They’ll Stab You, Shoot You, Burn You Alive…

Take a good, hard look at this photo. This could be a photo of your two sons and yourself. And one day looked back on with the memory of what happened. A memory that will never, ever leave your head. Robert Knox, on the right, with mother Sally and younger brother Jamie.

Three stories. Three stories of the vicious killing of young White people by violent Negroes, with or without guns. Two in England and another in this country not very far from where Eve Carson was shot down in the street like a dog by the feral Negroes, Lawrence Lovette and Demario Atwater.

LONDON, May 24, 2008: 18 year-old Robert Knox had everything to live for. His acting career was taking off and he had just finished up a nice role in an upcoming “Harry Potter” movie, along with TV and commercial work. But the evils of “Diversity” had something else in store for this talented young man:

Witnesses said the Knox brothers became caught up in the frenzied attack after a man accused one of their pals of stealing a mobile phone.

Robert, 18, waded in to defend 16-year-old Jamie after they and a group of friends were confronted in a bar by a crazed attacker armed with two knives.

Lee Howard, 19, a friend of Robert who saw the trouble, said: “We were in the bar, just having a drink on a Friday night as normal, when word went round that someone was coming down, tooled up with knives.

“Then two black men in an Audi A3 turned up outside. The bouncers didn’t seem to search them and let them into the bar.

“It kicked off straight away. One of them went up to Jamie and said, ‘I’m going to get you. I’m going to slit your throat.’ Read more here

Several other whites were slashed and stabbed in this attack, along with brother Jamie. All managed to survive but Robert. His blood and life poured out of him in mere moments after being horribly gutted by violent Negroes, out to get vengeance on some whiteys whom they thought stole a lousy, friggen’ cell phone!

And then there’s the story about a young 14 year-old boy, Martin Dinnegan, chased down in the street last June, by a mob of up to 20 Negroes who, when they caught him, beat and stabbed the petrified boy to death:

A terrified 14-year-old killed in a knife attack begged a bystander for help as he fled from a mob of teenagers, the Old Bailey heard today.

Witness Tom Morgan told the court how stab victim Martin Dinnegan ran past him pleading: ‘Please help me.’ Read more here

Four of the killers are only now going on trial in England this month. It’s certain that many in this pack of rabid dogs will totally escape any justice and are laughing all about it. Imagine 20 violent Negroes chasing down some scared, little 14 year-old boy! How about if it was one of your children or even you?

Now, it’s safe to assume that some who come here may believe in “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism.” But that means absolutely ZILCH to any of these Negroes. They don’t care about some high-minded talk about peace and love and harmony, etc. etc. They could care less. You have something they want or think you might have “dissed” them or something, anything — they’ll kill you dead right then and there. Read on for more proof.

These Negroes fired assault rifles blindly into a trailer home occupied by a family, killing a young white who saved a two-year old baby. Look at those expressions of utter contempt for decency and even life itself!

Hell, you don’t even have to go to a bar or the wrong place in town to have something like this happen anymore. You can just be out visiting friends at home when all of sudden your life comes to a screeching halt and the world fades to black — forever.

 CHARLOTTE, NC, April 6, 2008: 15 year-old Jonathan Russell (right) was over visiting his friends on a Sunday night when a knock came at the door. Tamara Hartis went to see who it was when she heard a man grunt and then someone walked away. What happened next was gunfire coming from the outside as bullets were punching through the thin walls of the trailer house they were all in.

“It was fast,” she said, “And all I could do was hit the floor and scream, ‘Everybody get down.’”

“He was grabbing the baby and bringing the baby down with him. He managed to throw him on the other side of the couch, kept him out of harm’s way,” she said.

She called Russell a life-saver. Read more here

Everybody dived for cover, but brave Jonathan instinctively reacted to protect a two-year old baby. That act of heroism probably cost him his life as a bullet then drilled him right through the head. The baby and the rest of the family escaped serious harm since a tree stopped many of the shots. Police say that the shooting was part of a robbery attempt, somehow relating to a robbery that occurred there two weeks previously. I could find no information on the race of the family Russell was visiting.

