The Salesman From Hell and The Negrophiliac

Check out these pleasant mugs — thank God, you won’t find too many like them, this side of the bowels of Hell! Or maybe we’ll be seeing more of these hellish demons as our population grows out of sight and our society becomes the sicko paradise of all time — if it isn’t already.

Yep, you got it right: A horrible killing at the hands of some White man, followed up shortly by an unbelievably vile act committed by some Negro — all just now coming to the light of day.

Which one was worse? Only the good Lord and Beezlebub can figure that one out. And there had better be a Hell of some sort for the likes of these two. If there is, I can predict with a goodly degree of certainty that both of these two foul creeps will end up roasting there for eternity.

Are we becoming this sick, people? What’s the deal anymore?


The Negro, a former morgue attendant named Kenneth Douglas, was arraigned in a Cincinnati, Ohio court this past week on a charge so sickening that no mention was even made of the details during the proceedings. His crime? Getting himself off on the corpse of a young White murder victim.

That’s right. Young Karen Range (right) was only 19 way back in the year 1982, when she was killed and nearly decapitated by the knife-wielding psycho, David Steffen, in her own home. As her stone-cold body lay in the county morgue, due for autopsy the next day, Douglas went and had himself a look. More than a look.

The totally twisted Mr. Douglas then decided to do his thing — and get this stomach-churning detail: The body was still unclean from the vicious murder and the head was barely attached to the rest of the corpse! How sick is that?

“In a case like this, you are tempted to refer to (Douglas) as an animal but that really isn’t fair to animals. They don’t do things like this. He is one sick dude,” Assistant Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier said after the brief arraignment.

Yeah, I’d say so, Mr. Prosecutor.

The murderer, David Steffen, was some kind of door-to-door salesman for soap, when he found the young Karen at home and alone. He’s since admitted to the horrific killing part, but has insisted to this day that he did not rape her. Last year, the DNA evidence did indeed exonerate him of the rape part, but that same evidence has now pointed the finger at Douglas; when the former morgue attendent was busted for violating his probation over a drug charge, his DNA was then matched up with the semen found inside young Karen’s dead corpse so long ago.

And the sicko Negro Necrophiliac faces only one year for that vile act, can you believe it? Violating a corpse happens to be the lowest felony charge in Ohio (amazingly enough). However, it appears from interrogation of this animal, that they may have more — that’s right — more charges of the same nature. It appears that he had sex with other dead bodies at the morgue — truly demonic!

“This was a scenario no one imagined in this office,” Deters said. “It was so bizarre that no one could even comprehend it. I can’t explain this at all.”

Douglas was charged with abuse of a corpse. If convicted, he faces up to a year in prison.

Deters expects Douglas to be charged with violating other corpses based on “overwhelming evidence” from those discussions with the suspect. Read more here!

Now, I know very well that the White guy, David Steffen, probably thought he could get himself laid when the hapless Karen answered the door. Maybe she smiled and let him in. She probably fought off his “moves” and then he went ballistic and ended up slashing the life out of her. As such, this guy does indeed deserve to fry and is still under a sentence of death.

Then this poor girl had this kind of thing happen to her lifeless body, so soon after dying in a vicious slashing (only 4 hours). Out of the blue, she was smacked in the face with the utter depravity of the world, even after her death — oh, I know she felt nothing physically when her dead body was defiled, but we don’t really know anything about these kinds of things, now do we?

Come to think of it, I can’t believe this guy Steffen is still alive now. What’s that say? Our justice system is seriously screwed up; he kills some girl out of the blue (let’s forget all about the false rape charge) and then escapes final judgement for 26 years. He gets to live 26 friggin’ more years of life than the girl! They should just go ahead and fry the two of them together, one sitting in the lap of the other, and send them both straight to hell!

Yes, Virginia, there are some seriously sick SOB’s out and about. Is it getting worse these days? I think it truly is, especially with the forces that have been at work degrading us and our country for the last 4 decades.

And the math behind it makes it inevitable. Let’s say you have a dozen sickos per thousand that occur naturally in a population (or unnaturally, if you prefer). By doubling the number of people you will, of course, get twice as many sickos — no matter what race or religion. With our population now dramatically increasing, we’ll simply have more and more sickos prowling about the land.

