Eve Carson Was Abducted Out of Her Own Home

As this ATM shot was taken, a scared Eve Carson is being held by Demario Atwater, Jr. in the backseat and still alive. God knows what this sicko Negro was doing to her back there (see below for his photo).

IN COURT DOCUMENTS released Friday, an unknown informant gave police frightening details of the death of Eve Carson in Chapel Hill, NC this past March. At 1:30 am on March 5th, Eve was in her apartment studying when her roommates asked if she would like to come along for a late-night snack, but she declined unfortunately for her.

It appears that the two feral Negroes, Lawrence Lovette and Demario Atwater, Jr. strolled through a open or unlocked door and confronted the girl. Maybe if she had a weapon she might have responded, turning the tables on these two animals and possibly saving the taxpayer’s money for a couple of decades. They forced the girl at gunpoint to accompany them in her own car to the ATM to get at her money. One kept the girl with him in the back seat, probably to threaten her if the PIN number she gave them didn’t work.

In the now infamous ATM shot (above), as Eve is held in the backseat with the Negro Cockroach Atwater, his partner in crime is eagerly waiting for the machine to spit out the blood money. Her living presence back there was speculated at the time this photo was released, and horribly all too true. In total, the two vile Negroes stole $1,400 out of her account over a two day period after gunning the girl down. Breaking News Report on the court documents

Can you imagine this? The poor girl must have been scared out of her living wits. But that’s not all. At some point they may have decided to have a little fun with their captured young White girl and made her do a few things.

These two Negroes both shot Eve to death after stealing $1,400 and possibly sexually assaulting her in some sick fashion. Killer Gangsta Lawrence Lovette on the left and the Negro Cockroach, Demario Atwater, Jr. is on the right.

The District Attorney said that she was not sexually assaulted, but the court documents say the police think so, but fail to mention exactly how. They requested DNA samples from the two killers (routine), but we don’t yet know what the police coroner found on or in the cold, lifeless body of Eve Carson (the autopsy report is not out). Forced oral copulation is a distinct possibility since the semen may be difficult to collect after a short period of time (sick!). Although this was not mentioned in the court documents either, it’s entirely possible.

After getting the money and doing whatever to Eve, they took her to a secluded spot in a upper-class neighborhood and both Negroes together shot her multiple times in the street at around 5:30 in the morning. Police confirm two different weapons used. These vicious animals didn’t care one bit about that girl!

Eve would have been startled out of her mind when she saw the two Negroes showing up inside her apartment. Little did she know what was soon in store for her that night. Can you wonder what went through her mind?

Eve Carson made much to do about “Diversity.” On her website for her election as class president for the University of North Carolina, she promised to extend “Diversity Week” and have more “Mix it up” days where students and faculty make every effort to sit with those of other ethnicity’s when eating lunch or whatever. How sweet. This girl was the embodiment of liberal White girl mentality.

A lot that got her in the end.

And more than likely she knew right off the bat that her late night visitors where not there in her apartment to heal any racial rifts or wanted to do any “mixing up.” Or at least not like the mixing up she was used to. Chances are, she understood in the very first second she laid eyes on those two, as her heart sank to the the pit of her stomach with the sheer realization and fear she was in trouble. Big-time. That first natural gut reaction is so important in alerting a person to imminent danger, but of course, there wasn’t much she probably could have done since the Negroes had the drop on her, aiming a pistol right in her face.

Just the past January, Lovette and maybe even his cohort Demario did the exact same thing: Breaking into the apartment of another University student, the Indian Abjihit Mahato, and putting a bullet right between his eyes at close range. These two Negroes were killer gangstas!

We see this kind of thing more and more these days as feral Negroes take their act on the road (see my articles below). Robbing, raping, carjacking innocent Whites who have done everything to make these spoiled Negroes happy. Not only do they shoot each other up in the ghetto, but are branching out to neighborhoods much like yours. You, yourself, have probably heard of something occurring to someone you know. Hell, just watching the local news, reading between the lines and paying attention to the names of the perps will confirm all this to you.

Of course, if you’re a liberal White living in some place like Negro Free Vermont, you might not have heard any of these things since national news does it’s best not report on it; nor do you have any first hand experience of how run-of-the-mill Negroes really are on the streets. So, you’ll probably be sitting there in your cardigan sweater and birkinstock sandals, “tsk-tsking” me for being an evil racist. It’s fools like you that are really to blame, since you lack one ounce of spine to stand up and say anything in defense of White people.