But all the shooters were Negroes from over the state border in nearby Pageland, SC. Come to rob again or get some payback — does it really matter, anymore? Because it all boils down to the same thing in the end. You know it, I know it.


Look, I know everyone wants the world to be some nice fairyland where all the races live in harmony and all that jazz. But it’s not happening and you may as well get over it. We’ve given them decades now of “racial equality” efforts of all sorts and look what we get in return: Same old BS, day-in, day-out.

In my TV “viewing area” we often have at least one, sometimes two, maybe even three Negro killings a day on the local news. That’s over 10 per week. Oh, sure, almost all of them are Negroes killing each other on the streets over someone grtting “dissed,” a bag of crack owed to them, a gold trinket stolen, a “playa” who played too much, whatever happens to set one or more off.

Mostly, it’s a cheap handgun or a handy kitchen knife used as the murder weapon, but sometimes the victim is beaten and stomped to bloody death. Along with the motive, the method of killing is no great surprise to anyone, anymore: To the Cops and people on the street, the news-viewing public or even to the Negro family members!

And I really could care less about it, too. That’s right, you heard me. Shocking, isn’t it? Why should I have to act all worked up about it every dam day? They’re going to do it anyways. It doesn’t affect me in the slightest. Oh, I know that my local and state taxes are affected by it quite a bit. Cops, Crime scene investigators, Coroners, Morgue workers, Prison Guards, Judges, Public Defenders, just to name a few. All working around the clock on cases when the culprit is usually some dam Negro.

It’s only when I read about them killing a White that I really give a good G-Dam, anymore. We do NOT deserve this kind of behavior, whatsoever. Nor do we need to feel one once of guilt. Not in 1960 nor in 2008.

I mean, what is the common denominator here, people? Guns? No, Negroes will kill with whatever is handy: Knives, machetes, hammers, baseball bats, matches even. Are they so “oppressed” in this country that they are forced into killing left and right? No, if a black can put it together, in the least little way educationally, they can get a great job just for being Black. Is it because they are not represented politically? No, we may have a Black as our next president (God help us).

And is it because of all the violence in the media and video games? If such were the case, then it would be true mayhem in our streets since White kids and Asians don’t commit crimes in these kind of numbers. You can do some simple math in your head to really see this. Let’s say blacks at 13.5% of the population have 6% males. Whites at 67% have about 33% males. If Whites were doing this kind of thing, then we’d see the murder rate not doubled, not tripled, but quadrupled and then some!

Instead of hearing about a couple of Negroes offing themselves every night on the local news we would be hearing about 10 criminal homicides or more per day in our major metropolitan areas — if White people and Asians committed murder at something of the same kind of rate that Blacks do!

This was recently discussed in an article about the New York City crime rate which postulates that 68.5% of all crime is committed by NYC Blacks, who are at 24% of the city’s population. That’s almost three times the population! Imagine things if all the increased number of cops on the streets over the last few years were not around to keep a lid on it all?

And whenever you see the news media bemoaning all the horrors of street crime and violence with our youth, who do they show in all the staged managed photos and art illustrating this whole problem? Young White males. Can you believe all that lying BS? The one race most innocent of these kinds of crime and very often the victims of the real racist killers to begin with, like in the above stories — openly besmirched to protect the race “feelings” of big-mouthed Black militants. Un-friggin-believable!

Africa during the “apartheid” years? Oh, no. This photo was taking just last month in South Africa during riots over Zimbabwe refugees from Robert Mugabe’s election violence. Note the crude clubs they wield. One type of weapon you don’t see: matches and gasoline: several Zimbabweans were viciously set on fire in the streets (below right). Negroes care absolutely nothing about mercy for their victims, nor do they care about honor or your kind of “sensitivity” and never have!

We really only have to look at Africa to see all this in action sans White “oppression.” Since the end of White rule in South Africa and Zimbabwe, we can see exactly how they behave when they take the reigns of power. They act this same way over there all the time, but often much worse. It’s glaringly apparent that once Blacks get power they only use it for personal enrichment of themselves, their family and tribal loyalties (your tax dollars go to this rip-off, too).