Then you add a few things to this evil cauldron being brewed for our country. First, the increased immigration of non-Whites is to blame for these population numbers. It’s expected that the US population will hit 600 million in 2050 and with most of them being non-White. You think things are sick now? Think deeply on what all this means for your children and descendants to live in that kind of world: A total Third World/Deviant/Futuristic Hell-hole!

And these immigrants coming here from places like Mexico and Nigeria, are obviously affected in big, big ways by the easy, free spirit of America (i.e. the “decadence”) and, with the kind of open displays of sexuality celebrated by our media, they will not be able to control themselves. Some may well go completely off the deep end.

Secondly, the other races here to begin with, cannot control themselves when it comes to gratifying their primal urges for pleasure or in lashing out with emotional violence. That’s why you have the majority of violent crime perpetrated by Negroes and Hispanics (somewhere between 70 and 80%). Whites, even with a population percentage being a bit larger (67% at the moment), clearly contain themselves and commit far fewer violent and sexual crimes. Yet there is the few, with Mr. Steffen being one such sicko White.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you now have our entire culture being inundated with increasing levels of sex and violence. Hell, afternoon TV soap operas have become so chock full of stuff that it will blow your mind, anymore. Movies and TV have all been competing on the degree of “realism” to violence that rivals seeing these kinds of things happen in real life. This inures people’s brains to violence and makes those potential sickos on the edge of sanity want to see it for themselves.

Sex and violence are inextricably linked together — like space and time in the world of physics.

And sexual imagery of the most disgusting sort is as close as a mouse-click away. Go to your Google and turn-off “moderate safe search” and do a search for “biracial teens.” If you go to “Images” you’ll see all kinds of totally foul pictures. And kids know how to work the computers. They can turn this stuff off easily, unless you know how to lock it in advance. That’s the thing: You have to purposefully make these technical efforts to stop it coming within eyeball range of your children. Some parents just don’t have a clue on where to begin!

A boss of mine once asked me to fix his home computer. Going over there I discovered that his teen-aged boy had been visiting some extremely raw porno sites. I could see the history files, etc. Did I say anything to the Dad? No, I didn’t. But I did fix his security, giving him the password and telling him he shouldn’t give it out to anyone for any unspecific reasons without his presence. I think he got the idea.

There’s been this TV commercial on for Cox cable, featuring John Walsh telling people on where to go to control the channels and content that families see on their cable system. You know what I think? This kind of thing ought to be the standard set-up, right out of the box, so that the less tech-savvy Moms and Dads have some protection from the get-go. If you’re a pervert, then it’s up to you to make the effort to turn-off the protection to get your sick jollies.

Of course, I realize that censorship tactics can be used politically against someone just like me in all this. I’m rated as “mature” right now by WordPress, even though I often see much worse on many blogs here today. And I make efforts not to have too many bad words here. Something is wrong when you can see the most filthy things imaginable as easily as it is to do, but genuine political discourse is vigorously attacked because it’s against the status quo.

This is what they’ll probably try to shut us up with. People will be all for putting a stop to the pervs when the real background reason for the effort will be to silence un-PC big mouths like me!

I’m no Cotton Mather-like prude, trust me. I dig girls just like any red-blooded American man and will check-out some hottie at the beach like any other guy. That being said, I very well know that pornography is a dangerous habit — just like any other vice. I’ve purposefully made the decision not to allow myself to be exposed to such things a long time ago when I realized with some discomfort that I was becoming attracted, no, maybe even showing begining signs of addiction to searching it out.

Whenever I turn-off “moderate search” on my google, in order to find a specific image, I find myself tempted to double-click on a picture best left not looked at. I know that temptation is a real and tangible thing, but I actually feel stronger making conscious choices to turn away. Believe me, it gets easier with time. I don’t know if it’s like exercising some backbone or something spiritual. Maybe both.

This two-page ad for a video game uses suggested Necrophilia to get children’s attention.

