toto. Then it’ll be much like the Old Testament or even Islam across the board.

• But you’ll never know the Jewish side of it, other than word-of-mouth, since the media will only give you what you’re expected to follow. This will be a part of a total separation of mass communications for what the Goyim see and what the Jews see. What is left of the Internet will be heavily censored for us, with a separate one for Jews. High tech will be created to enforce just who watches or hears what!

• Only so much education will be afforded to the Goyim. At a certain age, all education will end and only a precious few will go on to careful political indoctrination beyond that for control and technical purposes only. Only the most mediocre students will be allowed to reproduce, probably even given special perks to breed with other races.

• Europe, Britain and North America will form the first global block in all this. Russia will be reconquered from within, that is, if it’s not already. South America is now in the process of economic subversion through the World Bank. African resources will be fought over. China may be the first stumbling block unless a way is made to neutralize them. That is already being worked on.

• At some point, a Rabbi will be declared the “World-wide Messiah.” Miracles and dramatic stories about him will be promulgated by the Jews. He will also serve as the figure-head for the World Court and Master of the Planet.

So, whether or not you know it, the Jews have big plans for your sorry white butt! Now, before you go off saying all this is totally impossible, think about one thing for a second: It may well be difficult for them to succeed at it all this, but not impossible that it’s the real behind-the-scenes motives. Try to separate out in your mind the likely outcome to all of this, from what’s truly going on today.

In other words, whether or not it will be successful for them is an entirely different matter from them trying to do so in the first place! This “impossibility” gateway is a artificial mind filter that allows them to hide behind (along with race politics). If you can keep the two apart — what they want and if it’s really possible — you’ll see the building blocks behind all the efforts of a small subset of very, very rich Global Jewry and Zionists, coming into place today — in plain sight!

Look at all the efforts of Jewry over the years and his successes: The near-total secularization of this country, our immigration laws support the non-white invasion of this country, our government and media is stacked with Jewish supremacists, Whites are divided and demoralized, etc. ETC.!  Read more of my posts here and the links I’ve provided you with, heavily embedded in each one.

Now, a lot of those with vested interests in all this will call you a “hater,” in the attempt to silence any white who dares to remove the PC blinders that they, themselves have put on America’s head. Basically they are saying if you don’t go along with what WE want to do to this country, then it’s you who’s the evil and bad person. Reject such slanders! Over 300,000 WHITE, American men died in Europe fighting the Nazi — we do NOT deserve to be called that!

And I know that people will call all this “conspiracy theory” but that’s just another way of shutting people up about it. They use this tactic for everything that doesn’t fit the “Party Line” (look at 9/11 and the NAU) and what they can’t silence with any real facts (which is most of it, anymore). Of course, they want Americans to laugh it all off like it was nothing. Ha ha, ha, right? But I challenge you to point to one thing, here, that cannot be answered with strong evidence. Even if it all was so impossible, don’t you think it’s worth, at the very least, to spend some of your time looking into it — while we still have the Internet and free speech?

It’s time that White America wakes up to all this!

— Phillip Marlowe

*Noahide: Means “Sons of Noah,” and is the name for the mandatory laws and schooling of non-Jews by the Jewish Talmudic Orthodoxy when they finally gain full control. Sometimes spelled Noahchide.

Go to my series on how they’ve been doing this: You Need To Seriously Consider…

My series on how they’re using the media to strangle and confuse our thinking: Brain Games Conclusion

For a giant size listing of Jewish supremacist perfidies on this country: You Can’t Handle The Truth!


NOTE! All the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists spoken about here are mostly from the Khazari tribe from southern Russia (or Ashkhenazis), who converted in the mid-8th century, AD. Not the true Israelites of the Bible. They’ve donned the cloak of Judaism yet retained ancient criminal and parasitic functions among the Gentiles. Over the centuries, their behavior has caused their host populations to rise up and throw them bodily out. This has happened about 79 times. Now, elements of them have control of important and powerful parts of America and other white Nations, as well as having their own stolen country in the Mideast that we’re now completely beholden to — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. We are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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28 Responses to We’re in a Race War — You Don’t Even Know It!

