The Macacas Are Coming

Third World invasion of the tech industry is undermining salaries and competency.

by Ian Mosley

While on the campaign trail in 2006, Senator George Allen referred to an Indian who was following him around with a video camera for the Democrat Party as a “macaca.” No one seemed to know what “macaca” meant. In all likelihood it was a made-up word for Hindus by Allen. Curiously, the word has taken on a life of its own and is being used to describe Third World invaders from Central Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

The Conservative Voice website has run an interesting article by Liz Davis on “The Macaca Effect.” The column starts off: “What is the ‘macaca effect’? First of all, what is a macaca? A ‘macaca’ is a racial pejorative to refer to someone either from or with ancestry from India or Pakistan. And the ‘macaca effect’ is pejorative used by people in high tech to refer to East Indians driving down the wages of American and British high tech workers. In many fields (computer programming, engineering, medicine, nursing, accounting, etc.) companies are faking labor shortages to acquire an H1B visa and hire East Indians, with the net effect of driving down the wages of American and British employees. Thus, one hears disgruntled employees talking about the ‘macaca effect.’”

I wonder how disgruntled this author, Liz Davis, will be when she loses her high-paying job, writing articles, and is replaced with a minimum-wage “macaca.” If she doesn’t think this will ever happen, at least one major US newspaper has outsourced journalist jobs to India to cut costs. See you in the unemployment line, Liz.

The article goes on: “Paul Craig Roberts, assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury in the Reagan administration, has written: ‘Offshoring has reduced the availability of good-paying jobs for middle-class Americans. It is not only manufacturing jobs that are being moved abroad, but software-engineering jobs, IT jobs, and a wide range of other professional occupations. Consequently, the ladders of upward mobility are being dismantled. Many of the professional jobs that remain are being filled with foreigners, especially engineers and IT professionals from India, who are brought in on work visas and paid less by U.S. employers, who falsely claim worker shortages.’”

Ms. Davis continues: “High-tech insider Tom Stern says: ‘Indians are generally nice people. But when your company starts hiring them, you know the end is near. It’s like the early stages of cancer. Within one year, all of our wages were driven down by 45%. Big business is bringing over Indians for the sole purpose of pushing down American salaries.’ …Many complain that this may be the end of Western economies, as they are slowly transformed into Third World economies. Journalist Brian Watson comments: ‘It is no coincidence that Jean Raspail, author of the conservative classic Camp of the Saints, selected East Indians to lead the invasion of the West. Indians are best equipped to infiltrate and bring down Western countries – and they can do it with an obsequious smile.’”

Americans should always remember this simple truism: Mexicans are being brought into this country to replace blacks. Asians and East Indians are being brought in to replace Whites. Most Asians and Indians are completely incompetent at anything that requires actual creativity or serious deductive reasoning or in-depth analysis. The American high tech and professional trades have been devastated by this influx of semi-competent Asians. The term “bloat-ware” is frequently used to describe unnecessarily long programs, written by Hindu programmers, which all-too-often don’t even work. In some aerospace companies, it is considered “racist” to complain about the incompetency of ANY Third World workers –even if the complaint is extremely specific and well-founded. Apparently, no one is allowed to point out the “Emperor has no clothes.” A White employee, who tells the truth, is more likely to be fired than a bungling Hindu who fakes his analysis and makes up results out of thin air. The macacas are also responsible for some of the housing crisis, since White Americans who lose their six figure tech jobs to Indian immigrants, can’t pay off their homes in the suburbs.

The practice of hiring Hindus and Pakis is like a religious cult among higher management. All these executives and CEOs care about is the massive drop in salaries that comes with these new workers. No one is allowed to question the wisdom of the policy or point out the drop in quality and production. It seems like few -if any- executives have asked themselves “Why was there never a profitable aerospace industry or software industry in India or China or Pakistan?” Letting these Third World people invade our high tech industry is like welcoming a “Trojan Horse of Incompetency” that will one day destroy all the corporations that were built with the creativity of White tech workers.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. African Man says:

    ha ha. I have noticed Whites have lost ability to make fun of non-Whites. That is what happens to slaves not freemen. White goyim are the best slaves jewish money can buy.

    I heard Mugabe turned on the Jews. Maybe that’s why we hear a spike in Anti-Mugabe propaganda in Western media. Notice they never talk about What Mugabe did to White farmers?

    This is why i love Africans! They will turn on you unlike the loyal White goyims. Too bad Africans cannot tell jews and whites apart. Nor can most people. That is the jews biggest weapon. (camouflage)

    That is exactly why I think Black Africans should have been top race on Earth since they are the hardest race to camouflage against.

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