The Death of America By A Thousand Cuts

Some who might stumble upon this blog, will immediately dismiss it all out of hand as nothing but mindless Jew-bashing and conspiracy nonsense, not really possible — we all know that such a conspiracy could not exist with a minority that looks just like us or is secretly managed in such a necessarily large scale way. It’s just too impossible.

Whites think like this and because of it, look with doubt and confusion about any Jew talk. But it’s never, ever been that way — that’s not what’s being done to this country by regular Jews. What people don’t really understand is that many of them are killing this country in small, incremental ways — it’s death to this country by a thousand cuts as the Chinese might have called it.

People always say “I know this Jew next door, so-and-so seems like a nice enough guy.” Sure, he’s probably just fine. The funny thing is the logic here: Americans have always been susceptible to the Jew liberal propaganda line because of an idea virtually enshrined in American heads: One, that you can’t judge all of a certain people, just by a few bad apples. Here, the Jew neighbor turns this concept completely around in a White person’s head and says “I know a nice one and since he’s alright, then the rest have to be the same way.”

Nothing, NOTHING, could be further from the truth and it doesn’t work that way, logically. Think about the TOTALITY across the board. What many of them have done and are doing to this country right now, as we speak.

This country was founded on the principal “E Pluribus Unum” Out of Many, One. It was “assimilation” that was meant by this, not the purposeful attacks on Whites nor the ongoing Balkanization of America. If you came here, you were now to act like an American, speak English, support America’s interests and not be some special “X” person, who does anything for some foreign land, ANY foreign land. Period.

The Jews have not signed on to this concept. For them — anywhere — it’s always Israel and Jews first, and the country they just happen to live in, last. The idea of America doesn’t work this way — never has and never will. Imagine if Italian Catholics did this kind of thing?

Think people, if the Catholic Opes Dei had the kind of power in Washington as the Jewish Extremist group Chabadist-Lubavitchers have, don’t you think people would get a mite concerned? You would, too, for good damn reason. The outrage would be non-stop!

Most likely you heard nothing about it, but in 1991 the Jews managed to have a law passed by Senator Richard Gephardt, that says the United States of America was FOUNDED on the Seven Laws of the Talmud — not the Old Testament Ten Commandments that Jews always work to have removed from public places, just like any symbols of Jesus Christ that these Seven laws prohibit (Idolatry). Think about it!

Jews often seem totally oblivious to anyone saying something against what they want in the world. It’s like we don’t exist. And if we do happen to get their special attention, it’s usually because they see it as more evidence of us hating them because they are Jews (the eternal victimhood biz) or that we just hate any non-White person. Not anything about what they are doing and saying and agitating for. The whole matter of their activities and behavior is completely left by the wayside, it’s now us who are the evil Nazis!


Isi Leibler

Take the immigration issue. If you vigorously fight against the US becoming a Third World country, these Jews want to turn you into a goose-stepping Nazi or sheet-wearing KKK Klansman.

Yet immigration of non-Jews is completely ignored for them when it comes to the State of Israel. These Jews often come right out and say Israel is only for Jews, but still say White countries have to be Multicultural, regardless of what the people in these countries want. Isi Leibler (right) is one such arrogant Jew, director of refugees and immigrant services of the NY-based Hebrew Immigration Aid Society. He’s behind pushing Multiculturalism and immigration in the country of Australia (just like in the US), but goes and tells a Jew newspaper:

“Multiculturalism has no place in Israel. Israel was created as a Jewish state for the Jews.” Read more here

Can you believe what total hypocrites these Jews really are?

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is up to the exact same thing. It’s been non-stop in attacking ANY Americans who are against immigration, illegal or otherwise. Isn’t this group supposedly to protect Jews? Why are they so adamant about allowing non-Whites into this country?

“It’s tough luck for you Whites, we’ll do whatever we want to in our country, but also in YOURS, too.” But wait, it’s not OURS. That’s right, the Jews have decided that the US is not a White country, never has been. We stole it from the Indians and made the Blacks do all the work building it to the place its at. That’s what they are indeed now saying, people!

Look at the American Indian issue. Haven’t you noticed all the anti-White versions of history in the media the last several decades? That’s all Jew Hollywood bashing White people whenever possible; like when they show a bunch of drunk, ugly red-faced White cavalry soldiers, gunning down innocent Indians, old men, women and children in the teepees and even the skinny little Indian dogs.

Funny how they never show the Buffalo Soldiers in these kinds of scenes, since they were Black, right?

Yeah, Whites might of done a few bad things back in the day, but we also forged the strongest country in the world. Now, Jews want you to hate yourselves for what some long-dead ancestor did or even didn’t do, a couple of hundred years ago. Another reason for it, is that they are doing this very thing now in Palestine and want you all to ignore it because of what we supposedly did in the American West. They really want you to both hate yourselves and shut the flock up about them! Remember, It’s the TOTALITY! 

Harold Meyerson

Look at this smarmy Jew!

