Poisonous Choice Maybe, But We Have To Eat It!

I’ve been thinking about all this situation hard for several weeks now and wanted to put all this on my blog, but wrestled with saying anything at all about it. Yeah, it’s pretty big, alright. And no, I’m not coming out of the closet: I know all you Jew trolls and pissed-off dykes out there would love that!

And sure, I can go ahead and remain silent, letting the chips fall where they may. But THE INCOG MAN will tell it like it is — even if he’s not at all happy about any of it.

Yes, some of you may be upset to read the following or some of you may be happy about it. But this is not some parlor debate: I happen to live in what they call a “battleground” state, meaning if my state goes one way or another it will mean the election. So, I have to make a hard decision and cannot use the excuse “it doesn’t matter” because of where I live. Actually, it matters a great deal wherever you might vote.

So, INCOG has decided to bite the bullet: As a race, us White people now HAVE TO and are forced to vote for McCain! We have to take the one poison least painful for now. This has not been an easy decision, I assure you.

I remember this friend of my brother perfectly. Here I was sitting in my brother’s den, back in the early days of the primaries; doing my damnedest to convince this guy that Ron Paul was the absolute best man to put on the republican ticket or any ticket and why. He stood there a few feet away with an obviously disdainful look on his face about what I was saying, and then said Huckabee was his man since he was a “Christian” and “so many evangelical people were for Huckabee.”

Besides, everyone who watches FOX news knew that Ron Paul didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell so why waste your vote, he so concluded. But it’s not just that anymore — we also now have a liberal media doing everything they can to push Obama on the American public. I watched last night some hit piece on NBC where they had some White Ohioans talking about the economy and how that would make them all now vote for Obama.

Like Obama is going to do JACK about the economy in the end. Here he is, promising the GD world to everyone — no taxes, more of this and of that, we have to keep all the give-away programs and come up with even more things (below) that the liberals and militant Negroes have been talking about for the last million years. Maybe even reparations for slavery (they want the moola bad) or ACORN programs for minority mortgages. This country will be screwed!

Obama has promised all kinds of things tax-wise, for instance businesses that make less than the $250,000 a year, will not have corporate taxes increased — that’s like a landscape company of eight people or less. Do you work in such a place or are you employee number nine or ten in a company that will face higher taxes? Think about it now. And this guy has always, ALWAYS voted for higher taxes in the past.

These are the kinds of big-mouths involved in ACORN who are now doing everything they can to get their man, Obama into office. This national left-wing operation has been caught numerous times in illegal campaign practices and are signing up voters left and right for Obama, no matter if they are eligible or not. Mark my words: Obama will do whatever he can to please people just like this.

People, people, they always say this kind of thing for elections! They can: It’s been part of the election deal since Genesis and for you suckers to believe the bull every four years like clockwork. Obama is just playing politics about no new taxes for the middle class and will eventually end up taxing the living hell out of this country. There is absolutely no possible way not to, not after this Bailout business and for him to say otherwise is just lying right to your fat, swooning face and he knows it.

And sure, I know that McCain is hardly better. He promised to legalize the illegals last year, but so has Obama (note how they do not debate the subject at all — guess they agreed to that, huh?). Also, McCain’s been backed by the Globalist Zionists — financed by the real Jew power structure that plays both ends of the stick — just like with Obama (both get Goldman Sachs contributions). Face it: Both of these SOBs are traitors to America. But one will be worse than the other. Quite probably much worse for Whites in the long run.

Note how the two of them were all for the Bailout screw-over of the American taxpayer so as to give Jew money manipulators the law to rape you far into the future. Not only will the Bailout hurt your wallet gravely, but will not even work (which all the real experts warned us). Plus, inflation will sky-rocket for everything from bread to gas at the pump (the dollar will be toast, toast that you can’t eat). Notice how gas prices are staying fairly high, no matter how much the price of oil drops. Mark my words, chumps, we haven’t seen nothing yet.

And yes, as a country, all of us SHOULD vote for Third Party and, truthfully, you can indeed vote for a Third Party liberal or a conservative candidate in this whole thing. Chuck Baldwin (right) is an excellent choice: Strict Constitutionalist and highly endorsed by Ron Paul. Yet, he gets the absolute silent treatment from a Jew-controlled media that tells you time and again that your only real choice are Democraps and Repugnantcans. I’m sick of the bull.

