The Story of Joseph the Jew

Here’s a portion of what George Lincoln Rockwell had to say in his book “White Power!”


In the Old Testament, we can read the story of a typical Jewish operation in any nation they invade. Jews almost always come to a new nation as hapless “refugees,” or prisoners and slaves (having had “difficulties” with their previous hosts).

So it was in ancient Egypt.

A Jew named Joseph was out tending sheep. His brothers were at first going to kill him for his “coat-of-many-colours” and threw him into a pit. (Genesis, 37) But then some Midianite slave traders happened along and we learn in verses 26 and 27 that these Jews decided it was wasteful just to kill their brother, when they could SELL him for a profit.

So his own Jewish brothers sold Joseph as a slave for twenty pieces of silver, and Joseph wound up an Egyptian slave.

In Genesis 39:6, we find Joseph doing such a good job of running an Egyptian household as a slave that the master makes him the “overseer.” In verse 6, the Jewish slave has become so indispensable to the Egyptian master that Joseph is made the boss of the entire Egyptian household.

But Joseph gets in difficulty with the Egyptian’s wife. She claims he tried to rape her. Joseph claims, innocently, that she tried to rape him. (Genesis 39: 12)

Joseph is tossed into prison, where he repeats the pattern: he becomes so invaluable to the prison administration with his clever business suggestions that he becomes boss of the prison!! (Gen. 39:22)

In this choice spot, he becomes a confidant of Pharaoh’s butler, who is in jail. Joseph cleverly interprets dreams for him.

Pharaoh later reinstates his butler, and has a dream he can’t interpret. The butler suggests Joseph. Pharaoh has Joseph brought before him, and tells Joseph about seven fat beeves, and seven thin ones. The wily Jew tells Pharaoh this means Egypt will have seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. (For centuries, in the Nile valley, there were huge floods and then periods of drought, so that “lean years” were absolutely certain to follow “fat” years, and vice versa.)

But young Pharaoh is so impressed with Joseph that he asks Joseph what to do about it. The clever Hebrew replies that Pharaoh must find a man smart enough to gather up huge stores of Egyptian grain during the next seven years. “Surprisingly” enough, Pharaoh picks Joseph as that man, and, in Chapter 41, verse 30 of Genesis, Pharaoh turns all Egypt over to his new Jewish “friend.” Joseph becomes the “Bernard Baruch” of Egypt, with Pharaoh ordering, “Without thee no man shall lift up his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt.”

Joseph duly gathers up and stores the grain produced by Egyptian labour, in vast amounts.

When Egypt is drought-stricken, and the Egyptians are starving for food, Joseph begins to sell their own grain back to the Egyptians. (Gen. 41:56)

The same rotten Jews who sold Joseph into slavery now come over from Canaan to buy some Egyptian grain. Joseph, who is selling the grain to the Egyptians, gives grain to his fellow Jews. In fact, he gives the Jews a double order of grain on their second trip, and Egyptian gold in the bags to boot! (Gen. 44:1) Then he kicks all the Egyptians out of his office, and tells his Jewish brothers to bring all the Jews over to live free off Egyptian grain. (Gen. 45:1, 10, 11)

Meanwhile, Joseph is selling back their own grain to the Egyptian farmers who produced it. The king is tickled to death, as the treasury bulges. So Joseph tells the king his brothers and families are on the way, and the king promises Joseph that the Jews will live on “the fat of the land”. (Gen. 45:18)

From the money being paid by the Egyptian farmers to buy their own grain back, Joseph gives all the Jews wagons, equipment, furniture, and doles out 300 pieces of Egyptian silver to all these Jews! (Gen. 45:16, 22)

Next, Genesis 46 describes how a whole ARMY of Jews moves into Egypt, with who “begat” who and all the children and “children’s’ children,” etc. Joseph tells his fellow Jews to lie to the king that they are not shepherds (which he knows might aggravate the king). Instead, the Jews all get free Egyptian cattle and land, the best in Egypt. Gen. 46:34) Not one of these Jews has done a lick of work to produce the wealth they are grabbing. (A familiar parasitic pattern)

Genesis 47, verse 14 reveals that Joseph, Egypt’s Jewish boss, has “gathered up all the money” of the Egyptians, selling them grain.

As a result, in verse 15, we discover that the “money of Egypt fails!”

A depression?