You make me sick.

At the very least, you can spend a little time looking into the criminal acts of blacks. You’ll quickly see that this is not some random event. Over on the left and below are some links to sites that keep track of these kinds of things that you might never even know about it since the dam news does everything it can to keep you in the dark. Go to my Quicky Contents page above and scroll to “Hush Crimes” against the Whites. Read a few stories listed there to get the big picture.

Also, see this following series on Black crime, should you have the guts:

What You Don’t Know Could Get You Killed
What You Don’t Know Could Get You Raped
What You Don’t Know Could Make You a Number
What You Don’t Know WILL Make You Retch
What You Don’t Know or Will Not Talk About!


This is not something that you can possibly ignore. The Negroes are not only acting like this on a day-to-day basis in our cities, but are actually getting more violent and brazen about it all over. If Barack Obama is elected, expect to see even more crime, believe it or not, since Blacks will want immediate gratification (don’t they always) because of it. And, since we know that will be impossible (or will it?), we’ll see Negroes going off half-cocked all over the country.

They’ll literally go “ape” out celebrating his election! God help us if he’s assassinated. We’ll see Negroes torching entire cities over it and come looking for you because your skin color is White. They’ll laugh in your fat face, as you try to explain what a pro-Diversity liberal you’ve been, as they stomp the living life out of you, right then and there. Obama or politics might mean little to them in reality, but they’ll use the whole thing as an excuse to rob, rape and pillage from one end of this country to the other. Yukking it up as they go along.

Make note of just what South Africa is now like since the Negroes were handed the country by White liberals in the West with all their efforts in the media and in ruining any business that invested with the so-called evil apartheid government. South Africa now has the world’s biggest crime and rape stats, with a woman violated every 17 seconds. Whites have been targeted for brutal attention there for years now and have left in droves.

The traitorous Jew media turns this kind of thing into high fashion.

But you won’t hear one dam thing about this on the network news, instead they’ll show you video of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday party in London and attended by rich, high-flying liberals like Annie Lennox (right) and crack-addled Jewess Amy Winehouse (on the verge of drug death), along with a stadium full of idiot White multicults from all over.

The whole event was happily hosted by the black actor Will Smith, who makes his moolah from all the White schmucks shelling out good money at the box office to see the “super black man saving the world” crap again rammed down our throats for the umpteenth time by Jew Hollywood for the July 4th “blockbuster.”

Nelson Mandela could care less about the safety of Whites in South Africa. He even openly sings a revolutionary ANC song at events in SA that calls for the murder of Whites and braindead liberals in the West don’t say one damn thing. White people are targeted for victimhood, not only with crime, but politically as well. This is not just in SA but all over Africa. Zimbabwe’s woes are directly attributable to Mugabe (allied with Mendala over the decades) outlawing and attacking White farmers who provided the know-how and efforts in agriculture. The last few White farmers, are abandoning Zimbabwe.

What a disgusting bunch of White race traitor morons to be there joyously celebrating this man’s birthday!

When will you say enough is enough about Black crime and the on-going hypocrisies being foisted on the White race? When it happens to someone close to you, a friend, a co-worker, a daughter? Whites had better come together and present a racially aware and solid front that tells these people that they had better start getting their dam act together and stop blaming Whitey for all their violent behavior. If you are truly a peaceful and thoughtful person, you’ll realize that’s exactly what’s necessary. Call it “tough love” if you have to. Call it what you will. It doesn’t mean you’re a Nazi or Hater.

The idiots out there will all call you these kinds of things. They can’t put two and two together because they will not admit they’ve been wrong. I have. I’m sick of these violent and spoiled Blacks committing crime whenever and wherever to my race.

Are you brave enough to stand up for what you believe in for real? Or do you just try to say you do?

— Phillip Marlowe

My original breaking news stories on this: Everything To Live For: Nothing For Them To Kill

UPDATE: Carson’s Feral Negroes Busted!

Eve Carson Murdered by Affirmative Action?