And make clear note of this: When it comes to Blacks versus Whites, they would have absolutely no problem with being prejudiced in favor of their own race. Hell, they vote almost totally for one of their own versus any White person — anywhere. Look at all the kow-towing to Blacks that the Clintons have done over the years and do you see where that has gotten Hillary? Well over 90% of Blacks vote for Barack Hussein Obama simply because he’s is a “person of color” regardless of his stand on issues — no matter what they try to say.

You think he would’ve gotten this kind of percentage if he was a White democrat with his level of experience? What a laugh. You just sit there and try to tell me that’s not racist!

And if Obama gets whacked as a candidate or as president later, we’ll definitely see Blacks all over go totally “ape.” Entire cities may well be burned downed to the ground. Whites easily might get shot, stabbed, burned to death wherever found. You think it can’t happen? It’s happened plenty of times already!

Even if nothing happens and he does gets elected, we’ll see Blacks acting “uppity” across the country — all pompous and expecting instant special advantages just for being Black, right off the bat (like they don’t already?). This behavior has already being noted by many Whites, but not reported on in the media. Whites were attacked near Detroit by Negroes out celebrating when Obama announced his nomination numbers.

And they’ll actually be prone to more violence, out of frustration — if they do not get instant special advantages because of their skin color, should he be elected. Witness all the evil crime against Whites that has been occurring in South Africa since the liberal’s God Negro, Nelson Mandela and the ANC had the country turned over to them. Black cops placed by the new Negro regime often ignore going after other Blacks when Whites take their criminal complaints to them.

They don’t care a lick about you since you’re a Whitey! Plain and simple.

So, the common denominator in this whole mess is one thing and one thing only: Negroes themselves. They have readily proven themselves to be just what I’ve always said here in my blog: A spoiled and violent race that plagues this country’s inner cities and even outlaying rural areas. A race that cannot coexist peacefully in ANY civilized society. It’s high-time to face facts, folks.

And it’s not guns that’s the answer, either. Blacks will use whatever objects they can get their hands on to rob, rape or kill. Look at what’s happening in England and all the gun laws they have over there now. We’ve played around long enough over the subject, debating and pointing fingers and doing this or that, all in the futile effort of placating these Negroes. It’s time we faced the facts and quit fighting with ourselves about it.

And you know all this, too.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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15 Responses to They’ll Stab You, Shoot You, Burn You Alive…

  1. WhiteNotGuilty100 says:

    Hi Incog, thanks for continuing to expose the dangers posed by these rogue apes running loose in society.

    This is KimbaFan100. I signed up for Stormfront again. I hope my account will be allowed to have full priveleges soon. 🙂 I decided to start using my new Stormfront name as my handle on here too. I like it better than KimbaFan100. lol

    I enjoy reading your blog, please keep speaking the truth.

  2. incogman says:

    Good, Kimba. Or WNG100. I know you had that screen name before and it’s good. All whites never need to feel any guilt, whatsover.

    I’m happy to see you rejoined SF. All whites need get together and speak out forcefully. We may not always agree but we need to set-aside all that and come together to present a united front.

    It will not be easy but it’s the right thing to do.

  3. Snowy Smith says:

    Xenophobic Attacks verses Genocide Attacks
    South Africa

    Xenophobic: Black on Black Attacks.
    +-50 Blacks Brutally Murdered.
    +-400 Blacks injured.
    Blacks chasing Blacks out of South Africa.
    President Mbeki National Address, Condemns it.
    Bishop Tutu National Address, Condemns it.
    President Zuma National Address, Condemns it.
    President Mandela National Address, Condemns it.
    Most Politicians National Address, Condemns it.
    Whole Country Condemns it.
    Special Speedy Courts set up.
    President Mandela donates R1 MILLION
    There was even some idiot trying to Blame it on Apartheid.

    Genocide: Black on White Attacks
    +- 3000 White Farmers Tortured and Brutally Murdered.
    +-10000 White Farmers injured.
    +-100 000 Farm Attacks
    Blacks chasing Whites out of South Africa.
    President Mbeki Absolutely SILENT.
    President Mandela Absolutely SILENT.
    Bishop Tutu Absolutely SILENT.
    President Zuma Absolutely SILENT.
    Most Politicians Absolutely SILENT.
    Most of Country Absolutely SILENT.
    NO special Courts
    NO Donations.

