A Great Disaster for the White Race

We are following in the footsteps of Rhodesia and South Africa.

by James Buchanan

November 4th 2008 is a day that will live in infamy. Decades of multi-cultural brainwashing by the Jewish-controlled media, politically correct public schools and Marxist-controlled universities has resulted in the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the first mixed race president in the history of the United States. Our leftist-controlled courts refused to look into whether Obama was born in Kenya as three of his African relatives claim. The Founding Fathers did not consider Blacks worthy of US citizenship and the Constitution counted each Black slave as 3/5ths of a person for purposes of determining how many representatives each state would have.

So the Founding Fathers never wanted Blacks to be citizens or hold office in the new American Republic. Where did things go wrong? The Civil War was the first great step in the wrong direction. Instead of allowing the Southern states to secede peacefully from what they saw as a tyranical federal government, Abraham Lincoln decided to provoke a war with the South so he would not go down in history as the president who lost the southern states. After a bloody fratricidal war to protect Lincoln’s ego and legacy, the North crushed any hope the South had for freedom. The post-war period of Reconstruction saw the Republican Party spitefully making citizens out of ex-slaves and allowing these half-animals to rule over the White people of the South in one of the most shameful periods in US history. The North then passed the Fourteenth Amendment which declared that anyone born in the US would be a US citizen. This was done to make citizens out of all the ex-slaves so they could vote Republican. The Fourteenth Amendment watered down the requirements for citizenship so badly that now we have a population of almost 40 million Latinos, virtually all of whom or their ancestors entered the US illegally. Ironically, the descendants of the ex-slaves just voted the Republican Party out of the White House.

We are going down exactly the same road that the White people of Rhodesia and South Africa willingly went down. At least, they started down the road willingly and then quickly discovered that they had no choice –that the teeming masses of non-Whites would endlessly elect one Socialist Black president after another, who then stole their wealth and land and gave it to the non-Whites.

The only good thing about any of this is that we still have a White majority. We may still be able to wake up the White people of America and eliminate the Jewish controlled two-party system and replace it with a pro-White party if only White people realize how disastrous a Black-run government will be for them and how sinister the Jewish wire-pullers are who control our two-party system and mainstream media.

The 2008 election saw the first REAL threats of violence by the Blacks if the election did not go their way. We are descending into the same chaotic conditions of Haiti and most African nations where post-election violence is to be expected. We escaped it this election since Obama won. What if next election, White people decide that Obama has made things worse and he is voted out of power? How many of our cities will go up in flames and how many innocent White people will be shot dead in the streets because the United States is literally turning into a Third World nation?

Did the Racist Vote Decide Yesterday’s U.S. Presidential Elections?

By Filip van Laenen


For months, the media has been been whining about the Bradley effect that could have spoiled Barack Obama’s victory in yesterday’s presidential elections. Basically, the Bradley effect says that when there are two candidates, one white and one black, a significant number of whites intends to vote for the black candidate and says so too when asked by a pollster, but nevertheless, once in the voting booth they vote for the white candidate. Racism! But where’s the outcry about 95% of African-Americans voting for Barack Obama, clearly a racist vote?

Let’s just do the numbers. If we say that people not influenced by the candidate’s race tend to vote 50/50 for Barack Obama and John McCain, then for every five African-American votes for Barack Obama, there should be five African-American votes for John McCain, and the rest is influenced by race. Thus 90% of all African-Americans casted a racist vote yesterday. Considering that the African-Americans represent about 13.4% of the United States’ population, assume 10% of the votes are African-American, then 90% of those 10% make up 9% of the total number of votes. If these voters hadn’t been influenced by race, they would break 4.5% to Barack Obama and 4.5% to John McCain. Correct the popular vote for these numbers, at the time of this writing 52% for Barack Obama and 46% for John McCain, and the popular vote becomes only 47.5% for Barack Obama and 50.5% for John McCain, clearly suggesting John McCain would have won the election in number of electoral voters too.

Of course, I expect to see a huge outcry over this in the media the coming days, with lots of analyses about how racist some parts of the United States’ electorate have become, maybe even some demonstrations and many strong condemnations from all anti-racist organizations all over the world. Don’t you?

Edited to add: Of course, African-Americans traditionally vote Democratic. In 2004, John Kerry received 85% of the black votes, but in 2000 Al Gore received 90%, who received more than Bill Clinton in 1996 and 1992. If we take 90% as the baseline, 5 votes for John McCain imply 45 votes for Barack Obama, still leaving 50% of the African-American votes to be influenced by the candidate’s race, or 5.0% of the total number of votes. Corrected for this number, and breaking this number into 90% and 10%, the popular vote becomes 51.5% for Barack Obama and 46.5% for John McCain.

These calculations do not account for another effect that might have played a role: black voters who otherwise wouldn’t have bothered registering to vote this year primarily because of Barack Obama’s race. A jump in the participation by the African-Americans in these elections compared to previous elections would indicate this.