  1. KimbaFan100 says:

    I think that picture at the top is a little innacurate. I think the arrows would point in the same direction.

    The elitists want us to die.

  2. m says:

    Hey Incog, I found a good one for people like me. You probably are already are familar with it:


    If viewers scroll down about halfway, there are a few good, short, easy to understand paragraphs which would be great to copy and paste into internet debates. #5 in particular is a very good introduction for people who don’t want to even consider that the holohoax is fabricated.

    I’m looking for short factual things that I can memorize and then casually introduce into conversations. The technique which seems to work best for me is to start off by asking them what they think about it, then telling then what I read on the internet, and then asking them to debunk it for me. They can’t, of course, and then they just look puzzled! Then I change the subject and make them laugh, so they associate talking to me with happy feelings. So the next time I see them, I will repeat the process, only with yet new facts.

    Anyway, the germans are going to be mad when they finally get over their brainwashing. “Never again” is exactly right.

  3. m says:

    No, I don’t think you’re nuts. You seem pretty on-the-ball to me, thanks for making this easier to understand!

  4. incogman says:

    Thank you “m”. No, I never saw that link before. Most of the conclusions (especially WWII) I’ve come to is from stuff out here in the real world, which is few and far between. That book Giant with Feet of Clay looks interesting. I’ve heard the title but that’s it.

  5. A8L says:

    Your blog is very refreshing in the sea of self-censoring, slavishly politically correct political prostitutes out there. Thanks for speaking out.

  6. incogman says:

    Thank you A8L.

    It’s refreshing to tear-off the blinders and see things for what they truly are. At first, it’s tough but see past the lies of the US media, but it removes, at least, the head-scratching “WTF!” feeling you get when you read another BS item in the news and wonder what on earth is that about?

    No longer will you be confused about the motives behind things that are clearly NOT in the interest of this nation.

    The evidence is right in front of everybody’s nose! The White race is being nullified by the Jewish supremacists and the Zionists. Those White Neocons who support them are equally to blame and are traitors of the first magnitude to their very own people.

    Wake up to it!

  7. good says:

    Its not only Jews that control America,even though they are very powerfull.All the races are working to destroy white America and to push us to we’re all dead.

    The anti-white elitist of all colors are working for a white minority nation.Ok heres how I got there!!!

    First lets look at the groups we are dealing with ADL,SPLC,NAACP,La raza,CAIR and then there are hundreads of other smaller groups working for the minority.

    Now lets take a look at who is funding these anti-white groups.

    Companies like Pepsi,Anheuser-Busch beer,Tyson and even the governement gives money to these groups.All these groups are well financed our white organizations recieve not even a penny from any company.With all the free money they get they can continue to finance propaganda against white people.They also have enough money to bribe politicians and unite their people.

    Now lets look at the other groups who seemingly have the power to call any one racist.ADL & SPLC for example both make their money by sueing white proud people.They both also recieve funding from people and governments,I think we all know who those people are!!!

    Now with their virtuall control of our media (“Jewish media”) with money both the Jews and other minorities have they can continue to pay their way out and build up their base.They control what people think by useing the Jewish media,they control both parties by useing their voteing block.They also control what we consider racist by forceing the government to teach us what they consider racist.

    Not only that but with national holidays like Cesar Chavez and MLK day with parks and plazas,schools and even monuments built for them.They also force politicians to give them a month Black & Hispanic history month “NO WHITE MONTH or DAY”.It is sad that the only other person besides MLK and Cesar Chavez to have a holiday is Jesus Christ.Not even our founders have a holiday,what did MLK do that was so important nothing he did not a dam thing.To make these people to be out like Jesus Christ is sick,infact their even more worshiped then Christ because Christ don’t have a month.