The starving Egyptians plead with Joseph to let them have a little grain because their money is all gone. Joseph tells them, in typical hockshop, Jewish style, that they still have their cattle! So the Jew takes the Egyptian farmers’ cattle! (Gen. 47:16)

The next year, the starving Egyptians again beg for grain. But the Jewish keeper of the granaries (filled by Egyptian work) tells them that they will have to give up their land, too! To survive, the people have to give this Jew their land in the name of the Pharaoh (Verse 20). Joseph then puts them all into “concentration areas” — cities, taking them off their own land! (Verse 21) When the Egyptians are finally reduced to utter despair, starving, without their money, without their land and without their cattle, Joseph puts them back on their own land as SHARE-CROPPERS, at 20% profit! (Verse 24)

Understandably, since Joseph is running the affairs of the Egyptians, the Egyptians are poor, working like slaves and hungry.

But, meanwhile, the hordes of Jews he has brought in are getting “rich and fat” (Verse 27) living off the “fat of the land” — WITHOUT WORK!

Sound familiar?

After 80 years of this process, the Jews have almost everything and the Egyptians are all slaving for the Jews! (The story doesn’t mention what the Egyptians think of the arrangement, but it isn’t hard to imagine.)


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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9 Responses to The Story of Joseph the Jew

  1. African Man says:

    “Sound familiar?”

    Yep, reminds me of the United States. Joseph can be compared to the Rothschild and the Pharaoh to Woodrow Wilson.

    Incogman, great post about United States……ahemm Egypt being robbed by these parasites. The only difference is Americans worship these parasites thanks to Church-Insanity (Christianity)

  2. African Man says:

    “Comparing Jews to Black Mambas is an insult to Black Mambas”

    I read that from another site. Funny thing is I would feel comfortable with Black Mambas in my country than Jews.

    INCOGMAN, I think Jews think God instructed them to rule the world. They are trying to conquer the Christian world.(Whites) Whether Whites like it or not they will have to fight this war or become extinct.

    Incgoman, What do you think of Christianity? Personally, I think Protestant Revolution was biggest mistake ever. All it did was make it easier for Jews to conquer Whites. Even Martin Luther admit it was a mistake before he died.

  3. incogman says:

    Well, yeah, the Orthodox Jews definitely believe they should rule the world. It’s actually a part of their religion to make serious efforts to do so. They think by turning Christians away from “Idolatry” and making them conform to the 7 laws of Noahidism, that will make the atheistic Jews come back into the fold.

    Any possible way to bring all this about is fair game to them. Lies, obfuscations and promoting social sickness is all apart of the efforts.

    I think a certain segment of Globalist Jewry, who look just like some rich White guys, secretly adheres to the whole deal. The rest of lefty and atheistic Jews are just big mouthed SOB’s, probably like me but more stuck-up on themselves being “God’s Chosen.”

    Christianity? I’m not much of religious kind of guy, but I sympathize with those that do. I’m not sure that Protestants could have done much, either. Catholics used to be the front line for Whites against Jewry, but they’ve been nullified by Jewry in 1965 Vatican II. Catholics were also attacked for being too Negro friendly by real White racists or crypto-Jewry seeking to agitate (agitprops) and drive a wedge in whites. Probably both.

    I think 1965 was a big turning point for the White race. We just don’t know it. Immigration was changed then, too.

  4. incogman says:

    On a side note: I remember reading the story of Joseph in bible studies when I was a kid (yeah, INCOG went to bible studies) and always wondered why the hell JOSEPH didn’t throw his brothers into jail for selling him into slavery when he was such a big shot for the Pharaoh.

    Remember, that all this was before MOSES and even that story is pretty much so far back in time as to be ridiculous.

    The above version does illuminate some things and I would not be surprised if it was originally a Hyksos tale, incorporated into Hebrew legend (Genesis) and later glammed up by Talmudic (Babylonian?) scholars. I’ve read that there is a lot of Talmudic “Midrashes” about it. Perhaps those made their way via Shephardic Jewry into Spain and hence into Europe.

  5. African Man says:

    Incogman, are you shocked many White Supremacist think Arabs are behind 9/11? Something smells “kosher” about White Supremacists. They’re also stuck in 1930’s Germany which is also weird.

    I have links that say White Supremacy is a Zionist movement meant to divert attention from Zionist crimes like 9/11, Madrid bombing, Bali bombing and etc.

    Keep in mind, angry Arabs have been fooled by Mossad into joining Terrorist groups similar to Al Cia-duh.