    Farm Genocide in South Africa with the ANC Secret Hidden Agenda.


    Common denominator:
    All the Murdering and Stealing committed by Blacks.

    89 MURDERS PER DAY in South Africa.
    South Africa is a Country of Thieves.
    South Africa has the Highest Crime Rate in the World.

    Thabo Mbeki
    Latest Speech
    Yours faithfully

    Senior Complaints Investigator
    Consumer Protection Guide (No Fear, No Favour)
    Fair Civil Law

    The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil.
    South Africa is a Country of Thieves.
    South Africa has the Highest Crime Rate in the World.

    Consumer Protection Guide
    FCL was founded in 1986. FCL is a Consumer Watchdog Organisation.
    FCL are not Attorneys/Lawyers however we do give Free Legal Advice
    and assist the Public with all legal matters, and sample Legal Documents.
    We have over 30,000 sample Legal Documents, Magistrate & HIGH Court.
    FCL Investigates and Exposes all CRIME, Theft, Fraud, Bribery,
    Corruption, Misrepresentation, Abuse of Power etc.
    FCL also investigates all consumer complaints and
    complaints against Attorneys/Lawyers.
    FCL is fighting for Consumer Rights and Redress to Complaints.
    All the Information supplied by FCL is in the PUBLIC INTEREST.
    The costs of FCL projects and services are met through
    donations which we invite in any amount.
    P.O. BOX 3022, DURBAN, 4000.
    Cell: 082-964-8877

  4. LW37 says:

    It is time for all sites pro-white to have a thread dedicated to only “black on white crime”. To heck with sugar-coating them or scattering them around in various sections. They need to stand out and be seen.

    It is only going to get worse as they become emboldened by having Obama (Obamination) as the candidate. This year will be much worse by the time 2009 rolls around. Then it will really get bad.

    The first story I haven’t heard about at all.

  5. Rob Chapman says:


    What I find most interesting is the incredible contrast between a non-PC article, such as your excellent example above, and the Obama ‘The Magic Negro’ Love-fest currently being vomited out by the MSM.

    What you’ve presented is representative of some hard realities about Negroes and their dangerous, degenerate and uncivilized behaviors and communities. The crime and incarceration rates, un-wed mothers, lack of education, and general plague to society rates are astronomically tilted to the ‘dark side’. But one would never know the bitter realities were it not for characters such as Incog and others on the internet in general.

    Now contrast that to the coverage “The Magic Negro” receives. “Puff” pieces would be a gross understatement. The child-like, slobbering, love affair that so many in the MSM are having with “The Magic One” is outright frightening.

    As far as “uppity Negroes” goes, I work in an industry where I come into contact with many non-Whites. I can assure you, it’s already well underway. Attitude, resentment, boisterous, inappropriate talk and behavior (I mean above and beyond what they normally display) is being ratcheted up to intolerable levels. And it’s only June!

    Thanks for another hard-hitting article, Incog. Regardless of the outcome of the elections, I’m afraid us Whites are in for a bumpy ride.

  6. Rob Chapman says:

    BTW, welcome back to SF, WNG100.

    I always enjoy your dialog here on INCOG and will be looking forward to seeing you on SF as well.


  7. WhiteNotGuilty100 says:

    Thank you Rob. 🙂

    I’ve been posting on Stormfront, I just waited a while to sign up for an account again. I was posting as KimbaFan100 on Stormfront, as a guest, mostly on the General forum.

  8. incogman says:

    Hunting Season for Whites

    Between the night of May 31 and the wee hours of the morning of June 1, 2008, between 20 and 30 black teenagers formed a mob to terrorize the citizens of Mount Clemens, Michigan.


    “Sheriff, all the kids in the video I saw are African-American. All of your victims are white. Is there evidence that this was somehow [attacks based on race]?”

    Hackel responded with “It’s a question that we are asking. … If it’s a hate crime and it happens to be a white person and the other people involved are African-Americans, we look at those things.”

    When Beckmann inquired as to whether or not there is a “law to charge them with some kind of hate crime,” Hackel answered, “Well, that’s questionable. I don’t know if it applies to an unprotected class, and I don’t know if whites are part of that. I’m not sure.”

