Today’s Sad Holocaust Story… (II)


More remarkable “true” stories (below) from the Holocaust™, brought to you by Yehuda Abraham of Stormfront. These so-called survivors of the dreaded Nazi-Men who, for some miraculous reason, now number upwards of a million! That’s right, the numbers keep going up as we speak. I’ll never lack for material for this series — I can see all that now.

One thing you must understand about the posts I’m doing in this series (first post here) — I’m starting from the beginning of Yehuda Abraham’s thread (above link to Stormfront) and not just picking out the best ones. The stories are so prevalent that I simply don’t have to. What’s that say? Well, I’ll tell you: All of what you read is part and parcel to the world’s biggest political (Zionist) and individual CHAIN LIE. Ever!

Jews are magnifying this, twisting that, even making things up out of whole cloth; all to out-do the “sufferink” and victimhood stories of other Jews. And, as we can see in these accounts, often completely at odds with real historical facts (those that are accepted, anyway). Think that’s far-fetched? Spend some time reading these stories and you’ll soon agree with me.

And the number of burial sites and victim’s remains keeps increasing as well. Anytime some old unmarked multiple grave is now discovered in Europe, we see international Jewry descend like harpies, to possibly lay claim to yet another spot of hallowed ground. Of course, they will not allow any scientific study or fact-finding excavation — being hallowed ground and all — so any spot where 2 or more dead from the Napoleonic wars, WWI or sometimes even Gentile victims of the Jew Commie NKVD themselves, may henceforth be declared as more Jewish victims of the world’s worst crime. Ever!

It’s conquest by dead bones of our living brains. Our entire White race is now allowing another race to say whatever the hell they want, when they want and how they want — to force down the throats of our children and any regular White lay person who may not have the time to research it by themselves. He may even be dissuaded by the real threat of prison (in many European countries and Canada).

Even bona fide, respected historians, with access to original source material, can wind up jailed and trashed by the international Jew media and the unknowledgable public as being a reincarnation of the Nazis themselves, a White “Supremacist” (like David Irving or Ernst Zündel). Historians all know that the subject of the Holocaust™ is dangerous — verbotten to question in the least way — should they wish to stay an historian.

Then read it here for now. There’s a better than even chance that laws will one day (perhaps very soon) be enacted in the US to shut-up people like me with the threat of prison. No BS. The real BS is coming up next:

Moshe Peer

How many times can someone survive being gassed? The record appears to be held by one Moshe Peer of Toronto, Canada. Moshe was sent to the gas chambers fully six (6) times at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and lived to tell us about it [it was proven that no gassing occurred in Bergen-Belsen].

Each time he survived while watching the women and children collapsing horribly around him. But he never knew why he managed to survive: “Maybe children resist better, I don’t know.” he told interviewing reporters.

“There were pieces of corpses lying around and there were bodies lying there, some alive and some dead.” Peer recalled. “Bergen-Belsen was worse than Auschwitz because people were gassed right away (at Auschwitz) so they didn’t suffer for a long time like Bergen-Belsen.”

Some people went mad with hunger and turned to cannibalism because their tiny piece of bread and colored water was nowhere near enough. But that was after he played tag with the other kids around the barracks. — INCOG (thanks to FREE ZUNDEL NOW!) Newspaper account here

Pepkale Dodyk:

Pepkale was only 3 years old when the evil Nazi’s and Ukranian police invaded her town. So her and dozens of others fled into a cave with disease-carrying bats. But the Germans raided the cave, and captured Pepkale’s family. The other Jews escaped through a hole they had dug. In the rocks. With their bare hands.

The Germans wanted the Ukranians to shoot Pepkale. But Usher offered his hidden stash of gold and silver to the Ukranians. So the Ukranians fired 5 shots over the heads of the Jews. They let Pepkale, her mother, and Usher live, but they killed the aunt and cousin.

So the Jews found another cave. They lived in the cave for 2 years, sleeping 22 hours per day, to conserve energy, because the 38 people did not have any food.

The Ukranians tried to murder them by sealing the entrance to the cave, time and time again. The Ukranians were apparently unfamiliar with fire, and how it might adversely affect people hiding in a cave.

Then a message in a bottle came, and Pepkale and the 37 other Jews came out of the cave.…toryId=1924568…e08865&k=20037

Natalia Karp:

Natalia was 32 when she was captured with false papers, and sent by the Gestapo to be shot at Plazsow. Because the gestapo couldn’t shoot anyone at the Tarnow ghetto, or something.

But Natalia was summoned the day she arrived at Plazsow to Amon Goth’s villa. Amon Goth, who was in the middle of a dinner party, apparently heard about this Jew with forged papers who was going to be shot, but could play the piano. So when Amon Goth heard Natalai play, he proclaimed “She shall live.”