    Back to what I was saying they control what is to be seen as racist by groups who claim to track racist groups like SPLC,ADL really only track white people who are proud.So its not just the Jews its all the other races that have been attacking and destroying white America sense the 50s.They won’t stop untill we are a minority or till we are dead,so us whites need to unite NOW!!!!.

    My motto
    They all work together,Let us work together WPrideWW.

  8. good says:

    With all the minority interest groups working as one against the white man and heavily funded,its up to every single white person to stand together.They don’t like you and they don’t want you in the same country as them.

    So just imagine when we become a minority,its your kids future not yours you should be worried about.Its every one against us every race has drawed a line in the sand a long time ago.They hate us their against us and they will do any thing to keep us from uniteing.

    No matter Jewish,Hispanic,Asian,Muslim,Black it dose’nt really matter because in the end their all aginst the white man.The civil right’s movement had nothing to do with right’s it was about Minority Nationalism.

    These groups who have sence controled America SPLC,ADL,NAACP,La Raza,Cair are all abouth their races nationalism not rights.And their names speak for them self don’t be fooled by them,because they have a hidden agenda and if you can’t see it by now.Then all I have to say is look around at America their goal was to make whites a minority and then eventually kill us.Just look at how much they have achieved so far in 40 years,imagine what they can acheive in another 40 years.

    Its no longer about you white liberals,soon they will have all the power they need to no longer ever need you white libtards as a cover.They have united and each race has their own congress Black or Hispanic.

    Its not just Jewish alone its all the races all are working together and changeing America to their ideal of a nation.

    If any of our founders could see what America is like today they would have never fought the war of independence.Remember this no matter how many times people say this nation was meant for all it was not.

    This was a white nation blacks,spics,jews,asians were not allowed citizenship when this nation was found.It needs to be returned to the America it was founded on and it was ment for white people not others.

    My motto
    They all work together,Let us work together WPrideWW.

  9. incogman says:

    True, good, but the Jewish supremacist is the common denominator to all of it. It’s his efforts both up front and behind the scenes. He’s waging a guerrilla war against the whites and they don’t even know it!

    The other races are doing just what whites SHOULD be doing. Fighting for their own kind. The Jew is doing it, but underhandedly as much as possible since he knows that being visible is too dangerous for his kind.

    Even so, the Jew is quite prone to bragging. His mouth will soon be his undoing! More whites are now seeing his handiwork in war-mongering in the mideast and his subversion of this country with immigration.

    Until we find a way of breaking his hold on this country, politically and in the media, we will continue on the path of the white race becoming a spat-upon minority in the country he created.

    Devote yourself to awakening whites to the Jewish menace!

  10. Joy says:

    Very good!

  11. Rob Chapman says:


    As usual, you have left no stone uncovered and left little more to add about the dire situation we currently find ourselves in.

    I share in your analysis of the Jewish Question: The Jew is the common denominator in ALL issues that currently threaten our race: Negro crime, the Mexican invasion, media manipulation, societal degeneration, the erosion of personal liberties, the explosive growth of the size and power of the Federal government, the decay of the family, sexualization of children, etc.

    Jewish involvement can be traced to each and every destructive movement that has been destroying Western/White culture for generations. Without his influence, none of these movements would have near the ruinous effect on our society that they have had.

    There is hope, however. It’s my opinion that the Jew has overplayed his hand this time. The catastrophe of the war in Iraq will resonate for many years to come. It is a war that was pushed from the start by Zionist neocons currently in place in our government and it is our duty to yell from the mountaintops the truth about why the US invaded a sovereign nation without provocation.

    The Mexican invasion does pose an IMMEDIATE threat to our physical and cultural survival, however. I live in ground-zero of the invasion (Los Angeles); and I’m not trying to be crude or a wise guy when I say this, but, I can tell you first hand that they truly are like cockroaches: they breed like them and once they infest your house, you will never get them out.

    Fight the Illegal Mexican invasion and the alien Jewish control of our government. They are committing CRIMES against humanity in OUR names!