The Jew’s whole gig is really being a SOB towards anything White, whatsoever. Like this recent story: The Jew Opinion-Editor columnist for the important Washington Post, Harold Meyerson (right), writes out an editorial about the economic plans of the Republicans, but can’t resist ending up attacking the sea of White faces at the convention. That must have been a real bad visual for this arrogant Jew. Just read his last para:

“Republican conventions have long been bastions of de facto Caucasian exclusivity, but coming right after the diversity of Denver, this year’s GOP convention is almost shockingly — un-Americanlywhite. Long term, this whiteness is a huge problem. This year, however, whiteness is the only way Republicans cling to power”.  Jew on Republican Whites

He knows full well (like everybody else with a brain) that almost all Blacks are for Obama and the real reason for the sea of White faces at the convention points a big finger at Blacks being racist — always supporting their own race. Ask Hillary supporters. Don’t you think Republicans do everything in their power, short of dying their skin and getting Afros, to welcome Blacks and escape all the non-stop race business? Isn’t there enough diversity in Washington now or will the BS from these Jews ever stop?

And why are Blacks always elected to mayor and city council positions in our cities, all the time? This is obvious Black racism from the more numerous Black urbanites, and is completely ignored by the Jews, like Meyerson, in favor of any possible opportunity to attack Whites for something they have no control of.

And don’t let the color of his skin fool you. He’s not White, but has no problems letting the unwitting public think he is. The Human body has a defense mechanism in it’s blood stream that allows it to isolate and zero in on foreign cells to destroy them. These White antibodies can tell by the surface proteins of another cell, if it’s alien or not, but the more successful and virulent viruses, like HIV, mask themselves by looking like another White antibody, so as to be ignored by the host’s defense system.

Check out this subtle liberal hit on Sarah Palin by CNN, who put this up on their website. As Palin waves to the crowd, the one frame used out of certainly many, looks like a Nazi salute and is further reinforced by the “S” shape, like in the Nazi Gestapo “SS.” Understand this: They are people in the media who make these conscious, editing decisions in order to manipulate you. All this non-stop “Nazi” business has always been to shut-up and confuse White people by Jew influenced liberals.

And this is how Jews have had such success in eating away at this country’s insides, because they look just like White people and blend in, so Whites ignore Mr. Nice Guy Jew Neighbor as the source to the problems afflicting America. They don’t know how he contributes serious money and time to pro-Immigration efforts or pro-Homosexual groups and often works for any liberal cause out there.

Hell, he may have even belonged to the Weather Underground or some other Commie group back in college and not a soul on the block has a clue!

Or he even might be a casting director in Hollywood who, at the next meeting, insists that the hero of the movie be a Black like Will Smith, or the computer expert who unravels the whole plot should be a “person of color” or Gay. Oh, of course, the film’s antagonist will have to have a White face — we can’t be making out the minorities as ever evil, right?

Or he might be the Human Resources officer at a company who espouses discriminatory practices against Whites, but makes sure the son of a fellow Jew gets a juicy position in management.

Or he might be a stock market maven, colluding with fellow Jews to artificially inflate a company’s stock or to bring an entire company down, so that his teammates will pick up big-time profits selling off the parts.

Or he might be this “investment guru,” who’s really running a Ponzi scheme and is now talking to your parents about their retirement savings.

Or he might be policy analyst in Washington DC, who “sexes up” some intelligence report on the weaponry that Iran might have. He may also slip in some CIA information into his briefcase before he leaves for the day, to photocopy at home and give to that buddy of his with Israel connections.

Or he might be some Jew accountant working deep in the bowels of the Pentagon and who knows his project involves transferring 35 million dollar fighter Jets to Israel at 3 and half million a pop, by making a ledger entry on the computer to classify them as “surplus.” He’s been given verbal instructions from above to do all this and is quietly assured that the real powers have no problem and will cover his Jew rear.

Or he might work in some newsroom when information comes across his desk about the Mossad and 9/11, but decides it’s not “important” enough to look into. “Let’s not feed the Goyim’s doubts, anymore than we have to,” he thinks to himself silently.

All these people understand the over-all concept of protecting Jewry or Israel. It does not require anything whatsoever in the form of secret messages from some Jew headquarters someplace. It’s not rocket science, either. They know that if Whites pick up on certain things, they may raise up and go haywire on their Jew ass. Hell, if this kind of thing happened to your racial group for two thousand years, you too would be on guard and an expert at it.

And they always make it out to be something insanely superstitious on why the Goyim went crazy on them in the past, like the Blood libel thing or something from the Bible or a plaque from the Orient. It’s always made out as nonsense why Whites do this kind of thing, since they clearly never deserve it.

But it’s not some one thing. The final event may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for the surrounding Goyim population and sent them screaming into the night with torches blazing. It’s the TOTALITY of what the Jews do to the surrounding host population over time.

The Gentiles in that land may have found out their money was now all worthless because some Jew made off with the Crown Jewels last month. And the year before, a contingent of soldiers were killed, off fighting in some stupid war that the Jew bankers to the King got rich over. Or the local constable is now out warning people that their beautiful daughters are at risk of being seduced by the story of glamorous work in the capital, but only ending up sold into slavery by Jews and are now sexually servicing fat Arabs in some far-off land.

