What Was Once Your Home

Don’t let these young, smarmy Jewish faces fool you for a minute: Should you say one thing against illegal immigration or even about the evils of the State of Israel; these faces would quickly twist into real hatred — cursing you for being a “xenophobe,” “nativist” and, of course, the usual “Nazi” crap Jews spit at the drop of a hat. People, that’s the deal they have going on our heads. Because of their atavistic hatred of the White “Goyim” (their own slander for ANY non-Jew), they seek to break the White racial backbone of the very same country that once fought against Hitler in WWII!*

Let’s say your name is Bob and you have a nice big house in a pleasant, quiet neighborhood. You also have a beautiful wife and a couple of kids, who might sometimes be a little too punk-ass liberal but are otherwise OK. You have a good job and also a lot of nice things: a 72″ Plasma Hi-Def TV to watch the game, a killer sound-system, nice clothes and furniture. Life is good.

One day, your wife gets a phone call from her mother. Seems like your brother-in-law, Dupree, has been mercilessly kicked out of yet another marriage, another house — for no good reason, they all say — and needs a place to stay. The wife pleads with you to take him in. So you buckle and go along. You put Dupree up in that new room you just built for yourself and your hobbies — hoping things will only be temporary.

Soon, your daughter and son make good friends with Dupree and are always hanging out with him doing something or other. Just what, you have little idea. Your wife also has taken a renewed shine to him. It’s cool. Dupree does have a good sense of humor and all. But when something comes up at the dinner table and you take one side to it, all of them seem to take Dupree’s cool and iconoclastic view on the matter.

They’ve also sweet-talked you into running all your stock and money market accounts through Dupree’s Uncle Greenspan’s financial business (he’s so smart about such things) and he’s guaranteed you so many fine returns. Soon your entire household budget is also managed by him. And he’d never screw you — he’s kind of family, right?

And Dupree’s making so many interesting new friends around town. Friends that he brings by the house all the time — at all hours. And even your kids like them. But your son has also started to look a lot different lately. All kinds of odd little changes — like sleeping-in real late and wearing outlandish attire when he goes out late at night and all his friends seem to be a little… you know, funny acting.

Little Sis is also acting weird. Her once beautiful, well-cared for hair is now stringy looking and she’s very pale. She, too, sleeps odd hours and is often given to berating you openly about your stodgy ways and conservative views. You don’t dare say one thing about that new Black boyfriend she has — Dupree fixed them up and everyone is now applauding Little Sis for her open-mindedness.

Even the wife has gotten into the act, it seems. She’s recently been given to join all kinds of new socially and environmentally-conscious causes. So many that it’s hard to keep up with, anymore. You rarely even see her, let alone anything else. Any time you ask her about it, she says that Dupree has convinced her of the importance of supporting such things and then she becomes just a little too defensive about her new-found beliefs — like she can’t have her own ideas and all?

Then they all ask you to help out with Dupree’s brother, Moe, who’s just moved into a small house on the other side of the neighborhood, a rougher area to be sure. Seems like all of his neighbors hate his guts for some reason or other and are threatening him. Dupree’s buddy-buddy with him, since that’s his side of the family and all. Dupree’s told you that Moe needs to get a big gun and a fancy security system to protect himself around there and he begs you to help him pay for it. It’ll only cost you a few extra dineros a month, he tells you. You’re rich, right?

So you go along with it all to keep peace in the family and also in the neighborhood. After all, you do business with his next door neighbor, who also hates Moe and Dupree, as well. But in the back of your mind is all the dirt that Moe has on you and your wife from back in High School. You just don’t want that kind of thing out. Moe does work for the paper and has dropped a few hints about it, too.

But many of your best friends in the neighborhood have been saying a bunch of stuff about Dupree to you, lately. They’ve been trying to tell you, nicely, that Dupree has been playing you for a chump — big time. Remember that brand-new Black & Decker Band Saw that went missing last month? The one you thought your daughter went and had pawned, since you’re now pretty sure she’s doing crack seriously? Well, your neighbors are now saying that it was Dupree who went and sold it to that new bunch down the street. But that’s not all: Seems like whenever you go out of town on business, Dupree opens up the house for some seriously loud parties.

You try to bring all this up with the wife when she gets home from her latest political activist meeting she’s been involved in. She doesn’t even listen to one word you say about any of it and immediately starts accusing you for being a “Hater” just like all the rest of those people who’ve kicked Dupree out over the years. “What’s wrong with you,” she plaintively asks. “What’s become of the man I thought was so helpful to the underdog and was so caring to other kinds of people?”