But I’m also not naïve here. Very few of the sheeple will ever vote like this or even take the dam time to consider the reasons for why we should — I know it’ll never happen. It can’t because of the media will never, ever allow Third Party exposure enough for people to take them seriously or even know they exist. It’s just being realistic (brutally) about the American masses. Hell, most people on the street can’t even keep it straight what VP is running with whom in the first dam place. No lie.

But the sorry fact is that voting for a Third Party will only put Obama in office regardless of any kind of intellectualizing of the matter I do or anyone else. It’s the hand we have been dealt with here. INCOG MAN is just being a realist on the issue, as always.

It’s not at all easy to come to this conclusion. Make clear note: It’s not just because of race, that voting for McCain is the answer. I know, I know, you think I am giving up my dam principals because of his skin color only. But I sincerely ask you White liberals to at least think about what we may be facing as a race and read up on this Obama business.

Obama will be the worst choice in poisons for the White race. I believe he will work to give Blacks more and more entitlement programs under the radar; while working with a Democratically controlled legislature to rob us of even more, like voting for UN taxes on America to hand over .7% of the national GDP along with whittling away the little of what’s left of our Constitutional rights (keeping all of Bush’s new powers). He’s talked seriously about gun control and wants to push forward “hate crimes” or thought-control laws, that will surely shut down free speech (bye bye, INCOG). He’s even recently asked for prosecution of people who exposed facts about him during this campaign.

He’s been closely linked to lefty Commies like William Ayers and once called the dead Chicago Jew Commie and totally evil social agitator Saul Alinsky his spiritual mentor— just like Hillary Clinton once did, with her Wellesey college thesis on Alinsky that she had the school keep locked up. Commie Jew bastards all, but you’ll never hear a squeak about the Jew part in the mainstream news (the Ayers business is OK since he’s a Goyim, but the majority of his Weather Underground group were subversive Jews, natch).

Plus, his background is with the insidious national agitators ACORN — vote fraudsters on a massive scale, corporate blackmail artists and big mouths, out to give away money to minorities in any way, shape or form. Obama has been part and parcel to all this and the whole Fannie Mae corruptions and subprime mortgage mess down the years — right along with Jew homo Barney Frank — that sparked the whole Wall Street bail out mess to begin with.

ACORN and other liberal Obama supporters, like Virginia governer Tim Kaine, are now out registering any possible non-White to vote for Obama — even trying to get laws changed so convicted felons and Negroes in jail can get registered, if you can possibly wrap your head around that. These people are now doing anything and everything possible to put a “black” man in office.

She was 17 when this roving Kenyan Negro impregnated her and the two married 3 months later. While heavily pregnant, the foolish 18 year old White girl flew off to Kenya, half a planet away to locate the dead-beat dad (this shot was taken later). But where exactly did she finally end up giving birth to the man who would be your king? Obama campaign people never show this photo — only the one with a young Obama by himself with his father. I wonder why? Or, for that matter, why does Obama pretend his White background doesn’t exist? What’s that say?

This guy has been a lie since birth!

Hell, Obama apparently is not even an American citizen in the first dam place, since there is good evidence that points to him being born in Mombasa, Kenya, with his father being a Kenyan citizen. With all that, may get ourselves a real-life African ruler since there also the distinct possibility of Obama doing to the US what Nelson Mandela did to South Africa: Turn it into a living hell for White people!

This guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You liberals who have been mesmerized into White Zombies by his smooth Whitey talk, lies and fast rhetoric promising the world, had better wake the hell up and fast. We now have a dark-skinned leftist running for prez, instead of a Hillary Clinton sans penis and melanin.

Think about it all here for a minute. I mean really. Are you only voting for Obama because he’s a “person of color” in the end? Isn’t that, in effect, really being racist against your own kind? And please, don’t come up with liberal excuses in order to justify a decision based purely on skin color, because that is exactly what you are doing.

If you’re a Black, you’re just going to vote for Obama because he’s a “person of color” and you know it. You don’t give a rat’s ass about anything BUT that. If you’re a White liberal, you will not listen to a word I say about a Third Party candidate and will suck down all the Jew/liberal diversity propaganda in your quest to put a man “of color” in office. Hence, you are racists. Far more than myself, you just will not face the fact that race matters in this world — for everyone but stupid Whites. Oh, yes it does.

The heavily Jewish-influenced Western media, White liberals and Jew Marxist subversives (along with Zionist capitalists like George Soros) managed to get South Africa stolen and turned over to Negro leadership 14 years ago and what’s happened since then? Why are not White people part of the power structure? Surely some liberal, “non-racist” White can attempt to answer that one for us?

