What It Means To Be White…

When I promised to write something on the subject of being White in my earlier post (Let’s All Mate With The Negroes! II), I was thinking about the usual history of the White race — all the stuff that people hate having to learn about in High School. That’s right. Most of the history of Western Civilization is really and truly some serious White stuff. That pisses off some people. Not that I really care.

And sure, I could try to wax eloquently on Pericles, Michelangelo, Leeuwenhoek and Galileo. Or go on about Sir Isaac Newton’s giant leaps in understanding gravity, the electro-magnetic laws of James Clark Maxwell, the break-throughs in Quantum Mechanics by Werner Heisenberg (he was White, not Jewish) or the prodigious inventions of Thomas Edison you enjoy right at this very minute; to name but a few of the great discoveries of the White race.

Now, I do know that the World had many great non-White civilizations; we were not the only ones. China, Japan and ancient Egypt, come to mind. Or the great Mesoamerica, Amerindian civilizations like the Aztec, Toltec and Maya. The things non-Whites gave us: Gunpowder (China), Corn (Amerindians — it’s actually an amazing feat of agricultural genetics), the math concept of “zero” (Semite Arabs), the Pyramids (Semite Egyptians), early writing (Cuneiform — Babylonian Persians).

But what I really wanted to talk about was MY White stuff, what I like and where I’m coming from. After-all, this is my blog and I’ll talk about whatever the hell I want. I like talking about my White old self — most people do. Plus, the following seriously White stuff are my kind of subjects. What I get off on. “These are a few of my favorite things, la di da dah.” If you don’t like it, well, just click on your favorites and leave! Sayonara. Maybe some other time I’ll do a high school history lesson that might interest you. Read on.

 It’s a White Thing — you wouldn’t understand!

Believe it or not: I’m not sitting here wearing a Bavarian Lederhosen outfit, feathered green felt hat and socks to my knees — laugh out loud. I’ve just got on a faded red Ron-Jon Surf Shop T-shirt (with the art on the backside like it should be), some old jeans, tan Richard Petty Racing baseball cap and Rose’s department store cheap green flip-flops — from back when there was a Rose’s. I haven’t shaved, either. Yeah, I’m a bum today, alright.

What the hell. Here’s a few things about this proud and surly mess of a once perfectly good White guy; just so you know where I’m coming from and for me to gab about:

Although it’s pretty murky, one of my ancestors was traced as far back as the Jamestown settlers. He was a big time Quaker guy, marrying a widow woman in 1650. Her parents are listed as coming over in 1610. All were Quaker and, in case you don’t know, the Quakers didn’t keep slaves. Of course, brainwashed people think if you’re White, you’re guilty of slave owning and being generally evil. Total BS!

A North Carolina ancestor (I’m a Virginian, but also a North Carolinian in a lot of ways) marched under General Lee’s confederate army during the 1862 Peninsula campaign. He was mortally wounded during a valiant, almost suicidal charge, against a heavily defended Yankee position at Mechanicsville. He died in a Richmond hospital some two weeks later. Southern White men fought against great odds and came close to winning their Independence — it took White Yankees four long years before finally getting the South to surrender. Remember that 600,000 died — virtually all White men — this fact alone deserves us freedom from all the constant racism BS we have to listen to 24/7, these days.

These were brave and tough White men, Yankee or Rebel. They believed in something, rightly or wrongly and were willing to put their lives on the line for it. For people to ascribe evil to these once living men, simply to show a Politically Correct viewpoint, reveals how woefully ignorant they are about real history, as well as being shamefully arrogant. And it was 143 years ago for chrissakes!

I know I would be equally proud to have a Yankee in my ancestry. Well, almost as much. No offense, my White Yankee readers.

And still another part of my lineage comes from the mountains of Virginia’s Blue Ridge. That’s right: I’m what some people might call a “Hillbilly.” But what a lot of these morons don’t get is that those “Hillbillies” where some of the most adaptable and creative folks in human history. Ever. Those mountain people never had any Walmarts or a Home Depots to go to — if they couldn’t make it with their own two hands, well, they probably didn’t need it anyways.

If you ever get a chance, check out a series of books called Foxfire, where a school in the Appalachian mountains of Northeastern Georgia recorded, as an on-going project, all the backwoods skills these mountain people had before they died and took their knowledge away with them. It’s absolutely amazing information.

These people were so incredible that they made their own rifles from scratch. I’m not talking about ordering parts and whittling out a rough wood stock, now (I built one from a kit once). These guys would take any scrap piece of metal, heat it to bright orange and bang out a part. They even forged steel barrels that had to be perfectly straight (natch) and then drilled out the barrel to the caliber they wanted. Afterwards, they scored a special spiral down through the barrel to give the bullet a spin, thereby increasing accuracy and giving it the name “rifle.”

