Finale to a Declining Epoch: USrael Is Dying

A Political and Economic Assessment of the Present World Crisis
by the Authors of the National Journal

On 24 March 1933, the day after the German Parliament assigned Adolf Hitler the task of finding a democratic solution to the economic crisis in Germany, the Jewish Lobby declared war not just on the Chancellor of the Reich, but on all Germans. “JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY” reads the main headline of London’s Daily Express on 24 March 1933. At that time there had been no persecution of Jews and there were no concentration camps in Germany.

In the New York Times in 1997, the Jewish Neturei-Karta Movement published background information pertaining to the Second World War. Rabbi Schwartz wrote the following comment: “The worldwide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany, initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress, enraged Hitler so that he threatened to destroy the Jews. … The Zionists also refused and blocked rescue efforts and food supplies during the war. Their motto was “Rak B’Dam (Only by blood will we get the land)” (New York Times, 30 Sep 1997, page A16.) The Zionists won the war that began six years after Hitler was elected Chancellor. As a consequence, they have for more than 60 years experienced unprecedented ascendancy as the controlling power in the world.

If Conrad Adenauer, the first chancellor of the BDR (Federal Republic of Germany) could see today just how large and powerful this Lobby has become, he would turn over in his grave. Adenauer, ever an opponent of Hitler, was never suspected of being a National Socialist. Nevertheless he warned his country about the great and rising Zionist power in his signature Rhinelander fashion: “…because, ladies and gentlemen, World Jewry is a very ‘jrosse macht’ (a great power).” (Rudolf Augstein quoting Adenauer in Spiegel, 19/1995, p. 44.)

Of course, Conrad Adenauer was not the only official concerned about the power of the Israel lobby. In August 1945 the Office for Foreign Affairs of the Provisional Government of Austria under Dr. Karl Renner prepared a memorandum on the power of world Jewry. This memorandum stated: “There is no such thing as a Jewish state. Nevertheless, the Jews play a very important role in the foreign policies of the governments of the world. This is because, for one thing, they own a large part of the world press, through which they exert strong influence on public opinion. For another thing, they are very skillful at persuading governments to accede to their demands … The British and American governments are the most pro Jewish. Thus it is for good reason that world Jewry is called the Fifth World Power, whose opposition brought down Hitler’s Germany.” (From Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 9 July 1993, p. 14.)

Chancellor Renner considered the Israeli Lobby merely the “fifth world power.” If he could revisit our world and see its present ranking, he would rub his eyes in amazement. Shimon Peres, who was Israeli Minister President from 1984 to 1986, openly bragged in 1989 that “the world has become Jewish” (Spiegel special edition, February 1989, page 80.) His successor Ariel Sharon, under whom Peres served as foreign minister, was even more specific. He assured Peres in these words: “I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.” (Reported by Israeli Radio Kol Yisrael, quoted by Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, WRMEA, 11 Oct 2001.) Thus the Jews control the “first” world power, if we are to believe former Israeli President Ariel Sharon. This means that Israel has moved from “only” fifth place to first among world powers in a very short time. The Jewish humanist and world-famous Israeli author Uri Avneri pilloried the power of the Jewish Lobby in these words: “America controls the world and we Jews control America.” (Avneri-Internet, 9 April 2003.) One has to admit that the centers of Jewish power are head and shoulders above the white race where finesse and cunning are concerned. When the Zionist Lobby is overcome it can only be by Juda itself.

America’s Dumbass-In-Chief and Zionist stooge appears a little buzzed when meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Germany last year. Note the beer bottle on the table in front of him. [INCOG]

After the Socialistic Experiment Came the Neoliberalistic Experiment

Even before the outbreak of the Second World War it was clear to the Zionist Lobby that their “socialistic experiment” was going nowhere. The original idea was that, with communistic expropriation of the masses through violence and mass murder, the world would be impoverished. All the world’s wealth would be placed at the disposal of the Zionist Lobby, and world power would fall into their hands. However, the Soviet mass murderers did not turn the people (of the world) into willing subjects, it merely terrified them. Then the Zionist Lobby planned a new world war, with Hitler the ideal agent to bring the world under their control. This was to culminate in the “Neoliberal Experiment.”