    Here are links that say White Supremacy are Crypto-Jewish [jews pretending to be something they’re not]

  6. LW37 says:

    Since coming to pro-white sites, I have learned that there is a lot of speculation about who is running some of the big White Supremacists sites. Maybe there are jew hands all in them. I believe one such organization was caught. People traced the leaders as jew. Also, when I heard that one of two main leaders in the Aryan Brotherhood sitting up in a maximum security prison, still running things from his cell was a jew, I almost spilled my water all over the place. There they were right on ‘Lock-Up’ being interviewed and they said it right there. I can’t imagine why the AB would have a jew at the top unless jews run just about everything on this planet someway. So it is not a stretch to think they are running some of the major White Supreamacists sites. I quit supporting everything but ‘The Political Cesspool’ and ‘Prison Planet’ because of this fear. I just can’t trust all the others.

    Nice article Incog, but is that picture Donny Osmond? I swear it looks just like him!

  7. incogman says:

    Yes, it is Donny Osmond in the play “Coat of many colors,” the Andrew Weber musical. I thought his expression fit the part.

    Don’t worry. Jews can’t be everywhere all the time. Yes, it is true that they make concerted efforts at subversion at all levels. Mostly, it’s antagonistic, free lance Jews who like to mess with our heads.

    I disagree that they have control over everything — they don’t. Yes, some Whites are into Nazi Germany, but that’s cause they are into that kind of thing. African Man is correct that the Mossad recruits people into false-front organizations. That’s been their modus operandi for a long time, perhaps ages.

    Another gamebit that Jews specialize in, is destroying our leaders and those who’s voices are strong. If they can’t destroy him frontally, they’ll use subversion tactics by ruining his reputation with his followers. That’s another thing that may make things look bad overall. This method is a favorite tactic of the Jew since it kills two birds with one stone.

    Stick to the message about the Jew. Ignore everything else. Even blacks and everyone else must do so or else this country is facing some real problems on the nearby horizon. Like the little dutch boy, they can’t put enough fingers into the dike to stop this flood!

  8. incipiat says:

    INCOGMAN: I’m confused. In a previous piece you state, rather persuasively, that you do not believe that the modern day people who call themselves jews are the genetic descendants of the ancient Israelites and now you say that, or i think you are saying, that these new-jews are in fact the old-jews.

    Specifically is it that you are saying the new jews are simply the spiritual descendants of the Ancient Israelites or that they are the actual descendants?

    I have more to say but I would rather not insult you by assuming your responses and then make up something to counter/support what I think you may say.

    One more thing, in so far as the Catholic Church having some sort of revolution in 1965 I would concur in so far as there were some shenanigans going on that have brought much disruption in the Church. Among them was the concession to the jews that the present day jews are not to be held accountable for the death of Christ (I think this was a very big mistake). This coupled with the attempted destruction of ancient Latin Rite Mass (I say attempted because it is still around and attended by those in my household) by substituting a protestantized english hootenanny that has caused much distress among Catholics and directly placed us where we sit now with 7 out of 10 Catholics not believing in the True Presence. There are many other things as well, but to list them would be rather involved.

    So, yes, 1965 was a bad year for whites as well as everyone else because a lot of church men gave up on there mission to save souls for a mess of pottage called ecumenism.

    And the simple truth is that how goes the Catholic Church so goes the world.

  9. incogman says:

    Good point, incipiat. And I did think long and hard about this very dichotemy that you zeroed in on.

    One: I think the whole story is really nothing more than a parable of today’s times. Such a past event could never be accurate in any way.

    Two: I believe the influence of Talmudic scholars on this whole story may have occurred. I mention this in an above comment. These Khazars may have put their own way of life into an ancient tale and this rewriting has given us, inadvertantly, a deep insight into their modus operandi as a people.

    Also, remember that modern Jewry has now claimed themselves to be “Edomites,” those once thought to be the sons of Esau (1925 Encyclopedia Judaica) and not the sons of Jacob. This is an interesting specific.

    A group of lax Hebrews and what were thought to be Edomites existed in Israel and in conflict with the other, real Israelites. They became a kind of quasi-Hebrew group responsible for Herod and the Pharisees and this group migrated, or were refugees from the Roman diaspora, into the Khazar area which gave them Judaism.

    I think a strange circle of ancient history has occurred along with a race who’s method of survival is parasitic, much like the Gypsies, and has been the bane to White people for centuries!

    This story of Joseph may be an ancient legend, retold in ways far different from what really happened. All of this Egypt story part is deep within the murkey reaches of time. No one really knows. I consider the whole story nothing but a fable or parable for us to consider, not a fact for the court of law!

    I’ve read some interesting things about the Hyksos in Egypt and the possibility that they are the Israelites of old.

    Go here on my blog for a breakdown of the issue with an important input from a biblical researcher:

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