And they didn’t have any fancy store-bought machinery to help them do all this. They built all that from scratch, too. Some of these guys were so good that they actually made the tiny screws and springs that made up the firing mechanism (the lock in Flintlock). Sure, a lot of them had this part shipped in from jolly old England, but some really made the entire thing: Lock, Stock and Barrel. These rifles command incredible prices today. One of the last, great old-timey long rifle builders, Hacker Martin (right), happened to live in the same backwoods my Grandpappy hailed from.

They also made their own gunpowder and bullets. First, they would find a cave with a lot of bats in it (no lie) and dig up the earth beneath where the bats slept during the day. This dirt would be washed in crude wooden “V” shaped troughs and the resulting mixture would be left to completely evaporate in the sun. This would yield saltpeter, or nitrate crystals, which the bats (or you, for that matter) exude in urine. This was 75% of the mix, the 15% charcoal would be made from certain hardwoods and the 10% sulphur was distilled from local mineral deposits.

The lead would be mined, melted down and cast in bullet molds. Some localities built what they call “shot towers.” These were high structures, filled with water and specially sized steel grates at the top. Molten lead was poured over those to drip down into the water; as the lead droplets sank downwards, they would form perfectly round bullets of just the right size and roundness.

Besides making their own rifles, these folks hunted game or raised domestic animals for meat, grew their own vegetables, spun cotton and made clothing from it (homespun), distilled their own liquor (moonshine will kick your butt) and danced to music they brought over from the old world or wrote original tunes to play on homemade instruments. American Fiddle Music, or Bluegrass music as it’s known today, is some of the most creative music ever written in America or even the World. I love it.

Hillbillies rule!

Yep, those so-called “hillbillies” were something else. Tough SOB’s, man or woman. Nowadays, people act like they are so high and mighty when they call you hillbilly. Little do they know. Even “rednecks” look down on hillbillies, if you can believe it.

People now think it’s so OK to say they’re better than mountain “White Trash,” no matter where you’re from and who you are. Hollywood makes TV shows like the “Beverly Hillbillies,” constantly belittling mountain folk as dumb and in-bred. Notice that all the scary monsters are now White Genetic mutants from the backwoods of West Virginia or from… hell, anywhere really. That’s because they think it’s fair game to do so and sometimes need non-alien monsters for plotlines. But don’t let that fool you. They love to insult White people whenever they can get away with it.

And these mountain folk exhibited some of the greatest traits of White people anywhere and anytime!

White liberal softies from all over the country will make snide jokes about the so-called rampant incest among these people, saying it was and still is common up in “them thar hills,” when nothing could be further from the truth. They’ll laugh over their lame little jokes as they go down some store aisle looking for a special kind of pillow to sleep on, an ointment for a sexually transmitted rash or a laxative to ease their daily urban stress.

These same kind of people will have conniption fits if they run out of the stupidest little thing and somehow can’t get to an open store. Walking more than 50 yards is out of the question for a lot of people anymore. I once saw a perfectly healthy White man walk out of his house, get into his car and back out of the driveway to drive 50 yards to a ridiculously close 7-11 to get his morning joe.

Have you ever seen an ice storm or hurricane bear down on a populated area? People act like it’s the end of the world or something. Hell, these people can’t even walk from the store to their cars in the parking lot during a drizzling shower, without getting all bollixed up about a little water on their fancy hairdos. I’ll walk through the rain at a normal pace, with my head held high and a smile on my face. ‘Course, my yuppie friends all think I’m crazy, as they scurry frantically to get to their cars, but I could friggin’ care less.

No, I’m not trying to say I’m some tough guy or something. But I’m proud as hell to be a White man and what I can do on my own. As the Hank Williams Jr. song “Country Boy Can Survive” goes:

We’re from North California and south Alabam
And little towns all around this land
And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

And I pride myself on my abilities to ride a horse, start a fire in a rainstorm, rig-up a fast pine shelter and gut-out the deer that I just shot from a tree stand. I’ve hauled 100 plus pounds of bloody dead deer on my shoulders while humping a half mile over rough mountainous terrain. I can zero a rifle scope dead-on, to put 3 bullets within a silver dollar-sized spot at 200 yards.

Living in the wild is not easy I know, but can be done. I think everybody, I mean everybody, should spend at least one damn night of their lives sleeping out on the bare ground without a tent. I don’t care if that person is the Queen of England, they should do it at least once! You’ll have a much better appreciation of the modern bathroom afterwards. And it’s not all that bad. How do you think people used to live back in the day — the real day. A person just does what he has to.