On 26 August 1938, a small group of organizers of “Neoliberalism” or “Globalism” met in Paris. Walter Lippmann, a Jewish publicist and adviser to Woodrow Wilson during the First World War, issued the invitations to the meeting. As Wikipedia explains: “Lippman shared the opinion that the masses are a great beast that has to be governed by the intellectual elite… Like Plato, he saw the public as a bewildered herd floundering in the chaos of local opinions.” This is also the way the Zionist Lobby still sees democracy. Democracy, Neoliberalism, Globalism and Communism were all invented by the same Lobby. For years the Lippmann Colloquium remained obscure. Its influence became apparent after the end of the Second World War, when the Globalistic concept took its first tenuous steps. In the 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it grew rapidly until it ruled the planet.

It is very clear that the inventors of Neoliberalism-Globalism and the inventors of Communism have the same roots. The methods of subjugating and dispossessing the nations are to a very large extent identical in Communism and Globalism. The central goal of both ideologies has been expropriation of the masses. Under the Socialistic Experiment, mankind was dispossessed according to the “Laws of Communism.” Under the Neoliberal Experiment, the masses are expropriated through “privatization” according to the “Laws of Globalization”. The same ideology of contempt for humanity is common to both ideologies. We recall that Lippmann referred to the masses as “a great beast that must be subjugated.”

The Final Act and Crash

The boundless greed, arrogance and presumptuousness of the Zionist Lobby have now combined to hurl the United States and Israel, which have come to be called “USrael,” into the abyss. It is indeed ironic that they contracted the fatal virus of decline and fall at the time of their triumph over Adolf Hitler.

By the end of the Second World War, Hitler had glimpsed the fall of the Zionist Lobby, however. In the light of his own fate, the Führer and Reich Chancellor accurately prophesied the Lobby’s decline and fall. He anticipated that despite their murderous triumph, they would not enjoy their victory for long because they would destroy themselves. If ever an institution contained the seeds of its own destruction, it is the Zionist Lobby. During a situation conference on 13 February 1945, on the day that a 250 to 500,000 civilians perished in the Allied destruction of Dresden, Hitler remarked: “Even if I loose this war, the Jews will not be satisfied with their victory. This is because the Jews will completely lose their head. Their greed and arrogance will grow to such an extent that they will bring destruction upon themselves.” (From Albert Wucher’s Eichmanns Gab es Viele, Munich and Zurich, 1961, p. 253.)

The politicians whom they have corrupted now merely pass laws legitimizing their thievery.

For example, these corrupt politicians have passed laws allowing the Locusts to take mortgages issued by one bank and pass them to a different bank, in the process requiring the mortgagee to pay the full amount of the original mortgage. Thus, even if a mortgage has been 70 percent paid off, the Locusts can start again at the beginning and demand the entire amount of the original mortgage.

And if a third person takes over the mortgage, the farce begins all over again. Politicians of the “BRDDR” (the combined and integrated puppet governments of the BRD and DDR) have actually passed these laws, and the highest court has confirmed that such swindlings of Investement Funds took place “according to law.”

In the course of their globalistic gobbling, speculators of the Jewish Lobbies even buy up foodstuffs, which they then sell back to mankind at a great markup.

According to BRDDR policy, sales of crude oil can take place only through speculators, assuring that the public will be bled most effectively. Here is what the newspaper Arab News reported at the beginning of the OPEC conference: “It is crystal clear that the machinations of speculators are to blame for high oil prices … Speculators are distorting international free trade.” (, 22 June 2008.) In short, our corrupt politicians have knowingly passed laws that allow the Locusts to divert the hard earned wealth of the nation into their own pockets. This includes their savings, life insurance, health insurance and pensions. The people are growing ever more impoverished while the Zionist Lobby grows ever more wealthy. The best emblem of the Lobby’s brilliant globalization strategy is the shelter and soup kitchen for the masses, accompanied by the collapse of education, decline of culture, governmental bankruptcies and bank failures. And yet, every time a leader of the Zionist Lobby hugs Mrs Merkel, the German chancellor, she announces on TV that the nation is experiencing an economic upturn. State owned industries, the assets of the working people, are being handed over to the Locusts on a silver platter. Consider the privatization of electric power plants, which was pushed through with promises that it would result in cheaper energy for consumers. The public is now paying a hundred times as much for electricity as when the power plants were publicly owned.