South Africa can now barely feed itself (Zimbabwe is on the verge of mass starvation), White businesses have been stolen, electric outages plague the country daily and over 3000 White farmers have been killed by roving Black gangs. Whites are now desparately trying to emigrate wherever they can (we won’t let them in here). Where will you or your children one day try to escape? Iceland?

Blacks have absolutely no problem voting for their own race no matter what. They voted well over 90% for Obama over Hillary Clinton in the primaries simply because he was another Black (actually Mulatto). We need to come together as a race and fight this hard, because they are doing EXACTLY what you white liberals tell yourselves you won’t do, since you are so “color blind.”

If Barack Obama was calling for AIPAC to be deemed an Agent of a Foreign government and wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve, then I’d be out marching up and down the street for the man, even he was green! Seriously. Of course, they would never allow him to have gotten this far with that kind of talk and would probably have had him knocked off, toot suite and then blamed it on the Whiteys!

This is NOT SOME KIND OF SPORTS GAME. Who wins the election DOES NOT make your little self as some kind of winner just because you said you voted for him. That’s the game, people, this whole razmatazz has kept you controlled all these years and America manipulated for what they want in the end — not you or I.

Because the only people that will really make out from this election are the dam Jews in the end! Those bastards have stacked the deck just like they always try to do wherever and whenever they can. That’s why we have a Congress and Senate packed with AIPAC tools who can’t do JACK to offend the “Chosen.”

Note how these people, like Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden and Sarah Palin, were all over themselves during the debates proclaiming love and undying support for the dam state of IsraHELL, practically at the same level as the US of A. They know what side their bread is buttered on and are working hard trying to convince Jews that it’s them who will be best for Israel. What a sorry-ass joke on America anymore.

The media hypes all this election stuff so as to get you all involved in the game, so you have to watch the commercials and then march lock-step behind either globalist-corrupted candidate of THEIR choice (not much choice for us White America, really).

And these attacks on Sarah Palin by the “intellectual” liberal media (like the ongoing SNL crap) is downright disgusting anymore. Their bias is not only detectable but detestable! Just seeing the media’s pretty boy Obama losing is plenty enough reason, by itself, for me to vote for McCain.

Right now, people at Palin rallies are screaming bloody murder at any news crews who show up. The entire smarter-than-us, safely ensconced from the real world, liberal media need to be hung from the rafters for all this bias and I hope to one day lead the rope procession!

And for you all so-called conservatives: I know you might give me hell about my attacks on McCain and me now turning around saying to vote for him. You’re right that Obama is indeed some lefty bastard, right on par with Shillery Clinton even. But he may well win this election, and you have a giant share in the guilt at letting things get to this point.

This country and you conservatives have had it coming in spades: You people sit around watching GD pro football and FOX News and then go to some church where the preacher man says “we gotta support Israel” and you keep your mouths shut tighter than a drum because you’re too chicken shit to see how the Jew is really running this country straight into the dam ground to turn it into the Jew World Order.

Don’t you even try to sit there and tell me otherwise.

Or look at someone like me and spout-off some Sean Hannity media and evangelical bullshit about Ron Paul and Israel like you know JACK about the real deal. Well, I say screw you — just like I say screw the liberals. I’m sick and tired of all your Zionist Neocon bull. Go bend over for Dick Morris and Karl Rove and get the flock outta my face!

So, now I gotta chose between two worthless candidates, bought and sold by Jew interests. One, a Commie Mulatto who constantly espouses the Zionist line or two, some White guy who constantly espouses the Zionist party line.

Another thing: I’d like to see the Negroes riot — some of them have threatened to do as much if Obama loses — can you believe how spoiled they are to even say that? White people need to get another good dose of real Black behavior to remind them of just what they are like in the end. Have not all the Negro rioting and looting down the years convinced you yet about these people? This, in itself, is worth voting for the White guy. But hell, they’ll probably go nutso celebrating even if Obamba wins (make plans to protect yourself).

I know, I know that we should all get off this Jew election merry-go-round and send a message to the system and to the real “man” on November 4th by voting for a Third Party. Imagine the surprise these JACK-OFFS would have if an entirely different candidate was voted for in droves? They would know the JIG IS UP.

But, unfortunately, I realize that this will never happen so I am telling my White readers now to vote for McCain. As much as it pains me to do so.

Awakened Whites: I know very well that this is a bitter pill to swallow. Let us hope that further on down the road we can awaken more and more Whites to the Jewish/Globalist menace. But let us not be foolish enough to think we can do something in this election cycle — we can’t — so let’s do everything we can not to make it worse for us in the long run. I sincerely believe Obama is a much worse choice and may well hold power so long that it will destroy us. Look at South Africa for chrissakes!