Then one day, some nice local Goyim boy is found naked and dead in some well. Maybe a person can fall down a well, but naked first? So it had to be the Evil Jews who did this to him! But he may have gotten his hands on some bad mushrooms from a wandering Gypsy woman and went bonkers. So the local Goyim went nutso over this particular event, even though the Jews happen to be innocent of it.

Then, for the rest of eternity, Whites have to be reminded about the stupid “Mushroom Pogrom” of 1456, as part of the Jew’s long list of victimhood sad stories. But it wasn’t only this event. Oh, it might have been the final spark that set off the explosion, but it was at a long line of sparks that made up the fuse. It’s the TOTALITY that lead to this final outcome.

Sure, some Jews see Jew behavior and speak out against some of their brethren. But Jewry in general will then call him a “self-hating” Jew for spilling the beans and giving the evil Whiteys more ammunition. Not that what he has to say should be a lesson to them; just that he hasn’t toed the overall line and kept his big mouth shut.

All this kind of thing is now coming together and killing this country by a thousand cuts. It was never about them “being American,” but them being a Jew who just happens to live in a country called America (for the moment). And America was always perfect for the Jew’s behavior. It was like a giant petri dish with plenty of food for them. We’ve always fought against “elitism,” and what could be better than that to mask themselves in those egalitarian beliefs to get their own way?

Each of them instinctively understands all this — that’s why the problem is so wide-spread, nowadays. But they can project down the road and realize that, sooner or later, all of us Whites will catch on to the whole lying mess. This is why they’ve made purposeful efforts to monopolize our mainstream media and political process. That’s why they have such powerful political action operations like AIPAC and the Council of Presidents, so they can organize attacks on any politician who dares speak up. Or groups like ADL or the SPLC specifically to monitor and attack any Whites seen organizing among themselves.

That’s all after, of course, them becoming the Masters of our Debt and Money-making; when they quietly took all this over back in 1913 (Andrew Jackson is rolling in his grave) and, coincidently or not, forming the ADL the same year. And they’ve virtually closed the curtain on just who the US government is really in debt to. I have news for you — it’s not God.

So, in addition to the multitude of “Nice Jews down the street” we also have efforts by the truly rich and powerful, to keep us confused and in the dark. That’s where the real conspiracy lies. It could be just a couple hundred of them and we’d have no idea. Anyone could do it, if they had the power to print money and had legions of fellow race members — dedicated to anything about their race or head-quarter’s country — all without even knowing for sure themselves who their real bosses are.

But it doesn’t matter a whit, if they are all on the same page to begin with. It’s the TOTALITY.

It’s also plainly obvious, that the only real threat to them has always been the White man. That’s why he’s been the target, he’s the one these people want to demonize and marginalize away — not only as he stands with the other races, but also with his own kind. And, if possible, let’s get them to just disappear for good, by mating them off with the other races. Then we can pit what’s left against each other, and with us on top.

This is the most perfect storm brewing for our country ever since the Civil War. Two candidates espousing nothing but loyalty to Zion, all kinds of different races flooding our country, a militant, often criminal Black population clamoring for more special favors and hating Whites, our manufacturing and infrastructure being lost overseas, foreign wars of aggression fostered by Zionists in their greed for oil control in Central Asia or Jew paranoia, fossil fuels running out, Police State tools in the making, the mortgage melt-down, banks going under, conflict with Russia over an Israeli client state or war with Iran for the State of Israel.

And people ignore all of this, simply because they know of some nice old guy down the street with a funny name, who looks just like Grandpa! But it’s the TOTALITY of what these people are doing to this country — a death by a thousand cuts from a race of known, historical Nation Wreckers!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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32 Responses to The Death of America By A Thousand Cuts

  1. ted says:

    Another excellent article!

    I’m not sure if it’s legitimate, but I just finished reading ‘A Real Case Against the Jews’ and ‘The Jew: Commissary to the Gentiles’ by Marcus Eli Ravage. According to him, their control is far more extensive than we’re aware of. He actually laughs at us for pointing out that they control the media, finance, etc. His arrogant response is basically, “That’s it? That’s all you know about?” He paints a picture of the Jews having total control.

  2. African Man says:

    “And people ignore all of this, simply because they know of some nice old guy down the street with a funny name, who looks just like Grandpa! But it’s the TOTALITY of what these people are doing to this country, a death by a thousand cuts.”

    Beautiful article! I love the word TOTALITY! Many people look at me crazy when I talk about the jews. First question people ask me is “why do you hate the jews?”

    As much as I hate to admit it! WHITES are one of the few races, if not the only race that can go toe to toe with the jew. When the jewish question comes up, that is when I end the “all races are equal” mantra. I know blacks have ZERO chance against the jews.

  3. African Man says:

    TED, the jews have never been more powerful than now! Keep a close eye on them. They know the next holocaust will mean their extinction. I heard Bird Flue is a “cover” for another Bolshevik(jew) genocide of White Americans.