Same thing with the kids. Junior’s now out of the closet, totally. He’s going to the prom with some older guy named Mitch and seems much more concerned with his new pink prom dress than listening to you, since you’ve made it readily apparent that you dislike his choice in “Lifestyles.” Little Sis just passed out when you tried to talk to her about it.

Dupree starts making household decisions on his own with the least concern about what you have to say about any of it. You try to bring it up to him, politely, but he immediately launches into another loud tirade about the terrible something that once happened to him and Moe; how you’re starting to sound the same dam way as those other people responsible. Everybody else acts so angered and saddened by this supposed event from his past and how we all must agree to remember this when dealing with Dupree or his brother. And it matters, not a whit, what the two of them do around the neighborhood, it seems.

You then try to tell him it’s your house and he all but ignores that bit of fact and then goes on about your wife being much more laid back about things and so why can’t you be? And then, after he winds down on another little victimhood spiel, one that you’ve heard a million times before; he tells you how smart him and his side of the family are about everything and then pats you on the back, consolingly, like he has your best interests in mind, of course.

Then the wife goes and allows this entirely strange family to start moving in, since they’ve falling on hard times and need a place to live. She doesn’t even bother to ask for your opinion, let alone approval. The wife gives them the last bedrooms available. Dupree’s all for the idea. Yet it sometimes seems like it was all his idea to begin with; he even helps them carry their stuff into the house and does anything possible to make them feel right at home.

But the next thing you know, some of their relatives start slipping in as well. They end up taking over the whole living and formal dining room areas. People seem to be sleeping and walking around everywhere. The bathrooms look like hell. You complain loudly about it all but no one even listens to you, anymore. Your wife now goes along with everything Dupree says, but with a confused, vacant look.

You know the food bill has to be skyrocketing — so you go see Greenspan about it, only to run into Dupree in the office foyer. It’s hard to be polite to him anymore, but you manage to as you tell him why you’re there. And it seems like Dupree can’t hide a bit of a smirk on that squirrelly face of his. Or was it just your imagination?

You see Greenspan. He tells you all is well. Oh sure, you’ve got a little red ink on the bottom line but not to worry; it’ll all work out with the new investments he’s changed to your portfolio, lately. He’s sure of it. He’s taken a brand new tack with your money; he’s got it in companies based in foreign countries where they won’t have to pay any wages or taxes to the locality back here. It’ll be good for your stock values. Maybe not for the rest of your neighbors, but who cares about them, right? “Dupree was just here and told me all about those assholes, anyways” he tells you. 

“You just go home to that pretty little wife of your’s and I’ll take care of the rest,” he promises. “And oh, by the way, that monthly stipend to Dupree’s brother Moe needs to go up again — seems like times are a little rough for him in his neck of the woods. He’s your personal friend in that part of town and you understand, right? We’ll have to cut back on a few house maintenance items to make the budget work.”

Now, when you get out into the parking lot, you think for a second and soon, you’re really wondering. You’ve just got into that rust-heap car you drive, while your wife tools around in a nice, new eco-friendly Prism. You’ve just co-signed a note so Dupree can have himself a sporty new rice-burner. Half the people at the dinner table now speak in a foreign language as they eat the food you pay for and sometimes even laugh at you for reasons you don’t understand.

You can’t even watch the Packers-Steelers game on your big Hi-Def big screen anymore; because everybody else is watching what you once called soccer and they all laugh at you when you say you want to watch the Football game –- telling you that they are watching a Football game. You consider yourself lucky to even have that big TV still, since the killer stereo system of your’s went AWOL last month, for some reason.

In the end, you just watch the big game in your bedroom since you’ll have a measure of peace about it and won’t have to deal with all the angry looks. When you try to call a friend to rub it in about the final score, you can’t even get an open line since someone else is using the phone. Hell, half the time it seems you can’t even pick up the phone, anymore, without hearing a “click” as someone lifts the receiver elsewhere in the house, maybe even to listen in. Or so you suspect.

You think more about it all, as you silently stew in the parking lot of that fancy-dancy building that Greenspan’s office is located at. You remember that promise that your wife made about Dupree moving into Moe’s house way back when. “When was that,” you ask yourself? You don’t even have the foggiest idea about it anymore, when you finally get around to cranking up the faulty ignition of your rust-bucket, to drive back to what was once your nice and peaceful home. Built by your great-great-grandfather and passed down to you. What was once your home.

