ADL Expands Pro-Gay Education For Teachers

By Rev. Ted Pike

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is massively expanding its pro-homosexual “World of Difference” educational outreach to public school teachers in America. “World of Difference” has already instructed more than 375,000 U.S. public school teachers, impacting nearly 12 million students. ADL argues in favor of tolerance toward the values, culture, and accomplishments of sodomites. Their new online outreach, “Making Diversity Count,” intends to embed such acceptance even more deeply within American public education.

ADL, in its similar “No Place for Hate” program, encourages parents to invite a homosexual couple over for a “get acquainted” evening of dinner and sharing with their children. This will prove to young people, ADL asserts, that same-sex “married” couples are just as normal and fulfilled as heterosexuals.

Endorsed by an array of America’s leading educators, “Making Diversity Count” encompasses a new dimension of “soft-sell” online pro-homosexual propaganda. It provides in-home “respect for diversity” education to teachers, even in the remotest and smallest districts. Completion of the 15-hour course results in continuing education credits. ADL encourages teachers to promote unconditional acceptance of students who are “different,” i.e. homosexuals. In contrast, ADL preaches there should be “no place for hate,” i.e. zero tolerance in the public schools toward the “homophobic,” “hateful and hurtful” convictions of Christian young people.

Who is Corrupting Public Schools?

Many concerned Christian parents, especially in California, are mystified as to the source of the tidal wave of pro-homosexuality flooding into public education. They need look no further than ADL, whose decades-long public record of encouraging homosexuality in American life is well known and respected by the liberal establishment. ADL, in fact, is proud of its tireless efforts to end “homophobic” Christian “hate and hate speech.” That’s the whole purpose behind the “anti-hate” laws ADL has masterminded and enforces, behind the scenes, worldwide. (Watch Rev. Ted Pike’s Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians)

Tragically, the tens of thousands of public school educators who are now naively imbibing ADL’s new soft-sell of homosexuality have probably never heard a critical word against ADL. This is largely because all major Christian/conservative leaders and media, fearing ADL’s accusation “anti-Semitic!”, either remain silent concerning ADL’s very existence or back off from criticism when ADL conspicuously persecutes Christians and trashes Christian values. For example:

* Jay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice portrays itself as an aggressive legal bulldog alerting the Christian world whenever the rights of Christians are being violated. ACLJ ostensibly exists to actively intervene in the courts to obtain justice for persecuted Christians. This didn’t happen in 2004 when 11 Christians in Philadelphia were arrested by ADL’s National Executive Board member, Philly DA Lynne Abraham. The arrest and jailing of the Philly 11, threatening 47 years in prison and $90,000 in fines each, is perhaps the most egregious act of persecution against Christians in American history. Yet, for over three months, even after the case had been dismissed by a higher court, ACLJ said nothing, giving not a hint of this travesty to its 100 million viewers on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Without a doubt, ACLJ was acutely aware of ADL’s high-profile role. Result: They went silent.

* Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition and its CBN News also boast of instant coverage of Christians under persecution. Yet they responded with the same silence. Finally, after three months had passed, when ADL had been defeated and their lack of coverage had become glaringly obvious, they sent a camera crew to interview Michael Marcavage, head of the Philly 11. At last, they informed their similarly vast audience of the mortal threat against free speech that had occurred three months earlier. (See, Philadelphia pursues “Hate Crime” charges against Christians)

Some Jew homo or Zionist liberal, basking in subversive Jew glory while riding on a float during a Gay “Pride” parade [INCOG].

Some Evangelical Leaders Support ADL

Incredibly some new right media and leadership speak well of ADL:

* Danette Daniels, public relations director and talk show host for the popular Christian/conservative American Freedom (radio) Network, told me several years ago that their network featured regularly scheduled radio programs, not only by ADL but also its terrorist bedfellow, the Jewish Defense League! During an interview I had with Daniels, I criticized ADL for masterminding hate laws. She immediately apologized on air, “to all my ADL friends” for what I was saying. (My recent call to AFN informed me that ADL/JDL programs are not presently being aired.)

* Pastor John Hagee, who speaks to a TV audience of 99 million, has publicly boasted of receiving the Humanitarian of the Year award from B’nai B’rith International, parent of ADL, as well as “numerous honors and accolades from national Jewish organizations…”

* “Born again” President George W. Bush, in a special message to ADL’s National Strategy Conference this spring, said ADL and director Abe Foxman are doing a “great job” of fighting intolerance.