  12. incogman says:

    Thank you for your compliments Rob. I hope that whomever comes here and reads your comment will think about it and this:

    You may not live in an area that has this kind of thing or you may not be aware of it nearby. Whatever your particular situation happens to be is not, I repeat NOT indicative of reality so get this and get this good: It will be.

    I’ve seen it personally in places that you would not believe. Few Americans get to travel around the country like I once did 4 years ago and I’m telling you it was bad then. It’s much worse now and I shudder to think what it will be tomorrow.

    You had better think long and hard about all this but just do it as soon as possible!

  13. andy says:

    Here is what Jack Bernstein (Jew) wrote in 1985. It seems that they are ready to spring the trap now.


    Israel could trigger a large scale Mideast war, a large war which Israel could not win alone. Then the New York leg of the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle would use its influence on the U.S. Government to send U.S. military forces to aid Israel.

    At some point during the war, when the U.S. military is deeply involved and the U.S. citizens demoralized, the Zionist oriented Jewish International Bankers will make their move. Evidence leads to the conclusion that it is these bankers who own the Class A Stock of the U.S. Federal Reserve, America’s central bank. In this position of power, these Zionist bankers, can, and likely will, trigger an economic collapse in America — like they did in 1929 when they caused the stock market crash and started the severe depression of the 1930’s.
    Since the money system currently used in the U.S. is not backed by gold, silver or anything of value, the paper dollars and tin coins now in use will be worthless.
    In the resulting state of confusion and in an effort to obtain food and other necessities, the American people will accept the ‘New States Constitution’ which has already been written. This will place the American people under the dictates of One-World Government run by the Zionist oriented International Bankers and Zionist/Bolshevik Jews.
    Exactly what direction the war in the Mideast will take only the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle and God will know.
    When it is all over, the main losers will be:
    The American people.
    The Arab people.
    The Sephardic Jews and that portion of Ashkenazi Jews who are for justice and freedom.

    The only winners will be:
    The Zionist International Bankers and the Zionist Bolshevik (communists/socialist) Jews.

  14. A8L says:

    Its not zionism which is the problem its jewish extremism. Its not Zionist International Bankers but Jewish Extremist International Bankers.

    The idea of a jewish land is not the issue, its the methods and general extremism and supremacism worldwide, and crime. Jewish extremism, not zionistic, stop using that straw man.

  15. whitewraithe says:

    Hey, INCOG, terrific article. Very well spoken too. I’ve posted it on this blog, http://www.nohjott.blogspot.com with a challenge to try and deny the facts as you so eloquently stated them. I dare anyone!

  16. incogman says:

    Thanks, Whitewraithe. I went and saw it. The more people get this message the better. I don’t know why my spam software spammed you but I caught it and here’s your comment.

    A8L: I know where you are coming from but many times Jewish Extremists are Zionists, too. But there is a difference, I understand. I don’t think it’s quite the strawman but you or others can freely elaborate about it.

  17. Is it not obvious that the “jew” is USING these other “peoples” racial pride to help them crush it’s most formidable foe on the face of the earth-EVER! (White Man), and that once that end is achieved, the subjugation of the remaining horde will be like childsplay????

    Good going INCOGMAN!



  18. incogman says:

    Thanks, Wolf. You’re right, the Jews real fear is an awakened White race — this fact of life is what’s behind all the BS that’s afflicting our country, today. People are beginning to see this, slowly perhaps, but once it reaches a critical mass, it’ll spread like wildfire across the country and this possiblity scares the living bejeesus out of the Jew.

    This is why 9/11 truth is always attacked by the Jew — since the Zionist Jew’s hand is so evident and they see it more than us!

  19. mankok says:

    White American’s have been cooked long enough, too bad you’re tralising a bit late. Unknowingly YOU have been weakening your only TRUE allie-ISLAM.
    Better late then never…eh?

  20. WhiteNotGuilty100 says:

    If Islam is our ally then why are you trying to convert our people, and why are you allowing all those American white girls to marry your dark, mixed blood men?