A few other things about me you don’t know:

OK, so I’m not perfect: I love cigarettes, coffee and cold beer. I know I shouldn’t. But I don’t drink too much (usually), mostly a couple of beers after working outdoors in the sun real hard. I also like fine wines, too, but am no snob about it. I don’t smoke too much (unless I drink), but it’s so damned hard to quit. I avoid hard liquor and gambling — since I know both are dangerous habits. I strongly suspect I could have a serious gambling weakness (I’ve had way too much fun in Casinos for it to be natural). I don’t do drugs of any sort, rarely even take aspirin, but have smoked a little weed in the distant past. Uh-oh, the coppers are at the door now!

Camping, hunting and fishing are the things I like best. I might be terrible at Turkey hunting (since I lack patience), but make up for it by being a good wing shot on upland game, like Dove and Ducks. I’m a fair to half-way decent Fly fisherman and usually fish for trout. I have a special love for deep woods, mountain Brook Trout — these creatures are so incredibly beautiful and live in places equally magical to behold. I don’t know if it’s the fishing or the scenery that I love more.

I remember this one particular pool I managed to get into. It was in this deep gorge, miles from the road, where my buddy and I had to carefully side-step down this steep 60% grade while holding on to saplings to keep from tumbling head over waders. The pool was small, having a long, diagonal waterfall about 4 foot high at the top end and, for some reason, the bottom of the pool was covered in a light-colored gravel. A small juniper bush had eeked out a life on a tiny island in the middle. After admiring the scenery, I flicked my gaudily colored fly over to the base of the falls and let it drift back. Wammo! A tiny Brookie smashed into it. I held him in my hands gently for a moment looking at his iridescent red splotches, circled in bright blue, before releasing him back into the wild.

I still think about that one beautiful little pool often to this very day (amid hundreds over the years). Sometimes I think I remember every dam fish I ever caught. Or lost. I’ll go back to that pool someday and catch one of his descendants.

Another thing about me is that I’m a much better fly tyer than fly fisherman. Oh well. Fly tying, as a hobby, is hard to explain. It’s both creative and strangely fulfilling — I guess it satisfies some old vestigial itch of fashioning an object to get food with.

One thing about fly fishing that corresponds to White people is all the stupid little gear for this and that, you have to have. White people love gadgets to do things with. Anything and everything. They are always tinkering to make things easier. That’s why White people make such good inventers and explains why people’s fly vests, kitchens and garages are such a mess. It’s so bad we have to hold yard sales every so often to keep it all in check.

White guys, like me (maybe girls, too, I guess), love to “putz” around the garage or yard fixing things up just so. And I love the damdest things. Today, I put in a bed of nice river gravel on a walk-way behind some bushes (that nobody will probably see) and installed a new wooden handle on a sledge hammer. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I can also appreciate good old dirt. That’s right — I can spot a fine top-soil a mile away and when I get some, I carefully pile it separately away from the poorer clay soil that I use just for fill. Don’t get me started on the composting subject. So call me White and weird — what difference does it make? Some of you might hate me anyways!

OK, enough insignificant details about Joe Dirt here. Thanks for reading along as I talked about mostly things that this ol’ White guy digs. If you’re Black or a Jew: It’s a White thing — you wouldn’t understand!

A Message From The Sponsor… Me

If you’re a White person, let me ask you something: Don’t you feel proud to be White? Just think about what all White people have done over the eons. And, if you do, then are you willing to say so out loud, for instance when you party with other Whites or even in front of your own family members? Let’s all start with at least them.

No, I’m not saying that you have to brag outrageously about it, just be willing to express pride in White accomplishments and stand up for the White race, without having to goose-step around the place. I think everyone can do so without being a jerk about it. And it’s well within our rights to do so. Think of all the White men who died for this country fighting in foreign wars for America. Even today, need I remind you?

Hell, the other races do so freely when you think about it. And the media helps them every step of the way! Note the way they show some cat on TV who did this or that, even though it’s really being Black that’s the prime reason for the news report. When you see this happen on TV, ask yourself whether they would be doing the exact same thing for some White bloke who did such and such. That one question will let you see the real deal.

They’re trying to build-up the self-esteem and pride of Blacks, but it’s only making them more spoiled and militant. Black crime is every bit as prevalent and violent as it was fifty years ago and appears only getting worse. The Jew’s and liberal’s social engineering is actually having the opposite effect and puts all of us Whites in danger, both in the short-term personal and as a race long-term.

You think for one minute that when they go on and on about someone — who just happens to be Black — that the person’s race is not really a factor? Of course it is. Now, why do you feel like it’s against some kind of law (yet) that says you can’t do the same? That’s the deal right there. They don’t want you to feel pride in being White. That scares them to death! In fact, whenever you do express pride, people will be shocked with your behavior. Amazing isn’t it?

