The Real-Life Halloween Monsters — Year-round!

White Guilt-tripping Liberals seem stupidly stuck on “diversity,” yet they know deep down inside what the real deal has always been: Diversity is CRAP! Figure it out, people. Always has been, always will.

Halloween has traditionally been a night of little kids dressing up as monsters and going around getting candy from decent people, but I got news for you pal: Real-life Monsters do indeed run amok across this country as we speak. Offering them candy, or often even your money won’t mean a damn thing to these types. Being all for diversity? That’ll just make ’em laugh as they smash your blubbering White face in.

A INCOG MAN Pictorial Essay

NOTE! Do NOT click on the “Read the rest” button, if you can’t handle sick stuff, or are some militant Negro type, a too sensitive White Liberal, or another big-mouthed, subversive Jew. You just may lose it and turn into a raving Halloween monster yourself!

While we watch the latest Jew-Hollywood movie this Halloween, with all the White monsters, inbred West Virginia mutants and black heroes saving the day — let’s not forget to lock our doors and windows, lest we get confronted by reality: Violent criminal blacks from the hood!

This lovely Negress on the left chopped up two of her kids and stuck them in her freezer. Anytime a White person commits a crime of this sort, it’ll run non-stop on TV, even for years; with violent Negroes in the US, it’s now literally a daily occurrence. Below right: White victim of black gang attack at Jena, Alabama. They now spit in our faces openly — even giving the Jena 6 thugs tons of money and putting them on the Jew-owned BET TV awards show like they were so “oppressed.” Total BULL.

Not that I really care, but these Negroes can’t even live among themselves without killing each other left and right. The only reason we heard anything nationally about Jennifer Hudson’s three family members killed was because she was a “celebrity.” But this kind of thing happens all the time with Negroes across the country (in the thousands yearly) and if you say one good GD thing about it, guess what? They’ll just call you a “racist cracka!” I’ve had enough of the lying mess and have absolutely no problem saying so.

You stupid rich White liberals, who’s only exposure to Negroes is what you see on TV, preach down to those of us out in the real world — where in mere moments, we can find ourselves hearing a fast “pop-pop” and growing stone cold dead just buying milk at the corner store. The Negro at the bottom left is seen on store surveillance cameras shooting a convenience store clerk to death while bringing his own child to the crime. Can you believe that shit? The woman on the right has been beaten and shot to death.

South Africa today, the US tomorrow: Photo #1 is from a crazed SA boyfriend getting some payback on his ho with a machete (yeah, Negroes love machetes). Photo #2 is the butchered remains of a little Negro found in a some witchdoctor’s hut and photographed by a SA cop. Some 300 children are estimated to end up like this every year as body parts for “Muti” or traditional medicine Read more here. 3) Here’s ANC president and heir apparent, Jacob Zuma, doing his Negro thing — probably out celebrating his “acquittal” for rape and his accuser fleeing the country. 4) When they get into crowds they turn into real-life crazies — kinda like those zombies in “Night of the Living Dead,” but a whole hellava lot faster. 5) Over 3000 White people have been butchered in their own homes by roving Negro gangs. Betcha you never heard anything about that on MSNBC!

When you get right down to it, American Monsters are no different from African Monsters. Crowds of US Negroes can devolve in seconds — not eons! What’s the real reason American Negroes are so apt to riot? Because they like getting free stuff and destroying things. Acting mad about something is just an excuse for looting and arson.

Here’s a real-life “undead” story: This pleasant Puerto Rican Negro family stood up their own dead Gangsta son (victim of a Gang bang) in the corner of the room and then tried to get the press to believe he stood up on his own. Those superstitious and crazy Negroes!

This little Negro monster gunned down some White postman out of the blue and when the cops drove him off, he smiled for the press. These monsters kill innocent White people all the time across this country, every damn day. Blacks commit 85% of interracial crime, but you never hear this in the media because they don’t want Whites to figure out the real deal going on with this sorry race!

Not only do we have put up with their violence daily, we also have to pretend an awful lot about these people: They built civilizations in Africa, they were the bravest of WWII, they are not voting for Obama just because he’s black, they never commit sex crimes or serial murders, and they work hard for a living. On top of all this, we also have to pretend “Black is beautiful.” Incredible!

We also have to be careful not to offend their Highness’s. They have gotten tons of special privileges over the decades in the vain attempt to shut their big fat mouths: Affirmative Action and dumbing-down of tests; Food stamps, Welfare programs, and in some places even money to do good in school; corporate blackmail and minority set-asides, etc. etc. Let’s not forget Section 8 housing free money and especially the subprime mortgages that sparked the Wall Street mess. And yet they still complain about racism 24/7! They go off on the least little thing you might say like “that one,”  “socialist” or “militant.” They have become, without a doubt, the biggest bunch of violent Prima Donnas in America!

Remember this next Tuesday, November 4th, that the absolute worst Monster is always the nice one, “that one” you least expect near the end of the movie. Think about it America!

Negroes are a truly violent race — spoiled totally rotten — and are getting worse and worse all the time — all thanks to the efforts of the government, STUPID White Liberals and the back-stabbing, subversive Jews who started all this mess!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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141 Responses to The Real-Life Halloween Monsters — Year-round!

  1. Greg says:

    Beautiful Black Woman,

    Jewish propaganda has effed up White people’s heads terribly. At the same time look at the black women who try to look as “White female” as possible…with straight/blonde hair.

    Minus the Jew we would all be amongst our own people living our own way with none of these racially mixed problems.

  2. t bone says:

    Black chics, no matter how hard they try, will always look like Mookie Wilson with a weave.

  3. amelia says:

    Very ignorant article very immature comments. You think this make You a better person? All you listed you can find in every race but more than half have not been reported. Any race Black, white, Spanish, Italian, Indian etc. are equally violent and equally peaceful. The riot at Penn state wasn’t only black people. Look through history and you will see it’s all races who are violent. Express your hatred for “Negros” But post two sides of the story and give actual facts. As far as our president no one thinks their better that he’s president it’s just U.S. reached major accomplishments. Why does it have to be all white presidents? It’s time for something new. those are powerful words you are saying but they are incredibly bias.

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