Was Obama’s Daddy a Commie Pervert?

A viral maelstrom is now rampaging across the Internet over two different explanations of Barry Soetoro’s (Obama) actual citizenship status and who his daddy was. The latest supposed revelation is about some Negro — an American citizen, too — who may really have been the one to knock-up slutty race traitor and mother of Obama, the 17 year-old Stanley Ann Dunham (yep, that’s her full name).

And does this possible real daddy also happen to be one sick, SOB-ing Commie to boot? Read on to the very end, for what may be the real deal when you look at all the pieces to this wacky puzzle!

The first premise is that Obama was never an American citizen to begin with — which has had some serious legs and should be investigated thoroughly — yet the mainstream media is doing whatever it can to keep the lid on the whole affair. Recently, a suit was filed to prove his citizenship in Federal District court by a lawyer named Philip J. Berg, a Jew apparently well-versed in legalese and a dogged pursuer of the real deal (along with Gentile Jerome Corsi).

Berg insists that Obama has not adequately proved his citizenship and submitted a list of questions to the effect, which the Democratic National Committee deigned not to reply, hence this may be construed as legal admittance there is an issue. It all revolves around a scan of the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) that purports to be Obama’s (below). The organization called FactCheck.org says this document is bona fide, but several problems — big problems — exist.

Who’s your daddy, Barry? Check out the ear lobes, etc. and compare with his mother at the top.

One: The document does not have an official seal visibly affixed to it (a detailed 3D impression and difficult to reproduce — see sample below). It’s very easy to steal a blank certificate and fill in the blanks on your own, but without an official stamp, it’s null and void. Later scans, suddenly made available this past August, now show some kind of braille-like seal in the back, but dated in 2007, along with certificate numbers (I don’t know if these have been searched).*

Why all the effort to hide the original vault copy, the hospital long form of 1961, and all the obfuscations to begin with? The provided short version COLB is not even unacceptable for getting a job with the FBI and the Department of Homeland security, let alone for president, for crying out loud!

Two: The original FactCheck scan had the registration numbers blacked out for no reason. This may have been to prevent database searches of existing records since the fabrication was not finalized. And there would have been no excuse for this at the time, either — identity theft is not an issue since it has nothing to do with Social Security. Plus, various computer technical people say the original scanned image released shows obvious evidence of photoshop fakery and embedded JPEG artifacts (I’ve included a 72 dpi image below just to illustrate the history to this point — see vid below).

Three: FactCheck.org is owned by the Annenberg Foundation, a big Chicago Jew “philanthropy” organization behind 49 million dollars directed by Obama and William Ayers for Chicago Annenberg Challenge educational grants for local schools. The money apparently disappeared into thin air with barely anything to show. Sounds like some major league Jew scam operation to me.

Also, the Annenberg Foundation is a big sugar daddy for the anti-second amendment, gun control operation Brady Center, right along with “FactCheck.”

So, it’s little wonder that they’ve backed-up the Chicago Obama and Jew machine. I definitely do not trust this source,* whatsover. Let’s have disinterested people see the original vault copy and information in Hawaii, for crying out loud.

Media and Internet sites like Snopes.com always refer to the findings of FactCheck in the lying attempt to disprove the rampant speculation on the web, but offer little else. Snopes is merely an operation of a liberal, Jewish couple. Look at the original FactCheck scan yourself to understand all the brouhaha:


No official State stamp is visible nor searchable certificate numbers are seen in the first scanned image provided for Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth or COLB, like the example on right. This kind of form could be used when the child is born outside a hospital, or anywhere for that matter. A legal long form birth certificate, with the hospital address listed and signed by the physician and attending nurse is required by law enforcement and intelligence agencies of the federal government. Plus, hospital records should also be available.

Also, a lot of other evidence points to Obama being born in Kenya — Coast Provincial hospital in Mombasa to be exact. His Kenyan relatives reported as much. A friend of his mother’s in the Seattle area, said she popped in for a visit, probably on her way back to Hawaii from Kenya after only a week or so after having the mulatto baby (almost all returning Africa flights to America go west). Why would Obama’s mother make this kind of visit out of the blue from Hawaii?

But let’s forget all that and look at an all new twist to the mess about Obama, far sleazier than Weatherman Ayers or the birth certificate business.

A Internet investigative reporter with a bit of a flamboyant reputation, named Andy Martin, just went to Hawaii in the vain attempt to get the courts to allow him to see the vault copy of the certificate. The courts refused, so Martin came out with the following just before his planned departure from Hawaii on Thursday.