What really kills me is that White people have so many incredible reasons to sit tall in the saddle. The other races know this too; so that if you happen to express White pride in the least little way, they’ll constantly remind you about the times when we may not have been so nice, sweet and perfect. But the thing is: They’ve done the exact same kinds of things; maybe not as well-known to the general public, maybe not as gruesomely efficient, but they have. And recently too.

Think about this one thing: If we were so evil a race as they say we are, then why the hell are they not all dead by now?

Yep, we’ve been putting up with a lot of pure bull in the last few decades. We may have a slow fuse and are a little confused right now, but when the chips are obviously down and times are tough, Whites put their noses to the grind stone, figuring out ways of dealing with it and ending it in whatever fashion called for.

I love being White, an American and a big-mouthed SOB. I’m proud of it. If you have a problem about it, well, just be patient — maybe we’ll meet up, soon enough, and I can explain it to you in more detail — up close and personal. Nah, I’m just teasing you a little. Don’t worry, I’m really a big pussy cat. Meow.

Anyways, be damned proud to be a White person. There’s no other race that has such a rich history, astounding technological accomplishments and vibrant culture that we do. Really. I know that sounds just so “Supremacist,” but I could care less. It’s a real fact of the World, regardless of what some people want you to think. Those are the people who are either jealous, fearful of us getting together or, if they’re White themselves, totally braindead idiots. Yeah, you know who you are.

Thanks for listening to me talk about me. Me being White. Oh yeah, I clean up nicely when I want or have to. Usually the latter.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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115 Responses to What It Means To Be White…

  1. American says:

    Well, I’m black and I’m proud. You’re not calling me silly, are you?

  2. Brain says:

    Hey American, be as proud to be black as you like. Why should that be anything to do with us?
    Incogman obviously doesn’t care. He’s listing reasons why white people should be proud, he didn’t try to make blacks ashamed.
    We would like to ignore you and be proud to be white without worrying about what blacks say. Just go away and be proud somewhere else and get out of our way.
    BTW, I’ve seen non-whites comparing skin color amongst themselves on numerous occasions, and the lightest is always the proudest. It seems everyone wants to be white – but not too white.
    You made yourself look silly though. Go be black somewhere else man.

  3. Brain says:

    It sounds like you don’t have very good genes to be saying this.
    I’m proud of my ancestry, and proud of my dad for not marrying some skanky ho.
    Why not be proud of that?

  4. Brain says:

    African Man,

    Right on, most non-whites do blame white people for all the crimes of jews, and us whites better rectify that situation fast or there will be 5 billion willing executioners all lined up ready to get us.
    Funny how they all say Einstein was a genius because he was a jew, and they are so proud of all their Nobel prizes, but disown all their communist butchers, etc.

    Einstein was a fake and his version of relativity is far from proven, and Nobel prizes are a joke. If Henry Kissinger and Nelson Mandela can get them then I think they are all as suspect as the Academy Awards – i.e. totally jewish and worth ignoring.
    People, if you ever meet someone with a Nobel prize, spit on the ground in front of them and walk away while telling them to give it back. They are just paid shabbez goi really. Even in the science prizes corruption is rife.
    Even science is corrupt these days.

  5. School Teacher says:

    Wow. First, I’d like to thank you for your site. Really eye-opening. Second, I’m planning on using it to show my high school students the lengths to which people of hate, regardless of color or religion, will go when they think they’re in the right and have unlimited freedom to say so.

    Keep up the good work–it’s fantastic conversation fodder and actually empowering to people of all “races” when they know about the depths of delusion that exist out there.

    School Teacher

  6. kerdasi amaq says:

    heh, your students may learn something real! for a change.

  7. White Master says:

    Is that School Teacher or Jewy Indoctrinator?

    Yeah, the kids are going to learn something. The White kids will say: “damn their saying what I have felt deep down ALL along!”

    I’m planning on using it to show my high school students the lengths to which people of hate, regardless of color or religion, will go when they think they’re in the right and have unlimited freedom to say so.

    Hell, the White kids can already see that by the black kids they are forced to go to school with.

    White Master

  8. White Master says:

    School Teacher,

    How many sites preaching hatred against Whites have you visited and condemned???

    HOW MANY???

    White Master

  9. School Teacher says:

    How many would you like me to visit? Your recommendations for other sources of bias are much appreciated.

    • incogman says:

      Can you possibly read anything else here on my blog? I do like this post, because it’s all about me. Just click on the “Home” button above — you do know how to do that, right teach? Why don’t you and your students watch some of the videos here, since you obviously can’t or won’t read what I say.

      How do you like teaching, or trying to teach, all the homies, playas and pregnant 15 year old Negro girls? Good potential, huh? Potential to breed more Negroes. That’s where our tax dollars go, subsidizing the breeding of more Negroes, turning this country into Africa. I’ve heard of 29 year old Grandmas out there.