Natalia told Amon Goth that her sister must also live. So the “Beast of Plazsow” let both Natalia and her sister live at the death camp for 10 months. Then Goth sent them both to the death camp of Auschwitz.

No word on why Natalia and her sister were not deathed at Auschwitz. Perhaps, she was a part of the 60-piece orchestra that marched alongside Jews on their way to work. Apparently, with her piano.

Alter Weiner:

Alter was only 15 years old when the evil Nazi’s captured him, and forced him into slave labor at Blechhammer. The Nazi’s gave Alter only bread made from flour and sawdust to eat for the next 4 years.

In 1990, Alter ran into his father’s old bookkeeper. The bookkeeper told Alter that he had heroicly murdered Alter’s brother Schmuel by pushing him into the gas chamber at Auschwitz with his own two hands. But Alter was not mad at the bookkeeper, because he was a fellow survivor. Read more here

Alfred Wetzler:

Alfred was 24 when he was sent to the death camp of Auschwitz. Alfred managed to survive for 2 years without being deathed. But the evil Nazi’s did break his arm. And dislocate his foot. And break his head. And had their dogs bite him.

Then Alfred and Walter Rosenberg hid in a woodpile for 4 days. Then they crawled under a hole in the fence. Death camps were well known for having holes in their fences that remained undiscovered for 4 days.

Then they walked through the woods for 11 days. They gave Churchill the label of a can of Zyklon B, which conclusively proved that Jews were being killed with bug spray. So Churchill bombed Hungary. Alfred was responsible for saving 120,000 Jews.

So Alfred wrote his story, but he was such a hero, that he wrote under the psuedonym of Josef Lanyk. Because jews are well known for their modesty. Walter Rosenberg also changed his name, to Rudolph Vrba.…e+120,000+Jews

Charlene Schiff:

Charlene was only a young girl when she escaped from the Nazi’s and hid in the forest. Charlene walked all night, and came to the edge of the forest. She heard voices, and wanted to run, but she was overcome by her longing for human companionship.

There were 6 jews sitting an a circle. They welcome Charlene into their midst. Charlene had only 2 carrots to live on, and thought the Jew’s suitcases might be full of food, but she gave 1 to the baby anyway.

Then some children came from out of nowhere. They screamed with glee, “Jews!” and ran off to tell their parents. The Jews ran hid in one of the haystacks, which were as big as a barn. All the Jews hid in the same haystack.

Then the entire village turned out, and zeroed in on the haystack the Jews hid in. Again and again, they stabbed the haystack with pitchforks. People were screaming all around Charlene.

Then, the villagers left. it was nightfall when Charlene crept from out of the haystack. The bodies of the Jews were lined up in a row, naked. The evil villagers had stolen the pitchfork-holed clothes of the Jews, and left the Jews to rot in the harvest fields! All lined up in a row.

The villagers even killed Buzio, the baby! And stole his clothes, too! Read more here

Arnold Friedman:

“I stayed in the hospital for three days and had good food and a rest. The S.S. would come in twice a day and take away some men. A few times they would come past my bed, but they would take the man next to me.

Then one evening, a lot of S.S. walked into the room and they ordered us to follow them. They ordered us into a room and locked the door. I heard a noise like a snake hissing, and then I heard the slave laborers shouting, “They are gassing us!” I smelled an awful odor. Some of the men dropped dead. The rest of us ran around the room cursing the Nazis. I couldn’t take it much longer and ran to the door and took hold of the knob and tried to open it. The door was locked. The smell of the gas got stronger. I coughed, and choked, and put my face to the keyhole and kept inhaling a little air from the outside. We had been in the room for about five minutes when I heard them outside the door talking in German. “Let’s see if some of them are still alive.” I went away from the keyhole and the door opened.”

“For some reason which I could never figure out, God had saved me from the gas chamber. The S.S. shouted for us to go out. There were only five of us still alive; sixty lay behind, dead. As soon as we came outside and breathed the fresh air, the S.S. started to beat us. They chased us to a railroad station into boxcars and closed the doors on us. In the boxcar I lay down on the floor. I was bewildered. I couldn’t figure it out. Why hadn’t the S.S. murderers finished the job in the gas room? No, I couldn’t figure these things out.”

[Flossenburg was never one of the so-called “death camps.”]

from: ‘Death Was Our Destiny’, p.49-50, by Arnold Friedman, Vantage Press, 1972.

Henry Freidman:

Henry was just a small lad when the evil Nazi’s invaded Poland. The Nazi’s would shoot people before breakfast, for no reason. Henry hid in crap to avoid them.

The Nazi’s were going to capture Henry’s father, but a Christian girl ran from the police station, where she just happened to overhear the Nazi’s saying they were going to capture Hanry’s dad. The Christian girl hid Henry’s family for 2 years on their farm. All the rest of the family were Jew haters, and wanted to kill the Jews, but they didn’t know the Jews were hiding in the barn.

