A New Evil Leader for THE Evil Country

This past week saw the Israeli Kadima party select Foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, to run for election, taking the place of corruption-plagued Ehud Olmert as Prime Minister of Israel. It wasn’t a big surprise — everyone knew it was coming since, like all Zionist Ashkenazi Prime Ministers before, her family pedigree for the job is perfect for the job: Terrorism and Spying.

That's my girl!

Her father, Eitan Livni (right), was chief operations officer in the Zionist terrorist group Irgun that bombed, shot and actually tortured (yep) British soldiers and Palestinians to clear the way for the Jews to steal Palestine. These people did everything you’ve been propagandized about the “Islamo-Fascist Terrorists,” yet the Jew-manipulated Wikipedia has seen fit to term these Jews “activists” — like all they ever did was make some kind of big fuss!

Eitan was also closely involved with Menachim Begin (once PM of Israel) in the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem that killed close to 100 British civil servants, Palestinians and even a few Jews who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The bombers dressed as Arabs to plant the explosives (makes you wonder, huh?). Eitan was once sentenced to 15 years for attacking a British base, but escaped from the British prison at Acre.

Irgun was also responsible for the infamous Deir Yassin massacre in 1948, where they systematically killed over 250 innocent Palestinians, who had made a peace agreement with the Haganah, another Jewish “activist” group. We Created Terror Among the Arabs

Eitan was born in Poland (definitely a Khazar Zionist) and Tzipi’s mother, Sarah Rosenberg, was also a Irgun Terrorist who once robbed a train while disguised as a pregnant woman. Her little evil gang blew up a few trains as well. What a lovely murder duo they must of made!

This Irgun poster shows what they really want -- sooner or later.

The two were the very first married Zionist couple in the newly formed State of Israel in 1948, so Tzipi belongs to Jew Zionist “royalty.” Her father is even buried under a tombstone with a symbol of the Irgun, containing a map of “Erez Ysrael,” which includes land on both sides of the Jordan River, i.e. land that belongs to the Jordan people.

But Zippy Livni is no slacker in evil Jew Zionist doings, herself. She was once a MOSSAD agent who took part in the poisoning (how sneaky is that?) of some Iraqi scientist in Paris; her main concern was not to screw it up, by getting busted and embarrassing Israel politically. The killing of a non-combative in some neutral foreign country was not THE problem for this woman:

“She was in an elite unit,” said Ephraim Halevy, the former director of Mossad, who for security reasons declined to specify which outfit Ms Livni had served in between 1980 and 1984.

One French report cited experts suggesting that Ms. Livni was part of an elite unit that fatally poisoned the Iraqi nuclear scientist Abdul Rasul at a lunch in Paris in 1983. “The risks were tangible,” Ms Gal was to say of those days in Mossad. “If I made a mistake the result would be arrest and catastrophic political implications for Israel.” Read more here

Read that and stew on it for a minute. These Jews have absolutely ZERO concern about the morality of killing in a sovereign foreign country to get their way; their only concern was (and is) getting caught red-handed doing it. Nuclear scientists or not, these people think they have the right to kill whomever, whenever, wherever!

Last year, as Chief Foreign Minister, Zippy called for the kicking out of a measly 7,400 Black Africans and refugees from the Darfur civil war, calling them all “infiltrators.” Imagine if any American White running for office called for the illegal Mestizo immigrants to be deported or labeled them infiltrators? The US Jews would go crazy calling him a Nazi, jumping up and down all over the place. But here’s what Zippy Livni said about Israel’s little illegal problem:

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni also addressed the infiltration issue, claiming the Israel must make sure to enforce the procedures in order to stop the phenomenon.

“The infiltrators must be dealt with highhandedly and be expelled in a swift procedure,” she said. Read more here

These Jews have to be like the world’s greatest hypocrites ever! They have no problems with flooding the US with non-Whites, but they can’t have their beloved Israel as “Multicultural” for one minute. And forget all those Ethiopian Negro “Jews” (they were never real Jews), who were transported to the promised land back in the 50’s and 60’s. Many have since left Israel because the Jews treat them like, well, Negroes or as they call them behind their backs:“Schwartzes.”

They treat Palestinians and even Christian Arabs worse than dogs! If they could, they would readily do the same to you in the US — should you dare fight back against their arrogant Jewish bull.