Your home.

— Phillip Marlowe


No one, in his or her right mind, would allow this kind of thing to go on for very long. At what point do you draw the line and put your foot down? But that’s the whole point, right? And this is exactly what is going on to our country when you really think about the issues today, whether you like it or not.

The real question is: When will YOU say enough is enough? When it’s too late to do anything about it? Speak up NOW and forcefully to any who dare support this destruction of America.

The traitorous fools, who are all for these kinds of things, want you to think otherwise and are willing to say just about anything to confuse and blind you about it — including appealing to your emotions and your American sense of fairness for all the “underdogs in the world.” But if you have any questions about why this is TOTALLY impossible for America, then you just watch the short video below.

And if you have the question: “Why in the first place?” Then just go to the section above you, up under my banner called “The Real Immigration Deal” and download the PDF embedded there and read at least the conclusion pages. Won’t take you that long. And watch this video if you haven’t already.

The Immigration Gumball Video: It’s the real-life stats (yet easy to understand) behind illegal immigration and how the numbers alone will necessarily turn our country into the living hell of the Third World. If you have not seen this video, stop and watch it now — it’s that important.

* Take a good look at the history of immigration legislation in this country, going back as far as the 1920’s and the debates back in 1952. Finally in 1965, with the help of the traitorous Ted Kennedy, the Jews succeeded in changing the immigration laws from mostly White Europeans to mostly non-whites. And look today at the efforts of the Anti-Defamation league (ADL) and other Jew-run groups like the SPLC. It can’t be denied any longer, these people are seeking to completely destroy the White demographics of this country in any way they can.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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13 Responses to What Was Once Your Home

  1. incogman says:

    Looks like the Jewish supremacist trolls and pasty-white liberal fools can’t summon one iota of spine to say JACK about this post, even though I know that many of them are hitting this from some liberal blog.

    You’re a bunch of pathetic worms — did you know that? Of course you do. You’ll soon be slithering alright, as America awakens to your boundless perfidies and comes looking for you. And that’s when you’ll keep your fat yaps shut, once again, since it’s obvious to all of us that you can’t say squat to defend your anti-American behavior.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is scary scenario indeed!

  3. incogman says:

    Yes, it is. Did you watch the video?

    I’ve seen first-hand the numbers of illegals across the country: 4 years ago, I traveled extensively across the US and visited most states. Most people just do not have the chance at this. It’s prevalent in most of the places I went to. Some places were completely Mexican third-world type places.

    And the numbers do not lie. The media and government say it’s 12 million but most experts say it’s much more than that, at least 20 million, maybe 38 million! Texas and much of California are now majority Hispanic.

    We are giving this country away and white people will be a minority sooner, rather than later. They say 2050, but I think that’s a real lie. I think it’ll be in the 2020’s, if not sooner. This is all a purposeful effort by the Jews to racially nullify the white hold on this country in advance of the NAU (2010). Go to my page “The Real Immigration Deal” above you and read up on the history behind all this.

    I guarantee that you’ll be back to read more here. Let’s hope others do to.




  5. BTW…LINKSWAP?!?!?!

  6. incogman says:

    Yeah, sure but where’s the link? I need to “vet it” some too. To make sure it doesn’t belong in my “Braindead” links section! lol. Read the descriptions para below the GIF. You don’t sound like any of those!

  7. Mind you, I and the content of this page are far from tame. (You should appreciate that!)

    http://www.whitespeech.blogspot.com will do it…WHITESPEECH.

    In The Furtherance of White Interests, WOLF 14/88

  8. incogman says:

    For whatever reasons, your comment was filtered as SPAM.

    I did do a quick once over and your blog passes my WHITE TEST 100%! And it names the Jew, as sure sign of someone who gets it — bigtime! In fact, it’s so good I hesitate to put your link up for fear of losing customers! But we’re in this together and to get fellow whites to WAKE THE FLOCK up, you’re going in my links for whites.

    Semper Fi!

  9. DMS says:

    Could you rewrite the story above as a screenplay?

  10. incogman says:

    Sure. Maybe I can get Steven Spielberg to direct it and the B’nai B’rith to bankroll production.

    Any suggestions on the cast?

  11. Najat says:

    white people?
    Didn’t they get to America by Immigration too?
    I am not against lowering the numbers or anything since I am in my home and I don’t need America..
    I just wonder..

  12. Wake Up says:

    Whites were absolutely not immigrants to America. Look up the Kennewick Man. Educate yourself on the truth about white occupation of America.

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