Henry’s mother gave birth to a baby girl, and the family heroically strangled the baby so it wouldn’t cry. Henry now speaks to schoolchildren, and tells them they shouldn’t hate. Read more here

Umchze Kerber:

Umchze was a 4 foot tall dwarf. During the holocaust, his small size enabled him to hide in garbage cans to escape the evil Nazi’s. For 4 years. Read more here

Esther Bauer:

Just after Esther’s 18th birthday, she was sent along with her parents to Theresienstadt, a camp Hitler created for Jews talented in the arts.

Esther found love in this camp, and married. Her husband was sent to another camp to build barracks. So Esther volunteered to go to Auschwitz to be with him.

But Esther never saw her husband again, for some unexplained reason. And the Nazi’s had Esther scheduled for the gas chambers, (they apparently had a gassing schedule?) but instead they shaved Esther’s head and sent her to a factory to build airplanes. Esther wouldheroically sabataged the airplanes by making the rivets too small.

Esther was lucky to have survived the Shoah. But so was her son, who was late for work on 9/11. By some miracle. Read more here

Leon Wells [testimony that led to the hanging of Adolf Eichmann]:

Leon was just a young man when he was captured, twice, by the evil Nazi’s. in 1943, the Nazi’s took Leon out of the Janowska to work in the death brigade. This brigade was responsible for digging up the bodies of dead Jews, and removing all traces of the crimes.

The poor Jews were led to work by the Brandmeister (Chief Fireman), who was responsible for making certain the fire would not go out. He had a very tough job, because they would pile the dead bodies in pyramids — 2,000 bodies high.

The Brandmeister would lead the jews to work in the morning dressed in a devil’s costume, with a hook on his hand. He would force Jews to make up songs as they marched to work. The Brandmeister would also force a 60-piece orchestra made up of Jewish musicians to march alongside the Jews, and accompany them as they sang their songs.

Once Leon threw a body into the flame pile, and it started to scream because he was not quite dead.

The Ash Commander would make Leon put the bones into a bone grinding machine, and then he would make the ashes disappear by tossing them into the air. Read more here

Lubertus Schapelhouman:

Lubertus was captured by the evil Nazi’s when he was 18. They put his right hand in a vise, and pulled out all his fingernails. The next day they Nazi’s pulled out his left testicle in a vise, and pulled out all his fingernails. The next day the same with his right foot, then his left foot. But Lubertus wouldn’t tell the Nazi’s anything.

The Nazi’s kept trying to ask Lubertus questions, but he would faint whenever they asked him anything.

On Christmas Eve, a priest in the camp wanted to baptize 18 of the Jews. But the Nazi’s broke in upon the forbidden baptism, and beat everyone with rubber encased truncheons! Then they forced the Priest and one of the Jews to strip naked outside, and soaked them with a hose. The priest and the boy turned into an ice statues, and the rest of the prisoners were forced to look at it.

The camp commandant brought his son to the camp for his 14th birthday. The commandant lined up 50 Jews, and gave his son a pistol. At first, the boy only blew off an ear or two. But soon, the boy had killed all 50 prisoners. “Now, I know my son is a man!” exclaimed the commandant.

The Nazi’s made the prisoners look at naked women Jews, and were told 200 of the women were to serve as prostitutes. But the Nazi’s were only tormenting the Jews, and gassed all the women instead!

Lubertus was rescued by a black American soldier, the first black Lubertus had ever seen. Read more here

Here’s another sad tale from Hollywood:

The handsome Bielski brothers lived in Belarussia, where they cut a wide swath among the gentile girls. Even though Russia was anti-Semetic, and had laws against the Jews, the Bielski’s owned a mill, and a farm.Then the evil Nazi’s came, and killed the Bielski’s family. Except for all 3 of the brothers, all of whom were of fighting age, and able to work. The Nazi’s somehow forgot to holocaust them. So the Bielski’s fled to the forest.

In the forest, the Bielski’s would stage attacks against the Germans. They also killed childhood friends who worked for the Germans. The Bielski’s beheaded their fellow Jews when they pissed them off.

The Bielski’s rescued so many Jews, that they built a village of 1,200 people in the forest, complete with 2 hospitals, a bakery, 60 cows, a theatre, 30 sheep, a shoe shop and, I’m certain, a jewelry. The Forest Jews would organize an army that would swoop down into other villages, pillaging, looting and burning the villagers.

The evil Nazi’s would scour the forest, looking for the Forest Jews. Several times, the 1,200 people, would have to flee deeper into the forest, in a line that stretched more than 1 kM. But the evil Nazi’s could not find the Jews who lived in the forest for 3 years.