Lately, this sweet-hearted woman has been behind the embargoes, electricity shut-downs, water cut-offs, along with starving the Palestinians in the Gaza strip, all in the effort to make them renounce the democratically-elected Hamas party. Those right winger Jews must love this gal’s gall!

Her own husband even tells his friends that she’s more right winger than Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyhu (right), former Prime Minister and rabid Zionist who “just happened” to be on hand in New York city on 9/11 and in London during the subway bombings on 7/7. Bibi even attended a celebratory commemoration of the King David Hotel terrorist attack in 2006.

But let’s get to the point, shall we? This woman is a bona fide JEW SUPREMACIST BITCH of the first magnitude (sorry ladies). She will have zero problems with unleashing total war on Iran and kicking the spat-upon Palestinians across the border into Egypt or even into the sea (coming soon). She might even overcompensate to prove how tough she is as a woman and then make things much worse, quite possibly for the entire world at large.

Somehow, us Americans are expected to look the other way at all these terrorist Jews being made Prime Ministers of Israel and think anything will ever change in the Mideast. The whole business behind the troubles over there is directly attributable to these violent Jews wreaking havoc from the very beginnings of Israel and to this day:

“We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”

— David Ben-Gurion, from Ben-Gurion to the General staff, a Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar (May 1948)

They’ll try to tell you it’s because they are always under attack, but guess what? They come under attack for all the underhanded schemes they employ and expect no one to notice; all the victims having to roll over and just take it, because they are “The Chosen Ones” and suffered so much during the Holocaust!

For example: The Palestinians in the West Bank, that are separated from their families can’t even visit them without losing their right to return home or retain rights to their property back in the West Bank! That’s right, they go see mom and they may as well just move in because they can never return. Can you believe how heartless and cruel that really is? Read more here

This is what the evil Jews are up to: The green areas of the West Bank are being taken over simply by allowing crazy extremist orthodox Jews who hate Arabs (or any non-Jew, really) to just move in overnight and set-up camp on the best Palestinian land. Doesn’t matter a whit to them whether the Palestinians have been there for thousands of years or even has clear titleship papers to the land. And if of the West Banks Palestinians happen to visit the postage stamp-sized Gaza Strip, they can NEVER return to the West bank and their very own houses!

The Jews are turning the Gaza into a giant Ghetto! The small inset in the upper left, shows the East Jerusalem area where the Jews are doing everything they can to turn into JEW WORLD CAPITAL, with American Jews sending boat loads of US money to build fancy condos for themselves and other Jews there.

Just look at how the sneaky Jews do things and try to hide it from public knowledge back in the US.


And they are doing other insidious things to the Palestinians living in East Jerusalem. The Jews want Jerusalem to be nothing but Jews, so they do all kinds of Jew tricky stuff to make their lives miserable. Old sewer systems have been falling apart and the Jews won’t let them upgrade nor allow them to use theirs. East Jeruselum Palestinians are now reporting that the Zionists are purposefully releasing disease-carrying rats into the area so the Jews can make a big stink about the “stinky” Arabs!

This is what the Jew does so well, folks. He (or she, looks like) will act like they are so sweet and nice and altruistic — so concerned about the downtrodden people of the world — but if you don’t fit in their selfish racial plans they’ll use any kind of sneaky, underhanded methods they can dream up behind the scenes to get rid of your butt!

They think we can’t see through all this: They are so downright arrogant and evil, that they are completely oblivious to people figuring out all their scheming going on in the world. I’m telling you: It’s chutzpah gone wild!

These poor Palestinians sometimes go haywire and try to get back in any way, shape or form. If they can’t get their hands on explosives to strap around themselves and blow some Israelis to kingdom come, they’ll look for any other possible way. There has even been several instances where they’ve taking construction equipment, like bulldozers, and went on rampages through Jew neighborhoods, and the heavily-armed Jew citizens have to climb up on the sides of the cab to shoot them dead without making the least effort to just stop them.