In the course of such horrendous greed even the banks have been forced into insolvency, because they had to hand over TRILLIONS in speculative tribute to the Jewish Lobby. Now that the public’s money has been transferred to others, Joseph Ackermann of the “German Bank” is screaming for assistance from the State.

This is the same Joseph Ackermann who helped ram through “privatization” of public finances because the State presumably was not capable of conducting commercial undertakings!

In the USA at the end of July, the three largest mortgage banks, the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) and the Independent National Mortgage Corporation (Indy Mac) all failed. Simultaneously in the USA, the home of Extreme Privatization, the cry went up for the “incompetent” State (now ruined by “competent” privatization specialists) to save whatever can be saved.

When Vladimir Putin came to power, even through it was with the assistance of the media owned by Boris Beresovski and Vladimir Gussinski, he immediately began to clean the Kremlin of Lobby parasites. Today Russia can be considered free of Lobby-free. It has become resistant to Lobby infestation. Big-time crooks like Michail Chodorkovski are now behind bars while others, like Beresovski and Gussinski, left Russia for Israel or England. Putin subsequentely has restored Russia to its position as a world power.

Russia’s energy resources are no longer being plundered by the Zionist Lobby and used as instruments of their world power. These resources are now being used by the Russian government to promote the international interests of the Russian people. Today Russia does more than just utilize its strategic resources to serve its own policy interests. It is now able to protect these resources militarily, while coming into control of a large part of world energy reserves in other countries as well: “Gazprom recently signed agreements with Azerbaijan and Libya to purchase their entire gas reserves at European market prices… The Russian giant has been doing business in Algeria since 2006. And Europe? Guckt in die Röhre! ‘Europe is left out in the cold, literally staring into the pipeline’.” (Translator: untranslatable pun). This pipeline is called “Nordstream” and is better known in Germany as the Ostsee-Pipeline (Baltic Pipeline). It is going to greatly increase our dependence on natural gas and on Russia. Still another example is the ‘Southstream Pipeline’ with which Russia hopes to dominate the southern routes and thus undermine the European Nabucco Pipeline.” (Die Welt, 23 July 2008, p. 6). Vladimir Putin made it clear to Chancellor Merkel in the spring of 2008 that she should discourage the Ukraine and Georgia from the becoming members of NATO. She very tactfully complied, against the wishes of USrael. Otherwise Germany would have faced difficulties getting energy from Russia. Frau Merkel had to disregard the almighty Zionist Lobby, since it cannot deliver oil to the Bundesrepublik.

With the dying American giant behind it, the Czech Republic still feels confident enough to challenge Russia. It intends to make its territory available for the purposes of American aggression against Russia. The Prague government is once again exhibiting delusions of grandeur. It experienced a taste of Russian power and the possibility of retribution in July of 2008: “The Prague government criticized the sudden decrease in deliveries of oil, and it did not rule out a connection between that and the Czech-American military pact. What followed resembled a cynical comedy, featuring the perfectly directed contempt of Putin for the impotent West. With the following words, the Russian head of state instructed the heads of the Russian oil companies to ‘take care of the problems of oil deliveries… I request that you see to it that such interruptions do not happen’ said Putin, according to Interfax New Agency.” (Die Welt, 22 July 2008, p. 5). Putin of course avoided saying “not happen again,” saying rather “not happen.” No Russian government agency or oil company (state owned) would ever dream of cutting off shipments to the Czech Republic on their own. Putin was giving the Czech Republic one last warning: If you let the Americans in, the oil stays out. We do not need the gift of prophecy to anticipate who will win this little power struggle.