Liberal Whites: You must put aside your noble, but totally misguided race sentiments and hopes for Obama to cure the nation’s economic ills — he can’t and won’t since he is a creation of those very forces, i. e. the Jews behind the curtain — now is THE time to vote for your race. If Obama gets in office, this country’s future White political interests, demographics and middle class will be constantly under attack by those who wish to marginalize away White people (it is already, I’m sorry to say). It’s us White people who forged this nation and we are giving this country away — surely as I sit here!

You simply must come to this same conclusion. It’s a difficult and poisonous choice, but is the only logical choice for our race in the end. Remember this plea down the road should America fail to heed it.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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37 Responses to Poisonous Choice Maybe, But We Have To Eat It!

  1. Ann says:

    I used to think McCain was the answer. Then Palin came into the picture. I thought she was the answer too. BOTH pledge allegiance to the Jewish flag. I am not sure I can vote for them. I know I cant vote for Obama. Its gonna be tough getting to the voting booth this time. Voting for McCain goes against my grain now. Tough tough tough…

  2. wjg says:


    As you say if Obama is elected “This country will be screwed!”.

    Yet, isn’t that what we want? Isn’t that what we need? Isn’t the entity still called the USA our greatest physical enemy and won’t its accelerated erosion be more advantageous than more “conservatism”? Granted it is just the big, dumb brute that squashes what its master tells it to but they have made it unreformable. What is left of the USA that we want to protect/defend?

    Of the two: Obama and McCain, the latter is MUCH more despicable. He is a traitor. He knowingly and willingly is collaborating in the destruction of our race, his race. Obama is a rootless mongrel who hates the race he can never be a part of but which has affected him with half his genes as a mockery.

    Let all the fruits of Obamanation be realized. If the White Race in America is to avoid Brazilification it must face this test in all its ugliness and nakedness without the false and treacherous “protection” of wordist conservatism any more.

    As for the abuse Sarah Palin faces from the court jesters I say bravo. Judeo-shitians deserve continued scorn and mockery from both the Left AND from Nationalists. We cannot afford to longer give them succor with votes and by other means since all they do is crap on us once they ever achieve power. Why would it be otherwise? We have not yet held them accountable. Balkanization is good. Maybe most of the White lemmings will drift to the “left” as this chasm widens but some – the ones with some remnant of manhood left – will awaken.

    We should not and can not support traitors. They are the lowest, most despicable form of hominid. Africans treat them with flaming necklaces. We vote for them and then wonder why things always get worse. I don’t disagree with what you say Obama will try to do policy-wise. But he is not us and is simply an external enemy. The false-friends are the much graver threat.

    Overall your analysis is solid but I dispute your conclusion.

  3. incogman says:

    Yes, I understand the concept of “worse is better” in all of this. Bring it on! One might say.

    I can’t do it. I cannot for the life of me allow myself to be silent when I see this unbelievable lie foisted on our country.

    Awakened Whites have been, are being and will be more marginalized in this country. The center will be termed the extreme right as more and more Whites start picking up on what’s truly going on. Spineless whites will keep their mouths shut as usual.

    Now, I fully understand those who cannot stomach voting for the Zionist tool McCain. And I know that voting for the lessor of two evils is still evil. God, I wrestled with it for quite some time. But I think that Obama will be much worse for Whites down the road. Much worse.

    I am even beginning to wonder about the timing in all of this, overall. Like with the hysterical swings in the stock market, etc. Has all this been spurred to make Whites want to vote for this man?

  4. Chet says:

    Incog, you’re right on. This is exactly what has been anguishing me for weeks and weeks. This country has been silently slipping into a Marxist/Socialist hell for decades and now, it is only too frighteningly obvious to a few.
    The point of it all right now is to stop the O-Train. However, this guy is going to be around causing problems for 25 more years (as the rat-puppet). One day, if nothing changes, we will become like new South Africa – guaranteed.
    Some people argue with me, still wanting to vote for Chuck Baldwin or write in Ron, proclaiming their exhalted ‘conscience.’ However, they are clueless to the cause, as I once was, ignoring the rats in the cellar.

