Is Barack Obama Covering Up his Kenyan Birth?

Barack interrupts his campaign for 2nd time to travel to Hawaii.

by James Buchanan

There is one American still alive, who knows for certain whether Obama was born in Kenya or the US. That person is Barack Obama’s White grandmother. Normally, you can’t stop grandparents from talking about their grandchildren, but curiously Obama’s White grandmother, Madelyn Dunham (age 86) has refused to talk to reporters since March, 2008.

Madelyn Dunham was widowed in 1992. Her only child, Stanley Ann Dunham died in 1995. Madelyn Dunham has two grandchildren, Barack Obama and Maya Soetero. You would think a lonely, widowed grandmother with no surviving children would want to talk with reporters about her “rock star” grandson and his large liberal following. You’d think that she would enjoy a little flurry of attention and popularity, but Obama’s White grandmother is leading a reclusive existence shunning any attention and not talking at all to reporters.

One source notes that “In March 2008, the 85-year-old Dunham was quoted as saying, ‘I am not giving any interviews…I am in poor health’ ”. Apparently Barack’s White grandmother has been “too sick” to talk to reporters for seven months now although no serious illness is mentioned aside from osteoperosis. Did Barack Obama ask her to stay quiet and not talk to reporters to keep certain secrets from the press?

Even more curious is Barack Obama’s decision to visit Madelyn Dunham on the very day (Oct. 21st) that a federal judge will make a decision on the Berg-Obama lawsuit. A Philadelphia attorney, Philip Berg filed a lawsuit claiming that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Barack’s pregnant mother visited Kenya, but was prevented from returning to the US due to the late stage of her pregnancy. Barack’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama allegedly came back to America after giving birth to Obama in Kenya and then falsely filed a “registry of birth” which people routinely file if a baby is born in a taxi cab or in a remote cabin. Obama’s mother may have falsely claimed that Barack was born in the US outside a hospital and fraudulently obtained US citizenship papers for Barack Obama after bringing him back from Kenya. (This would also explain how the Democrats could have been fooled into thinking that Barack was eligible to run for president.) A recent news story mentioned that Ann Dunham visited some friends near Seattle while Barack was only days old. Why would anyone travel with a baby that young —unless she was traveling back to Hawaii from Kenya stopping in Seattle en route?

The US Constitution requires that anyone running for president must be at least 35 years old and born in the US. If Barack Obama were born in Kenya, he would not only be ineligible for the US presidency, he would technically be an illegal alien from Kenya, not even qualified to be a US Senator.

Is it possible that Barack Obama is deeply concerned that his White grandmother may have a senile moment and blab to a reporter that her grandson was born in Kenya? Curiously, Obama’s Black grandmother has clearly stated that she was in the delivery room in Kenya where Barack Obama was born.

An article from reports “In the lawsuit, Berg states that Sen. Obama was born in Kenya, and not in Hawaii as the senator maintains. Before giving birth, according to the lawsuit, Obama’s mother traveled to Kenya with his father but was prevented from flying back to Hawaii because of the late stage of her pregnancy, ‘apparently a normal restriction to avoid births during a flight.’ As Sen. Obama’s own paternal grandmother, half-brother and half-sister have also claimed, Berg maintains that Stanley Ann Dunham–Obama’s mother–gave birth to little Barack in Kenya and subsequently flew to Hawaii to register the birth.”

A Reuters article describes Obama’s sudden trip to silence — er — visit his supposedly ailing grandmother. The article reports “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will leave the campaign trail to go to Hawaii this week to visit the ailing grandmother who helped raise him, an aide said on Monday. ‘Recently his grandmother has become ill and in the last few weeks her health has deteriorated to the point where her situation is very serious,’ said Obama aide Robert Gibbs. Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who will be 86 on Sunday, helped raise him along with his mother, Ann Dunham, and his grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Gibbs would not discuss the nature of her illness. The candidate is canceling events in Madison, Wisconsin, and Des Moines, Iowa, that had been scheduled for Thursday. He instead will go to an event in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Thursday, then fly to Hawaii to see his grandmother. He will return to the campaign trail on Saturday, Gibbs said. Obama often makes references to his grandmother on the campaign trail, mentioning that she worked on a B-1 bomber assembly plant during World War Two.”

First of all, Barack Obama said his grandmother was making “B1 bombers” during World War Two. His grandmother was working on B29 bombers. The thoroughly ignorant Barack Obama apparently doesn’t know that the B1 bomber was a supersonic bomber made by Rockwell which went into service in 1986.

Perhaps the most interesting statement is that a Democrat spokesman “would not discuss the nature of her illness.” Is it possible that Obama’s grandmother is not terminally ill, but only a little bit senile and may let certain secrets slip out about where exactly Barack was born? Madelyn Dunham has been refusing to talk to reporters for seven months now. Clearly she was not that close to death seven months ago. Somehow, I would not be too surprised if she lived another two or three years or ten years, but Barack Obama may still be keeping her isolated from reporters for the rest of her life.


WordPress blogster, TexasDarlin, who is a Clinton Democrat for McCain and has been keeping up with all this well. Check her out: Obama goes to Hawaii

Excellent breakdown on all the actual legalese: Judah Benjamin Analysis

Andy Martin’s Hawaii investigation appears to have triggered Obama’s trip. Check out what he has to say: Contrarian Commentary

Remember, Obamanation has 150 million in donations this month and that’s a lot to use when he gets to Hawaii to see his “ailing” White grandma.

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8 Responses to Is Barack Obama Covering Up his Kenyan Birth?

  1. Anonymous says:

    New book by William C. Ayers titled ‘Race Course Against White Supremacy’:

    “White supremacy and its troubling endurance in American life is debated in these personal essays by two veteran political activists. Arguing that white supremacy has been the dominant political system in the United States since its earliest days—and that it is still very much with us—the discussion points to unexamined bigotry in the criminal justice system, election processes, war policy, and education. The book draws upon the authors’ own confrontations with authorities during the Vietnam era, reasserts their belief that racism and war are interwoven issues, and offers personal stories about their lives today as parents, teachers, and reformers.”

  2. Jesse says:

    Who cares if he’s Kenyan. Jesus said “love thy neighbour” and told of the good Samaritan.

  3. Todd says:

    Communist Frank Marshall is Obama;s Father. Surprise?

  4. incogman says:

    That would explain a lot of things:

    1) Trying to hide it.
    2) the gay biz (frank was bi)
    3) the Commie biz and Ayers connection.

    Obama’s slutty mom probably had a 3 way with Frank and the Kenyan and didn’t know herself.

  5. st01 says:

    Of course, Jesse. But, Jesus never said to make that neighbor POTUS if he does not meet the legal requirements.

    US presidents must be natural-born citizens. All we ask is that Obama prove that he is. If he proves it, the question will go away…

  6. Tiffany says:

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    How fitting that your nasty liceinfested cracker Bush got called one. HAHAHAHA by an Arab.

    Now go get your chesse in a box, raw hot dogs , chesse wiz, shake and bake chicken and your chips and beer.

    You know cracker food.
    Sounds white and trashy to me.

    Pick that lice out your ass crack hair as well before you type dumb shit ,Mick.

    Come on Nazi fuck I live in NJ. I don’t expect a Dirty lice cracker like you to talk shit I’d WOULD YOU FEELINGS.

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