And, quite curiously, Obama decided a few days ago to take a break from the campaign to go visit his ailing Grandmother (who should know the real story and carefully kept from any press). He planned to arrive today, only one day after Mr. Martin’s departure. Also, he told reporters that his Grandmother is “near death.” Now, that would be awfully convenient for the guy, now wouldn’t it? Funny, Obama didn’t bother to interrupt his 1995 Illinois state campaign to go visit his own dying mother in the hospital, yet drops out from a giant presidential election campaign, no less, to go to his dying Grandmother’s bedside?

Methinks something is seriously amiss here.

What this Martin guy is now telling us is that he thinks Obama’s real dad was a man named Frank Marshall Davis, a Negro Commie from Kansas (Obama’s White side is from there too), who ended up in Hawaii, coincidentally or not. Now, Obama has described a certain “Frank” as his childhood “mentor,” a “father figure” — but neglecting to say one word about his last name (in his book “Dreams of my Father”). Here’s how Martin describes him (don’t puke):

“Obama was robbed of his birthright of being the son of civil rights royalty, and of a father with whom he was completely simpatico. He could have grown up the son of Frank Marshall Davis, civil rights pioneer and activist, cutting-edge journalist, poet and man of letters. Mr. Davis was an extraordinary man in a dark period of this nation’s history, the pre-dawn of the civil rights era.” Read more on Citizen Wells blogsite

I'd say he was an American Negro, alright.

This Frank Marshall Davis was a card-carrying member of the American Communist party (called a “fellow traveler” among other Commies at the time), along with being a big-mouthed Negro agitator (often one and the same). It’s also been said that the Commie Davis was a pot-smoking bud of Obama’s Commie grandfather, Stanley Dunham (not that I really care).

He obviously had a lot of fun along the way — writing poetry (probably the usual angry Negro stuff) and pornography — often bragging about young Whitey girls he got in the sack, along with lurid details of orgies and “ass spankings.”

But did he seduce and knock-up his pot-smoking buddy’s very own daughter and the mother of Obama, the 17 year-old Stanley Ann Dunham? Maybe so. I definitely would not put it past this kind of guy one bit. Look at the above photos and compare (Davis looks more like Obama than the few shots of the Kenyan that I’ve seen).

He once bragged about him and his first Negro wife tag-teaming a 13 year-old White girl named “Anne” in a 1968 book, written under his known pseudonym “Bob Greene,” titled “Sex Rebel: Black (Confessions of a Gourmet Gash).” You can guess what “Gash” means. This was probably not Obama’s mother, but the 13 year-old Anne biz and other descriptions about doing under-aged White girls should make him a confessed pedophile in anyone’s book.

After getting divorced from his first Negro wife, he suckered some dumb, rich liberal White woman to marry him and support his worthless Negro hide. After moving to Hawaii, his day job appears to have been cruising the parks and beaches looking for White tourists and couples to have sex with — women or men — right along with engaging in S&M acts and even enjoyed getting pissed on (called watersports).

What a sleaze-bucket Negro! So typical of the Negro’s willingness to go on the “down-low.”

If true, it’s little wonder that Obama is doing everything he can to hide the real details surrounding this disgusting Negro father — biological or not. Davis’ fun and games in his “Gourmet Gash” book were described as “semi-autobiographical” by Davis’ long-time editor and expert on his life, professor John Edgar Tidwell, who related the existence of even more unpublished manuscripts containing tidbits of usual Negrotude. Read more here

The business with William Ayers falls right in line with the background of Frank Marshall Davis and Chicago. In fact, it’s said that Davis was the one who suggested Obama hook-up with Ayers when he went to the states to go to college. All those Commies stuck together (fellow travelers), most were Negroes or subversive Jews when you get down to it.

Of course, it’s quite possible that the Kenyan Daddy story is still true, after-all, maybe even being born in the USA (doubtful since he’s avoided giving up the real records). But this guy Davis, the father figure for Obama, may really be the reason Obama does not want public scrutiny of any of this. It was actually an EIGHT year relationship with the Commie Davis, instead of four as Obama lied about in his book (only named “Frank”). This would go far in explaining Obama’s hate Whitey and Commie leanings that one can readily pick out in his books and politics; right along with Weatherman William Ayers, since it’s said that Ayers really wrote his first book, at least.