These Jews will do everything they can to non-Jews taking up space in JEW WORLD. Don’t take my word for it, here’s something by two Americans describing the things Jews do to the local Palestinians:

“…You cannot travel around the West Bank for more than a day or two without seeing all of this, without knowing what it means, without knowing how Israel is committing a kind of slow ethnocide — perhaps, over the longer term, even genocide — against Palestinians. You cannot see the extent of this without wondering how it can ever be turned around…”

“Words fail; ordinary terms are inadequate to describe the horrors Israel daily perpetrates, and has perpetrated for years, against the Palestinians. The tragedy of Gaza has been described a hundred times over, as have the tragedies of 1948, of Qibya, of Sabra and Shatila, of Jenin — 60 years of atrocity perpetrated in the name of Judaism. But the horror generally falls on deaf ears in ! most of Israel, in the U.S. political arena, in the mainstream U.S. media. Those who are horrified — and there are many — cannot penetrate the shield of impassivity that protects the political and media elite in Israel, even more so in the U.S., and increasingly now in Canada and Europe, from seeing, from caring…”

— Kathleen and Bill Christison, Former CIA political analysts.

Obama came by looking for the approval of all the Israeli terrorists -- including the heir apparent.

Now people will go and say that the Zionist Israeli Jews are an attacked and victimized race, vulnerable to evil Arabs all the time in the Mideast when the direct opposite is true: These Jews are a small, cowardly race given to fits of hysterical revenge, real-life race and religious apartheid, given to secret plotting and devious methods to get their way in the world.

With parents like Tzipi Livni had and her actions up to this point, expect to see the same — maybe even worse. And people, this is not some mindless Jew bashing — these people could readily start a horrific World War and may even be in the process of doing so now. Check out the real background in the recent Georgian conflict and you’ll see!

These people DO NOT deserve our loyalty whatsover. The world laughs at us, hates us for this and for us fighting wars for them. We give Israel billions of dollars yearly of YOUR tax money and instead of thanks, they use sneaky tactics back in the US to purposefully keep the American public in the dark — using our very own tax money back in the US to corrupt our political process, while the rich, globalist Zionists buy up the media to create a cone of silence about it all.

— Phillip Marlowe

The Israeli Radical Right But don’t let the terms “Right-Winger” or “Zionist” fool you — it’s really Jews in toto* who are doing all this to the world. Even the “Liberal” Jews seek to confuse you as to their shenanigans going on — they don’t want the Goyim to go nutso on them like they have in the past!

So the liberal Jews, in effect, protect the actions of the crazy Right Winger and Orthodox Jews. It makes Jewry into the world’s biggest crime family!

* Jews, overall, don’t care one bit about the concept of America, only that they belong to International brotherhood of Jewdom and this is why they seek to bring on the New World Order and destroy the future of a sovereign America. All of us Americans are being screwed royally and don’t have a clue!

NOTE! All the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists spoken about here are mostly from the Khazar tribe originating from southern Russia (also called the Ashkenazi), who converted in the 8th-9th century, AD. Not the true Israelites of the Bible nor the Torah Jews (Neturei Karta). These KHAZAR interlopers donned the cloak of Judaism, yet retained ancient criminal and parasitic functions among host nations. Over the centuries, their behavior has caused the Gentile populations to rise up and throw them bodily out or worse. This has happened about 79 times. Now, Zionistic elements of them have control of important and powerful parts of America and other White, European nations, as well as having their own stolen country in the Mideast that we’re now completely beholden to — no matter what they do to us or what they make us do to the world for them. According to their Talmud, we are nothing but “Goyim” or cattle to them.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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101 Responses to A New Evil Leader for THE Evil Country

  1. incogman says:

    You Jews sure hate it when you’re exposed like this.

    Besides, Tel Aviv is the self-proclaimed Homo capital of the world and Jews are Homo’s best buds.

    It turns out that it’s YOU who are the real “Nazis.” You’ve turned into your own worst enemies with your behavior. You know it too. That’s why you go so crazy when Whites nail you.

    Just like how we’ll nail you soon enough. Oh yeah, it won’t be pretty, that’s for sure. Jews like you will be turned into blubbering fools when you see us coming for you in torch-lit hordes.

    It’s happened 79 times in the past and America will make it #80!

  2. incogman says:

    I guess the tough guy “nazikiller” is out servicing homos someplace and has his hands busy and his mouth full.