  5. carolina60 says:

    For those interested this fellow Bill Engdahl offers some interesting
    opinions of what is going on with the current financial crisis below:


  6. Mythy says:

    Excellent article Incog, We need to get more people to read it. If it’s any consultation my brother says Mc Cain is the only way to go. He’s a retired Survival Specialist US Air Force

  7. IrishWench says:

    I also decided, against all I want and need, that the only vote to give is to McCain. I have read too much from this lying mud and his sheboon, loud-mouthed wife to ever think any of it would be good for any race except blacks. Heck, the mexicans know blacks hate them. Blacks hate us the worst, so we are all in a bind if he gets in, though they should hate the jew before us. Not giving a vote to McCain is giving one to Obama. I wasn’t even going to bother, but I see that we have to try. Once that negroid hold takes effect, if Obammi wins will be so hard to break only a new civil war will happen and the military has too many things now to control us, plus they will bring troops over from other countries to control us. We may mostly lose our land if we have any. We will lose our houses unless we join their NWO GANG. That is what it is- a GANG. Worse than MS-13 or the Mexican Mafia. (Sure wish they knew what was going on as they seem capable about taking care of problems like this.)

    The military has a gas that can put a whole area to sleep. Say a bunch of angry people wanting their money out of the bank that is now gone? What else they have is unbelievable, but ready for us dissedents. I am hearing horrible things and know what? My life has been hard enough! Why more and more? I just don’t get it. Mythy is right. Happiness is only an illussion. Suffering is the only real thing the majority of us end up with. (it was your sig, Mythy, right? Trying to remember back)

    Great article as always. Incog, You hit it everytime and I think we all learn something through the journey of this blog.

  8. incogman says:

    Thanks Mythy and everybody for taking the time to read this and think about it.

    I wished not to come to this conclusion and vote for Baldwin, but I can’t stand the idea of that lying Negro being the president.

    As a country, we have to find some way of getting the Jew’s headlock removed so as to save this country from further ruin.

  9. Cowtown Rebel says:


    I have come to the same conclusion as you, and have decided to cast my vote for McCain’t. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries and I had voted for Dr. Paul in 1992 as well. But, this time around I have to “Just Say Nobama”.

    Balack Osama’s family history, his religious affiliations and his personal associations all add up to comprise an individual with very inflammatory capabilities. If the blacks are going to riot, then let them. It will only be further proof of their lack of self control. Perhaps, some idiotic, white libtards will suffer their wrath.

  10. MarilynSnow says:

    I have also seen the light. -_- Then I squinted my eyes real hard and refused to open them for awhile. But yes, I will probably be voting for McCain, too. He really totally sucks, as you mentioned, but Obama is going to suck a lot more, I believe that now.

    The Stormfront folks are going to shake big sticks in our direction over this, and they are right to, because no matter who wins SOMEBODY is going to get to say “I told you so” since this is all going to suck, regardless.

    McCain……. you bastard! I hate you. o_o What was it the jews gave you to let them crawl so far up your @ss??? WHAT is worth selling out your country and your people? I don’t even care you adopted a pet ape from another land, fine, it had a facial deformity and in donating to reconstructive charities for children it tugged on your heartstrings and you took it home… that’s no excuse for what you’ve done inviting in so many murderous, destructive illegal muds.

    He can’t actually at this point still believe the jews are the chosen people, and by obeying them he is obeying God, can he? He has to realize that it is all a scam? Is he an idiot or a willing puppet? I can’t even imagine what could be worth allowing jews to rule you and do what they are doing to our nation! Does he actually BELIEVE these mexican muds are equal to his White people and capable of maintaining this nation when they are the majority or do you think he knows full well that they will not, and doesn’t care? I don’t know what to make of these dirtbags anymore.

    I vented on your blog again. I hope you don’t mind, my own blogs on blogger, xanga, live journal and myspace kept getting deleted so I gave up. ^_^; Overly-abstract racially-charged angry people upset them.

  11. Anonymous says:


    “The McCain campaign plane is better than Obama’s, which is cramped, uncomfortable and smells terrible most of the time. Somehow the McCain folks manage to keep their charter clean, even where the press is seated.”


  12. Rusty Mason says:

    The “My Fellow Prisoners” phrase (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mBi7d6e5KI)is the first positive I’ve seen from McCain. Maybe he does understand what’s going on after all, Ha!


  13. Marwinsing says:


    Here’s your candidate – JOHN DE NUGENT – someone give him a hand with his website.

  14. incogman says:

    Yeah, he needs help on that site.

    I can’t say anything bad about any Marine, but it ain’t happening. He’ll be lucky to get 20,000 votes. And I can see he gets it all. I hope if he comes here, that he won’t take my measly comment wrong.

    The only way possible for Whites to eventually get anywhere, is once we awaken the “silent majority” in America. For this, each of us must act as a voice on a daily basis EVERYWHERE.