Coinciding with the return of Russia, China and India have now risen to the level of world powers. Thanks to the greed of the Zionist Lobby, the West has now supplied China with technological patents that were developed over a more than a hundred years, which are very significant in this technological age. A nationalistic young elite is evolving in China that is similar to that of the Putin Youth in Russia: “In a letter from China, Evan Osmos depicts a neoconservative and nationalistic student generation that rejects the West… The outbreak of this angry youth culture amazes those who want to introduce democracy more than anything else.” (The New Yorker quoted by Die Welt, 22 July 2008, p. 24.)

The Zionist Lobby was very powerful and able to control the planet as long as white flunkeys enforced its wishes militarily and did the dirty work. However, the new non-white world powers are not going to destroy any more countries for the Lobby. They are not willing to torture any more resistance fighters on behalf of the Locusts as US henchmen have done in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and other remote corners of the globe. The new world powers have no interests whatsoever in enforcing the Lobby’s interests worldwide.

With these new world powers, the Lobby will get nowhere fast with their “Holo” dogma and “Chosenite” yarns. Applying imagery from the Chinese Olympics, one could say that by transferring technology from the white to the nonwhite world, the Locusts have amputated the legs of its star athlete while ordering him to continue setting new world records. World power has irreversibly shifted to China, Russia and India. The Zionist Lobby will never be able to establish or re-establish itself in China and India — this would be entirely incongruous. The Lobby’s style meets with nothing but rejection there, while Russia has managed to purge itself of Lobby parasites.

We have seen the beginning of the end of the Lobby, and events will probably move quickly now. “The fall of the Berlin Wall seemed to herald the end of the Cold War and the emergence of a single superpower. A resurgent Russia’s actions in Georgia have shattered that illusion.” (The Guardian, London, 31.08.2008)

The Zionist power centers are now based in economically devastated countries such as the BRDDR, England and the world’s major bankrupt, the USA. Politically they have led themselves into the darkness by misinterpreting their persecution of the German nation as proof of their omnipotence. However, the truth is altogether different. The government of Iran has shown the way by officially exposing the Holocaust myth as the swindle it is. Most Islamic governments now see it in the same way, and the Islamic populations have always seen it so. The Revisionist movement is making rapid headway in Russia as well.

Thus the Zionist Lobby has destroyed its own basis: the parasite has paralyzed its host. The West is bankrupt, the dollar “kaputt” and the Euro close behind. Not only have the Western banks (especially the German banks) transferred the money of their depositors to the Lobby under cover of dubious financial projects: even worse, they have assumed countless billions or trillions in debt to cover these movements of money. And this last mentioned is fatal. On behalf of the Lobby, the Western banks have handed over no less than two trillion dollars in currency issuances. At first this was done virtually, then in actuality: “The banking crisis has just begun. The anticipated losses will amount to over 1600 billion dollars. Thus far, only a fraction of these losses have come to the surface,” reported the Swiss on 6 July 2008.

These 1600 billions, allegedly dollars but probably euros as well, were initially made available “virtually” — that is, they were nothing except numbers in the banks’ computers. However the Lobby demanded actual payout of these computer numbers in banknotes.

For this reason the EZB (European Central Bank) in 2007 had to print around 500 billion additional Euros, totally uncovered by anything of value, as well as another 100 billion a year later. “EZB Shooting Another 100 Billion Into Money Market” reads the headline in Die Welt for 1 August 2008, page 17. During this same period, the USA printed a great deal more “colored paper.” This brings us to the beginning of unparalleled hyperinflation, since it was more than just the “subprimes” that had been paid with virtual money. In addition to this come the so-called “derivatives” which are best understood as speculations in speculation. Altogether, around 20 trillion Euros must be paid out.