  3. Anonymous says:

    incogman, read this when you get an opportunity:

    How Israel helps eavesdrop on US citizens


  4. IndoAtheist says:

    mmm… i don’t understand what USA people thinking… if you hate the jews so much just start a bloody revolution and topple those jew slaves … arm your self and start with huge explosion inside white house, pentagon and wall street….well… the jew will immedietly run like hell before this thing happen with all USA money…and watch from faraway the americans killing each other ( the same thing happened in iraq and afghanistan).. what a bad bad scenario……

  5. Muhammed says:

    The Qu’ran is very specific in designating the land of Israel as belonging to the Jews. Perhaps the recent history is Allah’s way of saying to Muslims “Leave the Jews alone.”

  6. nas says:

    I don’t know If the holocaust really happened or the number jews died was 6 mil. But from what they are doing to Palestinians they do need another holocaust to understand what humanity is….

  7. Ricardopatuzi says:

    wow… I can see the war growing because of all the hate and ignurance that is going around here.
    NON of you have ANY idea of what is going on in Israel.
    Non of you have been to Israel.
    Israel is 450km long and 100km wide, and the only peace of land OWNED by the jewish people with 5000 years of history to prove it!
    population = 5 million jewish people
    Israel – democracy

    There are 32 muslim countries under dictatorship with 1 billion mulims that live there, and all of them HATE the palastinians. How come no muslim country would accept the palastinians?!
    Jordinians murderd 11000 palastinians because they wanted a peace of land for them selfs… but no one remeber that… I wonder why… mmm…

    I’ll tell you why! because the Islam is calling to kill all jewish people!
    even if there was no Israel, the ANTI SEMITE propaganda would still call to kill all the jewish people.

    7 wars and 7 winnings to Israel.
    all were started by arab countries.
    you will NEVER win a war against israel.

    obviously I can not get to you and your hate towards the jewish people is strong. therefore I can only say… that your are all GARBAGE JUICE
    Fuck you

  8. American says:

    Bingo, I hadn’t read this post yet, but go back and see I had you nailed as not only jew, but Israeli trash.

    Nice prison (Israel) you built for yourself. Pathetic people with no culture or hope.

  9. anti-zionist says:

    Hey jewbags, why are you here?

  10. Bible???
    1. War
    2. Racism
    3. Hate
    4. Massexecutions
    5. Cannibalism
    6. Pedophily
    7. Slavery
    8. Militarystrategy
    9. Christian Criminal Education


  11. kreplach says:

    To:Anonymous-September 27, 2008 at 7:42 am

    I fear youre reading the White Supremacist Talmusd. There is no real hate in the actual Talmud

  12. kreplach says:

    To: KickTheJewsOutOfTheUSA-September 27, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    Israel is a multi-racial state like the USA. Youre gonna have “rednecks” in Israel like you have in America.

  13. American says:

    It’s not just the Talmud, but the Zohar too that preach utter HATRED:


    So much for Isra-HOLE being a multi-racial state!

  14. Akira says:

    kerplop writes: “There is no real hate in the actual Talmud”

    Ha ha. Good one!

    We got a real Jew comedian here.

    Give us another laugh. Try and top that one.

  15. kreplach says:

    Yes Im a real funny man. A regular Seinfeld . You ridicule but your real weakness is obvious. You cannot refute. Dont use anti-semite sites like Come see and Hear, Biblebelievers, David Duke, JewWatch, SeventFire, etc Theyre as credible as a Bernie Madoff check.
    Ys Israel CANNOT be racist as its has many cultures and races within.
    Palestinians are not in Israel is a technical error on your part too.
    The Talmus, Torah and Zohar are universal.

  16. Steven10 says:

    I make it a habit not to read the Talmud. If I did I’m certain it would only reinforce my feelings of disgust and aversion I feel for vipers and the living dead.

  17. Steven10 says:

    I get my sources from the KJV. Yes, even the words of Jesus are also considered another antisemitic source according to you. Even He was disgusted with your ways and drove your type out of the temple because of your despicable ways and false worship. You say you don’t hate but your nasty wicked ways makes everyone detest you and that wretched satanic symbol of yours. You ever look in the mirror and wonder why you are seen by non jews as loathsome?