  4. No Vaccines! says:

    Palin’s hand gesture in above pic is one I see with the NWO group. You can see pics of almost every president or other higher-up doing this. Looks like an innocent wave, but it just might not be so innocent. Texe Marrs’ book Codex Magica goes into all of these secret hand signals, hand-shakes, ect, they do. I’ll be watching her more closely. They can’t help but do it to show their allegiance.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but time will tell……..

  5. wjg says:


    Four years ago I was in the early phase of awakening from my lifelong ignorance of who we are as a people (in a positive sense), of the symptoms that ailed us, and what was the main cause of all this sickness. Initially I went through the phase of Islam and negroes being “our” main problem and the Constitution being “our” solution. I stayed at this level for a couple years; frequenting National Review Online and World Magazine dot com for a while, then progressing to Chronicles Magazine and Jihad Watch, then to the heretical world of race including View From the Right and American Renaissance. But I like many others kept asking “Why?”.

    Once one awakens that there is a “we” and that we are in serious trouble…

    What are the specific, real problems we face?

    Why is it that these things didn’t “just happen” or spring out of the 60s but were planned with cunning and malice of forethought?

    Why is EVERY rational and appropriate response to our plight opposed in the most energetic and creative ways?

    Who is behind it and what is their motivation?

    Why are we in this mess?


    Every answer to these questions had a common theme. EVERY ONE – not just in modern history but going back to various other people and times like a nightmarish Ground Hog Day. The Jew. Four years ago I was still a right wing, evangelical, Left Behind reading, Jews-are-our-friends and Gods-Chosen, believing Goy. But the truth set me free. Not free to comfort and certainly not to respectability.

    But it is where the overwhelming body of evidence points. It is damning both to their CORPORATE guilt (as opposed to “harmless” little Mr. Cohen down the street) and to our corporate failure and cowardice.

    For those out there looking this knowledge comes at a price but if you are an Aryan it is well worth it to no longer be a slave and a eunuch.

    And it is a necessity if we are ever to free ourselves as a people and to set ourselves back on course.

    Good article by the way.

  6. incogman says:

    I know where you’re coming from. It’s difficult on one hand but it really clarifies the situation. Everything falls together, not only in current events but history going back to the earliest days of the last century.

    No longer will you say WTF? all the time when you see something ridiculous in the news. This is the situation. I sometimes will warn people, that they may not want to know any of it. But it is liberating.

    All of the race business and non-stop Political Correct crap is a kind of curtain for them, erected so Americans will in every possible way, avoid asking those horrid 6 words:

    “Maybe Hitler Was Right, After-all?”

  7. Todd says:

    Great article. I just ran across this MTV 2 (Jew) cartoon. There are just no words for this. Kids watch this stuff. This is the depth of an insane immoral mind.

  8. incogman says:

    I watched that video. Unbelievable that they are allowed to feed America’s young heads or even adults with that kind of crap.

    It basically had everything that Jews love. This kind of thinking is why America is rotting out from within. Truly.

  9. African Man says:


    I have a funny story! I sometimes meet White people who act superior to me since I am black. All I do to counter them is say “your country is controlled by jews.” That usually shuts them or focuses their attention on defending the jews. Its a great tactic when dealing with racist whites.

    That was the tactic i intended on using on INCOGMAN but it back-fired since he knows the jewish problem. I dont like hating Blacks and not naming the Jewish problem. Same goes for hating Arabs.

  10. African Man says:

    INCOGMAN, I watched the video and i noticed a Black baby, and Sex with Animals. Notice how they made the White guy stupid ie black baby.

    They are all hall marks of Jewish garbage. Just another great thing about being awake. Once your awake, its easy to notice Jewish propaganda.


  11. incogman says:

    I have a funny story! I sometimes meet White people who act superior to me since I am black. All I do to counter them is say “your country is controlled by jews.”

    Yeah, I bet that does shut them up fast. They probably blubber some liberal mumbo-jumbo and haven’t a clue it’s Jews behind that, too. The funny thing is that they might suspect you’re right but won’t say so out loud.

    That’s why I think many “conservatives” are just as clueless and spineless as “liberals.” It’s really us against the Jew. Always has been.

  12. IrishWench says:

    That is a good one, because I can almost bet most do not know what you mean. In fact, they think you are satan and going to hell if you talk bad about a jew. I would make some pamphlets with jew facts and how to back it up to hand them after you say it, African Man. They won’t be able to help themselves by reading it.

    The jews have certainly messed us all up and over. Just think what everyone might have been in different races if it wasn’t for them. There might not be such crime and gangs and all of that. They are the number one enemy, controlling our whole country and doing all they do. Such sickos.

    The Talmud is one sick piece of trash.

  13. Woodsy says:

    Irish Wench, it’s really a difficult proposition breaching the subject of the jews with someone who is completely new to the JQ. Believe me, I know! The knowledge that you take for granted as almost common sense regarding the JQ seems literally whacked out and insane to the uninitiated.

    Where does one start?

    Just replace the words “The Matrix” with the words “The Jews” and that scene makes perfect sense.

    Some can open their minds and take the red pill. Some, sadly, are blue-pillers and are unable to undo all the horrendous conditioning they have been subjected to since birth.