David Duke:The Most Important Civil Right

Stormfront’s Giant Ethnic Crime Report


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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23 Responses to Eve Carson Was Abducted Out of Her Own Home

  1. Intolerant says:

    I can’t say anything that you haven’t already said here. My only comment is the perceived level of respect you give these savage nigger animals by calling them negroes. I have years of experience in blogging with wordpress. I’ve been shut down twice, reinstated the first time, dead the second. I’m back again. I suggest you simply back up your material and forget all this softening up negro shit and call these fucking niggers exactly what they are. It makes for a higher impact commentary and shows the rage these filthy subhuman apes invoke. You obviously have a good handle on niggerology and your outrage is obvious…call them niggers. Don’t let the liberal fearmongers keep you tied to coddling the niggers by smoothing over what you call them. I’ve had my site recently removed by wordpress not because of my use of the word nigger, or even my nigger content. It’s a long story…but it had nothing to do with niggers…

    So I urge you to please let it go and call these filthy beasts niggers. Some may think the word negro is just as offensive to them but it isn’t. Try it on the subway…call them negroes first…then call them niggers. Which one gets you shot? Good blog. I found you through chimpout.com. I linked my blog for you to have a look too. I don’t do so much nigger crime posts as I do humiliating humorous insulting offensive commentary. The crime is too disgusting for me to follow. The excuses are even worse.

  2. LW37 says:

    I use GROIDS. (Akin to Hemorrhoids, which is STILL too good to describe them and I was told on SF that “Groids” was now deemed as a slur and I couldn’t use it.) I was thinking that was a bit much. I was being nice when describing the criminals we talk about with that word. Next we will all have to refer to these murderous monsters as “Gentlemen” like the media does so often already. I don’t like my free speech curbed.

    Eve probably thought that those “poor, minority boys with a bad life who have to steal because they are downtrodden” were going to let her go free all the way until the final moments. She might have even told them all the volunteer work she had done for their fellow groids, and that she understood that crime was all they knew, growing up without dads and hooker moms on crack, and that they could have everything she owned. She might have tried to identify with them, but all they saw was a privaliged “white bit*h” and they wouldn’t care what she had done for their people since they have been conditioned to hate whites since birth. Thanks to the jew.

    It always goes back to the jew. Why don’t groids figure out who the jews are and take their anger out on them instead? Why? Because they get too much “help” from them to hate us.

    What makes me angry is that her family doesn’t seem to see the truth even after her brutal death from what I’ve read. The political correctness in this world is amazing. If it were a daughter of mine who was killed by savage groids, I would probably end up ranting all over the place, making the media hear me and sounding worse than Hal Turner ever thought about. How this girl’s family allowed her to be so much into diversity in the first place is sick. Talk about total left-wingers. They will still float around in their bubble thinking this was an isolated incident and not typical of most groids and that Eve was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was her time to go. Geez!

  3. JoePublic says:

    (sry for the repost, wanted you to see it)
    Great Article and website Incog….I have been deprogrammed for a long long time, I have been an avid Alt Media reader on the net for some 10+ years now. I just stumbled upon your article link on Rense and have been eating up your content ever since…you are right on the money my friend..I would like to add to my comment this critically important aspect of our plight, and that is regarding the Jewish influence behind all of the cultural destruction in white western nations of the world as we speak, and how these countries are experiencing issues that mirror our own in this regard. They have taken control and are destroying us quite on purpose…to all of you who have been reading this blog and are still on the fence about any of it…here’s my advice…Follow the links Incog gives you , I know , I know …it’s boring, you don’t have time…right ? BS you may not know this, but, being a US citizen is not free, that’s right…surprise…you have and civic responsibility to watch what your government is doing, to understand what the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence say and read it over and over until you understand what it means…and then your not done with your responsibility yet, you then have to FIGHT FOR IT !!! yes you can’t just sit on your ass and let some one else do it for you…Do some READING !!!!! TALK TO OTHERS (once you have educated yourself to the point that you can educate others that is) Our biggest problem as I see it is the loss of control of our media…IMHO that should be our first , most important fight, without control of our media we cannot take back our country…PERIOD !!! The media is the propaganda machine that shapes (sadly) what people think in most western white nations…Think of it this way…The media is the hand that strokes the dog (us) while it’s being Put Down…Get It ?? That is there job…Distract, Divide and dis inform…

    Great Job Incog…you are a beacon to all of us….