  21. incogman says:


    I think that Muslims out to convert the world is Jewish propaganda. Yes, they have the hots for white girls but who doesn’t?

    Also, SF told me that your account was deleted. The mod said he’d pass the word about it and I made sure he knew you had 100 at the end. Do you have an account now with that? Registered? Or are you just typing that in per post?

  22. African Man says:

    I am African Muslim and even I see the Jewish hand behind the West!

    Another thing, White Supremacist sites are controlled by Jews. They direct anger towards coloreds instead of the Jews. Which is why they don’t talk much about jewish crimes like Madrid Bombing and 9/11 .

    If the White Race defeats the Jews, everyone will love it. But if it fails, everyone will curse the White race.

  23. JoePublic says:

    Hmm, African Man, Impressive compared to some of your other posts.. You scratch the surface of a point I would like to add to this conversation…I am always perplexed by the continued hatred and opposition whites get from those in the the minority groups with the capacity to understand, even if it is the most basic and fundamental aspects of our collective plight (excluding of course the Jews) for as far as i can see your future, present and recent past under white societal control is far more comfortable and equitable than the horror you and whites will experience under total Jewish control..

    Do you somehow live under the delusion that the pandering you receive in the media and government subsidized employment and social program benefits today will somehow continue after the Jew achieves world government and economic control ?? You Must… But I understand ….You Don’t …

    They will kick you to the curb as soon as they are done using you to destroy the only race on this planet that has kept you fed and tried (no matter how futile the endeavor is) to offer you education, comfort and relative safety (as much as can be expected given the way you conduct yourselves in your own neighborhoods) for many decades. We always knew you would not stand as Americans and that my lowly primate is why we never really accepted you into our society (not that your people were ever really capable of integrating with a first world society to begin with) So African Man be careful what you wish for as you may soon get it and you won’t have to move to your precious Africa to live in third world filth and hellish poverty , you’ll have it right here in all it’s glory.

    Truth is , Blacks don’t have the intellect to handle the complexities of running a first world nation and you know it…look at south Africa for instance look at the amazing piece of work your people have done with that little nation, Bravo…good job. Funny now some are even begging the white man to come back as they are starving and murderous gangs are robbing , raping and killing through the streets, they have destroyed the entire infrastructure and collapsed the economy, yes this is what you and we have to look forward to here in America and like SA when the country becomes a totally unlivable cesspool the Jew will abandon it and move to other countries. So Please…fight on against the “white traitors” but whatever you do don’t help us defeat the Jews..as you seem to imply that we must do it alone lol your a typical black fool.

  24. African Man says:

    Thanks to ISLAM i can easily see through the Jews. As for helping Whites defeat the Jews?

    You keep thinking I am BLACK AMERICAN! They are just as dumb and believe Jewish lies like the whitey is after them. Black Americans are violent people and even I hate them. But I wont blame them for NWO!

    As for defeating the Jews?

    1. Who is will be fighting Jewish wars?
    It is WHITE soilders
    2. Who will be funding the Jews/Israel
    It is WHITE taxpayers and churches
    3. Who will be voting for Jewish puppets?
    It is WHITE voters

    I am just tired of you guys blaming NON-WHITES and acting like Whites are innocent.

  25. JoePublic says:

    just curious…Do you live in the US ?? or Africa ? or ???

  26. Anonymous says:

    “They promote race mixing, or miscegenation, for all the races but their own.”

    How to Prevent an Intermarriage
    By Rabbi Kalman Packouz

    Intermarriage is more than a problem–it’s an epidemic in the Jewish nation, and we must do all we can to stem the tide. This practical, down-to-earth book is designed to help parents stop their children from intermarrying. It explores the entire gamut of questions, issues, and hot points for parents who face the possibility of their children marrying out of the Jewish faith, and offers much wisdom and many important suggestions. The author, Rabbi Packouz, has spoken on national radio and television on the topic of intermarriage and Jewish survival. He is the director of Aish HaTorah Jerusalem Fund in Miami.

  27. Jesse says:

    Excellent post incog

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