    A good place to start, however, with those willing to listen, is Edgar J. Steele’s “It Wasn’t Arabs”. That should provide a good basis of discussion and since it has so many points, it should provide plenty of substantive evidence to mull over. Just try and be knowledgeable, patient, and have a computer nearby.

    And it’s always important to remember that at some point in your past, you were as uninitiated, clueless, and ignorant to the JQ as the person you are trying to reach. Put yourself in their shoes, have empathy, and address them as someone who only wants to help them understand the world better.

    Jews are the plague of this world. The Nazis were 100% right, as one would expect from the greatest Aryans who ever lived.

    Another website I frequent is

    WWII is a good place to start. And the writings of the Nazis can be very convincing even to the brainwashed. Make them understand that the White Race is their greater racial FAMILY, or TRIBE. If they are willing to accept the idea that the Nazis were simply a reaction to Judeo-Communism, then you’re off to a good start.

    The internet contains a great deal of evidence to support our position. The enemy’s “position” is largely derivative of the sick and disgusting cartoon from a few posts above. And that, sadly, is largely what we’re dealing with.

    Most adult whites you see today in America are little more than conniving children in adult bodies.

  14. Voir Dire says:

    Thanks again, Phillip, for another terrific column.

    The wonderful, educational website Judicial, Inc. had in their archives a couple of links replete with the advertisements from newspapers and magazines that highlighted the burlesque entertainment, sexual degeneracy and overall cultural debasement that the Jews (with their perennial penchant for the prurient) had visited upon Berlin and other German cities in the 30’s. See any parallels, Whitey?


    Todd: Thank you for sharing that despical clip from the human garbage Jewish Polluter extraordinaires who defile our people, country and religion with impunity in virtually everything they produce including right down to lowly commercial advertising with nary a word of protest from the sheeple who continue to unquestionably support, absorb and internalize this self hatred, but ensure they themselves are immune from even remote criticizm. How long are we to continue to allow them to denigrate Whitey while we sleepwalk to our demise?

    Revisionist Michael Hoffman has written an invaluable booklet called “Hate Whitey: the Cinema of Defamation” with a compilation and description of over 500 movies and televsion shows which the Jews have produced to smear with abandon and foment hatred against American and German whites. As Hoffman notes, it has psychologically neutralized and disarmed the Whites into literally committing racial suicide. It is absolutely CRIMINAL the hate crimes that the Jews commit EVERY SINGLE day, and yet few seem to even take notice. I hope everyone will spend the 9.95 bargain price to buy this incredible testament of Jewish hatred and venom used against whites ever since taking over the media.*Z06G-8&product=Books_and_Pamphlets And speaking of one of our greatest contemporary scholars on the Jewish bane of mankind since time immemorial, Hoffman has a new epic out (banned naturally by Amazon):

    Review of Hoffmann’s
    ‘Judaism Discovered’
    Important, Titanic work – Nothing Like It Exists Anywhere

    I posted the following comments from a Jewish demographer recently on an article (Vanguard: “What happed to Britain”) about the sun setting on Great Britain’s native people:

    “[To lower the birth rate, we will] “…squeeze consumers through taxation and inflation; make housing very scarce by limiting construction; force wives and mothers to work outside the home to offset the inadequacy of male wages, yet provide few child care facilities; encourage immigration to the cities by providing low wages in the country and providing few rural jobs; increase congestion in the cities by starving the transit system; increase personal insecurity by encouraging conditions that produce unemployment and by haphazard political arrests.”

    —E. Grebenik, “On Controlling Population Growth,” in Biology and the Human Sciences. (ed.) J.W.S. Pringle, Herbert Spencer Lectures, 1970, Oxford 1970

    Eugene Grebenik CB, known as “Grebby” (20 July 1919, Kiev-14 October 2001, Oxford) was a central figure in the development of demography in Britain and the first director of the British Civil Service College.

    Grebenik was the only son and elder child of Schulim Grebenik (1887–1972), estate agent, and his wife, Lea Helene, née Lopatizkaya (1894–1985), a qualified lawyer, both Jewish. He had a sister, Renata Rosalie. The family moved to Danzig in 1920, then to Berlin, and finally, after the rise of Adolf Hitler, to England in 1933. Grebenik could eventually speak eleven languages but none like a native. –Wikipedia

    The Jews have a vested interest in ensuring Whites are neutered and handicapped in their planned, ongoing campaign of genocide against White men in particular.
    Dispossession through the brokered tax code, and income taxes, the plundering by their private Federal Reserve System, disenfranchisement by dilluting our votes through massive third-world immigration, displacement through civil rights and affirmative action legislation, insourcing/outsourcing of jobs, and section 8 housing policies, and black-on-white crime and murder are but few of the infinite weapons used for their end game of a Jew World Order and our complete enslavement.

    And for all those slumbering Americans’ out there who believe the Jews to be a benign presence (and indeed beneficial and benevolent) who mean us no harm, I encourage all to keep posting the evidence (by their words and deeds ye shall know them) to be wielded by those of us who KNOW far, far better.