Anyway, we would still be talking about 50% of the African-American votes voting for one candidate primarily based on the candidate’s race.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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0 Responses to A Great Disaster for the White Race

  1. apollonian says:

    Cyclic Nature Of History Should Not Be Under-Estimated
    (A., 5-11-08)

    U bring up excellent pt.: WHAT NOW WILL WHITE PATRIOTS DO? For indubitably, we need successful revolution to secure white race–how then to accomplish this?

    Note then ACTION requires (a) Planning, which requires (b) analysis, which requires (c) accurate, incisive OBSERVATION.

    Hence one most interesting, useful, and salient observation, I submit, is circumstantial HISTORIC CYCLIC PHASE/stage of “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler: for things are surely CULMINATING evermore. And in this way of natural historical, cyclic culmination, things are actually favoring white folk in certain, un-deniable ways.

    And I agree w. Dave Duke (DavidDuke.com) that present adverse situation will indubitably serve to help unite white folks.

    Thus one good thing is to take stock of useful things favoring white people, as by way of INFORMATION, specifically then by way of blogging on MIGHTY INTERNET–ZOG-Mammon is rightly greatly distressed and must make effort to treat this untenable situation, providing patriots then invincible position to set up FATAL AMBUSH–it’s going to happen, comrades.

    Finally then, I want to emphasize a still under-estimated feature of ever-growing significance: continuing CONSOLIDATION of Christian cultural foundation of white and gentile people. For we white folk have allies among ALL races and peoples who appreciate REASON AND TRUTH–and this must and should not be under-estimated.

    And I personally want to emphasize that tremendous RATIONALIST expression, influence, and enhancement potential of Christian spirit–ESPECIALLY FOR MILITARY PURPOSES. “Think not I came to bring peace; rather I come to bring a sword” (Gosp. MATT 10:34), Christ told us fm the literature, officially consecrated by perhaps greatest anti-semite, after Christ himself, of all time, St. Constantine the Great.

    Hence then it’s encouraging to consider the tremendous RECRUITMENT prospects for those myriads of people who presently imagine they’re “Christian”–and who genuinely seek that Christian insight and inspiration–but who haven’t quite registered certain specific and critical information.

    For example, imagine how many dear, good, aspiring Christian neophytes–even those who are advanced fm mere faint beginnings–there are who have yet to discover FUNDAMENTAL, intrinsic ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) of real, true Christianity. These recruits must and will learn, indubitably, regarding true nature and essence of that Christianity to which they so excellently aspire–and we should not fail to encourage them.

    CONCLUSION: And imagine the righteous outrage of those millions and millions of “Christians” (YES) who will react to that fatal truth as to how they’ve been so horribly mis-led and deceived by Jew-friendly and Jew-oriented TRAITORS, liars, and false prophets who have LIED to them up to now regarding true orientation of real Christianity towards those gross monstrous anti-Christs, called Jews. And note comrades how often it is people observe how terribly dark it seems–just before the dawning. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. Nemesys says:

    Check out the ads on the Brussels Journal. They have a prominent ad for a Muslim Matirominial site. Alien Muslimes are infesting, and over-running Europe – and thew BJ takes money from them.

    That makes BJ a WH0RE.

  3. Mike J. says:

    Thanks, INCOG for posting these articles. Hopefuly Whites will wake up and realize certain wheels are being set in motion that may prove difficult to stop before it’s too late. But we aren’t to that point yet, but we are entering dangerous territory.

    What a sad day for Whites. But I refuse to give up. In fact, it’s time to double our efforts in the fight for our survival. No whinning, no crying, no depression- only a fighting spirit and the will to go on.

    Join the fight White People!

  4. Nemesys says:

    The Mullato appointed Rahm Emmanuel, Super Judenrat Nation Wrecker, to do his thinking for him. Michael Weiner’s show is on. Mikey has a hard-one – because he’s jerking off to the idea that Super Judenrat will nuke Iran.

  5. 'Uncle' Al says:

    “The 2008 election saw the first REAL threats of violence by the Blacks if the election did not go their way.”

    What are the chances that obama-lama-ding-dong was ‘installed’ as a trigger? What better way to direct attention away from a tanking economy that to incite a race war? And what better way to trigger a race war than to have the messiah assassinated before inauguration? It would make the rodney king riots look like a minor burp.

    Fortunately, us country boys have lots of ammo, and the means and will to deliver it.

    This week we were all witness to the beginning of the end of America.


  6. Voir Dire says:

    We are going down exactly the same road that the White people of Rhodesia and South Africa willingly went down. At least, they started down the road willingly and then quickly discovered that they had no choice…

    This is a common but erroneous belief that I find put forth often – even on the White Nationalist websites.