Porn Mom? Old-style nudie photos of a woman are now on the net, supposedly of Obama’s mother. Is it her? I’ll let you be the judge. Before you get all bollixed up about me putting this here, this woman clearly rejected her own race and that’s more than enough for me to expose the race traitor and her sleazy behavior.

Another strong possibility is that Obama’s mother did both Davis and the Kenyan Obama Number One — resulting in her getting the real Mambo Jambo daddy mixed-up in her mixed-up head. Or it was all done in the first place to protect Davis’ marriage to the rich White woman (can’t have that messed with). The Kenyan accepted responsibility for the brother and then promptly fled the scene (which he did regardless). The TNB factor (Typical Negro Behavior) had kicked into high gear.

Baby Davis (Obama Number Two and candidate for prez) gets named for the Muslim Kenyan, at least until his race traitor mom later hooked-up with an Indonesian (while working for the Ford Foundation, mmm?). They changed his name to “Barry Soetoro” and made him a Muslim citizen of Indonesia in his fifth-grade year. This alone would technically make him an illegal alien in America, unless he went through the naturalization process after turning 18 and there is no evidence he did (which would also make him unconstitutional for prez).

Obama himself has even publically admitted he was a “dual-citizen,” but it doesn’t work out that way (only Jews get that with Israel, of course).

In the fifth grade, Obama is listed as “Barry Soetoro,” an Indonesian and a Muslim.

So technically, he’s still an Indonesian. Once a citizen of another country, you are no longer American — except for the Chosen Ones — so Obama is NOT Constitutionally qualified for POTUS. And with all this Davis biz, he’s possibly a real-life, biological bastard as well, later indoctrinated in Marxism by his genetically real father — so that would make Obama an Indonesian and a bona fide Commie Bastard!

This is so sickening to have a man with this kind of bullshit background have a chance to become prez of the US of A. Where the hell is Hillary Clinton when you need her!

Regardless of who exactly is Obama’s dad, we have legitimate reasons to expect the worse in Obama politically, besides all this incredible constitutional affrontery. He’s given every indication of socialist leanings and contempt for his whitey side. This guy is a lying poison to confused, brainwashed liberal Whites (the Blacks could care friggin’ less, only that he’s a “person of color” do they care about).

Our media has seriously done this country a huge evil (kinda satanic even) by not investigating and reporting on these pertinent details and letting us decide if it’s important or not. And this is purposeful, remember that. They may have decided not to take a chance on sparking a big Chimp-out that could burn down cities! Literally.

For this country to be so pusillanimous in regards to the threat by spoiled Blacks to riot over this election will invite real tribulations soon enough.

If you notice, you’ll see some subtle allusions to this whole mess in media. The former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin, was on Chris Matthew’s Obama Lovefest MSNBC show tonight and she said something about being qualified for office because she was over 35 and an American citizen; with that subtle quip, the fat liberal toady Matthews quickly changed the subject. ABC’s World News Tonight did a fluff piece on Obama’s trip to Hawaii, making ridiculously obvious efforts to emphasize the “altruistic” nature of Obama’s trip. It’s patently obvious how the Globalist-controlled media is now pushing Obama on America.

Even FOX News has been hush-hush about it all, too, since the Global Zionist owner, Rupert Murdoch, is a silent supporter of Obama. This fits perfectly with the Global Jew’s “Agenda” behind Obama in the first place (like what they did to South Africa). But Greta Van Susteren is supposedly planning to issue a call for all four candidates to provide birth certificates tonight in her broadcast at 10PM EST. Maybe that’ll break the log-jam and all kinds of hell will come down the pike.

We’ll see. The next week or two will definitely provide INCOG MAN with plenty of material!

— Phillip Marlowe

* FactCheck.org also put up images of the birth announcement in the Honolulu paper to somehow prove his local birth. The standard “joke” will become “how could they know Obama would run for president later on?”

However, it was very common back in those times to pick-up the phone and call it in to the paper when you knew your errant daughter was due back home from a baby farm with a bastard baby in tow. The parents did the same in this case. It means JACK.

What’s all the fuss about? Just watch this short video, if you haven’t already, and let the pitbull Jew, Philip J. Berg, explain it fully (10:52).



Just watch this short, powerful video on the image presented by the lefty Daily KOS and the Obama campaign. You’ll see that it was all fake. Obama is totally lying his way into the White House!



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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28 Responses to Was Obama’s Daddy a Commie Pervert?

  1. carolina60 says:

    Suppose the McCain camp has some hard proof
    of Obama’s lack of valid birth qualificaions and
    unloads it next week ( October surprise ?).
    Could make for an interesting week.