    Wide Awake & Fooled No More,


  15. Voir Dire says:

    An excellent essay by one of our greatest contemporary patriots/heroes, Dr. William Pierce, (RIP, Dr. Pierce: All articles available here: on why you cannot separate the Jewish polyps from the malignant cancer:


  16. African Man says:

    I loved reading all your responses to how i deal with racist white people.(saying their country is controlled by jews)

    White people it seems will not awaken without an Economic Depression. After all, that is what it took for the “greatest aryans” to awaken.(Nazi Germany)

    I have always admired Nazi Germany and wished they were as brutal as the jews say. That is why I hate when people compare Zionists/Neo-cons to Nazism.

    Another thing I have wondered is why people still love Bolshevik Communists despite killing over 100 million people? You would think Marxism would be outlawed since Nazism is.

  17. Hausser says:

    Fact of the matter is National Socialist Germany was an excellant cultural, political and economic system.

    It is actually the perfect system for a uni-cultural White European Society.

    It could never be exported to the USA because of Jewish multiculturalism becoming itself a “religion” Indeed an ingrained religion of the myth of the great “melting pot”

    Read Hitlers speeches and Hitlers Table Talk 1941-1944. I just read his July 1934 speech to the Reichstag. It was fantastic. The problems Germany faced for 14 years after WW1 from the Weimar government is schockingly similar to our current problems.

    Forget Mein Kampf. Oh and Pleeeeeease STOP USING THE TERM NAZI. THats a Jew invention itself.

    Its called National Socialism show it the respect it deserves. I never say Nazi. I did just have to write it to make the point Excuse myself

  18. African Man says:


    Too bad Hitler was soft. Even the Japanese were soft when they fought someone their own size.(America)

    I have always thought our problems stems from Capitalist and Communist victory of World War 2. Hitler said they were both side of the same coin. I could not agree more!

    I still wonder how Whites attacked Hitler but not Stalin? The only thing I can come up is JEWS CONTROLLED THE MEDIA during 1930s. How else could Whites think Hitler was a bigger threat than Stalin during that time?

  19. Hebrew says:

    I really feel sorry for you.
    all of you are lost cause.

  20. Marshall says:

    African man- re: WW2-

    It’s not just the media, although if Americans had actually been AWARE of what was going on in the Ukraine at the time, things may have been much different. media blackouts are quite effective to this day.

    Remember the Yalta Conference? It turns out that Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were ALL of Jewish lineage. Go figure. Easy to look up. Roosevelt= Rosenfelt, Churchill’s mother was Jenny Jerome, Jewish. Stalin’s real name was Djugasvili= “Son of Jew.”

    By the way, Patton most assuredly wanted to attack Stalin. Patton said we would just end up fighting them later anyway. This prophetic statement proved true didn’t it??? Look at all the B-52 bombers rotting in the Nevada desert from the “Cold War.” Look at Vietnam, where we were “fighting Communism” LOL!!!

    In fact, he wanted to make the Nazis allies in the effort after their defeat. Of course, through Operation Paperclip, quite a few Nazi scientists ended up with the OSS (CIA) after the war anyway. The cowardly soldier Patton slapped up-side the head and had to publically apologize for was a JEW…oh the suffering!!! Of course Patton died under rather mysterious circumstances, a strange car accident where his driver SURVIVED. Hmm.

    It never made sense to me why the USA would team up with commies either African man LOL!!!

  21. Kaitlyn says:

    Hebrew- “I feel sorry for you. all of you are lost cause.”

    First of all- You need some grammer lessons.

    Secondly- If you are going to make a comment like that, you need to back it up. Just like a frickin Jew to ignore all of the already posted comments about how people like you don’t back up their comments, and then to just write another meaningless comment. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Thirdly- Your name says it all “Hebrew”, you are just like all of your other homo brethren who come here. You don’t like the truth;it’s actually too true for all of your liars and false-flag experts to wrap your heads around. So you immediatley lash out at the author, and anyone supporting this blog. Go get a real opinion and then maybe we will atleast read your comments, about all of the lies weaved into the wool you are pulling over America’s eyes. But, I promise you this, you will not change anyone’s minds here, so I don’t recommend trying, or even coming back here. But. I bet you will just because I warned you not to, so ATLEAST get some new material and form your own opinion. otherwise, CRAWL BACK TO YOUR OWN HELL HOLE OF A HOMO STATE :ISRAEL!

  22. tergiam hulotov says:

    I flash a shiver up my spine when i see those old german cavalry going in columns. I anticipate soem nasty situations hrere, and knowing what the gentle jews are capable of I can only say”dont give up with out a fight”

  23. WOW says:

    WOW. lol you all are a bunch of assholes!
    I would call you racist but being jewish ISNT a race.

    being jewish means that you accept the jewish fiath.
    maybe some people have a ‘hebrew’ heritage but that dosnt make the jewish.

    the term jewish is just like christian or catholic. it is attached to a religion and nothing else. there is no christian race or muslim race. M-W definition for RACE: a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics.