  4. incogman says:

    I couldn’t say it better myself. Yeah, I saw the other comment. I read everything that goes up. Great comment. Thanks for the compliments too.

    Everybody! Read the above comment all the way through and think real hard about what Joe Public says.

    I would like to add to my comment this critically important aspect of our plight, and that is regarding the Jewish influence behind all of the cultural destruction in white western nations of the world as we speak, and how these countries are experiencing issues that mirror our own in this regard.

    Are you going to just sit there and scratch your head and wonder WTF? 24/7, everytime you see some new stupid BS on the news or other sickness they spew on TV or at the movies?

    We are being screwed left and right and these people don’t want you to figure it out while they do it. Are we Americans this dumb?

    Think about it!

  5. Tay lor says:

    I heard that the Holocaust was fake, oh and the moon landing, the Pyramids are actually an optical illusion, oh and also the sky is really red, the Jews just play mind tricks on us to make us think its blue, pure evil. I hear that they are amassing secret liberals on the moon to take over the world.

  6. incogman says:

    You know something Taylor?

    You think you’re funny but you ain’t. This comment has ZILCH to do with the above post. Once again you show up and act like the ass. Back to moderation.

  7. Louis from Montreal says:

    Incogman, please don’t censor posts like Tay lor. He/she, transgendered, gay, lesbian, humanoid freak, with piercings on his anus, provide a great deal of entertainment to the rest of us. Call me sick, but I do get a laugh from them. I call them worms, cause they live in the dirt.

    Hey worms; try this diet; if you feel useless and dirty, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t, instead of posting your inane comments here, on a White-site, why not tie a rope to a tree and attach yourself to it? I’ll even provide the rope and the tree.

    The word, ‘nigger’, comes naturally when you read an article like the one provided above. Anyone who doesn’t come to the same conclusion is a worm and can follow the directions I just mentioned.

  8. incogman says:

    OK, Louis. I’ll take him off the list — for now.

    Your comment was held since you used the same spelling of his name.

  9. blackgirl says:

    you racist bastards need to get a life!!! disrespecting black people won’t get you anywhere and all of you guys are pussy’s because the only way you can talk about my people is online through your little code names. i know none of you crackers would reveal any of your real information and say these smart ass comments to a black person to there face!

  10. JoePublic says:

    Blackgirl, did you not read the above article…it is not made up to “disrespect” the blacks…it is FACTUAL …the stats are FACTS ….and isn’t is interesting how you don’t even mention the TOTAL DISRESPECT OR BETTER YET INHUMAN ACTS THESE “BLACKS” SHOWED TO THIS INNOCENT GIRL…WHAT ABOUT THAT ???? and what white person in his right mind would try to convey this “information” as you put it…to a black person in the anti white culture we live in now and risk being put in jail for a ridiculous hate crime. Not that you would be capable of understanding anything that does not directly benefit you.

    Ohh and by the way, your damn right I’m racist…rather be a racist than a mongrelist ….

  11. incogman says:

    Hey “blackgirl” if some white said JACK to one of you Negroes in person, there’s a good change of:

    1) Having you start screaming bloody murder like it was the end of the world — all shaking and spitting like some lowland primate.
    2) Have “hate crime” federal charges applied since blacks are so militant that we have to placate you someway. Even then it’s not enough for you big mouths to be happy. Hell, nothing makes you happy except for free stuff, no work and Micky D’s.
    3) Get murdered right then and there. If a gun is not handy, you’ll resort to a knife, machete or baseball bat. And that can happen over most ridiculous reasons too. Getting dissed is only one of so many things that spurs blacks to committ murder.

    And the bad thing? You know everything I said is 100% true. Plus, I don’t see your name and address anywhere. And your english is pretty pathetic, too. So, take your sorry @ss on out of here!

  12. Louis from Montreal says:

    Yo, blackgirl, listen up now, I be speakin to you on yo level so pay some attention. You be commin here all self-righteous and everything, an there be nottin free but the dissin…see cuz you be on the “cracker” site now, and we tell it like it is, but dis be da only place we can do dat, so now you go axe brotha Sharpton to take it to da street, and maybe you be on Oprah next week. Now go girl an move dat booty…

  13. Taylor says:

    Hey Louis, you stupid Canadian piece of shit, I’m a white American of German and Norwegian decent with balls twice the size of any canook. Stick to your beer (molson) that tastes like piss and your stupid olympic sport where you literally sweep ice with a broom. I would whipe my sweaty balls on your face if I had the chance.