I also know that young boys, around 11-13, can be seriously bent in the head if exposed to this kind of thing at just the wrong time. Mixing up sex and violence is a confusing and dangerous thing for young boys and can twist their brains utterly — especially with the hormones kicking in — resulting in some truly messed-up male turned loose upon society. I don’t care what any behavioral psychologist or “intellectual” has to say about it, or whatever fancy lingo he’ll use to describe it, this kind of thing can seriously jump-start a new sicko career.

No, I don’t want to turn America into some kind of medieval bastion of religion of any kind — Christian, Islam or Jew crap. You know, a buncha mean Old Testament-like guys with white beards and scary-looking robes, walking around with cat-o-nine-tail whips, all ready to lay into some sexy young trollop wearing a way-too-tight tube-top. I just feel that the people involved in our entertainment, computer games industry or anywhere else that caters to our baser instincts, needs to clean up their act or we will for them!

All these things adds up big in the numbers of sickos in our society — those who may do these kinds of things. So, with our culture/media appealing to the lowest forms of life, we’ll see more and more of this behavior. We’re only making things worse for everybody by allowing ourselves to go this route.

And those slimy Jews in Hollywood and the Porno industry? They don’t care one lick about any of it. These big-time Jew producers know full well how to sell sex and violence to the Goyim to make the big bucks and, at the same time, corrupting us makes it all the sweeter. I can imagine all the twisted little smiles in the dark of some office theater when they watch the “dailies” or what they filmed yesterday on the studio lot or on-location. Often, they’ll go ask the screen writers then and there to make things “a little edgier” — all in the hopes of shocking the Goyim into chatting-up the flick. Making films morally or spiritually uplifting like Walt Disney once did? Forget it, Bub.

Witness movies put out by the two Jew brothers, Joel and Ethan Coen, who are celebrated for squeezing in as much realistic gore as they can into a film like “No Country for Old Men” (above). Stylistically, these two Jews may be quite creative, but you’ve probably noticed their increasing obsession towards using the most shocking violence possible. Oh, it gets everybody’s attention, alright. They’ll give us what they say we want and then laugh all the way to the bank!

I mean, just how many head shots with exploding brains do we have to see on the screen, anymore? Give it a break, Jews!

Like I’ve said often here at my blog, Whites and Blacks are both being sucked down a vortex of filth by the same people: The Jewish supremacists. We’re in the bowl and it’s their hands on the commode lever. To them, we’re all Niggers to flush down the tube! Think about it!

So, when someone giggles to you about some kind of new movie or game that shows such and such, take just a moment and think about it. Do I really want to contribute to this financially by buying it or even watching it? Because you do contribute to this kind of thing, in a way, even by the simple act of casting your eyes on it. No, they don’t know, but you would be surprised by all the money these people make just by word of mouth interest. It all adds up incrementally, people.

Let’s all make the effort NOT to partake in sick entertainment, whenever and wherever we can. Let’s work hard at being morally strong and upright people. I’m not talking about going religious bonkers here, just exercise your judgement to stop fueling the degradation of our country. Let’s all drive a stake into the bloodsucking and gore of Hollywood Jewdom!

If your friends call you a wuss about it, then you just tell them you’ve had it with the sicko Jews getting rich off schmucks like them and all the pervert SOB’s out there damned to hell. Truth be told? You’ll be right on both counts.

— Phillip Marlowe

The totally SICKO Douglas had sex with over 100 dead corpses!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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41 Responses to The Salesman From Hell and The Negrophiliac

  1. dna says:

    One only needs to call up Frederic Douglass that married a coal burner from England named Pitts and this is the NET RESULT !!! The “BRITISH” claim is a play on words…. ANY Slaeazebag that is born in England, Scotland, etc.. That claims UK heritage is accepted as a LOYALIST/ROYALIST……. NIGGER, Paki, DAGO, GREEK, CHINK, BEANER, ETC…That umbrella covers the GOOFY FREEMASONIC GROUPS Worldwide…… The BAPTISTS, Roman Catholics, JEWS, ISLAMIC, MUSLIMS and all the others…. Remember, The Revolutionary War was FOUGHT AGAINST these same ROTTEN BASTARDS !!!!! The very BEST example are the BAPTIST CULTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dna says:

    Oh, yeah… One more item….Call up :::the National Black Republican Association…. Ole nigga freddie he be da icoon fo’ da BAPTISTS…. you be finds rotsa Baptist WHITE boys in da HOOD sharing chittlins wid dere nigga BROS and Unka JEEBUS !!!!