  2. Mythy says:

    Very interesting article Incog……can you imagine the chimp-out if he was declared ineligible? wow

  3. incogman says:

    That’s why they are beefing up security all over, just in case he even loses. Also, the Chimp-out danger may be why the media is staying mum. If we get some socialist Negro as prez because of this threat, then America deserves it.

  4. apollonian says:

    Obama: Mere Diversionary Front-Man For Conspirators
    (Apollonian, 25 Oct 08)

    Long-proven fact is elections in USA are totally rigged, indicated and well-demonstrated before now, and verified further, as we speak, reports coming in fm all over regarding strange happenings with “electronic voting.” Obama is obviously mere manifestation of larger, deeper conspiracy.

    So look: everything’s fixed, see–as people really ought to have learned, given all the verified evidence we have fm past history–there’s really nothing new here, in all truth, comrades.

    And Obama guy is SUCH an iconic-styled–and typical–mystery, though he is most excellent speaker, so forthright, when he reads fm tele-prompter his speeches written for him by his Jew advisors. Note mass corporate Jews-media does nothing but to passively puff Obama, hardly and seldom criticizing–it’s really dead give-away, in all truth, perfectly consistent with everything else we might well and should already know.

    Thus do we find ourselves contending in ongoing historic CYCLE of “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler. Thus things degenerate in madness of HUBRIS of which we are well-warned by Greek cultural forbears.

    Thus hubristic people want to be God, see, pretending to a perfectly “free” human will, thus “good-evil.” And people only begin to getting smart as they see things falling apart, the weak falling by proverbial “wayside”–so it has ever been in sorry history of humanity.

    So what do we patriots do?–I submit we should follow example of St. Constantine who resurged Roman empire in early 4th cent. Thus note only thing that’s going to work, long-term, is absolute JEW-EXPULSION, no different fm St. Constantine.

    Hence then we need merely follow overall Christian program, Christianity inspired upon ideal of TRUTH and HONESTY versus Jew lies, fraud, conspiracy, and mass-murder.

    What then SPECIFICALLY can/should we patriots do?–my recommendation is to feature aforementioned Christian aesthetic in most pointed anti-semitic manner, continuing to ISOLATE Jews.

    And of course there are gentile accomplices to Jews too, but Jews are masterminds, and removing these Jews will by itself “decapitate,” so-to-speak, the large conspiratorial complex founded upon, and fueled by, that crux COUNTERFEIT (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) fraud/mechanism/operation.

    CONCLUSION: Thus evermore people see regardless all the growing turmoil and devastation, yet Jews ALWAYS profit and gain, only very few gentiles, and always only those who suck-along w. Jews, most other gentiles always suffering, never Jews suffering–there’s a definite and un-deniable pattern there. And note again, we only follow honestly the necessary and inexorable CYCLIC historic pattern thereby, working for cultural resurgence to Spenglerian “decline,” again. Keep up ur great expository work, InCog man. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. incogman says:

    Oh, yeah, I just wanted to mention that FactCheck.org often says that a ad announcing the birth of baby Obama was in the Honolulu paper as to prove his birth.

    This is NOT any proof whatsover. Back then, before abortion, it was a common practise for parents to make the call to the paper, when the daughter was due back from the baby farm, like it was all so normal. How can they hide it anyways?

    That was the proper thing to do in those days. I’ll try to get this into the article later.

  6. Matt from NC says:

    “A suit was filed to prove his citizenship in Federal District court by a lawyer named Philip J. Berg, a Jew apparently well-versed in legalese and has been a dogged pursuer of the truth (see vid below).”

    This is apparantly the same “Phil Berg” who was involved in the 9/11 victims’ families lawsuits. We know those went nowhere. The jews like to control ALL sides. That way they can SABOTAGE and control the opposition. This Berg will probably make sure that the lawsuit goes nowhere.

    And I’ve heard that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, has Jewish ancestry and is a communist as well. And from the photos I’ve seen of his mother — black stringy hair, dark eyes — she fits the bill of a jewess.


  7. Maggie says:

    His mother centainly was a pervert.

  8. incogman says:

    I betcha that the son is the same way as the dad — most Negroes have no problem with going on the “down low” when necessary.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Barack Obama and Raila Odinga

    @ 6:20 mark

  10. incogman says:

    He campaigned for Odinga on the US tax payer’s dime? Unbelievable!