As a consequence of the confusion caused by such silence or mixed messages from the religious right, ADL’s lustrous reputation as the world’s premiere civil rights organization, fighting homophobia and anti-semitism, remains unquestioned among elite liberal educators, jurists, and legislators in America. These are those who are now “mysteriously” uniting to educate, adjudicate, and legislate against the values and freedoms of America’s Christian majority.

Christian leaders may think there are no consequences to their policy of silence. In reality, the frightening world now taking shape (including Christian-persecuting public schools in America) is being created not just by evil people but by the “good” people who think there is still safety in silence.

The truth is, their silence only creates the vacuum that evil ADL fills.

National Prayer Network

Harmony Grant’s Achieves: Go Here. Harmony is one of my favorite writers on these issues and I’m certain you will agree with me after you read her. If you are a Christian, or even a concerned American, it behoves you to check out her writings [INCOG].

ADL’S program here

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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7 Responses to ADL Expands Pro-Gay Education For Teachers

  1. African Man says:

    What I don’t get is how Whites cannot connect the dots! The f**king jews hate your guts! I blame the White leaders. Especially the religious leaders. They have made Jews, god’s chosen people. Putting Whites at a psychological disadvantage.

    You wont believe how many Whites believe in “Liberal conspiracies” but can never connect Liberalism to the damn jews.

  2. African Man says:

    Incogman. Speaking of Economic collapse. The perfect storm is gathering. Literally!

    I was watching Jewtube and they said Hurricane Gustav(currently in Haiti/Cuba) would reach the Gulf of Mexico as a category 3. Looks like New Orleans might get hit again…..and this time it might not be so lucky! (katrina veered of at the last minute)

    Keep your eyes on Hurricane Gustav and more important. Stock up on gasoline before prices increase.

  3. ted says:

    “You wont believe how many Whites believe in “Liberal conspiracies” but can never connect Liberalism to the damn jews.”

    African Man, that’s a great comment. Whites are satisifed to simply blame everything on Feminism, Communism, Socialism, Political Correctness, Illegal Immigration, Affirmative Action, or Multi-Culturalism, etc. They’ll even go so far as to blame The Frankfurt School, or Crticial Theory. But they won’t take it a step further and realize all of these evils were created and/or embraced by Jewish Intellectuals! THEY REFUSE TO NAME THE JEW! Even once you understand that, you have to take it further and delve into Judaism and the Talmud to understand what the Jews really think and what they’re really doing. IMO, there’s no way to understand what’s going on in the world without understanding the Jews.

    Your comment is exactly what recently led to ‘My Awakening’ …

    Whites will blame Political Correctness, yet, they fail to realize it’s Political Correctness that prevents them from naming the Jews and holding them accountable.

  4. incogman says:

    That’s precisely it, ted.

    The Jews have set-up a social cloaking device to all their typical behavior. Whites are so blinded by the race business, the diversity propaganda and the danger of being a social pariah, called a “hater” that they can not, will not utter these 4 dangerous words:

    “Maybe Hitler was right.”

    That’s just too much for them. Instead, they’ll scratch their heads and wonder WTF is going on with this country.

    When people make the connection, everything falls into place and makes real sense. The curtain comes down from around “the man.” The real man.

    The Jews greatly fear this occuring.

  5. ted says:

    Great article by Kevin MacDonald:

    ” … the greatest danger to the cultural establishment is the existence of intelligent, well-written, well-documented, and fundamentally honest articles arguing for the importance of white identity and white interests. And the same goes for discussions of the interests and influence of other groups. The point is that our message must be conveyed with intelligence and ruthless criticism of the intellectual shoddiness of our opponents’ theories and the pervasiveness of double standards when it comes to ethnocentrism.”

  6. African Man says:

    Even among the coloureds, I have noticed people like to blame White people but FEAR blaming jews. Its not just a White thing but GOYIM thing.

    The latest scam of Jewry is to blame China for everything. Unlike the White sheeples, the Chinese are smart. Some of them know what Jewry is up to. The best seller in China is a book about Rothschild banking.

    Another thing about religion. Notice people always look at China, and Russia as the bad guys in Armageddon? That keeps them from noticing the REAL bad guys aka Jewry.

    Religion is useless. Probably an invention of Jewry. All the prophets are jewish. The last Jewish prophet (Karl Marx) killed a hundred million with his invention. (communism)

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