  3. carolina60 says:

    Incog Man

    Check out the “News with views” website and read Alan Stang’s
    diatribe about the Jews are not involved in any “conspiracies”.
    What a load.
    Enjoy your site.
    From the “Old North State”

  4. incogman says:

    Yeah, thanks I read it. It’s pro-Zionist disinfo.

    For instance, the Hasidic Jew part. There is a non-Zionist component, the Neturei Karta, but he mentions zilch about the extreme right-winger Hasidics like the Chabads, who are really are conspiring to enslave us and have an incredible presence in DC. Plus, the non-Zionists are really small and he alludes to it by trying to make them sound big — the “tens of thousands” wordage.

    I suspect he’s using the dim past to cast a sense of ridicule on everything (which is easy to do because it is true in a way). He doesn’t even go into one thing about the Zionists of the Israel Lobby, preferring to remind people of the purposeful brainwashing of the dispensational evangelicals in supporting the very people who really hate the “idolatry” of Jesus followers.

    It’s a cherry-picking and total BS article meant to confuse people that are now asking real questions about it all. This guy may well be a Neocon Zionist supporter.

  5. incogman says:

    It appears that Stang has some kind of questionable, cloudy past, possibly as a Zionist embedded in the old John Birch Society. That is, if it’s the same dude. Lots of wierd stuff.

  6. Lanner Falcon says:

    I detest all the RL pr0n made by the Hollywood types, however I have nothing against simple immodest imagery. To be honest, I’m quite fond of Japanese “hentai” which is filled with violence, perversion, fetishism etc. However it’s digital, and as such, clearly a fantasy and nothing more. Perhaps this is why Japan has the world’s lowest incidence of rape.

    I can’t stand the general culture of filth that surrounds american television however, with its explicit sex, de-culturalizing stupidly, and ignorant bias. They have made reality more abominable then fiction.

    Hell is too good…

  7. LW37 says:

    I believe this goes on more than we’ll ever know. Everywhere. Heck, it happened (by a negroid) in small area TX where I was when a teen. It made local news, but never national. That is when I decided I don’t EVER want to be embalmed. I want an old-fashioned burial, where there is no stupid funeral home with weirdos messing and looking at me. Some of these sickos even do OLD women (probably men too) so even growing old and ugly may not work for me. In the old days the family dressed you and had a service in the home, burying you in a plot that could even be on private land (which is my plan.) I hope I die a natural death so these invaders can never get their hands on my body. I don’t like this process that makes all deaths go to the medical examiner and no matter what they do an autopsy. I am currently looking for a way out of that, legally. People have to put this in your will and all kinds of stuff to make an effort to keep their hands off your body. I don’t exactly know what I will know or feel when dead, and I sure don’t want my body messed with.

    Maybe it is sick of me that I dwell on death so much. I guess I am a bit controlling if I want to dictate what happens to my dead body and my funeral, but thinking of death is like a weird love/hate thing. I am supposed to trust I will just go to God and everything will be awesome. Then part of me never wants to leave here. Then I get so disgusted with this place that I WELCOME the thought of death and leaving. The next minute I cannot fathom my own death and leaving such beauty as mountains, lakes, oceans, trees. I wonder if anyone else feels this way? Maybe I am crazy. Oh well. It IS my body and life after all. I HAVE to think about these things or I am avoiding reality.

    At least I have my songs picked out, so that is one less thing. Maybe a great many of us will go all at once and these things will be a moot point.

  8. African Man says:

    “DNA,” I hope your not blaming England for our problems? England is just as jew-controlled as America is. In fact, England has been the main whore for the Jews….ending after world war 2. The Jews have switched to America, the younger and beautiful whore.