  18. Steven10 says:

    No, you don’t hate because the Talmud tells you to. You are enslaved in hate and terror from birth. No one hates you, it’s your haughtiness and love of filthy lucre. It’s the animosity you have for anyone outside your tribe. It’s the mass murder of millions ten times greater than any holocaust visited upon the children of Cain. You should leave soon. You are not welcome here to play with your silly word games. You will always lose. All you will have left is calling us antisemites. So, what is that to anyone here? Just another silly word game. You’ve got nothing.

  19. Steven10 says:

    BTW… what is the “actual” Talmud? How many scams have y’all got going this week?

  20. Simon Gibson says:

    Quite right Steven10,

    The Magen David is a hexagonal stellar curse on the Jews, like the star called wormwood in the New Testament, and a counterfeit of the messianic star that Moses said would “rise in Jacob” and that led the wise men to the young child Jesus Christ — the Jews are absolute hypocrites calling Christianity “abodah zarah” or the foreign worship (of the stars and planets).

    A hex is a curse, and the hexagram is second only in the occult to the Solomonic pentagram; and both are used by Jewish and Gentile sorcerers for conjuring demons.

    The Jews’ stellar sign of the Magen David is an accursed thing, because they’ve used it to celebrate a ‘Davidic’ king they’ve raised up to lead them away from God and in rebellion against God’s Son Jesus Christ, and into the idolatry of star of Remphan worship condemned by Jehovah in the Tanach.

    The ‘Davidic’ pseudo-messiah Simon bar Kochbah was silly enough to lead the Jews’ rebellion against the Romans in the second century, and evidently used the Magen David as a banner, because it has long been used as a sign of Zionism, and he even had a surname meaning “son of a star”.

    The Magen David wasn’t named for Israel’s King David who was, of course, a prototype and lineal predecessor of Jesus Christ; but for David Al Roy, a twelfth century pseudo-messiah who sought to lead the rebellious Jews on a crusade from Khazaria to Palestine to take the ‘Holy City’ by force of arms.

    Ashkenazic Jews at the First Zionist Congress voted to adopt the Magen David as the emblem on the flag of the rogue state of Israel and relegated the older and more authentic menorah to Israel’s state seal, because most of them could sympathize with Al Roy, being from his “neck of the woods”.

    The notorious pseudo-messiah Simon Bar Kochbah had a counterpart in Joseph Stalin who adopted the codename of KOBA as a revolutionary before he came to power, because KOBA was a cabbalistic rendition of Kochbah.

    The Magen David appeared superimposed over a crossed hammer and sickle on the flag of the Jews’ soviet of the USSR before being replaced with the less conspicuous Solomonic pentagram, which is a sign in communist countries of the reign of a Grail king of the Jews’ global shadow Political.

  21. kreplach says:

    Was I telling you to read it, Did I address YOU Steven??
    Yeshua objected to the moneychangers he didnt drive them out.
    What wicked ways do I have?? You dont know me. Youre a paragon of assumption and prejudice. Jews have been lauded for centuries even by those who persecute them in a competitive style,
    Again Steven you dont know me. All your sentences are declrative and NOT explantive? Why cause I know you. Youre not a thinker your a knewjerk reactionary idiot. To you obviously the english language and its comrehension are all silly wird scams. Thus is only 1 Talmud, Jewhaters took it a made scrambled eggs

  22. kreplach says:

    Steven Gibson, Is Hutton the misfit your father? Chernobyl is wormwood not any star, No its doesnt say that in the NT. Astrology is a guide not a wrship, Try reading some history. A hex also stops curses. You really need to read before you jump around the internet with your arrogant style exhibiting new and unexpored dimensions of stupidity. “idolatry of star of Remphan worship” Do you make tis crap up??? Jesus Christ or Yeshua the Moshiach was considered the heir of David. Read something anything. Thanks for the Bar Kochba lession, you not a complete waste. There is mo mention of Khazaria in connection with David Alroy. Dream on. Stalin wasnt Jewsish. He didnt identify with Jews or Bar Kochba. Where do you get this. And who gives you the license to distort and revise history in accordance with you emotions and bias??? There was never any star of David on the soviet flag.Since pentagrams are all over the USA flag is that a devil country to you??? There are pentagrams on the flags of Austraila and New Zealand too. Got any longwinded bullshit to explain further???

  23. Simon Gibson says:


    “A hex stops curses”. Yeah, right ..