  10. White Master says:

    School Teacher,

    You feel it don’t you?

    You know something isn’t right in America don’t you? Did you just wake up and decide to start searching out so called “racist” Whites to grudge with? Oh no, you are here because you are seeking the truth.

    Here you find the truth but it is shocking to your raped liberal mind. Your mind is virgin to the truth. Read the articles and learn the truth. You know America is a rotting carcass because of diveristy BS.

    Do not be afraid to go against the tide of Jewish Supremacism, White people have been flooded by…UNAWARE!

  11. Marshall says:

    I have to say…

    It was disturbing to me when I saw “Kirstie Alley” and even whatever that actors’ name was from all those star wars and movies that I don’t remember, who was in “American Graffiti” he’s a funny guy. BLADE RUNNER.

  12. git brit says:

    you mean ‘half-jewison ford?

  13. This was really great- the ‘hillbilly stories’ are gold, because it’s your real heritage, your real experiences, and introspection/reflection on where you came from, your people. OK sure it isn’t stories about whatever place in Europe you came from, but obviously your people have been here long enough to have developed a culture here.

    I love this stuff because out here in CA, no one seems to be invested in their real culture-either historically in the US or Europe- the meme of Whites not having a culture – out here it is true- I was born out here, but most people here are a mish-mash of everywhere, then they lose who they are and become…nothing..or they identify (ugh) as ‘Californians’ as if that in and of itself is a real culture, or some other non-racial type identity as if they think ‘liberal’ , or ‘vegetarian’ or ‘social justice activist’ supersedes racial identity- that out her in the land of Oz, you can just invent whatever you want ‘are’.

    People are naturally FOR their own – if they aren’t I consider it kind of a judeo-mental illness. I mentioned your blog article to someone today, this article and was saying you were kind of reclaiming the word ‘hillbilly’- I didn’t know this word where you are had as much derogatory meaning as it apparently does- probably because I have only mostly seen it in the WN context where people are not ashamed to be country people.

    I like country folk, because in my limited but good experiences with them- I found I didn’t have to tap-dance to impress them, they either like or dislike you for who you are, not for what you can do for them, what connections you may or may not have and they tend to not participate much in the myriad of endless mind games. With country people, one doesn’t have to be ‘on’. One can ask them straight questions and get a straight answer. That and they are hospitable and generous with their sheer kindness and caring about people it makes a CA girl almost cry to think of it, compared to how people with so much more have so little to give, especially of themselves.

  14. biker68 says:

    ive got an ancestor that died at Vicksburg while serving in the Louisiana infantry, and another that died at Petersburg Va. while serving in the 4th Pa calvary. a male from every generation in my family has served in the military, its just ‘tradition’. in addition to the above mentioned the Japanese took my great uncle at Iwo Jima, the Vietnamese took my uncle during TET Feb of 68, both were Marines. they named me after my uncle. have you been to Gettysburg? its a must do if you havnt yet.

    ive got alot of (pennsyltucky) hillbilly in me also. i killed my first buck at age 13, have 9 brown trout in the freezer as i type this, and used to sneak grandpas homeade wine from under the workbench in the woodshed. ive been allover the world, but dont ever want or need to leave right here ever again. all of my neighbors are white, there is 1 black kid in the whole damn school. and its clean, quiet, and safe. i honestly feel that it wouldnt be that way if it were NOT 99.9% white.

    it doesnt look like much, just a part of some white dudes history, but i feel its something to be proud of. and i will ensure that my children remain proud of it also.

    great site Incog.

  15. Anonymous says:

    One of Bernays’ favorite techniques for manipulating public opinion was the indirect use of “third party authorities” to plead his clients’ causes. “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway”, he said. In order to promote sales of bacon, for example, he conducted a survey of physicians and reported their recommendation that people eat heavy breakfasts. He sent the results of the survey to 5,000 physicians, along with publicity touting bacon and eggs as a heavy breakfast.

  16. Bella says:

    Dear Sir, Greetings! You have told the truth ,thanks. As a cdn. I can tell you Canada is a police state. If you want some fun google up the English newspaper online called The Daily Mail. Then google Common Purpose.