    And note the violence by these people when he lost or whatever. These are the kind of “people” America is dealing with! Violent, spoiled primates.

    Thanks for the video. I might use it for my video of the week (under Videos I page above).

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Good article but where did you source the photo if I may ask, because it looks like a photoshop job and not even a good one at that.

  13. incogman says:

    What, the above illo? The basic Obama shot is of him smoking for real, I just took it from a Dees illustration (which is why I didn’t put my name on it). The Davis and Obama momma shot are standard portraits from the time, just rotated behind Obama.

    Well, it is Photoshop. I think I do OK with it, considering.

    You think I’m trying to say the photo is real (like they are ghosts behind him)? I’m not trying to fake reality — just illustrate my article.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A look into our future ….

    A Warning for America from South Africa


  15. gbar says:

    What we all need to do is write or e-mail our senators and congress people, and tell them to demand Senator Obama make the Hawaii officials release his birth certificate and any other information that is pertinent.

    Go for it folks, I am.

  16. Maggie says:

    The Jews want Obama as President, so President he will be. What the Jews want, the Jews get. Ask the Palestinians, they’ll confirm that.

  17. Fleur de lis says:

    Be prepared to honor your first Nubian Pharoah of the USSA. How come President GW Bush won’t go to Fantasy island and smack that insolent jew Governor upside her head and get the BC of BO? The kosher crowd is all over this story as usual; jew lawyer suing in Federal court, jew governor sealing the records.

  18. Fleur de lis says:

    Great distillation of all the stories of BO in your article, Incog.

    Also, I want to be the first to say that, Stanley had a real mess going on up in there.

  19. Fleur de lis says:

    Ok this will get you to the “Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis” petition: Please sign to let them know, you know!!


  20. biker68 says:

    i dont like the chimp either, but who besides Ron Paul, was not an Israhell firster? is a nigger commie any better or worse than a commie slave to big oil and pharmacy? what about the patriot act? they can now come into your house, go through your hard drive and bank records detaining you for the content, without a warrant. now some might say that having something to hide is reason for fear, unless that something to hide is subversive to IsraHell? MOUSSAD is included in the patriot act!!! no shit, ill find the report. THEY can come into your home… and do what Stalinista Moussad does best, yer ass will dissappear and then reappear in court in Tel-Aviv! ala Eichmann.

    i dont like ANY of the assholes, but by removing this one, you will replace him with another, the dems and repubs are 2 heads of the same monster. lets not cut the head off of the weed without removing the root! lets get rid of them ALL !

    Lenin said “capitalism breeds Imperialism (Bushes and Clintons in govt EVERYWHERE, and they play alot of golf also. Obama is CHENEY’s COUSIN! 7th cousins on Oboingo’s mothers side ) and imperialism ALWAYS leads to communism!!

    sorry if i ruffled anyones feathers, but eliminating him will see the talking nigger head replaced with another one from the same weed, we’ve got to go DEEPER!

  21. biker68 says:

    career politicain, politacal dynasty, BULLSHIT! thats NOT what the founding fathers envisioned! whether its left or right, its WRONG! i feel that we cant waste a revolution on a President, if its gunna be done, we have to do it on a government! LOL! lets make it the LAST abortion in America! a late term executive, legislative, and judicial abortion!

    am i dreaming? was Washington merely dreaming?

  22. pissbeuponhim says:

    someone needs to kill these traitor muslim scum..muslim terrorist struck an army post under this nigger scum’s watch. democrats are traitor scum..

    • incogman says:

      Get at the source, man. Why are these bastards over here in the first place? Why are they allowed into White countries? The Jew started all this, whether you can believe it or not.

  23. Fleur de lis says:

    Here’s Obamie Commie’s afro-halfro from the same father. They actually do look similar, so maybe Obama Sr. really is Barack’s Daddy-o.


  24. erin says:

    I cant wait to come down from heaven and watch you evil demons burn in hell.

    You people are on the level of a child molestor.

    I hope you know that your children hate you.

  25. Foreskin Burglar says:

    Erin, good Jew work! It’s not nice to wish that people like Obama will burn in Hell. In our Jew dog-eat-dog world, only we Jews assume we are divine and wish others to never be saved.

    Since you’re so depraved, I’m glad you use a name that means Ireland. Ireland hasn’t suffered enough; it needs to share its name with a bitch like you.

    Erin, my tribeswoman, are you holding? Do you have any foreskins to share? Share your foreskins Erin! It’s not the Jewish way to share, I know, but I’ll make it worth your while!

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