    As for the American negro, he is sick. The jew is also to blame for letting the negro of the leash. (civil rights) Whites are just as sick as negros and jews. To tell you the truth, I dont trust whites since they are hard to tell from jews. Aleast the negros are easy to identify.

  9. African Man says:

    “Lanner Falcon” Japan has very few rapes because they’re humogenious and not infected with judasim.(disease)

    Unlike the arabs, they also do not repress sex. Unlike the negros, they’re highly intelligent and thus civilized.

  10. Voir Dire says:

    Incogman: I have admired your writing since coming across your postings on Newsfromthewest. At long last I have an opportunity to comment.

    It was bad enough that this young woman, Karen Range, came to such a violent, gruesome death at the hands of a white madman only to be again violated in the most unspeakable manner following her murder by a negroid entrusted with her care. Because of nightmarish all-too-common reports like these, I don’t even answer my front door anymore UNLESS I am expecting someone. This is what the grotesque lie of “unity through diversity” and a hyper-awareness of black crime in particular has wrought. As a single female, I squirm as I see more and more blacks moving into my formerly all-white enclave.

    I couldn’t agree with your commentary more. Not only are we importing poverty through massive immigration, but vast increases in crime and pathos that invariably accompanies third-world immigration (duh….!). There is an article that first appeared some years ago in American Renaissance’s paid subscription entitled “Race and Psychopathology” (now available in their archives) which validated that psychopathology is much more prevalent amongst blacks. Again, this is a no-brainer for anyone who remotely follows black behavior/crime in ANY nation. They are of course likewise vastly overrepresented (23%) amongst serial killers – all suppressed facts until the advent of this freedom forum known as the internet allowed for the disseminating of unpleasant truths.

    There is a term in sociology known as “anomie” which literally means “a state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, as in the case of uprooted people.” I believe it to be a perfect description of what transpires in a multi-racial, multi-cultural society. It is this condition as well as the saturation of sex and violence (that is indeed fused together in some troubled, youthful minds) that I think is likewise responsible for breeding so many psychopaths amongst our own. Certainly astronomical divorce rates amongst whites who still bother to marry at all are contributing factors as well as the unfathomable illigentimatcy rates of 90+% (inner city) amongst blacks in breeding violent monsters. What has happened to (long ago) Great Britain with its’ escalation in pervasive drunkeness and roving gangs committing knifings and beatings is a microcosm of our much larger country in highlighting this state of anomie that comes with “glorious” diversity.

    As for the sheer amount of gratuitious violence and blatant sexuality inherent in the Jews propapaganda machine, empirical fact bears out that “PG-rated” and “G” movies put more money in the pockets of those Jewish movie moguls, so there is no doubt that these subversives’ agenda is much more sinister than just making money off of debasing our Western cultures/nations. We know that the Judaic mentality is one that allows for and celebrates devoting a life-long pursuit towards destruction and evil as a worthy endeavor. No people in the history of the world save the Jews have HATRED-and-DESTRUCTION-of-others enshrined in their holy text as law.

    Note to African Man: Enjoy your postings. No offense intended to you personally. The Jews are the malignant threat to ALL races, and I respect ANYONE intelligent enough to grasp that critical fact.

    Love your blog and your writing. Keep up the exemplary work.

  11. African Man says:

    I am not offended. If u look at my posts, I am even truthful about Blacks. I came to America to work hard and get educated, not listen to rap music. Only the weak minds are absorbed by black culture.

    I watch a lot of History channel, stopped watching recently since I am sick of HITLER propaganda. If HITLER was evil as the jews say, he would have easily won World War 2. Instead, the evil Jews and USSR were the real winner.

    Funny thing, is WHITES HATE HITLER more than Non-Whites hate Hitler. I know more Non-Whites who love HITLER than Whites. That is pathetic since Hitler was saving the White race.