  14. Taylor says:

    You got that eh? Do you know what I’m talking abooot?

  15. Taylor says:

    Oh, and nothing is more pussy than a FRENCH Canadian…LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!

  16. JoePublic says:

    WoW The intellectual juices overfloweth…as of late…Funny

  17. Louis from Montreal says:

    Taylor; You must pick up lots of women with that language, “piss” and “sweaty balls,” and by the way, Molson isn’t my brand, but I do see lots of Americans drinking it when they visit our city every summer. Maybe they know something you don’t, eh?

    As for sports, sorry, but I don’t waste too much time on that issue. You can insult them all you like…

    You know, Taylor, your juvenile intellect is quite typical of the liberal trash you represent, and while I do find it somewhat amusing, I do think you should seek psychiatric help. Should your mind ever raise itself from the gutter, this French-Canadian would be happy to debate any issue with regard to the topics on this site. Till then, please confine yourself to an area that you are more suited to.

  18. The Tourist says:

    What you’re seeing is nature at its most vicious.

    It’s simple. A high % of black men are naturally more attracted to light skinned females (read: white women) than their own kind. It’s not the nice thing to say but it’s true and easily verifiable if you have any contact and experience with the real world.

    But as I’ve said before, there’s not much you can do stop it. Even though what 35,000 white girls get raped by blacks every year watch who they vote for in November. I guarantee you Obama gets more of their vote than Mccain.

    Also, have any of you “White Nationalists” read studies showing dating/marriage trends between the races? There are FAR more white female “race traitors” than there are male ones and in the end it’s your women that are the leading cause of low birth rates. Deep down you know it’s true and it’s all just the tip of the iceberg.

  19. African Man says:

    Good morning crackers! I come from Africa where we dont have White people. (except for Southern Africa)

    As for Eve Carson, she should have had a gun if she lived around a Black neighborhood. Heck I am African and even I don’t trust blacks. Learned my lessons from Africa.

    Stop focusing your hate on Niggers and learn about your real enemy. The Khazar/Ashkenazi converts of Judaism. These people are not even the same Jews that killed Jesus. They are Europeans who have never set foot in the Middle East.

  20. African Man says:

    The Tourist. White women do not fear White men. The Arabs keep their women in check.

    Another thing, this White chick at my work likes me. Should I bang her to piss you guys off? She is smoking hot with blonde hair. It helps that I am a Black-Arab with White facial features. (like Sudanese Arabs)

    Only way your women will respect you is if you stand up to your biggest enemy, the Jew. Then others will respect you.

  21. The Tourist says:

    Technically I’m more asian that white but fear or lack of respect has nothing to do with it.

    My point was to simply showcase the fact that there are more white women who date outside their race than white men. This is evidenced by several U. of Berkley interracial studies conducted back in the 90s which basically concluded a) more white sleep outside their race than white men b) less asian women date white men than you might think.

    There were a lot of other interesting findings that mirror what I see on a regular basis.

    And as far as “the Jew” goes…
    As long as Israel keeps slaughtering innocent Palestinians in what has become the largest concentration camp on earth, they are the world’s enemy…not just the white man’s.

  22. incogman says:

    Well are you the Tourist or African Man? I thought you were a east African? Now you are Asian too? Oh well.

    White women are heavily brainwashed by Jew media into sleeping with Negroes. Only the weaker-minded fall for it and eventually get their just desserts when homie goes to prison or a younger fool.

    Soon they will regret the whole business when they find themselves ostracized by racially aware Whites who have figured out the Jew deal. And yes, the Jew has always been mankind’s greatest bedevilment. But’s it’s the Whites who have suffered their parasitism mostly, however. The Chinese did too, during the Opium wars with British Jews hooking the peasants on the stuff.

    It’s the biggest real-life secret of world, this Jew thing. Understanding it and speaking out about it is difficult for most White Americans since they believe everything on the Jew Tube. They see little about the Palestinian question, so they discount it as much of an issue. They care more about Darfur than Palestine, thanks to Jew lefty meddling.

  23. rc says:

    best website- filthy subhuman cockroaches- I really liked Bronson in Death Wish 1975

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