  17. Bella says:

    The wealth of information on this site is like a gorgeous buffet!!! Can I please bring…Dr. John Coleman’s The Committee of 300…&…Andrew Hitchcock’s The Synagogue of Satan…&…Jew Watch…&…Codex Alimentarious…&…Mr.Benjamin Freedman…&…Tsarion…&…Secret Rulers of the World…&…Teutonic Zionism…&…Daniel Paysuer…&…Dr.Ott…&…Dr.Bill Deagle…&…Mr. Nicola Tesla…&…Jordan Maxwell. I’ve always remembered the kidnapping & killing of the Lindburgh baby & now the motive is clear. What a hostile group we are up against. Anyway , my thanks , I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Bella says:

    Princess Diana’s mother was a jew, as was Winston Churchhill’s, Rupert Murdoch’s , Bill Gates, Tony Blair’s , Jackie Kennedy’s . These people change their last names intermarry etc. but the predator class stay together & probably go way back in time to Babylon. Check out the Federal Reserve Bank & its new head , Ben Shalom Bernanke!! Did you know ex-Fed head Greenspan was big buddies with Ayn Rand??? Did you know they (i.e. Chairman Mao) always try to disarm the general public???Also check this out–most ammo for private guns needs to be imported into the U.S.. And don’t allow yourself to be vaccinated. And don’t believe the rags to riches stories either. Its all a big set up.

  19. Bella says:

    Bella here, just found this site today & can’t shut up! Get this socialist BS. If you are a landlord here in Canada & you rent out to a ‘gay’ couple & the other tenants tease or say derogatory things to these little darlings…& you as the landlord don’t stop this..,you could get sued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The elite don’t want us to have any private property.

  20. Bella says:

    Love the pix of the guy getting ejected ! Also the commentary underneath! Can’t wait to show my boyfriend! We will laugh for days! Also I figured it out a while back that Adolph was not such a bad guy!

  21. lucy van pelt says:

    Incogman, I love who you are. If I could toss my 2 cents in?…I thought Jed Clampett was sexy, manly & noble, Elly May was sexy, sweet & pure. My role model as a little girl was a blend of Granny annd Jane Hathaway. Today my favourite things are growing & preserving food and reading & studying. Guess we saw the show through different lenses. Thank you

  22. Could you please remove ‘Vlaams Belang’ from the names on your Racial Nationalism Library? We are NOT racial nationalists, we are NOT against Jews. We are Flemish Nationalists in a country were the majority of Flemish people must live together with a minority of French speaking people. This minority lives on our expense but they try to make the rules in this country.

    Either way…not your problem!!

  23. JamesTheJust says:

    I thought Jed Clampett was sexy, manly & noble, Elly May was sexy, sweet & pure. My role model as a little girl was a blend of Granny annd Jane Hathaway.

    When that show first started, I used to ask myself why the Clampetts would want to move from the beautiful countryside to Hollywood in the first place.

  24. Marshall says:

    Hey James-

    Did you know “All In the Family” was originally created by Jews to publicly ridicule “Archie Bunker” types…regular middle class Americans?

    It all kind of backfired on them because Archie turned out to be alot more popular than they intended LOL!!!

    Of course “Rob Reiner” got his big start on that one as the “sensitive and wise” Jew hippie-type persecuted by Archie the bigot and Edith the dingbat.

    Then we had Gabe Kaplan as “Kotter” dispensing more Jewish wisdom to the unruly multi-racial inner-city sweathogs…ah yes. Hey, wonder if Gabe Kaplan can be found dispensing wisdom around Detroit these days?


  25. rivkah says:

    you do know “putz” is a Yiddish word, right? I mean, you’re such a smart White Man and all. Therefore you must also know it has more than one meaning. And all of them apply to you.

    • incogman says:

      Thass right, Jewboi. Of course I know where “Putz” came from, you putz. You just can’t stand the fact of any White coming to their senses about you liars. That’s when you bring out all the “ignorant” and “Nazi” bull, trying to scare any other White from waking up to your crap.

  26. gtrman says:

    Marsh- “All in the family” was based on a british sitcom, “Till death do us part”, the “racist, bigoted Alf Garnett played of course by Warren Mitchell- a jew!

  27. Marshall says:

    Putz??? Will “rikvah” make a “mikvah” on your “dickvah?”



    I don’t doubt it gtrman- they can test-market stuff over there before trying it in the USA. I heard “American Idol” started out this way. I say, why not make Simon Cowell get up and sing something for a change, hmm? LOL

    Gotta love that Susan Boyle…and once they did something about those eyebrows, she ain’t half-bad looking after all 😀


  28. Octo says:

    A Message From The Sponsor… Me

    If you’re a White person, let me ask you something: Don’t you feel proud to be White?

    Fuck Yeah!

  29. talmudHater says:

    Nice read incog man.

    I have been treading the National Socialist boards now for, oh about 4 years.

    Having taken all the kosher brainwashing a white boy could take growing up in the 1960s and trying to accept the social “experiment” due to being a music lover and what not; all I had to do was travel and see the truth for what it is.

    In 40 short years we have gone from the most powerful nation on earth to a being a slave for israHELL. Sure the kikes have always been there — but they had to keep a low profile.