“Banks Losing Trillions in Stock Value” was the headline in Die Welt for 23 July 2008, p. 15. Now “Also major banks will become insolvent as well,” announced Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff in Die Welt, 28 July 2008, page 10. In other words, our currencies are “kaputt” and the parasite is now dying with the host. The insatiable Locusts have expropriated everything that Western man has worked for in modern times. Prof. Rogoff emphasizes that despite policies of so-called economic aid programs, the system can no longer be rescued. In his words: “The only thing political intervention achieved is that the train has derailed in slow motion… The wreck cannot be avoided.” Even those who want this not to happen now see the “Day of Reckoning” as inevitable. (Die Welt, 28 July 2008, p. 10)

The big winners are obviously Russia and China, who can now do whatever they want with the West. Russia has already announced that in the not-too-distant future it will accept nothing except euros and rubles for its oil and gas. The world will have to buy euros and rubles just as they heretofore had to buy dollars. And when the euro is no longer a convenient medium of exchange for Russia, the Kremlin will logically demand something of value, such as industrial products, real estate, production facilities, etc. Since in the BRDDR nearly all landed facilities including forests, waterworks and even city halls already belong to the Lobby, their expropriation for Russian exchange is not out of the question. The United States no longer have enough value in its currency to cover their debts. The creditor nations are primarily China and Russia who have done everything in their power to bring down USrael behemoth: “But the lion’s share is held by the central banks of China, Russia and petro-powers. These countries could all too easily precipitate a run on the dollar in the current climate and bring the United States to its knees, should they decide that it is in their strategic interest to do so.” (, 18 July 2008)

There is no doubt that China and Russia are pursuing this policy: “Vladimir Putin, now Russia’s premier, has stated repeatedly that his country is engaged in a new Cold War with the United States. It is clear that Moscow would relish any chance to humiliate the United States.” (, 18 July 2008.) Both Russia and China are currently supplying the resistance fighters in Afghanistan with weapons. “Time is not on the side of NATO, but rather the region around the Hindu Kush. The Afghan resistance is profiting from the renewal of the Cold War, since Russia and China are both supplying it with weapons. For this reason alone the war is unwinnable.” (Die Welt, 26 July 2008, p. 5). Russia is clearly taking a belated revenge for its own debacle in Afghanistan, when USrael equipped Osama bin Laden and his mujahadin with high-tech weaponry in order to kill as many Russians as possible.

Today the “sole remaining superpower” is enduring incredible derision and is no longer powerful enough to punish these new powers. China and Russia are observing with satisfaction the death throes of Western imperialism in Afghanistan and Irak. “A new rebellion has come about… Not only is it testing the remaining power of the West, it is questioning its continued existence.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 19 June 2008, p. 4).

Read the rest here!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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12 Responses to Finale to a Declining Epoch: USrael Is Dying

  1. Rider from the East says:

    This is what happens when the entire world business runs on imaginary values with imaginary numbers, that only exist on computer monitors.

    The entire “money market” is a giant illusion.

  2. incogman says:

    The Jew has done all this.

    He creates illusions so he can feed like a parasite on his host nations. His kind of financial gambits do not rest on real value or solid infrastructure like in making things with labor and using resources wisely.

    How many Jews do you see farming or using their hands in any way? They think they are smarter than us so they create total BS like speculation and derivatives, while selling mortgages to those who can’t afford it.

    Now the house of cards is going kaput! The real question is: Is all this on purpose to bring this nation down so they can recreate a whole new financial scam while forming the North American Union? The target date is 2010 and the new currency, the “Amero,” is in fact very real. I have a video someplace here where a Canadian money manager let’s it slip on CNBC.

    You people reading this had better start paying attention or America will be no more. The whole thing is playing out before your eyes right now.

  3. surgin rubegoldbergicon says:


  4. African Man says:

    Sorry Incogman! I did not mean to waste your bandwidth. That website is one of my favorites. That is perhaps the best article i have read on that website.(globalfire) Thus why, I wanted you to post it.

  5. incogman says:

    No, you didn’t waste any of my bandwidth. I agree, it was important. I hope people read it and get some kind of idea of what’s going on.

    They won’t get this on MSM!