    Jews can be any color anyone. Muslims can be any color anyone. a race is that like the black aficans or the european whites or the red native americans. those are races.

    Jews will never have any REAL power in this country. There almost certainly will never be a jewish president. the reason the jews got a country is because they had NONE. the Muslims have many arab countries where the Muslim religion is dominant. The Christians have many european countries where the dominant religion is Christianity. The jews deserve at lease just ONE country for themselves. Its not like they are saying ONLY JEWS CAN BE HERE. many people live in israel including muslims and christians.

    you all are fuking idiots to believe a stupid novice blog post like this.

  24. TO WOW says:

    I have to correct you about something.. The Israelis got kicked by the British and they were promised to share land with Palestine since Palestine could not do anything about it. No one in the world wanted the Jews because no one liked them at that time because of Hitler. The British then promised that they would make things fair between the Palestinians and the Israelis. But later on Britain did not follow up on that promise and Israelis took over Palestine for no ******* reason. Palestinians were there first, and i would knowthat. Take a look at this..

    Why do Palestinians need to suffer.

  25. WOW says:

    LOL!!! ok first, technically, the jews were there first. but that was in ancient times. second, Palestine was never a real country! It was part of the British Empire. The British can do what ever they want with the land they own.

    They decided to name it Israel and give it to the Jews as a homeland. The jews never had a homeland! the muslims have MANY countries where more than 90% of the population’s religion is Islam. Here are Israel statistics: 75.4% Jewish, 20.6% Arab, 4% minority groups.

    Its not like Israel is saying Get out of our country your not allowed. There are many arabic countries that dont allow jews to cross their border. The Palestinian territories are composed of two discontiguous regions, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, whose final status has yet to be determined.

    The history of the land:

    Before 1948 it was – the British Empire
    Before the British it was – the Ottoman Empire
    Before Ottomans it was – fought over by Crusaders and Arabs
    Before the Crusades it was – briefly held by Arabs
    Before the Arab Jihad it was – The Byzantine Christian Empire
    Before the Byzantines it was – the Roman Empire’s Provence of Israel
    Before the Romans it was – Israel, province of Alexandrian Greek Empire.
    Before Alexander it was – Israel, province of Persian empire
    Before Persia it was – Israel, province of Babylonian empire
    Before Babylon it was – Israel
    The Land was given to Abraham, Grandfather of Jacob/Israel

  26. driver68 says:

    Most projects suffer from lack of funds because inventing a consistent and effective youth participation model takes a long time to show outcomes, and is not covered by any of the modern short-term action programs. ,

  27. Wolf27 says:

    The teacher has already disrespected me by not acknowledging me as an individual. ,

  28. JamesTheJust says:

    the jews were there first.

    The jews never had a homeland!

    WOW! Like all Jewish Edomites, has a problem keeping track of all ITS lies.

    Before Babylon it was – Israel
    The Land was given to Abraham, Grandfather of Jacob/Israel

    Yes ISRAEL, not those who call themselves “jews” today, but the ANGLO-SAXON/ARYAN people…but then the jews lie so much about that too, that they actually believe their lies, despite scientific facts.

    I would call you racist but being jewish ISNT a race.

    being jewish means that you accept the jewish fiath.

    So now WOW is saying that jews deserve a “homeland” based on the fact that they have a certain faith.

    So which is it WOW?

    I could go through everyone of your statements and PROVE that you are a certifiable schizophrenic.

  29. Marshall says:

    Hey James-

    So according to WOW, being a Jew is practicing the Jewish faith. Hmm. Where have I heard THIS before? 😀

    How is it then that we see Roman Polanski, who is a Satan worshipper, considered widely to be a Jew and avidly defended by Jews?

    BUT WAIT!!! Why don’t we read a bit of “Ro’s” autobiography, just to get a clear picture of JUDAISM. It would appear little “Ro” was born Jewish (and well knew it) in the Krakow ghettos. Now, how can someone be “born Jewish” if they are only “Jewish” by practicing that faith? Hmm. WOW? Answer?

    Little “Ro” was circumcised it seems, and went to great extremes to hide the fact. He tried to act Catholic, then became a Communist, then became a hippie. Talk about a born charlatan. Of course, “Ro’s” “high moral character” is in on clear display lately. In fact, he remains unapologetic for raping that poor girl to this very day. He called it “making love” LMAO!!!

    Excerpt, link to follow:

    In 1978 Roman Polanski was convicted for drugging and statutory raping 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. Polanski in his autobiography claims that he did not drug the girl, but admits committing statuatory rape (“consensual” sex with a minor). Eventually he fled to Europe to avoid further prison time. But Polanski did spend time in a U.S. prison. An anecdote from that time, from Roman by Polanski, page 420:
    Aside from being visited by some clergymen and a rabbi, I was interviewed as a matter of course by two psychiatrists and a psychologist–the purpose of my imprisonment. The psychologist, a woman, made me do all sorts of written tests with multiple choice answers. she also issued me two sheetsof paper and asked me to draw a man and a woman. I’d attended life classes so often at art school in Krakow that habit prompted me to draw them naked. [Polanski’s attorney] Doug Dalton’s comment when I told him was “Oh, sh–!”
    “What was I supposed to do,” I asked him, “give them fig leaves?”