  12. Voir Dire says:

    Carolina60: Thanks for that heads up on Alan Stang. I had come to greatly appreciate his compelling writings on (the very honorable) Ron Paul’s candidacy. I guess the (as he calls it) “establishment” he feared would assassinate Ron Paul had nothing to do with a conspiracy. Or that the Jewish financial pirate robber barons/bankers have had nothing to do with past assassinations of American presidents who posed a threat to their illicit Federal Reserve System which has so thoroughly stripmined the wealth of this bankrupted nation, or sought to restore a currency standard to our monetary policy. Why else did he think “the establishment” would assassinate Dr. Paul or WHO comprises all of that “threat” to his life? What a willfully blinded idiot.

    Moreover, I have long been a fan of Newswithviews and it is a home to many gifted writers. However, if there was ever proof needed as to how thoroughly Christianity BLINDS the minds of its followers, that website serves the purpose quite well. How so many very intelligent people can endlessly analyze the war on the West/Christianity and COMPLETELY overlook/excuse the timeless, glaringly obvious Jewish menace in their midst is an incredible testament to how successful the triumph of Judaism’s stranglehold over Christianity has been.

    Note too that Stang indicates his refutation of a “Zionist conspiracy” is merely part one. He doesn’t have an email listed on that homepage, but he claims to get tons of email from readers. I know I have a few questions I’d like to ask him.

    Voir Dire

  13. carolina60 says:

    Voir Dire: I enjoy several of the writers at NewsWithviews also.
    Joan Veon & Phillip Collins come to mind. I doubt we will ever know
    which writers are lackeys/dupes of the Cryptocracy or are simply
    wrongheaded – churches being full of the latter. Like our two party
    political system, many writers from both sides serve to confuse and
    bewilder mankind ( deliberate or not ) so the men in the shadows pulling
    the strings are never found out.

  14. African Man says:

    I too wonder how people miss the Big Elephant in the room? (Judaism)

    Most people think the problem is Zionism/NWO! They forget Judaism(Talmudism) is the secret ingredient that makes the Rothschild and other Jews behave so evil.

  15. incogman says:

    Jews, religious or not, think they are better, smarter and more “God-like” than the lessor races. They also take pleasure in out-smarting the Goyim of whatever color.

    The problems brought on by the Jews makes them alternatingly proud and secretly worried about a backlash. Some are arrogant enough to believe America is now theirs for the taking and can barely conceal their glee.

    Fortunately, they always lose it right before their latest downfall. Witness the hurried atmosphere to current events. They cannot perfectly coordinate themselves due to the possiblity of discovery (here, I am talking about the secret Global Zionists).

    Hence, the thorny problem of Iran and the panicky emotions they are now showing over Israel. It’s a race between war and the curtain raising to the NAU/Police State. I believe that fate always intercedes against these people at the last moment, causing them to drop the prize ring. Or I am hoping it will.

  16. Hmmmm says:

    Pardon me, African Man, but I’ve been reading these posts for awhile and I just don’t believe you are an ‘African’ man. No offense, but something isn’t right. No way.

  17. African Man says:

    Yes, I am a Black African “muslim!” I have been searching for the truth ever since Iraq war. I have been to many conspiracy sites. Heck, I have been to WHITE SUPREMACIST sites too.

    What I liked about White Supremacist is how they attacked the Holohoax. I eventually stopped, after reading they were Crypto-Jewish led movements. That may be why some of them think 9/11 is Arab attack.

    So you see, I care about Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran MORE THAN I CARE ABOUT hip hop, white racism, white privilege or what ever African-Americans care about.

    Do you need more proof?

  18. African Man says:

    “Hmmmm” Are you black?

    Have you ever asked yourself why is Africa in chaos? Do you give yourself fake answers like “its Whitey’s fault?”

    Have you also asked yourself, why is Africa always taken advantage of by foreigners?

    If the answer to all this is low intelligence……..then i accept it! You may be shocked but many Africans believe Whites are smarter than blacks.

    I too believe Whites are smarter than blacks AS A GROUP. Individually, I am probably smarter than many Whites.

  19. African Man says:

    Incogman, I have only been to theaters once in my life. Notice how JEWTUBE promotes theaters through TV shows. I have seen many TV shows where the setting is usually a theater.

    Besides, Holly-Jew is out of ideas. Anyone also notice farts, and throwing up in most movies? How is that even funny? Sick creatures! (jews)

    These vampires just keep getting sicker and sicker. Its only a matter of time before movies have bestiality.