  6. ted says:

    “The real question is: Is all this on purpose to bring this nation down so they can recreate a whole new financial scam while forming the North American Union? The target date is 2010 and the new currency, the “Amero,” is in fact very real.”

    incogman, check out this article from the 01/09/88 Economist titled ‘Get Ready for the Phoenix’:

    Here’s the cover of the magazine:

  7. carolina60 says:

    The following is a quote from the Bloomberg business site by
    their reporter Mark Pittman in an article he wrote Dec 2007
    about the folks who created the subprime securities market:

      “In the beginning, everybody brought their lawyer,” says Lippmann.

    Eventually, the Chinese food was replaced with deli fare because some participants complained it wasn’t kosher.”

    Kosher??? Who eats kosher ? Could it be……………….Jeeeeeeeeeeews?

    Does it get anymore obvious as to who is behind our many financial
    travails ?

  8. incogman says:

    I can believe it.

    And the US government gave them the greenlight to hand out giant mortgages to minorities and also allowed them to sell the paperwork and responsibility down the road. That’s why all this is interconnected and we’re experiencing a domino effect.

    These Jews got their cut and are living high off the hog. It’s us Goyim that will pay for it with higher taxes and a runaway inflation. Some are even speculating a Weimar republic kind of thing where money continues to lose so much value that it’s worthless.

    The Jews did it then and they did it now.

  9. Z says:

    RE: IM — “How many Jews do you see farming or using their hands in any way? They think they are smarter than us so they create total BS like speculation and derivatives, while selling mortgages to those who can’t afford it.”

    Excellent point…I’ve long maintained that Jews are parasites because the vast majority of them don’t actually PRODUCE anything — at least 98% of Jews work white-collar office jobs shuffling paper, or as lying journalists, or greedy bankers, unloyal lobbyists, anti-White professors, etc.

    If they do produce anything it seems to almost always be negative and destructive to people of White/European descent — the anti-White media, tens of thousands of anti-White books, anti-White colleges and universities, pharmaceutical drugs which are turning millions of Whites in to non-thinking pharma-zombies, and so forth.

    This whole financial collapse is the work of international finance Jewry, no doubt about that. To sum up the current economic crisis…the international Jewish plutocracy is now hard-up for ‘liquidity’ (cash) as the red ink is flooding all over and off the page, blood is running through Wall Street, and nowadays no one is stupid enough to ‘lend’ money to them anymore except for the corrupt-to-the-core Jew-riddled Federal Reserve who prints tens of billions out of thin air – Greenspan, Bernanke, Kohn, Kroszner, Warsh, etc:

    Look for wars, revolutions, and forms of mass social unrest caused by and/or provoked by organized Jewry in order to distract the masses from the Jewish role in this crisis. “If the Jew is at the end of his resources and, despite all his care and concealment, is in danger of being discovered, he unleashes wars and revolutions.” –

    In typical parasitic-style, international finance Jewry will use this economic crisis in order to buy assets for pennies on the dollar. However, this financial crisis may be a good thing in a way because more people are becoming aware of the financial and media-based machinations of Jews due to the internet and thus will be more receptive to our factual message that so many of the woes afflicting modern America can be placed at the feet of Jewry.

    How else could a 2-3% ethnic minority be 40-50% of America’s richest individuals? —>'s-jewish-billionaires/

    When more people awaken to the fact that international finance Jewry is manipulating markets and intentionally lowering the American standard of living justifiable anger and criticism will finally start to be directed toward them and freedom in many spheres of American life will be able to be re-asserted.

  10. incogman says:

    Excellent point…I’ve long maintained that Jews are parasites because the vast majority of them don’t actually PRODUCE anything — at least 98% of Jews work white-collar office jobs shuffling paper, or as lying journalists, or greedy bankers, unloyal lobbyists, anti-White professors, etc.

    “I recommend putting a flail, an axe, a hoe, a spade, a distaff, or a spindle into the hands of young, strong Jews and Jewesses and letting them earn their bread in the sweat of their brow……one should toss out these lazy rogues by the seat of their pants”

    — Martin Luther

  11. kreplach says:

    Israel has a higher groeth rate than the US. Second to China. Dying,? You klanboy only wishes for it.

  12. incogman says:

    Yeah, sure, since it now has higher bloodsucking rate from it’s host nation, the US. Israel would collapse if we stopped letting them rob us blind.

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