    White solidarity means combating the White liberal race traitors in our own homes! On the street and, if you can get away with it, at work. Make fun of them! Use ridicule tactics and subversion. Make it unfashionable to be a liberal.

    Attack the White liberals EVERYWHERE. Let them know you have had it with their big fat mouths and won’t stand listening to the bullshit!

  15. joe says:

    Good points incog.
    We have to look at the big picture. The real damage that can be done by an obama presidency. The federal judge appointments primarily. We probably won’t even have access to free internet speech. so this isVERY important

  16. Greg Bacon says:

    So you’re going to vote for the fucker that was directly responsible for the current economic mess? Smooth move.

    McCain and his buddy, then Sen. Phil Gramm, helped draw up and pass the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act that removed the firewall between investment and commercial banks, allowing them to engage in over the top speculation and rampant abuse of funds.

    That act gutted the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that was specifically enacted to prevent a recurrence of the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.

    But thanks to John and his buddy Phil, that act was killed, leading to the shit storm we’re in now.

    And McCain wants to appoint Gramm as Secretary of the Treasury.

    so go ahead and vote for Johnny Boy.

    He’ll please the Big Boys on Wall Street and please even more his Zhid Masters in Tel Aviv, who are wishing, wanting and hoping for a McCain presidency so Israel can get America to fight another of her wars, against Iran.

    And i thought Incogman was against Zionist Tyranny.

    P.S. I’m not voting for Obama either, but I sure as hell ain’t voting for an out of control, mentally unstable, Zionist boot licker like McCain.

  17. incogman says:

    Look, voting for anybody else is like pissing in the wind. They got us by the short hairs. It’s probably no difference, anyways.

    Obama is the worse choice. I’m sick to hell about making this decision, but there you have it.

    I know that Obama will be very bad in the Gun Control department and right now that concerns me a lot, plus Supreme Court nominations (2).

    I’m damed if I do or damed if I don’t, saying all this. Just like the American people and almost all of them have no idea — that’s the biggest dam reason why a third-party won’t EVER fly since the Jew-controlled media has kept them dumb about it all.

    You know this. Why kill the messenger?

  18. incogman says:

    And another thing: If you really think hard about all this, a lot of potentials can be realized in the agitprop department with McCain winning. It can be used against these Zionists precisely in the same department as they’ve used against Whites: The Blacks.

    Sometimes you have to be a SOB to realize your eventual goal. Haven’t you learned anything yet about all the bull the Zionist does to us? We have to do whatever and whenever.

  19. psyn says:

    “It’s not at all easy to come to this conclusion. Make clear note: It’s not just because of race, that voting for McCain is the answer. I know, I know, you think I am giving up my dam principals because of his skin color only. But I sincerely ask you White liberals to at least think about what we may be facing as a race and read up on this Obama business.

    Obama will be the worst choice in poisons for the White race. I believe he will work to give Blacks more and more entitlement programs under the radar; while working with a Democratically controlled legislature to rob us of even more, like voting for UN taxes on America to hand over .7% of the national GDP along with whittling away the little of what’s left of our Constitutional rights (keeping all of Bush’s new powers). He’s talked seriously about gun control and wants to push forward “hate crimes” or thought-control laws, that will surely shut down free speech (bye bye, INCOG). He’s even recently asked for prosecution of people who exposed facts about him during this campaign.”

    Yeah right is not soley because of race. It is to laugh. You say that and going on about the consequences to the white race. How stupid are you. Well you don’t have to answer that, I already know based on past exchanges with you that you are not that bright like the rest of your racialist buddies. I wonder what would it take on the republican side, I bet if Lieberman was running for President on the republican side you would have a nervous breakdown, trying to decide what is worse a jew or a black.

  20. incogman says:

    Oh, nice to see you again, psyn.

    Don’t worry. No way would I say this for JEW LIEberman. And yes, race is indeed a big part of it. So, is that so bad? Now why is that, pray tell? Seems like when Blacks vote virtually in toto for their own race, that is ignored by you types but when a White does it, then you glom onto that like it proves I’m a Nazi bastard. Right?

    Tell me, are you a White liberal or a Jew? I know you are a dyke to begin with, but what prefix must I add? My guess is that you are a Jew Dyke.

  21. psyn says:

    Your an idiot. In your post you attempted to down play the fact race is the primary reason, by citing alot of issues that are irrelevant to your primary point. Race is always the reason for you and you will distort any fact in pursuit of making race the only issue everytime, because for you race is the ONLY issue. So drop this BS about race not being the only issue.