    It is difficult to ascertain the degree to which Polanski is remorseful about the statuatory rape he was committed of. He generally lived a libertine lifestyle, and although his autobiography seems to acknowledge some wrongdoing, he mostly seems to explain away what he did. Roman by Polanski, pages 402-403:
    Many people who appeared sympathetic were really only eager to boast of having met the notorious Hollywood rapist. Overnight I’d crossed the fine line between decent folks and scum. In all my many premonitions of danger, one thought had never crossed my mind: that I should be sent to prison, my life and career ruined, for making love.
    Temperamentally, howeer, I was on the side of law and order. I had a great admiration for American institutions and regarded the United States as the only truly democratic country in the world. Now, because of a moment’s unthinking lust, I had jeopardized my freedom and my future in the country that mattered most to me.

    What a lowlife, depraved piece of crap this guy is!!! More of his autobiography HERE:

    By the way, is great source for finding out famous peoples’ “faiths” particularly of the “rich and shameless” JEWS of Hellywood.

    He’s born a Jew, but he’s not a Jew. He was a Catholic Jew, but then he wasn’t, because he didn’t “look the same.” Yet he became one again. He was a Catholic, then a Communist!!! He was a hippie, then a Satan worshipper. He’s now listed as “Catholic Jew.” Could I make this up?

    Schizophrenia? TRY STONE COLD NUT CASE. I sometimes wonder what a GI’s ghost from Arlington Cemetary would do if he could visit Hollywood today and see the people he died “liberating” in WW2.

    Marsh :-O

  30. hoff2 says:

    “It is not something alien to them: for example Lincoln was recently exposed as an avowed Marxist.” — Joshua

    Very, very good article (sounds as though you may have already read this or the book Stang’s touting) on Communism’s infestation into the American political party (Note: Alan Stang, who recently passed away was a steadfast denier of the Jewish criminal mafia, but a very astute writer otherwise)


    This Alan Stang diden’t know the first thing about jews. As a rule l dismiss anyone that don’t know the first thing about the jew, but l will make this exception simply because the jew-communist angle back in the 1850s in America. Any comment on that?

    Commuism is a jewish fraud to make stupid non-jews help the jews take control of their state. Did the jews infiltrate the rep’s already back in the 1850s?

  31. Marshall says:

    It all goes back to that Rothschild statement, “Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not a whit who makes their laws.”

    He wasn’t kidding, because he knew he could buy off both parties eventually, which is exactly what has happened. Al Gore’s daughter, Karenna is now Karenna SCHIFF, as in the Schiff banking family, financiers of the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Communism is just capitalism run by the state instead of by individual entrepreneurs and free enterprise. They still have to sell their products somewhere. Where would Communist China be today without the USA to buy their crap products?

    We are financing our own downfall. The Jew banker sits back and laughs because he makes money either way. He makes even MORE when capitalists and communists go to war against each other LOL!!!

    It’s a huge scam. So big in fact that people can’t seem to grasp it. The Cold War was about “fighting Communism?” Really. Vietnam was about “fighting Communism?” Sure it was. If the USA was so paranoid about Communism, seems we would have actually done something in Cuba during all those years.

    What it was about was artificial conflicts created to enrich international bankers and the war-profiteering military-industrial complex they are in league with, like two wings on the same bird. No matter which side “wins” the bankers ALWAYS WIN. It’s like a casino, the house always wins.

    You know, this “Double-headed Eagle” of Freemasonry gets more interesting by the day, considering you can see them all around Russia from 1000 years ago. There’s quite a history behind that symbol, check your local Smirnoff Vodka bottle…the REAL “opiate of the masses” in the Soviet Union since all religions except Judaism were outlawed.

    Texe Marrs said the funniest thing one time. He asked if anybody has ever gone into a Kentucky Fried Chicken and ordered all LEFT WINGS. The people behind the counter would look at you like you’re nuts LOL!!!

    A wing is a wing, the bird is the same. Dem-Repub, same. Here Dubya was supposed to be a “conservative” and ended up spending us into oblivion twice as fast any democrat I’ve seen in my lifetime. They spend on different things, but they spend just the same. The taxpayer just sits in the middle in a daze, wondering where the hell the money went.

    Social Security? Medicare? I do seem to remember an old analogy from ECONOMICS 101. “Guns vs. Butter,” take your pick. You can’t have both. The dems want the butter money, the repubs want the gun money….or perhaps they are ALL just taking the money and bullshitting us about where it’s REALLY going. Hmm.

    At the top they are all the same. The rest is just a show. Jay Leno said something funny one time. “Politics is show business for ugly people.” LOL!!!

  32. hoff2 says:

    Lying Jew Scumbags Propaganda-bullshit page 1A. “Proof” that jews wasen’t behind the fraud 9-11. For what reason could jews not be behind the frau 9-11? Because jews are stupid and arabs are smart?

    “CNN Jews Behind 911 Conspiracy Theory”

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