    Sadness had a strong grip on my heart when JFK was shot and killed; and whatever his short comings (I loathe his communist brother Ted) I think he was going to turn America around and do something about the jewish bankers….before they got him.

    I was lucky to have a Grandparent who had an idol. Adolf Hitler. IN my eyes he is now a great man in my eyes too because he was right about the jew. The day will come when people WILL know this truth.

    So when you speak about loving being a white man, I hear you and to be a white man in Germany during the glorious days of National Socialism must have been a sight to behold. Someday I hope to live in a country that is a true homeland for whites without hebrew pollution and niggers and spics shitting on whites everyday. If that country is America than all the better.

    Many think that National Socialism is incompatible with American values,
    but I disagree.

    Most of these people saw the same war movies I was brainwashed on etc., but one day hopefully the braindead goyim sheeple will awake and if it is before the jew has stripped every last possession from them then it will be a righteous day. Praise God and Seig Heil.

  30. talmudHater says:

    ‘Vlaams Belang’

    You sound like another politician in a long line of politicians that think they know what the people are thinking. I don’t recall your party taking a poll or on whether they aprove of the massive immigration that is bankrupting their land in Europe and a Europe awash in illegal scum that throw their passports away in order to claim asylm in the best country possible (The E.U., passed a law that an asylum seeker must stay in the first country of arrival — good for Germany but bad for countries like Greece) so why don’t you let us all know when you ask the Flemish what they think about immigration.

    While you are at it be sure to tell them the truth. jews are responsible for this latest “experiment” in diversity and have always pushed for open borders.

  31. m says:

    i think you will enjoy dr judy woods recent publication: where did the towers go?
    excellent website, thanks,

  32. Wow, Incog, I never read your autobiography before. You and I have a lot in common.

    Like you…

    I love the outdoors and appreciate nature.

    I love camping and hiking and completely agree that it is part of a complete existence.

    I greatly admire the gumption and resourcefulness of the of Hillbillies and their close and more distant kin

    I love beer (and Tennessee whiskey once in awhile; though I am fortunate not to have a gambling gene).

    I have paternal ancestors hail from the very early Southern states (Virginia to Georgia; early Northern states on my father’s mother’s side).

    I love our heritage.

    I love random beauty of natural stones and have filled them specially after saving them up and separating them over time. I did this in the same location, separating good from bad. I like to keep nature like it is as much as possible. Why execute a task in such a way that something must be done again? And why undo something you can’t ‘do’ back?

    I love good dirt (and know where some of the best is) too

    I love remote areas and have been fortunate enough to discover a few areas like your stream of my own. I also greatly admire the inexplicably sublime beauty of a wild trout.

    I love fly-fishing and am about as lucky as you are. (I haven’t actually gone in a few years though – I need to get back out there.)

    I also love creating and maintaining things and working outside and completely agree with you about the sissification of “modern” society. It is madness to live as if everything that is random or unexpected is anathema! The random and unexpected is living! I would add, to state it explicitly, that it is quite inauthentic (but I think you were saying that in another way).

    I also detest derisive comments about real tried and tested men from people who couldn’t hold up against them for two seconds in most any endeavor you could think of!

    I agree with you about the magnificence of our people. There’s been so many. Let us not forget.

    I agree with you about all that a good firearm entails in every sense (although I personally do not have a firearm and truly hope I do not regret not having one before I do get one. I also have not hunted – but I sure would like to. I consider myself redeemed in that I am a member of a leading 2nd Amendment organization!)

    I also agree with you about homos, corporate PC pansies, feninsts, multi-cults and all the rest of the frightened hypocrites.

    You and I have similar ideas about one more thing – for sure – and that is the jews.

    Thanks INCOGMAN!

    Your good anonymous pal, allovertheplace

    Keep up the good work!

  33. Deer's Mountain says:

    March 1, 2010 at 12:47 pm
    says; ..”Someday I hope to live in a country that is a true homeland for whites without hebrew pollution and niggers…”


    So do I, it is my dearest, secret dream, which would have to be somewhere near you.
    Would you, however, accept whites such us Russians, Czech, Swedish, Polish, Finish people or French, Italian and Spanish? Is the latter still white enough to you?
    I am a talmud hater as well, born in a picturesque valley surrounded with green hills, forest and small mountains, where one can find fresh streams, creeks and even a little lake on the top of one of the mountains.
    This article brought back some wonderful memories…running and chasing kids bare-feet along those green hills, picking wild berries, rolling in the freshly fallen autumn leaves, catching a fresh trout my brother in the mountain’s stream…
    The carefree times when I didn’t see a negro except in TV and I didn’t know of any jews around.
    I miss it.