These Jews were real heroes, and were never recognized for their heroism. Finally, Hollywood is correcting these grave error. [this story was run on the Jew-owned History Channel]

Miriam Yahav:

Miriam Yahav, who was shipped to the Death Camp of Treblinka, a camp that Yenkel Wiernek tells us only a few survived. It seems the evil Nazi’s had Miriam in their clutches, ready to have her face the “Diesel of Death,” and then for some reason, they shipped her to the Death Camp of… Auschwitz! Read more here

For as much evil as the Nazi’s intended for Jews, they sure didn’t seem much good at deathing people.

Yocheved Aryeh:

Yocheved survived the gas chambers at Auschwitz, because the day she was scheduled to be killed, the evil Nazi’s had a short circuit in the gas chamber.

Sadly, the Germans still hold her fate in their hands, because unless they give her money, she won’t survive. Read more here

Krystyna Chiger:

Krystyna was only 8 years old when her, her mother and father, and 3 year old brother Pawelek went to live in the sewers to escape the evil Nazi’s. For 14 months, Krystyna’s family and 20 other people lived in the sewers, with the good sewer workers bringing them food.

There were big red rats in the sewers. Sometimes the family had to run away when the bad sewer workers showed up. One time they ran, not knowing where they were going, and stumbled upon their sewer workers working in the sewer, who took them to a different sewer.

Krystyna’s poppy made a bed for the people in the sewer. Krystyna slept with poppy and another man, while her brother slept with mommy.

Pawelek had some pet rats. Once, a woman who was living in the sewer gave birth to a baby, and the rest of the Jews heroically smothered it with a wash basin.

The families lived in the sewers for 14 months, never once coming above ground. Pawelek had only rats to play with in the sewers. Read more here

— Yehuda Abraham

More to come… Today’s Sad Holocaust Stories…(III) See first post in the series: HERE

If you haven’t already, then you MUST spare just a few minutes and go to this website and watch some of these videos. Or watch the whole series. It’s that important. Go here: One Third of the Holocaust

New bill in Congress could cost Americans 200 Billion over the Holocaust

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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8 Responses to Today’s Sad Holocaust Story… (II)

  1. Greg Bacon says:

    A lot of the mass graves now being found in eastern Europe are from the rather savage and bloody battles between the German Wermacht and the Red Army.

    These are the sites the Zionists sieze upon as proof that their kinfolk were mass murdered.


    Let’s take some archeological teams into some of those slave-labor camps and find all of those skeletons that must be there, right?

    All of those millions of bodies must have left some kind of trace, right?

    Unfortunately, that will never happen. Zionists don’t want the world to look too closely at their pack of lies about the Holocaust™, they only want us dumbass GOY to look horrified and open our wallets anytime we hear the word Holocaust™.

    And to send off our Army and Marines to fight never ending battles for that Jews only state of Hate, Israel.

  2. Nicklas Andersson-Hjort says:


    Check out the thread again. It just keep on rollin´
    There are some tales from Sweden, as well.
    Have a look at Mr Mietek Grocher on page 314 and 341. What do you like his story?
    It´s good. Isn´t it?

  3. Sommer says:

    You are sick, and it is because of people like yourself that the MILLIONS of people Jews and others died in the Holocaust. Get your facts straight and stop spreading your propaganda of hatred.

  4. dtk says:

    blah blah blah sommer. We have hear it ALL before.

    Perhaps YOU should do a little research outside of your manufactured ed”jew”cation.

    Ever hear about other “atrocities”? Like the 20 million Whites killed by Joseph Stalin (the jew)?

    What about the Maoist Revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution? Know about those? The Bolsheviks brutally murdered the White Russian Czars, their wives, children, grand parents. The the Bolsheviks were funded by rich jews in America and primarily jews.

    I could go on and on, but you are a sheep. Now go watch TV. Isn’t Oprah on right now?

  5. Geronimo says:

    @Sommer “You are sick, and it is because of people like yourself that the MILLIONS of people Jews and others died in the Holocaust. Get your facts straight and stop spreading your propaganda of hatred.”

    No, it is because of “you” that MILLIONS died inTWO world wars fought largely with GENTILE blood for a SMALL GROUP of WEALTHY MADMEN who controlled the reigns of MASS MEDIA and BRITISH/AMERICAN politics. Don’t push your guilt trips founded on a fraud on me.

  6. dtk says:

    hey Sommer, one more before I go…

    check out this site:

    Aren’t the jews and Israel a great bunch of people? Murdering, stealing, raping and killing Arabs with your tax dollars.

    Check that site and then go watch Oprah.

  7. Bella says:

    I missed the piece about a crust of bread…why was not this morsel also included?? And why no wild sex with SS guys??

  8. BrianJLG says:

    Wow. So many lies about the holocaust; I can no longer believe in it in good conscience.

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