    I did not even comment on the voting pattern of blacks but that does not stop you from jumping to conclusions based your noxious prejudices as you intepret everything through the prism of race and rarely let facts get in the way. Where facts don’t exist for you to distort you invent them just like you did here.

    “Tell me, are you a White liberal or a Jew? I know you are a dyke to begin with, but what prefix must I add? My guess is that you are a Jew Dyke.”

    Why add a prefix at all? Why do you need to put people into little slots as you engage with them? I suspect it is because you lack the intellecual capacity to deal with any complexity and putting people in slots eliminates the need for you to think at all.

    As to the voting patterns of blacks, I seriously do not blame them for voting for Obama en masse as white politicians have not exactly served their interests and at times have explicitly worked to oppress them(but I know that is how you like it right?)

    As your you and your ilk, your reasoning for not voting for blacks and hating them in general is based on just that hate. It is not rational that is the difference. And if you are looking for someone to blame for what your perceive to be a problem, then blame your white forebearers for bringing blacks here on slave ships to do their dirty work. And of course I know your next argument about jews and the slave trade, but consider this, if there had not been a demand from your ‘pure white’ forebearers then there would have been no market for those ‘evil jews’ as you would call them to exploit. Of course your next arguement will be to make blacks leave the states…but how can you ask American citizens to leave..you have a little issue with the constitution getting in the way…

    Eat that.

    If you are going to state that somehow white politicians have working against ‘white’ interests give me a break….White politicians have always worked to protect whites at the expense of blacks and only very reluctantly have whites given blacks any rights. And we all know that upsets you so….

    As for you being a ‘Nazi’ bastard, well you said it first. I suspect you are proud of the Nazi part. As for being a bastard, well, if this is an admission that you did not know who your father was, then maybe that provides an explanation for your attitudes.

    Your should quit while you are behind..because you the more you argue the silly you look in front of your neo nazi buddies.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens to homeless whites in a Turd world situation. This is an Obamanation!!


  23. Fleur de lis says:

    Hahahahah……all of Incogman’s friends on this blog think Psyn is the idiot and angry white hating kike.

  24. incogman says:


    As to the voting patterns of blacks, I seriously do not blame them for voting for Obama en masse as white politicians have not exactly served their interests and at times have explicitly worked to oppress them(but I know that is how you like it right?)

    Well, of course you were going to come up with such lame excuses for the other races voting for nothing but their dam race to begin with.

    That’s par for the course for such a liberal twit. Or the usual tactic of the subversive Jew.

    But I’m not at all surprised by your tenacious hold on unreality. Look at the blog posting before this one. Some girl who probably held the same stupid views as you do got her empty head filled with bullets.

    Seven bullets to be precise. That means some Negro emptied his entire clip into her head or his homies joined him in the fun. Imagine what her face looked like the next morning laying there ignored by the local Negroes?

    Why add a prefix at all? Why do you need to put people into little slots as you engage with them? I suspect it is because you lack the intellecual capacity to deal with any complexity and putting people in slots eliminates the need for you to think at all.

    It’s because you’re a gutless individual or a subversive Jew one.

    My guess is that you’re a Jew Dyke, like I said. All the Freud business, going off into a little tizzy about my Dyke parade post and this degree of double-speak. Total Jew indicators on my Jew troll monitors.

    You’re some squat, frizzy-haired Demon Dyke from Brighton Beach who hasn’t been diddled since you allowed that elderly Negro to do you on the subway when you were fourteen. Since then, it’s been nothing but dildo sporting fellow Dykes and even then they are few and far between.

    You should spend more time reading up on halitosus remedies than reading INCOG MAN.

  25. incogman says:

    You know another thing about this?

    I can’t stand it: This Dyke Bitch “psyn” comes here spouting off her GD liberal shit about blacks “allowed” or understood they can vote for the color of their skin over White candidates but we sure as hell can’t because that would be “racist.”

    These people get so damned much for the color of their skin that they even got special subprime mortages that has sparked the ECONOMIC ruin across the globe because these slime just walk away when they can’t pay for ANYTHING. That was why we had “credit histories” to begin with because Negroes JUST DON’T CARE.

    It’s stupid GD liberal Jews like this “psyn,” people, who have ruined this country by supporting these people. Think about it!

    GD big-mouthed Kike Dyke.

  26. KickTheJewsOutOfTheUSA says:

    Massive Jew ass kissing site:


  27. incogman says:

    Jews think they are so dam great. Most of it is through rip-offs of the Goyim, racial nepotism and collusion with other dam Jews.