  34. kitty says:

    Interesting website/blog. I can trace my mother’s side of the family to arriving in Massachusetts from Yorshire via London in 1650. I know nothing about my father’s side… I am curious as to how you view Persian/Iranian people, who consider themselves Aryan?

  35. t bone says:

    Welcome Kitty

    We view them as human beings, victimized by the jew.

    Heres some vids:

  36. t bone says:

  37. kitty says:

    Thanks for your reply Tbone. I was wondering if you consider them White, as they are ethnically Aryan? I have always found them to be very gracious and very connected to their families.

  38. t bone says:


    My answer to that would be subjective as some commenters would have different opinions. I would also need to research it more to give a somewhat accurate answer.

    More importantly is educating people that jews are the enemy of non-jews.

    Stick around. You’ll learn a lot here and I’m sure that you’ll get the right answer to your question.

  39. kitty says:

    t bone thanks for your answer. I am well aware of the genocide agenda of those who claim to be The Creator’s “chosen people.” I have done quite a bit of research (on going) into the subject, including the study of the advancement of civilizations as far back as Sumerian times, focusing on both spiritual and physical aspects, especially the creation of money, and propaganda. I look forward to broadening my gaze due to the wealth of information available here. Thanks again for your honest answer.

  40. t bone says:

    Heres something that might interest you, Kitty. Its a pdf (free) called the ‘Sumerian Swindle’ @Bamboo Delight.
    (go to bottom of page)

    You may have come across this site already but heres a link, just in case:


  41. Barney says:

    From what I’ve seen in the most recent video above, they certainly look White, beautiful blue-eyed blondes. No wonder the devil (jew) wants to murder them. Nothing of beauty would be allowed to exist in jew world because it reminds them how ugly jews are.

    I’m no expert on genetics, but my eyes tell me these women are beautiful. That’s enough for me.

  42. kitty says:

    Thanks very much TBone for this: “Its a pdf (free) called the ‘Sumerian Swindle’ @Bamboo Delight.” (I’ve read “The Curse of Canaan” by E. Mullins.) I also notice an article about health and the judean controlled western medical system. I worked in a teaching hospital for over five years; medicine is money ~ nothing else. I believe I’ll read that one too. Thanks again!

  43. Olden Grey says:


    New reader here. Bravo! Keep up the good work. Awesome, and informative site 🙂

    Your header graphics are terrific… how do you do those great collages of pictures that look like they are from different sources?? I’d love to be able to do that type of header 😉

    Enjoy your cup ‘o joe

  44. Kip says:

    what about us half breeds with hillbilly ancestry on one side? I agree with a lot here and want to move out to the country but geez ya can’t hate everybody

  45. Rosomaha says:

    Thank you, Incogman for your beautiful story about yourself .
    I have not read this part of your blog before.
    I will do some research now, because I want to know about America I never knew.
    I came in USA in 1996 and very soon I discovered that it’s a Jews State, totally and skillfully controlled by Jews.
    I started to suspect that it was once different America when I observed the old photographs of Americans – workers, settlers, country men/ women.
    They looks real, brave and honest.
    I realized that it was different America a while ago and now it’s lost.
    I see now that the Americans are the victims of Jews infiltration and control.
    Your story tells me that it was different before.
    Thank you.

  46. Don in Taiwan says:

    Yes! I have seen those books of the “Firefox “project! In Taiwan of all places. Amazing. Words get in the way to describe the level of genius and self-reliance.
    We have been dumbed down to take away identity and to make us dependent on a system. Appalachia is an amazing place. The people there will be your worst nightmare or your most loyal, hospitable friends. All depends on ones attitude.

  47. Robin Schultz says:

    I was reading about a Coptic Christian, who was talking about muslims coming to Christ in Egypt, on WND. I somehow ended up on your site. I was always a “believer” in the God of the Bible, but not an “understander”. God knows what it will take for each of us (IF we ever do, that is) to surrender OUR will to HIS. In my case, it took a LOT. 23 yrs. ago, after reading a Bible I’d received in Sunday school, God opened my “spiritual” eyes, and I became an “UNDERSTANDER”. I don’t know what you believe, but in reading some of your blog, I am blown away by your hatred of Jews. My Savior, Jesus, was a Jew. He shed HIS PERFECT blood (that is what God, the Father, required to forgive MY sin, I couldn’t pay it, since my blood was NOT perfect) to keep me from spending ETERNITY in hell. If you have time, I would really like to know why you feel such hate.

  48. Pingback: Wake up or die, White people! – aladdinsmiraclelamp

  49. Cindy says:

    There is a comedy book called ” Stuff White People Like” , which is supposed to be slightly offensive I guess….however its all stuff like yoga, cafes and art museums.
    Rape, stealing, dog fighting and FUBU were noticeably absent. I’m OK with that.

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