    Beckmann was shocked to hear Hackel suggest that whites are not entitled to equal protection under the law. A taken aback Beckmann asked:

    “You mentioned ‘unprotected class.’ You mean white people are not protected by hate crime legislation?”

    Hackel answered that question by saying, “It doesn’t appear as such at this point and time that there is something that would qualify.”

  9. Snowy Smith says:


    Nelson Mandela Singing about KILLING THE WHITES.

    There is NO crime problem in South Africa????
    Murder, Crime, Rape, Genocide, South Africa.

    Farm Murders in South Africa
    Warning for over 18 year old viewers only.
    You have to sign in to view.

    Crime in South Africa

    Mandela Singing about KILLING THE WHITES.
    Nelson Mandela with his ANC friends still today sings these songs at Public meetings.
    The ANC still sing “shaya ma buru” all over South Africa.
    Promoting Hatred, Promoting Crime, Soliciting Murder.
    Aiding and Abetting in MURDER and ALL CRIME.
    An Accessory Before the Fact.

    Boer Genocide

    You must go and look at all this.

    South Africa is a Criminals Paradise.
    The World cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the Atrocities being committed by BLACKS against the Whites and White Farmers in South Africa.

    The Torture and Brutal MURDER of Elderly White Farmers.


    89 MURDERS PER DAY in South Africa.


    Crime is Totally Out of Control in South Africa.


    Peace and Democracy???????????


    Fastest deterioration of Infrastructure and Roads in the world,

    Highest amount of cash just gone missing in the World,


    When will they learn????

    Failed Handouts in Africa

    $568 billion in African aid and little to show for it Shoddy roads a reflection of failed handouts, spark debate on way forward
    In the 50 years since the first African countries won independence, the world has spent $568 billion on Africa.
    Yet Africans are poorer now than a quarter century ago, and much of the money has ended up on the road to nowhere.

    Fraud, Theft, Briery and Corruption EVERYWHERE.


    They are starting to open their eyes.

    $568 billion in African aid
    $568 billion in African aid
    $568 billion in African aid
    $568 billion in African aid
    $568 billion in African aid

    Where are All those STUPID WHITE LIBERALS?????????????


  10. Louis from Montreal says:

    This story was so upsetting to me I had a difficult time finishing it, but in many cases you have to wonder if the ‘victims’ were not asking for it by placing themselves in situations where these attacks could occur. I, for instance, reside in a very White section of a very multicultural, multiracial, city, but I do not go to nightclubs, bars or any social gathering where non-Whites, or liberal Whites, are found in great numbers.

  11. We The People – White Israelite peoples (those Anglo-Saxon-Celtics and White peoples of NW European heritage) – must remember our Hebrew roots (Roots – they’re not just for Black folk anymore!) and biblical responsibilities if we are to survive.
    We The People – Stand up or get stomped on!

  12. Help expose the hypocrisy, reverse discrimination and Black racism of the Sphinx Organization!

    Sphinx Organization is Racist!

    Where is the investigation into how they’ve received federal funds while discriminating against children of [White] color?

  13. Jennie jonson says:

    Martin Dinnegan wasnt chased by a gang of ‘black savage negroes’,the group was of mixed etc 1 of the scumbags on trial for his murder ‘sean clark’ is white!

  14. Rebecca Olesen says:

    @Jennie Jonson, so you say. That ONE of the ones on trial is white, the ones who were convicted of murder, who actually stabbed him & assault with bodily injury were both BLACK, and if there was a ‘white’ amongst them, just let that be further proof that whites should not allow their children to spend any time with niggers, unless you want them to behave like niggers. White kids did not act this way 40 years ago. I am also seeing ‘double arrest’ photos of white women with their nigger males and think each and every time, the white woman photos are either because they are dead & killed by their ape man lover or because they get arrested with him. EITHER WAY, STAY AWAY.

  15. WTF says:

    This is by far the most racist website i have ever seen in my life… it’s so sad, and a terrible shame. Don’t bother to reply, but I’ve seen all I’ve needed to see. This website should be shutdown for being so hateful…

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