    BTW, do not fall for Jews Against Zionists! Its just another ploy to fool us Goys. Until a Jew denounces Judaism and the Talmud, then I will listen.

  20. Whiteguy says:

    They’re way ahead of you African Man:

    Apparently this Jewish slimeball thinks that films about defecation and bestiality is a form of “art”.

  21. African Man says:

    Whiteguy, how do Christians still support Jews, when Jews always make fun of Jesus in movies.

    I don’t know about you guys but it pisses me off when Jews make fun of Jesus. I feel like choking the closest Jew that is near by.

    This just proves how SOFT whites are. Look at how Muslims reacted when they made fun of Muhammad.

    BTW, Germany is sick! They have this play that makes fun of all religion. Yet, they forgot Yah-Weh, the Jewish god! Point is Jews like making fun of other people’s religion!

  22. Hmmmm says:

    No, African Man, I am not black. You seem different because you were raised elsewhere, and have a Muslim religion. I was actually trying to give you a compliment. I wish you could shape up the black people around here and make them stop with the killing and rape.

    Hey, BTW, anytime you want to reach over and strangle a jew go ahead and be my guest. I am mighty tired of looking at them, hearing about them, and hearing from their little beady-eyed rat faces.

    I sure have noticed the quality of movies has gone down and it is no wonder I have only seen 2 in a theater in the last 10 years. Titanic and Cold Mountain. I’m not giving the jew anymore money than I have to.

    Dam jews.

  23. God Himselsf says:

    Jews control the world , Hitler was a Jew ,The Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks , the Holohoax never happened , Jews rewrite history , Jews are behind the Tsunami, The Jews were not only responsible for Pearl Harbor, but also responsible for Hiroshima.

    BTW , Don’t Eat Bread or Drink Milk beacuse Jews infected it somehow in 1948 , thats how they control your mind through food , media and history books.

    And that is not a conspiracy theory!! it’s a plain fact.


  24. incogman says:

    You heard it, folks. God Himself, who can’t seem to spell, has laid it all out for us.

    This obvious Chosenite, who has graced us with his presence, thinks his satirical bent will somehow amuse us.

    You had better spend your time checking out the real estate pricing in Tel Aviv, Jew!

  25. God Himself says:

    You should definitely read ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ incogman You’ll get lost of other ideas for your bilious posts there.

    f**k off and die.

  26. incogman says:

    Actually, I did read them many years ago, little Jew who has the effrontery to call himself God.

    I edited out the 2 letters in your curse, but left in your misspelling, idiot.

    The Protocols are an amazing document that, if not real, are shockingly prescient. I’ve read equally believable accounts of them being precisely what they purport to be. I highly suggest everyone read them, that is if they can get past the stilted 19th century lingo.

    No matter. We can now see the hand of the Jew all over this country’s decline and his geopolitical manipulations to get the Goyim to fight each other and die.

    “I fear the Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America. And use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos that the earth should become their inheritance.” – Bismarck

    Until you fair readers make the connection, the world will not make any real sense. Once you do, everything falls into place and you see exactly what the hell is going on.

  27. Mike says:

    Negro-philiac, indeed.

    That poor White girl. First horribly murdered, then further defiled by that freak Negro charged with caring for her badly injured body.


    Although a slightly awkward moment to be heaping praise, I really enjoy your blog, INCOG MAN. I’ve been reading your writing at SF for a while, and found your blog recently. I’ve taken to reading it each day.

    You seem to nail it on the head every time!

  28. Heinz says:

    What a great series of stories , I am so glad to see ! I congratulate everyone that contributed here for all of us to read .

    I’m glad I am not alone in the way I feel about the times we live in and who and what that has contributed to the current deteriorating situation .
    I would like to comment on the American turned Al Qaeda , the Jewish kid named Pearlman . I don’t think he is a double agent, although he could be , it is just the fact that there are a lot of Jewish men that are on the side of every radical Arab organization and we all overlook that fact .
    There are a lot of Jewish men that are pro-Arab , so don’t be fooled . Society forgets , because society is so ignorant of the human mind . It is so important to study the mind as in the science of psychology . The mind is composed of different minds and I don’t mean schizophrenia . The mind has infinite possibilities and the labels we pin on each other just adds to the smoke , the confusion of understanding of what we are and are not .