  24. anti-zionist says:

    Kreplach, were the top 6 mass murderers in the soviet state jews? all your credibility amongst the aryan lurkers here depend on your answer.

  25. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    The dark side of the rap game…


  26. Simon Gibson says:

    David Al Roy, the Khazarian connection, and the origin of the name of the “Magen David” …

    “In the twelfth century there arose in Khazaria a Messianic movement, a rudimentary attempt at a Jewish crusade, aimed at the conquest of Palestine by force of arms. The initiator of the movement was a Khazar Jew, one Solomon ben Duji, aided by his son Menahem and a Palestinian scribe.

    “They wrote letters to all the Jews, near and far, in all the lands around them…. They said that the time had come in which God would gather Israel, His people from all lands to Jerusalem, the holy city, and that Solomon Ben Duji was Elijah, and his son the Messiah [The main sources for this movement are a report by the Jewish traveller Benjamin of Tudela, a hostile account by the Arab writer Yahya al-Maghribi, and two Hebrew manuscripts found in the Cairo Geniza].”

    “The next episode takes place about twenty years later, when young Menahem assumed the name David al-Roy, and the title of Messiah. Though the movement originated in Khazaria, its centre soon shifted to Kurdistan. Here David assembled a substantial armed force – possibly of local Jews, reinforced by Khazars – and succeeded in taking possession of the strategic fortress of Amadie, north-east of Mosul.

    “From here he may have hoped to lead his army to Edessa, and fight his way through Syria into the Holy Land. .The whole enterprise may have been a little less quixotic than it seems now, in view of the constant feuds between the various Muslim armies, and the gradual disintegration of the Crusader strongholds. Besides, some local Muslim commanders might have welcomed the prospect of a Jewish crusade against the Christian Crusaders.

    “Among the Jews of the Middle East, David certainly aroused fervent Messianic hopes. One of his messengers came to Baghdad and – probably with excessive zeal – instructed its Jewish citizens to assemble on a certain night on their flat roofs, whence they would be flown on clouds to the Messiah’s camp. A goodly number of Jews spent that night on their roofs awaiting the miraculous flight. .But the rabbinical hierarchy in Baghdad, fearing reprisals by the authorities, took a hostile attitude to the pseudo-Messiah and threatened him with a ban.

    “Not surprisingly, David al-Roy was assassinated – apparently in his sleep, allegedly by his own father-in-law, whom some interested party had bribed to do the deed. His memory was venerated, and when Benjamin of Tudela travelled through Persia twenty years after the event, “they still spoke lovingly of their leader”.

    “But the cult did not stop there. The six-pointed “shield of David” which adorns the modern Israeli flag, started to become a national symbol with David al-Roy’s crusade. “Ever since,” writes Baron, “the six-cornered ‘shield of David’, mainly a decorative motif or magical emblem, began its career toward becoming the chief national-religious symbol of Judaism. Long used interchangeably with the pentagram or the ‘seal of Solomon’, it was attributed to David in mystic and ethical German writings from the thirteenth century on, and appeared on the Jewish flag in Prague in 1527.”


  27. SBD TV says:

    An interesting video from under Simon Gibson(dec31 5.38)…


    I laugh at NASA!

  28. Simon Gibson says:

    Satanic Magen David used by Jews and Gentiles in occult rites to conjure demons …

  29. American says:

    “Jews have been lauded for centuries “- craplick

    HHAHAHAHA! LMAO!! Which was it lauded, or made into soap?

    JEWS can’t stay away from the Incogman. It’s time again to break out the gold stars!

  30. American says:

    Another lying, sex-addicted Rabbi:

    “The bulk of the report deals with embarrassing comments that the rabbi made during a phone call, during which he was recorded demanding the woman perform a number of sexual services for himself and his friends in exchange for granting her a conversion certificate. ”


    I’ll laud this JEW, for helping to wake up the Goyim. 🙂

  31. Marshall says:

    What a HOOT!!! Kraplick says there’s only one Talmud. I guess he hasn’t read the Talmud Bavli, The Talmud Yerushalmi, or the Palestinian Talmud.

    Simon- Bar Kochba indeed, but don’t forget Rabbi Schneerson in the Moshiach antichrist charade, or Sabbatai Zvi. I think I posted earlier some video of the Lubavitchers having their version of “Holy Communion” with the (deceased?) Schneerson, whom they know will return from the dead one sunny day.