    Here they are creating a web site about it. It was nothing but a giant circle jerk of biblical proportions!

  28. KickTheJewsOutOfTheUSA says:

    The situation is really sad out here in California (I know my IP doesn’t confirm this; I’m using a Satellite connection). Obama and illegal immigration is vehemently embraced and supported by idiot whites. Everywhere I look there’s a white person with an Obama bumper sticker or a flag/sign in their yard.

    I was just at a restaurant and the people at the bar were talking about how wonderful Obama is. Not a single dissenting voice. The table next to me consisted of two white contractors sitting across from each other and seven illegals occupying the other seats. The two white contractors could only communicate with each other whilst the illegals all spoke Spanish. I’d bet the white contractors were treating their illegals to a meal. The illegals kept eyeballing a couple youthful teen white girls and since I don’t understand Spanish I have no idea what they were saying.

    It’s simply amazing. As much as I don’t want Obama in office, part of me thinks the only way for white people to wake up is for the situation to get extremely dire. Even then I doubt they’d wake up.

    California is gone. I had no idea liberal white people could be so stupid.

  29. KickTheJewsOutOfTheUSA says:
  30. 'Uncle' Al says:

    Now, now Incog: Psyn is probably still pissed because ‘she’ couldn’t get the gummmint to pay for ‘her’ testosterone shots.

    I’m sure you have heard it before but voting is nothing but an exercise in futility. ‘They’ (The jews in charge) want us to believe that ‘every vote counts’. That’s total BS. TJIC have already decided who will be king, they are just waiting for November to announce it.

    I read somewhere (it may have been on this blog) that there is almost a certainty that the ‘groids will riot after election day, no matter which way it turns out. If Obama-mau-mau loses they’ll scream racism and riot (Does Rodney King sound familiar?) and if he is the anointed one they will feel so ’empowered’ that one of their own is in charge they will use the opportunity to take it out on Whitey. I feel sorry for those white folk still in the cities. It’s probably too late to get out, but have your escape route planned and your bug out bag ready. And for God’s sake invest in ‘the Other White Metal’, while you still can. Preferably in .30 and .45 calibre, but .357 will work. You’ll need it.

    Those of us back in the Ozarks wish you well.

  31. Fleur de lis says:

    Thanks for the insight Uncle Al. You would be right about the rioting if Onegro loses; especially if there is the concommitant controversy surrounding it, but I think whites will fare well. They would have to come to our neighborhoods and we will be armed and ready along with the cops. It might prove to be a fun shoot out. Better than NFL on the couch. lol.

    All of our elections have controversy now since both parties are shamelessly involved in vote fraud. Actually it’s kosher vote fraud since the bankers actually control the outcome now.

  32. incogman says:

    Now, now Incog: Psyn is probably still pissed because ’she’ couldn’t get the gummmint to pay for ‘her’ testosterone shots.

    The Kike Dyke, pysn, is probably droolling at the prospect of Obama getting in office and indoctrinating young school girls into Gayness along with socializing medicine to keep her kind of slime alive to further slime up the country.

    The Jews will surely add an amendment to another bailout bill to have American taxpayers pony up for her monthly testosterone injections into her fat hairy rear and her squat Jew Dyke compadres all over the country.

  33. sir ebral palsy says:

    they will only riot in the cities uncle al.. all us country boys are to well armed and they know it!

  34. Rab4 says:

    Well, you know how I feel about this. But for those who don’t, I’ll repeat it.
    A vote for 3rd party is a vote for obama. Since there are no pro-white candidates other than Bowles, a 3rd party vote other than one cast for him, is a concession vote, same as McCain. Since McCain is the only one who has a chance to beat obama, then his is the one we should vote for. Sorry about your bad deal with Stormdrain, Incog. That was crazy.

  35. 88jones says:

    RIP Jorge Haider

  36. incogman says:

    Here’s what some Jew SOB tried to post (but was intercepted by my Jew filter). He tried to post under a variety of names and all of them were evil comments about this man getting killed.

    You really know how individual Jews are when you see it on this side of the fence.

    robert | robertfaurrison@yahoo.com

    Good News- Jorg Haider is rotting in hell now


    Great News- the destructive one- Jorg Haider- is rotting in hell now

  37. gncarlo says:

    Only a Jew would hate Robert Faurisson enough to slime his name in this way.

    Just out of demographic curiousity, I went to the polls on election day. I voted for Chuck Baldwin for president, and wrote in myself for county sheriff and state attorney general. I’m still waiting by the phone, but no word yet 🙂

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