    As in all campaigns aimed at the destruction/ genocide of Whites, dig a little deeper and you will always find the same, souless, top-tier, internationalist Jews at the helm orchestrating these diabolical deeds.

    The following are excerpts from the hands-down best article I’ve ever come across on the foisting of black, Marxist rule on formerly prosperous Rhodesia and what both White Rhodesians’ and South Africans’ were threatened with. The article was written by a writer from “The New American” which we now know was yet another subversive front to fund its parent organization, The John Birch Society, by the Jewish Rockefellers’ to proffer forth a purported anti-Communist movement all whilst diverting attention away from from the usual culprits. Needless to say it failed to identify collectively the Jews as the Marxists behind this planned Jew World Order. Nevertheless, over the years they have produced some astonishly good exposes (including the one that “Apollonian” refers to often on the Bilderbergers) and I credit that publication to this day for my awareness of the plan for Marxist, global governance for at least 16 years. They employed some outstanding writers who were allowed to identify the individuals by name, but never by their racial affiliation in the tribe.

    Reading these few paragraphs was one of the milestones in my full awakening to the inherent evil of the Jewish people. Upon reading them, it dawned on me that if the remaining, beleagured White Africaners were to try and fight back today to resist their own demise, our Western governments’ would likewise TODAY go in with bombs and guns blazing to murder them. That’s when I KNEW unequivocably that there was simply no doubt that the Kissingers, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds of the world and our treasonous White elites, who act in concert with and enable them, intended the same for their own White brethren everywhere.

    “From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe” (emphasis mine)

    Some quotes from “The New American’s latest issue entitled “From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe” on the installation of MuGabe at the behest of The Counsel on Foreign Relations (a curious and long history of supporting Marxist dictators) and Andrew Young, then a member and the concerted support of the MSM who had hailed MuGabe as “so damned incorruptible:”

    “The council, of which Young was a prominent member, had promoted Mugabe in its literature and had hosted him as an honored speaker during his long terror campaign to take control of Rhodesia. DAVID ROCKEFELLER, CHAIRMAN OF THE CFR during that period, called Mugabe a ‘very reasonable and charming person.’ Likewise, the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, and VIRTUALLY ALL THE REST OF MAJOR PRINT AND BROADCAST MEDIA CHOIR choir had persistently sung his praises, ignoring his well-documented record of atrocities against civilian men, women, and children -black and white.”

    Later in the article:

    “Smith traveled to Washington, D.C., to ask for help. He wasn’t asking for foreign aid; he merely hoped to persuade President Carter to call off the economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure being applied by the U.S. State Department, the UN, and Britain in an attempt to force Rhodesia to accept rule by the Mugabe/Nkomo terrorist forces. Carter flatly refused to see Smith.

    HENRY KISSINGER, meanwhile, did meet with Smith in Geneva. But if Smith thought that he would receive kinder treatment from the former secretary of state and advisor to Republican presidents, he was in for a rude awakening. Precisely what threats or pressures were brought against him is not known, but Smith, who had previously pledged not to surrender to the terrorists ‘in ten thousand years,’ was a changed man after the meeting. He is said to have aged 10 years in that one week in Geneva. IT HAS BEEN SUGGESTED THAT SMITH WAS THREATENED WITH A MILITARY INVASION OF RHODESIA BACKED BY THE U.N., THE U.S. AND THE U.K. THAT IS ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE, AS SUCH TALK WAS IN THE AIR AND DETAILED PLANS FOR A MILITARY INVASION OF SOUTH AFRICA HAD BEEN DRAWN UP AND PUBLISHED BY POLICY WONKS AT THE CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR PEACE.

    “Smith asked Kissinger about things like history, culture, civilization and loyalty. After all, Rhodesia had fought for the West in the great battles of the 20th century, including World War II and the Korean War. Kissinger firmly told Smith something truly sad and even frightening, “I am afraid those things have no place in the modern world.”

    “KISSINGER ADDED THAT ‘WHITE REGIMES WOULD NOT SURVIVE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA.’ “Ironically, it is a fact that at that time the black peoples of Southern Africa were voting with their feet and fleeing from the communist-Marxist regimes run by black revolutionary clients of Washington, Moscow, and Beijing to the ‘white regimes’ of Rhodesia and South Africa. The NEW WORLD ORDER and seeds of today’s African mayhem were being firmly planted by the globalists at the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and BRITAINS’S ROYAL INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS.”

    Readers here need not be reminded here of the bigger irony that this was orchestrated by the racially supremacist, hypocritical Jews while simultaneously conducting and overseeing the most racist apartheid state ever conceived back in their stolen homeland. The biggest difference is the black Africaners benefitted from and shared in the prosperity the Whites created. The indigenous Palestinians got enslavement, torture and mass murder. Note too that every organizational body named above were Jewish creations following WWII designed to usher in totalitarian rule.

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