    Interesting stuff about Saturnalia aka progenitor of modern Christmas, not to mention similarities to the pagan holiday of Yule. Roman connection to 666? All Roman numerals less than 1000 add up to 666 as well, DC=600, LX=60, VI-6. Then again, I tend to think it’s a Hebrew Gematria thing, and could probably prove Pee Wee Herman is the Antichrist that way 😀

    Right now I’m listening to a Frankist Sabbatean Rabbi MP3 where he is explaining that God is actually NOTHING, “unformed energy” or Ein Soph, infinite unknowable light,” that noone can communicate with or understand, yet in the same sentence he states that gentiles aren’t mentally capable of grasping the concept of such a monotheism. I guess in Jewish math, NOTHING=ZERO=ONE.

    This guy is quite a hoot…he’s getting ready to expound upon the mysteries of Sabbatean “holy sex ritual orgies”…I just can’t wait. :-O

    He also is delving into the serpent seed origins of Cain from the Zohar, which he attributes to the Egyptians because they wore serpent head-dresses and armbands. What genius!!!

    He is currently describing 3 temples, one above, one on the temple mount, and one in the imagination of the believer, which he is teaching his followers to “create” using “theurgic magic” or active visualization. He states that the temple created in the imagination is simultaneously created in the etheric realms in “reality.” This visualization “magic” is necessary because the current temple mount is inconveniently occupied by the Dome of the Rock LMAO!!!

    That will be $500 for today’s lesson on creating a virtual temple in your imagination…I’ll post links here shortly so you can catch this Jew’s BS for yourselves…

    Kind of reminds me of Gene Wilder, aka Jerome Silberman, in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…


    OR EVEN BETTER…”Willie Shat,” everybody’s favorite space-crypto!!!

    Marsh 😀

  32. Marshall says:

    Willie Shat employs even MORE Sabbatean Theurgic Magic and…with a little musical assistance from some celestial backup angels…

    Hebrew space-nauts…. YOU – ARE – THERE !!!


  33. Octo says:

    Who says Jerry Lewis is not a genius?

    “Nice lady, a kike clown I am.”


    The seven Jewish dwarfs of Auschwitz: Phlegmy, Hoaxy, Grafty, Genocidy, Molesty, Noahidy, and Hemorrhoidy: (see Jew Encyclopedia link below)


    “Mental diseases are met with among the Jews from two to four times more often than among their non-Jewish neighbors.” (a gross understatement)

    — The Jewish Encyclopedia


    The only reason the yearly Jew expeditions can’t find the bones is because they were thrown in the “bone grinders” by the hated goyim, I mean, Nazis. Of course, the ever naughty — and ever present — Dr. Mengele was presiding over the Seven Kikes.

  34. Steven10 says:

    kraplich, you split hairs with your words to take everything and twist it out of context. Jesus cast out “all” who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of those selling doves. Matt. 21:12.

  35. Hoff says:

    Hoff: Priceless 9D)))))))))))))

    Hemorrhoids. Another manifestation of varicose veins is hemorrhoids, which are more common to Jews than to any other people.

    “… idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews.”


  36. Hoff says:

    The only reason the yearly Jew expeditions can’t find the bones is because they were thrown in the “bone grinders” by the hated goyim, I mean, Nazis. -Octo-

    Hoff: What do all the “bone grinders” have in common? They were all pedal driven. How do you grind a diamond before steam? By pedal. Diamond was a jewish monopoly and many jews was pedaling all their life.

  37. gtrman says:

    “Hemorrhoids. Another manifestation of varicose veins is hemorrhoids, which are more common to Jews than to any other people.”

    Now come on. The god of mirth does not dish out easy targets like this often.

    But, are Jews a pain in the arse?

    Oi! My gershfchlenkeroids!

  38. Bella says:

    Check this out—Freemason’s Secret Foundation’s Protestant Sep. It is the old Mystery Religions & their ancient cults who are really behind all this BS.

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  40. vahid says:

    i’m iranian and i know a little english .i have 28 years old.i believe that israel will perish as soon as.if i can .i wanna to kill israel leader .i cant read your paper and i didn’t you r with or against israel

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