  29. Kelly says:

    Your obviously just going to discuss what black men do wrong, just as the ”evil jewish medea” is only going to show what the whites do wrong. You are bristles of the same brush.

  30. incogman says:

    Oh, shut the flock up.

    If you read the above article (which you probably didn’t since it has too many big words in it), you’d see that I remarked quite a bit on a White guy killer in it.

    You make me bristle!

  31. Anonymous says:

    WTF is “medea”?

  32. Anonymous says:

    animals do do this act on occassion.

  33. Pfaust says:

    The American criminal justice system, like all of its systems, is just another racket. Criminal commits crime, is busted, hires attorney, goes through the Court system, gets a long sentence and is out in a year or two to repeat the cycle – paying through the nose all the while, providing jobs for all concerned.The murderers do stay in longer and usually die of AIDS or old age, but still provide a good living for ACLU types. THE SYSTEM DOESN’T WANT THESE ANIMALS OUT OF SOCIETY. Since the so called “Civil Rights” Revolution, the system implicitly does not want to punish Negroes since the new social dogma is that they commit crimes due to White oppression, so it’s not fair to punish them too much, besides, the sooner they are out the sooner a new case can begin the process again !

  34. Anonymous says:

    Normally, I -hate- the word “Negro”, being an African-Canadian myself. However, in this world, there are some people who simply do not deserve to be given respect. Necrophiliacs are part of that group. They are disgusting creatures & their filthy ways can only be punished, shunned, & cast out.
    In my community, we often say such things as “brother” when referring to other black community members.
    Never would I so much as even -think- about calling that scum “brother.”
    Their sick & twisted ways should be punishable by death. It’s disgusting, appalling, disrespectful, repulsive, & just plain -wrong-.

  35. Michael El says:

    Its funny, the comments on here seem intelligent, yet there are some here foolish enough to contend or suggest that “negroes” have some sort of monopoly or patent rights to rape and murder. Lets not forget that “crackers” do more of that than anyone. And then there are those who go to these vile movies like saw and follow instructions at some school or suburban house.

    Yall better wake the fuck up and stop using the black man to crutch your weak identity on. When you want to flatter “African Man” for being so contrary to his own people and so conciliatory to those he thinks he might be smarter than yet still seeks the approval of, dont forget that IF “negroes” were more bloodthirsty it would be because of how our blood was shed by “crakkkas” while we were forced to labor under threat of murder, rape and torture – by white people.

    Yall keep talkin shit about African Americans and youre gonna hope all your gun training paid off.

  36. PC_11 says:

    The “crackers” commit nowhere near the numbers or level of crime the “bruthas”, excuse me, African Americans do. That worn out tired canard is becoming more and more of a laugh as more whites are waking up to what’s really going on. Michael El comes off as another of those brainwashed whites who can’t help but spew the material their masters, the brainwashers, stuff into their pebble heads all day long. No matter where blacks live, crime is rampant, whether in the US, Europe or Africa, even the blackest parts of Africa. It’s genetic, get over it.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This is a truely repulsive crime.. That said, you are an ignorant asshole.. Why is it at all important to mention the race of every one involved in this case? Judging by all the God refrences I would assume you are a “Christian”. I personally don’t believe in a god, but if by chance I’m wrong (which I hiiiiiiiiiighly doubt) I bet he would be shaking his head in shame and disgust at your remarkable display of ignorance and stupidity you showed millions of people who come across this sight.

  38. GDL says:


    You are wrong and stupid!

  39. GDL says:


    If you don’t like hearing the truth, than take a hike, who the hell invited you to the party anyways?

  40. JamesTheJust says:

    Sheesh INCOGMAN,

    Just when I think every idiot retard “anonymoose” has been exposed; along comes another one.

    What an idiot…doesn’t believe in a god but then pretends to speak for god. How bright is that?

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